Storage Solutions – 7 Ways to Organize With Baskets

This past year, our multi-purpose homes have become do-it-all spaces that host a lot of life and activity. With so many extra functions, we need to bring in additional storage and organization solutions to help them from becoming cluttered chaos. If things have gotten a bit (ahem) out of control this past year, it’s ok! The new year is the perfect time to get organized and clear your home (and mind) of clutter.

There’s no better way to get your space organized than one of our favorite storage ideas—baskets! These little cuties are not only stylish but they also add warmth and texture to any room, and make corralling clutter a breeze. Talk about a win-win-win! (There’s a reason why we consider them one of our best home storage solutions.)

Ready for some easy ways to incorporate sneaky storage ideas into your home? Read on to learn our favorite ways to add basket storage in every room of your home. (And for some great ideas of cute baskets you can buy!

basket decorBasket Storage Ideas for the Living Room

The cutest living rooms on Instagram and Pinterest all seem to have one thing in common: they pile on the pillows and throws like there is no tomorrow. This layered look is oh-so-chic, but does beg one question: Where does all that stuff go when you’re actually, you know, sitting on your sofa?

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Organize Your Decor

Enter one of our favorite living room storage ideas! Gather a few baskets around your living space for an easy place to tuck pillows, throw blankets, and even coffee table books when you need the space. A living room basket is a better alternative to simply tossing pillows on the floor—and it’s also one of those great blanket storage ideas, as baskets are the perfect way to keep extra blankets handy.

white brick fireplace with two honey-toned wood bookcases on either sideAdd Bins to an Open Bookcase

We love open shelving as much as the next design blog, but admittedly it can be a high-maintenance storage system. When all your shelves are exposed, so is your clutter! That means frequent dusting and organizing to make sure everything is looking great and in its place.

But bookcase styling doesn’t have to be exhausting! Simply add a few baskets to your open shelving unit and voila! You’ve got an instant way to make your bookcase look organized. When you opt for a bookshelf with baskets, guests will never notice the mess that’s hiding in plain sight right inside those baskets.

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basket storage ideas

Keep Your Coffee Table Clutter-Free

You can also use baskets as storage for your coffee table. Find one with low sides, similar to a tray, and use it to corral remotes, matchbooks, candles, and any other coffee table knick-knacks you have lying around. This will instantly make your coffee table seem more organized and also doubles as an easy way to clear it off for family game night or cocktail hour! If you have a coffee table with a lower shelf, you could also use a basket or two there to corral books and magazines.

basket storage ideas

Corral Kids’ Toys in a Pinch

If you’ve got young kids, you may know that more often than not your living room functions as a playroom. To help make clean-up quick and easy, consider adding some big baskets into your decor scheme. Tucked in the corner, these guys are out of the way but easily accessible for play time. For toy storage, we especially love baskets with lids, so you don’t have to look at mountains of toys once everything is put away!

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Basket Storage Ideas for the Entryway

basket storage ideas

Easy Shoe Storage

Probably the most obvious place to add a basket is in your entryway! The space in your home that sees the most foot traffic, a few well-placed baskets can help keep this area clutter free.

Try tucking a few rectangular baskets under a bench for an easy place to stash shoes. A taller basket can be a perfect place to store umbrellas or anything else you might like to keep handy in your entryway. Have a super small entryway? Check out these 5 hacks for small entryways.

Basket Storage Ideas for the Bedroom

basket storage ideas

A Place to Throw Your Pillows

Styling throw pillows on your bed is cute—but when it comes time to go to sleep, they have to move somewhere. Instead of tossing your throw pillows on the floor, add a basket to the foot of your bed for an easy place to stash them at night.

More bedroom basket storage ideas? Tuck one on the bottom shelf of your nightstand and use it to hold half-read magazines, midnight snacks, or anything else you don’t have room for in your drawers.

