Moody Spring Color Palettes Designers Love Right Now

Spring is known as a time for renewal and provides us with an opportunity to refresh our homes. There are many helpful guides to spruce up your space in time to kick back and relax during the warmer months. But here at Modsy, we think that in addition to creating a tidy and chill vibe at home, spring is also the perfect time to experiment with new home decor trends and color palettes.

Think about it—you’re probably already planning to deep clean and maybe even add some new spring decor to your space. So why not experiment with a new color palette too? Adding a fresh coat of paint can be a fun and low-lift spring activity. Plus, with all those colorful spring flowers in bloom, it’s hard not to be inspired to try on some new colors! That said, spring color palettes don’t have to be all neutrals and pastels. In fact, there are much moodier color palettes and design options out there—like dark academia—that are super on-trend and reflect some of the richer, deeper, and edgier aspects of spring. Plus, these moodier hues will transition perfectly into fall and winter, so you won’t have to redecorate your home in three to six months.

What Are Moody Colors?

When you hear the words “moody color palette,” it might seem a tad intimidating because, well, when you think of “moody” as a descriptor, it’s often about an angst-ridden teenager, not a relaxing and cozy space to call home. However, moody color palettes can be just as welcoming as any airy or neutral space. They just add a slightly more romantic ambiance to a room.

Some quick examples of moody colors would be:

  • dusty hues, like deep rose-pink
  • dark colors like navy, charcoal, or aubergine (that’s the fancy British way of saying “eggplant”)
  • Emerald greens and other jewel tones

These colors are rich in pigment, creating a calming quality when used correctly in a room.

How Do You Select a Moody Color Palette?

Of course, selecting the right moody color palette for your space depends on your particular tastes. However, you can follow some general design rules to help you pick one that works beautifully. We suggest following these two steps to ensure that your moody spring color palette is design perfection!

  1. Set the mood. Want to decide which color palette will work best for you? Start by determining the overall vibe you want in your space. For example, if you want something more serene, use colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel (known as analog colors), like blue and green. Want something more dramatic? Try pairing complementary color combinations —colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel—to create visual drama.
  2. Balance light and dark tones. Just because you want a moody color palette doesn’t mean every color in the room has to be super dark and brooding. In fact, pairing darker walls, say a deep blue-gray, with lighter or more saturated accents in a complementary color, like a bright cognac-orange leather armchair, will make the room feel cheery and dynamic.

Want more guidance selecting a color palette? Read our comprehensive guide.

What are the most attractive moody color palettes?

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Ok, so we’ve explained what moody colors are and why they’re an exciting spring trend and even laid out some basics on creating your own perfectly moody palette. But you’re probably wondering which moody color combinations our designers and customers love right now. So, without further ado, we present a selection of designer-curated and customer-approved moody spring color palettes that are not only inviting but glamorous, fun, and even downright cozy.


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April Showers Bring May Flowers — Stormy Navy Blue and Earthy Camel

navy and stone colored home office

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Who doesn’t love the classic combo of navy blue and light neutrals? Most often used in coastal spaces with the darker color functioning as the accent, this color combination is super versatile and can pair well with any interior design style. In this transitional style home office, navy walls paired with a pale beige fireplace, coffee table, and chairs create a moody ambiance that recalls a spring rain storm’s tranquility (and drama).

Midnight Sun—Dark Black and Pops of Gold

Moody Spring Color Palette

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Another moody twist on a classic color combination is the black walls and gold accents in this bedroom. This pairing can feel glam and sophisticated when used correctly. But to ensure it feels moody and springy, incorporate pops of white and natural elements, like a jute rug or pale exposed wood finishes. Doing this will balance the moodier aspects of the space with some sunny spring vibes.

70’s Sunset—Deep Yellow and Blush

Moody Spring Color Palette

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Yellow is a typical spring color, but the deep golden hue of the walls in this dining room adds a moody depth to the space. And that moodiness is taken one step further by paring the deep yellow with pops of blush pink. Together these colors recall a relaxing sunset that also feels boho cool with all the natural wood finishes in this space.

Potted Plant—Rich Earthy Brown and Vibrant Green

Green and brown living room in moody colors

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Is any activity more quintessentially spring than gardening? We don’t think so. And nothing recalls the garden more than the colors of the earth and plants. That’s why we love this combo that brings together rich earthy browns and vibrant green for a moody but rustic and comforting look.

