My Modsy Story: How We Found the Time for Design

This busy couple struggled to balance career, family, and designing a new home. Fortunately, they found help in the nick of time.

Customer Story


Homeowners: Nate and Helen, Software Engineer and Director of Product Strategy

Location: Moraga, CA

Rooms: Living Room and Home Office

Their Style: Reclaimed Visionary

Customer StoryThe Backstory

Shortly after our son was born we decided to move into a new home. He was only 3 weeks old at the time, so it was a challenging move, as I’m sure any new parent can understand. Still, between feedings, diaper changes, and zero sleep, my husband and I were determined to make our first home feel special for ourselves and our baby boy. Of course, making our house feel both cozy and functional became even more critical once shelter in place happened, and we found ourselves home 24/7!

The Design Dilemma

Juggling new parenthood and work meant that we had zero time to do anything, let alone design our new house. We were just so busy with our careers and the baby that we hardly had time to unpack! We were living out of boxes in a space that didn’t feel like ours. My home office was still totally empty and desperately needed help. Meanwhile, our living room felt too impersonal. We needed it to feel relaxed and tranquil to help us handle the stress of our hectic dual role as parents and professionals, especially when the world outside was so intense.

We were just so busy with our careers and the baby that we hardly had time to unpack! We were living out of boxes in a space that didn’t feel like ours.

Customer StoryThe Modsy Moment

I’d heard about Modsy through a friend who also works in tech, and the name stuck with me. After we moved and I realized we desperately needed some remote interior design help with minimal hassle, we decided to sign up and give Modsy a try. We were a little nervous when at first because we’d used another online design service that neither of us really loved. Still, we decided to move forward anyway because we definitely needed the help.

Customer StoryHow Modsy Helped Helen and Nate

When we saw our designs, we were so impressed. All the worries we had from our last online design experience went right out the window. It was honestly so refreshing to see a design neither of us could have imagined. Plus, being able to see our room online in 3D helped so much. The reality is, if we didn’t use Modsy, we would haven’t gotten past the decorating phase of selecting the bare essentials. Their designs really brought the space to life and made us feel safe and confident in making purchases online. This was great because neither of us had the time or ability to go out and purchase home goods between work, the baby, and quarantine.

When we saw our designs, we were so impressed. All the worries we had from our last online design experience went right out the window.

The Real Results

It’s safe to say that after working with Modsy we finally feel at home in our home. Honestly, I know it sounds silly, but that’s the best way to describe it, especially now that our new furniture has arrived. The space is so open and minimal. It feels relaxing and uncomplicated, which is the perfect counterpoint to our sometimes complicated and hectic lives. It makes us happy to spend so much time here and raise our new baby in such a beautiful and serene space.

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The Changes Our Designers Are Making at Home in 2020

2020. What a year, right?? Most of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before. We’ve talked about how to transform your dining room from day to night, how to set up a home office for two, and how to design a kid’s workspace for those who will be homeschooling this fall. We’ve even walked you through how to design an at-home gym! But what about giving your bedroom some love? Now is the time to give some serious thought to bedroom design ideas.

With our homes becoming multi use spaces to the extreme, our bedrooms have become somewhat of a sanctuary for many people. When you have nowhere else to go, this intimate space becomes your oasis and respite.  But for those of us with small bedrooms, you have to get extra clever with how you use your space.

Modsy customers aren’t the only ones struggling to adjust to the new reality. Our designers are also making changes at home to make their bedrooms to make them more relaxing—whether they’re tiny, small spaces or spacious master bedrooms. We polled our stylists to get inspired by the changes they’re making to their bedrooms—and we’re making some changes based on their tips! Read on to get inspired with our first-hand tips on small bedroom design 2020!

Refresh Your Room With a New Coat of Paint

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a room. It’s one of those simple bedroom design upgrades that makes a huge difference. So, whether you want to jump on the bold colors trend or decorate with neutrals, simply giving your walls some fresh color can refresh your room and give you a new perspective on the space.

“Quarantine finally gave me the excuse to finish my bedroom almost a year after moving in. I bought a can of paint (Naval, Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year!), a pair of sconces, and a new nightstand to complete the other side of the bed. It feels like a whole new space! It was so easy but the reward was huge.” – Mackenzie R., Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Get Creative With Design Solutions

When you have a small bedroom, every square inch counts. And that often means getting creative with design problems and solutions. Start by considering your layout. Is it giving you the space you need? Or would putting the bed on a different wall open up the space differently? Then, think about your furniture. You can save room by choosing a bed without a footboard. And, if a traditional bedside table would make your space feel cramped, opt for a small, low-profile side table instead. You can even hang your curtains in a way that makes your ceiling look taller or your windows seem larger!

“Every inch counts in our small downtown Chicago master bedroom! To optimize the layout we positioned our bed in front of the window and hung layered curtains to give the illusion of a larger window beyond it. A small side table takes the place of a traditional nightstand and still provides surface space for necessities. Since there is no room for a lamp here, we suspended raw bulbs that hang over the curtain rod—no electrician or drilling required!” – Rebecca S, Modsy Designer

Upgrade Your Bedding

If you want to up the relaxation factor in your small bedroom, upgrading your bedding is a great place to start. Choose a color palette that brings you a sense of calm, and create cozy layers—whether that’s through a sheepskin throw, loads of pillows, or maybe a linen duvet for that perfectly relaxed look and feel.

“Painting our wall a mid-toned blue/gray color gives the space a sense of calm, while light bedding brings contrast and adds airiness. The layers of textured pillows to drive home the cozy feel and tie it all together.” – Rebecca S, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Cut Down On Clutter

To make your room into more of an oasis, simplify your space and cut down on clutter. By cutting down on what’s in your space, you’ll have more mental space to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It may even inspire you to carve out time for meditation or mindfulness—something we could probably all use a bit more of these days.

