From Design to Reality: Designing and Building My House At the Same Time

Larry B. had a dream of creating the perfect get-away rental for vacationers to enjoy. He imagined a sleek modern oasis and even knew the perfect spot for it—a bit of land nestled near the coast of Lake Norman in North Carolina. Soon building would be underway, and Larry would be fast approaching the completion of his dream project. But before that could happen, he needed help with one not-so-small detail—furnishing the entire space from scratch. 

Now that the vacation home is finished, it’s clear that Larry has a lot of vision. But back when the project was just floor plans, it was hard for him to imagine the right furniture and layout for the entire space. So with that in mind, he turned to Modsy and designer Mackenize R. to help complete the project and make the Shoreline at Stonemaker everything he knew it could be.  

The customer:
Larry C. 
His project: Creating designs for an entire vacation house before it was built.
The budget: $80k to furnish his entire space

The designer:
Mackenzie R.
Her goal: Finish the design and ordering process by his move-in date.
The outcome: A finished space he loves

Larry’s Design Dilemma

The dining space at the Shoreline on Stonemarker before Modsy’s designs.

The dining space at the Shoreline on Stonemarker with Modsy’s designs.

The finished dining room design.

“I was building a vacation rental from the ground up and wanted the entire space furnished by closing, so I could start having guests ASAP. But I’m not great when it comes to imagining what things will look like in advance. I also really needed help sourcing all the furniture and was hoping to save where I could.”

Designer Insight: 

“Larry came to Modsy needing help designing and furnishing his entire vacation home. I have lots of experience working on large projects like his and understand that they can feel overwhelming for the customer. Because the space wasn’t built yet, I knew that seeing it furnished and in Modsy’s 3D would relieve any stress he might have. I also knew that we could bring his vision to life by working together closely on his designs!”

How Modsy Delivered

One of the bedrooms at the Shoreline on Stonemarker before Modsy designs.

One of the bedrooms at the Shoreline on Stonemarker after Modsy designs.

The finished space.

“It was a huge benefit to see the entire space in 3D before it was built. Mackenzie showed me different furniture, paint colors, and layout options, ensuring my vision would come together just as I wanted.

Designing with Modsy during the building period was a great idea because longer lead times on furniture meant I could order pieces while the space was getting finished. As a result, I had everything ready for move-in when the build was complete.”



Designer Insight: 

“Larry had a specific modern resort design style in mind and had particular criteria for the furniture and decor. For starters, he wanted everything to look high-end and comfortable. At the same time, he wanted things to be budget-friendly and durable. Finally, he wanted designs complete and furniture shipped in time for move-in. On the surface, these requests might seem like a contradiction in terms. But because Modsy has such a large assortment, I could source everything he wanted and get the project complete when he needed it to be.

I chose pieces from great brands like CB2, Tanjore, and Kerala Design that offer exceptional quality items in styles Larry liked without breaking the bank. It was fun showing him different options to create a look he loved!”

The Final Results

Take a virtual walk-through of Larry’s beautiful vacation home, the Shoreline on Stonemarker!

“Initially, I was contemplating using a local designer but saved almost 90% on the design fee with Modsy! This saving gave me the flexibility to spend more furnishing my space. Working with Mackenzie was fantastic too. I am so happy with the final results and know that choosing Modsy was the right choice.”

Designer Insight: 

“Working together with Larry was such fun. I loved bringing his style to life and appreciated the challenge of working within his timeline and budgetary needs. It’s always rewarding to work on multiple rooms in a customer’s home. Carrying Larry’s vision through each room, ensuring his guest will enjoy the fun resort-inspired design style was a joy!”

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Large Living Room Ideas: How to Design a Big Living Room

Decorating a large room comes with its own set of challenges. From filling the space with the right furniture to making it all look intentional and cohesive in style, designing a large space can sometimes feel more daunting than a small one.

With large living rooms, the most common dilemma is finding furnishings that will play up a sense of comfort in a big space. But it’s not just about bringing in large living room furniture pieces. How furnishings are arranged and optimized to create a large living room layout that’s visually balanced as well as functional is equally key. With that, you’ll need to take into account your home’s interior architecture—do you have high or sloped ceilings? Is there a wall of built-ins or is the room surrounded by big windows?

From there, other factors for consideration include whether you’re opting for a large living room design that’s tailored to multipurpose use, such as an open dining area or a playspace for children. Similarly, you’ll want to think through what will be the main focus in your large living room—will it be your fireplace, the TV wall, or neither?

If you’re feeling daunted, don’t worry. We’re here to help with your large living room design. Below, we’ve rounded up our top large living room ideas to guide you through all the key elements to consider. Scroll down to find out more.

Just starting to plan out your large living room design? Check out our guide on Living Room Furniture, then find the best setup for your large room with our tips on Living Room Layouts.

