Design Dilemma: How to Mix Styles In a Cohesive Way

It’s fun to begin to pinpoint your personal interior design style and design a home around that style. But very few people are drawn to one pure style. Rather, most people end up with personal design styles that are a mix of a few different styles. And many people’s preferences evolve over time as well. This means designing a space that incorporates multiple styles and mixes them together.

And if you live with a partner or roommates, you’re not just designing a space with your own preferred mix of styles, but you have to keep theirs in mind, too. And that also means mixing together even more style points-of-view on the overall design of your home.

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed with how to combine styles in a shared space or just how to mix your own preferences together into one cohesive look, take a deep breath and keep reading. We’ve chatted with a few of our Modsy designers—who are experts in combining multiple interior design styles into one space. Today, they’re sharing some essential shared space design tips for mixing decor styles within a home!

Read on for some of our designers’ tips on how to mix styles!

how to mix styles

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1. Pinpoint Your Personal Style

You can’t start designing a space until you’ve pinpointed your personal style. Not sure where to begin? Browse some interior design ideas to pull inspiration for what style features, furniture, color palettes, and layouts you like. And don’t forget to take our style quiz to help you further drill down on your preferred design styles! Learning to name the styles you’re drawn toward will make it easier to figure out ways to merge those styles.

Once you’ve identified your preferred style (and everyone you live with, if you’re designing a shared space), you can start working toward combining elements from your ideal design styles for a cohesive home that represents everyone in the home and uniquely brings to life your shared style.

Bonus Listening: Check out episode 1 of Modsy’s podcast, The Render, to discover your personal interior design style and learn what it says about you!

how to mix styles

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2. Make Function a Top Priority

Instead of immediately getting caught up in how to mix and match the detailed elements of your design styles, start by taking a step back. When designing a room, the layout and function of the space should be established first. So, landing on the layout and the way you want to use the space will give you a solid foundation from which to build the design. This can also help you narrow in on style options for your space.

So, think about if you prefer a more formal or casual layout and how you want the space to function. Do you prefer the formality of symmetry or a more laid-back vibe? Or maybe you want something in the middle? It all depends on how you want to use the space and how you want to feel within the space. Let the function help guide your to mix styles

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3. Find Common Ground

Even if the styles you’re drawn to seem like they’re on opposite ends of the style spectrum—like glam and industrial or traditional and modern—you can almost always find a little bit of common ground. Take glam and industrial styles for example. At a glance, you’d think they have nothing in common. But look a little closer, and you’ll notice that both of these styles celebrate the use of the material as an ornament. While glam spaces tend to have more polished, sophisticated finishes and industrial design celebrates raw, rugged materials, you can find some common ground through glam materials in a more raw finish, like a marble side table. The same goes for mixing modern and traditional furniture. While these styles have very different sensibilities, both prioritize comfort in their foundational furniture. That commonality can help guide design choices in your space.

In this, keep things cohesive by not swinging too far on either side of the design spectrum. Instead, stay more “middle of the road” with design elements from each style.
how to mix styles

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4. Choose Furniture That Brings in Elements of Each Style

The furniture you choose is a great way to bring the many elements of your design style together. Use furniture shapes, materials, and finishes as a way to speak to each style. In the design above, the coffee table has traditional spindle legs, but the finish is more rustic. The accent chair has more modern lines, but the aged leather leans traditional. And having the fireplace and mantel as a focal point in the room is a very traditional move—but painting it all white is a very modern, minimalist approach. These are just small examples of how to bring in elements of multiple design styles into single pieces, which begins to impact the overall look of the space.

Another great tip to keep in mind? Many Transitional-style pieces are naturally “middle-of-the-road,” stylistically. So, Transitional furniture can provide a simple, almost neutral foundation if you’re struggling to mix your two styles.

how to mix styles

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5. Add Personal Touches

When you add decorative objects to a room, you have the opportunity to bring your own personal touch to the space, giving it a unique flair that helps drive home your personal style. This is a great way to bridge the multiple styles you’re mixing within a room. These personal touches could be objects from your travels, things you picked up during special events and mementos that are meaningful—like framed photos of your family or pets. Adding personal items helps a space feel more personalized and comforting, and in a shared space, it adds that extra element of building a space together.

Need a little extra help? Online interior design is a great way for partners to begin mixing design styles. Our designers are pros at combining design styles and can help you mix multiple styles into your home. And, with Modsy’s life-like 3D designs, you can try out different furniture and decor and confidently land on a design you love.

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Breaking the Rules: 9 Ways to Play With Scale and Proportion in Unexpected Ways

If you’ve seen our guide to scale and proportion, you already know they’re important decorating principles, just like symmetrical balance in interior design.

For a quick refresher, scale and proportion refer to how things relate in size visually (and physically) in a room. Having the right scale and proportion across your furniture and decor will give your space a more balanced look and feel. For example, you want to pair a spacious sectional with a coffee table that’s relatively large in size.

But sometimes you have to toss the rules. Consider a large sofa paired with a non-rectangular rug or a room with just one giant art piece. These are examples of how by breaking the rules of scale and proportion, you can create moments that add drama and visual impact to a room.

We recommend understanding the rules before trying to break them, of course. You can always check out our interior design 101 guides to make sure you have the decorating basics down.

