Layout Guide: Three Ways to Design a 10×10 Living Room

In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We show you different ways to lay out a space—because we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got! Today, we’re tackling 10×10 living room layouts.

10x10 living room layout

The Space: A 10×10 Living Room

The Challenge: This small living room has the constraints of including an entryway and a doorway into another room, which limits where you can place furniture.

This is a commonly sized living room in smaller family homes and apartments. But the fact that it includes a window, an entryway, and a doorway into another room can make landing on living room layouts more challenging. Plus, the layout you choose will depend on how you want to use this space.

Keep reading to explore three different ways to approach this 10×10 living room layout—along with some small living room design tips—to help you explore the possibilities in your own home! Bonus: despite the small footprint, each of these three living room ideas includes all the essentials in our living room furniture checklist.

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glamorous living room and home office

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Layout Idea #1: 10×10 Living Room with a Home Office

Just because you have a small living room doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for multiple purposes. In this living room furniture layout, we not only included a seating area with a sofa and accent chair, but we also made room for a small desk for someone who has to work from home but doesn’t have a separate home office.

10x10 living room layout

How to Make It Work

small awkward living room

Include a small desk for an at-home workspace. To utilize the small wall space between the entryway and hallway, we chose a desk that perfectly fits along that wall. It’s not a huge workspace—but the desk is just big enough to house a laptop, and it includes an internal drawer for storage.

The floating shelf above the desk provides additional storage for the work area without taking up floor space. And, pairing the desk with a clear, acrylic chair helps to reduce visual clutter in this small space.

10x10 living room layout

Work in some hidden storage. Since this living room layout doesn’t leave space for any storage furniture, we opted for a coffee table that offers some hidden storage inside—a favorite small space storage hack that tops the list of our small apartment furniture checklist. It’s also round, making it easier to walk around by eliminating sharp corners.

Reduce clutter (but not style!) by keeping decor to your walls. In terms of decor, the accents are mostly on the walls, so as not to clutter up the few surface spaces in this living room.

  • The floor mirror helps to reflect light around the small space, giving it a sense of openness and airiness.
  • The tall floor lamp illuminates light upward, helping to further open up the room.
  • And a piece of statement wall art, as well as a patterned rug add a stylish, chic point of view to the space.
  • We also included a hanging plant to bring some texture and greenery into the space.

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Layout Idea #2: Living Room With TV Viewing

This living room layout is centered on TV-viewing, reading, and just lounging and relaxing. The sectional sofa adds a comfortable place to lounge, and it faces the television, which is perfect for movie nights. But there’s also plenty of space for storage, organization, and other activities.

10x10 living room layout

How to Make It Work

10x10 living room layout

Choose an artfully placed sectional for optimal lounging. The sectional has a smaller footprint than some, and by having it nestled in a corner, it doesn’t take up as much space in the room. But it’s still big enough for several people to lounge on while watching a movie.

10x10 living room layout

Incorporate plenty of storage to maximize your space. The media stand is stylish, while also providing ample hidden storage. And a wall-mounted bookcase takes up less floor space and provides open storage while utilizing vertical space in the room. (No matter the room, wall-mounted bookcases are among our favorite small space hacks for the storage they offer while taking up minimal floor space!)

10x10 living room with a workout space

Give yourself the flexibility to embrace a multifunctional space. The open rattan coffee table is airy, keeping the space visually open. It’s also very lightweight and easy to move around. We love this living room idea, as it allows you to shift the coffee table out of the way for at-home workouts, whether they’re self-directed or a group class you’re streaming on your TV!

living room with leather sofa and bookcase wall

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Layout Idea #3: Conversational Lounge Living Room

This living room layout is geared toward entertaining, conversations, and lounging. With multiple seating options and a bit more space to spread out, this layout is perfect for game nights, happy hours, and long conversations.

small awkward living room

How to Make It Work

Establish a conversational layout. The deep sofa fits several people, with the lounge chair facing it for a conversational layout. We also included an extra ottoman next to the sofa, which can be used either as a side table or a makeshift extra seat, depending on your needs.