“My bedroom has become a sanctuary space where I enjoy my coffee in the morning and meditate in the evenings. I decluttered my room to make it more peaceful, and swapped out my nightstand for a small stool so I would have more floor space” – Katherine T, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Hang A Favorite Piece Of Art In Your Bedroom

Often, when we get a new piece of artwork or decor, we’re tempted to put it in our main living spaces to show it off. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we love the idea of saving some of your favorite pieces for your bedroom—helping to make this space more personal and inspiring.

“When I got my stimulus check this spring, I decided I was going to use some of the money to support small businesses that I love. With that, I finally pulled the trigger on buying a print I had admired for months from an artist that I love. I was going to hang it in my living room, but then I thought: how lovely would it be to hang it right over my bed, so it’s one of the first things I see in the morning and one of the last things I see at night. It’s brought me so much joy to have it in this space!” – Amy O, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Add Layered Lighting

Layered lighting can help your bedroom feel extra cozy in the evening. And, if you’re working in your bedroom during the day, changing the lighting can also help you transition from work mode to relaxation mode. If you don’t have extra floor space or surface areas for lamps, consider installing sconces. They’ll give you the layered lighting you deserve, without taking up any extra space!

“I gave my room a refresh to stay sane. I added a pop of color to one wall, added sconces, and changed up a few accessories.” – Cristina R, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Make Room To Move + Breathe

These days, it’s more important than ever to prioritize your mental health. While we’re all on different wellness journeys, taking time to pause and connect with our bodies is something we could probably all benefit from. So, we love the idea of making space in your bedroom to roll out your mat and meditate, stretch, deep breath—and ultimately just take time each day to connect with and care for ourselves.

“My small 9×11-foot bedroom is not only where I sleep and now work—it’s also become the space where I roll out my mat and do some low-key workouts and stretching since my gym closed. I arranged my room so that I have space to the side of my bed to do some at-home pilates, mindfulness, and stretching.” – Amy O, Modsy Designer

Add A Bedroom Seating Area

If you have space for it in your master bedroom, we love the idea of adding a loveseat or apartment-size sofa to your bedroom (one of our favorite small apartment furniture ideas). Or, for a smaller room, you could simply add a small armchair. Regardless of the size, it’s just nice to have a little corner where you can take a breather during the day—in a space that’s not your bed. Make this seating area extra cozy with a small side table and a pouf for kicking back and relaxing. Or, at the very least, add a sheepskin rug for extra coziness underfoot.

“I added a sofa into my office to use more as a TV room where I can get some ‘me time’ and relax with a glass of wine and Netflix.” – Cristina R, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020Use Multipurpose Furniture

For those of us who have really small spaces and tiny bedrooms, you have to get creative in how you make room for both work and relaxation in your home. If you’re in a studio apartment or don’t have room for a home office outside of your bedroom, this can be especially challenging. One of our favorite small bedroom design tips is to use multipurpose furniture to make the most of your space when you’re looking for small home office ideas. Find furniture where your desk can pull double duty—whether that’s through a wall-mounted bookshelf/desk combo, nixing your nightstand and placing your desk beside your bed instead, or opting for a secretary desk that can double as a dresser.

“Both my roommate and I are working from home right now, and since we live in a small place, there isn’t room for either of us to have a proper home office. She’s working from the dining room table, so I wanted to create a separate workspace for when we’re both on calls—and the only place to do this was in my bedroom. I don’t have space for both a desk and a dresser in my small bedroom, so I use an antique secretary desk that gives me both drawers for my clothes and a desktop for my work!” – Amy O, Modsy Designer

small bedroom design 2020small bedroom design 2020Create Intentional Moments Of Calm

The reality is, not all of us have the luxury of making our whole bedroom into an oasis. But that doesn’t mean you should give up entirely. Even if it’s just one small corner of your room, turn it into an intentional space that brings you joy. That might mean decorating your nightstand with objects you love, since it’s the first thing you see each morning. Or perhaps it’s committing to buying fresh flowers for your dresser each week or decorating a shelf with your favorite photos and decor. Even in the smallest spaces, create intentional moments of calm in the midst of the chaos.

“Since my boyfriend and I are both working from home now, our bedroom has turned into a full-time office and gym, so there is not very much space for calm! So, I made my nightstand my one sanctuary in our bedroom, with a collection of objects I love.” – Karina L, Modsy Designer

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Lemon Stripes X Modsy: Julia’s New Home Office Reveal

When Lemon Stirpes blogger Julia moved into her new home she knew exactly where her office would go. She just needed a little help putting it together.


Lemon Stripes


Homeowner: Julia of Lemon Stripes

Location: Stamford, CT

Room: Home Office

Her Style: Chic Collector

The Backstory

When Julia, of Lemon Stripes, and her husband were looking for a new home, she says that she immediately fell in love with the sun-drenched room off the front entrance of the house that is now their home. She knew that if they ended up with that house, that that little room, separated by French doors, would be her office. “It was a perfect size—and the light! Oh the light,” she says.

The Design Dilemma

Well, they did get that house, and Julia started out strong with decorating her home office. She found a few key pieces she wanted to include, as well as a few pieces she already had but didn’t know what to do from there.

“The room is long and very thin, so laying it out felt like a major challenge and I didn’t know how to fit my large filing cabinet into it.”

“I picked out this pretty blue rug and show-stopping coral grasscloth wallpaper pretty quickly, but then I felt totally stuck,” Julia says. “The room is long and very thin, so laying it out felt like a major challenge and I didn’t know how to fit my large filing cabinet into it.”

The Modsy Moment

Julia and her husband had worked with Modsy before, on their family room design a few months prior. So, when she told us about her layout dilemma, we were happy to help again! She sent us photos of the space, along with her design preferences.

