Step aside straight lines and sharp edges—the curved furniture trend is here and we’re loving it! This re-emergence of sculptural shapes and organic lines creates a beautiful balance of modern and feminine energies within a space.

This trend, as its name suggests, features pieces with sloped lines, curved silhouettes, and not a harsh angle in sight. It’s all about show-stopping pieces that add a touch of glamour and elegance to any setting.

What era does curved furniture come from?

The curved furniture trend has roots in the 1970s, when designers started embracing a more feminine approach to modern furniture. Danish and mid-century modern furniture of the 50s and 60s were all about straight, clean lines, and by the 70s people were ready for something a bit softer. This trend continued into the 80s and was only furthered by a resurgence of Art Deco style—which also relies on sculptural shapes and curved edges.

pale beige living room with rounded sofa, coffee table, and stool

Why is curved furniture a popular trend today?

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: 80s design is back in full swing. And the curved furniture trend rode in on the coattails of this 80s resurgence, since the two are so interconnected.

But more than that, there’s a growing love for furniture that has a sculptural quality—which is deeply connected to the biophilic design trend. The last decade has involved a lot of big, boxy upholstered furniture pieces. And while that’s a timeless-but-trendy look that we love, we’re seeing more and more people gravitate toward pieces of furniture that make bold statements and feel like works of art. And that’s exactly what these curvaceous pieces of furniture do—while also bringing energy and good flow to a space.

After more than a year of being hunkered down during the pandemic, curved furniture—especially sofas and chairs—is having a moment in entertaining and living room spaces. These pieces work really well in spaces that can host a group, as they make it easy to sit and turn and chat with others. There’s a conversational quality to the shape of these pieces. Plus, they pair well with other furniture styles, so you can easily mix and match pieces.

But curvy furniture isn’t exclusive to public spaces in your home. We’re also seeing a lot of sculptural and curved furniture in bedrooms and home offices!

teal wall papered bedroom with rounded velvet accent chair

Tips for Decorating with Curved Furniture

Want to know how to decorate with curved furniture or just include one or two statement pieces into an existing room? Here are the top 3 tips to pull off this trend, straight from our designers.

1. Start Small

If you’re not sure how you feel about this decor trend, or aren’t sure if it’s quite your look, test it out with a smaller piece of furniture. Consider finding an accent chair, lamp, or even pouf with curvaceous qualities rather than diving in head first with a curved sofa.

2. Go Bold

Curved furniture already has a statement-making quality about it. Take it one step further with a bold upholstery choice. A boucle or velvet fabric will help your curved furniture make even more of a statement.

3. Don’t Be a Wallflower

With the sculptural quality of curved furniture, you can’t treat these pieces like a regular piece of furniture, pushed against a wall. Whether it’s a curved sofa or accent chair, consider floating it off the wall, more toward the center of the room, so it can be walked around and admired from all sides.

Curved Furniture Design Ideas

Ready to see these tips in action? Scroll down for a ton of curved furniture design inspiration!

white dining room with marble dining table and rounded chairs

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1. Modern Sculptural Dining Room

We love using material as ornament—and this dining room has that in spades. These upholstered dining chairs are curved top-to-bottom and finished in a dreamy earthy-orange velvet. But we didn’t stop with one statement in this space. By pairing these chairs with a marble dining table, you have a statement-on-statement look! This space doesn’t have a lot of ornament or decorative accents—rather, the pieces themselves are the ornament through their material and forms. There’s also a lot of contrast in this space: the balance of warm and cool with the white marble and the orange chairs, the curved lines with the strong lines of the table, and the soft velvet in contrast with the hard stone finish.


dark gray living room with rounded wood coffee table

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2. Comfortable, Classic Accents

If you want an easy, low-risk way to dabble in the trend, try out some slightly curvy side chairs or a curved coffee table. The two pictured above lean more classic in both shape and material, so they’re a less trendy take on curved furniture and won’t feel tired in a few years.

green wallpapered room with pink velvet sofa

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3. Miami Glam Living Room

What do you get when you combine palm-print wallpaper with a curved pink velvet sofa? This incredible tropical boho glam living room. It’s the kind of space that’s made for a modern-day Blanche Devereaux!

white bedroom with rounded nightstand

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4. Soft, Organic Bedroom

A curved nightstand can bring a lot of visual intrigue into a bedroom—especially when paired with a rectangular headboard. The unexpected shape breaks up the angles on the bed and adds contrast to other bedroom furniture, bringing a softer and more organic quality into this restful space.
teal entryway with rounded console table

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5. Curved Entryway Drama

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in an entryway or even a wide hallway, consider incorporating a curved console table, which is a timeless piece that’s full of personality.. The streamlined arc of a curved console is a simple way to add a sculptural quality to an otherwise unremarkable space. It can make a statement on its own—but it can also be paired with bold wall art or tabletop decor without looking over-the-top, thanks to its minimal design.

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6. Ornamented Office Nook

We love that combination of a sculptural shape and bold material. Burl is a beautiful type of wood that’s naturally ornamental. So, a piece of furniture made of burl wood is already going to make a statement. But when it’s crafted into a desk with a rounded, oval-shaped top and chunky half-mood legs—wow. You have yourself a work of art. Be sparing with your accessories, as this piece needs some breathing room and can stand on its own two feet. But if you want to make it pop even more, pair it with a dark, contrasting wall color!

pale beige living room with rounded sofa, coffee table, and stool

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7. A Dose of Understated Glam

What’s better than one piece of curved furniture? A room full of curved pieces! This living room has curves everywhere—from the curved sofa and accent chair to the coffee table and ottoman. Even the side chair that has angular arms has a curved back for balance! The key to pulling off this “curves-on-curves” look is mixing materials. A sleek sofa, mixed with a nubby boucle side chair and ottoman creates visual and textural contrast. The addition of a burl wood coffee table adds a natural element, as well as some ornamentation.

