Our Modsy Story: Using Design to Make Our Short-Term Space Feel Like Home

Modsy. customers


Homeowners: Carmen and Kika

Space: Living Room

Their Style: Rustic Traveler

Apartment before Modsy

Apartment before Modsy

The Design Dilemma

Carmen and Kika live together in a small apartment in Bayside, New York. They love their neighborhood and community, but when Kika first moved in—doubling the couple’s belongings—the small space felt overcrowded and left them wanting more room.

“Our first instinct was to move to a larger space,” Carmen says. “But we’d miss the neighborhood, and we didn’t want to spend more money on a larger apartment when we could put savings toward buying a home—which we planned to do in a year or so.”

“We wanted to reconfigure our apartment so that it would give us the style that we wanted and the space that we needed,” Carmen explains. But the couple had no idea how to make that happen.

Customer apartment in Modsy 3D

The Modsy Moment

“One day, while surfing the web, we found Modsy. At first, we were a little hesitant,” Carmen explains. But the couple was fed up with their cramped apartment and decided to purchase a design package.

As soon as they had their design consultation, they “immediately felt comfortable,” says Carmen.  “Our designer understood what we wanted and beautifully reimagined our space.”

Carmen says that she and Kika “didn’t know how to create a stylish design for a small apartment.” Their designer helped them understand how the different colors and patterns intertwined within the space, helping it appear larger.

The couple loved the designs, and Carmen says, “We could not have done that by ourselves.”

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The Real Results

Now that their living room design journey is complete, the couple has embarked on another project. “We really enjoy our living room now, and our designer inspired us to redo the dining room area, too,” says Carmen.

She says these updates assure them that they’ll continue to love their current residence until they’re ready to move into their own house.

“Knowing that this design was specifically created for our home makes us feel like we have settled into the space,” she adds. “And that has given us peace of mind.”

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My Modsy Story: Designing a Cohesive Multifunctional Room

Real modsy customers

Homeowners: Jeffrey & Geoffrey

Space: Open Living-Dining Room

My Style: Reclaimed Visionary

Customer space before using modsy

The Design Dilemma

When couple Jeffrey and Geoffrey (we know—matching names—adorable) moved into their new house together, they were excited for the opportunity to decorate. But they weren’t totally sure how they’d design their home from scratch. The couple was particularly worried about creating a cohesive and functional design for their multifunctional living space, which would include a breakfast bar, conversation area, dining area, and workspace. The couple was also concerned about the cost of hiring an interior designer and whether they’d get everything they needed using an online interior design service.

“While we enjoy decorating, we knew for this space that we’d benefit from professional help. We assumed that a traditional interior designer would be too expensive. But we were also a little skeptical that an app could give us the quality of design we wanted.”

Knowing they’d need help selecting and laying out furniture for the tricky multifunctional room, the couple decided to put their doubts aside and signed up for a design package with Modsy.

Real customer design with Modsy

The Modsy Moment

As soon as Jeffrey and Geoffrey saw their 3D designs, their anxiety over using an app to decorate their home went away. They were not only impressed with the quality of designs from their designer, but they also really enjoyed stepping into the designer’s seat and trying out their own design ideas with the Modsy 3D Editor.

“The 3D renderings of our space were invaluable. Our Modsy designer gave us a great starting point for our layout and decor, and it was easy to make changes and see how each item would fit in our space!”

Modsy customer multi-use space

The Real Results

Now that their design is complete, Jeffrey and Geoffrey are getting the most out of their multifunctional room.

“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our design project. Modsy came up with ideas for our space that we would never have thought of alone. We have a professionally designed space for the first time, which we get constant compliments about! Having such a nice design for this room has been life-changing, especially during a time when we’re both home so much between work and starting to see friends and family again. Having a functional space that serves many purposes has been so important!”

Real customer multipurpose space

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My Modsy Story: Using 3D Technology to Confidently Design Our New Home

Homeowner: Andie G.