“My designer came back with different layout options and two totally different designs using the furniture that I already had. Ultimately, I chose the layout with my desk in the middle because this position makes me feel like such a boss!” Julia says.

The Real Results: Tour Julia’s Office

Ready to see how Julia’s home office turned out? Keep reading!

As she said above, one of the designs we gave her included “floating” her desk in the middle of the space. Pulling it away from the walls, especially in such a long and narrow space, felt like the right move—and gave her those boss-lady vibes.

“I love that they added bookshelves so I can display photos and some of the pieces I inherited from my grandmother in the room that I spend most of my day in,”

We wanted to keep her necessary paperwork within reach, so we tucked her file credenza behind the desk—which also created a perfect surface for propping her inspiration board and a plant! We also added shelving in her office, where she could display some of her favorite objects and store some additional organizational boxes.

“I love that they added bookshelves so I can display photos and some of the pieces I inherited from my grandmother in the room that I spend most of my day in,” says Julia.

And, since Julia had already picked out a stunning, textural wallpaper, we wanted to make sure that nothing took away from that. We also used that wallpaper as the foundation of the color palette and kept everything else more neutral and bright.

“I decided not to hang a lot of artwork in here. Instead, I’m treating the wallpaper like art and keep it really simple,” says Julia. “I tend to go overboard on wall art and then regret it so, for now, it’s staying this way and it feels very calm and serene without too much going on.”

“This is the most ‘me’ room of all time. It is bright and cheerful and truly makes me motivated to work hard every day!”

And, of course, you can’t forget the large mirror! It’s not only perfect for selfies that show off Julia’s stunning outfits, but it helps reflect light and make the small space feel larger.

“This is the most ‘me’ room of all time. It is bright and cheerful and truly makes me motivated to work hard every day,” says Julia. “Before the space was done, I would find myself working from the kitchen counter or the living room couch quite often, but now I get excited to ‘go to work’ with my mug of tea and spend all day in this beautiful office. The finishing touches pulled it together and made it mine.”

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How Modsy Partnered With the St. Jude Dream Home® Giveaway To Raise $477,600 in Billings, Montana

Each year, the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is conducted in over 40 markets across the country, raising over $40M annually for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. A standard of the campaign is to host open house weekends for the public to tour the home; however, out of an abundance of caution due to COVID-19, all open houses were transformed to virtual events. Without the ability to stage and physically show the homes, the team got creative…and that’s where Modsy came in!

The Backstory

The St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is one of the largest fundraising programs for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This nationwide program is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has cumulatively raised over $500M for St. Jude. The St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway involves selling a limited number of $100 tickets to win a newly constructed, or newly renovated, home with an estimated value typically ranging from $300,000 to $600,000. This is the 4th house that has been given away in Billings, MT, which has cumulatively raised $2.3M from the generous support of ticket buyers.

The Design Dilemma

St. Jude was going to physically stage and host open houses for the Billings St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway this spring. But then COVID-19 hit and plans had to change. They didn’t want to postpone the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway, but they were also faced with the conundrum of showcasing the beauty and craftsmanship of the newly renovated home’s design without people visiting the house in-person.

The Modsy Moment

After learning about our design services, St. Jude asked Modsy to partner with them on the Billings St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway to virtually design and furnish the interior of the home.

“One of our staff members was a St. Jude patient growing up,” says Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s VP of Style, which made this a very special project for our team. “We are always looking for opportunities like this, where we can leverage our expertise and what we do best to help people or places in need.”

Our design for the master bedroom

Our design for the family room

Our design for the guest room

Utilizing our 3D design technology, we created custom, to-scale 360-degree designs for each room to help bring this home to life. This allowed interested potential ticket buyers to experience a realistic, 3D look at the entire St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway house before reserving tickets.

The Real Results

With the virtual design images included on the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway website,, anyone could tour the Billings St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway house. It made for a safe and seamless way to continue to support St. Jude during the coronavirus pandemic. And people loved the design—as evidenced by the 4,776 raffle tickets sold, and the $477,600 raised. This is so impactful, as all proceeds will help ensure that families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

We were so excited to have the opportunity to help give back to families in need. Our goal at Modsy is to help bring more happiness into the home and we hope that we accomplished that through making this house feel like the ultimate dream home.

On June 25, the raffle winner was selected, and Janet Sanchez of Billings, MT became the lucky new owner of this newly renovated house. And guess what? This is actually Janet’s childhood home, where she spent the first five years of her life. She was randomly selected as the winner, out of the thousands of entrants.

“I can’t wait to bring my siblings here and have them share stories with me,” she says. “Yeah, it’s a dream. It’s a dream home.”

In love with this dream home? You can shop these designs, too! Check out the great room, master bedroom, basement family room, and guest room designs.

About St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Our purpose is clear: Finding cures. Saving children.®

As the only National Cancer Institute-designated, Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children, treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to 80 percent since the hospital opened more than 50 years ago. And we won’t stop until no child dies from cancer.

By freely sharing discoveries, every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save thousands more children. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

Join the St. Jude mission by visiting, liking St. Jude on Facebook ( stjude), following us on Twitter (@stjude) and Instagram (@stjude) and subscribing to our YouTube channel (

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My Modsy Story: How I Made a Cozy Home for My Sister and Myself

After finishing grad school, Daezsha and her sister, De De, were ready for a grown-up apartment that they could be proud of.

Customer Story


Homeowner: Daezsha W., Middle School Counselor

Location: Long Beach, California

Room: Living Room

Her Style: Contemporary Connoisseur

The Backstory

After I finished grad school and secured the career I’d always dreamed of, I decided it was time to improve my space. A big motivator for me was my younger sister, who lives with me while she’s in school studying sociology. She works so hard, and I wanted her to have a beautiful place to come home so she could focus on her studies and not on our embarrassing hand-me-down furniture.

