Flower Power: The Botanical Wallpaper Trend Taking the Design World by Storm

Spring has sprung outside—and it’s also blossoming inside with a fun and bold botanical trend. Floral and botanical wallpaper is having a MOMENT in the interior design world. Biophilic design hit the top trends list in 2021 and continues to go strong, so it makes sense that botanical wallpaper is trending, as it’s a great way to incorporate biophilic elements into your home design and bring the outside in.

Floral and plant prints can help exemplify a variety of design styles—from classic formal and traditional to retro-inspired and contemporary looks. It all depends on the scale, colors, and style of the florals you choose.

While there are endless options out there for floral and botanical wallpaper prints, our designers have picked out their top 10 favorite botanical wallpaper designs. Keep scrolling to see these prints in action!

1. A Bold Vintage Aesthetic

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If you’re looking for a classic and timeless botanical wallpaper design, this is it. The dense design of this wallpaper, with the bird and botanical motif, is filled with details and colors that captivate the eye, infusing the room with energy and delight. Vintage-inspired and artistic, we love how this design acts almost like a piece of large-scale art in this room.

The Wallpaper: Strawberry Thief by Morris & Co.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Modern traditional spaces where you want to make a big visual statement. The design is definitely vintage-inspired, but the somewhat eclectic nature of the pattern gives it a more modern vibe.

2. A Walk in the Garden

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This botanical wallpaper design brings to mind a calming stroll through an English garden, among flowering trees and chirping birds. A delicate pattern, it works well when paired with solid colors. In this space, we pulled the greens from the wallpaper for the paint on the lower half of the walls and trim. The result is a refreshing, welcoming bedroom design.

The Wallpaper: Eugen Oat by Sandberg

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Bedrooms, dining rooms, and home offices, where you want to add a traditional-but-unique design element.

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3. When Life Gives You Lemons

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Want to add a delightfully fresh and spring-like feel to your space? Give this cheerful lemon-print wallpaper a try! This is a great example of a botanical wallpaper that’s not a floral print. After all, botanicals can reference any type of plant, not just flowers! We love that this lemon print has a watercolor quality to it and that it incorporates leaves and branches as well as lemons for a more dynamic pattern.

The Wallpaper: Lemon Tree by Morris & Co.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Breakfast nooks, kitchens, or really any sun-filled space where you want to add a dose of cheer! This light-hearted pattern is perfect for classic and eclectic design styles.

4. Vintage, But Make it Moody

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This wallpaper is a great way to combine two trends: botanical wallpaper and moody spring colors. This ornate vintage-inspired pattern features a high-contrast navy and white palette that has a bold appeal. We love the way it makes this bedroom feel moody and cozy, adding the perfect dose of character and charm to the space.

The Wallpaper: Pure Strawberry Thief by Morris & Co.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Classic and traditional spaces, particularly bedrooms and powder rooms. The flowers and birds in the print create a very classical feel—but when paired with modern forms and natural materials it can also create a delightfully eclectic look!

5. Butterfly in the Sky

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Butterflies are a common addition to botanical motifs. The colorful butterflies take center stage in this pattern, while the delicate flower and leaf patterns, illustrated in gold, take a back seat. The result is a soft and whimsical design. We love that it’s a simple pattern—but with bright pops of color.

The Wallpaper: Papillon by York Wallcoverings via Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Adding a classic and youthful touch to any space. It’s obviously beautiful in this Regency-inspired bedroom—but it would also be a great addition to a kids bedroom or bathroom.

6. Modern Chinoiserie

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This whimsical wallpaper has classical chinoiserie vibes, with the fruit and flowering trees in the design creating a spring and summer feel! We love that this design has a delicate, hand-painted feel to it that makes it feel very custom and high-end.

The Wallpaper: Blossom Chinoiserie Grasscloth Mural by Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Large walls. This is a colorful pattern, but it has a lot of negative space, making it great for larger applications, particularly in a classic formal space.

7. Best Fronds

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Made by Swedish wallpaper designers, this nature-inspired wallpaper features a classic Scandinavian motif with a variety of ferns. This pattern offers another take on botanical wallpaper that we love: leafy greens with ferns galore! The simple color palette keeps it visually clean and approachable, and it’s a perfect way to compliment sage green millwork, like in the bedroom above.

The Wallpaper: Herbal Moss by Borstapeter via Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Classic and traditional-style spaces that have a grounded, earthy aesthetic. It’s a great pattern for a full-room application (vs. just an accent wall) because of the way the pattern is a bit more spaced out, with more white space in the background.

8. Mid-Century Whimsy

mid-century modern style botanical wall paper in home office

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Design a space with retro flair with this whimsical, oversized botanical wallpaper. The combination of the playful botanicals and muted pastels gives this design a very 60s vibe, which is a fun way to give any room an extra dose of personality.

The Wallpaper: Humming Marsh by Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Accent walls in eclectic and boho spaces where you want to add a bold, playful element to the overall design.

9. Traditional Neutrals

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We love the neutral-on-neutral design of this botanical wallpaper. The low-contrast pattern offers a sense of calm, despite the busy pattern. And how cute are those acorns sprinkled in among the oak leaves? This wallpaper pattern has a true nature-inspired vibe that feels warm and welcoming.

The Wallpaper: Pure Acorn by Morris & Co.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Traditional-inspired spaces where you want some added visual interest without it being too “loud.” This neutral-toned pattern strikes the perfect balance, adding visual appeal while keeping things neutral. It’s a great choice for dining rooms and home offices.

10. Underwater Adventures

Aquatic themed botanical wallpaper

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Not all botanical designs are made up of land plants, as this underwater-inspired botanical wallpaper proves. With its deep blue and orange color palette, this bold, high-contrast pattern adds a ton of visual depth to any space it’s in (especially with the blue-on-blue tonality). The goldfish add a fun, quirky touch to this wallpaper design!

The Wallpaper: Ocean Reverie by Anthropologie

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for…

Eclectic and boho spaces. Because of the goldfish motif in this wallpaper design, we love the idea of using it in a bathroom—but it’s also great for a boho bedroom, as you can see in the design above!

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5 Affordable and Timeless Trends You’ll Love

Creating a beautiful and functional space is hard. Making one that will stand the test of time is even trickier, and trying to do it all on a budget can feel next to impossible. But everyone deserves a home they love at a price they can afford. That’s why we asked our designers to select some timeless design trends that you can do yourself without breaking the bank.

Read on to learn how to create a timeless, chic, and AFFORDABLE look in your home!

Invest in Plants

Photo Credit: Jess Isaac on All Sorts Of

We’re kicking things off with perhaps the most evergreen timeless trend: plants! Think about it, plant life is the ultimate in timeless interior design and will never go out of style. After all, plants (whether living or faux) are affordable, textural, and shapely, adding drama and bringing life to your space. They’re also versatile and can transition from one interior design style to the next, making them an asset if you decide to change your decor to a new style but don’t want to start decorating from scratch.

Timeless tips for plants

Adding potted plants to surfaces such as bookshelves, mantles, or end tables is a great way to add a cozy and colorful accent to your space. You can also add larger plants to the corners of your room to soften the space, filling in any unwanted negative space in the room. To ensure that your plants blend seamlessly into the rest of your design, use plant holders that echo the rest of your decor. For example, woven baskets will look good in a boho-style room and neutral-colored concrete planters will work great in a minimalist space.

Need some plant care tips? Read our comprehensive guide!

Update Your Hardware

Photo credit: Bailey Alexander on Unsplash

Updating the hardware on your cabinetry is one of the easiest ways to bring new life, and a significant style impact, to your space. You can watch your room transform from trendy to classic in the time it takes to swap out some handles and nobs in your kitchen, making this timeless trend extremely easy and affordable.

Timeless tips for hardware

To ensure your land on a classic look that will stand the test of time, we suggest avoiding hardware too specific to a particular style. Instead, opt for hardware made from traditional materials. Brass, bronze, copper, or even glass are all great options to choose from. And selecting hardware with clean lines and simple design will ensure a classic, timeless interior design vibe in your space.



Embrace Calming Spaces

Photo credit: Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels

One timeless trend we love is calming spaces. We love it so much that we’ve written about everything from the ancient design practice of Feng Sui to the calming effects of blue rooms. We know that having a relaxing and soothing space to retreat to is a necessity everyone deserves and so will never go out of style. Calming spaces tend to lean more minimal and curated, which can be more affordable because you’ll need to buy less to create a calming look.

Timeless tips for calming spaces

To create a calming and classic look in your space, stick to a neutral color palette and use patterns sparingly. We suggest a well-organized layout for a more minimal yet cozy look. Use storage to arrange your keepsakes and leave the space feeling more open and calming.

Play with Traditional Textures and Patterns

Photo credit: Ramshackle Glam

Traditional textures and patterns like Turkish rugs, linen pillows, or jute baskets have the appearance of curated heirlooms. Incorporating them into even the most modern space can add a timeless, eye-catching quality, making the room more inviting.

