Each year we take some time to reflect back on the design trends of the past year, as well as look ahead and make some predictions about what’s going to be popular in the coming year. Through our online interior design services, we design countless homes every year. This gives us a unique perspective on what’s happening in the world of interior design—from popular design styles to renovation trends and geographical patterns. It’s fun to see what trends emerge each year and to look back on if any of our predictions from the previous year came true!

In order to assess the past year’s trends, we do a deep dive into what our Modsy customers were searching for, liking, and buying for their projects throughout the year. And, to get even more insights on the most and least-popular styles of the year, we also survey thousands of people from our amazing design community. The result? The Modsy Trend Report.

Today, we’re unveiling our 2021 Trend Report. It’s definitely reflective of the strange year we’ve all had—but there were a couple of surprises along the way as well. Keep reading for a recap of some of our most interesting findings of 2020 and what we’re looking forward to most in 2021!

2020 Trends

In 2020, how we used our homes changed dramatically. This year, we saw a rising desire for functionality in our spaces—which makes sense considering how multifunctional our homes have become. Along with that, a penchant for nostalgia and a desire for personalized spaces also rose in prominence.

mid-century dining room with dark accent wall and gallery wall

Mid-Century Isn’t Dead

If you read last year’s trend report, you might remember us predicting that the “Mad Men” take on Mid-Century Modern would fall in popularity. But we’re not too proud to say that we were wrong! While we definitely saw a lot of people gravitating toward a more organic version of Mid-Century, there was still plenty of love for the clean lines and approachability of this style. Mid-Century Modern furniture tends to be highly functional and works well in small spaces. And, with more and more people looking to maximize the footprint of small spaces this year—but wanting their home to still look good—we’re not surprised that this style has continued to grow in popularity.

Modsy 2021 trend report

Traditional Design is on the Rise

In times of uncertainty, people tend to look for more security in their spaces. So, it’s no surprise that traditional design styles have risen in popularity this year. In the past, Traditional has consistently been one of the least popular design styles among Modsy customers. But there was a definite shift this year! The familiarity of Traditional design elements (think: the comfort of your parents’ or grandparents’ homes when you were growing up) have people embracing the Traditional Comfort trend and making their homes feel extra comfy and livable.

eclectic living room with pink velvet sofa and numerous gallery walls

Customers Love Eclectic Spaces

Styles with an eclectic twist also rose in popularity in 2020. With our homes becoming the center of our whole lives, people were looking to inject some personality in their spaces—and eclectic styles are the perfect way to show off your interests and personality. Of course, it probably also helped that the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Our 2021 Trend Predictions

Wondering what next year will hold? Based on our survey data—and a little bit of gut instinct—here are a few trends we’re predicting will get a lot of loving in 2021.

traditional living room with leather club chairs, wood coffee table and white roll-arm sofa

Traditional Comfort

We already mentioned that traditional design styles grew in popularity this year—and we’re predicting that they will only continue to be embraced in the design community and in real people’s homes. Particularly, we believe that Traditional Comfort—with the way it combines the simple lines of transitional design with elegant, timeless, and comfortable pieces—will be the favorite way to bring this design style to life.

grandmillennial style living room with chesterfield velvet sofa and wallpaper


With its mix of Classic, Eclectic, and Traditional design elements, Grandmillenial style has become a favorite way to inject some personality into “granny” design elements like antiques, wallpaper, and ruffles.

bohemian style dining room with natural wood furniture

Light-Toned Woods

We’re predicting that lighter-toned and whitewashed woods will take center stage this coming year. These woods are generally found in Scandinavian-style spaces, which include the ever-popular hygge-inspired look. If you want to embrace this trend and mix lighter-toned woods with the wood finishes you already have at home, check out our guide to mixing wood tones.

modern dining room with sculptural coral-colored dining chairs and marble dining table

80s Revival

The 80s are back—but only the good parts. People are embracing 80s-inspired design elements like sculptural furniture, bold colors, and dramatic statement pieces throughout their homes. What to dip your toe into the 80s revival trend? See how our designers are bringing 80s influences into their designs.

California casual style open living room

Natural Materials

We’ve always been big fans of how natural materials can bring contrast, visual depth, and effortless texture into your space. So, it’s no wonder people are decorating with natural materials as a simple way to give their homes a perfectly layered look.

jewel tone living room with large sectional and basket wall decor

Bold Wall Colors

Bold colored walls are a simple way to bring joy, excitement, and personality to your home. And, in light of the past year, we could all use a little more of that in our homes, couldn’t we? So, if you’re ready to try something other than white walls, we say: the bolder the better.

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    It stood out to me when you said that natural materials can help homes feel layered by incorporating texture and visible depth. My aunt and uncle want to hire a home improvement contractor to help their new townhouse feel more customized and stylized. I’ll share this info to make sure they’re aware of current trends before moving forward with a contractor soon!


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