The Design Dilemma

The furniture we had in our space was a cobbled-together mix of pieces that we’d bought second-hand to save money. I was so excited that I could finally afford some nicer stuff. The only problem was we’d been living with strictly functional furniture for so long that we’d each forgotten what our design style even was. We really could not envision what we wanted for our space.

The furniture we had in our space was a cobbled-together mix of pieces that we’d bought second-hand to save money

Another big challenge was deciding a color scheme, since our living room has a large gray/purple accent wall, and the kitchen counters are a very bright redwood. We were stumped on which colors would help tie all of those elements together in a stylish and cohesive way.

The Modsy Moment

I first learned about Modsy through a friend, who showed me their Modsy designs. After seeing what Modsy could do, I was convinced the service would work for my space. I signed up for a package and submitted my project to Modsy that same day!

I first learned about Modsy through a friend… I signed up for a package that same day! 

I was so excited about my designs that I passed the time reading a ton of the design stories from other customers on their blog! They really reassured me that my Modsy designer would get my style right.

How Modsy Helped Daezsha

Before Modsy, I would say my open living-dining room felt like a thrift store. Some cute stuff, but no cohesive personality, and too jumbled together to ever feel homey. Now the style is totally cohesive and mature because our designer really picked pieces that brought all the colors in our space together beautifully. Our living-dining room is something we can really be proud of. It’s so wonderful for my sister and me to have a beautiful space like this.

Now the style is totally cohesive and mature because our designer really picked pieces that brought all the colors in our space together beautifully.

The new design really helps alleviate the tension of work and study. Now, that our space feels so put together, my sister can focus more on her studies and I can rest assured that our home looks professional for the many Zoom calls I take for work.

The Real Results

Overall, the design experience was amazing. Modsy really helped us hone in on our style and seeing our design come together IRL has been truly magical. Because of their help, we now know how to make a space that is fitting for two mature and ambitious women. I’m so happy that my sister and I get to share this wonderful home where we can grow and prosper together.

I’m so happy that my sister and I get to share this wonderful home where we can grow and prosper together. 

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My Modsy Story: How I Used Modsy to Bring My Family Closer Together

When Anastasia moved in with her boyfriend, she wanted an inviting design to bring both families together in a new space.

Customer Story

Homeowner: Dr. Anastasia M., Endodontist

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Room:  Living Room and Sunroom

Her Style: Industrial Visionary

The Backstory

My boyfriend and I had been seeing each other for a while when we decided to move in together. It was a big deal because not only did it mean combining both our styles, but we were also combining our families… You see, I have two kids (Lucas, who’s 10 and Michael, who’s 16) from my previous marriage. Meanwhile, Paul (that’s my BF) had been living on his own for quite some time.

My boyfriend and I had been seeing each other for a while when we decided to move in together… which was a big deal because we were also combining our families.

The Design Dilemma

As I mentioned, Paul and I have two distinct styles—I enjoy a slightly eclectic mid-century vibe, and he is a total minimalist. So when it came to interior design, I knew it would be hard to please both of us.

But my design dilemma was more than wanting a beautiful space. I felt it was important to make the transition into our shared house as seamless as possible because I wanted our home to show my sons how well we worked together as a new family.  I wanted our home to be a safe haven where we could grow together as a family, and I knew that we’d need a cohesive design to do that.

my design dilemma was more than wanting a beautiful space.  I wanted our home to be a safe haven where we could grow together as a family

And then to top everything off, both Paul and I are busy professionals who work long hours. Neither of us had the time to scour through a million websites in search of items we’d both like. What we really needed was someone else to do all the searching for us and show us a design we could react to. But how?

The Modsy Moment

I’d heard about Modsy from a friend who used it to design her space and loved it. At first, I was excited but also, I’ll admit, a little dubious. I just had a hard time envisioning how someone could virtually design a space without setting foot in it. It sounded too good to be true. But I also knew a little professional design help would go a long way, and I really wanted my family to feel comfortable in our new house, so I gave it a try.

I knew a little professional design help would go a long way, and I really wanted my family to feel comfortable in our new house, so I gave it a try.

How Modsy Helped Anastasia

Not only was the Modsy experience fun and easy from start to finish, but we were also floored by how great the designs were. Each design our Modsy designer sent us was as thoughtful as it was beautiful—they really brought our styles together in just the way I wanted. I could tell they really cared about making a livable space for my family. It’s beautiful and really does reflect how well our styles (and us!) go together.

The Real Results

We both are so happy! My entire family uses the living room regularly. Paul and I will often listen to music together in the evenings or enjoying a drink together in the space. The kids use it for homework and hanging out too! It’s so nice to have this space that we all enjoy.

I am so glad we used Modsy for our family home is has truly become our serene sanctuary for all of us.

I am so glad we used Modsy for our family home, especially during social isolation. Our home has truly become our serene sanctuary for all of us. I’d encourage all my friends to use Modsy, especially if they need to make their place feel homey.

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My Modsy Story: Making Our Traditional House Work With Our Modern Style

After moving from a trendy loft to a Craftsman house, Mike and Carrie struggled to make their modern aesthetic work in their new home. See how Modsy helped them merge their style with their space.

Real Customer

Homeowner:  Mike and Carrie, Software Engineer; Non-Profit Executive

Location: Oakland, CA

Room: Living Room

Their Style: Mod Collector

Real Customer

Real Customer

The Backstory

After our daughter was born, we decided it was time to move from our trendy modern loft space in San Francisco to a house in Oakland. Our new place was a Craftsman home built in the 1910s, and we were so excited to have such a beautiful place to put down roots as a family.

we were both too overwhelmed to handle the daunting task of making our new-old house into the cozy modern home we wanted for our family.


