Lessons from the Road: Our Traveling Designers Share Their Best RV Decorating Ideas

More and more people are choosing to forego traditional housing and 9-to-5’s in pursuit of a more adventurous lifestyle. Have you noticed the rise in popularity of #vanlife and #rvlife on social media? Similar to the tiny home movement of the 2010s, living in an RV is a way to downsize and simplify your home. But, unlike tiny homes, RVs have the added benefit of being on wheels. The result? The opportunity to travel around the country (and even the world!), making your backyard wherever you park your RV.


Modsy designer’s RV

And, with the rise in the ability to work remotely, more and more people are looking to RV living as a viable way of life, at least for a period of time. In fact, some of our own Modsy designers are RV-ers, travelling the country as they work! And today they’re sharing some of their best small RV decorating ideas, with tips on how to take the leap and make your own #rvlife dreams a reality! (These are all things they learned first-hand when getting ready to hit the road—so these RV decorating tips are tried and tested!)

Read on for these 5 lessons from the road!

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modern white natural textures

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Lesson #1: Start With Function

RVs are significantly smaller than the average American home. Because of this, if you decide to make the transition from living in a house to an RV, you’ll have to do a lot of downsizing. (Or at least get a storage unit!) And when moving into an RV, you have to consider function above all else.

Everything in such a tiny space needs to be functional, or, for RV decor, at least be small enough that it doesn’t take up precious surface space. A smaller overall space means that RV wall space is also limited. You may be tempted to fill a wall with photos or decor, but that space will probably be needed for functional things like hooks, baskets, pinboard, and other small space storage and organization options.

Do: Keep Things Lightweight

A major piece of functionality to keep in mind? Weight. Since your RV needs to stay under certain weight limits on the road, you have to be conscious of its overall weight. So, when choosing furniture, keep it as lightweight as possible. This applies to RV decor as well. Consider this: if you can’t hang it on the wall with a command hook or putty, then it’s too heavy!

inside rv orange rug

Modsy designer’s RV

Lesson #2: Strive for Minimalism

Trying to squeeze as many things as possible into your RV living space will only make it feel cluttered and smaller than it already is. In an RV, less is more. How does this play out? Think through what you really need when you’re on the road, and prioritize those needs over non-essentials. Whereas in a house you can have a bed and sofa full of throw pillows and blankets, in an RV there isn’t much room to put extra pillows when not in use! (Plus, simply making a bed in an RV is very challenging, so it helps to keep bedding as simple as possible!)

And it’s not just about the amount of stuff you have. To visually minimize clutter, furniture with sleek forms and open, airy frames really help open up a small space.

Do: Store as Much as You Can Out of Sight

For the things you can’t live without, get clever with storage. In a tiny home, your space can get messy very quickly. So, make sure everything in your living space has a place and that you organize every nook and cranny! Take time to figure out what you truly need out at all times and what can be stowed unless actively in use.

rv mobile living room

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Lesson #3: Opt for Dual-Function Furniture and Decor

In an RV, storage is king. Sneak in as much hidden storage as possible by outfitting your rig with multi-purpose furniture! Look into space-savers like sofas with under-seat storage (these really do exist!). And if you have space for a coffee table, opt for a trunk or ottoman that has hidden storage inside! Other ideas? A storage bench is a great dining chair alternative and storage beds are another great way to maximize storage in your RV! Platform furniture—whether a bed, sofa, or the daybed pictured above—not only has that open and airy appeal we mentioned earlier, but these pieces also give you room to stash baskets underneath.

Frankly, RV or not, getting multiple functions out of one piece of furniture is one of our favorite multi-purpose space design hacks to help make the most of a small space!

And you don’t just have to go dual-function with furniture. There’s a lot of RV decor out there that’s both practical and stylish. Think woven storage baskets, architectural light fixtures, patterned rugs. You can also use hooks and floating shelves to maximize your wall space!

rv living room before modsy

Modsy designer’s RV

Lesson #4: Prioritize Items That Are Durable and Easy to Clean

Here’s a crazy tidbit: When you drive down the road in your RV, your entire rig goes through the equivalent of a level 4 earthquake! With that in mind, you definitely want to choose furniture, decor, and even dishes that are durable. So, skip the glass furniture, delicate antiques, or items that can easily be damaged! Instead, go for durable materials. (The leather pouf and jute rug pictured above are two of our favorite pieces that marry durability and style!)

