Designing a Yellow Room? Designers Want You to Know These Tips

Bold-colored rooms are making a major splash in the interior design world this year. More and more people are moving away from neutral color palettes and adding bold washes of color into their spaces, whether adding it to the whole room through a wall color or just pops of it in the decor. And one of the bold colors we’re seeing the most of? Yellow.

Yellow is traditionally thought of as a “happy color” and introduces warmth into a space. You can use yellow in a big way to anchor a room, or simply as an accent color if you prefer just a splash. But even one pop of yellow in a certain area can transform a space—which can’t be said of all colors. It’s a powerful and transformative color!

Some people veer away from yellow because it can be too dominating or polarizing. However, when creating a yellow room design, that doesn’t mean your room needs to be egg-yolk yellow head to toe! There are so many different shades of yellow to choose from. But yellow is definitely more challenging to design with than neutrals, blues, or earth tones. So you do have to be more intentional and considerate of the other colors and hues you use within a yellow room design.

Pro Tip: Yellow pairs best with really dark woods or really light woods. Veer away from yellow if you’re working with mid-tone woods that already have warm undertones, since yellow walls or decor will bring out the yellow in a mid-tone wood. And then you’ll end up with a head-to-toe yellow-on-yellow space!

Ready to incorporate some yellow into your room designs? Today, we’ll want to walk you through some yellow interior design ideas and give you some of our best tips for designing with yellow! Want an expert’s take on your space? Start an online interior design project and work with a designer to bring the yellow room of your dreams to life!

Rooms With Yellow Walls

Yellow walls—whether it’s all four walls of a room or just an accent wall—will add a bright, cheerful vibe to your space. But there are many different shades of yellow you can choose from, and each will add something a little different to a room. This is one of our favorite yellow wall colors to use. It’s earthy and veers more on the “mustard” side of yellow, and its gray undertones make it more forgiving to design around. But keep reading to see examples of other shades of yellow that we love!

An aside: Yellow is considered a “gender neutral” color. As a result, we see it widely used in children’s rooms and nurseries for its happy, cheerful, and calming nature.

Create Balance With Simple Furniture Forms

Sleek and streamlined furniture adds balance with bolder colors, as they don’t add more visual colors. So, when decorating a yellow room, balance the bold colors with simple furniture so your brain doesn’t have too much to process in one space!

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yellow roomIncorporate Natural Textures

When painting a room yellow, you can tone down its vibrancy by incorporating natural textures into the space. Since yellow is a color found in nature, there’s a natural cohesiveness to this combination—and it makes it so the yellow still feels cheery but not so aggressive and loud, especially in a smaller space like this breakfast nook.

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yellow roomPlay With A Primary Color Palette

Primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) make for a classic color palette. These three colors play well together and balance each other out. And opting for a primary color palette doesn’t mean using the brightest or most traditional shades of these colors. Here, we created a multicolor palette with dusty, moody pastel takes on this classic color combo. Fun fact: A multicolor palette is actually one of our most popular living room color schemes!

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yellow roomMix Subtle And Bold Shades

This room is subtle, and not. The subtle is found in the super light yellow that’s more of a neutral than a wash of color. But that is enhanced with accent pillows and wall art—both in bolder shades of yellow, as well as a mix of contrasting colors like blues, oranges, and greens! The result is a vibrant and cheery space!

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Paint An Accent Wall

If you’re not ready to go full-throttle with yellow, incorporate just a taste of it through an accent wall. It doesn’t overwhelm the space but definitely gives it a point of view. Pairing a yellow accent wall with a pink rug that’s equally bright and vibrant is another way to add balance, but in more of a bold manner.

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Make It Mustard!

Just because you’re painting a wall yellow doesn’t mean it has to be the traditional bright, sunshiney yellow. Mustard also counts! Mustard adds an earthy quality to a space and contrasts nicely with blues and greens. While we paired mustard with some brighter blues, you could also go for a moody, earth-tone look, which would pair perfectly with mustard.

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Incorporating Yellow into Furniture and Decor

If you don’t want to paint your walls yellow, you can still design a room where yellow is the predominant color. Consider using accents that are in the yellow spectrum to add cheer to your space—through pillows, vases, throws, hints in artwork, or even the flowers you choose for a space.

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Go Bold With Yellow Furniture

If you want to stick with white or neutral paint colors, decorating with big pops of yellow in furniture and decor is a great way to add contrast and warmth to the space. To establish yellow as the main color in the room, choose a piece of furniture that’s yellow. (In this case, a bedroom chair. It could also be a mustard sofa in a living room!) This will ground yellow as the primary color in the room. Then, layer in pops of yellow through pillows, art, and other decor to support the color scheme.