Finally, for the classic bedroom basket standby, give your laundry bin a stylish upgrade by swapping it out for a cute basket. You can find ones with handles for easy transportation, or even a lid to keep the dirties out of sight.

basket storage ideas

Add Under-the-Bed Storage

If you have a smaller bedroom, or just need some extra bedroom storage to stash clothes, shoes, or your collection of action figures, try a few storage baskets under your bed! Get ones with handles to make sliding them in and out extra easy.

This is a great way to make the most of an unused area of your bedroom. It’s also a great alternative to getting extra storage if a proper storage bed frame is out of your budget.

Basket Storage Ideas for the Home Office

basket storage ideas

Organize Office Supplies

The final room we love to incorporate basket storage into is the home office. Another obvious space, your home office should be a productivity zone, and that usually means keeping it clutter-free and highly organized.

Add a basket under your desk as a waste can (or recycle bin), or try a few on a bookcase to organize documents, office supplies, and other bits and bobs. We really should be asking where you can’t use baskets in a home office!

Ready to get your home organized for 2021?

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The Best Home Storage Solutions for Every Room in the House

Storage. It’s something we all need—and something most of us never seem to have enough of. In fact, home storage solutions are actually one of our most requested features from Modsy customers! For those who have plenty of closets or a basement or garage where you can store stuff, this isn’t much of a problem. But for those of us who don’t have those features in our home, we have to get creative!

However, there are many ways to use design to your advantage and use it to help increase your storage space and make the most of the space you do have. And we’re not just talking about buying furniture that gives you extra storage. (Though that can help.) We’re also talking about hidden storage ideas and other practical organizational solutions that will make your life easier, help you stay organized, and make your home more beautiful.

If you’re wondering how to create more storage space in your home, we’re here to help you figure out how to choose storage furniture for your needs. We’ve rounded up our best clever storage ideas for every room in your house!

Storage Solutions for Your Entryway

entryway console table storage

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Console Table

If you have a large entryway area or foyer, make the most of the space by lining the wall with useful pieces. This is a great place for a console with drawers, giving you both hidden storage and surface space for decor and organization. And we love the style above that has a lower shelf—perfect for shoe storage!

If you have a longer space, like a hallway or pass-through space, you could also add a bench, and hang some wall hooks for additional storage. And, while not a storage solution, adding a runner will help give this set-up a more intentional look instead of it being a hodge-podge of furniture and objects! By putting wall space to work, you can make the most of a space that would otherwise go unused.

home storage solutions

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Storage Bench

Storage benches are perfect home storage solutions for any space. They’re great in entryways, as pictured above, for stowing outdoor gear, bags, and extra shoes while also giving you a place to sit. In an entryway, it’s particularly nice to pair them with a coat rack and mirror. But they’re also great in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms!

Wherever you place a storage bench, it gives you an easy, out-of-sight place to put clutter—which is great for busy households with kids. Instead of stressing about things looking cluttered, you can just stash them away in a storage bench!

entryway home storage

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Wall Hooks or Coat Racks

Wall hooks and coat rocks are a great way to utilize open walls for extra storage. If you have a few feet of wall space, even if it’s behind a door, you can easily hang a few hooks—helping get your bags off the floor and your coats off chairs. Wall hooks are a simple and inexpensive way to add minimalist storage to your entry.

If you have the wall and floor space available, you could upgrade to a coat rack. This is an especially great storage solution if you don’t have a coat closet by your front door, as they give you a place to hang coats, guest items, purses, and umbrellas. Coat racks can be minimal in design and footprint, or they can be rather large—so you can easily find one to fit your space and style. Just be sure you don’t have too much on your coat rack, or it might start looking cluttered and become an eyesore.

Both of these options are very practical for busy individuals who just need to grab something on the way out of the door.

home storage solutions

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Large Baskets

One of our favorite home storage solutions is utilizing baskets as storage containers. Baskets can be used anywhere in your home—but never are they more important than in an entryway, where additional storage is always welcome. Large baskets can easily be moved around to where you need them most and are a great place to stash items and keep your home looking sleek.