With all the jostling, as well as all the various environments and weather you’ll be tracking in, your RV interior will endure a lot of wear and tear. And if you have kids or pets, the small space means they’ll be constantly rubbing against your RV walls and furniture! Keep all this in mind as you’re outfitting your RV. Opt for easy-to-clean fabrics and a paint finish that’s easy to wipe down—especially if you go for lighter-colored paints or upholstery. And if you have rugs in your RV, make sure they’re easy to remove so you can shake them out outside, roll them up, and store them when in transit! Also: don’t forget a welcome mat, which can catch a lot of mud, dust, and dirt that would otherwise be tracked throughout your RV!

bed shelves rust color

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Lesson #5: Upgrade Your RV with Pops of Personality and Color

Once you have the basic principles in place that make your RV optimally functional, you can start thinking a bit more about design and personalizing your RV interior! RVs are typically very neutral—to the point of being rather bland and generic in order to have broad appeal to all buyers. So, one of our designers’ favorite RV decorating ideas is to add your own touch to your small space. This can help it feel like a true home rather than a hotel on wheels!

Here are 7 do’s and don’ts from our expert on-the-road designers that can help you upgrade and personalize your RV—complete with some incredible RV interior design ideas!

Don’t: Stick with the Built-In Furniture

If you can afford it and if it makes sense for your travel style, swap out the built-in sofa and dinette for a real sofa, dining table, and chairs. This will give your space more personality and help it to be a better reflection of your personal style. Just do a lot of measuring before you shop! You’ll want to make sure everything fits through the door, that your new furniture doesn’t add too much weight, and that each piece can be easily secured or stowed when you’re driving.

Do: Add Visual Interest Through Textures

We’ve already mentioned this—but in an RV, you don’t have a ton of space for decor. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a space that feels sterile! You can add visual interest through textured storage containers, like baskets, and upholstery with soft, textural finishes (like the bed in the image above!). And it’s not like you can’t add any decor! It’s simply a matter of adding pieces that are not only stylish but also functional and lightweight.

rustic kitchen mint color

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Do: Paint Your Trim and Cabinets

Painting the trim and kitchen cabinets in your RV is a tedious task—but the payoff is so worth it. The majority of RVs come with very dark laminate wood cabinetry and trim—so painting it a lighter color can brighten up the whole RV and make it feel more like a home.

Don’t: Keep the Standard Window Treatments

The factory window treatments in an RV are very bland and not always highly functional. There’s really no need to make do with them! Simply take them out and add your own. Black-out curtains or roman shades are both very practical for privacy while also adding an elevated look to your space. However, this is one area where you don’t want to go bold. Instead, stay neutral with your window treatments; after all, you don’t want to distract from the views outside the RV!

Do: Try out Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

An easy way to personalize your RV? Peel-and-stick wallpaper. This trendy design solution can add color and pattern to any space (we especially love it in bathrooms), and you can find it in so many different styles. And it’s not permanent! It comes off easily when you’re ready for a change, or when it comes time to sell your RV.

Don’t love the look of wallpaper? Paint an accent wall instead to add a pop of color to your RV bedroom or bathroom!

Do: Pack in Some Plants

With all the jostling that takes place when an RV hits the road, you might be hesitant to bring any of your plants with you. But don’t be afraid to include a few! Simply line up your favorite plants in front of a window when driving, and disperse them once you’re stationary. Or put them outside depending on the climate or wherever you are! You could also try out some hanging plants that don’t mind swaying with the movement of your RV.

Adding natural greenery to the inside of your RV through flowers and plants adds texture and an organic aesthetic to your space. Just make sure you opt for hardy plants that aren’t super sensitive to moving and being handled a lot.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Go Bold

As you personalize your RV, don’t be afraid to go bold—especially if this is your vacation “home” or if RV-ing is something you only plan on doing for a year. It can be exciting to go for a style you wouldn’t typically do in a traditional home!

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My Modsy Story: How I Designed a Home I Love Without Doing Any of the Work

outsource design project

When designing her new home wasn’t sparking joy, Allison found a way to outsource the whole thing.

Homeowner: Allison S, Sales Manager

Location: Rochester, MI

Room: Awkward “room and a half” living space

Her Style: Rustic Traveler

The Backstory

A new home with an odd layout had her totally stumped

I’d recently moved to a new home with my family, and needed to fill it with furniture. I wanted to turn our new living room into a space where my spouse, two girls and I could hang out, watch TV, and play. But the room is long and awkward and I had no clue how or where to start.

The Design Dilemma

Out of ideas, Allison just wanted her space to be done

The previous owners used the living space as a “pub room” with a bar and a pool table, but I didn’t think that set up would work with my lifestyle.