Timeless tips for textures and patterns

Adding timeless textures and patterns may be more accessible (and affordable) than you think and can be achieved in a few easy steps:

  1. Decide which traditional patterns complement your style best, like pinstripes, plaid, or subtle floral in neutral colors.
  2. Select pillows, throws, and room accessories made of traditional materials in the patterns you like.
  3. Swap them with any trendier items you own.

Voila, you’ve just added a timeless and classic appeal to your space!

Invest in Vintage and Antique Home Goods

Photo credit: Charlotte May on Pexels

Like traditional materials, adding a few thoughtfully chosen vintage or antique items to your space can make it feel curated and classic. Plus, vintage furniture and decor can often be found cheaper in secondhand shops, thrift stores, antique malls, and flea markets, making it a more affordable option for furnishing your home. Finally, used items are an excellent choice for more sustainable interior design.

Timeless tips for vintage and antique Home Goods

We often work with customers who want to incorporate a vintage item into their design. We could go into detail about designing with antiques. But creating a totally timeless look using vintage and antique pieces in your home isn’t as hard as you may think. One option is to mix more ornate items, like a Victorian side chair, with more clean-lined modern foundational furniture. You can also try matching the materials of your antiques with any new decor to ensure a cohesive feeling between design styles.

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How to Create a Delightfully Eclectic Boho Patio Design

It’s just as important to think about your design style when designing an outdoor patio, porch, or deck as it is when designing an indoor space. After all, as an extension of your home, you want it to reflect your personal style.

But outdoor spaces also allow you to be a bit more adventurous in your design choices than in other parts of your home, since these tend to be totally separate spaces. One particular design style that’s quite popular for outdoor spaces is boho design.

What is Boho design?

Boho design is an eclectic, global-inspired style that consists of colorful patterns and layered materials. You’ll find an artful, eclectic mix of textiles and furniture styles, with an emphasis on natural materials. Overall, this is a casual style that prioritizes comfort and personal expression. This casual approachability lends itself well to outdoor spaces—which is why we love this style for boho patio designs.

If you want to design a boho patio, read on! We’ve rounded up some of our designers’ favorite boho patio furniture and decor, along with tips on what to look for when designing a boho patio space.

The Essentials: Boho Patio Furniture

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When designing a boho patio, you’ll want to consider how you want to use the space. Are you looking for a conversation area? An outdoor dining space? Or perhaps a mix of the two? The purpose of the space will help guide your furniture choices.

In general, for a conversation area, you’ll want an outdoor sofa, chairs or benches, a coffee table for the center of your space, as well as some side tables for people to set their drinks. For a dining area, you’ll want a dining table large enough for the groups you’d like to host, along with comfortable chairs.

But what styles and materials are best for boho patio furniture? Since boho design leans into natural materials and textures, that’s a big focus on boho patio furniture. Rattan and natural wood are the most popular choices for materials, along with other woven natural materials. But we also love the addition of concrete pieces for a modern industrial spin on boho design.


Rattan Furniture

Rattan is about as boho as you can get when it comes to furniture. This natural material is a great choice for boho patio furniture like seating (both sofas and chairs), as well as accent furniture like side tables. However, it’s worth considering how exposed to the elements your furniture will be, since this material can fade in the sunlight and isn’t highly moisture-resistant.

If you love the look of rattan, specifically wicker rattan, but want something more durable, opt for wicker furniture made out of a synthetic resin, which will be more weather-friendly.

Natural Wood Furniture

Wood is a great addition to boho patio furniture. It has a natural feel that beautifully compliments rattan and other natural materials. Opt for wood furniture that has a global-inspired or eclectic vibe.

Woven Textile Furniture

Boho patio chair

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Layer in even more textures with additional woven furniture. Hammocks and hanging chairs have a casual air which helps drive home a boho vibe on your patio or porch.

Concrete Furniture

Concrete is a great material for coffee and accent tables or fire pits. Concrete beautifully compliments and accents the abundant natural materials in a boho patio design, while offering a modern industrial spin.


The Nice-to-Haves: Boho Patio Textures and Textiles

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Since a key tenet of boho design is layers of textures, patterns, and colors, then plenty of textiles is an absolute must. This will also make your boho patio design feel much more cozy, comfortable, and inviting.

Pillows and Throws

Throw pillows, oversized floor pillows, and blankets are excellent ways to add pops of color and textural layering to your boho patio. Look for textiles with global-inspired patterns and decorative accents like tassels and pom-poms, which have a very boho vibe.

Outdoor Rugs

Want to make your boho patio a bit more comfortable and welcoming? Layer an indoor-outdoor rug under your outdoor seating or dining area. Natural-fiber rugs made of jute, seagrass, and sisal rugs are great options for a boho vibe. But you could also opt for something with more color and pattern, like a Moroccan-inspired design or something with fringed edges!


Poufs are a great small furniture piece that’s great for extra seating or use as a footrest! They’re easy to move around and also very kid and pet friendly. Opt for materials like jute, seagrass, cotton, or leather for a chis boho patio style. Simple styles with textural weaves are a great choice, but we also love global-inspired designs like shibori.

The Finishing Touches: Boho Patio Decor

Boho patio with accessories

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Once you have your furniture and textiles in place, you can add some finishing touches with extra decor! By adding plants and flowers, baskets, trays, and screens, you can add additional texture, color, and organization to your outdoor space!

Baskets and Trays

For any room, indoor or outdoor, baskets and trays are a great way to add stylish organization to your space. And for a boho patio in particular, this is a great way to drive home the boho style of your outdoor space. Incorporating baskets, bowls, and trays made of natural materials give you a place to corral blankets, magazines, drinks, and more!

Plants and Flowers

Is any patio complete without some greenery? For a boho patio, incorporate large, leafy tropical plants and flowers, as well as some tabletop accent plants. Succulents are a great choice for a boho patio. Worried about your plants getting too much sunlight—or not enough? You can always opt for faux plants for all the look without any maintenance!

Artistic Woven Textiles

Boho patio with screen

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Incorporating some woven textiles into your boho patio’s decor is a great way to add a bit more texture and boho style to your porch. We like to do this with macrame hangings and plant holders, outdoor curtains (which offer privacy and a romantic vibe), and even woven pendants if you have a set-up for an overhead light.

Folding Screens

The use of folding screens on your boho patio or porch is a great way to add texture and an element of privacy to your space. Opt for screens made of carved wood, rattan, or caning to help drive home a boho vibe.


You can’t have a good patio space without some lighting to help set the mood after the sun goes down! A mix of lanterns, string lights, and candles is the perfect way to add some cozy boho ambiance to your outdoor space.

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8 Unexpected Black and Gold Bedroom Designs

Trend alert! Black and gold, as a color combo, is having a major moment in interior design. There’s something vintage-inspired and glamorous about this color combination—harkening back to the original Art Deco era and later reemerging in 1980s decor. Since both of these retro styles are making a comeback, it’s no wonder that the popularity of black and gold is right on its heels.

While you can use this color combination in any room of your home, one place we particularly love to see it is in bedrooms. With the moodiness of black and decadence of gold, together they can transform any bedroom into a luxurious getaway. The glam design ideas just start pouring in!

But there’s not just one way to style these colors—and it’s not all vintage glam. In fact, there are variations of this color combo that are anything from rustic and traditional to ultra-modern and eclectic. Want to see some of our favorite ways to style a black and gold bedroom? We designed 8 bedrooms with black and gold themes to show you how to nail this color combo.

1. Modern Glam

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Let’s start with something expected—black and gold in a glamorous space, punctuated with animal print decor. Since black and gold are staple colors in glam design, this is the look that is easy to pull together. Paired with no other color but white, this high-contrast color palette gives a bedroom a sense of luxury. And by opting for clean-lined furniture, like we did in the room above, the space feels modern rather than “Old Hollywood.” To make this glam color palette really sing, use gold decorations with metallic finishes (rather than matte) to add extra glitz and shine! And there you have it: a modern glam retreat.

2. Rustic Sophistication

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The combination of mustard yellow and weathered iron result in a sophisticated look that’s a twist on a black and gold theme. It’s perfect for traditional and rustic spaces, since mustard yellow adds an earthy, grounded feel to a space. The use of wrought iron bedroom furniture—like the bed pictured above—beautifully contrasts with the yellow tones. Weathered wood is a nice compliment to mustard and iron, helping drive home a rustic style.

3. 80s Mod

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A classic twist on black and gold, swapping out gold for tan creates a bedroom with gentle contrast and warmth—offering a more timeless and approachable look. The black touches in this neutral space add bursts of contrast, while the golden tan accents add a soothing and serene feel. Curved furniture, when paired with a black and tan palette, gives a mod 80s vibe to this space. (Not the 80s glam you might expect from a black and gold bedroom!)

4. Classical with an Edge

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Now here’s a fun black and gold bedroom. This space definitely has a classic glam feel—but it’s not straightforward glam. Instead, it mixes in different styles (classic, modern, and traditional, to name a few), making it feel eclectic and lively. As a wall color, the black makes a major statement, giving this design some moody edge. But opting for a cheerful yellow rather than shiny gold bedroom accessories and decor makes this space feel more approachable. (But still very classic and sophisticated.)