Some favorite basket storage ideas for homes with kids? In your entryway, assign a basket to each kid and they’ll always know where to put their stuff when they get home! Baskets can also help make use of the “dead space” underneath an entryway bench.

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Storage Solutions for Your Living Room

media console storage

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Media Console

When it comes to storage and organization, media consoles are at the top of our living room checklist. Why? These versatile furniture pieces can be used for so many things. Naturally, they can house your TV, stereo, and other electronics. Since media consoles generally have cutouts for cords, they help keep things organized and seamless when it comes to electronics!

But if you prefer not to have a television in your main living area, media consoles can just as easily be used for decor and books, like in the image above. These pieces typically have a mix of open and concealed storage as well, for added versatility.


home storage solutions

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Storage Coffee Table

If you have a small living room that doesn’t have space for additional storage, then you definitely need to consider a storage coffee table. This piece of furniture gives you a place to stash extra blankets, remotes, magazines—whatever you want close at hand but out of sight! And it’s also perfect for cleaning up clutter in a pinch when someone stops by unannounced!

We love the option featured in the design above because it doesn’t look like a storage piece but is seriously so practical for a small living room. Plus, the lid pops off, so you can put a bowl or tray on top of the coffee table and easily remove the lid without upsetting all of the decor. But, if you don’t like a drum table style, you could also go with a storage coffee table that has drawers, a pop-up top, or even just a traditional coffee table with two tiers so you can use the bottom shelf for storage. All in all, it’s one of our favorite storage ideas for small spaces.

home storage solutions

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Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

When square footage is at a premium, we’re big believers in utilizing the height of your room and making the most of vertical space. That’s where wall-mounted shelves come in. They have a slimmer, lower profile than traditional bookcases or credenzas—so, overall take up less space—but still offer a ton of shelf space for storage.

With open shelving like this, you can still have hidden storage by placing baskets or organizational boxes on some of the shelves. This is a great option for an office or for living room storage ideas. In fact, the desk and shelf combo, pictured above, is perfect for if you don’t have space for a separate office but still need a space for working from home.

home storage solutions

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Credenza or Sideboard

Have a little space to spare? You can’t go wrong with a console table or credenza along an empty wall. These low-maintenance furniture pieces offer tons of storage—and if you get one with doors and drawers, you can simply hide away what’s stored inside! No need to worry about maintaining it and keeping it looking good like you would for an open or glass-front shelving unit.

living room storage ottoman

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Storage Ottoman

Similar to a storage coffee table, storage ottomans are practical pieces that can act as a coffee table or extra seating while offering hidden storage. Generally, storage ottomans have lift-tops that reveal interior storage. This makes them great for items like toys, blankets, and books. And, with their upholstered exteriors, they’re both kid-friendly and stylish. Since storage ottomans come in so many shapes, upholstery options, and styles, they’re a great addition to any home.

home storage

Storage Sofa

Have you ever heard of a storage sofa? These multipurpose pieces act as comfy places to sit, lounge, and nap—but they also provide storage. These types of sofas either have drawers under the seat cushions, or cushions that lift up to reveal a storage cavity. But you’d never know these sofas were pulling double duty to look at them! They’re great for small spaces, like studio apartments and guest rooms, and their storage cavities are a perfect place for extra throw blankets or bed linens, media items, or even books.

home storage solutions

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Room With Divider Shelves

For those in studio apartments, where storage tends to be minimal and you don’t have the benefit of as much wall space, we love the idea of using a room divider with built-in shelves. Not only does this help add more distinct zones to your space, but by opting for one with built-in shelves, you’re adding surface space for books, decor, baskets, and more. We love pieces that offer double-duty practicality.