Spaces: Open Living/Dining Room

My Style: Rustic Warmth


The Design Dilemma

Andie and her husband recently downsized from a 3,000-square-foot house to a much smaller 1,450-square-foot home. While they loved the idea of having less space to manage and upkeep, they quickly realized that the furniture from their previous home was simply too large for their new space.

“Once we put the furniture from our previous home in our new open living/dining room space, we realized it was too big,” Andie said. “Beyond that, we realized we were just ready for a fresh look in our new space.” But that wasn’t all they needed to figure out. In this smaller house, Andie’s home office would now simply be a corner of their living room rather than a separate space, which further complicated their design needs.

Andie and her husband weren’t sure how to tackle all of these design needs on their own. “We all have our gifts, but decorating from scratch is not ours!” said Andie. She knew they would need help designing their new space and finding the right furniture to fit their open living/dining room. “The last thing we wanted to do was spend money on furniture and accessories that wouldn’t look good once we got them in the space.”

living room counter stools

countertop blue wall art

The Modsy Moment

After hearing about the online interior design services offered through Modsy and reading some reviews, Andie purchased a design package. “I signed up and had my consultation with my designer, Erin, before I even told my husband!” Andie said. “Once he saw our initial designs, he was completely on board.”

“Erin really helped us hone in on our style,” said Andie. “We loved both of her designs. My first reaction was, ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner??’ I was so excited—Erin was just spot on in the designs she created for us.”

And Andie said that seeing their space in 3D was a game-changer in the design process. “It assured us the furniture we bought would fit the space, giving us so much confidence in our purchases.”

Their designer helped them land on a new look for their space and find the right pieces to give them all the functionality and style they craved for their new home.

And through the Modsy design process, their new space came together much more quickly than they anticipated. “Seeing the space completely designed helped my husband and I realize we could create a beautiful, cohesive room fairly quickly—as opposed to piecemealing it together over months or years,” Andie said. “We needed help, and Modsy was the answer!”

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living room white chairs blue pillow

The Real Results

Today, their space is nearly finished and Andie says it’s been fun to see their 3D designs come together in real life.

“It feels so amazing to now have a design that works in our new home,” said Andie. “I work from home, so I spend a ton of time in this room. Having it be so functional, comfortable, and attractive has done wonders for my productivity and overall emotional well-being.”

But it’s not just Andie that loves the new designs. Her husband said that “Modsy is the best money we’ve spent in a  long time.”

With their new layout and furniture, Andie says that their new house now feels like a home.

gray couch living room white rug

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Home Office Space for the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Homeowner: Danielle S.

Space: Home Office

My Style: Contemporary Collector

bedroom real customer story

mantel plant tv

The Design Dilemma

I’m a busy government consultant in the Washington DC area, and at the beginning of COVID in 2020, my company went fully remote. At that time, I didn’t have a designated home office space and was working out of my dining room.

After about a year of working at the dining room table, I grew tired of a couple of things. First off, my dog Pippi is always with me at home, and she barks out the dining room window whenever I receive a package or the mailman comes, which is very distracting. Secondly, since I was working in the same space I spent my evenings, I lacked a sense of closure at the end of the workday. I needed a separate office so that when working hours were done, I could get up, leave the room, close the office door, and feel like there was a transition between my work life and home life.

When I got the news that my work-from-home situation was going to continue indefinitely, I decided it was time to transform my guest room into the home office I really needed. The room is very small and a daybed took up the majority of the space in the room. I rarely used it for guests, so I knew I could get rid of the bed. But that meant starting from scratch. I knew I’d need help selecting the right furniture and layout for the space. Plus, I wanted to get everything done in a hurry because I wasn’t sure how much longer I could endure working at the dining room table with Pippi barking all the time.

home office white chair desk storage

The Modsy Moment

My favorite part of working with Modsy was getting to see what the designer created for me in the 3D version of my room. I also really enjoyed being able to make my own edits to the design using Modsy’s 3D Editor tool. It was nice to make small changes and ensure I was getting every aspect of the room arranged in a way that I liked. At the end of the day, I went with a version of the design my designer had created for me. But seeing my own revisions and knowing what my options were made the choice very easy.

mantel white chair decor

The Real Results

Once I landed on the right design for my home office, I began purchasing furniture through Modsy. It was so fun receiving new items for the space! Every time another package came, it rekindled my excitement for the office. Seeing the whole space come together in real life has been so great!