5. Industrial, But Make it Modern

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This take on a black and gold bedroom leads with natural materials, modern shapes, and industrial finishes. Using neutrals as a base for the room’s design, black and gold (and some shades of dark gray) are then layered in as accents. A dimensional look is created by using black and gold as moments of contrast to the neutrals and natural materials in this industrial modern space. And it’s not just the chair that’s golden-yellow. There is also gold in the rug and wallpaper design!

6. Earthy Comfort

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Green offers a perfect compliment to a black and gold color palette. And the addition of this color creates a more rustic, comfortable vibe, since green helps break up the austerity of a black and gold palette. This rustic transitional bedroom is cozy and homey, with earthy tones of deep yellow-gold, weathered black, and earthy green. For this take on a black and gold bedroom, use a more golden tone of yellow with sage or dark green so that it feels earthy and not too high-contrast.

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7. Très Chic

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An super chic way to bring a black and gold color palette to life? Make it secondary to the main color palette. White and pink (or light blue) are perfect ways to set the tone for a modern, elegant bedroom—with black and gold simply being accent colors. By using pink and white as the foundation of a glam black and gold bedroom, you get a softer, more feminine space. In this room, the use of black in the patterned wallpaper adds just enough contrast and texture to make this space pop—the perfect backdrop for a pink chanel-tufted bed. The gold comes in through both brass and gold bedroom accessories. The furniture and decor shapes, along with the spotted wallpaper and faux fur accents drive home a decidedly opulent—but super sweet—glam bedroom design.

8. Rustic Industrial

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Industrial style uses a lot of black in raw materials, like metal furniture and accents. And it just so happens that a rusic hide rug is the perfect compliment to industrial metals—while also being a subtle way to incorporate some gold into your bedroom. Golden-tan cowhide offers a more natural take on gold that feels down-to-earth. And it’s perfect proof that you can use natural materials to incorporate this color palette into your space!

What’s your favorite take on a black and gold color palette? Are you all about embracing the glamorous nature of this combo? Or do you like a more down-to-earth and rustic approach? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

And if you’re looking for more bedroom design ideas, check out our blog post on the best bedroom paint colors! Not sold on a black and gold color palette? Read our post on how to choose a color palette to find your perfect match!

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How to Create A Vintage Inspired Design with Furniture and Decor

In the last couple of years, vintage and antique furniture and decor have gone from stuffy and outdated to highly coveted and trendy. People are turning to vintage pieces and antiques to infuse their homes with more charm, character, and personality. And many people also love how pieces from decades past offer a more sustainable alternative to buying brand new furniture. These are two of the big reasons why our team loves vintage and antique furniture!

However, depending on where you live and how much time you have to scour for the perfect piece, it can be challenging to source vintage pieces that you really love. After all, ideally, a good vintage or antique item is in good condition (no refinishing required!) while also working with the overall design of your home.

The great news is, there are ways to create a vintage-inspired look without spending months searching for the perfect vintage piece or refinishing something that’s past its glory days. And we’re here to help you find the right vintage interior design style for your home!

80s inspired living room design, photo credit House of Hipsters

Photo credit: House of Hipsters

What’s the difference between vintage and antique furniture?

While some people use the terms “vintage” and “antique” interchangeably, they actually refer to different eras. An antique is generally defined as furniture or decor that’s 100 years old or older. Items are generally considered by antique dealers to be vintage if they’re at least 40 years old. (So, basically things from the 70s and earlier.) However, many people use vintage more liberally to refer to items more than 20 years old—which would encompass items and styles from the 80s and 90s as well. However, while vintage and antique items encompass different eras, they’re both all about adding storied, personality-packed furniture and objects into your home.

Vintage-Inspired Interior Design Styles

There are a number of ways to bring vintage interior design vibes into your home’s design and decor. One way is simply by incorporating antique furniture into modern spaces. This is a great approach for those who have one or two pieces of inherited antique or vintage furniture and want to make use of the pieces without totally reinventing the style of their home.

However, you can also take a more comprehensive approach, incorporating vintage-inspired details in both large furniture and small decorative pieces, creating an overall vintage-inspired vibe in your home. We love this idea for those who want to “go big” with vintage-inspired design. But to pull this off, you first need to figure out what vintage interior design style best suits your home, personal style, and lifestyle needs.

How to Choose the Right Vintage Era for Your Style

There are a number of design styles and trends that naturally lend themselves to a vintage-inspired look.

  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Art Deco
  • 80s Glam
  • New Traditional
  • Bohemian

Each of these design styles have totally different types of vintage vibes—which will impact the overall look of your space. Keep reading for some insights on each of these styles to help figure out which one might be best for you!

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How to Create a Vintage-Inspired Look in Your Own Home

Other than literal vintage and antique furniture, there are a lot of different ways to incorporate vintage-inspired details into your home. In fact, even colors, textures, and finishes can help drive home a vintage vibe! Specific textiles and furniture shapes will further drive home your specific vintage interior design style. Read on to learn more about 5 vintage-inspired design styles, how to bring those vintage vibes into your home, and how to choose which one is right for you!

Mid-Century Modern

Photo credit: Mid-century Modern Interior

Mid-Century Modern design is a style that emerged in the post-war era that was all about relaxing and lounging—in contrast to the more formal styles of previous decades. It’s also a more playful style—featuring bright colors, organic shapes, and slightly whimsical furniture designs. Intrigued? Learn more about the history of Mid-Century design on our podcast!

While mid-century designs went out of vogue in the 80s, the clean lines and approachability of the designs helped it rise back up in popularity, and it remains a highly sought-after design style today.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some Mid-Century modern retro style to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Primary colors, abstract geometric patterns
  • Furniture: Tapered legs, clean lines, sleek angles, minimal ‘fluff’
  • Textiles: Leather, tweed, wool
  • Finishes: Sleek wood like walnut or teak, with brass accents
  • Decor: Funky pieces, bright colors, functional design

mid-century modern styler breakfast-nook

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Mid-Century Modern is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • A style that feels approachable and still relevant
  • A more modern and trendy look
  • Decorating with primary colors
  • Clean lines and simple, organic forms

Art Deco

Photo Credit: Burg Island Hotel

Art Deco design first hit the architecture and design worlds in the early 1900s—and it soared to the top of the trend charts in the 1920s. Known for its use of geometric patterns and luxurious materials, this style carries with it a sense of opulence.  Art Deco design has risen and fallen in popularity over the past 100 years—but it had a major resurgence in the 1980s, influencing the 80s Glam look. (More on that next!)

While a full room designed in Art Deco style might feel over-the-top and impractical, there are so many ways to bring moments of Art Deco design into modern spaces. In fact, here are 15 ways our designers are designing with Art Deco influences today.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some Art Deco vibes to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Bold jewel tones, animal prints, high-contrast color palettes
  • Furniture: Geometric forms, dramatic silhouettes
  • Textiles: Velvet, silk, furs
  • Finishes: Lacquer, painted surfaces, dark wood
  • Decor: Flowers, luxe vases, sculptural objects

Art deci inspired dining room in deep moody blues and greens

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Art Deco is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • A glamorous, old-world style
  • Metallic finishes—especially gold
  • Your space to feel more formal
  • Repeating patterns and geometric forms
  • Your home to have a feeling of luxury and opulence

80s Glam

Photo credit: Fresca.Living

80s interior design had a penchant for being bold and over the top. It was the decade of the Memphis Design Movement, an obsession with palm leaf prints (hello, Golden Girls!), and a resurgence of Art Deco style. And it’s this Art Deco-inspired 80s glam that’s a perfect way to bring those vintage vibes into your home today. Not as serious and formal as traditional Art Deco, this 80s glam style is all about shiny gold metallic accents and bold pops of color. It’s a fun and over-the-top look that has an almost campy glitzy-ness to it. With that in mind, furniture is designed with bold, curvaceous forms and finished in luxurious materials.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some 80s glam moments to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Pastels, bold colors punctuating a neutral palette, or a high-contrast black and white palette
  • Furniture: Lucite, marble, curved silhouettes, blocky pieces
  • Textiles: Suede, velvet
  • Finishes: High-gloss lacquer, marble, glass, shiny gold
  • Decor: Sculptural decor, funky pieces

80s inspired minimalist dining room with blush colored velvet chairs

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80s Glam is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • Glamorous styles
  • Youthful, trendy vibes
  • Bold-yet-streamlined forms
  • The use of pastels and/or bold colors

New Traditional

Photo credit: Unsplash

Both Classic Formal and Traditional interior design styles are deeply rooted in history. Classical interior design draws inspiration from 18th and 19th century England and France. These European influences involve ornate detailing (think: Chippendale furniture) and pieces that are more about looks than comfort. This is a refined, formal style.

Traditional style draws more on Americana-inspired interior design—from Colonial Revival to Shaker and Mission furniture styles. But in traditional interior design, you’ll also find some less-ornate European-inspired furniture styles, like Queen Anne and Victorian. Overall, traditional style is more streamlined, practical, and comfortable than classical interior design. It’s all about livability.