“I honestly just wanted to outsource the whole project and have it be done.”

Feeling out of ideas, I couldn’t visualize an outcome that was both functional and visually appealing. I honestly just wanted to outsource the whole project and have it be done.

outsource my living room design projectThe Modsy Moment

When an Instagram ad knew exactly what she needed

I’d never tried an interior designer before and didn’t really think the experience was for me. But when I saw an ad on Instagram for Modsy (they know me too well!) I decided to give it a go.

I’ll say I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure if the results would be something I actually liked and if they’d match my style.

How Modsy’s Designs Helped Allison

Nailing her style and finding the perfect layout

But, when I got my designs back, I absolutely loved them! I was shocked at how accurate the 3D images looked – I felt like I was actually standing in my room. I was seriously impressed and I showed my designs to everyone I knew and posted them to my Instagram.

My designer also totally got my style right – a little splash of color, a little quirkiness, and the perfect wall art. I loved how they broke my room up into two main sitting areas. That was something I never would have thought of, but it’s the perfect way to use my long, seemingly awkward, space.

outsource design projectThe Real Results

Outsourcing the work and enjoying the results

I bought almost everything Modsy recommended minus a few pieces that I found on my own. My room is almost finished and it’s already looking amazing.

“I’m a working mom with two girls (ages 1 and 3) and my time is my most valuable asset. Modsy took the work completely off my hands and I’m so happy with the results.”

Spending my time on interior design doesn’t necessarily “spark joy” for me. I’m a working mom with two girls (ages 1 and 3) and my time is my most valuable asset. When I’m home, I want to be with my family. Modsy took the work completely off my hands and I’m so happy with the results.

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My Modsy Story: How I Helped My Daughter Design a Bedroom She Loves

daughter's bedroom

When 9-year-old Lilly was ready for a big girl space, Amie knew she needed help bringing her daughter’s bedroom to life. See how she created the perfect space on the first try.

Homeowner: Amie S, 3rd Grade Teacher and Stay at Home Momma

Location: Bel Air, MD

Room: Daughter’s Bedroom

Her Style: Rustic Traveler

The Backstory

The perfect birthday present for a budding designer

At the end of last year, I decided it was time to redesign my daughter’s bedroom. Lilly was about to turn 9 years old, and for her birthday I wanted to give her the big girl bedroom she was ready for.

And while I really enjoy home design, I can never picture how my ideas will turn out in my actual space. I always know what I like, but struggle to put all the pieces together.

daughter's bedroom

daughter's bedroom

Lilly’s Bedroom Before

The Design Dilemma

She had all the ideas, but struggled to bring them to life

My family and I have lived in the same house for 6 years, and we’ve never found the right layout for Lilly’s room. One wall is all windows, another has a double closet, and there’s also a door to the bathroom. She also has this amazing canopy bed that’s been in our family for years. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but I’ve struggled to find the best way to arrange it in the room.

“My daughter is also herself a budding interior designer… so I knew I might need some extra help when it came to designing her bedroom.”

Lilly is also herself a budding interior designer. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell you her opinion, good or bad, so I knew I might need some extra help when it came to designing her bedroom.

When I saw an ad for Modsy somewhere on social media, I decided to give it a go. I was a little skeptical because no one I knew had ever tried it before, so it definitely felt like a gamble.

daughter's bedroom

Lilly and Amie’s Design #1

The Modsy Moment

The perfect design and a priceless reaction

When I opened up our first Modsy design, it was honestly exactly what I’d imagined. I wanted to create a fun, functional space where she could hang out with friends and do homework, and our Modsy designer totally nailed it. Honestly, I barely glanced at our second design because the first one was everything we were looking for.

“Honestly, I barely glanced at our second design because the first one was everything we were looking for.”

When my daughter got home from school, I showed her the design and she burst into tears. I asked her why she was crying, and she said because she was so happy! As a future designer (seriously, she can put a design together better than me), she said it was everything she was dreaming about. Seeing Lilly’s reaction to her Modsy design was truly priceless.

daughter's bedroom

Lilly and Amie’s Design #1

How Modsy’s Designs Helped Amie and Lilly

Unlocking new ideas for an old space

From the day I started the process, it was super easy. I took all the measurements and photos required and about a week later I had my Modsy designs in my inbox.

“When my daughter got home from school, I showed her the design and she burst into tears.”