Otherwise, here are a few of our favorite unexpected ways to play with scale and proportion!

breaking the rules of scale and proportion1. Play With A Large Rug Size

A rug that’s proportional to the size of your room is key. Which means a very large room with high ceilings can be tricky. Consider a large cowhide or an irregularly shaped rug.

In this bedroom, the size of the cowhide rug helps to offset the large space and high ceilings. It does so by drawing the eye down and towards the bed, the main focus of the room. Additionally, whereas a rectangular rug would have felt rigid in such a large room, the cowhide’s organic shape breaks up the straight lines and gives the overall space a more effortless look and feel. And because it’s placed at an angle, with part of the rug under the bed, it helps to ease up the flow of the overall space by making the room feel open but not vast and empty.

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breaking the rules of scale and proportion

2. Contrast With A Floor Vase

Large-scale decor pieces meant for your floors are a great way to play with scale in a room. Try a giant floor vase that visually matches up in size and proportion to your furniture.

In this corner, the floor vase is far larger than any of the other decorative pieces. What it also does is serve as a second focal point that evens out the cabinet. Its scale is almost that of a small tree plant rather than an accent. Next to the large sideboard, it fits into the space by way of its size and becomes a decorative touch that goes one step further to add impact beyond the other objects and accents.

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breaking the rules of scale and proportion

3. Offset With Statement Art

Adding large art is a surefire way to play with the visual scale and proportion in a space. Try hanging a single art piece in a room as a way to create focus and balance.

In this living space, a large-scale artwork is tucked behind a small side table, filling a space but also helping to center the focus of the room. By hanging it off to the side between the sofa and the table, it directs attention to the side table area by way of its large size. At the same time, it also helps to balance out the substantially sized sofa.

breaking the rules of scale and proportion

4. Activate Walls With Small Art

On the opposite end of the spectrum, small art can add just as much drama to a space when used to set off empty wall space.

In this bedroom, the art piece helps to “activate” the negative wall space, meaning it’s the only break on the intentionally bare walls. What it does here is raise the overall focus in the room by being placed slightly above the rest of the low-profile furniture. That ultimately guides our eye up towards the art and ultimately makes the furniture seem less low to the ground. You can even play with hanging small art a bit higher for a more dramatic effect, but the key is to make sure it’s not hung so high that it feels out-of-place or simply floating.

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breaking the rules of scale and proportion

5. Juxtapose With Mismatched Nightstands

Mismatched furniture is another way you can purposefully break up scale and proportion in a room. The easiest place to start mixing up your furniture is with bedroom nightstands, which usually come in pairs or sets.

In this bedroom, the tall dresser offsets the size of the small side table to the right of the bed. The dresser’s large size and structured form is the complete opposite of the small, thin, and delicate side table. The result is a look boldly contrasted in scale, proportion, and every other way. However, by positioning a pendant light above the small table, it adds height and balances out the overall space.

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breaking the rules of scale and proportion

6. Break It Up With Lighting

Lighting is one of the most common accents you can use to break up scale and proportion in a room. Depending on where they’re placed, they can add major visual impact.

In this living room, the hanging pendants and floor lamps are sculptural and dramatic and they offer a hint of shape and form against the white walls. For instance, the floor lamp arms extend high over the low-profile back of the sofa but it doesn’t feel out of place. Instead, it contrasts with the low sofa in a way that pulls together the design of the room. In the same way, our eye is guided up by the pendant, which visually bridges the mantel and artwork with the furniture.

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breaking the rules of scale and proportion

7. Experiment With Gallery Wall Size

Gallery walls are often super organic in shape, which makes them fun to experiment within a space. You can easily scale yours up or down for a gallery wall size that’s focused or expansive. How you do it is up to you.

For this bedside, the gallery wall takes over the space in a way that not only draws attention to the art but also steers the focus away from the bed. That’s because the size and scale of the gallery wall as a whole are much larger than the headboard, which gives the art a more commanding presence in the room. If you’re working with a plain white upholstered bed, this is a great way to spread the focus in your room.

breaking the rules of scale and proportion

8. Anchor Spots With Large Decor

Similar to a large floor vase, you can scale up or down your decorative objects intentionally depending on where and how they might fit into your space.

In this living room, the oversize white organic vase on the coffee table has a larger scale that stands out among the other decorative pieces in the room. So it helps ground the center of the space. Additionally, because there aren’t layers of pillows on the sofa, the vase actually feels proportionately balanced among the furnishings. However, if you’re going for this look, consider all the other elements in your room first, so that you don’t overcrowd your space visually with large objects and “stuff.”

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breaking the rules of scale and proportion

9. Create Focus With Small Wall Accents

Small mirrors and artwork are often placed in unexpected places, where they can offset the focus. Try layering a small mirror with large furnishings to switch up sightlines and draw the eye.

In this living area, an antique mirror placed above a large-scale dresser is equally captivating despite its smaller size. Moreover, the decorative objects on the dresser help round out the look and add to the look by making the difference in scale appear intentional and intriguing.