Regardless of if you like a more classic formal style or Americana traditional, the thru-line of these styles and how they’re brought to life today is that they all take pre-20th century design references and approach them in a more relatable way. Often, this means infusing some cheekiness into design choices to personalize the look. Some more nuanced ways this style can come to life is in Shabby Chic decor, French Country style, Cottagecore, Grandmillenial and Modern Manor style.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some traditional inspiration to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Warm neutrals, punctuated with blues, greens, and/or pinks
  • Furniture: Roll-arm seating, tufted pieces, scalloped edges
  • Textiles: wicker, velvet, silk, refined wool, linen
  • Finishes: brass, gilded metallics, fabric wall coverings, busy patterns, wainscotting and crown molding
  • Decor: Tchotchkes, items with florals and ruffles, patterned wallpaper

colonial reviaval style living room with ornate wallpaper and velvet rolled arm sofa

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New Traditional is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • Traditional Americana style with true antique vibes
  • Cottagecore and/or Grandmillenial vibes
  • Soft color palettes
  • Intricate details on furniture
  • Botanical patterns


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Bohemian interior design is colorful and eclectic, with a definite global flair. (It’s that global flair that helps bring in the vintage vibes to this style!) Boho spaces tend to include an eclectic assortment of collected objects, as well as a fun mix of patterns and colors. Plus, plenty of natural materials! A casual and carefree style, it also has a relaxed approach to styling.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some eclectic boho vibes to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Whites, tans, vibrant jewel tones, saturated earth tones
  • Furniture: Eclectic/global feel (with a boho space, it’s not as much about the shape but about layering pieces to create a unique look)
  • Textiles: Woven patchwork, fringed items, embroidered fabric
  • Finishes: Gold, silver, and brass; natural materials, grasscloth, jute, rattan
  • Decor: Wicker and rattan items, unique vintage/flea market finds, whimsical items

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Boho is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • Retro styles, like a 60s or 70s Revival look
  • To decorate with natural materials and textures
  • A global-inspired look full of collected decor
  • Casually layering textiles and patterns to create an eclectic look
  • Decorating with lots of plants and greenery
  • A more casual vibe

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of finding the right vintage-inspired furniture and decor for your home? You don’t have to go it alone! Our Modsy designers know all the best brands and products to help you bring a vintage-inspired space to life.

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Wallpaper Designs and Styles We’re Loving Right Now

Wallpaper is no longer a design choice you only see in old, outdated homes. In the past several years, wallpaper has become a go-to way to bring pops of color and pattern into your home. And over the past year, it has jumped to the top of the interior design trend charts.

It’s becoming commonplace to use wallpaper in home design—to the point that it’s almost more surprising to see a newly designed home without wallpaper than it is to see one with wallpaper. Of course, wallpaper isn’t for everyone. But we believe that it can add such a fun visual element to a room design!

Bedroom with ornate bird themed wallpaper

While many people may think of their grandmother’s home or a Victorian mansion when they think of wallpaper, current designs go far beyond the stuffy patterns of decades past. Today, you can find a wallpaper pattern to suit any style. Yes, there is still plenty of traditional floral, damask, and Chinoiserie patterns to be found (but in beautiful, updated designs—like the lovely wallpaper used by Kate Arends in her primary bedroom redesign). But there is also a multitude of bold geometric patterns that are perfect for modern spaces.

We’d love to introduce you to some of our favorite wallpaper designs. Featuring a variety of designs that suit a multitude of design styles, these trendy wallpaper patterns can level-up any room’s design. Scroll down for our top 12 favorite wallpaper designs, which play into some of 2022’s best wallpaper trends!

But first, we’ll give you a quick primer on the different types of wallpapers so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Types of Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

Crate and barrel black and white plaid pattern wall paper

Black and Ivory Removable Wallpaper, Crate & Barrel

Gone are the days of being limited to semi-permanent, pasted-on wallpaper applications. While that’s definitely still an option for those looking for a long-term design, there are also plenty of more temporary (and affordable) options available.

Unpasted Rolls

This is the most traditional method of wallpaper application. It involves starting with rolls of wallpaper and literally pasting sheets to your wall. This obviously results in a more permanent wall fixture, since you can’t remove it without a lot of elbow grease and glue-dissolving solution. The benefit of this method, however, is that it’s very durable meaning it rarely requires touch-ups. Plus, many traditional wallpaper rolls are washable to keep them looking great long-term!

Pre-Pasted Rolls

Pre-pasted wallpaper is sort of an in-between option that’s easier (and less messy) than unpasted rolls, but still more permanent than peel-and-stick wallpaper. This type of wallpaper comes with dried glue already applied to the back of the wallpaper that’s activated by adding water.

Self-Adhesive (Or Peel & Stick)

If you’re looking for wallpaper that’s more temporary, try peel and stick wallpaper. This is a newer technology with wallpaper which makes it easier to put up and take down, without leaving dried glue behind. This is ideal for those living in rentals or looking for a temporary design solution. However, peel-and-stick wallpaper rolls tend to be less durable—but ultimately the quality varies with the price point.


1. Feather by Serena & Lily


Blue and white chevron pattern wallpaper in coastal bedroom

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Serena & Lily has some beautiful wallpaper designs. And we particularly love this graphic print! The pattern is inspired by traditional herringbone and chevron patterns but has a more organic spin.

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Coastal spaces. It has a slightly playful quality to it, which can help balance out the more formal elements of this design style. And the blue and white color palette perfectly complements the classic color scheme of coastal spaces, offering the perfect backdrop to natural materials.

2. Urban Walls Marigold Wallpaper by Pottery Barn Kids

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Soft and whimsical, this floral wallpaper adds a delicate touch to any space. Featuring an abstract, watercolor-inspired take on the floral wallpaper design trend, this pattern is soothing and serene—perfect for an accent wall or above wainscotting, like in the room above!

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Kids rooms and nurseries. A whimsical look is perfect for little ones! But it would also be beautiful in a bathroom or as an accent wall in an adult’s bedroom. This beautiful print is not just for kids!

3. Humming Marsh Wallpaper, Anthropologie

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This wallpaper pattern has some major retro vibes! Perfect for adding a cheerful pop of color and pattern to your space, this wallpaper print takes biophilic design and gives it a whimsical twist! It’s a fun and versatile print that can be used on anything from accent walls to little nooks where you just want a little pop of personality!

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those who gravitate toward a more bohemian, eclectic, or whimsical design style. It’s also a good fit for those who love retro mid-century vibes.

4. Grasscloth Wallcovering, Serena & Lily

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Want something more than paint on your walls but aren’t quite ready for full-on patterned wallpaper? Perhaps it’s worth trying grasscloth wallpaper! This style of wallpaper is crafted of natural grasses and fibers, which gives it a textured finish. But it comes in a solid color—giving your walls a lot of visual interest but without a pattern. Grasscloth wallcoverings are among the top wallpaper trends for more formal spaces.

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those who gravitate toward classic and coastal design styles. The texture of grasscloth feels elevated, with its rich color and natural texture. But it also has an organic quality that adds warmth to your space.

5. Mosaic Scallop, Crate & Barrel

Living room with black and white deco style wall paper

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We love the elegance of these scalloped arches. This wallpaper design is a classic pattern in an even more classic black and white color scheme, the design is a great way to bring some large-scale drama into your space. We love that this pattern feels both vintage-inspired and modern, which makes it work well with a variety of styles and color palettes.

Type of Wallpaper: Self-Adhesive Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Fans of Art Deco design (just look at those scalloped arches!) and those who want to bring to life a modern take on 80s design. The arches, combined with a black and white palette are also a great way to bring some pattern into a minimalist glam space.

6. Blossom Chinoiserie Mural, Anthropologie

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Chinoiserie patterns have been around for centuries; inspired by Chinese and Japanese art, this type of wallpaper design first came into fashion in 18th century Europe. It’s probably because of that timing that this wallpaper style is often associated with grand European manors—but we love that this particular take on Chinoiserie feels updated and fresh while still having classical appeal. It feels like one giant piece of artwork!

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Panels

This pattern is perfect for…

Those with a classically inspired design style, and those who embrace the grandmillenial look. And, since Chinoiserie often features stylized flower and bird motifs, this pattern is a great choice for those leaning into the biophilic design trend that’s super popular right now.

7. Handloom, Magnolia Home

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Want just a little bit of pattern on your walls? Go for this Magnolia Home wallpaper. It’s the type of wallpaper where you can use it on all four walls (instead of just an accent wall) and you could also still hang art over it. It’s a great way to add patterns to your space without creating too much visual stimulus!

Type of Wallpaper: Pre-Pasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Almost anyone! It’s very versatile across styles—from rustic and transitional to farmhouse and traditional. It’s also great for minimalists and those with a more classic design style since it’s such a subtle, refined print.

8. Cloud Motif, West Elm

Bedroom with bold cloud inspired wallpaper in turqouise

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If you want a pattern that’s a bit more abstract, give this Cloud Motif wallpaper a try. Bold blues are having a major moment in interior design trends, and this pattern plays right into that. Bold blues add loads of color for visual impact in your space—but the abstract print makes a bold statement without being overwhelming. In fact, the pattern has an almost calming effect.