Lilly’s and my favorite part of the design was the placement of her bed. After we signed up, Modsy let us send in photos and dimensions and they made a custom model of her exact bed so we could see it in her new design. We’ve seriously tried it in every other spot, but never thought to place it where our Modsy designer did, and it’s really just perfect.

daughter's bedroom

daughter's bedroom

We also loved the cute rug they placed in the room. Her room has carpet, so I never thought to put a rug on top, but it pulls the whole space together and just makes it look so cozy.

“We’ve seriously tried her bed in every other spot, but never thought to place it where our Modsy designer did, and it’s really just perfect.”

daughter's bedroom

The Real Results

Getting the slumber party seal of approval

Now Lilly’s space looks amazing. It was so great to see ideas for her room that I would have never thought of on my own and feel confident in the purchases we were making.

Modsy really nailed exactly what both of us were looking for. Lilly can be hard to please, but she’s had 2 friends over for sleepovers already, and they have not left her room.

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Global Style – 1 Room, 5 Cities, 5 Design Styles

design styles – MoroccoWhere in the world are you dreaming about traveling? France, Iceland, Morocco, Portugal or Sweden? While a life-changing, intercontinental move may be out of reach, we’re always up for clever ways to bring the vacation vibes to us.

While daydreaming about some travel hot-spots, we decided to try and recreate the look and feel of each city in our own apartments, without setting foot on a plane.

From the minimal but cozy feel of Iceland, to Portugal’s oceanic color palette and tile work, we created 5 different design styles, based on 5 beautiful cities and tips for anyone who wants to achieve the look.

The City: Cascais, Portugal

design styles – Portugal

The Style: Rustic Traveler

Cascais is a beautiful coastal resort town west of Lisbon, which is known for its historic landmarks and gorgeous beaches. We designed this room around a color palette that reflects the ocean and Cascais’ sunny weather. True to the Modsy Rustic Traveler style, the room is full of pieces that feel special and collected, maybe even passed down for styles – Portugal

How to get the style

Start by layering lots of patterns in sunny yellows and bright blues. Next, look to natural materials, which bring this style to life. Note how the rattan chairs and daybed add texture, especially when paired with soothing pops of color.

Don’t be afraid to mix up textures – this look is about a casual mix of eclectic pieces. Warm leather tones blend beautifully with rich velvets. You can even take decor inspiration from the sea by using collected seashells and ocean themed art.

Must-have pieces

The Avalon Daybed from Serena & Lily is very special piece – a perfect place for napping in the warm sun. You can dream about a trip to Portugal, even if you live far from it. We also love the Ikat Ottoman from Wisteria. It adds vibrancy and comfort to the space, while the colors evoke the palette of gorgeous Portuguese tile work.

Swipe to explore the Cascais look!

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The City: Paris, France

design styles – Paris

The Style: Chic Collector

A city centered around fashion and the arts, Paris exudes a sense of luxury and glamour. We incorporated these chic elements into the space by pairing rich velvets with marble and brass finishes. A beautiful glass chandelier and statement art create a sense of opulence.

Who lives here? Probably a stylish curator, immersed in Parisian culture with a taste for the finer things. Someone who enjoys collecting interesting pieces over time, inspired by their love for design.

design styles – ParisHow to get the style

The key to recreating this look is layering colors, patterns and textures. Royal blue and teal are offset by lighter pastels and colorfully patterned rugs. Look for white marble pieces that are  balanced with brass finishes to bring warmth to the space.

Velvet and tasseled decorative accent pillows introduce an eclectic, curated feel to the space, rendering it more personal and vibrant.

Must have pieces

The Robey Curved Sofa from CB2 is the perfect statement piece for a living room. The Waterfall Arched Chandelier and Gold Movement Wall Art from Anthropologie are also great pieces that add a sense of glam to any home. Tres chic!

Swipe to explore the Paris look!

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The City: Stockholm, Sweden

design styles – StockholmThe Style: Mod Enthusiast

Calling all Mid Century Modern aficionados! We know your love of Scandinavian design will pull you right into our Stockholm apartment.

This design is for a person who lives a minimalist lifestyle and is drawn toward spaces that feel open and completely functional.

We’ve left most of the flooring bare to highlight the beautiful detail of this particular studio apartment. Color has been added in very specific pops – giving a nod to the fact that this person is most likely a curator of their own home and is precise with every detail.

design styles – StockholmHow to get the style

Start with a neutral base color palette with pieces such as a neutral sofa and rug. Then, bring in a statement Mid-Century form chair and sculptural coffee table to create a bit of intrigue.

