Modern Rustic Bedroom Design Inspiration: 8 Ways To Nail the Look In Your Home

Modern Rustic is a style that continues to be popular, year after year. We’ve talked about how to translate this trend-but-livable look into a modern rustic living room—but what about bedrooms? Because of its calming color palette and comfortable foundations, this is actually a great style to use when designing a bedroom! Looking for some modern rustic bedroom ideas? Read on!

What is Modern Rustic Style?

Modern rustic style is a mix of mid-century modern and rustic design styles. Within this look, you’ll often find a lot of mid-century-inspired foundational furniture that’s comfortable and streamlined, paired with rustic materials and accents, natural elements, and earth tones. This style is all about creating a comfortable living space with a slightly eclectic quality. The result is a design style that looks effortless and feels approachable—while still having an edge of trendiness to keep it feeling relevant year after year!

Why is Modern Rustic Style Great for Bedrooms?

We love using this style to design bedrooms because it’s comfortable and can create a serene and calming atmosphere. And isn’t that what we all want in a bedroom? Not only that, but since modern rustic style offers that mix of trendy and timeless, it creates a bedroom design that feels like it’s always on-trend.

Tips for Designing a Modern Rustic Bedroom

Ready to explore some modern rustic bedroom ideas and design your own space? Our designers are sharing their top 8 tips, along with a ton of modern rustic design inspiration and bedroom design ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

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1. Opt for an Upholstered Bed

A bed is (obviously) one of those bedroom essentials that you can’t do without. And an upholstered bed is a great way to set the tone for a cozy modern rustic bedroom. Upholstered beds add comfort, plushness and texture to your bedroom. Plus, it offers visual impact by creating a block of color in your space (which is true, even if the upholstery is a neutral color!). Try choosing upholstery in a natural fabric, like linen, leather, or wool, to help drive home a rustic feel.

Looking for a modern rustic upholstered bed? Try the Fadil Bed by Hyde Park.

Made in a durable, stain-resistant fabric, this classic wing-back style bed marries rustic sophistication and modern sleekness.

Modern rustic bedroom with mid-century-modern accents including an goat leather bench by Precita Home

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2. Layer in Mid-Century Modern Accents

After creating a comfortable foundation with a sleek upholstered bed, incorporate organic mid-century modern touches in your accent furniture. (Like nightstands, dressers, and benches.) The streamlined forms of mid-century-inspired accent furniture and accessories will create a dynamic look when paired with a comfortable bed and rustic materials throughout your bedroom. Try out a bench with tapered legs at the end of your bed (like the one pictured here!) and even some shibori print pillows, which have a mid-century vibe.

Want some mid-century modern accents for your bedroom? Check out the Goat Leather Bench by Precita Home.

The rustic channeled leather seat of this bench adds a comfy place to sit at the end of your bed. Its mango wood tapered legs give a modern touch to your space. The result? A piece that is both practical and stylish!

Modern rustic bedroom with lots of natural materials including a chunky wool rug in jute by Pottery Barn

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3. Incorporate Natural Materials

A variety of natural textures and materials help balance out the modern lines of your furniture and bring a rustic quality to your modern rustic bedroom. A mix of textural natural materials like leather, jute, linen, wool, seagrass, and reclaimed wood bring that earthy and approachable quality to your space. You can bring in natural materials in furniture, lighting, decorative accents, rugs, and even bedding! This mix helps a bedroom to feel visually dynamic and add pops of texture throughout your space.

Need help incorporating natural materials? Try the Chunky Wool & Jute Rug by Pottery Barn.

Neutral, versatile, and durable, this chunky, woven wool and jute area rug adds a lot of texture to a space. It’s also hand-loomed by artisans in India and crafted with sustainably harvested jute!

Modern rustic bedroom in earth tones and extra cozy bedding by CB2

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4. Decorate with Earth Tones

The ideal color palette for a modern rustic bedroom is a warm neutral palette, punctuated with earth tones like ochre, terracotta, olive green, and dusty pinks. Let your warm neutrals sit centerstage, then just use earth tones for pops of color in your decorative accents or even on an accent wall. Earth tones are beautiful in a bedroom, as they help create a serene setting and make for a calming place to sleep, while still adding depth and contrast. Plus, warm neutrals and earth tones are the perfect color compliments to natural materials used throughout your space. Want a little extra contrast? Add pops of black, which can also bring in a more modern edge to your modern rustic bedroom.

Looking for neutral-but-textural bedding that goes beautifully with earth tones? Try the Hatchmark Natural Duvet by CB2.