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19 Ways To Style An Oversized Floor Mirror

Besides giving you a full-length look of your outfit and your gorgeous face, an oversized mirror is the ultimate statement piece for any room. You can lean an oversized floor mirror in a corner in the bedroom for an instant dressing area or you can hang one in the hallway to make it look longer and more spacious. An oversized floor mirror can also open up a small space when it’s tucked away behind plants or a sofa.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up the best ways to style large mirrors into your space, no matter the style or type of room you’re designing. Find out more below!

Need help finding a mirror? Discover the best mirrors curated by our designers..neutral bedroom design with a light wood dresser and an oversized floor mirror

1. Bring in a Contemporary View

Floor mirrors are perfect accents in contemporary bedrooms. The large mirror next to this streamlined dresser makes getting ready more convenient as well as balances out the scale of the room. If you’re working with clean-lined furnishings in neutral, gray, black, and white, consider a floor mirror with a thin black frame that keeps with the mod high-contrast theme.

Style Tip: A mirror with a thin frame often appears narrower than it actually is, so it’s perfect next to your bedroom door if it fits. It will help open up your space that much more.

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farmhouse bedroom design with a canopy bed and a gilded floor mirror

2. Add Antique Style

Some of our favorite bedroom design ideas feature oversized floor mirrors as part of the bedside space, like this antique-style mirror in gold. What’s great about a floor mirror next to the bed is that there’s no nightstand on one side, so it offsets the balance in the room and brings in a stylish look with an airy feel.

Style Tip: A large mirror with a gold frame can go a long way in terms of looks, so keep the area around it light on the decor so as not to overwhelm your room visually.

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contemporary bedroom design with two oversized mirrors hanging above each nightstand

3. Double Up

You can also opt for two-floor mirrors tucked behind nightstands and mounted on either side of the bed. This brings a chic and modern look to a bedroom and makes the space feel full and considered without appearing overly decorated. A pair of matching mirrors will give you a cohesive look but if your style is more eclectic, try mismatched mirrors in the same size.

Style Tip: Mirrors with rounded edges are a great way to break up the strong lines of bedroom furniture. Add one or a pair to soften the overall look in a bedroom.

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modern bedroom design with an oversized floor mirror

4. Lean Into Mid-Century

For a more traditional approach, pull in a large wooden leaning mirror off to the side in the bedroom. This style of mirror is great in a mid-century style space with bold black, white, and wood tones. Be sure to lean it on a wall parallel to the bed for a balanced look and layout flow.

Style Tip: A mirror with a thick wood frame makes an instant modern statement and it will provide lots of warmth in a bedroom. Just be sure to ground or lean it firmly on a large wall.

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5. Contrast Light and Dark

Similar to the previous bedroom, this is a traditional use of a floor mirror that helps bounce light into the far corners and make the space feel larger. In this modern bedroom with high-contrast tones, the contemporary mirror also stands in for art as a clean-lined and minimalist showpiece.

Style Tip: A mirror with a thick black frame will work in any modern or contemporary space. It adds a bold look that’s easy on the eyes and perfectly complements furniture in black and white.

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6. Fake a Window

Another way to play up a leaning mirror in a bedroom is to place one along the wall directly opposite the door. This adds a balanced look and fakes a “window” by opening up the room.

Style Tip: In a modern space that’s layered with light woods and natural textures, the mirror will reflect light and add emphasis to those materials.

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oversized floor mirror

7. Extend Your Hallway

A hallway or passageway is always a practical place for a mirror. Mounting a large full-length mirror in the hallway creates both a focal point and a stylish spot for checking your reflection between rooms. Hanging and installing a mirror on your wall is safer than leaning one, especially if you have kids or are working with a narrower hallway that’s also a high-traffic spot.

Style Tip: With public living spaces, try more decorative mirrors, like one with a silver frame or beveled edges. Think big! You can also layer plants nearby to draw more attention to the spot.

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oversized floor mirror

8. Brighten Up a Corner

Use an oversized floor mirror to dress up a reading corner or nook. You can pair it with a sconce or floor lamp for an added light source and an accent that helps warm up the space around the mirrors, like this cozy seating corner. The sconce also gives a big structure to the mirror, which would otherwise appear to float emptily between two windows.

Style Tip: Go for a mirror made with natural or luxe materials, like stone, ceramic, or even inlaid tiles. Gorgeous materials will add texture, which is always a good idea in a small corner layered with cozy furniture and rugs.

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9. Have Fun With Shapes

Working in floor mirrors with fun shapes and designs is another great way to add a sculptural art element to your space. Try layering a uniquely shaped mirror behind a nightstand in the bedroom to add depth and to offset the boxy silhouette of bedside tables, like in this bedroom. With mirrors that have geometric designs, they’re guaranteed to be instant conversation pieces.

Style Tip: Large geometric mirrors have a way of bringing a mod, almost 80s vibe to a room. Keep to one statement geometric mirror so that it looks intentionally handpicked.

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oversized floor mirror

10. Think Architectural

A uniquely shaped full-length mirror can also bring an architectural element to spaces, like this arched design. If you live in a modern home with not a lot of bold interior architectural details, an arched oversized mirror with a strong silhouette can give you that ornate sculptural touch.

Style Tip: Bold-shapes floor mirrors anchor smaller areas and corners in the room, setting them apart from the rest of the space. Layer these spots with baskets and storage to add practicality and purpose to the area.