This is also a great option for homes with open living and dining rooms, or as a way to section off a play area or office within a living room. For everyone who’s working at home right now and doesn’t have a separate office, this is a perfect way to create that separation of work and living space. If a room divider isn’t quite your style, a great alternative would be open-back bookcases floating in the middle of the room, which can still help create some distinct zones within a space.

side table with drawers living room storage

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Side Tables With Drawers

Side tables are a practical and stylish storage furniture piece for your living room. Their surfaces can be used for lamps and decor, but when you choose a side table with drawers, you can also store things inside. Unlike a credenza or media console, these pieces don’t need to take center stage in your living room design—typically you’ll just tuck them beside a sofa or armchair. But they’re great for storing pens and notepads, remotes, coasters, and card games.

living room storage cabinet

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Storage Cabinets

Closed-door cabinets offer a lot of storage for your living room. They’re great for larger items like board games, blankets, toys, and books. Cabinets are a convenient way to keep these items in your living space without having to see them, because of the doors. However, you can also opt for a glass-doored cabinet as a way to display decorative items or collections (while minimizing how often you have to dust those items!).

Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

nightstand storage

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Nightstands and Dressers

Most bedrooms have at least two pieces of bedroom storage furniture in the form of a nightstand and dresser—but, depending on your needs and the size of your bedroom, you might have more or less. If you have a bed that’s a double or larger, you may want a nightstand on each side of the bed. Or, if you have a smaller room, you can swap out a nightstand for a chest of drawers or dresser to give you a two-in-one piece. Either way, a nightstand with drawers is the best way to maximize storage space in your bedroom. And the surface gives you a place for a lamp, books, a glass of water, your phone, and whatever else you like to keep nearby!

Whether you’re looking to use a dresser as a nightstand to maximize a small bedroom or you have space for both a bedside table and dresser, you’ll want to find a dresser that suits your needs, your space, and your style. Check out our dresser buying guide to find the right dresser for you.

home storage solutions

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Wall-Mounted Storage Shelves

We love the idea of using floating wall shelves with cubbies for additional storage. Using this style, like the one pictured above, means you not only have the top shelf space for storage and display, but you can also use the inside cubby for storage! (Whereas, with a traditional floating shelf, you mainly just have space for decoration.)

Wall-mounted storage shelves are a great storage solution for small bedrooms that don’t have a ton of space, giving you extra surface space for books, cosmetics, personal objects, or even baskets for stowing socks or accessories! And, since they’re floating shelves rather than a standing bookshelf, you don’t have to worry about them taking up any precious floor space.

bedroom storage

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Wardrobe Armoire

If you’ve read our bedroom checklist, you’ll know that clothing storage is pretty essential. But if your bedroom doesn’t have a closet (or if the closet you have just doesn’t offer enough storage space) consider a wardrobe or armoire. This furniture piece is like a freestanding closet that offers tons of storage for clothes and more. With drawers, and a mix of furniture rod and shelves, think of this as an all-in-one storage piece for your bedroom. A piece like this can be used in all types of bedrooms—from nurseries and kids bedrooms to guest rooms and master suites. But they’re definitely substantial pieces of furniture, so must make sure you have space for it without making your bedroom feel totally cramped!

underbed storage

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Underbed Bins

Utilize the space under your bed by incorporating some baskets and bins. The space under a bed is typically unused—but in a small bedroom, you can’t afford to waste any space! Getting low-profile baskets is a great storage option for kids bedrooms, dorm rooms, and other small spaces. We like using underbed bins for storing seasonal clothes, books, extra linens, or kids toys, depending on your need!