We love the subtle organic pattern on this duvet cover, with black hatch marks on a neutral open-weave fabric. A great staple for a modern rustic bedroom, the colors in this duvet color will coordinate beautifully with earth tones and other neutrals alike.

Cozy modern rustic bedroom design with a boucle reading chair by CB2

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5. Make Comfort a Priority

In a modern rustic bedroom, comfort is key. That means any furniture you sit or lay down on should be streamlined but seriously comfortable. So, opt for a plush upholstered bed, like we mentioned earlier. But also consider adding a cozy chair or chaise lounge to your bedroom for a comfortable place to relax. You don’t even need to create a full reading nook—a simple chair in the corner of the room is all you need to add an extra dose of comfort to your space! Just make sure you don’t sacrifice aesthetics for comfort. In a modern rustic space, furniture lines should be simple and clean to keep the look modern.

Want a comfortable place to relax? Consider the Bacio Boucle Lounge Chair by CB2.

Cozy and comfy, this chair is upholstered in boucle fabric, a super durable material created with a natural loop weave. But it’s not just comfy. This chair’s silhouette is modern while the neutral color helps give it a rustic quality!

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Modren rustic bedroom filled with organic textures including and woven pandant light from Ludlow Living

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6. Embrace Texture

Texture is so important, especially in spaces with neutral color palettes. Adding natural materials, as we mentioned above, will organically bring in texture—as you can see here with the caning on the bed and jute pendant. But you can also incorporate texture through textured walls—whether that’s grasscloth wallpaper or panelling like shiplap. This is a great way to bring visual depth into your bedroom on a large scale!

Want to add some extra texture to your bedroom? Check out the Josiah Pendant by Ludlow Living.

This handwoven wicker rattan pendant adds ambient glow to your bedroom—along with loads of texture in a neutral and natural material.

Modren rustic bedroom with subtle accents including faux-olive branch by crate and barrel

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7. Arrange Some Greenery

Adding greenery (real or faux) is essential for any rustic space. It adds a nice pop of natural earth tones to your bedroom, as well as some visual texture. Plus, flowers, stems of natural greens, or potted plants are also a great way to fill an empty corner or surface in your bedroom.

Looking for low-maintenance greenery? Try out the Faux Olive Stem by Crate & Barrel.

Faux greenery that will stay vibrant all year long—no watering required. Simply place one or two stems into your favorite vase and you have a beautiful pop of natural greenery to add to your dresser or nightstand.

Modern rustic bedroom with subtle patterned rug and ottomans

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8. Experiment with Organic Patterns

Patterns are a great way to add visual interest to a room with a more neutral color palette. But rather than choosing bold modern geometric patterns, which can look harsh, opt for subtler ones that feel more natural and organically occurring. This can be seen in the room above in the pattern of the vintage-inspired rug, the subtle scribbles and brushstrokes of the painting on the wall, and even the embroidered patterns on the poufs.

Want to add some organic patterns to your walls? Hang up the EnRoute Painting by Crate & Barrel.

This painting is a great way to add a big visual impact without overwhelming the room. The color palette of black, cream, and tan, along with the organic style of the pattern it brings to life, is perfect for a modern rustic space.

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Our Best Rustic Interior Design Tips for Every Room in Your House

You’re probably familiar with the rustic interior design look by now. And you’re also probably familiar with the wide range of rustic decor looks that are out there, which can range from bright white farmhouse-inspired living spaces to moodier, leather and wood-laden rooms. With so many ways to bring rustic style into the home, it can be hard to know what works and makes the most sense for your own space. So what are the major elements that need to be considered when pulling together the rustic interior design look?

What are the key elements of rustic style?

To start, there’s always a mix of traditional furniture elements and simple accessories that convey a handmade feel, such as vintage-style pendant lights, carved furniture details, and botanical art. There’s also a mix of decorative elements that nod to rural, pastoral, and landscapes—think black-and-white animal and scenic photographs, woven wall decor, art with western themes.

Next, what’s key to rustic style is a mix of materials, which often ranges from unfinished or reclaimed wood to metals and natural textures, such as leather, cowhide, and jute. All of this is often mixed with a cozy palette of warm tones, earthy neutrals, and high-contrast black and white tones. It all adds up to a space that’s surprisingly clean-lined, serene, and still hugely inviting.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to bring rustic style into the home. With each rustic style look, we’ve also included tips for key elements to consider. Read on to find out!

