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Survive The Holidays With These Conversation-Starting Decor Pieces

conversation starting decor ideasThe holidays are fast approaching along with the possibility of extended time with relatives. And, aside from all the fun and joy, this can often also mean awkward family dynamics, touchy subjects, controversial conversations, and a whole lot of stress.

If you’re dreading the inevitable political banter and polarizing opinions, give your guests something else to talk about— statement decor! We believe iconic interior designer Dorothy Draper said it best: “I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.” Great advice, Dorothy.

As you plan for the holidays, incorporate some conversation-starting, statement decor into your home to stop a bad conversation in its tracks. Below, we’ve rounded up pieces that are sure to make a statement more agreeable than your uncle’s political views!

statement decorBurl Wood Dining Table

Burl wood is the most luxurious and bold wood you can find—which makes it the perfect choice for a dining room table, which already sits center-stage in a room. This wood is made of the knotted part of a tree and is prized for its beauty and rarity. (This is one of those fun facts you can insert into conversation…)

And another fun fact: this table, specifically, was designed with the Roman aqueducts in mind, which you see in the continuous arches where the table and legs meet. So, gather your family around this table and enjoy the banter over the history behind your beautiful dining room table!

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Brook Four-Door Sideboard

Natural texture is the secret ingredient to making any room look put together. It’s also a great tidbit to insert into a conversation. So add some to your home with this bold credenza! The doors are covered with woven seagrass, which we can’t get enough of—and the rest of the piece is constructed of rich mahogany.

We love that this texture can blend in with any style while still making a visual statement. This woven-front credenza is also great for hiding clutter or other things you don’t want nosey visitors to get their eyes on!

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Victor Accent Chair in Mustard

Want to really get your guests talking? Add a pop of mustard velvet to your decor! This chair is about as bold as they come and will help your whole living room pop with energy. It features an unexpected but sophisticated design, with its angular back. And the deep seat means this chair is extra comfy. (The perfect retreat for anyone who wants to escape a conversation!)

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statement decorWaterfall Inlay Console Table

We’re in love with this bone-inlaid, art deco console table. Art deco, as a decor style, showed up in full force in the 1920s. It’s a style that celebrates modernity with fine craftsmanship and rich materials, and give more than a nod toward luxury and glamour.

Around the time of World War II, functionality took over in design — but art deco had a major comeback in the 1980s. Today, we’re seeing throwbacks to that 80s brand of art deco. Namely, this table. It’s perfect for starting conversations about art history — or your favorite music, movies, and cultural moments from the 80s!

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Macon Club Chair in Gray

This chair has it all: it’s comfy, stylish, and features elements that can get your guests talking! We love the unexpected combination of the dark velvet cushions with the wood and cane frame. It offers a traditional look with a modern flair, but it’s also practical. (The back and seat cushion are removable for easy cleaning—perfect if there are kids around or guests prone to spilling!)

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statement sofaCurvo Pink Velvet Sofa

Talk about a conversation starter. This stunning pink velvet sofa is a major decor statement. With its asymmetrical curved back and fluid lines, your guests won’t be able to help themselves from talking about it. Plus, it’s a great opening to discuss two of our favorite design trends: curved furniture and velvet, both of which this sofa has in spades.

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Maddox Table Lamp Brass

This table lamp nods to another of our favorite design trends: industrial lighting. Its black marble base and off-center, matte brass shade result in a visually stunning lamp that’s hard not to comment on. It’s just so interesting to look at! And—bonus—its sculptural aesthetic will give a cool, edgy vibe to your space.

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statement decor ideasNomad Rug in Beige

Lay the foundation for good conversations with this gorgeous rug. The traditional, ethnic pattern and rich, gorgeous colors make a major statement. When your guests ask about it—because they certainly will—you can tell them about its hand-knotted construction and how it’s made of 100% jute, which has loads of benefits.

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statement decorLightbearer Table Lamp in Gold

This whimsical lamp will capture your guests’ attention. And with good reason. This brass lamp has that one-of-a-kind feeling in a way that’s charming, strange, and captivating, all at once. Put it in your guest room or on display in the living room for a quirky conversation starter. This statement decor piece is so offbeat, you could even take turns making up stories of how this eclectic lamp came into being and made its way into your home!