Type of Wallpaper: Pre-Pasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those who like creating a moody look in their home. This pattern has some slightly vintage vibes, which you could either lean into use as contrast with modern pieces, like we did in the room design above. This wallpaper would also be great for someone embracing a dark academia vibe.

9. Herbal Moss, Anthropologie

Changing station with nature inspired wallpaper

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What a charming design! This wallpaper design features a charming collection of ferns and herbs. The design adds vintage charm and an organic feeling touch to any space. We love how it’s used in the design above, as a little pop of pattern in a closet-turned-changing-station.

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Kids rooms and nurseries. With its whimsical quality, this wallpaper design would add instant charm to these spaces. However, it also nails the biophilic design trend, so it would be great as an accent wall in any space embracing that trend! It would be perfect in a traditionally inspired study or library.

10. Palmetto, Serena & Lily

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A bold take on a traditional pattern, Serena & Lily’s Palmetto pattern is an updated take on a classic damask pattern. The organic lines of the pattern feel almost hand-painted, while the colors help strike a balance between classical and bohemian.

Type of Wallpaper: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those looking to merge modern and traditional design styles. This wallpaper design is the perfect marriage of these two styles and would serve as a beautiful accent wall in a living or dining room.

11. Etched Arcadia Mural, Anthropologie

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We love the graphic black and white appeal of this wall mural. The towering trees and vast sky featuring on the design has a classic, vintage-inspired vibe. This mural would look beautiful as a focal point behind furniture in contrasting colors.

What’s the difference between wallpaper and wall murals?

While most wallpaper features repeating patterns, wall murals are a little different. With a wall mural, you just get one image, on a large scale. Often featuring nature-inspired or landscape designs, they feature a large-scale design that can transport you. Wall murals perfectly blur the lines between large-scale art and a wallpapered accent wall. These can come in unpasted, pre-pasted, or peel-and-stick panels.

Type of Wallpaper: Self-Adhesive Panels

This pattern is perfect for…

Someone looking for a bold accent wall that can serve as a focal point for their space. Moody but classical, this wall mural would suit homes with minimalistic eclectic design styles.

12. Pimpernel by William Morris

Nursery with William Morris wallpaper

Archival patterns are having a major trend moment in 2022, and this wallpaper pattern is the perfect embodiment of this wallpaper trend. A favorite of our VP of Style, Alessandra Wood, who used it in her baby’s nursery design, this wallpaper is a traditional pattern by William Morris—a designer of classic wallpaper motifs. This one features floral trellises with strong symmetry. We’re big fans of floral prints and patterns; they can add so much visual interest and pattern without overpowering a space.

Wallpaper Type: Unpasted Rolls

This pattern is perfect for…

Those who love a vintage vibe, rooted in the traditional. Floral patterns like these are perfect for a cottagecore-style home. And, as you can see, it’s a sweet, unexpected pattern for a nursery!

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Neutral Living Room Design Ideas

Is there anything more calming than a neutral living room? Perhaps. But there’s no denying the endless possibilities when you go with neutral furniture and accents in a living room.

For starters, it’s easy to find tons of inspiration for neutral living room ideas—from minimalist rooms with all-white decor to modern spaces decorated in all shades of gray. Even so, finding the right mix of furnishings and getting the look right for your neutral living room can often still feel challenging, if not incredibly daunting. That’s because neutral spaces are all about the details—the natural materials and varying textures, the neutral paint colors and nuanced tones, the contrast in hard lines and soft curves. Plus, you want to make sure all these neutral elements are in line with your personal aesthetic and lifestyle needs.

For some (neutral) guidance, here are our favorite neutral living room ideas to help you design your own cool and calming space.

Combine Varying Textures

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When you’re designing a neutral living room, you want to make sure there’s a good mix of textures. That means adding different pillows, rugs, poufs, and even artwork that give your room a bit of depth and extra softness. Just remember to stick to a neutral palette when choosing your accents.

If you’re after a white living room, a mix of textures is especially key. Think a white faux fur pillow with a fringe trim, a tightly woven patterned rug in black and white, or a smooth polished marble table. For more ideas, check out our guide to decorating with white and our tips on should you get a white sofa.

Mix Wood Tones

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Introducing wood furniture and decor is a great way to add texture and varying tones to a neutral living room.

Consider a mix of wood tones and finishes. A polished light wood with visible graining on a coffee table or side stool can bring a natural look and a sense of warmth to seating areas. Meanwhile, a darker stained wood, like walnut or mahogany, will give off a more formal feeling, which makes them perfect for dining chairs and cabinets in open living spaces.

If your neutral living room is starting to feel like a wash of whites, grays, and everything in between, a few wood pieces in light and dark tones is a great way to break up the monotonous palette.

Energize With Pattern

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If you think a neutral living room means zero patterns, you’ll be happy to know that it’s just the opposite. Patterns bring contrast and visual interest to spaces, so they’re all the more important in a neutral living room.

There are two easy approaches. You can add patterns made with natural materials, like a geometric natural-fiber rug and baskets with woven details, or you can keep to soft patterned accents in a neutral palette, like a black-and-white pillow, a striped gray throw blanket, or monochrome art. Or you can combine all of those elements into your neutral living room, as in this space. All to say, patterns will bring your neutral living room to life and allow you to show of your personality.


Embrace Architectural Elements

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The great thing about neutral palettes is that they allow you to play up architectural elements in a space, instead of competing with them. These can include architectural features, like exposed wood beams, a white brick fireplace, or pretty molding.

If you’re working with a neutral living room that has a bold fireplace, as in this space, you can look to its colors and materials for inspiration for the rest of your furnishings. For instance, the white brick provides the perfect jumping-off point for the grey-white sofa and ceramic items on the self, while the wood shelf is balanced with the lighter tones of the coffee table and cabinet.

Another trick that always works in a neutral living room? A symmetrical layout, which are a great option for spaces like this one that have a fireplace in the middle of the main wall.

Create Depth With Contrast

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Contrast is key in neutral living rooms. They can always benefit from pops of darker tone neutrals, like deep grays and black, which bring a warmer feeling to the space.

If you’re not sure where to start, try anchoring your neutral living room with a large white furniture piece, then add darker monochrome accents around it. Look to small textured pieces, like a black ceramic vase or a soft gray pillow. Not only will they create contrast, but they’ll also add depth through their different textures. Also consider various shades of brown, which makes for a richer, natural touch of color in a neutral living room.

Add Sculptural Forms

Neutral living room with boucle loveseat

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Add sculptural design elements that direct focus to give a neutral living room more visual interest. Items like the love seat in the design above are a fantastic way to show your style, and because they are in a neutral color scheme, you don’t have to worry about them seeming too bold or flashy.

The best way is to bring in sculptural furniture pieces with interesting shapes, like a sofa with a curved back or a freeform silhouette, modern tables with bold bases, or a statement floor lamp or chandelier. There are no rules when it comes to sculptural designs for a neutral living room, except that you should place them in a prominent place to look almost like an art piece.

Hack Color With Earth Tones

modern style earth tone living room with red sofa

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Earth tones can be considered neutrals, and they can add a sense of warmth without compromising the soothing effects of a neutral color scheme.

If you want to add earth tones to your neutral living room, start with a neutral base. That can be a neutral rug or a white sofa that grounds your space. Then work in your earth tones but try to avoid patterns. A good rule of thumb is to keep to softer earth tones, like sage green and a soft orange. If you’re feeling bold, stick to one to two colors that have a grounding effect, like the burnt orange and olive green seating in this neutral living room. Also, check out our tips on how to choose a color palette.

Offset Neutrals with Metal Accents

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From brass details to black metal and bronze accents, metallic details are perfect finishing touches that pair perfectly with a neutral color scheme.

With so many muted and soft tones in a neutral living room, polished and dark metal details can bring a bit of edge and balance to the overall space. And you don’t need to go all out with a big metal piece of furniture either. Instead, look to chairs with steel legs, floor lamps made with brass or black metal, and even thin picture frames in dark and chrome frames. A little metal goes a long way in a neutral living room.

Layer Warmth With Leather

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Yes, there’s room to work in leather in a neutral living room, and you’re not limited to black or white. Tan leather is a classic choice that adds warmth and depending on the patina of the leather, it can add texture and pattern as well.

If you’re not familiar with decorating with leather, start small with accessories like a woven leather pouf or cowhide pillows. For those of you who feel ready to style up your neutral living room with leather in a bigger way, try bringing in a sleek sofa in the material. For a super modern and contemporary look, opt for white and black leather in a sleek sofa shape.

Also, get our tips for more ways to decorate with leather.

Work In Neutral Pink Hues

Glam style living room with neutral color scheme and pops of pink

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Soft pink is always a stylish choice for a neutral color palette. It a cozier take on neutral living room ideas, while still feeling light and sophisticated.

Explore the full range of soft pinks when choosing furniture and accents for a neutral living room. Having varying shades will help unify the overall look in your space. From blush hues to a creamy coral pink, spread out a few different pops of color across your neutral living room. Think a peach-pink sofa, purple-pink pillows, or even a rug with undertones of blush. They’ll all add up to create an instantly elegant and cozy atmosphere.

