Homeowner: Katie Stevens of “The Bold Type”

Location: Nashville, TN

Room: Living Room + Bedroom

Her Style: Rustic minimalist with an eclectic twist

The Backstory

Katie Stevens stars in Freeform’s The Bold Type and lives in Nashville with her husband, Paul DiGiovanni, the guitarist for Boys Like Girls.

After getting married this past October, the couple bought their first home together. They’d lived together for several years prior to getting married, so they weren’t starting from scratch when it came to combining their lives, home, and possessions. But, for this new space, they wanted to be really intentional about the design and make sure it reflected their combined styles for this new chapter of their lives.

Katie StevensThe Design Dilemma

Katie and her hubby knew they both liked a minimalist aesthetic, free of excess objects and busy designs. They also wanted to go with a more neutral, black and white color palette so they could add pops of color here and there. But that’s where they got stuck.

They weren’t sure how to effortlessly combine masculine and feminine elements. Plus, in past homes, Katie says she had bought a lot of stuff that she didn’t end up loving, and she didn’t want that to happen again. She wanted to avoid a lot of trial and error with decorating, so the space would feel like home more quickly. So she turned to Modsy for some help.

“I know myself — I buy a bunch of things and then don’t really love any of them… I didn’t want to make that mistake with this house.”

Katie StevensKatie StevensThe Modsy Moment

With our style quiz and design services, Katie and Paul were able to drill down to their shared aesthetic and design style, then think through layout options for both their living room and bedroom—the two spaces they wanted to focus on first.

Katie StevensKatie StevensThey also asked our designers to incorporate a couple of special pieces they already owned and wanted to keep, into their designs. Specifically, their sofa and coffee table, which had both been passed down from Paul’s grandmother.

Katie StevensHow Modsy’s Designs Helped Katie

Working with Modsy allowed Katie to see how masculine and feminine style elements could be combined—and gave her and Paul design ideas for their space that they never would have thought of on their own, like layering rugs under the kitchen table for some added texture and warmth.

“It was really important to me that the home be perfect because this is the home that Paul and I are starting our life in.”

Katie StevensKatie says she loves more feminine touches but wanted to make sure those didn’t overwhelm the space. She wanted the design to feel balanced since the home belongs to her and her husband. “We’ve balanced it out through little touches, like the different textures that we have, or the rugs that we chose or the side tables being a little more edgy,” she told PEOPLE magazine. “This beautiful wood table in the corner of our breakfast nook adds a little bit more roughness and masculinity to the room, which I really love.”

Katie StevensThe Real Results

Once Katie and Paul finalized their designs, they implemented the ideas throughout their home, even adding a little breakfast nook to their open living room/kitchen. We designed both that space and their bedroom in a black-and-white color palette that spoke to their minimal, neutral aesthetic—but added some natural wood, leather, and gold touches to warm up the spaces and inject some personality. We also added plenty of pops of natural greenery to make it more approachable!

“We come home every day and we sit on the couch and I look around and there’s nothing that I would want to change.”

Katie StevensKatie StevensKatie says that they love how their space has come together and can see themselves starting a family in this home someday. In fact, there’s one design element that especially has her thinking of the future: “We have this really cute reading nook in the corner and we put a chaise lounge in there,” she explains. “My mom used to have a chaise kind of like that in one of her dressing rooms, and I just remember I used to sit on that when I was little and I would read books with my mom or I would watch her get ready. Now, I look at our little nook and wonder if I’ll be there reading to my kids, and my kids will be watching me.”

Katie StevensShe says that when she and Paul are home together in the evenings, they look around their home and feel like there’s nothing they would change. “It feels like our personalities blended together, and I think that that’s the best thing because it’s symbolic of what is actually happening in our life.”

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