Must have pieces

The Noguchi Coffee Table is a real winner in this space. It helps to anchor the room, providing a true Mid Century statement to set the tone. A close second is the pierre-jeanneret chair which is paired with its matching desk for a great work station just off of the living area.

Swipe to explore the Stockholm look!

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The City: Marrakesh, Morocco

design styles – Morocco

The Style: Mod Collector

This Moroccan inspired studio is all about texture. The rug exudes warmth with its comfortable, soft texture. We’ve paired it with an informal seating area of poufs and floor pillows.

Morocco brings elements of casual comfort into the interior space so you’ll see less formal seating and dining areas and instead more comfort-forward pieces such as plush pillows and throws. We’ve also brought in a daybed to function both as a sofa and main sleeping area.

design styles – MoroccoHow to get the style

Creating this look in your own home is easy and fun! Pick a corner and transform it into a comfortable reading nook with floor pillows, drop pendant lights, and plenty of candles and cozy pillows and blankets. Use a tray instead of a formal table for your cup of tea.

Oh, and have tons of fun with color! This style is about mixing different colors, patterns, and textures together with ease.

Must have pieces

The Diamondback Rug is one of our favorites. It’s handmade and so beautiful. It pairs with this style well because of its pattern and texture, however can really work across different style preferences if you decide Morocco is no longer your city style.

The Carved Wood Media Console is a statement that has a carved detailing on its doors. The wood stain adds a touch of warmth to the space without feeling too heavy.

design styles – Morocco

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The City: Reykjavik, Iceland

design styles – Iceland

The Style: Modern Rustic

Reykjavik is a design lover’s delight, packed with edgy, modern aesthetics and functional, cozy elements to withstand the harsh climate. The city’s interiors often feel like retreats from the intense weather.

You won’t see massive homes with wasted space here, instead you find smaller, functional layouts that are shared by young couples or even a small family. This design is perfect for lovers of Modsy’s Modern Rustic style where minimalism is key, and lighter pieces get dressed up in rustic finishes and textures.

design styles – IcelandHow to get the style

This style is all about a balanced, moody color palette and cozy textures like leather, sheepskin, and wicker. We pulled inspiration from the North Atlantic ocean, glacier lagoons, volcanic rock formations and black-sand beaches for this city space. A surprise element like copper or brass adds a modern touch.

Choose foundational pieces that are more on the minimalist side, which you’ll see in the shape of the sofa, but opt for a slipcover, which creates a clean yet homey aesthetic.

A good amount of decor like candles, baskets, pillows, and unique lighting adds warmth. Bring the beautiful elements of the outdoors inside and dress them up with the coziest blanket you have.

Must have pieces

We love the Cedeno Wood Entry Way Bench from Birch Lane. It offers additional seating when entertaining but it doesn’t feel heavy or take up a lot of space. It has the charm and warmth of a rustic piece with all of the conveniences of minimalism!

The Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland Print from Crate & Barrel is an ode to the natural wonders of the country. The soft blues and greens add some color amongst the black and white palette. The Blaire Antique Brass Desk Lamp, also from Crate & Barrel is a fun piece that almost mimics a candelabra, a perfect example of traditional and modern meeting in the middle.

design styles – IcelandShop the look

Want to see your home with new design styles?


Find Your Style: 5 Bedroom Designs to Inspire Your Own

New year, new you, right? After a pretty rough 2017 – AKA the worst year ever – we hope we’re not the only ones resolving to take a little better care of ourselves in 2018.

And what better way than to finally turn your bedroom into that comfy, post-work day haven you’ve always dreamed about? The problem is, pulling together a bedroom that suits your style and gives you those cozy, self care-infused vibes, isn’t always a piece of cake.

To help make things a little easier, we dreamed up five fresh looks that will take your bedroom from snooze-fest to dream escape it 2018. If inspiration strikes, try on your favorite style in a 3D model of your actual bedroom. New year’s resolution, done.

The Look: Discerning Collector

bedroom designsWhy We Love It:

Maybe the new year inspired you to to become a minimalist, but you just can’t shake your love of boho spaces. We’d like to introduce you to the Discerning Collector style.

A clean and minimal style that let’s it’s eclectic touches shine, this look is about pared-down forms with just a few bold accent pieces mixed in.

bedroom designsHow to Bring This Style Home:

Contrast is key when it comes to creating the Discerning Collector look. Choose a handful of sleek modern pieces like a mid-century bed frame or industrial wood desk, and offset them with some unique gems that bring a little personality and drama.

