Trend Spotlight: Meet Boucle, the New “It” Fabric of the Design World

There’s a textile that’s taking the design and fashion world by storm. Perhaps you’ve seen it (or felt it!) but didn’t know what it was called. Or maybe you know the name but have no idea how to pronounce it. What is this fabric we speak of? Boucle. It’s become quite the “it” fabric in the interior design world over the past two years. So, we thought it was about time to give you all a proper introduction to this textural and oh-so-soft fabric.

What is Boucle?

Boucle is a very chunky, heavy fabric with serious texture. It’s made of nubby, looped fibers which are very soft to the touch. (Similar to the soft fluffiness of sherpa.) Historically, boucle fabric was made of wool or mohair, with the word boucle referring to both the yarn and the fabric made from the yarn. But today, you can find boucle fabric woven from all sorts of materials—from cotton and linen to wool blends, polyester, and rayon.

The word boucle comes from the French word boucler, which means “to curl.” (You know, because of those curly-looking looped fibers!) And how do you pronounce this fabric’s name? Boo-clay. (You’re welcome.)

We love the cozy texture and super soft feel of this trendy fashion fabric, which can bring that magical je ne sais quoi to any room it’s in by offering incredible visual texture and depth.

Boucle chair in corner of bedroom

Is Boucle Durable and Practical?

With its looped, textural finish, boucle looks (and feels) amazon. But is it practical? We’ve all spilled food on our sofas or gotten drops of coffee on a throw pillow—so you probably want to know if boucle can stand up to daily wear and tear. And rightfully so!

Here’s what we can tell you: Boucle has a low liquid absorption, so spills are easier to clean than on other fabrics. And it doesn’t get matted down or shed like sheepskin or sherpa fabric tends to. It holds up to sunlight, generally resisting fading, and its looped fibers are very durable. However, because of these looped fibers, it does tend to hold onto pet hairs. And while boucle doesn’t exclusively come in shades of white and cream, a majority of boucle upholstery does sit in the light neutrals camp—so, as with any white sofa, there are risks.

But overall, it’s a surprisingly durable upholstery choice for furniture and decor!

How to Decorate with Boucle

While you’ll probably most often see boucle used on sculptural, modern sofas and chairs, this material is being applied to all sorts of furniture and decor, in many different shapes and sizes. Scroll down to see some of the best ways to use bouclé fabric in your home’s design. Keep calm and cozy on!

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1. Boucle Sofa

If you want to go all out with a boucle, opt for a boucle sofa (or two!). You’ll not only end up with a major style statement in your living room, but you’ll also have a super soft sofa. (Now that’s a win-win.)

Some people feel that boucle is more of a winter fabrice—but the reality is that you’re not going to swap out a boucle sofa for something else in the summer, like you would throw pillows or duvet covers. So, a boucle sofa is a better choice if you live in a colder climate (or if you don’t mind sitting on boucle fabric in the heat of summer!).

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2. Boucle Dining Chairs

Boucle dining chairs are a more low-key way to integrate boucle into your home’s design. This fabric makes for super cozy dining chairs, especially if you’re someone who loves to host dinner parties! This is a less practical choice if you have young kids or don’t want to stress about keeping them clean!

However, you can always use boucle dining chairs elsewhere around your home. In the design above, we used them as extra seating in a home office!


Boucle chair in corner of bedroom

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3. Boucle Armchair

Boucle is endlessly cozy—making it the perfect upholstery choice for a chair in a reading nook! An overstuffed boucle armchair will help create the ultimate cozy reading zone, giving you the perfect place to snuggle up with a book. Try it in your living room or even as a reading nook in your bedroom!

Boucle ottoman in modern livingroom

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4. Boucle Ottoman

Ottomans and poufs are a great way to dabble in decor trends without committing to it in a big way. After all, these are smaller, movable pieces of furniture that can easily be moved from room to room. So, boucle-covered ottomans and poufs are a great, small way to incorporate this fabric into your home’s design. They can add a pop of texture to any space. And with boucle’s softness, a boucle ottoman would be great in a living room—but also a super fun addition to a kids’ space!

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5. Boucle Pillows

Throw pillows are another small but simple way to incorporate boucle into your home decor. Swapping out your pillows is a great way to make a seasonal update. You can easily pull out those boucle pillow covers in the winter, then retire them during warmer months. And since pillow covers are relatively inexpensive, this is a great way to try out the boucle trend without a major financial commitment.

Designer Tip: Boucle pillows are a great addition to your cozy winter decor—and boucle happens to pair beautifully with velvet!