Source Unique Minimalist Pieces

A minimal style neutral color living room

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Minimalist designs will make a statement in neutral living rooms. And they can use some of the pared-down style, which naturally blends with neutral colors.

The channeled sofa in this neutral living room is at once a foundational anchor point, a sculptural accent, and the jumping-off point for the rest of the decor. Try to use minimalist furniture as a blank canvas for color and accents, and experiment with different pillows, side table materials, and woven accents. Here, the marble side table brings a touch of pattern and depth while the caning on the front of the low shelf makes for a warm touch of texture.

Play With “Bluetrals”

A neutral coastal style living room with subtle pops of blue.

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You heard it here first: Bluetrals are shades of the blue that have a neutral base. And they’re a slightly more colorful take on a neutral living room.

The best way to use blues is to go big with a large piece of furniture in a blue-grey shade that blends seamlessly with a neutral color palette or use the color sparingly, in soft muted pops, like in a pattern on a rug. Blue is actually a common color found across various neutral living room ideas, and it’s a great way to liven things up or give it a light coastal and rustic spin. If you’re not ready for cool neutral room and you’re not a fan of warm earth tones, bluetrals is a versatile choice that’s easy to decorate with.

Explore more living room design ideas!

What’s Your Take On A Neutral Living Room?

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9 Rooms That Prove White Kitchens Are Classic And Versatile

White kitchens. To some, they read classic and totally timeless. To others? Bland and without personality. It’s surprising how divisive a simple white kitchen can be!

For all the haters out there, we just want to say that a white kitchen can actually be pretty exciting—and functional. Beyond being light and bright, with white cabinetry, it’s easy to see dirt, so you can always stay on top of cleaning. Not exciting enough? Hear us out. White kitchens can also be a blank canvas, offering a perfect backdrop for you to play with more exciting and personality-packed textures, finishes, decorative accents, and furniture. You can even incorporate different (bold!) colors into your kitchen while still maintaining a white kitchen vibe.

Whether you’re a big fan of white kitchens or a long-time skeptic, we’d like to inspire you with some white kitchen designs we’re loving at the moment. We’ll also address some common questions about white kitchens and show you what design styles are actually super conducive to white kitchen designs.

Are White Kitchens Out of Style?

No! In fact, white kitchens are classic and timeless. Kitchens with bold-colored cabinets are definitely having a moment right now—but that doesn’t mean white kitchens are dated. It simply means they’re not the top trendy choice at the moment. The same goes for wall colors in any room of the house! White walls will always have their place in design, even if other colors are more trendy at different times.

WIth any kitchen—or any room in your home, for that matter—it all comes down to your personal preferences. If you want a kitchen that feels timeless or simply offers a clean slate for you to add personality with finishes, furniture, and decor, then white cabinets are a great choice. And even if you like dabbling in trends, you can always add a splash to a white kitchen by painting your kitchen island, painting the walls, or swapping out your hardware.

What Wall Colors Look Best in a White Kitchen?

White is endlessly versatile and can complement a wide range of wall colors—from a tone-on-tone look to something high-contrast and dramatic. But we definitely have some favorite combinations, which you can see below.

Shades of White (And Light Gray)

For a clean, streamlined look, pair white cabinets with white walls. We’d recommend avoiding the exact same tones for your walls and cabinets, however, which can make your kitchen look flat and one-dimensional. Instead, mix up the tonality. If your cabinets are a crisp, cool white, lean a little into warmer whites for your walls. And if your cabinets have warmer tones? Go for something a little cooler and a more pure white for your walls. Some shades of white paint we particularly love are White Dove, Chantilly Lace, Swiss Coffee, and Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore, as well as Pure White by Sherwin-Williams. You can also veer a step into gray with Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter or Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams.


Light-Toned Colors

If you want a little more color and contrast without going too high-contrast, stick with light tones of pinks, greens, blues, or yellows. This maintains a light and airy vibe but adds a bit of vibrancy and life to your white kitchen. Some color options we enjoy are Palladian Blue, Breath of Fresh Air, Saybrook Sage, and Hawthorne Yellow by Benjamin Moore; Mint Condition by Sherwin-Williams; and Cinder Rose or Dayroom Yellow by Farrow & Ball.

Dark or Saturated Colors

Want to go big and bold? Go for dark and saturated colors. This creates a ton of contrast against your white cabinets and gives incredible depth and nuance to your kitchen. Alternatively, you could opt for dark, saturated cabinets and white walls for an inverse that hits at the same idea. (Dark and moody kitchen cabinets are having a major moment right now!) Colors we love, for dark walls or cabinets, include Hale Navy, Salamander, and Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore; Green Bay, Naval, and Rock Garden by Sherwin-Williams; and Studio Green, Railings, and Duck Green by Farrow & Ball.

What Floor Colors Look Best in a White Kitchen?

The type of flooring you choose—whether hardwood, tile, laminate, or something else—all depends on the look you’re going for in your kitchen. White kitchens can go with a variety of floor types, and to hone in on the right one for you, it’s easiest to think of flooring in terms of dark to light. Below, you’ll find some great options to consider.

Dark Flooring

Since dark flooring (whether that’s a dark hardwood stain, like walnut or espresso, or darker tiles) will create more visual contrast. As a result, you’ll get a bit more of a dramatic look. But it’s also warmer, which can be good for farmhouse, rustic, and traditional styles. Another way to add some contrast and personality? Black and white tiled floors!

Medium-Toned Flooring

Wood flooring in medium tones, which includes natural oak finishes and gray-toned finishes (as well as gray tiles) give white kitchens a more modern and contemporary look. The finish you choose will influence the final look of your kitchen, but in general medium-toned flooring compliments transitional, industrial, contemporary, and mid-century spaces. While cherry wood technically goes with white cabinetry, at this moment in time, that would result in a more dated look.

Light Flooring

In a white kitchen, light wood finishes, painted white floors, or white tiling will create a light and airy feel. This is a great look for someone who loves Scandinavian modern design, prefers a minimalist look, or just wants to drive home a light, bright look, like in a coastal space.

Read Next: Not sure how to match your wood floors to your wall color? Read our wall and flooring guide.

What Hardware Looks Best in a White Kitchen?

Just about all hardware finishes look good with white cabinets. That’s the beauty and versatility of a white kitchen! But the hardware you choose will definitely impact the overall style of your kitchen. Below, we’ll outline some of the popular finishes and what styles they complement.

Brass Hardware

Brass adds warmth to white kitchens and looks beautiful with both crisp, clean true white cabinets, as well as warmer off-white cabinets. Brass is a great choice for traditional, coastal, and modern rustic styles.

Black Hardware

Black stands in stark contrast to white, so black hardware against white cabinets will really pop. This is a great way to add a modern edge to a white kitchen, or to achieve transitional style. Black hardware also works in a modern rustic space if you’re not a fan of brass.

Silver or Brushed Nickel Hardware

Silver hardware adds a contemporary edge to a white kitchen. It also offers a clean, simplistic look that feels both modern and timeless. For an industrial look, brushed nickel is a great choice.

What Countertops Look Best in a White Kitchen?

A classic approach to countertops in a white kitchen is to go for a tone-on-tone look and stick with lighter-colored counters. We’ll be the first to say that’s a great option. But you can also go for something more high-contrast. Scroll down for a couple of great countertop options for a white kitchen!

Marble Countertops

For a more elevated and refined look in your white kitchen, opt for marble countertops. But white marble isn’t your only option! You could go for black marble if you want a bold, high-contrast look. Or pick white marble with heavy black, gray, or brown veining to add both contrast, pattern, and personality to your whtie kitchen. But if you want a minimalist or classic white kitchen, stick with a simple white marble.

Granite Countertops

Almost any color of granite goes well with white cabinets. But the particular color or style of granite you should choose depends on the hue of white you go with for your cabinets, as different styles of granite will look better with different shades of white. For a more timeless look, find granite with gray undertones rather than brown or red.

Wood Countertops

If you want a more down-to-earth and approachable vibe in your white kitchen, opt for wood countertops. Butcher-block countertops add warmth and are perfect for a rustic or traditional white kitchen.

What Appliances Look Best in a White Kitchen?

There’s no one right answer for what color of appliances you can use in a white kitchen. In fact, because white is so versatile, almost any appliance color will look great! But below you’ll find our three favorite options.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have been the popular finish of choice for appliances for more than a decade. And it’s no wonder—they offer a modern look that goes with a ton of different cabinet colors and styles, including white cabinets! A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances is a classic choice and works best for contemporary, modern, and transitional styles.

White Appliances

In interior design, white on white will always look classic. White appliances have a clean, classic look, which is very fitting in a white kitchen. Depending on the countertops you choose, this white-on-white look can skew either modern or traditional. And if you love this look but want a splash of color, opt for a colorful tile backsplash.