Mid-century bedroom with blue walls and orange accents

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Clothing Rack

A clothing rack is a great way to add extra hanging space to your bedroom. Like an open closet, clothing racks are great for styling outfits and keeping a few favorite items close-at-hand. But they’re also a great option for small bedrooms that don’t have closets. (In general, they’re more affordable and take up less space than a wardrobe.) But if you’re going to go this route, just make sure you’re an organized person, as clothing racks can quickly become eyesores if they’re not kept in order!

storage bed

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Platform Storage Bed

Want to get serious about underbed storage? A platform bed with deep drawers gives you tons of functional storage space. Platform storage beds can easily replace your dresser if you want to reduce the number of furniture pieces in your bedroom. But these spacious drawers can also hold bulky items like comforters, pillows, and big coats—making them a great alternative to hall closets for those who lack closet space! This style of bed is great for kids rooms too; the floor-level drawers allow kids to access their items without needing to reach for dresser drawers (a great safety solution for kids that are climbers!).

Storage Solutions for Your Dining Room

bar cart dining room storage

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Bar Cart

Keep beverage and bar accessories organized in a stylish and easily accessible way with a bar cart. They offer a stylish storage solution that allows you to show off your bottle and drinkware collection. Of course, they don’t just have to be for bar supplies! They can also be used for plants, books, or even dinnerware. Bar carts are versatile pieces—and most come on wheels, so they can be moved around when needed. They’re perfect for when you have company over!

dining room storage

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Bar Cabinet

Prefer keeping your bar supplies out of sight? Consider a bar cabinet. They’re used to store alcohol and bar tools, and many also have built-in holders to house glassware as well. For those who have kids and pets, bar cabinets are a great alternative to bar carts, giving you a way to keep fragile glassware and bottles away from kids and pets. These jaunty little cabinets are versatile, too—not only can they be used for drinks in a dining room, but they can also be used in living rooms or entryways to house any items you want to stash out of sight! (They’re perfect alternatives to credenzas or media cabinets in small living rooms.)

storage buffet

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Storage Buffet

Once you have a dining table and chairs in place, a buffet is a great item to check off your dining room furniture checklist. Buffets are an ideal storage solution for larger dining rooms. Their surfaces are the perfect place to lay out food when hosting dinner parties, while their closed cabinets offer easy access to fine china or formal dinnerware, table linens, or even records if you like playing your record player during dinner! You can fit so much in a storage buffet while keeping your dining room clutter-free. Storage buffets and dining room credenzas tend to be pricey—but they’re a functional investment that will last for years.

Industrial rustic dining room with hide rug

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A dresser in your dining room?? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. A lowboy dresser can function similarly to a buffet, but instead of cabinet doors they instead offer lots of drawers. Dressers usually have deeper storage compartments than credenzas, so you can potentially store more within the drawers. And drawers tend to involve less stacking than cabinet shelves—keeping items like serving trays safer. Like a buffet, the top of a dresser can be used as a bar, serving station, or display surface.

dining room home storage

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A hutch is a large storage piece that offers a lot of vertical storage space. With both open shelving and closet cabinets or drawers, you get all the storage space of a buffet or dresser, and then some. The open shelves are a perfect place to display plates, bowls, or a teacup collection, while the bottom can be used to store linens and serving pieces.

Check out our guide to dining room storage for even more ways to incorporate storage into your dining room, big or small!

Storage Solutions for Your Home Office

office home storage

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Filing Cabinet

A must-have according to our home office checklist? A good filing cabinet. It’s one of the most functional and necessary items in a home office to help you stay organized and on track. They’re especially good for those with a lot of files and paperwork to organize—whether that’s personal files, business paperwork, or a mix of both. If you don’t fill it up with files, these pieces can also be used as a way to organize electronics and office supplies. We recommend buying on with wheels, which makes them easier to move around!

home storage

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Open Bookcases

Open bookcases are a staple for home offices. They’re the perfect place to store everything from your paper files and printer to books and decorative items. And they’re space-savers in small home offices, since they use more vertical space than horizontal. And they’re the type of piece that can be used in just about any room of the house—so they’re easy to repurpose if you ever move or want to redecorate.

home storage

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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to store smaller items in your home office, especially if your desk doesn’t have much storage. They’re not just good for decorative objects, but they’re also good for making everyday items easily accessible. In a home office, we like hanging them above a desk (or on the wall behind a floating desk). Since they use wall space rather than floor space, floating shelves help you maximize storage, even in the tiniest of home offices.

office small storage

Small Organizational Items

Coral small office supplies and clutter with small organizational items like boxes, bins, trays, bowls, and hanging baskets. They look stylish and can blend in with your home office decor while still serving a purpose. This is a great way to squeeze in some storage on open surfaces!


