At the end of a long day, a soak in the tub, a face mask, or at-home manicure are perfect ways to unwind and pamper yourself. And where do those activities all take place? The bathroom. As a major hub of self-care, we’re big believers that bathrooms shouldn’t simply be functional spaces; we’re of the mindset that they should be as luxurious and spa-like as possible! After all, there’s no reason you have to wait until you’re on vacation or a weekend getaway to really pamper yourself. With a well-designed bathroom, that can be part of your daily routine!

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We’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite pampering bathroom design ideas to elevate your space and transform it from a washroom to an at-home relaxation station. And, when you’re ready to transform your existing bathroom into a luxurious retreat, we’re here to help. With our Renovation Design services, we’ll create immersive 3D designs that help you plan out your space—from reconfiguring the layout to choosing fixtures and finishes.

Here are 10 tips for bathroom design upgrades that will make your bathroom truly feel like a pampering escape.

1. Go Monochromatic

Relaxing, luxurious spas tend to feature a very limited color palette—and that’s because simple, neutral color palettes tend to be incredibly soothing. To make your bathroom super relaxing, stick with a monochromatic neutral color scheme, using grays and light neutrals to create an airy, elevated vibe. And if you do want to add a bit of color, stick with light and soothing shades of blue or green.

2. Use Natural Stone

In a bathroom, the use of natural stone like slate, granite, marble, and limestone can make the space feel very spa-like. And it can be used in so many different places, from the floors, to wall tiles, shelves, and countertops. Not to mention decorative accents! Natural elements are a great way to add some texture and even color to your space in a way that still feels really organic and relaxing.

3. Install a Soaking Tub

We know that not everyone has the space for one—but a freestanding soaking tub is one of the number one ways that you can take your bathroom from functionality to luxury. With the addition of a soaking tub, your bathroom automatically begins to feel like a high-end spa, and they make the experience of soaking in a tub so much more enjoyable. But they are large, so if you want to add one to your space or swap out your current tub, just know that you need the floor space and the proper floor support to ensure you have the necessary space and structure .

4. Opt for Brass Hardware

Swapping out your current hardware for brass is a great way to instantly elevate your bathroom design. Brass is extremely versatile, style-wise, especially with the different types of finishes. Lacquered brass is more shiny and glossy—perfect for modern or glam spaces. Unlacquered brass, which develops a patina over time, is perfect for classic, traditional, and rustic spaces. But both add a classic, luxurious feel to a bathroom design, whether it’s cabinet hardware, mirror frames, or lighting fixtures.

Want something more contemporary? Matte black hardware is another great choice that beautifully complements a spa-like vibe.

5. Layer Your Lighting

In any bathroom—but especially one designed to feel like a spa—it’s important to have layered lighting. So, don’t just use bright ceiling lights! Instead, install a mix of overhead lighting, sconces, and recessed lighting, and make at least some of it dimmable. This allows you to shift the lighting level throughout the day and depending on what you need—like bright lights for applying makeup or doing a manicure or dim, moody lighting for soaking in the tub!

6. Upgrade Your Shower

Nothing says practical in a bathroom quite like a prefabricated shower. If you really want to upgrade your bathroom, install a large, glass-door walk-in shower with a waterfall or rainfall showerhead. Finish the walls in an organic tile or natural stone to further drive home the feeling of it being a luxurious retreat. You’ve now gone from practical to pampered, and your life will never be the same!

And while, with glass doors, you will be eliminating the need for a shower curtain, you still do have one curtain to consider—the one covering your windows. We love a mix of roman shades and a gauzy curtain, which offer both privacy and beautiful light-filtering texture to your space.

7. Add Wooden Accents

luxe bathroom with spa like wood tiling

Wood accents throughout your bathroom is a great way to bring an organic feel to your bathroom. A wooden stool, bathtub caddy, or woven hamper is a great way to bring visual warmth to your space without sacrificing an airy, serene vibe. Another way to add a natural element to your bathroom is with ceramic tiles that are designed to look like wood. Installing these on your floors or walls adds a very high-end spa retreat vibe without sacrificing the durability of your space.

8. Apply Wallpaper

Wallpaper can look very sophisticated and really elevate a luxurious bathroom if the colors and pattern are subtle and timeless. This is a great choice for an accent wall behind your vanity and mirrors or to highlight a unique architectural feature like a wall niche.

9. Incorporate Plants

spa like bathroom with wall planter

An excellent way to up the spa-like factor in your bathroom? Include greenery. But not just a small potted plant or two—make it part of the space with a green wall or built-in planters! This type of natural element will give your space a truly zen feel. Plus, many plants—especially of the tropical variety—will actually thrive in the bathroom if there’s enough natural light, due to high humidity levels. But if you don’t have enough natural light, go faux for the look without the risk of your plants dying!

10. Banish Clutter

tidy spa like bathroom

A spa is never cluttered—and your spa-like bathroom shouldn’t be either. So, keep your floors open and clear of dirty clothing and towels, and make sure your countertops only have the necessities out. For everything else, utilize baskets, canisters, and other organization tools to keep your products accessible and organized but out of sight when not in use.

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