Large living room with curved furniture and green accent bookshelves

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Start With Large-Scale Furniture

A large room requires furniture the appear proportional within the space. Opt for large living room furniture pieces, such as an oversize sofa with deep seats, wide armchairs, and a generously sized coffee table. They’re tried-and-true foundational pieces for large living rooms, and they’ll help ground your main seating area with a comfy and cozy look.

In addition to providing a sumptuous look, bulky furniture pieces will also help visually fill out your large living room. Once you’ve landed on your anchor pieces, round them out with accent furnishings that lend a similar sense of height, scale, and wide proportions—think a wide side table, a large woven pouf for a footstool, a towering floor lamp, and a large mirror that fills an entire wall. They’ll help add an overall balanced and welcoming look.

large living room with white walls and transitional style

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Layer Lighting At Every Level

A big living room means there’s a lot more space where light needs to reach. If your large living room comes with an oversized ceiling light, such as a huge chandelier or pendant, it’s a good start. You’ll still need smaller light fixtures throughout the room for a well-lit space.

Layering is key when it comes to lighting in a large living room. That means making sure there’s a mix of different lights at every eye level—from overhead lights to wall sconces to floor and table lamps. By having lighting at varying levels, it will fill your room with the right amount of light as needed, and it will also allow you to control the ambiance if you want to have certain ones off. Another lighting tip for large living rooms? Spread out candles—they’ll make for beautiful glimmers of light that are easy to move as needed.

Scandi inspired large living room with pink sectional

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Pile On The Cozy Accents

Large living rooms can feel cold and cavernous even with furniture and lighting. What warms up a large space is a good mix of soft textures and cozy touches.

Bring in accents that provide a deeply inviting look and feel, such as natural woven fibers, sheepskin rugs and faux furs, soft neutral pillows and cowhide ones, and touches of grainy natural woods. The key is to cover as many surfaces with these plush and sumptuous details, whether it’s a sofa topped with a mix of pillows or a floor with layered rugs. It all adds up to an array of plush and sumptuous textures that will instantly cozy up any large room for lounging, relaxing, and resting.

large living room with cloffice space and wallpaper accent wall

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Divide Up Your Large Living Room

Large living rooms can seem hard to fill, but keep in mind that they can easily serve numerous functions. Whether it’s an office corner in a corner or a bar along a wall, dividing up your large room into different zones will help make it feel more welcoming and accessible.

One of the best ways to incorporate a workspace within your large living room design is to make use of any nooks and recesses that can be outfitted with a built-in desk along with shelves for a compact office. An alternative is to pull up a desk along a long empty wall and decorate the surrounding space with office decor and accents. Just be sure to keep your office furniture style in line with the rest of your furnishings so that your final room looks like one cohesive yet multifunctional space.

Don’t forget to check out our tips on Awkward Living Room Solutions for other ideas to make the most of uniquely shaped spaces.

large living room with transitional style and fireplace

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Go For Layered Rugs

While you might be able to get away without a rug in normal-sized spaces, it’s an absolute essential in large living rooms. A rug that runs the length and width of the floor is the best way to warm up any large room with big doses of color, pattern, and texture.

Our designers’ favorite approach with rugs in large living rooms is to layer two on top of each other, which adds double the coziness and softness underfoot. They’re also a great way to visually unite different kinds of furniture into one space, such as modern armchairs with a more traditional sofa. And the great thing about rug shopping for a large room is that you’ll have no problem finding designs specifically made for expansive spaces. From oversized natural fibers to large traditional and Moroccan rugs, there’s no shortage of style to choose from.

large living room with contemporary furniture

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Float Your Furniture

Furniture pushed up against the wall can often feel awkward in a large living room since it leaves too much empty space. For the perfect solution, floating furniture in the middle of your space is one of our designers’ top-recommended large living room ideas.

By floating your furniture—or placing designs away from the walls—you’re able to easily create different areas and zones for seating, conversation, and even reading without the room appearing empty in the way that pushing pieces against a wall would. It will also naturally create seamless walkways and passages all around the room. A great way to anchor floating furniture is with an extra-large rug (or two) that connects all your pieces, such as your sofa, accent chairs, and side tables.

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Keep Styles Cohsive

While you can mix different pieces united by color or a rug, the easiest way to create a cohesive look in a large living room is to be consistent with your furniture styles. This is key if you’re working with a large room that has multiple functions. Keeping your design style streamlined and focused in your large space will help all your different zones and spaces come together more seamlessly. Consider arranging the seating area with a set of matching sofas, poufs, and side tables which will help bring balance, symmetry, and cohesion.

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Opt For Statement Lighting

In large living rooms, especially ones with high ceilings, a captivating light fixture not only draws immediate focus but also helps infuse a feeling of coziness and warmth to your space. And there’s no such thing as too bold of a statement light fixture. In fact, the more eye-catching, sculptural, and oversize in scale your light fixture, the more it’ll help fill out your large room as a stunning focal point. Try opting for a uniquely designed chandelier or a contemporary pendant that shows off your style aesthetic and personality—which will make for an extra intimate touch.