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oversized floor mirror

11. Keep It Minimalist

If you love the pared-down minimalist look, an oversized floor mirror is a piece to bring into your spaces. Because spare minimalist rooms are all about considered and curated designs that also serve a practical purpose, a large mirror gives you all that, adding style, reflecting light, and opening up a room all at once.

Style Tip: For a minimalist look, take a cue from this bedroom and go for a design that has intricate ornaments and details. Or keep it modern and simple for an extra tailored look.

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oversized floor mirror

12. Build a Wall 0f Mirrors

For any home gym or dedicated workout space in the home, a wall of full-length mirrors is always a good idea. Placed side-by-side, they’ll act as one giant mirror that not only lets you check your form while exercising, but they also open up and brighten the space. And let’s be honest, no one enjoys working out in a dark room!

Style Tip: For a series of mounted mirrors, no-edge designs are best. This allows you to hang mirrors closer to each other along a wall and create one seemingly large mirror.

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13. Make an Artful Display

Mirrors are practical pieces but they can also just be decorative in your living or dining rooms. Try filling out an empty corner with an arch-shaped mirror and a few large baskets, or tall trees and plants. Keep size in mind in relation to other objects. You don’t want your mirror to feel too large or too small next to your sofa or other large artworks.

Style Tip: Consider your mirror frame finish in relation to your furnishings in a room. Gilded or metal frames work well with brass pieces while wood always goes with other wood designs.

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14. Try a Rustic Take

Think of mirrors as finishing touches that can round out a style in a room. The classical ornate mirror in this rustic farmhouse living room is a great accent piece that anchors the space with a vintage look. It also perfectly fills out the otherwise stark corner, making it feel more like an extension of the rest of the space.

Style Tip: Make sure a large floor mirror is placed so that it captures other furnishings in its reflection. It’s one way to add another layer of color that echoes the palette of your space.

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oversized floor mirror

15. Go For Streamlined Appeal

You can also use a mirror as a backdrop that recedes a little. Here, the mirror is layered within design elements of the living space, such as a cane chair and tall leafy plant. Creating this type of vignette is a chic way to decorate a large space without making it look overstyled or cluttered.

Style Tip: Look to the motifs in your furnishings to inform your mirror choice. The arched mirror here ties in nicely with the geometric print, round pillow, and circular shapes in the room.

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16. Make for a Curated Mix

Another way to layer a floor mirror into the design of your living room is to set it behind plants, art, and lighting. This gives your living space a more curated and fuller look and feel. At the same time, the mirror also helps to extend the space to appear larger. If you’re pressed for space, this is an easy way to work in a floor mirror without it taking up too much visual space.

Style Tip: Tucking a floor mirror within a seating area adds up to a collected and curated look. In small spaces where a floor mirror often feels too big, this makes it look more receded.

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oversized floor mirror

17. Make It Your Backdrop

Layering a floor mirror behind a sofa creates a high-contrast backdrop that instantly opens up any living room. Try a sculptural mirror so that it also functions as an art piece for your space. The circular mirror here adds contrast to the square frame of the sofa while also adding height.

Style Tip: For a captivating design trick, layer lighting in front of a mirror to add depth and a striking visual element. It will feel considered and purposefully curated.

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oversized floor mirror

18. Hang It High

Instead of leaning a full-length mirror, you can also mount it high on a living room wall. It’s a sculptural alternative to a large art piece and makes for a gleaming focal point that’s hard to miss. If you have high ceilings, this will create the illusion of height and draw the eye up.

Style Tip: With wall-mounted mirrors, consider a design that mimics windows and doors. A mirror with a window-pane design, like this one, brings an architectural element to the walls.

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oversized floor mirror

19. Set the Scene

Leaning a floor mirror in a dining room can be a tricky maneuver. It’s best for lower-traffic dining rooms and larger, more formal spaces, especially since it’s not as kid-friendly. Place an oversized floor mirror at one end of the dining room, as in this space, to help ground a blank wall and balance out your dining table. Think large dining table, larger mirror.

Style Tip: Take a cue from your dining table and chair designs for your mirror. This farmhouse style mirror has an antique feel and adds a pop to a traditional rustic space, while a clean-lined oversized floor mirror in black can bring a minimalist vibe to a contemporary dining room.

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May Edit: The Best Living Room Designs of the Month

Here at Modsy it’s our favorite time of the month—time to reveal our favorite living room designs! The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house—it’s where you gather and convene to hang with the fam, entertain friends, or just curl up with a good book. That’s why we love looking at different ways to dress up the living room and dazzle your friends with your amazing style. Here are 25 of our favorite living room ideas of all shapes, sizes and styles—check them out and see which ones appeal to you!

best living room designsSeaside Retreat

We love living room ideas that incorporate a coastal decor scheme and bring in the colors of the ocean. This seaside retreat living room design features a crisp blue/white color palette and nautical motifs all around. The classic hues evoke the feeling of being at the beach and woven textures in the rug, coffee table and pillows make the room extra cozy. The symmetrical layout ups the formal vibes a bit and makes the room extra crisp and clean feeling, like a summer breeze.

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best living room designsTropical Glamour

Living room ideas with a theme let you take your interior design skills up a notch. This room goes big on tropical glamour, creating a bright, tropical space that’s big on Golden Girls’ vibes! The bright palette showcases vibrant pinks and greens for a little east coast prep, too. The hidden interior designer in you will have tons of fun going all out with playful shapes and patterns—check out the bright floral rug, the textured chairs, and the extra cute footstool!