Boucle headboard in blue bedroom

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6. Boucle Bed Frame

If you want to go all in on embracing cozy vibes year-round, consider a boucle bed frame. A bed is a place to snuggle up and relax, making boucle a great fit for an upholstered bed. A shelter headboard like the one pictured above creates an enveloping feel so you’ll be wrapped up in a cozy cocoon every time you crawl into bed!

A boucle bench in a reading nook

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7. Boucle Bench

An upholstered boucle bench is the happy medium if you’re looking for a larger way to incorporate boucle but don’t want to commit to something so foundational as a sofa or bed frame. It rides the line between being a smaller decorative accent item and a larger functional piece—and may we just say, it does so quite elegantly.

The boucle bench pictured above makes a definite style statement, but the benefit of a bench is that you can easily move it from room to room if you want to change things up. And that simply leaves you with a fun, sculptural piece that will have everyone saying, “Oooh! Where did you get this?!”

Boucle rug in white bedroom

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8. Boucle Rugs

Plot twist! While boucle is generally an upholstery material, it isn’t confined to just that. In fact, as we mentioned at the top of the post, boucle not only refers to the finished material but also to the yarn used to make the material. And do you know what that means? You can also cover your floors in a luxurious coating of boucle with a boucle rug! Talk about super soft and cozy underfoot!

Designer Picks: Our Favorite Boucle Products in the Modsy Catalog

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White Furnishings that are Worth the Investment

There are still those that tell us “no white after Labor Day.” We’re here to tell you there’s longevity in white, especially when it comes to furnishings for your home. In fact, stylish white furnishings have long been timeless staples for interior designers.

Today, the crisp shade can be found in a wide range of modern designs, proving that white furnishings not only look sleek and beautiful, but they still have lasting power in the home.

To inspire you and show you the possibilities with white furnishings, we’ve curated three looks for three different rooms in the home with pieces from a few of our favorite retailers.

See the looks below and try adding your favorite designs in white in your own 3D home.

A Clean-Lined & Cozy Living Room

Design a living room that’s equal parts contemporary and cozy with a mix of foundational furnishings in white. This Caitlin Sofa from Interior Define in ivory fabric features deep, cushioned arms and backs that make it the perfect piece for lounging, while its soft curves and option for brass legs will help give the space a warm yet modern vibe.

Place it atop the Souk Wool Rug from West Elm to play up a graphic black and white scheme. The rug’s Moroccan-inspired pattern will add cool visual interest underfoot. Then, going off the rug’s geometric lines, bring in Anthropologie’s Calo Side Table alongside the sofa. The grouping provides you with an instantly welcoming seating area in the living room.

Finally, to round out the space, bring in the Fuel Credenza from CB2 to serve as either a TV console (it comes with gaps for cords), a display surface for showing off your art, accents, and plants, or a closed bookcase that doubles as a bar on top. The beauty of this credenza is that it’s extremely versatile and the white lacquer adds simple polish and shine that works perfectly with the rest of the furnishings.


An Eclectic & Comfy Home Office

There’s nothing like having a workspace that makes you feel inspired, but more important, comfortable. You should feel at ease when you’re spending so much time at this desk spot in your home. Gathering some of our best finds, this home office space feels both eclectic and livable.

The white Mid-Century Desk from West Elm and the Eames chair from Design Within Reach set a modernist stage for the space. Pull in a Ivory Faux Cowhide from World Market to offset the bold lines of the chair and the desk.

Continuing with the modernist vibe, the Avalon Single Shelving from RHTeen is a sharp-looking bookcase that offers ample storage for books, files, and art. Meanwhile, its slender silhouettes is in keeping with the cool angular lines of the overall space.


A Glamorous & Inviting Bedroom

Create a fabulous bedroom retreat that’s as sophisticated as it is soothing with these glamorous finds that are big on style and texture. The Halo Bed from CB2 features a low base, white-cotton upholstery, and brass inlay that make it an inviting and showstopping centerpiece in any bedroom.

Anchor the foot of the bed with the Heathcote Brass-Tipped Bench from Anthropologie, which has dazzling metal legs that add to the shine of the bed’s inlay. The white bench also comes with cream stitched-leather upholstery that adds even more rich texture to the space. Take it even one step further with a Sheepskin Rug from Pottery Barn laid down on the floor below the dresser. After all, what’s a fabulous bedroom without a luxe, fluffy sheepskin to keep your feet soft and cozy, right?

To top of the bedroom, the Audrey Dresser from West Elm, with its retro-inspired appeal and eye-catching carved geometric facade, ushers in a touch of Hollywood Regency glamour. The antique brass-finished legs and hardware are details that provide extra sparkle and which tie back to the overall posh look of the space.