Earth Strata—White with Light and Dark Neutrals

Moody Spring Color Palette

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Speaking of earthy colors, check out this dining room filled with various neutrals that recall soil layers (or strata). The layering of light and dark neutrals adds depth to the design and feels elevated, while pops of white add a springy—but understated—cheeriness to the space.

Nocturnal Bouquet—Emerald Green and Pastels

moody jewel-tone living room

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We love a good green color scheme and are always enchanted by the luxe quality of emerald green walls, especially when paired with classically springy pastels. The combination is excellent for bedrooms where the darker walls and hits of pale yellow and pink can create something that feels alluring and pampering, like a beautiful spring bouquet.

Rosé All Day—Layers of Deep Dusty Pink

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Like our favorite bottle of rosé, we could never tire of a layered pink color scheme. In this space, the dusty rose monochromatic walls feel trendy and edgy but also earthy and warm. Just like we do after a glass or two with the girls!

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15 Spring Habits to Spark Joy At Home

Spring is (hopefully) not too far off, and we could not be more excited for more sunshine, time outside, and the beauty and hopefulness of budding trees and flowers. This time of year represents renewal and new beginnings. As such, it’s a great opportunity to create some fresh habits in your home that will bring peace and joy into your life.

In today’s stressful world, it’s more important than ever to prioritize staying healthy and finding a sense of calm in the midst of the chaos. And there are small habits you can establish in your home that will help you stay healthy, maintain motivation, and feel more rested.

Keep reading for 15 healthy habits that will spark joy and help refresh your home for the spring season—and beyond!

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1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

Taking the time to make your bed every morning can help you start your day with a sense of accomplishment. And doing one task helps build momentum for subsequent tasks, making doing the next task (and the one after that), easier. The simple act of making your bed can lead to better productivity, a sense of pride, and lower stress levels. (Plus, it’ll make going to bed at the end of the day feel so much better—talk about making your bedroom feel more like a wellness retreat!)

How to Establish This Habit

To help remind yourself to make your bed, start doing it right before you get dressed in the morning, which will help make it part of your routine. If you hate making the bed, keep things simple by not cluttering the bed with throw pillows and extra blankets. Make it easy for yourself with a minimal set-up!

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2. Boost Your Morning Drink Routine

The ritual of drinking morning coffee or tea can spark joy and start your day on a good note. Both coffee and tea have both health and wellness benefits—from more energy and less stress to promoting that cozy, familiar feeling that makes your day more enjoyable.

How to Establish This Habit

Carve out a hot beverage center or coffee nook in your kitchen or dining room where you can easily make yourself a cup or coffee or tea. Display your sugar or tea bags in a pretty jar or bowl, and stock your cabinets with stylish mugs. By creating a pleasing environment, you’ll be more likely to take time to sit down and really enjoy your drinks before the rush of the day begins.

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3. Maximize Natural Light

Exposure to natural light helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, improves our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, helps us to focus, enables us to get more done, and even makes us happier. Ensuring we get enough of this vital resource is key to our physical and psychological well being.

How to Establish This Habit

Each morning, pull back your blinds and curtains, and even open the windows if the weather allows. In the spring, swap out heavy drapes for sheer ones to let in more sunshine. (Need help finding the right ones? Check out our guide on how to choose curtains.) If you live in a cloudy area, try investing in a sunlamp, which helps activate the same parts of the brain as sunlight and promotes focus and mental clarity.

4. Keep a Pitcher of Water on Your Desk

We could all benefit from staying more hydrated. After all, staying hydrated keeps your energy levels up, allows for clearer concentration, and improves sleep. But many of us are more likely to grab coffee, tea, or soda rather than water. So, you have to set yourself up for success!

How to Establish This Habit

Get yourself to drink more water by keeping a pretty pitcher or glass carafe of water near your desk! Having water readily accessible and in your sightline will make it much more likely that you’ll grab some water rather than a different beverage. Make it part of your morning routine to fill it with water, ice, citrus, or whatever you want to make it more enticing. Put it on a tray with an accompanying cup and keep filling it all day until the pitcher is gone.

