How the Characters From Gossip Girl Would Decorate Their Homes Today

This just in: Gossip Girl is coming back this summer—with loads of new drama and betrayal, straight from the lives of the wealthy and elite of the Upper West Side. And this got us thinking—where would the stars from the original show be today?

Don’t worry, Blair and Chuck, as well as Serena and Dan, are still married. And Little J? She’s killing it in the fashion world. Want to peek into their lives, almost 10 years later? We’ve got the inside scoop—and we know you’ll love it.

Read on to get an exclusive look inside the gorgeous homes and workspaces of all your favorite Gossip Girl characters. Xoxo…Gossip Girl glamorous bedroom with lavender walls and a canopy bed

Blair and Chuck’s Upper East Side Townhouse

Blair and Chuck both always had strong personalities and viewpoints—and those both show up in their Upper East Side Townhouse. However, over the years they’ve learned more about compromise and helping the other person shine. As a result, their home beautifully reflects both of their styles.

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Gossip Girl glamorous bedroom with lavender walls and a canopy bed

The Fundamentals of Blair and Chuck’s Style

Their bedroom combines Blair’s feminine and classic style with Chuck’s more masculine and bold taste, creating a blended and balanced space. Blair brings in some Parisian inspiration  through flirty and classic design elements, mixed with vintage industrial touches. There is definitely some cool-French-girl styling happening in this space, which celebrates the gorgeous classic architecture but also brings in contrast with modern design elements.

Chuck’s masculine vibes and penchant for luxury show up in the dark wood nightstands (with their brass inlay), the modern canopy bed, and the metal accents of the bed, side table, and mirrors.

The blending of these two styles gives this space some dramatic flair—which is not surprising considering the high drama of their relationship. The pair would certainly have worked with a high-end interior designer to help them combine their styles and invest in unique pieces that also show their social status.

Gossip Girl glamorous bedroom with lavender walls and a canopy bed

Don’t Miss These Details:

  • Still besties, there’s a framed photo of Blair and Serena on Blair’s nightstand.
  • A chic crib in the corner tells us that Blair and Chuck are continuing to grow their family.
  • A luxe, modern dog bed sits on Chuck’s side of the bed, giving his pup a very cool place to sleep.
  • A photograph of Paris on the bookcase speaks to Blair’s never-ending love of all things French.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s is still Blair’s favorite film, as the art print on the wall next to the bookcase proves.

Gossip Girl glamorous bedroom with lavender walls and a canopy bed

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Love this combination of Chuck and Blair’s style? Get the look in your own space, setting the stage with a light yet saturated wall color. Bring to life that masculine/feminine dichotomy by combining soft, rounded silhouettes with edgy, metal pieces. Specifically, use black metals and pops of brass, but pair those with rich, dark wood to bring in that classical vibe. Use upholstery and rugs to create heightened contrast and bring some lightness into the space.
Gossip Girl green living room with large sectional and bold geometric rug

Serena and Dan’s Luxe West Village Home

Serena and Dan have become a bit more subdued and domestic over their years, and their interior design style shows that off. Straying away from the Upper East Side, they found a home in a hip West Village neighborhood, where they live a quieter life. Their home is much more down-to-earth and comfortable and Chuck and Blair’s, but it’s definitely still trendy.

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Gossip Girl green living room with large sectional and bold geometric rug

The Fundamentals of Serena and Dan’s Style

Their style reflects popular trends, embodying a relaxed California Casual vibe with a modern twist. Comfort is at the heart of their space, with conversational seating and furniture you can really curl up on and sink into. Serena’s free-spirited personality comes through in the decorative accents, which are modern, textural, and global-inspired. This space is full of bold and eclectic pops and saturated-yet-serene colors.

Gossip Girl green dining room with modern art and a sleek dining table

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Don’t Miss These Details:

  • While Serena probably took the lead on decorating their home, the corner of the living room is all Dan. Ever the writer, he’s carved out a reading nook, with nearby shelves to house his favorite books—plus a copy of the New Yorker (where his first article was published) on his chair.
  • We like to think of the art print in Dan’s reading nook, with the obstructed image of a woman, as an homage to Gossip Girl.
  • Serena may not have her mother’s iconic Prada Marfa sign. Instead, she’s leveled up and has an original print of a photograph of Prada Marfa, which is hung in her dining area.

