13 Summer-Ready Living Room Design Ideas

Summer is almost here! And while usually, the change of weather means vacation season is about to take off and many of us will soon be lazing about outdoors, savoring those long summer afternoons and breezy nights.

This year, however, many of us will be spending more time indoors. That means it’s all the more important to find creative ways to celebrate the season, get warm-weather inspiration, and bring the vacation vibes into our living rooms. Whether it’s adding in some linen pillows or swapping in some beachy art, there’s no shortage of living room design ideas for brightening up your spaces for the sunny days ahead.

To help you kick things off, though, we’ve rounded up our best tips to give your space a vibrant refresh. Read on and get ready for some major summer living room inspiration!

living room inspiration1. Invite Bright Colors

If you’re looking for a bold dose of living room inspiration, nothing says summer like bright hues. It doesn’t mean you have to go full-on neon, but you can skip the cozy neutrals and springy pastels. Opt for saturated colors that bring the vibrant energy and cheer of summer indoors to your living room design.

Design Tip: Experiment with color concepts, such as shades that recall ice cream flavors or scenic hues, like sunset pinks, ocean blues, and minty greens.

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living room inspiration2. Bring Plants Indoors

When it comes to foolproof living room design ideas that work in any size or style space, embrace the whole indoor-outdoor living vibe by adding vibrant greenery and plant-inspired decor. Whether it’s a tall potted tree or a series of botanical prints, these lush accents make for instant mood-boosters in any room.

Design Tip: A fiddle-leaf ficus tree is always a welcome sight in a living room, but if you’re hesitant about big plants, try smaller ones like a snake plant or philodendron, which provide a lot of visual texture.

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living room inspiration3. Swap in Breezy Textiles

An easy way to freshen up your living room decor for summer is to swap out your heavy textiles from the colder months. From linen curtains to cotton throw blankets, light and breathable fabrics are a surefire way to open up your space to the breezy and warm summer weather.

Design Tip: Sheers are a wonderfully light and gorgeous window treatment for summer. They have a way of diffusing light that gives rooms a soft and soothing atmosphere. They also pair beautifully with linen, which is a favored summer material thanks to its breathable construction.

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living room inspiration4. Rotate Your Pillow Covers

Speaking of textiles, one of our favorite budget-friendly living room ideas for summer is to switch up pillow covers. It’s easy and is certain to add visual impact. Look for covers that feature colors and motifs that celebrate the summer season, be it bright and cheery orange or crisp and classic blue-and-white. It can be whatever you like as long as the covers remind you of summer and bring the colors of the outdoors in.

Design Tip: For a foolproof summer pillow mix, start with a foundation of blue and white (or any two-tone combination you love), then pull in one contrasting bright color for pop. Keep the rest of your pillow covers to shades of those three colors and you’re sure to have a palette that feels curated and cohesive.

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living room inspiration5. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

There’s no better time to get rid of clutter than this transitional period right before summer takes off. Having things you don’t need or use out can add to the visual frenzy in your living room, so take a weekend to do a thorough home edit. This is especially crucial in small living rooms where space is at a premium.

Design Tip: Enlist the help of storage baskets, floating bookshelves, and coffee tables and ottomans with built-in compartments that let you easily stow things out of sight. Plus, fewer things means less organizing and dusting—and who doesn’t love that?

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living room inspiration6. Pop in Fun Patterns

Celebrate summer with patterned living room decor! Think pillows, rugs, and even art that show off fun designs, like a blue-and-white geometric, block prints, and cool boho medallions. Even just a few eye-catching printed accents will add energy and personality to your living room.

Design Tip: Mix together pieces that have large-scale and small-scale patterns alike. It will help give your space a balanced look. Keeping to a cohesive color scheme, like shades of green or black and white tones, will also help make your living room look curated rather than chaotic.

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best living room designs7. Trade In Your Rugs

Like textiles, take to replacing any wool rugs and sheepskins with warm-weather options, like kilims, natural-fiber foundations, or indoor-outdoor rugs. These summer-friendly rugs are not only great for high-traffic rooms, they’ll also add soft and durable texture underfoot. Not to mention, by changing up your floor covering, it’ll also usher in a fresh perspective that renders your living room furniture in a new light.

Design Tip: Layer your rugs to give your living room a foundation that’s both comfy and strong. Start with a natural-fiber rug, then layer on a kilim or flat-weave for a burst of color. This makes for a stylish space that’s perfectly suited for well beyond the summer months.