Springy space with room defuser in living room

5. Diffuse Essential Oils

Did you know that scents can impact your mood—and certain scents can even lower stress levels and benefit your mental health? Different oils have different benefits, and diffusing them in your home can promote calmness, ease stress, boost your mood, and even improve mental clarity.

How to Establish This Habit

Buy a diffuser that’s pretty and fits into your home decor. Add it to a shelf or surface area in your home where you want to fill a room with scent. Keep a variety of essential oils on-hand to transform your mental state and give yourself whatever you need each day.

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6. Tend to Your Plants

The benefits of indoor plants are extensive—from cleaning the air, purifying smells, and boosting your mood. They bring in the outdoors and add a zen feeling to any space. And caring for your plants by watering and pruning them can ground you and act as a meditative, calming activity. Spring is the perfect time to give your plants some love!

How to Establish This Habit

Choose new plants to add to your collection or refresh your existing ones with new soil and pretty new planters. Add plants to spaces you wouldn’t normally think of, like the bathroom to add joy to all areas of the home. Set a weekly reminder on your phone to water your plants and embrace the meditative benefits of taking care of a living thing!

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7. Set Aside Time to Read

Reading improves brain function and memory, and reading novels can reduce stress by pulling you into another world helping you disengage from the daily grind. Reading in the evening can also help you fall asleep more easily than if you watch TV before bed, since it doesn’t stimulate your brain in the same way.

How to Establish This Habit

Make reading a more enjoyable activity by creating a cozy reading nook—like a corner with ample lighting and a big chair. Establishing a physical space to read each day will help you develop the habit of reading. If you prefer reading in bed, set up your bed for the activity; keep your book next on your nightstand, get good pillows to prop yourself up and support your back, and make sure your bedside lamp offers enough reading light!

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8. Move Your Body

Our bodies and minds are very connected. That’s why doctors will often encourage patients dealing with depression or anxiety to exercise along with any medication as part of their treatment plan, as it helps activate chemicals in our brains that promote feelings of well-being. That’s right—movement is good for your body and brain. But most of us don’t get enough movement in our day-to-day lives. It’s far too easy to go straight from our desks to the couch after work! But introducing even a little movement into your daily routine can have a profound impact on your physical and mental health and well-being.

How to Establish This Habit

Create a space in your home that will give you a visual cue to move your body—whether that’s a full home gym with a bike or treadmill, a yoga mat in the corner of your living room, or walking shoes right next to your desk that you can put on as soon as you close your laptop. When establishing an exercise routine and creating a home workout space, make it a visually pleasing space so you want to utilize it daily. You can also find equipment that folds up or is easily stored away for mixed-use spaces, like home office/gym combos.

9. Take Care of Your Clothing

Wash, fold, and put away clothes with appreciation for your items. This will not only keep your bedroom tidy (and therefore help you feel more calm)—but taking care of items you use daily sparks positivity and a deeper connection to your home. It can even give you a sense of pride and self-confidence.

How to Establish This Habit

Make your laundry room a place you enjoy being in, so that doing laundry doesn’t seem like a daunting or unpleasant task. Then, create organized spaces for your clothes, utilizing your dresser and closet to give every article of clothing a proper space. Don’t have space for all of your clothing? Maybe it’s time to pare down your wardrobe and donate unused items! Need a little extra help? Check out our best home organization hacks.

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10. Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

When entering your home, leave your shoes at the door. This not only keeps dirt and germs that are trapped on your shoes from tracking through your home, but it also caters to a more zen home.

How to Establish This Habit

Add a mat or shoe rack near the front door or in the coat closet to encourage yourself and guests to leave shoes at the door. If you don’t like going barefoot, you could also invest in a pair of slippers or house shoes. That way, you can take them off by the door before putting on your shoes, and then they’ll be ready for you to switch back into when you get home!

Carve out time each day to jornal or meditate to reduce stress

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11. Journal or Meditate Daily

A daily habit of meditating, journaling, or simply taking time to intentionally assess and engage your emotions can help promote a sense of calm in your body and mind. Both journaling and meditation have countless benefits—such as gaining a new perspective on stressful situations, building skills to manage your stress, increasing self-awareness, and grounding yourself in the present moment.