Check out more ideas for decorating High Ceilings!

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Create A Focal Point On A Wall

When outfitting a large room, be sure to also outfit your walls. Empty walls in a large living room will make it feel more cavernous and spare, so be sure to have one or several focal points that provide some visual warmth to your space.

Focal points in large living rooms can be anything from a large mirror or artwork that spans across an entire wall to something more practical, like a flatscreen TV. It all depends on how you’re choosing to use your living space. If you’re going with a large living room design that’s a cross between a sitting and family room, consider turning one wall into an entertainment center with a wall-mounted TV and media cabinet. Frame your TV with sconces on either side to balance out the visual focus. By centering the focus in your room around your TV, it helps create a more intentional look in an expansive living room.

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Zone Your Large Room With Rugs

We touched on layering rugs in a large space, but another way to add visual interest from the ground up is to use them to zone out different areas.

With a large living room design where there are various seating and entertaining spaces, placing a rug under each area will help distinguish it from the others. For instance, a hide rug under an armchair can mark it as a cozy reading corner, while a durable wool rug under a sofa delineates it as the main sitting space in the room. You can use a smaller rug to set apart a smaller area and let it overlap with a larger space, as in the cowhide rug in this large living room.

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Lean Into A Bold Color

For those ready to commit to a bolder look, painting an expansive accent wall in a dark, captivating color is a surefire way to warm up a large room. It lends instant coziness as well as an intimate look, and you can easily decorate on top of the painted wall to make it even more eye-catching.

The trick to accent walls is to make sure it’s painted in a high-contrast color, which brings focus to the color as well as the furnishings within the room. Opt for a bold or moody neutral, such as charcoal, smokey grey, or even a deep indigo blue to instantly transform the look and feel of your room.

Also, don’t forget to see our tips for decorating large living room walls.

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Carve Out A Play Area

For families with children, a large living room with enough space for the kids to have a corner to call their own can be a gamechanger. It can be a great alternative to designing a completely separate playroom in addition to your kids’ bedrooms.

You can easily dedicate a corner area in a large space to the little ones by simply adding mini tables and chairs for them to craft and play with their toys. If your kids love spreading out their toys, add a chest or cabinet for storing all their games and trinkets—you can choose one in a style that goes with the rest of your space so that it looks seamlessly with the rest of your living room when it’s shut.

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Keep Symmetry In Mind

There are no hard and fast decorating rules when it comes to a large living room. Although keeping to a symmetrical layout comes close. It’s an always stylish formula for furniture arrangement in a large room and it’s especially great for creating a balanced look in an expansive living room.

This can mean simply aligning two sofas to face each other with matching side tables and chairs placed in mirroring positions. It all adds up to a look that’s streamlined, straightforward, and easy on the eyes while still providing major comfort and function. If you can’t create a symmetrical layout with furniture, try doing it with smaller decor pieces and artwork on the walls for visual balance.

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13 Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

Over the past two years, many dining rooms have been used a lot less than previously without the pressure of regularly hosting dinner guests. Not only that, but many people place a table, chairs, and perhaps a buffet or cabinet into their dining room without additional consideration toward the overall design style of the space.

But we think it’s important to give this space a little love! After all, it’s where you share family meals, host loved ones, and in many homes it’s open to other spaces. So, it’s just as important to fully design this room as any other space in your home.

Whether you’re starting your dining room design from scratch or just want to add a little bit of visual “pop” to your space, we’ve got you covered. When designing your dining room, start with the dining room furniture essentials, like a table, chairs, and overhead lighting. Then, start focusing on the accents—like dining room wall art and paint colors. And if you really want to make a bold statement? Try out a dining room accent wall, which is a great way to add a bit of extra style and personality to this functional space. This is fast becoming one of our favorite ways to give dining rooms a quick and easy facelift.

Want some dining room design ideas for accent walls? Read on for some of our favorite dining room paint colors, as well as some other creative ways to create a visual accent in your space.

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Paint a Dining Room Accent Wall in a Bold Color

If you want to add some visual contrast to your dining room, pull out the paint! Accent walls add just the right amount of depth and drama to a space without overwhelming it. (Not to mention painting one wall is a lot easier than painting four!) Scroll down for some of our favorite dining room accent wall colors. And before you put any color on your walls, be sure to check out our tips on how to paint a room!

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Bachelor Blue, Benjamin Moore

Bachelor Blue is an ashy grey color that adds color to your dining room without being overwhelmingly saturated. It works beautifully when paired with high-contrast neutrals, like the black and white palette in this breakfast nook. This is a great dining room accent wall color for modern and transitional styles.

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Black Satin, Benjamin Moore

Black Satin is a deep charcoal color that adds an edgy vibe to a dining room—yet it still feels sophisticated and modern. While this color is statement-making on its own, it also makes other design elements in the space pop, like this marble table or a large houseplant. And we love it as a backdrop for a modern gallery wall!