Gossip Girl green living room with large sectional and bold geometric rug

Gossip Girl green living room with large sectional and bold geometric rug

Get the Look

Love that California Modern style that Serena and Dan have in their home? Start with a large, comfortable sofa in a light color. (You want it to be one you could sit on for hours at a time to binge your favorite show—like Gossip Girl—or read a favorite book.) This will set the tone for a comfortable setting and sense of calm—as will an earthy green wall color. Pair the comfy sofa with a bold, boho rug and tons of throw pillows to give the space an eclectic twist. Incorporate a trendy leather sling chair and non-objective art to drive home the modern vibe, but layer in plenty of natural wood tones to keep the look grounded.

Gossip Girl studio apartment with glam velvet sofa and charcoal walls

Dorota and Vanya’s Lavish Guest Quarters at Blair and Chuck’s

Blair’s housekeeper and closest confidant, Dorota, is definitely still in her life. In fact, Dorota visits so often that she has guest quarters right in Blair and Chuck’s townhouse!

The Fundamentals of Dorota’s Style

While Dorota didn’t get much of an opportunity to showcase her style on the show, we know she has a bold, colorful, eclectic side—while still appreciating luxury based on her upbringing and her exposure to the finer things in the Waldorf household. Remember when she designed Blair’s office? We think this design was a representation of Dorota’s personal style and she used that as inspiration for her own space—which she definitely designed on her own.

While her guest quarters might be small, the space definitely doesn’t lack style. Her studio in Chuck and Blair’s home would be a bright eclectic space with a contemporary flair. With blue as the foundational color in the space, Dorota would introduce pops of earthy, warm oranges for contrast. The space also features lots of gorgeous, luxe materials like velvet, burl wood, and bone inlay—proving that she has exquisite taste and that there’s much more beneath the surface that we didn’t get to see during Gossip Girl’s run.

Gossip girls redesigned living room

Don’t Miss These Details:

  • Dorota was always a huge fan of Cindy Lauper—so, naturally, she has a framed photo of her on her nightstand.
  • A famous Polish modern art piece hangs above the sofa is a nod to her motherland, showcasing her exceptional taste and love for art.

Gossip Girl character bedroom details with fancy nightstand styling and polka dot wallpaper

Get the Look

Love Dorota’s bold and eclectic style? You can bring this look home by going bold with your wall color. Opt for something vibrant such as a blue or green. To add some sophistication, match your sofa to the wall color and create a monochromatic look. Then, add complementary pops in earth colors for subtle drama, and layer in a rug that plays on both of the main colors of the space.

For accent pieces, pick gorgeous materials such as burl wood and pieces with bone inlay to create a layered, expensive look. And don’t be afraid to add pops of fun patterns throughout (through furniture, wallpaper, and decor) to play up the eclectic vibe!

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Jenny’s Eclectic Design Studio

Jenny always had a rebellious streak and punk rock style. While she’s grown up over the past 10 years, that edgy, dramatic style remains.

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Gossip Girl home fashion studio design

The Fundamentals of Jenny’s Style

Jenny’s home office is full of bold style, while still being a super chic space—showing off the fact that she’s a total tastemaker with her finger on the pulse of all the latest trends. The glamorous space is in a loft in Brooklyn (which is a much cooler place to live now than when she was in high school), with huge rays of sun shining through the industrial windows. It’s the perfect setting for her to get creative and design stunning outfits for her growing fashion business.

The color palette of her studio is inspired by her edgy, punk rock days—with a dark wall that’s both moody and edgy, like all teenage goths. While Jenny was often in the background as Dan’s spunky younger sister, her loft shows that today she has made her way out of the wings and is a powerhouse woman, making waves in the design world.

Gossip Girl home fashion studio design

Don’t Miss These Details:

  • Jenny definitely still works in the fashion industry. So, of course, her studio would include a fashion mannequin to act as a canvas that brings her ideas to life.
  • Notice the “J for Waldorf” bag? It’s a nod to Blair and Jenny’s ongoing professional relationship.

Gossip Girl home fashion studio design

Gossip Girl home fashion studio design

Get the Look

Jenny’s studio is dramatic, glamorous, edgy, and modern. To bring this vibe into your own space, start with a dark and moody wall color to give the room some dramatic flair. Then, layer in bold, sculptural light colors and high-contrast black and white art. Fill the room with other sculptural pieces as well, choosing unexpected shapes such as bold curves and cut-outs. For a touch of luxury, use pops of brass in finishes throughout the space. Other luxurious materials you could add? Sheepskin, boucle fabric, and burl wood.