10x10 living room layout

Make use of vertical space. The wall-mounted bookcase is the perfect way to utilize wall space and ceiling height in this living room. We styled it with decor and books—but also a mini bar set-up housed on a few of the shelves, which is perfect for entertaining.

10x10 living room layout

Keep the energy flowing. The oblong coffee table provides ample surface area for snacks and drinks without being bulky or impeding on walking space and flow throughout the room.

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9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Living Room

If you feel like your living room is always cramped and cluttered, you aren’t alone. Let’s face it—small living room design can be a struggle. Especially in light of the fact that it’s the room you likely spend the most time in and also needs to be super functional. But don’t let your small living room cramp your style!

Some people say the only way to make a small living room work is by avoiding dark wall colors or certain types of furniture. But we disagree. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style to make the most of your small living room. Here are a few tried and true tips from our designers that are sure to help you ace your small living room design for a space that’s big on style and functionality.

small living room tips1. Use Your Walls

If your living room is short on floor space, it’s time to get creative by using your walls! Wall-mounted storage options are amazing and they give you all the same functionality without taking up floor space. Think about using a bookcase to double as a side table or even try one with a built-in desk option. It reduces clutter, maximizes storage, and means you have one less piece of furniture to buy.

small space hack2. Go for Clear Furniture

One small living room design trick that often goes unnoticed is to use clear furniture. Clear, or even mirrored, furniture helps to reduce visual clutter which is a must-have in a small space. The optical illusion creates a more open and airy look instead of dense, heavy pieces that sit directly on the floor. You can get the same effect using furniture that sits on tall, tapered legs, as well. (Ever wondered why Mid-Century Modern design is so popular in urban spaces? Because it’s a great style for small rooms!)

small living room design3. Use an Organic Shaped Rug

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a rug that fits into your small living room design. They often seem way too big or awkwardly small for tight spaces. Rather than drawing attention to the small size of your room with a rug that doesn’t fit, try using one with an organic shape. We love options like this cowhide rug. It has the same function and doesn’t need to follow any rules as far as room shape and size.

4. Hang Your Curtains High

One easy trick for making your small living room seem larger, is to hang your curtains up high! This gives the impression that your ceilings are extra tall and will draw the eye up rather than down. It’s a clever optical illusion that will make your space seem much larger than it is.

small living room design5. Skip the Coffee Table

In a room that’s already packed to the max, skipping out on unessential furniture items is the way to go. So we say get a little crazy and skip the coffee table. If you’re short on space, you can benefit from the open area to use in other ways, like this living room that uses two poufs to double as footrests and a makeshift coffee table. And they can be used as extra seats in a pinch!

6. Use Your Sofa to Divide the Space

If you’re doubling down on your space to create both a living and dining area, use your sofa to divide up the room. The back of a sofa creates a “zone” by partitioning the space into different areas. Having a makeshift wall like this helps to create a sense of rooms within rooms.

small living room design7. Make It Multi-Purpose

Having limited living room space means you need to get the most bang for your buck. Opt for furniture pieces that serve multiple functions—such as using a bench as a coffee table, or a bookcase as a room divider.

8. Maximize Every Square Inch

Another way to make your small living room look great is to make sure you’re using every square inch of space. Tuck in storage where you can, like these baskets hiding behind the open door in space that would have otherwise gone unused. Think about ways to work in extra storage, tuck in a desk, or even extra seating.

small living room design9. Add Sneaky Storage

You’d never guess that this coffee table has interior storage, would you?! Pieces like this are a great hack for small living room design. Instead of adding more clutter with bulky storage pieces, add furniture items that serve multiple functions. Enclosed storage is also great because it’s super low-maintenance—no one knows what kind of mess you’re hiding in there.

Need Help With Your Small Living Room Design?

Want some extra interior design tips for your living room? When it comes to interior design for small living rooms, sometimes it helps to bring in the experts. Our Modsy designers are pros at maximizing space while bringing your style to life. Browse our Interior Design 101 page for more info on how we can help!

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