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Rose Silk, Benjamin Moore

A pretty and soft pink, Rose Silk adds warmness and a sense of whimsy to a dining room. This is a great color for well-lit spaces with tons of natural light. It creates a light and playful look, which we love for eclectic and boho spaces. And we LOVE this color in a little dining nook, like the one pictured above, which adds just the right amount of soft contrast to the surrounding white walls and cabinets.

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Canary Yellow, Valspar

A fun, cheery paint color, Canary Yellow adds energy and light to a dining space. However, as a brighter and more saturated yellow, a little goes a long way. This color could be visually overwhelming for all four walls—which is why we love it as an accent wall color. Here, we used it on a wall of built-in cabinetry, with the white cabinets helping to break up the bold yellow and visually balance the space. This color goes particularly well in eclectic spaces, since it’s such a playful and unique shade of yellow!

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Tate Olive, Benjamin Moore

An olive green like Tate Olive is an earthy tone that is at once sophisticated, modern, and timeless. This is a great muted color choice for a variety styles—but we especially prefer it in modern dining rooms, where adding an earth tone can make the space feel more approachable. When paired with wood tones and other colors, this shade of green can almost read as a neutral, which makes it very versatile. And can we just say that we love how the gallery wall pictured here pops against the green?

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Kendall Charcoal, Benjamin Moore

Kendall Charcoal is a rich shade of gray that is deep but doesn’t read as black. It’s a great accent wall color for dining rooms with a more neutral palette. Anything lighter you put in front of the wall with pop, like the honey wood dining table and white captain chairs in this dining room. Deep, bold, and rich, this is a great color for adding depth to a dining space.

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Hunter Green, Benjamin Moore

Hunter Green is a deep and calming color—great for grounding a large dining space. Green in general is a versatile color that looks great with a variety of styles—and this shade of green is no exception. We particularly love it in a modern rustic dining room. It looks great with neutrals and natural materials—and looks very crisp against white trim and accents!

Dining room with accent wall painted in Gallery Gold by Behr

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Gallery Gold, Behr

A sunny and warm color, Gallery Gold adds beautiful warmth to a dining room. It looks great with other warm neutrals, like rust, tan, and creamy white accents. This is a great accent wall color for rustic and traditional styles.

Dining room with bright turquoise accent wall painted with Bscay, by Sherwin-Willams

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Biscay, Sherwin-Williams

Biscay is a fun, bright, poppy color that looks beautiful with eclectic and coastal styles. In the teal/turquoise family, it’s a bold color that offers enough of a “pop” without additional art on the walls. (Though, it does look great as a backdrop for plants!) This is an energizing color to put in a dining space, so it looks best in a dining room that gets a lot of natural light.

dining room with striped wall paper accent wall

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Create a Patterned Dining Room Accent Wall with Wallpaper

Patterns can be just as impactful as color for an accent wall. And hanging wallpaper is a fun way to add that pattern (and color!) to your dining room walls. Applying wallpaper to just an accent wall rather than the whole dining room is sort of like putting a giant piece of art on one wall. It creates a focal point and visual interest in the space without overpowering the style of the room.

When picking out a wallpaper pattern you can go bold and highly patterned, or you can opt for something more subtle—like this blush and white striped wallpaper. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s balanced in the room with other patterns and colors to avoid any clashing.

Not ready to fully commit to wallpaper? Try out peel-and-stick wallpaper, which is less permanent but makes just as much of a statement!

dining room with ship lab accent wall

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Give Your Walls Some 3D Texture

Another way to add visual interest to your dining room? Create a textured accent wall, either with panelling, other millwork, or with wall art.

dining room with millwork accent wall

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Update the Millwork

If you want to design a dining room accent wall that offers a bit more depth, and texture, try updating the millwork. (What’s millwork, you ask? It’s the collective name for trim, paneling, and wainscoting.)

You could do an accent wall of shiplap panelling or board and batten—either painted the same color as the rest of your walls for more subtle texture, or painted a bold color for some extra drama and impact.

However, the addition of wainscoting, a chair rail, or ornamental wall molding, like the dining room pictured above, are all great ways to add a traditional or classical vibe to your dining room. (Though, typically you’d add this kind of millwork to all four walls, not just an accent wall.) Additions like these add visual texture and impact but in a way that feels more timeless and subtle than other accent wall ideas. And they also make your dining room look much more custom!

Dining room accent wall made with gallery wall

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Create a Gallery Wall

If you live in a space where you can’t change the wall color or hang up wallpaper, try adding visual impact on one wall by creating a gallery wall. This is a great way to add color, texture, and patterns to an accent wall—no paint or wallpapering required. If you want it to be high-impact, consider choosing enough pieces to span the entire width of the wall where you choose to hang your art. You can opt for a themed gallery wall, or go totally eclectic. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide on how to create a gallery wall.

dining room with an accent wall created by hanging a large woven tapestry

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Hang a Large Tapestry

Want to keep it more simple than a gallery wall? Try hanging a large woven tapestry. A tapestry can add texture and pattern—and it’s a great way to add color to a room without painting if you opt for a more colorful weaving. However, even a neutral tapestry like this boho macrame wall hanging has the same effect as an accent wall because of its size. Talk about visual impact!