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best living room designsSerene Sanctuary

Living room ideas with a neutral and blue color palette are perfect for creating a serene sanctuary in your home. This living space is great for entertaining guests as the two sofas provide plenty of seating and a calm, conversational vibe. It’s a cool, soothing atmosphere that uses contemporary furniture with a mid-century base. Pops of pattern in the rug and pillows add personality and visual interest and the soft pink curtains create a subtle romantic ambiance.

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best living room designsTraditional Collector

This living room has the vibes of a sophisticated collector with exquisite taste! It uses a fun combo of traditional and eclectic design to pull off a look that’s both comfortable and curated. Traditional furniture shapes like the double armchairs with metal trim, the luxurious leather coffee table, and the lavish royal blue sofa ground the room in classic style. And plants and artwork placed above the mantel add a beautiful touch. And unexpected pops of material and pattern, like the wicker chair, the mirror, and the pale blue rug add extra style and charm.

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best living room designsContemporary Minimalist

If you are into living room designs that are cool, calm, and collected, try pairing contemporary and minimalist style together. Minimal and transitional style elements blend together seamlessly, like this ultra-comfy sectional sofa, the chic, nearly see-through cocktail table and other contemporary decor. The overall vibe is super plush and livable—a more inviting space than minimal elements alone could create. We also love the fun gallery wall with prints of geometric and abstract art.

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best living room designsEarthy Modernism

Vibrant living room designs are a great way to make your living space bright and lively! This mustard yellow mid-century modern living room says goodbye to white walls and ushers in some personality and pizazz. It feels warm and cozy, not overly yellow, and the color is balanced by natural materials like leather and wood. We also love the patterned rug that breaks up the color and adds a little extra energy to the space. And the organic touch of houseplants temper the brightness and add some natural life to the space.

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best living room designsDiscerning Collector

Living room designs that blend minimal and eclectic design styles make a great choice for the discerning collector. This living space starts with a neutral palette and incorporates sleek furniture like the sectional sofa and gorgeous gold cocktail table. The design blends eclectic patterns and layers along with pillows, poufs and plants galore—it’s a great opportunity to add your own personal decor to show off your taste! Pops of gold and brass add warmth and character and help bring the whole style together.

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best living room designsIndustrial Bohemian

Boho style meets industrial vibes in this swanky living room setup. Sure, it’s an unlikely combo, but industrial materials like leather, metal and raw woods blend well with the black and white palette. Boho patterns abound—check out the carved front cabinet and chunky knit rug with tassel detail. The mix of patterned pillows and furniture with rounded edges offers a soft, livable take on industrial design.

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best living room designsTraditional Symmetry

This traditional living room design takes the classic, formal space up a notch with perfect symmetry and a luxurious, all-white color palette. It’s an elegant space for entertaining, with two large sofas facing each other in a layout designed for conversation. Ornate details like the button tufting and carved legs on the coffee table add to the luxurious atmosphere. And there’s nothing like a gilded mirror and sconces above the mantel to make a space even classier and more refined.

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Retro Roots

We’re super into living room ideas with retro roots like this gorgeous living space. It offers a super-pure take on mid-century modern style for a totally refreshing look. The tapered leg sofa and coffee table are key mid-century modern furniture elements along with the geometric patterns like the rug, pillows and art. It features a warm palette of orange, red and pink along with color blocking in the pillows and lots of playful pops of color. It’s a great look if you love retro style or want a slightly updated version that stays true to mid-century modern roots.

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Mid-Century Mood

Mid-century magnificence abounds here in this cheery green room that’s perfect for summer. mid-century modern furniture like the cushy sofa and cocktail table add that cool mod style. And natural materials and motifs like the woven pouf and cactus art round out the look. Playful pops of pattern like the pillows, overhead light and funky rug look excellent in the monochrome palette, which doesn’t feel too heavy alongside the natural materials.

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best living room designsTraditional Chic

Living room ideas that blend traditional and classic style can create gorgeous formal spaces like this one. Steeped in tradition, it’s one of the best living room designs for an elegant look with a chic finish. It’s a great option for contemporary style lovers and features slightly updated takes on traditional shapes of furniture, including the chairs, sofa, coffee table and console. The warm, rich color palette of reds, purples and browns keep the room feeling extra warm and cozy, and pops of pinks and white help lighten it up.

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best living room designsCountryside Charm

This sweet rustic living room design offers a classic twist on the sweet interior design style. Farmhouse vibes abound in the dark and white woods along with ornate details like the carved coffee tables, nailhead and urn-shaped lamps. Pastoral art and charming patterns in the pillows and rug warm up the space and add pops of fun to the overall atmosphere of this cozy, sunny room.

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best living room designsContemporary Modernist

Contemporary modernist living room ideas like this one are the perfect blend of minimalist cool and modern comfy. The style is reminiscent of the gorgeous homes featured in Big Little Lies and the scale of the room adds an awesome touch of drama! The sleek, clean-lined furniture keeps the room crisp and cool and the conversational layout makes it a great space for gathering with friends. And we love the elegance of the minimal, abstract art as a backdrop to this sophisticated design.