My favorite part of my new office is sitting at my new desk, surrounded by my new bookshelves—filled with my favorite books—and looking out the window at my beautiful view. I’ve never had a desk right by a window before, and it makes me so happy to have the sunlight beaming on me as I work and Pippi dozes in the reading chair behind me. I never would have thought of this layout on my own, but I absolutely love it.

The whole Modsy experience was so seamless and fun. I’ve already recommended it to a few people because I just love my office so much—it actually makes me excited to go to work every day!

home office desk sotrage

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My Modsy Story: Turning Our First House into a Home Where Our Daughter Can Grow Up

Homeowners: Roshni and Arun T.

Spaces: Living and Dining Room

Our Style: Contemporary Collector

real customer story before

open living kitchen before modsy

midcentury modern living room white couch blue rug

The Design Dilemma

Last November, Roshni and her husband Arun bought their first home together. As a busy young couple, they were so excited to have a long-term home where their 2-year-old daughter could grow up and make memories.

“I wanted to make the space very special and make it a home for my 2-year-old daughter to grow up in,” said Roshni.

But the townhouse they bought was a blank slate, and the idea of designing the space was very overwhelming. Roshni wanted to find the right furniture and decor in the right size and color that also all looked good together. And she wanted to make sure they picked pieces that were kid-friendly and durable.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task to find all the right pieces that fit the space well and look good,” she said. “So I decided to leave this job for the professionals.”

open dining room wooden table

The Modsy Moment

Roshni turned to Modsy to help design the main living spaces—their living and dining rooms. With Modsy’s 3D technology, Roshni and Arun were able to see life-like images of their home, designed with real furniture and decor.

“When we first saw our designs, our jaws dropped,” said Roshni. “I never would have come up with these designs on my own—but with my designer’s help, I discovered my personal style and found pieces to match it.”

Seeing real pieces in a 3D model of their space gave them the confidence to move forward, knowing that the pieces they bought looked good together and would fit in their space, and that they had landed on layouts that would work in both rooms.

“I loved how easy it was to see everything in my space and I was able to order all items with just a few clicks,” she said

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living room white couch wooden coffee table blue rug

The Real Results

Roshni and Arun love their new living and dining rooms. With the help of their Modsy designer, Roshni and Arun were able to combine their preferred design styles and create rooms that made their new townhouse feel like home.

“I strongly believe that I would have never been able to make my living and dining rooms look this great if I tried to find all the furniture and decor on my own,” said Roshni. “Help from a professional designer was exactly what I needed. It feels so fantastic to have a design that works for our home and lifestyle needs. We now have a beautiful home where we can raise our daughter. We’re so excited for all the memories we will make here.”

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My Modsy Story: Recapturing the Magic of Home in a New City

Jason was excited to start fresh in a new city, but he was worried about making his new apartment as homey as his last one. Needing guidance to decorate his new apartment, he decided to try online design and was immediately reassured by what he saw.

modsy customer headshot

Homeowner: Jason C.

Space: Living Room

My Style: Reclaimed Visionary

modsy customer grey living room before

jason before

The Backstory

My dog, Sable, and I recently moved from Atlanta to Denver. I was so excited for the two of us to start a new adventure together. But I’d lived in my Atlanta apartment for eight years and knew I’d really miss living in it. It was a corner unit with floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of natural light. I’d created a layout that worked for the space, and it just felt like home.