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Woven Raffia Pieces from All Across Africa

Do you like decor that not only looks good, but has a good story to tell? Then you’ll love these woven pieces from All Across Africa. Each piece is hand-woven in raffia by artisans in Sub-Saharan Africa. The goal of this company is to create sustainable jobs that help individuals provide for their families. Each of these gorgeous, sustainable pieces (and the artisans who made them) have a story to tell—and that’s something that could keep your family talking for hours!

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Brass Bird Side Table

This brass side table is another quirky conversation starter. Its playful, modern design features minimalist bird legs connecting the round base to the tabletop surface. It’s the perfect resting place for a cocktail, and is so offbeat, it’ll get your guests laughing!

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statement decorKnuba Wall Art

Have some fun with your wall art! Artist Alex Kostinskyi is known for his avant garde style, and this piece is no exception. It’s sure to stop anyone in their tracks and provides a starting point for funny, lighthearted conversations.

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Try On These Statement Decor Pieces In Your Space

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dining room ideas for entertaining

6 Ways To Prep Your Dining Room for Entertaining

Whether you’re entertaining for the holidays or just hosting a morning brunch with friends, your dining room is at the center of it all. With all the work that goes into planning a meal for multiple people, the last thing you want is to stress about your decor.

To help you avoid any pre-hosting stress, we rounded up our favorite tips to get your dining room ready to go before guests descend. Here are the dining room ideas we love and are sure to help you get fully prepped for a revolving door of dinner parties, brunches, and whatever else comes your way.

Read on for a few dining room ideas that will help you shine as the hostess with the mostest!

dining room ideas for holiday entertaining1. Always Have Extra (and Comfy) Seating

Comfortable chairs can make long dinners much more enjoyable. If you like a little extra cushion, consider matching sets that are fully upholstered or have nice plush seats.

If you have room to spare, extra chairs are always great to have on hand in case of unexpected, or last-minute guests.

Short on space? Dining chairs are versatile so try placing extras in your entryway or home office. They won’t use up square footage unnecessarily, and you can easily pull them into your dining space in a pinch.

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dining room ideas for entertaining2. Be Realistic About Headcount

Big dinners are a holiday given, so be cognizant of how many people your dining room can accommodate comfortably.

If you have the space to entertain a big crowd, make sure everyone has a spacious spot at the table. A table with extendable leaves is a great solve for hosting large groups in smaller spaces.

dining room ideas for holiday entertaining3. Take Time to Outfit Your Table

Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast for 12 or an intimate valentines day dinner for two, a thoughtfully set table is always memorable.

Channel the colors of the season and pick a combination of your favorite three to guide the palette for your table scape.

If you’ve been thinking about new dishes, silverware or glassware, now is the time to go for it as you gear up to entertain.

dining room ideas for holiday entertaining4. Prepare a Serving Station

Half the challenge of entertaining is being present with your guests.

Setting up a sideboard or a buffet where you can create a bar and a serving station for food, appetizers and dessert means you won’t have to dash back and forth from the kitchen.

In a smaller dining room, try a simple bar cart topped with drinks and light nibbles.

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dining room ideas for holiday entertaining5. Add Good Mood Lighting

Beyond candlelight, make sure your dining room is well-lit all around – overhead, along the walls, or a table lamp or two placed strategically on a buffet or a small table.

The idea is to have enough lighting around your dining room so that you can easily switch off a few to create a moody ambience.

If you have a single pendant above the dining table, consider hanging a chandelier for a show-stopping light source that adds more sparkle.

dining room ideas for holiday entertaining6. Warm Up Your Floors

A captivating rug is sure to set a cozy, festive note. Choose a low-pile option (one that’s not shaggy) in a color or pattern that draws focus to your dining table.

Or opt for a natural-fiber rug with a large-scale design that’s easy on the eyes and stands up to foot traffic. (These can also handle the occasional spill, because let’s face it – it happens).

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Get your dining room ready for hosting!