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How to Find the Best TV Stand For Your TV Size

Living room with different TV stand and TV sizes swapping in

Would you believe that the average American watches around five hours of TV per day? We’ll be the first to admit that we love TV. Here at Modsy HQ we talk about our favorite shows over lunch and we even design rooms for our favorite TV characters.

And we’re not alone; tons of Modsy customers reach out looking for living room design ideas that include televisions.

But when it comes to designing around TVs in our living rooms, we know finding the right setup isn’t always easy. From finding the best TV viewing layout for your space, to what to do with the wall behind your TV, or even how to design a living room with both a fireplace and a TV, all those design questions can be overwhelming.

But the fact is, you really just can’t enjoy a good TV binge session with a sub-par setup. So we’re taking a moment to tackle one of our biggest TV questions: What is the right size TV stand for your TV size?

And because the answer to this question actually relies heavily on seeing the end result, we’re skipping the numbers, charts, and imagination and serving up a visual TV stand buying guide instead.

Throughout our TV stand buying guide, we’ll be using media stands from West Elm’s mid-century collection for some visual continuity and to easily illustrate what the most common TV sizes will look like on various TV stand sizes! Looking for a new TV stand in your home? Sign up for a free Modsy account and shop our favorite TV stands and media consoles!

TV Stand Size Guide: The Basics

First things first. Before shopping for a TV stand, you’ll need to detrmine what size of television you have. TVs are measured diagonally—so if you don’t know your TV’s size, pull out a measuring tape and measure the distance from the lower left to upper right corner of your TV screen. It’s also worth measuring the full width of your TV. Both of these measurements will help guide which sizes of TV stands to consider.

Wondering what other pieces of furniture to include in your living room? Check out our living room checklist.

Our basic rule of thumb when choosing the right size of media stand is that it should be at least a few inches (if not feet) wider than the base of your TV. This gives your TV plenty of clearance to comfortably sit on top and helps your media set up look more visually balanced.

If you want to place decorative items like vases or books on the sides, be sure to leave extra room and opt for a wider stand to hold your TV. If this isn’t a concern of yours, no need to budget the extra space.

What Size TV Stand is Right for Me?

Ok, now you get to choose your own adventure. Once you know how large your TV is, scroll through the list of sizes below and get the scoop on the best TV stand size for you!

Want to try TV stands out in your exact room in 3D? Start a design project and see your exact room completely redecorated in life-like 3D with real furniture and decor (including TV stands!) you can shop on the spot!

a 65 inch TV on a 57-inch wide TV stand

The Best TV Stand for 65-inch TVs

For a 65-inch television, we recommend a media stand that’s at least 57-inches wide.

Consider going a little larger if you want to add any decor to the surface of the TV stand since the width of your TV here takes up the full surface of this TV stand size. But if you don’t have a ton of extra room to play with in your living room, this size will work just fine!

a 65 inch TV on an 80-inch wide TV stand

For a little extra breathing room, and more interior storage, you can try an option that’s at least 80-inches wide. This is also a great way to fill up a bit more space if you have a large, empty wall.

Shopping for a TV stand?

Try on TV stands and more in your exact room in 3D.

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a 55 inch TV on a 57-inch wide TV stand

The Best TV Stands for 55-inch TVs

Both medium and large media stands work for a 55-inch TV, so whichever you choose will depend on the amount of floor space you have to work with. But, as you can see, a 55-inch TV fits quite comfortably on this 57-inch media console (though it doesn’t leave space for decor).

a 55 inch TV on a 80-inch wide TV stand

Want to personalize your TV viewing space with some decor? A large, 80-inch media unit leaves ample room for a 55-inch TV and to display a few decorative accents!

a 43-inch TV on a 57-inch TV stand

The Best TV Stand Sizes for 43-inch TVs

A mid-sized media unit is the perfect fit for a 43-inch TV. Measuring 57-inches wide, this pairing feels perfectly balanced and leaves plenty of clearance on either side of the TV for a few small decorative accents, remote stashing, or just for some breathing room.

a 43 inch TV on a 40 inch wide TV stand

An even smaller option, a 40-inch media console also works perfectly with a 43-inch TV. This is a great option for smaller homes or apartments where space might be tight!

a 32 inch TV on a 40-inch wide TV stand

The Best TV Stand Size for 32-inch TVs

If your television isn’t the focal point of your living room, you might have a smaller screen, like a 32-inch TV. These little media units can fit almost anywhere. You’ll have plenty of space to work with, even considering the small size of the TV stand. And for a television of this size, we wouldn’t suggest going much larger for a media stand, as the set-up will look unbalanced.

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This post was updated February 20, 2021