I knew moving to a new city would be bittersweet, and I wanted to capture the magic I’d created in our last home. So I brought my favorite furniture and decor with us to our new space in Denver. I was hopeful as I packed everything up and headed to the mile-high city.

midcentury modern green

The Design Dilemma

Soon after arriving in Denver, I realized that, despite my high hopes, none of what I’d brought with me really worked in my new apartment. In fact, most of it hardly even fit in the space. The sudden realization that I’d need to redo the entire space hit me like a ton of bricks.

I know what I like when I see it. Still, I’ve never decorated an entire space from scratch on my own, and I had no idea how to make it feel functional and cohesive. The idea really stressed me out, especially because there are so many other things you have to do when starting life in a new city. I wanted a cozy space that Sable and I could enjoy and where I could entertain new friends. I was eager to have that happen sooner rather than later, so I decided to give online interior design a try.

beige couch snake plant blue yellow color scheme

The Modsy Moment

I feel a little silly saying this, but when I first saw my designs, all I could think was, “Wow!” I was amazed at how accurate the 3D version of my space looked compared to my actual apartment. On top of that, both initial designs were great and gave me a real shot of confidence that the design process would work. My designer even included a little bar area for hosting because I mentioned it was something I liked about my last apartment.

Within a couple of design revisions, my designer and I found the right layout and decor for my space. Seeing it all in a 3D rendering made me sure I could relax, knowing everything I ordered would be the perfect fit once it arrived in my home.

blue green color scheme gray couch mid century modern living room

The Real Results

After landing on a design that really resonated with me, I placed my order and was amazed to see my design come together so quickly in real life. Something that would have taken me a very long time to do alone took only a few weeks with Modsy. I feel like my designer was able to upload my personality into a design that I, in turn, could download into my actual apartment!

It feels incredibly good to be only two months into my life in a new city and already have an apartment that Sable and I can call home. It’s one less thing to worry about and a very unexpected (but welcome) thing to feel very happy about.

jason after living room blue green rug bar cart

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Design From Scratch That My Entire Family Loves

Danielle and her husband were relocating across the country for his new job. Hoping to simplify the move, they left their furniture behind. But saving time by avoiding packing meant taking on the task of designing their new home from scratch in a hurry.

headshot of modsy customer

Homeowners: Danielle H.

Spaces: Multiple Rooms

My Style: Chic Collector

real living room before modsy

real bedroom premodsy

The Backstory

In March of 2020, my husband got a new job that required us to move from Chicago—where we’d lived for 15 years—to Denver in just over a month. The same day he was hired, Chicago’s governor issued stay-at-home orders. Because the world was in chaos and we were moving ourselves, our two young kids, and two cats, we decided to make the transition to a new city as simple as possible. We got rid of our furniture, packed our entire family into a car, and drove across the country to Denver. We found an affordable furnished rental in town, where we lived for almost a year until we got lucky enough to snag a home in this crazy market.

teal couch living room modern eclectic

View of the living room

The Design Dilemma

When we bought our house, I was so excited for my family to be living in an actual home again. I really wanted to create a space where we’d all feel happy for many years to come. But since we got rid of literally all of our furniture before moving, I knew we’d be starting from scratch in our new place. So it was vital to find kid and pet-friendly items that met both my husband’s and my style needs as quickly as possible.

modern dining room plants black chairs

View of the dining area

The trouble was that my husband and I don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to design. He is much more of a minimalist and likes white walls and simple forms. I’m more colorful and enjoy taking risks. Fortunately, from the beginning we both knew we wanted help designing our home in a way the whole family would love. So we did some internet sleuthing and found Modsy. The idea that we could use online design to try on furniture we both liked, that we knew would fit in our home, was so appealing.

dark color scheme living room corner

purple living room gold coffee table

Two views of the family reading room

The Modsy Moment

As soon as my husband and I took Modsy’s style quiz, we knew we’d made the right choice. Looking over various design styles together made us feel confident that our designer could help us find the right look for each room in our house. Identifying a style we both liked—mid-century modern with a minimalist twist and pops of color—made it really easy to collaborate with our designer and create designs that worked perfectly for our space.

contemporary blue bedroom with white and black striped rug

Danielle and her husband’s new bedroom design

The Real Results

Working with a designer was a great way to identify our individual tastes, understand where they overlap, and bring them together in a kid and kitty-friendly design that works for our whole family. But getting to order directly from the designs and see our combined vision come together in our actual home has been priceless.

kids bedroom pink purple glam

purple corner pouf kid's room room

Views of the kid’s room

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Harmonious Design in a Challenging Space

Real Modsy customer


Homeowner: Alicia P.