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living room inspiration8. Pull in Summer-Ready Storage

The best part about the summer months is that you can ready your space without making any major changes to your living room furniture. It’s about organizing and refreshing your decor, meaning stylish and well-designed storage is key.

We love bringing in lots of natural-fiber and woven baskets, which are pretty and portable and they lend a touch of summer texture. Spread an array of different style woven baskets throughout your home, from your living room to your entry, to corral books and even kids’ toys within easy reach at all times. This is one of our favorite ideas for living room storage that’s also stylish.

Design Tip: Much like art and pillows, baskets can make a chic style statement when used en masse, so go for the sets and multiples when you’re shopping for them. Trust us, you’ll find a use for all of them in your home decorating efforts year-round!

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living room inspiration9. Revamp Your Bar

When it comes to summer living room ideas, it doesn’t get easier or more festive than a bar that’s set up and ready for summer cocktails (or mocktails). The great thing about a summer bar is that you don’t even need a bar cart; simply restyle any console, sideboard, or table surface with some stemware, coupes, tumblers, glasses, and bar essentials. Then just decorate your bar with art and plants, and you’re good to go.

Design Tip: Nothing beats a fully stocked summer bar cart, so if you’ve been contemplating setting up a drinks station at home, this is the best time to do so. The great thing about investing in a bar cart is that you’ll also be set for the holiday season, which is likely when you’ll really be using this handy piece of furniture the most.

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living room inspiration10. Bring the Vacation to You

Since many of us are likely not going on big trips this summer, it’s all the more reason to layer in living room decor that turns your home into a mini escape with major vacation vibes. Start by incorporating decorative accents that speak to your favorite travel destinations, like an indoor palm tree or a Moroccan tile coffee table or pouf. This is definitely the time to work in any decor pieces you purchased on past family trips.

Design Tip: If you want to take it one step further, you can give your living room a major refresh by changing up your accents to reflect the color scheme of your favorite tropical getaway. The idea is to keep the atmosphere fun and reminiscent of a true vacation escape. So don’t hold back in transforming your ideal living room getaway!

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living room inspiration11. Swap in Summery Art

On the topic of bringing the vacation into your home, art with summery vibes is a perfect way to do that. Consider designs that feature palms and leafy motifs, beach and landscape photography, and framed photographs and prints from past family vacations. The important thing is to keep to bright colors and patterns that captivate and inspire a breezy, vibrant summer look and feel. It’s an easy way to change up your living room design with little effort.

Design Tip: You can even make room-to-room swaps, like moving art in the bedroom into the living room, if you don’t want to purchase any new pieces!

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living room inspiration12. Restyle Your Surfaces

If you’re looking for living room ideas that don’t require any major color or furniture updates, rearrange your surface decor with a few simple accents. You can swap in new coffee table books, add a new object or sculpture to your bookcases, hang new art on the wall, or add a vase or two to your fireplace mantel. These small tweaks have the power to instantly shake up the look in your main living spaces.

Design Tip: If you’re not one for a lot of accents, try bringing in some fresh summer blooms. They’re one of our favorite summer decor ideas to usher in a bit of color, pattern, and texture all at once.

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living room inspiration13. Try New Summery Scents

Last but not least, welcome summer by switching up the scents and fragrances in your living spaces. A scented candle that’s light and airy can set a breezy mood while diffusers and tealights that smell of the ocean can instantly transport you and your family from your home to the beach.

Design Tip: Poke around and find scents that resonate with you. The only rule is to make sure it recalls breezy and laid-back summer days.

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Get Your Living Room Summer-Ready!

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June New Arrivals – Meet the Latest Additions to the Modsy Catalog

June new arrivalsThe sun is out, the weather is warming up, and we’re officially changing up our decor for summer! We’re constantly adding new pieces to the Modsy catalog, but today we are celebrating what’s new this month – welcome the June new arrivals!

This month is all about dabbling in a new trend, or two, so we’re highlighting a few of our favorite trendy pieces. So if you’re looking for an easy way to refresh your space for summer or are just getting inspired, look no further than our June new arrivals!

A closer look at a few of our favorites

June new arrivals

1. Rug Printed Ottoman

The perfect addition to any eclectic or boho space, this overdyed rug-inspired ottoman might be our current obsession from the June new arrivals. Top it with a brass tray and use it as a coffee table, or clear it off and offer it up as an extra stylish place to sit when you have company.