Rustic Living Room Design

These are incredibly livable spaces that have a strong emphasis on comfort and conversational layouts, making them perfect for casual downtime and gatherings with family and friends.

rustic interior designThe Style: Rustic Warmth

Think of this look as rustic with a contemporary twist. It toes the line of formal and casual, giving you a living space that’s warm and sophisticated but none too precious.

The Key Elements: Clean-lined contemporary furnishings, jute rugs, woven accessories, mixed wood finishes, calming and neutral palette with pops of blue, orange, and earthy tones.

Why We Love This Look: The room looks polished but still feels cozy and soothing, thanks to the woven and rustic accents that add warmth and tie in the wood beams. The neutral palette also helps keep things light, airy, and casual, allowing for plenty of room to breathe. It all adds up to a comfy and chic conversational gathering space.

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rustic interior designThe Style: Refined Rustic

Rustic with a more classic spin, this approach to spaces combines elegant and sumptuous designs. You can also see it as a more feminine take on rustic that’s all about tailored furnishings, luxurious materials, and soft, cozy hues.

The Key Elements: Sophisticated furnishings with a classic bent (oversized leather sectional, ornamental tables), layered monochromatic rugs, refined decorative lamps and accessories, carved cutout details, neutral palette with subtle depth (beige, ivory, and off-white neutrals mixed with tan tones).

Why We Love This Look: There’s a playful contrast between sleek and classic that gives the room the perfect refined-relaxed vibe. The pieces also help create a cozy space that’s always entertaining-ready, be it a formal sit down or a casual weeknight with friends on the sectional.

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rustic interior designThe Style: Traditional Rustic

Rustic with traditional and industrial accents, this one is for those of you who love a more rugged take on rustic style.

The Key Elements: Tufted rolled-arm sofa, light upholstered chairs, steamer trunk side table, neutral patterned rug, botanical prints and plenty of plants, warm woods, earthy palette of green and gray tones.

Why We Love This Look: Traditional elements are balanced by more contemporary pieces, giving the look a more curated modern sensibility. It’s also a look that’s well-suited for a city apartment or loft, surprisingly, given its strong traditional lines and materials that actually can warm up more modern spaces.

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Rustic Bedroom Design

Like living rooms, rustic bedrooms prioritize comfort, and that means furnishings that are a mix of traditional designs and lots of cozy natural materials and textures.

The Style: Traditional Rustic

Much like a traditional rustic living room, there’s a strong masculine industrial angle when this look is used in the bedroom. The only additional factor is that the bedroom allows for a little more experimentation and fun with color in your bedding.

The Key Elements: Traditional furniture shapes and styles, classic spindle chair, natural materials galore (rustic wood furniture, metals, leather, jute, and wool), neutral patterned rug, modern animal art and accents with a pastoral vibe, neutral but high-contrast palette with pops of color.

Why We Love This Look: There’s a balance of hard and soft in materials and textures that this style perfect for any bedroom. There’s just enough industrial edge without the room feeling overly sleek or sparse. You get to play up colorful bedding, which is key in adding color to a traditional rustic bedroom. This is our idea of a perfect high-low, classic-modern bedroom mix.

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rustic interior designThe Style: Contemporary Rustic

A blend of traditional and contemporary elements, here’s a light and breezy take on rustic. This is the perfect style to lean into if you want a bedroom that feels at once cozy and airy.

The Key Elements: Farmhouse metal bed frame with a traditional vibe, heavy rustic wood element (be it a full accent wall or a statement piece like a dresser), industrial storage nightstands, sculptural lights, geometric rug, white upholstered bench and bedding, and a crisp palette that’s predominantly black and white.

Why We Love This Look: Even with all the sleek contemporary and rustic furniture elements, this look feels inviting and serene rather than cold and stark. That’s the beauty of the contemporary rustic look, which is all about using lots of soft elements in the space to balance out the bold lines. If you’re after this look, go big with layered rugs, pillows, soft lampshades, and extra blankets.

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Rustic Dining Room Design

Rustic-style dining spaces prioritize function and are designed to stand up to heavy daily use, making them perfect for comfy family dining and relaxed entertaining.

The Style: Rustic Farmhouse

You’ll find a mix of classic and industrial elements at play in rustic farmhouse style dining spaces. These are rooms grounded in classic comfort, meaning they’re built on traditional foundation pieces that nod to vintage styles.

The Key Elements: Vintage-style furnishings that balance industrial edge with country charm (pedestal dining table, French bistro chairs, bench with carved base), glass-fronted display cabinets, metal pendant light fixtures, traditional patterned designs (herringbone rug), modern art that nod to country and rustic theme, a high-contrast palette of neutrals and natural material tones.

