Stylist Picks: Spooky Chic Decor

spooky decor ideasHalloween is here! We’re getting in the mood with spooky movies and imagining the homes of Disney villains — but we’re also thinking about transforming our own homes with spooky decor!

If you ask us, spooky decor doesn’t have to be tacky or campy — in fact, it can be downright chic! When hunting through the Modsy catalog, our stylists found decorative pieces that are not only perfect for Halloween but will work year-round. Each of these pieces have an eerie edge that will satisfy your Halloween cravings but you don’t need to take them down on November 1. And do you know what that means? Next year, when Halloween rolls around, all you’ll need to do is add a few pumpkins and faux cobwebs and you’ll be set! Keep reading to shop our stylists picks for chic and spooky decor — if you dare.

spooky decorGilded Mirror

This mirror is a gorgeous design from Aidyn Decor. Its lovely gold frame and scalloped edges adds a classical look to your space year-round. But there’s something about antique-style mirrors that scream haunted house. You almost expect to see a ghost in the reflection… For Halloween, just drape it in faux cobwebs and you’re ready to go!

Bust Statue

There’s nothing quite so classical as a bust statue. This one feels like it’s plucked straight out of antiquity. But with its all-black finish, it takes on a haunting feel. Place her on your mantle to both delight and fright your guests!

Creepy Portrait

Classic portrait with a twist? Yes, please. We’re drawn to eclectic artwork that is both unique and intriguing. And we won’t complain if it’s just a touch creepy! With its moody color palette and subdued lighting, this portrait would feel right at home in a haunted house — and in your house, for that matter!

spooky decorEtched Mural

This mural will make a major statement in your home. Its towering trees and endless sky are lovely — and designed in greyscale, it creates a delightfully haunting vibe on darker autumn evenings. With the right mix of creepy Halloween decor, it provides the perfect backdrop for a frightful scene. The etched design and antique vibes only add to the spooky feel. It’s exactly the type of design you’d expect to see on peeling wallpaper inside an old haunted mansion!

Antlers Table Lamp

This gold antler table lamp is both rustic and chic — in the day time. At night, its black shade and antler motif gives it a little bit of a spooky vibe at night. Up the creep factor by changing the bulb to an eerie purple or green on Halloween night!

Skull Prints

Here’s a different take on spooky chic artwork: a pair of pendant skull portraits. On a bright, sunny day they feel rustic and classic. But on a spooky, stormy night they add a perfectly haunting vibe. Skulls are a no-brainer for Halloween decor — but the rest of the year they give off a Southwestern desert vibe, or even something you might find in a rustic lodge.

Brass Hand

We love adding conversational objects to our spaces — and this open brass hand is no exception. This time of year, it offers the added bonus of giving off that spooky, disembodied hand vibe. But the brass majorly classes up this object, so it can be a conversational piece any time of year.

spooky decorRustic Chandelier

This chandelier would be at home in any rustic or traditional home, with its mix of light wood and crystal. But around Halloween, it’s just the type of fixture you might find in the Addams Family mansion! Add some cobwebs and flickering light bulbs to up the spooky factor this week.

Black & White Rug

The traditional motif of this rug gets a modern interpretation with its graphic black and white design. It can lean vintage or modern, lending itself to a wide variety of room styles. But for Halloween, it gives your room a dark, moody vibe. In fact, this rug would feel right at home gracing the floors of a haunted mansion and muffling the squeaks of ghosts and ghouls wandering the halls.

Bewitched Mirror

When it comes to classic decor items, we love finding pieces with an unexpected twists — something this vanity mirror offers in spades. It’s both functional and fun. And it makes you wonder — did a witch cast a spell on this poor duck, transforming it into her mirror?

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