Colorful Appliances

Like a look that’s out of the ordinary? A white kitchen offers the perfect backdrop to bring in some personality with colorful appliances. Common colors like red, blue, or minty green can add a quirky and modern pop of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

White Kitchen Design Styles

As we’ve already mentioned, the finishes, countertops, and appliances you choose for your white kitchen can give it drastically different looks and bring to life a variety of different styles. Scroll down to explore 8 different white kitchen styles that can inspire you in your own kitchen renovation and design updates!

Coastal White Kitchen

Coastal style white kitchen

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This white kitchen embodies that Nantucket classic coastal style. White kitchens are always in style in coastal homes, since coastal style thrives on a crisp, clean color palette, punctuated with blues, greens, and natural materials. In this kitchen, white cabinets are paired with a white marble countertop and white tile backsplash—a combination which offers a clean and classic touch to this space. Ample natural light keeps this kitchen feeling fresh, while the rattan counter stools and natural wood accessories add moments of warmth that visually break up all the white surface space.

Traditional White Kitchen

All white traditional style kitchen

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Traditional-style kitchens can feature glass-door upper cabinets, and/or more ornate cabinet door details. In a white kitchen that’s designed in a more traditional style, you might find warm wood accents—whether in ceiling beams, the kitchen island, or butcher-block countertops, which add visual warmth to a space. Sometimes the cabinets will even be a warmer tone of white, like in the kitchen above. Elevated but approachable, it leans traditional through the use of wallpaper in the adjacent dining room, the details on the cabinetry, and the wood accents used throughout the space. Brass finishes serve to future warm up this white kitchen.

Contemporary White Kitchen

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Traditional-style cabinets, a marble tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances make this a classic take on a white kitchen. In this kitchen, the black hardware and light gray kitchen island adds just the right amount of contrast, giving the space some contemporary flair. To give this style of white kitchen a visual pop, add some plants or wall art for small moments of color.

Mid-Century Modern White Kitchen

Mid century modern style kitchen

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A white kitchen can take on a very mid-century modern vibe simply by the lighting and accessories you choose. In this kitchen, the use of primary colors in the wall art and counter stools add a pop of energy—and that quintessential mid-century style—to this kitchen. The pendant light and Smeg countertop appliances also speak to the atomic age.

Industrial Glam White Kitchen

industrail glam style white kitchen

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Having a white kitchen doesn’t always mean your cabinets are white! It can also look like a kitchen with white walls and countertops, paired with light-colored wood—like the industrial glam white kitchen pictured above. The wood cabinets and island are light and bright, adding warmth and a sleek, modern feel to the kitchen. And the modern stone countertops and backsplash, with bold gray veining, add striking, glamorous patterning to the space while keeping the look clean. Plus, since the cabinets and flooring are both lighter wood finishes, they feel almost like an extension of each other. This is in contrast to most white kitchens where the cabinets are white, since you’ll rarely see white flooring in a kitchen with white cabinets.

Modern Rustic White Kitchen

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A white kitchen, with warm off-white cabinets, is perfect for a modern rustic-style home. Since modern rustic style has a warmth and approachability to it, brass pendants and hardware are the perfect choice. Warm leather counter stools and touches of natural wood help bring in more visual warmth while nodding to a rustic aesthetic.

Transitional Black & White Kitchen

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In a white kitchen, using black accents adds contrast and a contemporary touch to the overall design. In this kitchen, the black hardware and pendant light offer a modern foundation, while the curved Windsor-style counter stools with caning lean a bit more traditional. As a result, the overall look of the space feels transitional and timeless. Want to add a little extra contrast? Hang white subway tiles for a backsplash, but use dark grout rather than white!

Scandinavian-Inspired White Kitchen

White transitional style kitchen

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White cabinets with white walls (and a white subway tile backsplash) create a very clean slate—which is perfect for a Scandinavian modern or Scandinavian boho home. It’s the finishing touches that will help a white kitchen lean one way or the other. In this kitchen design, natural materials, like the jute runner and wooden stools bring in warmth and help add to the Scandi feel. These elements, along with the pendant lights and casual styling, give a nod to a boho aesthetic as well.

Farmhouse White Kitchen

rustic style white kitchen

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A white kitchen is given a farmhouse-style spin with a rustic wood kitchen island and vent hood—plus those ceiling beams! Rustic wood is a great way to break up a white kitchen and give it a more old-world feel. In this kitchen, the off-white shaker cabinets help brighten the space and balance the large swaths of brown in the space. The black hardware and stainless steel appliances give the space a slightly modern spin that makes the whole design feel really fresh and approachable. And, of course, you can’t have a farmhouse-style kitchen without a beautiful farmhouse sink!

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Design Inspiration: Arched Doorways We Love

Many homes are blessed with good ‘bones’, which basically means it has amazing interior architectural elements—usually brick fireplaces and pretty molding or wood paneling. These give the home tons of added character and make for captivating details that set rooms apart.

Among the more unique architectural elements, however, are arched doorways. They’re often incorporated in long hallways or open concept designs where the living and dining spaces are combined. In older homes, an arched door might be original to the home and carry a bit more history. Regardless of where they are, arched doorways provide sculptural appeal and bold visual impact to spaces.

Here, we’ve rounded up some swoon-worthy arched doorway ideas to inspire your own designs.

Delineate Rooms With An Arched Doorway

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It’s common to find wide arched doorways in homes with open living-and-dining floor plans. The arched doorway makes for a natural divider between spaces, but you can play it up with a more elegant look by painting one side of the doorway in a subtle neutral shade.

By painting one side of the archway and walls in a different color, it brings a nice pop to the overall look of the open concept room. It also sets the two spaces apart as their own rooms (or zones) while focusing on the beautiful archway.

Accentuate Arched Doors With Lighting

Photo credit: Real Homes

In long hallways with repeating arched doorways, a perfect way to draw attention to their rounded shape is to install a series of matching ceiling lights in a row.

By adding light fixtures throughout the corridor, it will draw the focus up and down the hallway, bringing focus to the arched door shapes. Try to choose ceiling fixtures that are equally sculptural, such as vintage pendants or multiples of the same chandelier, which bring extra bold style to your arched corridor.

Paint An Arched Door

Photo credit: Real Homes

Photo credit: Little Gold Pixel

If your home doesn’t have arched doorways but you want one, try faking the look with paint. You can paint an arch around a door by offsetting it from the rest of your space with a poppy color, like the entryway above.

Paint is a fun and trendy way to create an arched door design that makes a bold statement. And the best part is that you can make it as bold or as subtle as you want—and if you decide you want to change up the look later, you can simply paint over it.

Trim An Arch With Color

Photo credit: House Beatiful

For a more minimalist approach to arched doorways, paint the interior with a bright color to make it pop. Not only does it make for a bold dose of color, but it also gives your door frame a decidedly modern, streamlined look that’s totally unique. This is an affordable, fun, and low-commitment option for those looking to make a big impact in an arched doorway without breaking the bank.

Go For A Brick Archway

Photo credit: Evolution of Style

Many cottage homes might come with arched doorways made of exposed brick, which always makes for striking architectural details. It adds color, texture, and also rustic appeal. The key is to make sure to choose equally rustic furnishings that work with the look.

However, if you don’t have actual exposed brick door frames, you can try painting the look. It might take a bit of labor and patience, but with a bit of creative coloring, you can easily paint the look of a brick archway to give your space a bit of industrial farmhouse flair.

Frame Arched Doors With Curtains

Photo credit: Decor Pad

It’s common to see homes with arched French doors that open onto backyard gardens and terraces in larger homes. One of the best ways to dress up these arched window doors is to frame them with floor-to-ceiling curtains, which give them an instantly sophisticated formal look.

Be sure to hang the curtains above the arched doorframe, which will bring attention to its height and shape. And choose curtains that are medium weight to play up a textural and soft look. Also check out our window nook designs for more inspiring ideas and tips.

Consider A Tiled Archway

Photo credit: Curbed

Arched doors lined with patterned tiles are iconic in Spanish and Moroccan architecture and design. Take inspiration from the look and recreate the bold look in your home.

Colorful tiles add color, pattern, and ornate beauty to arched doorways, making them standout artistic statements on their own. While lining your arched doors in tile is more of an investment and commitment, the beautiful lasting result is well worth the effort and time. If you’re going for this look, we recommend bringing in a professional tiler or designer who will be able to help bring your vision to life.

Frame Archways With Sconces

Photo credit: Design Chic

Play up the look and shape of arched door frames in hallways by framing them with matching sconces. They add practical and stylish lighting but will also draw the focus of the eye up to the rounded tops.

Adding sconces alongside an archway makes for an especially bold look in a narrow corridor, and they’ll instantly stand out so there’s no need to add other art or decor pieces. Try adding sleek, rectangular sconces for focal points that contrast with the smooth, curvy shape of the doors.

Surround Arches With A Gallery Wall

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Arranging a gallery wall of art and hanging decor around arched doors makes for an instantly eclectic look. Displayed on either sides of an arched doorway, the art and wall decor will perfectly frame your door and give it a stylish look.

How you arrange your gallery wall around an arched door is up to you. You can keep to a symmetrical arrangement of pieces or work in a mix of different art pieces, woven wall decor, or even 3D mixed media accents. The key is to make sure there’s a vibant mix of color, texture, and unique pieces, so that they captivate and bring focus to the walls around the arched shape.