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yellow roomMix Yellow With High-Contrast Neutrals

We love a good high-contrast neutral space. But if you want to spice up a grayscale or black and white room, mix in pops of yellow. Here, two different shades of yellow adds a touch of contrast and brightness to the space without taking away from the edgy feel of this room.

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yellow roomEmbrace All The Colors

Instead of having yellow as the main color in your space, you could also opt for something like pink, peach, or blue, and then just have hints of different shades of yellow within the overall design. This will brighten the mood and overall color scheme of the space for a more dynamic look! This is great if you love color—another case of beautiful multicolor room designs! In this bedroom, yellow is a major supporting color without being the only color in the room.

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Balance With Blue

If you don’t want to go all-out multicolor, but don’t want yellow to be the only color in the room, balance it out with blue. Yellow and blue is an easy color scheme for beginners, and the combination results in a bright, high-contrast space. The coolness of blue helps counteract the energizing vibrancy of yellow and creates a really nice vibe. Incorporate natural wood throughout the space for an even more grounding effect. Pops of punchy patterns in blue also adds a vusal counterpoint that helps break up all the yellow!

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Ready to incorporate yellow into your room’s design?

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summer colors

The Colors of Summer – 4 Rooms Designed in the Style of Our Favorite Cities

summer colorsSummer is finally upon us! It’s the season of fresh air, sunshine, and flowers in bloom. And what better way to celebrate the changing seasons than by giving your home a revitalizing update! If you ask us, color is the key to spritzing up any room, and the sunny shades of summer can add warmth and bring the outdoors in! Whether it’s a vibrant new sofa, a fresh coat of paint, or festive poufs that help brighten up a room, there are plenty of ways you can approach a makeover with summer colors.

In addition to long days and laid-back nights, summer is all about vacations and traveling! You can find color wherever you go, but there are some places that have especially eye-catching palettes. We’re feeling inspired by the summer colors of 4 of our favorite travel destinations – Greece, Southern France, Miami, and Santa Fe!

To get in the spirit of summer (and satisfy our wanderlust), we designed these interiors based on the iconic summer colors of our dream travel destinations. Take a look and get inspired!

summer colorsColors of Greece

Bring the serene luxury of Greece to your home with a mix of blue and white hues. This room contrasts the soothing sea blue on the walls with pristine white furniture, just like the Greek isle architecture set against the ocean. The shades of Greece create a contemporary, eclectic interior with a classic edge.

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summer colors

To warm up the dramatic white in the room, blend in natural materials and textures like a woven rattan rug, linen slipcovers on the sofa and weathered wood details. Organic patterns and decorative accents like the dreamy beach paintings and the vivid, natural greens help bring the outside in. And eclectic accents like the wicker chair, the hanging pendant lamp, and the crisp, elegant vases are an essential part of this Santorini summer style.

summer colorsColors of Miami

Miami is the kind of place that inspires you to look and feel your best. The elevated attitude comes from the aesthetic here, an elegant chic look that you can find in everything from the city’s tropical vibes to the gorgeous scenery to the sleek, sultry nightlife. Use bright, vibrant colors to set a dramatic tone – after all, Miami is not afraid to make a statement!

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summer colors

The vivid teal here is center stage and orange and yellow accents along with plenty of big, leafy plants help round out the tropical look. Opt for modern or mid-century furniture to mimic the Deco vibes of South Beach. And then add in eclectic contemporary accents like the funky chandelier, super mod artwork, and splashes of white against the dark teal wall.

summer colorsColors of Santa Fe

For a chill summer vibe, look to the gorgeous Santa Fe palette of terracottas, oranges, and blues. This New Mexico city makes a perfect design statement with the adobe architecture and desert landscapes set against the deep blue sky.

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We designed this room with a Southwest feel, setting the tone with a sandstone wall. Incorporate contrasting colors like royal blues, rich browns and striking white that help complete the earthy look – and bonus points for using accents pieces with midcentury undertones.

summer colors

Raw materials like the woven leather of the chair, the funky rustic wood of the coffee tables and raw metals look great in this wild desert scheme. Then finish off the look with the essential flavors of the desert Southwest, like Cacti, cow horns, pelts and skulls, and tribal prints in muted tones.

summer colorsColors of Southern France

This Summer, say “Oui!” to the beautiful interior design style of Southern France. This region is famous for its magnificent sceneries, including the stunning lavender fields and the soft, natural tones of the countryside.

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summer colors

The Southern French palette stars with neutrals like soft whites, beiges, and creams for the walls and the large furniture pieces. Add in lilac and green accent pieces, art, and decor to evoke the blossoming meadows of Provence. Floral patterns and houseplants warm up the space and vintage elements, like the mirror and hanging lamp, and help give the room more texture. Classic furniture pieces in light tones create a rural coziness and simplicity while the ornate details lend the room a touch of antiquity.

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