Modern Farmhouse style is a trendy look that’s been increasingly growing in popularity for the past two years. It’s safe to say that the design world is obsessed (our Modsy team, included.) We’re seeing this interior design style all over HGTV shows, Pinterest, and our Instagram feeds.

And it makes sense why so many people love this look. Modern Farmhouse effortlessly blends the best parts of some of the most popular trends from the past several years—you’ve got a dash of Rustic, a sprinkle of Industrial, and just the right amount of Mid-Century Modern design. It instantly adds a casual-but-pulled-together character to any interior. While this style is a bit more dramatic than your typical rustic or classic farmhouse look, it still manages to be effortlessly livable. It embodies that perfect mix of modern and relaxed, for a look that’s both on-trend and approachable.

Curious to learn more about Modern Farmhouse design ideas and how this style differs from other takes on farmhouse style? Today, we’re breaking down the style and showing you how to create the look in your own space. Keep reading for our complete guide to Modern Farmhouse decor and style!

Modern farmhouse living room

The Key Elements of Modern Farmhouse Style

So, what exactly is modern farmhouse style? Well, it’s a mix of modern design elements and a comfortable, relaxed farmhouse aesthetic. Originating in Texas, modern farmhouse is popular in cities like Waco, Austin, and San Antonio interior design scenes, but has since spread to homes in major cities along the coasts! In general, classic farmhouse design takes inspiration from the look of an actual barn or farmhouse and uses charming, rural, and cozy decorative elements throughout. But with Modern Farmhouse homes, think of it as just that: spaces inspired by modern farmhouses that feature bright, contemporary design elements but still have that cozy vibe. To that point, you’ll notice mid-century modern undertones in this style—but the foundational pieces are still decidedly comfortable.

Modern Farmhouse Furniture

Foundational furniture of modern farmhouse style should be comfortable, but make sure each piece has a sleek, modern shape. Look for furniture with a subtle decorative nature, embodied in the texture or material of the piece. It’s these small details that really elevate Modern Farmhouse design.

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Modern Farmhouse Decor

But special details aren’t just for the furniture. To help this look really come to life, pay attention to the details within decor pieces as well. Modern Farmhouse spaces tend to go with industrial light fixtures to add a sculptural, architectural element. Along those lines, Modern Farmhouse decor has a strong emphasis on geometry in the decorative details—from lights and mirrors to art and tabletop decor. These elements are extra noticeable due to the minimal approach to styling that Modern Farmhouse interior design loves—it’s all about letting individual pieces shine!

modern farmhouse style

How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look in Your Room

Want to see some specific tips on how to bring this look to life throughout your home? Keep reading!

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modern farmhouse style

Mix in Various Design Styles

Another tenet of Modern Farmhouse decor is juxtaposing different styles together in one space. In a Modern Farmhouse space, you’re mixing together Traditional, Industrial, and Mid-Century furniture and decor alongside rustic pieces (which are obviously the backbone of this style). In fact, mixing traditional and comfortable foundation pieces with modern accents will help you strike the perfect balance of comfy and trendy that is so crucial to the Modern Farmhouse look.

Modern farmhouse living roomStay Neutral

When you think “farmhouse” your brain might conjure up images of buttermilk yellow kitchens or brick red barns. But that couldn’t be farther from the reality when it comes to Modern Farmhouse style.

While there’s no single “right way” to bring the Modern Farmhouse look to life, the one rule all these interiors play by is a neutral color palette. A neutral and cohesive color palette helps keep Modern Farmhouse style from feeling too eclectic. You can go with a variety of neutral tones throughout your space for added contrast and warmth, but keeping all the tones in the same color family grounds the look. Think: whites, beiges, neutrals, or grays in different shades.

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Play With Contrast

Even with its neutral base, Modern Farmhouse doesn’t mean all white all the time. While the palette of this style leans neutral, it’s still very saturated and high-contrast, with a mix of materials and textures throughout—which helps keep it grounded in a modern aesthetic. You can see that contrast in light fixtures, natural wood furniture elements, and in other dark metal accents!