How to Establish This Habit

Like developing a reading habit, with meditation or journaling, it helps to have a physical space that you return to each day for this activity, which will help give you a mental cue that it’s time to slow down. Set up a comfy chair that you can sit in and journal or carve out a space on the floor to listen to a guided meditation. Wherever it is, make sure it’s quiet and comfortable to help eliminate distractions.

unplug from tech and enjoy time with family to improve focus

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12. Unplug from Technology

Unplugging from technology (yes, your phone, the TV, and the internet) are vital to balancing your mind and reconnecting with your own thoughts. Spending time every day without technology around can bring peace and bring about positive thoughts.

How to Establish This Habit

Find a place to put your electronics away for an hour or two each evening—like a drawer or a tray. Get the whole family in on it by encouraging everyone in your household to put their phone away for family dinner or even removing the TV from your living room to create a family space that isn’t centered around technology.

take and epson salt to help you unwind

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13. Take a Bath

Help your body recover from the physical strain of the day by taking a hot Epsom salt bath for 15 to 20 minutes in the evening. Magnesium sulfate—the scientific name for these salts—has been shown to help muscles relax and reduce inflammation.

How to Establish This Habit

Creating a spa-like feel in your bathroom will make taking a bath feel more alluring. Deck out your bathroom with candles, plush towels, ambient lighting, and even candles for a space that encourages relaxing.

Maintain a tidy kitchen to help promote focus

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14. Do the Dishes Every Night Before Bed

The kitchen is a pretty central place in the home. So, when it feels messy or in disarray, it can make your whole life feel overwhelming. One small thing you can do to reduce stress is doing the dishes before bed each night. And it can help with more than stress! A Florida State University study found that students who practiced mindfulness while washing dishes by focusing on the smell of the dish soap, the texture of the bubbles, or the temperature of the water not only saw a decrease in their stress levels but also a boost in inspiration!

How to Establish This Habit

Make the chore of washing dishes more enjoyable by creating an aesthetically pleasing environment around your sink. Put your hand and dish soap in a beautiful, reusable glass bottle instead of the plastic bottle it comes in—and be sure to pick out a scent you love! House your sponge in a pretty bowl, too. You can even arrange all of your dish-washing items on a nice ceramic tray to corral it all together. If you have a window above your sink, decorate it with a plant or small vase of flowers for a little extra mood boost. Finally, add a cushy rug in front of the sink to make standing there more comfortable. And don’t forget about an aesthetically pleasing dish drainer!

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15. Get on a Sleep Schedule

Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is very important for your body and mind. Routine aids in establishing a positive outlook and boosting memory and productivity. Try keeping a sleep schedule every day of the week, including weekends, for full benefits

How to Establish This Habit

Keep a notepad in your bedroom, by a reading nook or in your nightstand. Spend five minutes before going to bed planning out the next day’s tasks to put your mind at ease. Plan to start each day with something joyous to make you more excited to both go to sleep and wake up. Once your mind is at ease, you can enjoy crawling into bed and will be more ready to relax. Freshen up your bedding to make crawling into bed an alluring activity. Consider switching to a more luxurious material or higher thread count to simplify the sensory experience.

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8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

spring decor

It’s that time of year again! With spring in full spring, it’s time to spruce up your spaces at home for warmer weather and longer days ahead. No matter the size or style of your home—be it a large family house or a compact city apartment—here’s our checklist of easy (and essential!) spring decor updates and home refresh ideas to welcome the new season.

spring decor1. Do a deep spring clean

Your home deserves a deep clean, especially after the winter hibernation months. Trust us when we say you’ll feel 100% refreshed and accomplished if you tackle this list.

Wipe down baseboards

Wash all pillow covers (in the living room and bedroom)

Vacuum and rotating out rugs (roll-up winter ones to stow them away)

Dust off table surfaces and bookshelves

Clear things out of storage cabinets, your pantry, and the fridge (no excuses!)

spring decor2. Retire winter clutter

It doesn’t matter the size of your home, utilize all the spare space you can find to organize and put away winter accessories.

Stash away winter clothing you won’t need until later in the year.

Wash comforters, heavy blankets, and throws, and store them in airtight bins.

Put any big bulky storage, like space heaters and humidifiers, in the garage or in storage.