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16 Ways to Create the Perfect Industrial Style Bedroom

Many people might think of an industrial-style bedroom as a surprising aesthetic choice, but it’s often because it conjures up images of an overtly modern, extra sleek, and heavily masculine space. And it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular industrial bedroom design ideas to show how you can incorporate the style in small ways that are comfy and cozy. (Also check out our tips for adding industrial style with comfort.) You’ll also find ideas for mixing industrial bedroom furniture and accents to bring the look home to your own space. Keep reading to get our simple and stylish tips!

Designing a bedroom and need help with finding the right pieces We’ve got you covered with our checklist for essential bedroom furniture!

A Quick Refresher On Industrial Style

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting some of the key style differences when it comes to modern versus industrial design—especially since the latter often includes elements of the former. Industrial style is often anchored in a warehouse look with a nod to the rugged and vintage elements. The industrial look is also often associated with specific architectural elements—loft spaces and converted warehouses with exposed brick walls, ductwork, and factory windows—as well as lots of raw material details, such as exposed brick, unfinished concrete, and steel and metal beams. Industrial furniture and decor follow suit in this manner, featuring weathered woods, antique metals, and distressed leather and worn materials. It all adds up to the industrial style aesthetic, which isn’t immediately the look or vibe one expects for bedrooms.

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Keep Furniture Styles Minimal

An industrial style bedroom doesn’t always mean big, bulky furniture. In fact, your bedroom pieces can be rather slim and minimal.

One of our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas is anchoring a space with a platform bed that’s low to the floor. This version in natural wood is a prime example of how a large industrial piece can also feel streamlined and minimal. Round it out with white sheets and other neutral hued furniture and accents to keep up a light, airy vibe.

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Work In Vintage Decor

Vintage art and decor are usually consistent elements found in all industrial style bedroom design ideas. These can range from vintage posters to hanging tapestries that bring a worn, old-world look to antique textiles with a distressed feel.

Try to incorporate at least several vintage pieces in your industrial bedroom decor to give your space a warm, lived-in look and feel. The beauty of vintage art and decor is that they instantly play up a cozy, curated look, and you can often find pieces in thrift stores and second-hand home stores at affordable prices.

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Don’t Shy Away From Bold Patterns

While most industrial style bedroom design ideas tend to eschew bright hues and bold prints, there are no hard and fast rules around color and pattern.

In fact, a bold pattern like a Moroccan rug or a neutral textured wallcovering are actually popular decor picks for industrial bedrooms. Not only do they add graphic appeal, they also bring a softness that often offsets the sleek look of contemporary furniture. For a statement touch, try adding a wallpaper with a high-contrast design to your industrial bedroom, like a grayscale image or an abstract black-and-white pattern.

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Embrace Earth Tones

You can definitely add different colors and brighter hues beyond neutrals in an industrial bedroom. But earth tones are a excellent choice for a palette that’s comfy, cozy, and alluring.

What makes earth tones perfect for an industrial style bedroom is that it spans a range of rich neutral, rustic, and organic shades that exude tons of warmth. Think chocolate brown, taupe, clay, sand, and other grounding hues. Plus, they’re easy to mix with neutrals (there’s literally no getting it wrong) and add just the soft pop of color without overwhelming your bedroom.

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Mix Leather In Various Ways

Leather has the perfect combination of sleekness, edginess, and warmth, which naturally makes it a staple material for any industrial style bedroom.

There are endless ways to incorporate leather in a bedroom. But our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas make the most of leather in a combination of big and small ways, as in this bedroom. Here, leather spans from the floor ottoman to the armchair to the mirror frame, to the camel-leather pillow on the bed. The result is a look that feels balanced and warm throughout.

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Make It Monochrome

A monochrome scheme of black, white, and gray is probably what comes to mind for most of us when we think of an industrial style bedroom look. And this luxurious take on a loft bedroom look shows that the palette can be chic, cozy, and anything but cold—even with an exposed brick backdrop.

With strong monochrome hues, the key to warming up the palette is to mix in lots of different materials and textures. That is especially key in an industrial bedroom. Think faux fur pillows and throws in black and charcoal tones, smoky antiqued glass mirror elements, a zebra hide rug, a gray tufted headboard, a tonal shagreen bedside cabinet.

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Opt For Industrial Lights

Whether it’s a pendant with exposed cords or a table lamp with classic edison bulbs, urban-style lighting is an iconic staple in our portfolio of industrial bedroom design ideas.

When it comes to lighting for industrial bedrooms, a mix of sleek and sculptural styles at different heights is key. Take a cue from this loft bedroom with exposed brick walls, which combines an overhead fixture with hanging pendants and a floor lamp with uncovered glass bulbs—and both have black metal finishes as well as utilitarian forms.

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Bring In Natural Materials

To balance out industrial furnishings that can often have a hard, edgy, robust aesthetic, natural materials with warm textures and tones are crucial. And even more so in an industrial bedroom.

Look to decor made from rough-hewn woods and woven natural fibers. Whether it’s a hand-carved bench, a woven basket, a linen bedcover or a macramé wall hanging, accent pieces and decor that have a natural, textural beauty will lend richness and cozy warmth to your industrial style bedroom. They’ll also help soften the hard lines and linear visual appeal of any industrial bedroom furniture pieces.

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Liven Things Up With Greenery

Similar to natural materials, plants and greenery are a stylish way to bring life and color to an industrial bedroom.

In addition to their endless benefits—such as purifying the air, adding an organic element, brightening up your space—large plants and greenery can provide a touch of levity and ease in a bedroom. Our designers suggest bringing in a tall succulent or a leafy tree like a ficus, which not only provides a rugged yet vibrant look but also adds height to your room. You can file that one under foolproof industrial style bedroom design ideas from us!

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Layer In Sculptural Details

Form follows function may be a principle of modern design, but it applies equally to any industrial space. Which means an industrial style bedroom should always be anchored in furnishings that are as practical as they are sculptural in design. It’s a consistent theme that runs through all industrial bedroom design ideas, whether it’s a monochrome loft space or a clean-lined modern room.

In this bedroom, the curved bed frame, criss-crossing eiffel chair base, geometric sphere table lamp, and rectilinear pendant light all provide function as well as sculptural detail to the space. They become the artful industrial elements that add depth, dimension, and intrigue to the overall space. Look to always integrate pieces that emphasize these shapes and details.

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Curate A High-Contrast Gallery Wall

This is a perfect example of a modern industrial style bedroom, with its overarching black-and-white palette, which extends to the captivating gallery wall.

Black-and-white photographs and prints always provide a chic and timeless look, so they’re always safe bets in industrial bedrooms. Along with the campaign-style nightstand, Moroccan rug, and graphic pillows, it all makes for a sophisticated decor look that you can easily draw from and build on to create your own modern industrial bedroom look.

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Lean Into Exposed Architecture

Industrial spaces are typically in lofts or very utilitarian spaces, so exposed brick walls are common and very in line with the style. Make it a point to embrace them as an architectural detail and play them up in an industrial bedroom.

In this industrial style bedroom, the white brick wall is contrasted with a black accent wall and offset by sculptural metal sconces and Americana art—all of which bring focus to the subtle stacked pattern and texture. It’s a perfectly intriguing backdrop to the weathered wood bed.

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Choose A Unique Upholstered Bed

Among the more unexpected industrial style bedroom design ideas, an upholstered bed that’s both comfortable and edgy ranks high on the list.

In an industrial bedroom space where most of the elements have a more rugged edge, an upholstered bed offers stylish juxtaposition as well as comfort—even though it’s not usually the first choice for an industrial bedroom. Try to find a bed with a tall headboard, which will help to further soften the look and feel in the bedroom while also providing comfy support for leaning.


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Accent With Metallic Touches

You can easily give industrial bedrooms a glam spin by simply adding some metallic touches, like brass, silver, and gold finishes.

In this bedroom, which is among our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas, metallic elements are used in refined ways throughout, from the floor and table lamp to the canopy bed hardware to the decorative hand object and art frame. They add up to details that add impact in a subtle, sophisticated way that complements, rather than overshadows, the industrial look.

Love this look? Check out our tips for designing with industrial glam style.

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Try A Natural Wood Bed

Natural wood is rugged and raw, so a bed made in the material is always ideal in an industrial style bedroom.

It’s also a classic foundation piece when it comes to industrial bedroom design ideas that always deliver. Not only is it robust, but it’s also a versatile piece you can easily pair with any style furnishings and accessories. If you’re not sure where to start with industrial style and furniture, a natural wood bed is a great investment piece that you can play up to be more or less industrial as needed with different complimentary decor and accent pieces.

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Array Antique Designs

Antique forms and elements, like wrought-iron beds, steamer trunks, and campaign chests, are popular anchoring furniture pieces in an industrial style bedroom. They add an ornate touch to spaces, bring in a timeworn elegance, and also have a way of warming up an industrial bedroom. Try mixing at least one or two antique pieces in your space for a varied look.

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