Why We Love This Look: There’s nothing that’s as transporting as a rustic farmhouse dining room. It immediately brings to mind a charming countryside home. The mix of traditional furnishings and vintage-inspired elements and colors make it a gathering space that instantly inspires ease and comfort.

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The Style: Contemporary Rustic

Rustic materials meet sleek, contemporary forms in this bright and fresh look. When we talk about contemporary rustic style, we’re referring to this idea of a space that’s welcoming but also decidedly streamlined.

The Key Elements: Modern-classic furnishings (Windsor-style chairs, industrial worn wood-top table), faded traditional rug, copper pendant lights, botanical prints, pop of vibrant color (an accent wall or small notes of greenery), streamlined built-in storage shelving.

Why We Love This Look: Not overly rustic or modern, the contemporary rustic look in the dining room is, as it is in the bedroom, a perfectly balanced approach to rustic. In the dining room, this style is welcoming and modern and it inspires a laid-back vibe that’s all about streamlined comfort. It’s not your grandmother’s country dining space!

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Rustic Entryway Design

Create the perfect first impression for your rustic home with an entry where function and details shine. Here, it’s all about pulling together the perfect mix of rustic and relaxed.

rustic interior designThe Style: Rustic Warmth

Who wouldn’t want to come home to this charming entryway? It’s layered with welcoming rustic pieces that lean formal but are also functional. It sums up our idea of cozy rustic style, which is all about mixing furnishings that bring both elegance and ease—an ideal approach in any busy entryway.

The Key Elements: Warm wood and vintage-inspired furnishings (console with drawers, wooden coat racks, open storage, industrial bench and pendant light, rustic wall decor and art, a firmly rustic palette of natural tones, wood finishes, and crisp whites.

Why We Love This Look: In the entry, the cozy rustic look is polished without feeling stuffy. To top it all off, furnishings that hit the refined rustic look also often add major function that serves well in high-traffic areas in the home. Case in point, the bench here is a comfy and stylish perch for kicking off shoes (or galoshes) while the full-length mirror is a functional piece that also opens up the small entry space.

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Rustic Home Office Design

If you didn’t think that rustic style works in the home office, think again. At once trad and vintage feeling, a rustic home office might be the curated and cozy workspace you’ve been needing.

rustic interior designThe Style: Industrial Rustic

You can’t go wrong with traditional rustic elements and industrial accents in the home office. It’s the ideal combination of modern rustic design with just enough edge. The key to an Industrial rustic home office is to go big with materials that promote both comfort and boldness.

The Key Elements: Furniture with classic detailing but updated designs (button-tufted armchair, wooden storage desk with hairpin legs, slope-arm chair with swivel base), sumptuous materials like leather, grainy woods, dark metals, modern geometric patterned rug, moody palette of grays, black and white, and rustic earth tones.

Why We Love This Look: High style without the stuffiness, this industrial rustic home office is moody without feeling cramped or overly decorated. The dark color palette works well with the big furniture pieces, which makes this office feel like a serious productive spot to get work done.

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5 Ways to Master A Rustic Bedroom Design

A common misconception about rustic style is that it’s always just some variation of the log cabin look. But if you’ve seen some of our favorite rustic bedroom designs, you know the style is far from one note – and it can work beautifully in a number of different ways.

For instance, there’s the refined rustic look, which is all about comfort, soft neutrals, and elegant furnishings with a classic bent. Then you have rustic farmhouse style, a mix of traditional and industrial design elements. And finally, a rustic minimal look strips out all ornamentation in favor of clean-lined pieces and very little styling.

All to say, nailing a rustic look in your bedroom isn’t exactly a simple formula – but it’s also not as difficult as you think. To get you inspired (and started) on your own rustic bedroom design, we’ve rounded up five of our most popular rustic looks. Read on to get our tips for bringing each bedroom look home.

rustic bedroom designThe Look: Rustic Warmth

Warm and inviting, this look is anchored by contemporary furniture with rustic notes. It’s one of our most popular design styles as it brings together modern designs that feel cozy rather than sleek and spare.

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The Key Elements

Rustic Warmth is all about streamlined furnishings that are welcoming. Think dressers and nightstands in darker wood tones, a hefty wood bed frame, a classic rug in updated colors, and accents that lend a livable vibe.