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Jewel Toned Lounge

For a rich, luxe living space, consider living room designs that use a vibrant, bold color on the walls. This jewel-toned lounge features luxuriously rich tones, velvet upholstery and extra glamorous elements like the throw pillows and coffee table decor. The daring colors offer tons of flair and then mid-century accents like the coffee table, lamp and sofa silhouette help ground the look.

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best living room designsClassic Warehouse Vibes

For a classy, sophisticated vibe, check out this living room design that mixes up classic formal and industrial designs for a fun unexpected combo. The leather and metal armchairs, case side table and floor lamp bring strong industrial style and the tuxedo rolled arm sofa and floral wall decor give it a classic edge. There’s a balance of hard and soft elements and tons of natural light. This look is living-room proof that you can merge opposite styles in a cohesive space!

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Rustic Views

For those of you who love the beauty of cozy, contemporary living room ideas, this rustic look is perfect! Start with neutrals and streamlined forms—the white sofa, lamp and all of the natural light help to balance out the dark wood. Bold pops of natural texture round out the look and the blend of traditional and contemporary styles is elegant and serene. There’s a craftsman vibe to the wood pieces that grounds the design in an earthy, rustic feel.

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Organic Modern Living

We are super into this organic, earth-toned modern living room look with dazzling pops of pattern! It’s a negative space that gets energy from the minimal styling—a less is more approach that works well for a living room. The saturated rust sofa anchors the space and the room has an emphasis on geometry in the shapes of furniture, like the chair, coffee table, floor lamp and overhead lamp.

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Contemporary Coastal

For a modern take on coastal style, go for living room designs with beachy elements paired together in new ways! This living room has a sea glass-inspired color palette featuring neutrals with pops of seafoam and turquoise. The live edge wood coffee table with hairpin legs pairs well with the natural textures in the chairs, cocktail table, rig and mirror. And beach motifs in the art, pillows and decor pull the whole look together.

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Muted Mid-Century

Muted mid-century living room designs are a great way to create a warm, earthy vibe. This room features pinks, creams and warm beige that work together to form a serene atmosphere—it feels airy but the cushy sofa and velvet armchair make it extra cozy too. mid-century modern accent pieces like the coffee table and bookcase add tons of style and the minimalist approach let’s these core pieces shine.

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Rustic Traveler

This living room design pairs eclectic and rustic styles and is a great way to achieve a fun, colorful boho decorating style! It has the collected feel of a world traveler’s home and plenty of unexpected design elements—the gallery wall offers a mix of colors, a woven egg chair and a funky purple wall. The mid-century modern sofa, rustic table and eclectic accent chair show how well versatile styles can work together!

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Neutral Territory

Transitional and minimal design elements work together to create a contemporary minimal look in this living room design. It features a super neutral palette with pops of gold to warm it up. Textures from the chunky knit throw, pillows and the woven rug help enliven the space and sleek furniture shapes with no ornamentation or frills keep it calm and collected.

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Elegant Connoisseur

If you love living room designs that make a bold statement, a rich, luxurious space like this might be just what you need! It combines elements of classic formal with glam materials like velvet, gold, brass, sheepskin and jewel tones. The symmetrical layout offers a formal vibe but it’s still super playful and elegant, perfect for a luxury space with a classy design.

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Contemporary Calm

Living room designs with a bold accent wall are a great way to make a statement! This room features a contemporary fireplace with a touch of modern, using natural textures like the pouf, rug, coffee table and pillow to enliven the space. It has a neutral color palette with a beautiful brick red accent wall with earthy undertones. The overall design creates a balance of contemporary furniture with modern rustic elements for extra cozy warmth.

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Industrial Funhouse

If you’re into living room designs that are a little offbeat, try pairing industrial and eclectic together! It’s an unexpected combo of styles that offers a fun, refreshing take on living room design. Industrial materials like leather, metal and unfinished woods merge with eclectic styling such as pops of patterns and the leaning art. The rich color palette of browns, blacks and greens bring a strong nature vibe with a studious appeal.

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White Furnishings that are Worth the Investment

There are still those that tell us “no white after Labor Day.” We’re here to tell you there’s longevity in white, especially when it comes to furnishings for your home. In fact, stylish white furnishings have long been timeless staples for interior designers.

Today, the crisp shade can be found in a wide range of modern designs, proving that white furnishings not only look sleek and beautiful, but they still have lasting power in the home.

To inspire you and show you the possibilities with white furnishings, we’ve curated three looks for three different rooms in the home with pieces from a few of our favorite retailers.

See the looks below and try adding your favorite designs in white in your own 3D home.

A Clean-Lined & Cozy Living Room

Design a living room that’s equal parts contemporary and cozy with a mix of foundational furnishings in white. This Caitlin Sofa from Interior Define in ivory fabric features deep, cushioned arms and backs that make it the perfect piece for lounging, while its soft curves and option for brass legs will help give the space a warm yet modern vibe.

Place it atop the Souk Wool Rug from West Elm to play up a graphic black and white scheme. The rug’s Moroccan-inspired pattern will add cool visual interest underfoot. Then, going off the rug’s geometric lines, bring in Anthropologie’s Calo Side Table alongside the sofa. The grouping provides you with an instantly welcoming seating area in the living room.