The Design Dilemma

While we loved our new house, we didn’t know how to make the traditional space work with our more modern design style. On top of that, like a lot of families, we both have demanding jobs and share parenting responsibilities, which meant we didn’t have a lot of time to think about interior design. Long story short, we were both too overwhelmed to handle the daunting task of making our new-old house into the cozy modern home we wanted for our family.

The Modsy Moment

Initially, we’d worked with a local designer who had an excellent style. Still, the design experience wasn’t great because we struggled to visualize what the end result would be. We knew we needed to be able to see what the design looked like in our space before we could settle on the right look for our home. Luckily we have a friend in the interior design business who recommended Modsy. That’s when we decided to give it a try.

How Modsy Helped Mike and Carrie

Working with Modsy was great because we were able to see designs come to life in our exact room! After they sent us our first two designs we played around with Modsy’s Live Swap tool to explore a few ideas on our own. This was great because, instead of communicating through a long email, we could show our designer exactly what we were thinking. From there, she refined our ideas into a beautiful design for our new home.

Working with Modsy was great because we were able to see designs come to life in our exact room!

This process really helped us figure out what colors and pieces would bring our modern style together with our more traditional space. We love the way the warm wood tones in the end table and chair legs complement our flooring while pops of blue add a modern edge to our space.

The Real Results

Another thing we really loved was our designer’s attention to detail. She was able to take our sometimes confusing notes and turn them into a cohesive vision. She even chose a sofa from Design Within Reach that came in a childproof upholstery—it was perfect for us. It turns out Modsy is what we needed to make our home and style come together, we love it!

Our daughter Zoe, is particularly pleased with our sofa which she loves converting into a pillow fort every night!

Because of social distancing we, like many families, are spending double the time at home. This means we are getting twice the normal use out of our living room design. That’s why we are so thankful for our Modsy design which has provided us with a comforting space to get through these tough times. Our daughter Zoe, is particularly pleased with our sofa which she loves converting into a pillow fort every night!

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Katie Stevens

Katie Stevens X Modsy: Designing the Star of “The Bold Type” Katie Stevens’ New Nashville Home

Homeowner: Katie Stevens of “The Bold Type”

Location: Nashville, TN

Room: Living Room + Bedroom

Her Style: Rustic minimalist with an eclectic twist

The Backstory

Katie Stevens stars in Freeform’s The Bold Type and lives in Nashville with her husband, Paul DiGiovanni, the guitarist for Boys Like Girls.

After getting married this past October, the couple bought their first home together. They’d lived together for several years prior to getting married, so they weren’t starting from scratch when it came to combining their lives, home, and possessions. But, for this new space, they wanted to be really intentional about the design and make sure it reflected their combined styles for this new chapter of their lives.

Katie StevensThe Design Dilemma

Katie and her hubby knew they both liked a minimalist aesthetic, free of excess objects and busy designs. They also wanted to go with a more neutral, black and white color palette so they could add pops of color here and there. But that’s where they got stuck.

They weren’t sure how to effortlessly combine masculine and feminine elements. Plus, in past homes, Katie says she had bought a lot of stuff that she didn’t end up loving, and she didn’t want that to happen again. She wanted to avoid a lot of trial and error with decorating, so the space would feel like home more quickly. So she turned to Modsy for some help.

“I know myself — I buy a bunch of things and then don’t really love any of them… I didn’t want to make that mistake with this house.”

Katie StevensKatie StevensThe Modsy Moment

With our style quiz and design services, Katie and Paul were able to drill down to their shared aesthetic and design style, then think through layout options for both their living room and bedroom—the two spaces they wanted to focus on first.

Katie StevensKatie StevensThey also asked our designers to incorporate a couple of special pieces they already owned and wanted to keep, into their designs. Specifically, their sofa and coffee table, which had both been passed down from Paul’s grandmother.

Katie StevensHow Modsy’s Designs Helped Katie

Working with Modsy allowed Katie to see how masculine and feminine style elements could be combined—and gave her and Paul design ideas for their space that they never would have thought of on their own, like layering rugs under the kitchen table for some added texture and warmth.

“It was really important to me that the home be perfect because this is the home that Paul and I are starting our life in.”

Katie StevensKatie says she loves more feminine touches but wanted to make sure those didn’t overwhelm the space. She wanted the design to feel balanced since the home belongs to her and her husband. “We’ve balanced it out through little touches, like the different textures that we have, or the rugs that we chose or the side tables being a little more edgy,” she told PEOPLE magazine. “This beautiful wood table in the corner of our breakfast nook adds a little bit more roughness and masculinity to the room, which I really love.”

Katie StevensThe Real Results

Once Katie and Paul finalized their designs, they implemented the ideas throughout their home, even adding a little breakfast nook to their open living room/kitchen. We designed both that space and their bedroom in a black-and-white color palette that spoke to their minimal, neutral aesthetic—but added some natural wood, leather, and gold touches to warm up the spaces and inject some personality. We also added plenty of pops of natural greenery to make it more approachable!

“We come home every day and we sit on the couch and I look around and there’s nothing that I would want to change.”

Katie StevensKatie StevensKatie says that they love how their space has come together and can see themselves starting a family in this home someday. In fact, there’s one design element that especially has her thinking of the future: “We have this really cute reading nook in the corner and we put a chaise lounge in there,” she explains. “My mom used to have a chaise kind of like that in one of her dressing rooms, and I just remember I used to sit on that when I was little and I would read books with my mom or I would watch her get ready. Now, I look at our little nook and wonder if I’ll be there reading to my kids, and my kids will be watching me.”

Katie StevensShe says that when she and Paul are home together in the evenings, they look around their home and feel like there’s nothing they would change. “It feels like our personalities blended together, and I think that that’s the best thing because it’s symbolic of what is actually happening in our life.”