And don’t just think of contrast in terms of color. Combining different design styles, materials, and finishes together adds depth and dimension to your space. Playing with contrast is a key element of getting the Modern Farmhouse look right.

modern farmhouse style

Opt for Natural Materials

Modern Farmhouse features a dynamic mix of materials and textures. It’s part of what makes this style so livable—not to mention kid and pet friendly. Natural materials and textures like leather, natural wood, metal, stone, jute, and linen are key to this look. And we definitely recommend mixing and matching various natural textures! It’s all about the tactile and visual texture, no matter what specific material you land on. But, in addition to natural materials, you’ll also want to incorporate pops of unexpected materials like brass and velvet, which give a modern edge to this style.

Stylist Tip: If you’re looking for kid and pet-friendly natural materials that suit this design style, look for linen slipcovered sofas, which you can easily pop in the wash when needed, leather armchairs that will hide scratches and repel fur, and natural fiber rugs, which are super durable and a great choice for high-traffic rooms.

Modern farmhouse styling

Look For Weathered Finishes

Within the world of natural materials, we highly recommend incorporating some with weathered finishes. They add rustic texture, character, and warmth to contrast with the modern edge of this style. Look for leathers with a patina, unfinished or weathered woods, and accent furniture or decor that shows off its age with a vintage finish. But don’t go too overboard with weathered pieces, or you’ll stray out of Modern Farmhouse and into Rustic Farmhouse.

Modern farmhouse styling

Embrace Minimal Styling

The one thing that separates Modern Farmhouse interiors from other takes on farmhouse design is their minimal approach to decorating. Skip the piles of pillows and packed-to-the-brim bookcases in favor of a cleaner aesthetic that will let the few pieces you choose to display truly shine.

What’s the difference between Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse design?

There are many variations on farmhouse—two of the most notable being classic and rustic farmhouse styles.

Classic Farmhouse

A more traditional style with “French provincial” aesthetic influences, Classic Farmhouse is a softer, more feminine approach to farmhouse style and creates that classic cottage chic vibe.

Rustic Farmhouse

This style is a less mid-century and more rustic/industrial take on farmhouse design. It has a heavy focus on rugged materials—like rough-hewn and natural woods, wrought iron, and leather with a rich patina—along with more vintage and antique pieces.

Learn more about the difference between Modern, Classic, and Rustic Farmhouse interior design.

Like the idea of farmhouse design mixed with some old-school Victorian sensibilities? You have to check out our new favorite rustic design style: Victorian Farmhouse.

Is Modern Farmhouse style right for you?

This is the perfect look for you if you want the comforts of farmhouse style but also a trendy, modern aesthetic. It’s approachable and easy to personalize, which we love. With the combination of comfortable foundations, sleek modern shapes, and sculptural, geometric design elements, this is also the perfect look for couples who are trying to meet in the middle between practical comfort and modern design preferences. It’s like a compromise between modern design and traditional, country-inspired design elements—but it looks so good, neither of you will feel like you’re losing anything. And that’s the best kind of compromise, right?

Looking for another great design compromise? Check out the Traditional Comfort trend—a combination of Traditional and Transitional design elements.

Ready to try the Modern Farmhouse look in your space?

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    Excellent article and examples! Our new home was marketed as modern farmhouse style, and I couldn’t quite nail down what that meant until this article. I’ve been a long time fan of MCM but a long time avoider of farmhouse and your description made me realize why I like whatever it is that has been called modern farmhouse!

  2. Virginia says:

    Thank you! I have never been a fan of `modern` design but you have changed all that for me! Thinking of classic decor with a modern twist by using better, sustainable and repurposed items is brilliant. Thank you again!

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    Hello – I’m looking for where I can purchase the display cabinets on this site. The tall, black metal w/lower storage seen on the modern farmhouse various pages. Thank you.


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