Built-in desk with bookcase wall

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Built-Ins (With or Without a Desk)

Built-in cabinets are an extensive (and permanent) storage solution for a home office. They’re great for spaces you know you’ll stay in for a very long time, as they provide a ton of storage space. And if you opt for a built-in with a (wait for it) built-in desk, you can get two pieces of furniture in one! With or without a desk, built-in cabinets can provide stable storage, both hidden and open, for office supplies, files, and books.

Ready to put some home storage solutions to work in your space?

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This post was updated April 9, 2021


7 Sneaky Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

storage ideas for small spaces

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a small family house, you probably have a small room or corner you don’t quite know what to do with. Well, we’re big believers in coming up with storage solutions for small spaces to make the most of them! And adding storage doesn’t have to mean adding an entire new shelving system or purchasing a big ticket item, like a credenza; all it takes is rethinking your spaces with the right pieces.

If you have a small space in need of some rethinking or want to optimize your storage options in a small space, read on! We’re outlining some of our favorite small space hacks, as well as some great design tips for small apartments to help you maximize your space.

Read on for 7 of our favorite storage solutions for small spaces.

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces1. Work Storage Into Your Entry

Looking for interior design ideas that will breathe new life into a small entryway? Use a  small desk or narrow console table in your entry as a functional storage piece and catchall. Just make sure it has a drawer or two! This gives you a place to stash mail and on-the-go accessories, like sunglasses, hats, and totes.

The surface can hold a tray for keys, a table lamp, and a mirror for those last-minute outfit checks before you dash out the door. And opting for a furniture piece with an open base means you can also maximize the space beneath for baskets or shoes.

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces2. Choose a Multipurpose Coffee Table

For a busy space like your living room, consider working storage into your coffee table. (Storage coffee tables are such great workhorses for small spaces that they’re first on the list of essentials in our small apartment furniture checklist!)

If you’re wondering how to choose storage furniture, know that there are some great storage coffee tables out there that offer hidden storage. But you could also opt for a two-tiered table which allows you to stash trays, magazines, and coasters on the lower shelves. A repurposed trunk or a coffee table with a lid is great for stowing away big books, board games, and even kids’ toys. And a coffee table with drawers are stylish design details that can also keep remotes, wine openers, and other small items out of sight.

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces3. Find New Use for Nightstands

No need to relegate a nightstand to just your bedroom. Pull one into your living room to use as a side table. One of our best home storage solutions for small spaces, nightstands are a great way to pack in extra storage without adding clutter.

Most nightstands come with two or three drawers, so you’ll have extra storage space for everything from additional cords and candles to throw blankets and games. On top, you’ll have room for a lamp as well as a place to put down a drink.

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces4. Add Seating with Storage

Super-functional storage benches and ottomans are perfect in any living room, but especially if you’re short on living room storage space.

Giving you both style and storage, these benches serve as pretty and comfortable seating when you have guests over and also as hiding spots for anything and everything. Try using a storage bench under a living room window to create a reading spot, or tuck it behind your sofa.

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces5. Go Big with Baskets

Easy to tote around, baskets are storage catchalls. They’re the easiest of our small space storage ideas to implement and they can be easily brought to a larger space if you move!

Looking for ways to organize with baskets? They’re very handy if you have kids that tend to spread out their toys across the living room; stashing them in baskets makes clean-up easier and will help conceal what can be a mess on the floor. Plus, baskets tuck nicely into cubbies or can be set on the floor by a chair to hold blankets and books.

