We’re Mad For Monochrome Rooms – 4 Ways to Get the Look

green monochrome roomYou might think decorating a monochrome room is just another passing color trend, but it’s the exact opposite. Monochrome rooms, or spaces in black-and-white or varying tones of one color, have long been used by designers to add drama and impact in homes. It’s a daring approach to color that’s daunting at first. But if you commit to the look, the result can be a space that’s bold, elegant, and absolutely unforgettable.

If you’re not one for color and feel intimidated by the idea of a monochrome room, don’t be. It’s actually much easier than working with a palette that has lots of different colors. The focused color scheme surprisingly helps with design decisions since it also streamlines your options for furniture, art, and objects by your chosen hue.

That said, a little guidance can help. So to break down the monochrome look, we turned to our expert designers. Here, they share their best tips for making monochrome rooms work in any home.

grey monochrome room

Consider The Mood You Want

A monochrome living room in grey will obviously feel very different than one in yellow. But before you even pick a color, consider the function of the room and the atmosphere you want inside. A living room in all-black tones with chic furnishings might feel sleek and glamorous; meanwhile doing the same in an office might feel more dark and dramatic.

Color psychology tells us that certain hues can affect our moods. Keep that in mind as you select your color. Want a calming space? Go light blue, grey, or even soft green. Prefer something more vibrant? Explore more saturated hues.

Nervous About Color? Start Subtle

Again, how bold you want your palette to be is totally up to you. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can paint the walls and go head-to-toe blue, green, red, or any bright color. Or if you want to try out monochrome in a subtle way, keep to black and white tones and all the shades of grays in between.

Of course, you can go either subtle (white and gray tones) or graphic (sharp black and white) with this high-contrast approach. Both will result in a cool, modern space that’s chic and soothing. Better yet, you can easily layer in some color if you want and swap out accents later on if you decide to move on from monochrome.

monochrome room blue

Play With Tones and Textures

The most captivating way to do monochrome is to mix together different shades within a color family. It helps to add dimension to your space. Think cobalt blue with denim and cerulean. It’s also a great way to create visual texture and keeps a space from feeling flat. To add even more depth and texture to a space, layer in different materials and textures, such as gold notes, shiny velvet, and washed textiles in the same hue.

monochrome room green

Don’t Forget Neutrals

Incorporating neutral pieces in wood, metal, and natural materials will keep your monochrome room from feeling one note. Try bringing natural wood tables, metal bookshelves, brass accents, and stone elements. These organic and lustrous touches will help create contrast and enhance the overall color scheme.

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