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8. A Lesson in Contrast

Here’s another way to bring a little contrast and drama to a space: pairing hard lines and strong angles with soft, curved shapes. Here, you can see that contrast come to life with a substantial dining table, featuring a strong rectangular shape, paired with curved dining chairs, in a space where even the ceiling is angular. The arrangement is further softened by the caning back and boucle seat of these chairs.

teal wall papered bedroom with rounded velvet accent chair

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9. A Sculptural Statement

Sometimes curved furniture seamlessly fits into a room’s design—other times it pops and really makes a statement! Such is the case with this sculptural armchair in a spicy red velvet, which is ready to make a statement in any room! A piece like this is the perfect marriage of contemporary and glam styles, making the most of both curves and negative space.

light gray room with pink sofa and black accent chairs

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10. Subtle Curves

Looking for a super subtle way to dip your toe into the curved furniture trend? Try out a sofa with curved arms rather than one that’s super blocky and rectangular (a shape that’s been the trend throughout the last decade). We love the modern shape of this sofa, which has a relaxed, lived-in look that feels very approachable. Here, we paired it with some rustic and eclectic design elements, which just shows off the versatility of this furniture trend!

white bedroom bedroom with rounded headboard and white accent chair

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11. Curvy Coastal Chic

Chunky weaves and natural textures add a rustic, unfussy look that’s characteristic of coastal designs. But you’ll often find these natural materials in more geometric shapes. However, this bed is proof that coastal decor can get curvy too! In fact, an arched headboard like this gives a beachy wicker bed a modern facelift, elevating this bedroom with chic, classic lines. This piece could make a statement on it’s own—but we love how it pops and contrasts against the herringbone-inspired wallpaper!
black living room with circular coffee table and white sofa

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12. Reinterpretation of a Classic

In need of a little extra storage? Storage cabinets are a great way to pack in extra storage and organization to any room. But typically these pieces are rectangular. We love the sleek and streamlined form of this cabinet, which reinterprets traditional armoire designs through a fresh lens. While curved furniture is currently a trend, this particular curved and clean-lined piece is a classic and will bring stunning style to your living room, dining room, bedroom, or even entryway for years to come.

Black seating area with rounded chairs and coffee table

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13. A Dramatic, Glam Conversation Area

Want to create a living room or seating area that’s not centered around a television? We love the idea of a quad of matching chairs circled around a coffee table for a non-traditional twist on a gathering space—especially if they’re curved armchairs circled around a cloverleaf coffee table! There’s something about the curves of these pieces that seem so perfect for gathering a circle of friends. We also love how these chairs have cutaways in the back that add to their sculptural quality and makes them even more visually interesting. And, of course, the gold trim on the seats and the brass and marble on the coffee table add a pop of luxury to this conversation area.

white bedroom with canopy bed

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14. Curvy Canopy Bed

This arched canopy bed frame is a major statement—and has very 80s design vibes. The geometric design feels very playful and makes for a very fun twist on a classic canopy bed. You could ground the look with more modern, streamlined pieces—or play up the playfulness with eclectic and colorful furniture and decor!

peacock blue office with rounded desk

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15. High-Drama Home Office

Do you love drama? A dark wall color and plenty of gold accents is a great place to start. But if you really want to amp up the drama, try out an oval, sloping table or some curved accent chairs, like the ones pictured here! These chairs have a stunning, modern shape—but the form is made more inviting by its cozy boucle upholstery. Because who says you can’t have comfort and style in one piece?

gray living room with teal sofa and rounded coffee table

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16. A Seashell Sofa

What’s more fun than a curved sofa? A curved sofa with channel tufting! A feminine design, the combination of the color, bowed shape, and tufting on this sofa have some definite Art Deco influences (and seashell vibes!). With such a statement piece, keep throw pillows to a minimum so as not to distract from the detailing.

white room with black accent wall with rounded side table and chair

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17. A Cozy, Curved Reading Nook

Plush, curved chairs are the perfect seat to use in a reading nook. A curved form and sloped armrests have a cozy, inviting air about them, which is just what you want in a reading chair! We love the idea of this chair in a traditional-style bedroom. The shape of the chair adds a pop of modernity to the space but doesn’t fight with the other more traditional design elements.

pale green living room with rounded white sofa

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18. Glamorous Modern Sitting Room

Sometimes it’s the materials and colors that up the glam factor in a room. Other times it’s the shapes. In the case of this sitting room, it’s both! A curved white sofa on spindly gold legs sets the tone for the space—and a rounded barrel-back chair in a wine upholstery, plus a couple of rounded acrylic tables, turn this space into an elevated, glamorous sitting room that’s fit for a queen!

teal bedroom with pink velvet headboard

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19. 80s-Inspired Bedroom

This bedroom is the ultimate take on a modern 80s look. The curved headboard—a modern take on the traditional shelter-style headboard—sets the tone. But the 80s vibes are driven home with Memphis-inspired wall art and color scheme, along with the arched nightstands and round lamps!

white nursery with rounded wood crib

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20. An On-Trend Nursery

Even nurseries can try out the curved furniture trend! This curved crib is proof that not all cribs have to be rectangular! With its oval shape and curved form, we love the idea of floating this piece into the room rather than pushing it against the wall to really showcase its gorgeous design!

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21. Modern Art Deco Bedroom

We love the concentric arches carved within this curvy headboard. It has some Art Deco vibes, while also playing with some boho influences. The sculptural, tapered bench at the end of the bed beautifully complements the shape of the headboard, while a geometric rug adds visual contrast.

Want to try out the curved furniture trend?

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