Here’s How Cher Horowitz’s Clueless Closet Would Look Today

clueless closetLet’s face it: Before Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet, there was Cher Horowitz’s. Yep. Cher’s (Alicia Silverstone) fashion closet in Clueless was literally every ’90s teen’s dream come true. Can we talk about her tricked-out storage system and that outfit visualizer? It was iconic to say the least.

Not to mention, it wasn’t just Cher’s closet, but her bedroom (with the zebra print and oversize floor mirror) totally nailed ’90s modern glam style. Looking back, Cher was clearly way ahead of her time. But it’s 2019 and that’s all in the past now, so… As if!

Cher’s obviously not one to be left behind the times. We couldn’t help but wonder what her Clueless Closet and bedroom would look like today—although we all know it would be major.

But rather than just imagine how Cher’s room might look, we gave it her closet and dressing area a modern day makeover. Scroll through to see how we reimagined Cher’s room for 2019 in Modsy 3D!

The Clueless Closet, Circa 2019

clueless closet

Like most other Clueless devotees, we picked up right where the movie left off and imagined what Cher’s life with Josh in it was like. So for this 2019 take on the Beverly Hills high school princess’s closet and dressing area, we figured it would look largely the same with one major exception: State of the art outfit visualization technology.

Knowing Cher, she definitely wouldn’t settle for anything less than a touch screen system when it comes to her closet. So, we upgraded her boxy computer monitor to a wall-mounted iPad, complete with voice-activated technology.

Clueless closet

Cher’s fashion glam aesthetic was spot-on, so we definitely wanted to keep that as the overall vibe in the space but with a few furniture updates. We swapped in a modern green velvet chair with brass details and added a wasabi velvet bench and a full vanity, all of which give the space the look and feel of an elevated dressing room rather than a girl’s bedroom. After all, Cher proved herself many times over to be stylish and wise beyond her years, so we felt it was time her dressing area reflected that.

A few of Cher’s favorite designs would likely be the statement pieces: A massive ornate gilt-frame floor mirror, a gold sunburst round vanity mirror, and graphic large-scale storm cloud wallpaper, which adds chic impact as a backdrop. It’s not surprising at all as Modsy’s Director of Style, Alessandra Wood points out, “Cher would be totally into the modern Deco vibe trending right now.” Totally.

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