2. Victoria Rug

If you don’t have a summer vacation planned, this gorgeous, 100% wool rug might just be the next best thing. We can’t decide if it’s magical pattern or sumptuous texture is the best thing about it. Shop it for your space and decide for yourself!

June new arrivals3. David Side Table

Part side table, part dresser… How ever you use it you can’t deny this piece brings it with major storage and some serious style. We love its versatility and how it fits in perfectly to modern, eclectic, and even rustic interiors.

4. Ashwell Table Lamp

Speaking of versatility, it doesn’t get much better than the Ashwell table lamp, which also fits in practically any style. The juxtaposition between its glazed and natural base add texture and intrigue to any room! We’re looking forward to using this piece in rooms for years to come.

June new arrivals5. Granby Wall Mirror

Is that a stop sign or the Granby mirror? But really, how many people do you know with octagon-shaped decor? Aside from its shape, the Granby mirror brings a little something special to any space, be it from the rustic wood or weathered texture.

6. Kolla Bottle Vase

Sometimes the hardest part of styling a mantle or a bookcase is finding accents that bring the height. If you’re looking for that perfect piece to bring balance to your decor moment, look no further than the Kolla Bottle Vase. Its global vibe and black and white geometry bring visual texture and its slim profile makes it an easy win for your mantle.

June new arrivals7. Andorra Basket

We love organizing with baskets, and this petite navy number from our June new arrivals is the perfect addition to our obsession. It’s both sturdy and soft, making it perfect for blanket or pillow storage, an easy place to stash kiddo clutter, or even to use as a planter.

8. Telestar Floor Lamp

Add a little rustic industrial elegance to your home with the Telestar floor lamp. We paired ours with a slim-lined linen sofa to strike the perfect balance of hard and soft.

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May New Arrivals – Here’s What’s New in the Modsy Catalog

May new arrivalsIt’s that time again! Out with the old and in with the new… Our top picks from our May new arrivals are here and they’re ready to shop! This month, we’re embracing all the summer vibes with trends like natural materials and summery color palettes.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to refresh your space for the new season or are just in the market for a new rug (or lamp, or set of pillows…) look no further than our May new arrivals!

Shop the May New Arrivals!

A closer look at a few of our favorites

May new arrivals

1. Brook Sideboard

Add a pop of texture to your living room, entryway, or even dining room with this woven-door sideboard from Noir Furniture. Only available through select retailers, this piece is oh-so unique and a great way to bring the natural materials trend home in a long-lasting way.

2. Dilan Safari Chair

Sit yourself at the crossroads of mid-century modern and eclectic design in this accent chair. We love the mid-century details of the frame paired with the woven leather seat, which adds an eclectic boho touch to any space.

3. Circus Table Lamp

If you’re in need of a lamp that is both unique and versatile, the Circus Table Lamp from Jamie Young has you covered. The white ceramic base and linen shade combo feel at home in any style, while the circular detailing gives this lamp that “special something” that will have all your friends asking where it’s from.

May new arrivals

4. Skye Rug

The Skye rug collection is one of the best May new arrivals to hit the Modsy catalog. Available in a wide selection of colors and sizes, these rugs give you the vintage boho look you want, all at a price you can actually afford.

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5. Potted Faux Bird of Paradise

Instantly liven up any interior with this I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-real bird of paradise plant. A limited edition design, we’ve partnered with one of the industry-leading makers of faux botanicals to create ultra-durable faux plants that look so real you’ll have to remind yourself NOT to water them.

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6. Sunday Market Wall Art

A composition of neutral motifs, this artwork from Anthropologie is one of our favorite May new arrivals. The colors feel warm and hint at summer without being too bright or tropical. Add it to your entryway or bedroom for some instant summer vibes!

May new arrivals7. Sweater Weave Kindling Basket

Add some chunky texture to your space with this woven basket number! Handmade from woven palm leaves, this basket is reinforced with a rattan frame so it won’t look saggy in a few month’s (or even year’s) time.

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8. Moth Print 3 in Shadowbox

Filling out your cabinet of curiosities? This moth shadowbox print is the perfect addition to a gallery wall or even hung on it’s own as an intimate decor moment.

Bring the May new arrivals home!