Keep the color scheme neutral while you pile on the patterns and textures. This will inspire a minimal look that still shows off its boho touches.

Take a 360 spin through the Discerning Collector look




The Look: Mod Enthusiast

bedroom designs

Why We Love It:

An approach to contemporary design lets you enjoy the look of modern interiors without fully committing to living in them. Here, comfort and style add up for a look that’s both trendy and inviting.

bedroom designsHow to Bring This Style Home:

Look for furniture with streamlined forms with a mid-century influence. The Mod Enthusiast style flaunts tapered legs, natural wood grains, and no-frills pieces, but never strays from being comfortable.

Invite a little color with the addition of bright artwork, pillows, and even a geometric rug. The result is a even distribution of eye-catching and inviting designs.

Take a 360 spin through the Mod Enthusiast look


The Look: Rustic Warmth

bedroom designsWhy We Love It:

It doesn’t get cozier than this bedroom outfitted in our latest Rustic Warmth collection. It’s a look that takes a light and airy approach to rustic style, and mixes in just the right amount of cozy comforts. You’ll be so snuggly you’ll never want to leave. bedroom designs

How to Bring This Style Home:

The key to the Rustic Warmth look is to have a mix of contemporary furniture, rustic touches, and cozy accents. Furniture with clean-lines is your friend, along with antiques that show a little visible wear – we never saw a patina we didn’t like!

If you want a slightly more contemporary look, keep to natural woods in lighter shades. Earthy tones, and natural textures, such as woven baskets, rugs, and hides are also great.

Top it all off with a few layers of lush greenery!

Take a 360 spin through the Rustic Warmth look



The Look: Reclaimed Visionary

bedroom designsWhy We Love It:

The ultimate power couple, strong lines with industrial materials-who-mean-business, give Reclaimed Visionary it’s refined boldness. If you’re someone who likes to blend warm and cool notes in your space, this might be the look for you.

bedroom designsHow to Bring the Style Home:

Look for foundational pieces that are made with raw materials – metal bookcases, a robust wood bed frame and dresser, a few sculptural table lamps, and some leather accents. Embrace a spare look balanced by pieces with crisp lines and major presence.

Keep to a palette of black, brown, and gray for a more edgy and moody ambience.

Take a 360 spin through the Reclaimed Visionary look


The Look: Rustic Traveler

bedroom designsWhy We Love It:

This eclectic-meets-rustic look appeals to your inner love of vintage pieces and doesn’t apologize for it’s boho vibes. Every piece has a story and they all work together to create a collected and personal space.

bedroom designsHow to Bring This Style Home:

You’ll want to hunt down a few vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces and pair them with unique worldly accents. Pile on the patterns, colors, and plants, which are the shining stars of the Rustic Traveler style.

Let the stories behind each piece shine; it will in turn give your space a sense of richness and warmth.


Take a 360 spin through the Rustic Traveler look


Which bedroom look is right for you?

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A Spanish Colonial Revival Home Tour: The Granada Collection


Freshly back from a trip to Granada, the tranquil city in southern Spain, we found ourselves struck by a case of the “post-vacation blues.” Rather than toting home souvenir keychains or t-shirts to remind us of our travels, we decided to bring our vacation home with us in the form of interior inspiration.  


When you step inside this Spanish Colonial revival bungalow, you will find a warm and inviting living space comprised of whitewashed walls, natural woods, neutral fabrics, pops of bold color, and Moorish touches. Our vision came from the rich heritage of Islamic influence in Andalucia region of Spain, especially evident in Granada’s magnificent “palace-city” Alhambra.


As such, this is an interior heavily inspired by architecture, particularly that of the Alhambra’s Salön de Comares with its splendidly delicate marquetry ceiling. Comprised of over eight thousand individual pieces of cedarwood, the ceiling is an architectural and artistic marvel.


To incorporate this aesthetic into our bungalow, we started with a neutral base of hearty and inviting furniture. We then layered in accessories and accents with a distinctly Alhambra-esque aesthetic. Geometry is the star of the show. Look for pieces with lots of pattern, intricately carved wood, and tesselated mosaic tiles. Natural materials should abound: opt for wood, marble, linen, wool, and gold to keep the environment feeling organic. And, finally, choose accessories with vibrant colors that skew towards the primaries to keep the space feeling warm and invigorated.


A collection designed especially for Modsy’s Contemporary Collectors, Rustic Travelers, and Traditional Collectors, we love the idea of bringing your trip home with you in the form of some interior inspiration. Not sure what your Modsy style is? Take our Style Quiz to find out.