Spaces: Open Living-Dining Room

My Style: Rustic Traveler

before photo of customers living room

before photo of customers living room

The Backstory

My family and I live in Billings, Mont. in a house that was built in the 80s. I enjoy the open layout and sharp angles of our home, but the architecture is very specific to the era—particularly the living-dining room—which made it hard for me to envision a new style for the space. I’d wanted to update our home for years. But between work, family, and not being very interiordesign-savvy, I struggled to create the kid-friendly and modern design I’d long dreamed of.

customer living room with leather sofa and navy blue accent chairs

The Design Dilemma

As I mentioned, I’m no interior designer, but I know what I like when I see it—and so does my husband. And while the two of us love each other to pieces, we have very different design styles. His style is very macho and outdoorsy (typical Montana man) and mine is more reflective of my family roots in California—modern but casual and cozy. So, in addition to creating a functional design that updated the 80s architecture, I wanted to bring our very different styles together in a way that is as harmonious as our marriage. But, as I said, design is not my strong suit, and after having waited so long to redesign my home my expectations were huge—like Oprah-level-makeover huge.

open living room with camel leather sofa and wood floors

The Modsy Moment

When I signed up for Modsy, I was worried that I’d end up with a pretentious designer in a fancy suit who wouldn’t relate to my family’s lifestyle and would mistake my lack of design knowledge for a lack of taste. But as soon as we started talking in our design consultation call, I knew I couldn’t have been more wrong. Our designer was so incredibly nice and was just a real and relatable person who also happened to be a design expert.

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The first time I saw the designs she created I was so excited—I mean, my jaw dropped to the floor. She brought our styles together seamlessly—incorporating traditional elements in rustic finishes, like a leather sofa, that appealed to my husband while also incorporating simplistic silhouettes that felt more modern, which I loved. On top of that, she added lots of geometric accents, which brought our styles together with the architecture. And everything was kid-proof and within our budget, too! It was truly the Oprah-level transformation I’d dreamed of.

transitional dining room with dark wood dining table and 6 slatted back dining chairs

The Real Results

Now that I have a plan for my space, I’m enjoying getting my house in order to completely match my Modsy designs. I’m having the flooring in my dining area updated before I start ordering, and I’m just so excited to see my space come to life more and more.

I truly can not stop singing Modsy’s praises. It’s so wonderful to know that my husband and I have found a style that reflects each of our personalities and also works for our kids and our space.

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My Modsy Story: Balancing My Love of Knick-knacks with a Classic Design

As a realtor, Meredith makes it her mission to help her clients find their dream homes. But her busy schedule and penchant for sparkly home goods left her own home feeling cluttered and neglected for 5 years.


Modsy customer


Homeowner: Meredith K.

Spaces: Living Room and Dining Room

My Style: Rustic Traveler

Customer space before Modsy

before modsy

The Backstory

Five years ago, I moved into the house that had belonged to my grandparents. It was built in 1938 and is loaded with charming accents like crown molding, a beautiful fireplace, and dramatic arched entryways leading from the living room to the dining area.

When I moved in, I brought the furniture I already owned. None of it really fit well in the space, but with my busy career in real estate, I became so focused on making my clients happy in their homes that I was forsaking my own design dreams.

Dining room with blue upholstered chairs

The Design Dilemma

I’d say that I have good taste, but a busy schedule and penchant for sparkly home goods had left my house feeling cluttered and disjointed. After living this way for so long, I was starting to feel a little frazzled in my space. Plus, my adorable 16-week-old kitten was wreaking havoc on my furniture! So, when some of my real estate clients mentioned the convenience and nominal price of Modsy, I jumped at the chance to get the design help I’d needed for so long.