Make the most of under-bed storage organizers.

Corral things into woven baskets that can easily be stacked or tucked into corners.

spring decor3. Opt for lighter textures

Think natural textures and airier materials here that nod to the outdoors and soon-to-arrive summer days.

Seagrass, jute, linen, rattan, cane… these textures feel at home in warmer weather, so layer rugs made of these materials into your spaces with abandon!

Work in basketweave textures also to further play up the appeal of natural textures.

Try also adding in light woods and driftwood pieces to play up a summery beach house vibe, sure to bring in a hint of laid-back style.

spring decor4. Swap in new throw pillows

This is the easiest way to change up your look with more color and a fresh appeal that ushers a spring vibe into your rooms.

Replace cozy winter pillow covers with lighter, breezier ones made of linen and cotton.

Instead of faux fur pillows and knitted ones, try more solid colors and geometrics, which will add lots of instant spring energy.

Work in seasonal colors, such as greens, blues, pinks, and purples, which are sure to usher in major spring vibes.

spring decor5. Bring in breezier textiles

After you’ve changed up your pillow selection, do the same with your other textiles, which will further brighten and open up your rooms.

Swap in linen and cotton blankets and pack away chunky knits or fur throws.

Hang lighter curtains, like breezy linen and sheers, in lieu of heavy velvets.

Switch up your rugs in rooms from high-pile options to natural-fibers or flatweaves, which will bring a burst of color and texture as well as feel more in line with the warmer weather.

spring decor6. Play with color and patterns

Be sure to keep an eye out for fun and whimsical patterns that pay homage to spring. These are small updates that are sure to enliven your spaces.

Think stripes vibrant colors, pretty florals, chevron zigzags, and even elaborate animal motifs, all of which will add punch and intrigue.

If spring colors aren’t your thing, add energy and bring a room to life with a classic palette of crisp whites, black tones, and sharp blues.

spring decor7. Invite greenery indoors

It’s not a spring home refresh until you add some greenery and blooms in your home, naturally.

If you’re not a plant person, something simple can do the trick. Just add a potted succulent or two.

Or simply arrange a bouquet of spring blooms in a glass vase or unique vessel.

Don’t have a green thumb at all? Put a few stems of flowers in bud vases and arrange them however you want on a table or bookshelf.

spring decor8. Introduce fresh scents

Whether it’s fragrant blooms or a pristine scent of clean linens and plants, giving your rooms a scent update will set a bright mood and tone in your spaces.

Try out a new scented candle in the entry, your kitchen, or bathroom. We love placing one in a high-traffic area to bring in an uplifting mood.

For a stronger scent accessory update, you can go with something floral or a diffuser with essential oils that you can adjust to your liking.



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Poufs, Plants, & Pillows – Shop Our Favorite Easy Decor Updates for Spring

easy decor updates for springSay goodbye to the cold, dreary days of winter – spring is finally here! It’s time to get rid of the winter blahs by brightening up your surroundings to make way for the new season with confidence.

There’s no better way to fully embrace the season than by welcoming spring into your home. Combining your seasonal spring cleaning with a bit of home rejuvenation is a great way to refresh and shift your mindset toward the brighter days ahead. It’s time to swap out the chunky knit throws and cozy decorative touches that kept you tucked in all winter and usher in the colorful, lively and light looks.

If you can’t make a full room makeover happen, here are 3 easy decor updates to refresh your home for spring.

Shop our favorite pillows, plants, and poufs!

easy decor updates for springPillows

Want to get the biggest transformation with the least amount of effort? All you need are pillows! Throw pillows are a super easy decor item that you can switch out throughout the seasons to give any room a timely update.

Swap in some colorful, fun and patterned pillows to instantly spring-ify the look of your living room, bedroom, office, etc. Put dark, wintery pillows to rest for the moment and bring the more vibrant colors out to shine. Neutrals, primary colors and light and bright pastels will all fit wonderfully into a spring color palette.

Pro-tip: keep your pillow inserts and change the covers out seasonally for an extra budget-friendly home update.

easy decor updates for springPoufs

Poufs are just as magical as the pretty name makes them sound, and they are making a splash in spring decor this year. They are similar to ottomans, only more versatile and not as clunky – their lack of legs helps them look lighter and more playful than a traditional ottoman.

