WHOOOOPAH! We couldn’t be more thrilled about the upcoming Friends reunion special slated to start filming later this year. Thinking about the gang being together again has gotten everyone at Modsy super excited. Like most people, we’re to know what the gang’s been up to over the last (gasp) 16 years. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to imagine what kinds of spaces they might be living in and share them with you.

We hope that these designs provide the daily perk you’re looking for! And, if you feel like you need a refill of Friends related cheer, feel free to check out how we reimagined the Friends apartment in 2018!

Monica and Chandelier’s  “Breezy” Upstate  Haven

We imagined that Monica and Chandler’s Westchester home would be bright and airy with rustic touches of shiplap and exposed beams. True to her 20s style, Monica would still be into more traditional furniture that’s put together, comfortable, and set up to host friends. A second sofa and pair of chairs allow her to entertain a larger group of friends perhaps one with partners and children in tow. Stylistically we chose a pair of roll arm sofas in a classic blue fabric that adds color without going overboard.

The color scheme is inspired by her vintage Jouets poster, which she has proudly on display on her bookshelves. The coffee table is a nod to her original weather wood table, but it includes storage to keep everything neat and tidy with a cookbook on display. Symmetry and an overall organized feel would be key to keeping her Type A personality happy. In the background, you’ll see her chef jacket hanging and tennis racquet as we think her competitive streak for ping pong would translate well to tennis matches in her Westchester community.

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Emma’s All-Grown-Up College Dorm

We imagined that Rachel and Ross’ daughter, Emma’s room would be a quintessential Gen Z space with a cool, collected vibe and pieces that remind her of her parents. Since it’s a dorm room, the base furniture would be pretty simple, but she would layer on her personality with accessories. A lover of fashion like her mom, she’d incorporate an influencer essential—a clothing rack—to display favorites from her vintage clothing collection. A pair of Joan and David boots would be key (thanks, Rachel!)

On her desk, she keeps a baby picture of her and her mom and a dinosaur stuffed animal that Ross gave her when she was little. She has a poster of a vintage Paris luggage tag, a nod to her favorite city outside of New York, a love she inherited from her mom. A lover of travel, Emma has a cork globe to track all of the places she’s been and dream of all the places she’ll visit.

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Friends ReunionJoey’s “How You Doing” Bachelor Sanctuary

Joey, the quintessential bachelor is still living in Greenwich Village—in Monica’s old apartment to be exact. Sentimental as he is, he couldn’t bear to leave behind the place that formed so many of his favorite memories—after all, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. He updates the look and feel with some gray paint, to make it a bit more masculine and a place of his own. His style is minimal, yet comfortable. With a gallery wall of a few of his favorite pictures, including when he was on the cover of Soap Digest, Joey pays homage to his favorite friends.

While he’s gotten rid of his favorite recliner, he’s upgraded to a sofa with a chaise so he can recline all the time or cuddle up with a new girlfriend. Pat the dog obviously still has a place in his apartment. Huggsy, Joey’s bedtime penguin pal sits on his director’s chair as 2020 Joey isn’t embarrassed anymore. Instead of a dining table, Joey has a foosball table, so he’ll still hover over the counter to eat his Cap’N Crunch.

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Phoebe and Smelly Cat’s Country Retreat

Phoebe has finally made it out of the city where she can run freely in the countryside, arms flailing and all, without the judgment of Central Park joggers. Her home is a whimsical cottage and an eclectic collection of all of her favorite things. Before moving in she burned sage to ensure any negative energy was cleansed and any ghosts freed. Her bedroom is painted Basil by Sherman Williams, a calming and serene color. In the mornings she sips coffee from a big yellow mug in bed that reminds her of the days she used to spend in Central Perk with her friends.

While she has purchased a few new items, her bedroom has a vintage leather chair where she sits and writes new songs, and an antique dresser. On top of the dresser, she keeps a scented candle that she never lights for fear of setting off the fire alarm. Her bookshelves are filled with vintage books and ones from the literature course she took at the New School as well as a little stuffed cat that she calls Smelly.

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