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Green Accent Wall Ideas

Painting an accent wall is a fun way to add a pop of color to a room without making too much of a statement or commitment. Accent wall designs can come to life in many different paint colors (or wood panelling or wallpaper for that matter!). The color, material, or pattern you choose is simply a matter of preference.

This past year, we’ve been noticing a lot of green accent walls in people’s homes—and we must say, we’re loving them. Green is a super versatile hue that goes beautifully with a wide variety of materials, finishes, and other colors. The different shades of green run the gamut from bold, saturated colors to “colorful neutrals” that add a bit of color without being too visually loud. And since it’s a color found throughout nature, green is widely considered a calming, grounding, and serene color. With the variety of the shades of green out there, you can undoubtedly find a green accent wall color that perfectly complements your existing furniture and decor.

Dark green accent walls are particularly trendy at the moment—from forest green and emerald to teal and other shades of earthy and jewel-toned dark greens. Dark green walls add a ton of depth and extra contrast, plus give off some lovely moody vibes.

Today, we’re sharing a round-up of our favorite shades of green paint to consider when painting a green accent wall! Along the way, you’ll find some design ideas for decorating rooms with a green color scheme. Read on for the best accent wall paint colors in the green color family!

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Salamander, Benjamin Moore

Salamander is a shade of dark green that can read almost black in different lighting due to its inky undertones. Because of that, this deep green appears to be more of a neutral than a color. It’s a moody paint color that’s a beautiful choice if you’re looking to paint dark green accent walls but don’t want anything too saturated. We love the contrast of this deep green painted on walls surrounding a white brick fireplace, like you can see in the design above, and it looks great with natural materials, too.

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Artichoke, Sherwin-Williams

Artichoke is a yellow-green color that is very versatile. Yellow-green is very springy, fresh, and creates a soothing vibe in any room. It looks particularly great when paired with a light-toned palette, like light woods and white. This color is great for any room where you want to create a sense of peace—like a bedroom or home office.


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Green Bay, Sherwin-Williams

Green Bay is a dark green-gray that goes with an array of color palettes. Since it has some teal undertones, this dark green shade is fun to mix with other colors, like the pink and yellow seen in the design above. This color can easily dominate a space due to its deep hue, so it needs lots of white and light colors to balance it out. We particularly like it with white or light wood furniture!

Contemporary style living room with accent wall painted in Ripe Olive by Sherwin Williams

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Ripe Olive, Sherwin-Williams

A true, deep olive green, Ripe Olive brings a sophisticated touch of color to any room. We love the saturated hue of this green paint, which adds a pop of color without being too loud or bright. It’s perfect for a sophisticated space, paired with other earth tones and natural materials—like wood, leather, and linen. This shade of green goes really well in modern rustic spaces.

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Studio Green, Farrow & Ball

Studio Green is the perfect color for a moody accent wall. A classic deep green, this paint color has gray and black undertones, which gives it a striking and bold look. We love the way this color acts as a dramatic backdrop for the living room pictured above, allowing the rich materials of the space to pop against the deep gray-green hue.

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Saguaro, Sherwin-Williams

Saguaro is a “desert green,” similar to the color of a saguaro cactus (hence the name). A lively and nature-inspired shade of green, this color pairs well with neutrals, which allow this green accent wall to be front and center in any room it’s in. We love how vibrant and fun saguaro is as a bedroom accent wall color, like in this boho desert-chic bedroom!

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Dark Teal, Benjamin Moore

The perfect blend of green and blue, Dark Teal is one of our favorite examples of a jewel tone green. We prefer this paint color in smaller doses, so it makes for a great option for a teal green accent wall (anything more than that would be overwhelming). It looks particularly beautiful in glam and mid-century spaces—but really, it’s a great accent wall color for any space where you want a bright and vibrant pop of color. This is fun as a bedroom accent wall in a kids room, like above, where pops of pink and white are used throughout the rest of the space—both of which beautifully compliment this teal green.


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Hillside View, Behr

Hillside View is an earthy green-blue with gray undertones. This shade of green looks great in contemporary spaces and with high-contrast palettes (like this one, with black, gray, and white—and that leather sofa). It’s a great green accent wall option for those who don’t want to go too saturated but prefer a more neutral shade of green with a hint of color.

Boho-Modern Nursery with accent wall painted in Rock Garden by Sherwin-Williams

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Rock Garden, Sherwin-Williams

A true, natural, deep green, Rock Garden adds a grounding and earthy feel to any space. This is a perfect choice for a green accent wall for any space where you want to add a zen vibe—like a bedroom or nursery! It looks especially beautiful when accented with light natural colors, off-whites, and a pop of red for contrast.