Finally, to round out the space, bring in the Fuel Credenza from CB2 to serve as either a TV console (it comes with gaps for cords), a display surface for showing off your art, accents, and plants, or a closed bookcase that doubles as a bar on top. The beauty of this credenza is that it’s extremely versatile and the white lacquer adds simple polish and shine that works perfectly with the rest of the furnishings.


An Eclectic & Comfy Home Office

There’s nothing like having a workspace that makes you feel inspired, but more important, comfortable. You should feel at ease when you’re spending so much time at this desk spot in your home. Gathering some of our best finds, this home office space feels both eclectic and livable.

The white Mid-Century Desk from West Elm and the Eames chair from Design Within Reach set a modernist stage for the space. Pull in a Ivory Faux Cowhide from World Market to offset the bold lines of the chair and the desk.

Continuing with the modernist vibe, the Avalon Single Shelving from RHTeen is a sharp-looking bookcase that offers ample storage for books, files, and art. Meanwhile, its slender silhouettes is in keeping with the cool angular lines of the overall space.


A Glamorous & Inviting Bedroom

Create a fabulous bedroom retreat that’s as sophisticated as it is soothing with these glamorous finds that are big on style and texture. The Halo Bed from CB2 features a low base, white-cotton upholstery, and brass inlay that make it an inviting and showstopping centerpiece in any bedroom.

Anchor the foot of the bed with the Heathcote Brass-Tipped Bench from Anthropologie, which has dazzling metal legs that add to the shine of the bed’s inlay. The white bench also comes with cream stitched-leather upholstery that adds even more rich texture to the space. Take it even one step further with a Sheepskin Rug from Pottery Barn laid down on the floor below the dresser. After all, what’s a fabulous bedroom without a luxe, fluffy sheepskin to keep your feet soft and cozy, right?

To top of the bedroom, the Audrey Dresser from West Elm, with its retro-inspired appeal and eye-catching carved geometric facade, ushers in a touch of Hollywood Regency glamour. The antique brass-finished legs and hardware are details that provide extra sparkle and which tie back to the overall posh look of the space.


Stylists Picks – Best Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Let us help get the kids’ bedrooms in A+ shape! Our stylists gathered their favorite K-12 spaces, all designed to help your little scholar succeed


Look 1: A Bedroom with Personality

kid's bedroom design

She’s full of personality, so her bedroom should be too. We can help your teen create a space that shows off their style, and meets your budget.

Look 2: A Room for Your Little Grown-Up

kid's bedroom design

He’s ready for the next grade so maybe it’s time his nursery graduated into a “big kid” room too. Let us help make that change a little easier.

Look 3: A Space for Two with a View

kid's bedroom design

Two’s company? Let us help find the optimal layout for shared spaces so you can skip the sibling rivalry and design a room that they’ll both love.

Look 4: A Homework Hotspot

kid's bedroom design

Let’s make studying fun. Design a desk area full of her favorite things and help her ace this school year in style.

Look 5: A Room with Good Vibes

kid's bedroom design

She’ll be the life of the slumber party in a room designed with friends in mind. We’ve got all the essentials your tween’s room needs right now, and nothing she’ll regret later.


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Stylist Picks: Our Favorite Looks Of The Week – August 2017

Hot off the press, or really the digital rendering cloud! That’s a fancy way of saying these are our stylists’ favorite customer looks of the week. Our stylists hand-picked their favorite spaces to show off designs we are loving. Browse the looks below and get inspired by the possibilities for yours.

Look 1: An Elegant Living Room

A decadent living room that puts comfort on par with elegance. Glamorous touches turn up the heat, while that fuchsia rug is having a major moment. Because no matter how glamorous your tastes, we’ll never make you choose between living easy and living in style.


Look 2: A Home Office With Pattern Play

Working from home never looked so good. Mid-Century pieces mingle with graphic prints and a neutral palette. Imagine your spare room transformed into the ultimate productivity zone. Catch ya later, procrastination.

Look 3: A Charming Nursery in Baby Blue

A charming nursery full of pieces that can be used long after your little one’s baby days are over. We’ve got cribs that convert into toddler beds and changing tables that become dressers.

Look 4: A Modern and Minimal Bedroom

Minimal for her, Mid-Century for him. Your bedroom should make both of you happy, so let our stylists do the mediating between your tastes to find a look that suits both your styles.

Look 5: A Contemporary and Cool Living Room

Earthy neutrals, clean lines, and a plop-worthy sofa. This living room look is all things comfy and contemporary, and is your easy ticket to effortless relaxation.


Stylist Picks: Our Favorite Looks Of The Week

Coming in hot! This week our stylists hand-picked four of their favorite looks to show off our good-looking customer spaces. Take a tour through these four spaces and get inspired by the possibilities for yours. Heads up: these are all 100% home-grown digital renders. Not a photo in the bunch!

Look 1: A playful nursery

Modsy Stylist Picks

It’s all about the patterns inside this customer’s nursery. The chevron wallpaper, geometric rug, and pops of tropical prints create a space that is dynamic and fun, while the unified color palette keeps the space cohesive. We love this space because it is fun and full of great pieces that will transition well into a “big kid” room and eventually a even work for a teenager’s bedroom.


