Spring is known as a time for renewal and provides us with an opportunity to refresh our homes. There are many helpful guides to spruce up your space in time to kick back and relax during the warmer months. But here at Modsy, we think that in addition to creating a tidy and chill vibe at home, spring is also the perfect time to experiment with new home decor trends and color palettes.

Think about it—you’re probably already planning to deep clean and maybe even add some new spring decor to your space. So why not experiment with a new color palette too? Adding a fresh coat of paint can be a fun and low-lift spring activity. Plus, with all those colorful spring flowers in bloom, it’s hard not to be inspired to try on some new colors! That said, spring color palettes don’t have to be all neutrals and pastels. In fact, there are much moodier color palettes and design options out there—like dark academia—that are super on-trend and reflect some of the richer, deeper, and edgier aspects of spring. Plus, these moodier hues will transition perfectly into fall and winter, so you won’t have to redecorate your home in three to six months.

What Are Moody Colors?

When you hear the words “moody color palette,” it might seem a tad intimidating because, well, when you think of “moody” as a descriptor, it’s often about an angst-ridden teenager, not a relaxing and cozy space to call home. However, moody color palettes can be just as welcoming as any airy or neutral space. They just add a slightly more romantic ambiance to a room.

Some quick examples of moody colors would be:

  • dusty hues, like deep rose-pink
  • dark colors like navy, charcoal, or aubergine (that’s the fancy British way of saying “eggplant”)
  • Emerald greens and other jewel tones

These colors are rich in pigment, creating a calming quality when used correctly in a room.

How Do You Select a Moody Color Palette?

Of course, selecting the right moody color palette for your space depends on your particular tastes. However, you can follow some general design rules to help you pick one that works beautifully. We suggest following these two steps to ensure that your moody spring color palette is design perfection!

  1. Set the mood. Want to decide which color palette will work best for you? Start by determining the overall vibe you want in your space. For example, if you want something more serene, use colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel (known as analog colors), like blue and green. Want something more dramatic? Try pairing complementary color combinations —colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel—to create visual drama.
  2. Balance light and dark tones. Just because you want a moody color palette doesn’t mean every color in the room has to be super dark and brooding. In fact, pairing darker walls, say a deep blue-gray, with lighter or more saturated accents in a complementary color, like a bright cognac-orange leather armchair, will make the room feel cheery and dynamic.

Want more guidance selecting a color palette? Read our comprehensive guide.

What are the most attractive moody color palettes?

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Ok, so we’ve explained what moody colors are and why they’re an exciting spring trend and even laid out some basics on creating your own perfectly moody palette. But you’re probably wondering which moody color combinations our designers and customers love right now. So, without further ado, we present a selection of designer-curated and customer-approved moody spring color palettes that are not only inviting but glamorous, fun, and even downright cozy.


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April Showers Bring May Flowers — Stormy Navy Blue and Earthy Camel

navy and stone colored home office

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Who doesn’t love the classic combo of navy blue and light neutrals? Most often used in coastal spaces with the darker color functioning as the accent, this color combination is super versatile and can pair well with any interior design style. In this transitional style home office, navy walls paired with a pale beige fireplace, coffee table, and chairs create a moody ambiance that recalls a spring rain storm’s tranquility (and drama).

Midnight Sun—Dark Black and Pops of Gold

Moody Spring Color Palette

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Another moody twist on a classic color combination is the black walls and gold accents in this bedroom. This pairing can feel glam and sophisticated when used correctly. But to ensure it feels moody and springy, incorporate pops of white and natural elements, like a jute rug or pale exposed wood finishes. Doing this will balance the moodier aspects of the space with some sunny spring vibes.

70’s Sunset—Deep Yellow and Blush

Moody Spring Color Palette

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Yellow is a typical spring color, but the deep golden hue of the walls in this dining room adds a moody depth to the space. And that moodiness is taken one step further by paring the deep yellow with pops of blush pink. Together these colors recall a relaxing sunset that also feels boho cool with all the natural wood finishes in this space.

Potted Plant—Rich Earthy Brown and Vibrant Green

Green and brown living room in moody colors

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Is any activity more quintessentially spring than gardening? We don’t think so. And nothing recalls the garden more than the colors of the earth and plants. That’s why we love this combo that brings together rich earthy browns and vibrant green for a moody but rustic and comforting look.

Earth Strata—White with Light and Dark Neutrals

Moody Spring Color Palette

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Speaking of earthy colors, check out this dining room filled with various neutrals that recall soil layers (or strata). The layering of light and dark neutrals adds depth to the design and feels elevated, while pops of white add a springy—but understated—cheeriness to the space.

Nocturnal Bouquet—Emerald Green and Pastels

moody jewel-tone living room

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We love a good green color scheme and are always enchanted by the luxe quality of emerald green walls, especially when paired with classically springy pastels. The combination is excellent for bedrooms where the darker walls and hits of pale yellow and pink can create something that feels alluring and pampering, like a beautiful spring bouquet.

Rosé All Day—Layers of Deep Dusty Pink

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Like our favorite bottle of rosé, we could never tire of a layered pink color scheme. In this space, the dusty rose monochromatic walls feel trendy and edgy but also earthy and warm. Just like we do after a glass or two with the girls!

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