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Our Modsy Story: Designing Jackie and Mike a Living-Dining Room They Both Love

Jackie and Mike wanted the perfect living-dining space for their new home but were struggling to make their dream come to life. See what happened when they decided to try Modsy.

Homeowners: Jackie and Mike, insurance underwriter + travel blogger and a medical sales representative

Location: Atlanta, GA

Room: Living-Dining Room

Their Style: Classic Collector + Rustic Traveler

The Backstory

We got married two and a half years ago and moved straight into a one-bedroom apartment in the city. We knew this was just a temporary space, so we never put too much thought or effort into making it feel like “home.”

When we moved into our new house, things changed—we were so excited about having a place we could call our own and wanted to get everything just right. We wanted our home to be a welcoming space with a cozy style that we’d enjoy for many, many years to come.

The Design Dilemma

Like many couples, we have similar yet different styles, Mike likes more classic traditional pieces and I enjoy the more bohemian style, on top of that, neither of us is a design “guru” by any means so it was challenging finding the right mix. We’d spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest and had ideas that we loved, but we struggled to put our different visions into action.

“We’d spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest and had ideas that we loved, but we struggled to put our different visions into action.”

Our living-dining area was a particular challenge for us—we were starting from scratch and it was overwhelming trying to figure out how to begin, where to shop, and how to stick to our budget. It was even harder to find items that fit both of our style needs and felt as cozy as we wanted.

The Modsy Moment

We first heard about Modsy from the blog In Honor Of Design—we loved the guest room that she designed with Modsy so much! We also loved the idea of using a professional design service that could help us create our dream living-dining space virtually. It seemed like the best way to get our new home in order!

How Modsy Helped Jackie and Mike

We were SO excited to see the first round of Modsy designs, and they fully lived up to our expectations. It was cool seeing our exact room designed online in 3D for the first time. Modsy brought our different design dreams together into one cohesive reality! Plus, all the furniture they picked was beautiful and we both loved the selection!

“We were SO excited to see the first round of Modsy designs, and they fully lived up to our expectations.”

It’s so wonderful that Modsy lets you order from a bunch of different brands. Which helped us find all the right pieces, even a pet-friendly rug for our dog, Hooper! We loved that they took care of things like price matching and shipping coordination. The discount codes were also great for large orders (we saved tons). We’ve purchased quite a few items from our Modsy designs. It’s been a blast putting our room together and seeing it come to life!

The Real Results

We wanted a casual, relaxed vibe that still felt traditional and that is what Modsy gave us! We love how our living-dining room provides both an inviting eating area and a cozy gathering space. It’s warm, welcoming, and comfortable. It’s truly a joy being in our home and living in the designs that Modsy helped create. Plus, It’s perfect for our daily streaming of Good Morning America while making breakfast. We love it and hope to do a few additional rooms in the future!

“It has been so comforting having our living-dining room designed during this unprecedented time.”

It has been so comforting having our living-dining room designed during this unprecedented time. Although it is hard not to go stir-crazy after 14+ days of social distancing, being able to spend time in our newly furnished home brings comfort and peace to both of us. We’re grateful for this laidback and welcoming space to call home in what is otherwise an uncertain and discomforting time in our world.

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My Modsy Story: How Working Mom Andrea Brought Her Family’s Dream Living Room to Life

Working mom Andrea wanted to make her new living room a welcoming space but she struggled to find the right furniture (and the time). Read on to learn how Modsy helped her create the cozy living room she and her family wanted.


Homeowner: Andrea W. Account Manager for a tech company

Location: Seattle, WA

Room: Living Room

Her Style: Rustic Warmth

The Backstory

Three years ago my family and I moved into a new house. The large living room had no furniture and the pieces I bought just didn’t work. We never used the living room, because I couldn’t figure out how to make it cozy.

But, it wasn’t until I visited a neighbor’s house that I realized how much I needed a space that my family and I could truly enjoy. She had a beautiful living room with the same floor plan as me but her space felt more finished and inviting. Meanwhile, my living room still felt bleak and lacked the warmth and design it needed to feel like home. I knew deep down I needed a change.

“It wasn’t until I visited a neighbors house that I realized how much I needed a space that my family and I could truly enjoy.” 

The Design Dilemma

Even though I knew I needed to change my living room to a space my family would enjoy, I couldn’t find the time. My husband and I both work full-time and have 3 young kids. Between, traveling for work, kiddo activities, and finding time for friends and family… The task of pulling together a room just seemed too daunting.

On top of all that, our living room has two wide entrances and is connected to my kids’ playroom, which made it extra difficult to design. To me, these seemed like two completely different spaces and I didn’t know how to lay-out my furniture to make them work. Honestly, I didn’t even know what size furniture to use or what style would look best. I wasn’t sure about colors or patterns either… All that is to say pulling a new room together seemed like too big of a task for me to tackle without any help.

“Between, work, kiddo activities, and finding time for friends and family… The task of pulling together a room just seemed too daunting. “

The Modsy Moment

Around that time I remember seeing ads for Modsy on Facebook. At first, I was totally skeptical of the service. I thought “It’s a Facebook ad—can you trust it?” It was the customer stories, like this one, that sealed the deal and I decided to give the process a try.

How Modsy Helped Andrea

My designer was so responsive to my requests along the way—each design she put together got me closer to what I wanted. Plus her design knowledge totally put my mind at ease so I didn’t feel stressed about the design process.

The ability to see the different design options helped me understand what I really liked for my space. I had NO idea that I would end up loving the mid-century modern look the best—MIND BLOWN! It only took a few revisions before I was 100% happy with my look.

Modsy Customer StoryThe Real Results

Modsy totally changed my perceptions about using an online service. Their great design work sold me in no time. Plus their order concierge service made sure I got the best deals on my furniture.  It’s hard to believe it only took a small investment to save a lot of money. With the savings I made purchasing through Modsy I feel like the service paid for itself.