Look 2: A home office au naturel

Modsy Stylist Picks

Natural materials in all their textured glory are the stars of this home office. The raw woods, nubby wool, woven jute, and brassy accents collaborate for a look that is warm and inviting. We also have to give a shout out to the dark green wall, a great backdrop that allows these organic materials sing!


Look 3: Lofty bedroom goals

Modsy Stylist Picks

Who says you have to push all your furniture against the wall? Not this loft bedroom. Tilted at an angle, this bed breaks up all the rigid geometry of the room and gives a dynamic quality to the space. We also love the round nightstands and double pouf action for bringing some organic elements to the loft look.

Look 4: An ultra-glam living room

Modsy Stylist Picks

Even though you could buy this whole look in the express checkout lane (15 items or less please!), we are totally crushing on this less-is-way-more glamorous living room look. All about form and texture, we love the simplicity of the clean lines, black and gold color scheme, and graphic pops of pattern.

Bonus Round: You don’t need floor-to-ceiling windows and a skyline view to pull this style off. Don’t believe us? We can show you.



Style Spotlight: Rustic Warmth

Rustic Cozy Living room

 11 of our Favorite Cozy and Rustic Living Rooms


Do you crave a space that is inviting and cozy, traditional but still completely livable? Then chances are your style in Modsy terms is Rustic Warmth. One of our most popular styles, it’s a look that makes any house a home.

Browse through some of our favorite customer rustic living rooms to see if Rustic Warmth is the style for you!

Rustic Cozy Living room

1. Two symmetrical sofas fill this open living room and create the perfect cozy conversation space.


Rustic Cozy Living room

2. For this customer’s space we opted for a live-edge, wood coffee table with hairpin legs to add a modern flair to this traditional living room.


Rustic Cozy Living room

3. A busy, patterned rug adds texture to this dining room. Also a great option for hiding any spills that might occur!


Rustic Cozy Living room

4. Have a small space? Try an open-base coffee table like this customer did, to give your room an “airy” look and keep it from feeling cramped.


Rustic Cozy Living room

5. Two button-tufted leather chairs keep this living room traditional, while their swivel bases and sleek shape add some contemporary notes!


Rustic Cozy Living room

6. Pops of warm metals against neutral linens keep this living room feeling cozy and rustic.


Rustic Cozy Living room

7. We opted for light and medium woods in this customer’s space to keep the space feeling warm, but not too heavy.


Rustic Cozy Living room

8. A leather bench with a minimal shape gives this entryway a pop of warmth without looking too heavy and cluttered.


Rustic Cozy Living room

9. A pile of patterned and textured pillows alongside a buttery leather ottoman make this living room the perfect place to curl up and get cozy.


Rustic Cozy Living room

10. This long horn steer is the perfect way to add a rustic crown to your sofa.


Rustic Cozy Living room

11. Reclaimed woods alongside hammered metals give this living comfortable space the perfect rustic hideaway.


Want more Rustic Warmth? Try it on in your own space today!




Bedroom Design Inspiration: 6 Ideas for the Wall Above Your Bed

over the bed decorating ideas

As with any focal point, the wall above your bed is a intimidating design challenge, and it is one that many of our customers have been asking about. We hear you!

Between deciding what you want to put there and imagining if it will work with the rest of your room, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

To help, we are using a little Modsy 3D to “try on” 6 of our favorite over the bed decorating ideas.

1. Wall Hangings

over the bed decorating ideas

Get knotty and add some texture above your bed. We love how these woven wall hangings keep it neutral and lend our bedroom some eclectic vibes.

Snag yourself this wallet-friendly option, or upgrade to this hand-woven wooly statement piece.

2. Print Trio

over the bed decorating ideas

Add a little rhythm with a series of three hung above your bed. We love these quilt-inspired prints, which look great framed or hung with washi tape (a bonus if you live in an earthquake zone)!

3. Vignette Style

over the bed decorating ideas

A spin off the standard art above the bed, we love the idea of hanging two pendant pieces above your nightstands. This option works well if you have a tall headboard or if you crave a little negative space.

Get our bedside tour of Iceland here and here.

4. Go Mobile

over the bed decorating ideas

Not just for your nursery, we love the idea of adding a little kinetic energy to your bedroom. Mobiles bring a note of whimsy to any space and are a great option for keeping small spaces open and airy.

Watch this antique brass mobile spin in circles above your bed. Or, if you’re a purist, grace your bedroom with this Alexander Calder-inspired mobile.

5. Juju Hats

over the bed decorating ideas

These spectacular, eye-catching plumes are the feather headdresses traditionally worn by Bamileke chiefs of Cameroon and are symbols of prosperity.

While we loving showing our appreciation of another culture’s art, we think it’s worth considering the implications behind turning these ceremonial objects into decor or DIY projects.

Instead, get the scoop on this pendant pair of authentic Juju hats here.

6. Quilt to Last

over the bed decorating ideas

Got a large space to fill? Hang an oversized quilt above your bed. These also work well as stand-in headboards if you’re bed doesn’t have one.

Flip the script and make your grandmother’s handmade quilt the star above the bed, or get your hands on this graphic quilted number.

Want to save your walls (and your wallet)? Try on your favorite over the bed decorating ideas in 3D!