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corner desk with green lamp and mirror


Fireplace with plants and organic pouf

The Modsy Moment

When I saw my 3D designs for the first time, I thought “HOLY $#@&! Can my house really look this good?” I was just so excited to know that each item in the design was to scale, would fit perfectly in my space, and was selected based on my particular style and layout needs.

The designs my designer created for me included upholstered items that were cute and kitty-proof. There was also plenty of storage for my sparkly ephemera, but the design was aesthetically balanced enough to not compete with my more flamboyant keepsakes. (I have a gold octopus figurine in a birdcage in my dining room and I’m keeping it there!) It was also nice to have the 3D Editor to try out my own design ideas for the space, which was much easier than moving my actual sofa around the living room. My designer and I were able to communicate design concepts both visually and over email, making the whole process a breeze.

Living room with blue sectional and abstract art

The Real Results

Once the design portion of my project was done, it was so nice to be able to place all the items I liked from my design directly into my cart and purchase them all at once. As I wait for each item to arrive, I am refinishing my floors, painting, and hanging drapery. It’s all so fun and makes me feel even more exhilarated to bring my beautiful design together in real life!



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My Modsy Story: Designing My New Home From Scratch While on the Other Side of the World

When her medical fellowship studying infectious disease in Johannesburg, South Africa was suddenly cut short by the outbreak of COVID-19, Dr. Heather R. found herself needing to return home to the States. But she didn’t have her own space or furniture to come home to.

Modsy customer headshot

Homeowner: Heather R.

Space: Living-Dining Room

Before image of Modsy customer\'s space

Before image of Modsy customer\'s space

The Backstory

I was in the middle of a medical fellowship in Johannesburg when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Prior to leaving for South Africa, I gave away the entire contents of my one-bedroom apartment—furniture and all—because I was not planning to come back to the US anytime soon. When my fellowship suddenly required I return to the States, I knew I’d be starting over from scratch.Modsy customer dining room design

The Design Dilemma

Because this wasn’t just a move to a new city but the beginning of the next phase of my medical career, it was so important that I create an amazing space to call my own, giving me a home base where I could crash and relax after work. As exciting as it was to be making the move I’d dreamed of for so long, the idea of having to furnish an entire apartment from scratch was extremely overwhelming.

In the past, I’d always had hand-me-down or used furniture I didn’t care much about, so I had no idea what my style was. There are so many design options out there, which is overwhelming. The process of finding everything I needed and ensuring it all went together was just too much for me to tackle on my own. To top it off, I was doing all of this as a busy medical professional during a pandemic, and I wasn’t even in the same city as my new New York apartment yet.

Modsy rendering of customer\'s mid-century modern living room design with camel colored leather sofa

The Modsy Moment

I spent some time trying to figure out how to get the affordable design help I wanted and needed, but I was really struggling to find something that worked with my limited time and budget. I was beginning to lose hope of finding the design solution I needed before finalizing my move when a friend suggested Modsy. At first, the idea that I could get remote 3D design help from a real designer seemed too good to be true, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed!

I can’t say enough positive things about my entire experience. First and foremost, my designer was absolutely amazing! She listened to what I had to say and understood what I wanted for the space before I knew myself. She was just so present and always had amazing energy. I cannot say enough about her! Plus, the Modsy customer service team members have been extremely helpful and responsive as well which is so appreciated. It really made the whole ordering experience that much better.

Design of Modsy customer\' living room in Mid-Century style

The Real Results

It’s a huge relief knowing that the hard part of coming up with the design is over and now I just get to live in the amazing space! I could not be happier and more excited about my new home. (I literally bought just about everything in my design!) I have shown the space to multiple family members and friends, and they agree that it’s incredible. I have loved my Modsy experience and I love my design.

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