Kids bedroom with traditional style with accent wall painted in Breakfast Room Green by Farrow and Ball

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Breakfast Room Green, Farrow & Ball

Breakfast Room Green is a bright and springy shade that has slightly yellow undertones. We love this color for a space with lots of natural light, which makes it even more cheery and bright! This shade of green looks beautiful when paired with natural materials and white furniture, which looks very crisp against green accent walls. Since it’s somewhat in the pastel color family, it also looks good when paired with other pastels, especially in a nursery or kids room! (But, really, it would be great as a bedroom accent wall for people of all ages since it’s so cheerful and serene!)

Boho-industrial style dining room with Hunter Green accent wall by Benjamin Moore

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Hunter Green, Benjamin Moore

A deep, woodsy green, Hunter Green adds a wonderful dose of drama to a space. A great color choice for a dark green accent wall, this saturated green pops beautifully against white trim and adjacent walls—creating a clean and contemporary look. And we also love how the copper pendants in the design above look with this deep green! It’s a great color for rustic and modern rustic spaces.

modern office nook with accent wall painted in Mint Condition by Sherwin-Willams

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Mint Condition, Sherwin-Williams

Minto Condition is a shade of green that’s just what its name sounds like—light, breezy, and minty. As a more subtle shade of green, it looks good in spaces that are bright and full of natural light, as this paint color will reflect light. A fun and spunky color, it goes well with neutral colors like white and beige.

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Tarrytown Green, Benjamin Moore

Tarrytown Green is a truly versatile color. A mossy-but-neutral green with some darker undertones, it could be used in a traditional-style space or something more modern—like this mid-century-industrial living room. This shade of green is a bold look on the fireplace wall and allows all the other light color elements to contrast against it.

Living with fireplace and dark green walls in Salmander by Benjamin Moore

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Evergreens, Sherwin-Williams

Evergreens is a shade of olive green inspired by (you guessed it) the color of evergreen trees. This green feels classic and stately—a perfect forest green accent wall for a more traditional space. We love how it pairs well with other rich neutral colors, as you can see in the design above, from the black spindle bed to the vintage-style rug and wicker bench.

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Country Squire, Sherwin-Williams

If you’re looking for some emerald green decor ideas, give Country Squire a try. A true emerald green, this is a wonderfully dramatic shade of green—the perfect choice for an emerald accent wall. This vibrant, rich color is a perfect shade for glam and Art Deco-inspired spaces. And it pairs perfectly with the creamy tufted headboard and burlwood furniture in this space. This emerald green accent wall offers contrast to the furniture in this space while also bringing out the texture of each piece.

MCM eclectic dining room with accent wall painted Duck Green by Farrow and Ball

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Duck Green, Farrow and Ball

Inspired by a Mallard Duck’s deep green plumage, Duck Green is a strong-but-subdued shade. It pairs well with so many other colors, which makes it a perfect green accent wall color to act as a backdrop to a colorful gallery wall. This green color also looks beautiful with medium-tone woods, black accents, and other cooler colors.

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Sweet Basil, Benjamin Moore

Sweet Basil is a vibrant, springy shade of green—reminiscent of fresh basil, its namesake. This color can be used in many styles, from transitional to rustic and contemporary. It looks great paired with neutrals and natural materials, as you can see in the contemporary bedroom above with its light and natural woods. These tones feel harmonious with such a natural, earthy shade of green.

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My Modsy Story: Turning Our First House into a Home Where Our Daughter Can Grow Up

Homeowners: Roshni and Arun T.

Spaces: Living and Dining Room

Our Style: Contemporary Collector

real customer story before

open living kitchen before modsy

midcentury modern living room white couch blue rug

The Design Dilemma

Last November, Roshni and her husband Arun bought their first home together. As a busy young couple, they were so excited to have a long-term home where their 2-year-old daughter could grow up and make memories.

“I wanted to make the space very special and make it a home for my 2-year-old daughter to grow up in,” said Roshni.

But the townhouse they bought was a blank slate, and the idea of designing the space was very overwhelming. Roshni wanted to find the right furniture and decor in the right size and color that also all looked good together. And she wanted to make sure they picked pieces that were kid-friendly and durable.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task to find all the right pieces that fit the space well and look good,” she said. “So I decided to leave this job for the professionals.”

open dining room wooden table

The Modsy Moment

Roshni turned to Modsy to help design the main living spaces—their living and dining rooms. With Modsy’s 3D technology, Roshni and Arun were able to see life-like images of their home, designed with real furniture and decor.

“When we first saw our designs, our jaws dropped,” said Roshni. “I never would have come up with these designs on my own—but with my designer’s help, I discovered my personal style and found pieces to match it.”