You can use poufs as footstools in front of a sofa or chair to prop up your feet while you’re relaxing. And, in a pinch, they can even be used as extra seating when guests show up or extra surface space in any room.

We love them because they add a pop of color, pattern, and texture that can transform your look without a hefty price tag. It’s a great way to dip your toe in a trend instead of committing to a pricey sofa or rug that might not stand the test of time.

easy decor updates for springPlants

Even though the calendar days are ticking on, it can sometimes feel like spring is still hibernating. That means it’s up to us to go out and get it!

Bring the outdoors inside with greenery galore. Plants are the epitome of spring – they bring life into a room in a way that other decorative accessories just can’t. Easy to manage houseplants placed throughout a room can magically make the space lighter and airier.

Try a potted plant in a corner, a group of succulents on your table, or a hanging plant if you are short on floor space. We also love faux plant options if you want something low-maintenance that looks happy all year-round!

Getting your house into shape for spring doesn’t have to be a costly commitment! With these quick and simple updates to your home decor, you can brighten up your space and bring the light of spring into any room of your home.

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3 Spring Color Palettes We’re Loving Right Now

spring colorsSpring is all about color! It’s literally bursting from the ground and flowering in the trees. Color is always good for the soul, especially after the gloomy days of winter. And what better way to use the magic of spring color than to refresh your living space?

When it comes to your home, adding a punch of bright cheery hues is the perfect way to transition from a cozy cold-weather vibe to a celebration of warmer weather. But you don’t have to use just color in a traditional way. There are all sorts of spring color palettes that can help your space feel fresh.

To get you started, we’re sharing three of our favorite color palettes for spring. Keep scrolling to check them out and shop your favorites for your space!

spring colorsBlue Neutrals

You may not think of blue as a spring color. While baby blue might not be your thing, we say try giving blue another look as a neutral.

When you combine soft blues and natural materials, you get a combo that gives off a major beachy vibe. Instead of a statement color, blue as a neutral makes things cool and casual, allowing you to relax in stylish comfort.

Subdued blue walls can be set off with a blue woven jute rug, crisp throw pillows and a modern piece or two on the wall. Comfortable but light furniture completes the look.

Shop the look of this cool blue interior!

spring colorsTropical Pastels

When you think pastel home decor, you may picture a home that looks like an Easter basket. But these are not your grandma’s pastels (although we love those too!).

Instead, of mint green and baby girl pink, pair shades of teal and blush to instantly spring your space into warm-weather gear. You’ll get a bright and colorful look that is still sophisticated and on trend.

Consider adding accents in natural materials, like a leather and teak chair or a woven berry rug to go with the unique modern furniture. Add other accents of warm pastels to turn your room into a natural gathering place for family and friends.

Shop the tropical pastel look!

spring colorsHigh-Contrast Neutrals

Maybe you prefer to keep the bright colors outside with the plants. That’s fine because a spring palette can be exciting without using colorful colors. Instead, add neutrals with contrast to keep your home feeling fresh without any ROYGBIV interference.

Black and white items against a background of warm leathers feel punchy and vibrant without using any bright color at all. A modern leather sofa pairs with minimalist shelving and a black and white rug to make a strong style statement. Throw pillows and graphic black and white prints add visual interest without relying on bright hues.

Shop the high-contrast neutral room!

Trying out a new spring color palette can immediately give your home extra energy and zest. At Modsy, we make it easy for you to try out different designs and color schemes so that you can find your signature look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors, statement furniture and eye-catching accessories. Your home should reflect your taste during all the seasons!

Bring Our Spring Colors Home!


Spring Refresh Checklist: 17 Easy Home Updates

spring refreshSpring is finally here! Ring in the new season at home by getting your spaces into warm-weather shape with a seasonal spring refresh.

To help you give your rooms a thorough spring refresh, we’ve compiled this checklist to help (and inspire) you to ready your spaces for the season. From decluttering common areas to adding new colorful pillows and art to rethinking furniture and layouts, consider this your comprehensive guide for preparing your home for spring.

spring refresh5 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips to Start

They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing. Almost like a second chance at the new year, the start of spring is a great time to re-motivate yourself with small tasks to whip your home into shape. Here are the most-essential cleaning tips for a spring refresh.