Try multiple baskets spread out in one room on the floor for a few storage touch points.

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces6. Make Your Bed Do Double Duty

If you’re working with small square footage, a platform bed with drawers or one with storage space underneath can help you make the most of an otherwise unused space in your bedroom.

It’s a great small-space solution for stowing away winter bedding, clothes, and extra sheets, linens, and pillows.

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces7. Rethink a Bookshelf

We love making use of shelves for small spaces to add storage space vertically. Try an open bookcase beside your bed instead of a nightstand or table. This ups your storage (literally) by making use of wall space that’s often left empty next to your bed.

Essentials—like an alarm clock, your iPhone, bedtime reading, and a glass of wate—can go on the lower shelves, while books, jewelry boxes, and even clothes can be stored on the upper ones. And since most open bookshelves are narrow, you’ll also be saving floor space.

Need to rethink storage in your small space?


Have Your Sofa’s Back: 4 Ideas for What to do with the Space Behind Your Sofa

Behind the sofa

So you’ve mastered the art of the floating sofa. Great job! This is one of the points interior designers love to hammer home – pull your furniture away from the wall and your life will be complete.

And while this always looks great on Pinterest, in real life you’re left with an empty and, potentially useless space behind your sofa and the question, “Now what?”

Our stylists offered up their 4 best ideas for what to do with the space behind your sofa. See which option works for your needs, and try one on in your home today.


Console table behind the sofa

1. Add Storage With a Console Table

Perhaps the most obvious idea, a console table is a great option to cover your sofa’s behind. Available in a wide range of styles and prices, a console table is a great way to add a little extra storage to an otherwise unused space.

For smaller spaces, try a console with open shelves for a light and uncluttered look. This is also a great option for displaying your favorite decorative pieces.

If you have more room to work with, or if maintaining the look of open shelving just sounds like a chore, choose a console with enclosed storage. These look great and require minimal upkeep.

Designer Tip: Opt for a console that is a few inches shorter than the back of your sofa, and about ⅔ the width of your sofa. This will create a balanced look and keep walkways clear.


Bench behind the sofa in a living room

2. Add a Bench for Extra Seating

Another space-saving solution, a bench behind the sofa is a great way to sneak in extra seating and storage to your living room. This is an especially great option if the back of your sofa is near your entrance, so you can use the bench as a place to sit on your way in and out.

Try an upholstered bench with a pop of pattern to play up the warmth of your leather sofa. If you need an extra place to stash clutter, a storage bench can be the perfect solution.

Designer Tip: Make use of the empty space on the sides of the bench to tuck a floor lamp or some baskets. Another great way to use this dead space and keep high-traffic walkways clutter-free!

Living room design with two chairs placed behind the sofa for a reading nook

3. Carve Out a Secluded Seating Nook

More seating behind your seating? Why not! The space behind your sofa can be the perfect place to tuck a cozy reading nook or an intimate space for conversing over drinks.

Two small chairs with a patterned side table create the perfect place to get away from the main living room activities but also keep you close (great for parents who want to enjoy a little “me time” without straying too far).

Designer Tip: Be the host with the most seating! Chairs and benches behind the sofa are great ways to incorporate extra seating that can be re-arranged when entertaining guests. Simply tuck it back in place when they leave, no garage storage required.


Living room design with a desk in the space behind the sofa

4. Create a Home Office With a Desk

If you’re looking for an option that is a bit more functional than a console table, try a desk in the space behind your sofa.

This is a nice solution if you don’t have an extra room to transform into a home office, but still need a place to focus. You can also use it as a homework station for the kiddos or a place to pay your bills online while watching the game. Check out more ideas for offices in the living room.

Designer Tip: Although you can often use a console table as a desk, check the height before you commit. Many console tables are several inches taller than desks, making for an uncomfortable workstation.

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This post was updated August 18, 2021