Seeing real pieces in a 3D model of their space gave them the confidence to move forward, knowing that the pieces they bought looked good together and would fit in their space, and that they had landed on layouts that would work in both rooms.

“I loved how easy it was to see everything in my space and I was able to order all items with just a few clicks,” she said

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living room white couch wooden coffee table blue rug

The Real Results

Roshni and Arun love their new living and dining rooms. With the help of their Modsy designer, Roshni and Arun were able to combine their preferred design styles and create rooms that made their new townhouse feel like home.

“I strongly believe that I would have never been able to make my living and dining rooms look this great if I tried to find all the furniture and decor on my own,” said Roshni. “Help from a professional designer was exactly what I needed. It feels so fantastic to have a design that works for our home and lifestyle needs. We now have a beautiful home where we can raise our daughter. We’re so excited for all the memories we will make here.”

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Trend Spotlight: Animal Art Is Bringing Joy to Our Walls

A decor trend we’re loving right now? Animal art! It’s such a fun way to add a whimsical element to any space, giving your walls a little extra dose of personality. And we’re not just talking cute animal portraits for a kid’s room! (Though we love it there, too.) There are so many different ways to try out this trend. However you incorporate it into your home, it has a way of bringing personality and joy to your space.

To show you the many ways you can bring this trend to life in your own home, we’re showing off some of our favorite animal art ideas for rooms of all styles, below. Keep reading to get the scoop on a few of our favorite pieces!

mid-century modern bedroom

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Animal Art for Contemporary Spaces

In a contemporary space, we love the idea of animal art in muted tones—which adds visual interest and personality to your walls but isn’t over-the-top bold. These pieces skew more timeless and sophisticated rather than trendy.

We love the idea of vintage-inspired naturalist prints or watercolors for a contemporary space. Ultimately, look for animal art that compliments the color palette in your space.

See our favorite contemporary picks below!

animal art

Blue Dragonflies Bookplate, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Dragonfly bookplate, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Hummingbird Plate, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Moment of Waiting II, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

After Winter III, Chelsea Art studio

rustic sheep art above leather sofa

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Animal Art for Rustic Rooms

If ever there were a style where animal art felt right at home, it would be in a rustic space! Rustic and Farmhouse design styles offer the perfect backdrop for animal art, since animals are such an integral part of farm life, and rural living naturally inspires these styles.

Look for paintings of farm animals—sheep, horses, and dogs being a few of our favorites. These pieces pair nicely with paintings of barns or landscapes. But you could also opt for animal photography to give you space a more modern edge. Longhorn cows and Scottish Highland cattle are some of our favorite animals to look for in photographs!

See our favorite rustic picks below!

animal art

Mugshot I, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

Morning Farm II, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

Cavallo, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

Ride Easy, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

On the Grass, Chelsea Art Studio

art deco art

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Animal Art for Glam Spaces

You might not think that Hollywood Glam and animal art go together—but one of the little known tenets of Hollywood Glam style is that there is almost always a piece of animal print in the room. We’re talking zebra stripes, cheetah print, snake skin, and more. References to animals are quite common in this style—so animal art in the right style is actually a natural for a glam space!

Glam animal art will be more bold than that in rustic or contemporary space, and it might even be abstracted or surprising. Look for pieces with pops of gold or something that’s high-contrast to help bring the drama!

See our favorite glam picks below!

animal art

Black and White Butterfly, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Golden Butterfly III, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

Birds with Magnolias I, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art
Birds with Magnolias II, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

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Animal Art for Kid Rooms and Nurseries

When you think of animal art, kids rooms and nurseries might be the first space you’d think these pieces would go. And kids rooms really are a great home for animal art! If your little one loves their furry friends, this is a great way to add charm and personality to their space.

We like to look for pieces with personality—whether that’s portrait-style paintings or prints of animals dressed up like people. But a cute, simple watercolor of a baby animal is a classic pick for nursery art! Look for fun colors and whimsical designs, which will add sweetness to your child’s room.

See our favorite kids picks below!

animal art

Watercolor Lion, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Watercolor Camels, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Watercolor Bunny with Glasses, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Watercolor Peacocks, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Watercolor Piglets, Antique Curiosities

butterfly art in a bohemian living room

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Animal Art for Color-Enthusiasts

For color-enthusiasts looking for animal art, the bolder the better! A lot of animal art can skew more neutral or muted, which is reflective of the natural world. But there are ways to add major pops of color to animal-inspired art, giving your space a bright and cheerful vibe.

Look to fauna of the jungle—like butterflies or birds of paradise—for your subject matter. These pieces often have a more abstracted look and feel, and a bolder use of color, making them great for modern spaces.