It’s Perfect If You…

Love a house that feels like home, meaning your spaces are guided by comfort and function first. This look might also appeal to you if you love the rustic look but still want your bedroom furniture to be modern and of-the-moment. Also, if you’re not one for lots of color and pattern, Rustic Warmth’s muted palette will feel just right.

coastal bedroom designThe Look: Rustic Coastal

In a nutshell, the rustic coastal look evokes a breezy beach cottage by the ocean. It’s casual and layered and the vibe is welcoming, lived-in, and down-to-earth.

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The Key Elements

This look is defined by a stylish mix of natural materials that add texture. Think natural-fibers, like sisal and jute, rattan, light weathered driftwood, relaxed linen upholstery and lightweight throw blankets. It also pulls in coastal elements, such as a palette of blues and whites that plays up a sense of serenity and recalls the ocean, as well as ocean-inspired accents and shell art.

It’s Perfect If You…

Are drawn to California’s rustic coastal homes or simply enjoy the laid-back vibe of those spaces. This look will also likely resonate with you if you love a room that feels relaxed but still chicly put-together.

rustic farmhouse bedroomThe Look: Vintage Farmhouse

This is probably the look that’s most like what you might traditionally imagine rustic style spaces to be. It has classic and industrial elements that recall farmhouse interiors and more than a hint of vintage.

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The Key Elements

The Vintage Farmhouse mix is comprised of handcrafted designs (metal sconces and wooden bench), vintage-style finds (candelabra chandelier, weathered-wood round mirror), and barn-like furnishings (spindle bed, rocking chair, weathered armoire). Carved details and small accents that give off an antiqued sensibility also add to the overall farmhouse feeling.

It’s Perfect If You…

Appreciate the perfectly imperfect, old-meets-new look, where traditional-looking pieces are arranged in a fresh, contemporary way. This might also be the look for you if you find beauty in well-crafted designs and spaces that convey a sense of history.

Rustic Bedroom with Bird PrintsThe Look: Rustic Farmhouse

A trendier take on vintage farmhouse style, rustic farmhouse has a lot of similar elements as modern farmhouse, but (naturally) with more of a rustic bent. (Confused by the difference? Check out a breakdown on three takes on farmhouse interior design style.) It has a beautiful way of balancing hard and soft, old and new, for a look that’s cozy and fresh.

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The Key Elements

Rustic farmhouse bedrooms mix rustic and traditional elements with a contemporary twist. Case in point: an antique-inspired spindle bed, rendered in a more contemporary shape. The same goes for natural materials like wood, leather, and linen: rugged but streamlined. Mixing of metals with plush layers of bedding creates that contrast between hard and soft, which visually echoes the high-contrast but neutral color palette. Whimsical artwork with antique-inspired vibes adds some distinct personality to the space.

It’s Perfect If You…

Love shiplap and need the perfect cozy, character-filled farmhouse bedroom to go with it. This is your classic Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines look—so if you’re a fan of their aesthetic, this is your look.

rustic minimal bedroomThe Look: Rustic Minimal

Think of this as the perfect blend of cool and warm, where pared-down vintage elements are combined with a calm, monochromatic palette. This is also the place where clean-lined design meets a touch of rustic charm.

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The Key Elements

Rustic minimal style is exactly what it sounds like: Streamlined furniture in rustic materials that lend depth and warmth to the room. There’s also an organic approach to furnishings and accents that are highly curated – think a perfectly slender metal console, a round wood mirror, mid-century-style stools in a distinct fabric, sparkling porcelain table lamps. Every detail and material is carefully chosen to have both simple and cozy appeal.

It’s Perfect If You…

Mostly prefer minimally styled spaces that still feel warm and inviting. If you don’t like having a lot of “stuff” but appreciate well-designed furniture and objects, this curated approach might appeal to you.

rustic bedroom designThe Look: Refined Rustic

Formal and elegant, this look presents rustic in a slightly more feminine and elevated light. With a bedroom, the refined rustic approach conjures up the feeling of a serene and sophisticated hotel in the countryside.

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The Key Elements

Keep to rustic furnishings that have a classic, formal twist. Design details, such as natural textures like linen, rattan, and weathered woods, help to play up the look. Look for pieces that have traditional silhouettes, like a nightstand with drawers and decorative pulls or a bench with turned legs. Finally, add accents that have vintage appeal, such as botanical art and ticking-stripe pillows. Just be sure to stick to soft hues for your palette.

It’s Perfect If You…

Like classic formal spaces but want them to feel slightly more approachable. This look is pure elegance with perfect ease to match, and it’s ideal for someone who prefers a space where rustic notes appear in more delicate and subtle ways.

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