1. Clear Out Clutter

It’s time to toss out those piles of mail, papers, and takeout menus in high-traffic areas, like your entry, kitchen, or family room. This will free up space in ways that might surprise you. Need some clever storage ideas? Check out these tips.

2. Organize Your Pantry

An easily forgotten space in the home, you might find some things in there that need to get chucked. Take time to give this spot a thorough sweep.

3. Put Away Winter Essentials

Wash your big blankets, comforters and quilts, and get your chunky sweaters and winter coats dry cleaned. Then stash them all away until it’s bundle-up season again. While you’re at it, consider editing your closet! No need to go full-on Marie Kondo-style (you can if you want to), but commit to donating at least a few trash bags worth of clothing for a fresh start.

spring refresh

spring refresh

4. Restyle Your Surfaces

Swap in new decor, accents, and books for your coffee table, console, and shelves to give them an eye-catching but low-touch spring refresh.

5. Refresh Your Bathroom

Sounds simple enough, but switching out the shower curtain, adding some small plants and a scented candle, and swapping in new light bulbs can do wonders to open up this often neglected space. Not to mention, spring is the best excuse for giving your bath a good deep scrub.

spring refresh5 Small Decor Updates to Ring in Spring

If you’re getting sick of your hygge-inspired living room, a few simple decor updates are the perfect way to make a big impact with minimal effort (and cash). Give your space an easy spring refresh with these 5 easy-to-tackle decor updates.

1. Bring in Greenery

There’s no better way to welcome spring than with leafy plants and pretty flowers. A few well-placed plants can help liven up empty corners and brighten surfaces. Need some inspo? Check out these easy ways to decorate with greenery.

2. Brighten Your Walls

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or some new art on the walls to bring new perspective to your rooms. Try rethinking the traditional gallery wall or adding some oversized art for an easy spring refresh.

3. Swap in New Pillows

It’s the easiest way to give your living room and bedroom a fresh boost of color and pattern. This spring refresh is also super affordable. Also check out these spring refresh ideas that cost less than $100!

4. Add a Natural Fiber Rug

Roll up those heavy wool rugs and lay down a natural-fiber rug instead to open up your rooms and usher in a relaxed vibe. Not to mention, these rugs are super durable and are perfect for busy spaces. Find the best one (there’s lots to consider!) for your home with our natural-fiber rug guide—and make sure you’re getting the right size rug!

5. Hang Some Mirrors

One way to spread more light around your rooms is to make space for mirrors. Any piece with reflective a surface will help bounce light around your room and make it feel open and airy! To open up your living room, try a large mirror above your sofa.

spring refresh5 Stylish Furniture Upgrades Perfect for Spring

Turn your spring refresh into an overhaul by swapping out larger pieces of furniture. If you’ve been looking to finally upgrade your sofa, or tackle that new year’s resolution (better late than never!), look to spring as the perfect time to make it happen.

1. Go For That New Sofa

If you’ve been sitting on the idea of a new sofa, spring is the perfect time to pull the trigger. Read our buying guide if you need help deciding whether you should skimp or splurge on one, and make sure you check out these key tips for shopping for a sofa online.

2. Get a New Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a smaller way to make a spring refresh, a new coffee table can be a great place to start. The centerpiece of any living room, a new coffee table can give your space a completely new look for a fraction of the price of a new sofa. And there are so many stylish options you can choose from. Here’s how to find a coffee table that’s right for your space.

3. Consider a New TV Stand

This is the focal point in many living rooms, so don’t let the need for function force you to sacrifice style. There are actually a lot of cool TV stand choices out there now, and spring is the perfect time to switch it up. But the key is finding a TV stand that’s the right size for your space—so we broke it all down for you in this guide.

spring refresh

spring refresh

4. Look for a New Bed

Most of us tend to buy a bed and then stick with it for much longer than we ought to. Spring is the opportune time to change up your snooze spot with a new bed. And there are lots of affordable styles out there. Check out our bed frames buying guide to learn the pros and cons of the most popular types.