See our favorite bright and cheerful picks below!

animal art

Perilous Wings VI, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

Perilous Wings IV, Chelsea Art Studio

animal art

Navy Folk Art, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Watercolor Parrots, Antique Curiosities

animal art

Proudly a Statmentmen, Chelsea Art Studio


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Modsy 2020 COVID-Inspired Design Trend Report

It’s safe to say that amidst the pandemic, our homes have become more important than ever before. Considering people’s increased connection to their living spaces, we couldn’t help but wonder how this is changing our decisions, priorities, and preferences when it comes to interior design. We sifted through our Modsy data, survey responses from 2,000 people across the country, and Google Trends data to put together a report on COVID-19’s impact on home design.

holiday set up for small dining space

Quarantine Styles

Sofas were considered the number one most splurge-worthy furniture item and living rooms were the top space people said they wanted to redesign post-pandemic. Not surprising, given the increased amount of time we’re all spending at home. Additionally, a decent number of people said their homes actually added to their stress levels, which were already higher than normal, thanks to the pandemic.

Interior design trends chart

According to our survey results, more people are interested in designing rooms with “flex space” this year, meaning they’re creating spaces where versatility is top of mind. These designs include things like added storage, designated places for hobbies/distance learning, and reading nooks. We’ve also seen an increase in interest in home hygiene/sanitization. More people are looking into germ-resistant materials for flooring and surfaces, automatic faucets, smart toilets, and indoor air quality monitoring.

home school set up with breakfast nook

Pandemic Parent Trends

Parenting has always been tough, but all the stressors surrounding COVID-19 have made it even tougher for parents. With many schools closing and parents working from home while taking care of their kids, the pandemic has contributed to an often very stressful home situation for many families across the US. This has given many people a different perspective on their home design preferences and priorities.comparison graphic about covid and home designFlex spaces and sanitization are top priorities for parents, even more so than non-parentsWhen looking at what’s most important to parents and non-parents in terms of room design, it’s clear that parents are more focused on flex spaces and home hygiene/sanitization.This makes sense given how most parents want to keep their homes as functional, multipurpose, and germ-free as possible with little ones around all the time!

comparison chart

Parents undertook more DIY home projects this year Parents were slightly more likely than non-parents to realize their home was disorganized during the pandemic (although that was still the majority consensus for everyone).Last but not least, parents were more likely to have undertaken DIY home or room design projects during the quarantine than non-parents. How they found the time? That’s a mystery!

closet converted into a changing station in nursery
Nurseries Are On the Rise

With all the speculation about a potential post-COVID baby boom (and our own data shows that nursery designs are on the rise), we wanted to see which states were the most interested in nursery designs.

comparison graphic about covid and home design

nursery side by side imageCOVID Home Stress IndexWhether you’re a parent or not, you’ve likely experienced an increased amount of stress while at home due to the pandemic. As it turns out, people in certain states experienced more stress related to their home design and organization amidst the pandemic than others.

The top 10 states where people have felt the most stressed out about their home interior design since the pandemic began: google trends

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Modsy 2020 Holiday Home Trends Report

This will be quite a different holiday season than we’ve seen in past years, and people will inevitably be using their homes differently over the holidays with small gatherings and intimate family get-togethers. Modsy surveyed 2,000 people across the country to gain some insight into their home design priorities for the holiday season and what matters to them most when it comes to spending time at home over the holidays.

hygge living room with beige sectional sofa and white fluffy rug93% said it’s important to them that everyone is comfy, warm, cozy, and together at their house.

No surprise here: This year, folks are placing a major emphasis on ensuring their home is a relaxing, comfortable space for everyone to spend time together. In decor, a Hygge design style is all about coziness, comfort, and warmth. And this year, ‘tis the season to get your Hygge on!

84% said the kitchen is the most important room to keep the holidays running smoothly.

Aside from all the cooking and baking that will take place over the holidays to ensure everyone’s tummies are full and content, the family room was the second most important space to keep everything running smoothly.

sculptural tan and white vase

black and white fuzzy throw pillow

red woven throw blanket

69% of people plan to go above and beyond with their holiday home decor this year.

From the sound of it, we’ll be seeing tons of twinkling lights, beautiful Christmas trees, and stockings hung by the chimney with care. According to the survey, people are more excited than ever for this holiday season after the challenging year we’ve had.

Where are folks plan to channel their inner Clark Griswold and go overboard with holiday decor?

interior design info graphic

COVID’s impact on homes this holiday season:

59% said they’ll have an increased focus on their house’s entryway, foyer, mudroom, etc. to maintain sanitary areas.

69% said their family will be spending much more time doing traditional at-home holiday activities this year and less seasonal outings.

cozy white sofa with layers of holiday themed pillows

If decorating for the holidays feels like one more overwhelming task you’re not ready to tackle quite yet, you can always check out Modsy’s 2020 Holiday Decor Lookbook for some great ideas and inspiration.

Bonus: Holiday Zoom Backgrounds

Although there likely won’t be any holiday office parties this year, you can still spread some holly jolly cheer during your Zoom meetings with a festive background. We’ve put together some dreamy holiday-inspired designs that will make the perfect seasonal backdrop for your next call.

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