Now, not only do I LOVE my new living room, every single person that sees it loves it too! It pulls people together. It’s so cozy and comfortable we enjoy it daily!

In the wake of everything that is happening with COVID-19 I keep thinking about our Modsy design. I couldn’t be more grateful for this cozy living room while we take shelter in place. It brings me comfort and joy to have a dedicated space I can use with my family on a daily basis. It’s almost like we created extra square footage in the house! Remember if your space isn’t functional, you won’t use it and right now we need to use every single square foot we can while we’re home daily!

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My Modsy Story: How Stacie Went from Tolerating Her Living Room Design to Loving It

Stacie was at a loss when it came to her living room design. See how Modsy helped her turn the cold space into a room that she and her family love.


Homeowner: Stacie C, Attorney

Location: Irving, Texas

Room: Formal Living Room

Style: Classic Modern

The Backstory

My family and I moved to our current house in Irving, Texas around four years ago. Since the day we’d moved in, I had a vision of totally redesigning our formal living room but, in reality, I’ve done absolutely nothing to it.

It is one of the first rooms you see when you walk into the house and, frankly, it’s an embarrassment to me! I really wanted to turn it into a welcoming space where friends and family could spend time together chatting and catching up when visiting our home.

The Design Dilemma

I don’t know how I let so much time pass, but the living room became an eyesore that we tolerated. I was way too busy to dive in and remake the room and I really couldn’t visualize ideas for what to do with it. Every idea I had fell flat and didn’t seem exciting to me. The room felt cold and disconnected from me and the rest of our home. I struggled to find a way to make it feel cozy or to choose pieces that would work together in a cohesive style.

The Modsy Moment

I’ve worked with an interior designer before and I really loved the process so I was open to trying that again for our living room design. So, one day when I was looking for ideas online, I stumbled across Modsy by way of a Google search.

I was immediately excited about the concept of having a 3D rendering of my exact space! Plus, it sounded awesome to have the ability to make changes on the spot so I could see exactly how different items would look. I couldn’t wait to get started!

How Modsy’s Designs Helped Stacie

I was very, very happy with both of the initial designs I got back—but one stood out as absolutely right for me. With just a few tweaks, the option I went with was pretty close to the first design that Francesca, our designer, suggested for me.

I requested a few small revisions and really enjoyed swapping new products into the design myself. It was perfect for me because I wanted some say in the design but also the guidance of an expert designer—that is exactly what Francesca gave me!

One thing, in particular, I really loved, was how she treated the area over the fireplace. I would not have thought of the lovely pieces Modsy suggested for that space, but it absolutely works and is more dramatic and artistic than anything I could have come up with myself.

The Real Results

Designing with Modsy was so easy and convenient and we ended up finding furniture options in our budget and saving tons of time and money. There are very few differences in our actual design from what Francesca recommended—everything is the same except a couple of different pillows!

The room feels hip and young, but there are also plenty of soft, cozy touches. It’s exactly what I wanted and have been dreaming of since we moved here. Thanks, Modsy!

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Living In Yellow

Living In Yellow X Modsy: Office Reveal and Tour

Living In YellowHomeowner: Erin of Living in Yellow

Location: Indiana

Room: LIY Headquarters (A staff lounge, Erin’s office, and conference room)

Her Style: Rustic Minimalist

Living In YellowThe Backstory

Since Erin’s blog, Living in Yellow, launched years ago, she’d been working on it out of her home. As the blog grew and her team expanded to six employees over the past two years, they continued working out of her home. But, as the team grew, she felt like they weren’t operating as efficiently as they could be from her in-home office space, and the tight quarters were creating a lot of distractions. Plus, she didn’t want the team to feel like they were intruding on her home life every time they worked from the office.

The Design Dilemma

Erin and her husband have a barn on their property, so they decided to turn it into the official Living in Yellow headquarters. But turning a huge, empty barn into a warm, inviting office space is no small feat.

“Insert Modsy—also known as the unicorn of online-interior-design-made-easy. I was blown away by this service.”

“While I had some ideas of the vibe and space I wanted to create, I didn’t even know where to start and understand how I could make it a reality,” says Erin. “Insert Modsy—also known as the unicorn of online-interior-design-made-easy. I was blown away by this service.”

Living In YellowThe Modsy Moment

Erin took our style quiz and submitted photos of the space to our designers, and we delivered 3D renderings for each of the distinct spaces within her barn—the lounge area, conference room, and Erin’s personal office.

We helped Erin and her team maximize their barn-turned-office and give them all the spaces they needed for their team to thrive and be more efficient and productive.

The Real Results: Tour the New LIY HQ

Erin and the team loved their designs—and loved how they came to life even more. “I can’t say enough thank-you’s to Modsy for truly designing the office of my dreams,” Erin says. Want to see the in-real-life space? Keep reading for the details of each room.

“I can’t say enough thank-you’s to Modsy for truly designing the office of my dreams.”

The Lounge

For the lounge, Erin wanted a relaxing place where the team could gather for casual meetings. She wanted it to double as a space where team members could work (from the comfort of a couch) if they needed a change of environment.

We did this by designing a seating area with two sofas and two side chairs, to give plenty of seating options for when the whole team gathers in that space. A black-and-white color palette keeps the space feeling cohesive, while the variety of patterns on the rug, throw pillows, and artwork adds some fun visual interest.

“Modsy captured this concept perfectly by bringing in enough seating for the seven of us in a modern and clean way,” Erin says. “I was so excited about some of the unique finds they incorporated into this space, the coffee tables being my favorite of all.”

The Office

Erin uses her office for heads-down computer work, one-on-one meetings—and plenty of mirror selfies! Most importantly, it’s a dedicated space where she comes to work, and then leaves it behind when she goes home.