5. Replace Your Nightstand

Not ready to pull in a big-ticket item like a new bed? Give your bedroom a mini update with major style with a new nightstand that’s just right. Remember these tips for finding the right size bedside table. or check out these ideas for nightstand alternatives.

spring refreshBudget-Friendly Layout Ideas For Spring

Sometimes the best way to make a space feel new is with a simple layout change. Don’t want to spend your weekend pushing furniture around your room? Save your floors and your lower back and try out some new layouts virtually with Modsy. Already have a Modsy studio? Try playing with our Editor or ring the Assistance Bell in your studio for help from one of our Modsy stylists.

Rearrange Your Living Room

It might just be time to start fresh in your living room. You can opt for a new sofa or sectional, make way for some new chairs, replace the rug, or just work with what you already have. Get some inspo from our living room layout tips. Then, also check out ways to round out your newly arranged living room.

Redo Your Bedroom

If you’re not looking to add new bedroom furniture, a new layout can make for a great spring refresh. Get inspired with some new ways to arrange your bedroom with these layout ideas. Or if you’re looking for a new layout without shuffling too much furniture, check out these stylish tips for bringing in seating that can dramatically change how your bedroom looks and feels.


Need a total spring refresh for your space?


Designer Picks: Our Top 10 Favorite Pieces for Spring

spring decor ideasSpring is right around the corner! And if you’re like us, you’ll be seizing the moment as the perfect excuse to give your interiors a makeover worthy of the (soon to be) warmer weather.

This season, we’re looking to natural textures and breezy materials to breath new life into old interiors. No matter if you’re making big or small updates, there are easy ways to take your home from cozy-town to easy and breezy and celebrate the changing seasons.

To help you get inspired, we had our designers round up their favorite spring decor ideas to help you get the look. Read on to discover 10 of our top picks for spring and shop the look in our spring-inspired living room.

Need some spring decor ideas for your space?

spring decor ideasDrake Sofa

With the extra deep seat, feather down cushions, and easy-to-clean upholstery, our Drake sofa is as comfortable as it is stylish. From Modsy’s very own Ravine Home collection, Drake was made for lazy Sundays with the family and feels at home in any decor style all year long.

Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table

One of our favorite spring decor ideas is to add some natural texture to your look. We can’t think of a better way to do that than with this woven rattan coffee table. Beachy yet sophisticated, we love how this coffee table lends a casual warmth to any interior.

Loom Club Chair

The star of our Insta-famous rustic warmth living room collection, this chair feels trendy but won’t go out of style any time soon. The intricate woven back will make a statement without pushing your look over the top.

spring decor ideasBermuda Pouf

Equal parts function and form, the Bermuda pouf is the real MVP of this living room look. Not only does it add a lovely pop of natural texture, you can put this pouf to work as an extra seat or side table, or even use it as a foot rest. What’s not to love?

Blake Grey Wash Cabinet

With spring cleaning in full force, enclosed storage pieces are our latest and greatest obsession. They are low-maintenance and make the perfect places to stash clutter when you need to spark some joy in a pinch. You’ll never guess what a mess is hiding inside!

Marcelle Storage Side Table

White marble top + Art Deco details? What’s not to love about this adorable side table! The equivalent of a dress with pockets, we love the additions of the mini drawer and bottom shelf, which help expand your available storage space. We need all the help we can get!

spring decor ideasMalibu Chandelier

We’re crushing hard for Serena & Lily’s Malibu chandelier, which features delicate strands of beads set against a natural hemp-wrapped frame. It’s earthy glamour meets mermaid chic, which we’re predicting as the next big decor trend (just kidding, but we’d love to see it ).

Barcelona Area Rug

With warmer weather just around the corner (ok maybe not just, but let’s think positive people!) it’s almost time to break out the natural fiber rugs. A summertime styling essential, there are so many reasons to love natural fiber rugs. We love the subtle blue stripes on this number, which adds a pop of beach house elegance to any interior.

spring decor ideasPier Perspective III Wall Art

This contemporary giclee print adds the perfect dash of intrigue and color to any interior. Hang it over your sofa for a subtle conversation starter. Or, add it to your bedroom for a serene seaside escape.

Flynn Floor Lamp

Bronze and wicker? What a combo. This sleek and streamlined lamp is an easy way to  add function and style to your space. The curved base allows this floor lamp to snuggle in close, making it the perfect late-night reading light.

Want to see some spring decor ideas in your room?