“It feels incredible to have an office of my own that I can enter, know it’s time to work, and then exit, leaving knowing my work is done for the day,” says Erin. “This isn’t something I’ve had before in my 9 years of blogging!”

The only problem when it came to bringing Modsy’s designs to life? Erin says that all of our designs blew her away, so it was hard to land on just one! But she finally narrowed it down and loves the result.

“My office is equal parts warm and inviting while still business-like and professional,” she says. “I loved bringing in some artwork and photos to personalize the space a bit. The layered rugs added such a trendy concept that I am loving and this desk—it’s everything my cement-loving heart could take.”

The Conference Room

The Living in Yellow team uses the conference room to gather for team meetings, share updates, and discuss what’s going on, create dreams and vision for the future—and, of course, make lunch plans.

“I love that Modsy chose conversation-starter pieces to weave throughout our entire office.”

“There were elements we loved from both of the designs that Modsy presented so we decided to take pieces from each to create the space we wanted,” Erin says. “The tables that Modsy picked are SO fun and have the most eye-catching wood detail. I love that Modsy chose conversation-starter pieces to weave throughout our entire office.”

Fun side note: The conference room table is actually just two dining room tables pushed together to create one long table!

Since the conference room is right off of the lounge area, we continued with a black-and-white color scheme in this space but also incorporated a lot of natural wood elements to make it warm and inviting.

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Modsy Example

How 5 Bloggers Designed 5 Different Rooms With Modsy

Bloggers! They’re just like us. Even those who write about design, decor, and home trends all day long can still struggle with actually brining their ideas to life. While every Instagram post might be #homegoals, it’s almost guaranteed that they too have at least one room that’s been a “work in progress” for years.

Sound familiar? Continue reading to peek inside the homes of 5 bloggers and see how they used Modsy to transform these challenging spaces once and for all.

A Living Room Revamp with Anika’s DIY Life

Modsy Examples

The Blog: Anika’s DIY Life

The Room: An asymmetrical living room

Her Style: Chic Collector

The Challenge: Turning this space from awkward to totally chic

Modsy Examples

Anika from Anika’s DIY Life loves sharing her home projects on her blog. But there’s one room in her house that’s been a complete head-scratcher forever. The culprit? Her living room!

The long space has not been easy to decorate, especially with it’s asymmetrical fireplace, so she never really shared the room with her readers.

Anika came to Modsy with a few key pieces she knew wanted to keep in the space but was looking for ideas on how to make it feel a bit less awkward and more refined. With the addition of some warm colors and a dining area, the room finally came to life!

I have made mood boards in the past but nothing compares to actually being able to see the design like it was real and knowing exactly what will work in a space.”

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Master Bedroom Planning with Love & Renovations

Modsy ExamplesThe Blog: Love & Renovations

The Room: Master bedroom

Her Style: Modern Rustic

The Challenge: A cramped bedroom that needed a refresh

Amanda and her husband Corey have struggled with their Master Bedroom for years. While the room is big, it felt cramped and they weren’t sure how to refresh the space.

Amanda said, “we want to add more to it to turn it into more of a retreat, but we’re worried that adding anything would just make it feel even smaller than it already does.”

Modsy Examples

Modsy Examples

After seeing some refreshed wall art, a sleeker and slimmer mirror, wall sconces that take up no floor space and plant life to liven up the room, Amanda was inspired! It’s amazing what a few key changes can do in a space to make it feel brand new.

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Creative Kids Room Design with Reality DayDream

Modsy ExamplesThe Blog: Reality DayDream

The Room: A shared bedroom for their two daughters

Her Style: Mid-Century Chic

The Challenge: Designing a cute and cohesive space for two girls

Bethany and her husband recently purchased a phenomenal historic home in Iowa (seriously, check this house out). And while it has been a whirlwind of renovations and planning, one room they really wanted to finish was a shared bedroom for two of their daughters.

Two girls…easy right? Not so fast. Bethany explained that she was “really struggling with layout and how to fit ALL THE THINGS in this room with it still looking cute and cohesive.”

Modsy ExamplesShe teamed up with Modsy to come up with a game plan. Bethany had a few things she knew they were keeping (like the bunk bed, rug and the bright orange chair) but outside of that needed cute and functional pieces and layout ideas!

The result? Colorful designs with ample space to play, study, and lounge. We can’t wait to see the final reveal.

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Moody Home Office Makeover with 17Apart

Modsy Examples

The Blog: 17Apart

The Room: A bedroom turned home office

Her Style: Atomic Industrial

The Challenge: Reimagining their son’s old bedroom into a functional office

A well designed home office should bring peace, productivity and inspiration – right?

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be said about Tim and Mary’s office, which had been a “holding ground and storage space over the last several months.” 

Modsy Examples

Modsy Examples

The space, which was originally a bedroom for their son, hadn’t evolved since he moved out.

Tim and Mary were huge fans of Chris Loves Julia, so when they heard about Modsy’s exclusive collection, they knew they had to sign up. They were most excited about seeing the office in a completely new way, and designed in a style they loved.

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Bringing a Nursery to life with Practically Functional

Modsy Examples

The Blog: Practically Functional

The Room: A nursery for her second baby

Her Style: Rustic Warmth

The Challenge: Incorporating a hand-made crib and vintage dresser into a new nursery design.

With a baby on the way, Jessi was looking forward to creating a beautiful nursery but needed help putting all of her ideas together. She knew she wanted to keep the crib her father had made and a gorgeous old dresser, but otherwise she had no clue where to begin.

Modsy Examples

Being able to see those two pieces in her exact room (in 3D of course), alongside decor and other nursery staples recommended by Modsy was a total game-changer. Jessi loved the pastel color palette and open layout, making going to-and-from the crib as simple as possible.

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You don’t have to be a blogger to have a beautiful home!