Creating a Cohesive Design Roadmap for Our New Family Home

The customer: Michelle and her fam
The space: Multiple Rooms
The budget: $27k


Michelle is a mom and the director of Elementary Teaching for a school district in Seattle, WA., and saying she’s busy would be a pretty big understatement. So when her family moved into a new modern-style home, she was excited to create a cohesive design that matched the house’s architecture. Still, she worried about finding the time to create a design for her home while balancing work and life. So she enlisted the help of Modsy to draft a design roadmap that led her to a homey destination. 

Michelle’s Design Dilemma

Michelle’s empty living room and master bedroom before Modsy

Michelle’s empty dining room and kid’s bedroom before Modsy

My family had just purchased a new home. Because we wanted a more mature style that suited the house and our taste, we wanted to start over from scratch with new furniture and decor. We were excited about creating a new look the entire family would love. Still, it was hard to imagine exactly what the style would be and how we should execute it across multiple rooms, especially with my busy professional life.


How Modsy Delivered

Michelle’s 3D living room and master bedroom designs

Michelle’s 3D dining room and kid’s bedroom designs

I was so excited when I first saw our 3D designs! They helped me to envision the possibilities in each room. It was such a relief knowing right away that my designer really understood my style and had listened to my wants and needs for the space. They helped me create a practical, stylish, and cohesive look for my home and family.

I particularly loved how my designer blended items from many of my favorite stores into one cohesive vibe for our home. I would never have had the time to bring the vision for each room together with items from so many different retailers. But Modsy made everything so easy, especially purchasing everything for the house in one simple check-out!

The Final Results


Michelle’s living room and master bedroom designs after using Modsy

Michelle’s dining room and kid’s bedroom designs after using Modsy

With a new home, it’s sometimes hard to envision how everything will come together. It’s like venturing into uncharted territory. But Modsy helped me create a space I love by showing me a 3D roadmap into the future, where my new home was laid out exactly how I wanted it. It made me feel confident that everything would work, and now that my space is complete in real life, I absolutely love it! It’s everything I had dreamed of.

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From Design to Reality: Designing and Building My House At the Same Time

Larry B. had a dream of creating the perfect get-away rental for vacationers to enjoy. He imagined a sleek modern oasis and even knew the perfect spot for it—a bit of land nestled near the coast of Lake Norman in North Carolina. Soon building would be underway, and Larry would be fast approaching the completion of his dream project. But before that could happen, he needed help with one not-so-small detail—furnishing the entire space from scratch. 

Now that the vacation home is finished, it’s clear that Larry has a lot of vision. But back when the project was just floor plans, it was hard for him to imagine the right furniture and layout for the entire space. So with that in mind, he turned to Modsy and designer Mackenize R. to help complete the project and make the Shoreline at Stonemaker everything he knew it could be.  

The customer:
Larry C. 
His project: Creating designs for an entire vacation house before it was built.
The budget: $80k to furnish his entire space

The designer:
Mackenzie R.
Her goal: Finish the design and ordering process by his move-in date.
The outcome: A finished space he loves

Larry’s Design Dilemma

The dining space at the Shoreline on Stonemarker before Modsy’s designs.

The dining space at the Shoreline on Stonemarker with Modsy’s designs.

The finished dining room design.

“I was building a vacation rental from the ground up and wanted the entire space furnished by closing, so I could start having guests ASAP. But I’m not great when it comes to imagining what things will look like in advance. I also really needed help sourcing all the furniture and was hoping to save where I could.”

Designer Insight: 

“Larry came to Modsy needing help designing and furnishing his entire vacation home. I have lots of experience working on large projects like his and understand that they can feel overwhelming for the customer. Because the space wasn’t built yet, I knew that seeing it furnished and in Modsy’s 3D would relieve any stress he might have. I also knew that we could bring his vision to life by working together closely on his designs!”

How Modsy Delivered

One of the bedrooms at the Shoreline on Stonemarker before Modsy designs.

One of the bedrooms at the Shoreline on Stonemarker after Modsy designs.

The finished space.

“It was a huge benefit to see the entire space in 3D before it was built. Mackenzie showed me different furniture, paint colors, and layout options, ensuring my vision would come together just as I wanted.

Designing with Modsy during the building period was a great idea because longer lead times on furniture meant I could order pieces while the space was getting finished. As a result, I had everything ready for move-in when the build was complete.”



Designer Insight: 

“Larry had a specific modern resort design style in mind and had particular criteria for the furniture and decor. For starters, he wanted everything to look high-end and comfortable. At the same time, he wanted things to be budget-friendly and durable. Finally, he wanted designs complete and furniture shipped in time for move-in. On the surface, these requests might seem like a contradiction in terms. But because Modsy has such a large assortment, I could source everything he wanted and get the project complete when he needed it to be.

I chose pieces from great brands like CB2, Tanjore, and Kerala Design that offer exceptional quality items in styles Larry liked without breaking the bank. It was fun showing him different options to create a look he loved!”

The Final Results

Take a virtual walk-through of Larry’s beautiful vacation home, the Shoreline on Stonemarker!

“Initially, I was contemplating using a local designer but saved almost 90% on the design fee with Modsy! This saving gave me the flexibility to spend more furnishing my space. Working with Mackenzie was fantastic too. I am so happy with the final results and know that choosing Modsy was the right choice.”

Designer Insight: 

“Working together with Larry was such fun. I loved bringing his style to life and appreciated the challenge of working within his timeline and budgetary needs. It’s always rewarding to work on multiple rooms in a customer’s home. Carrying Larry’s vision through each room, ensuring his guest will enjoy the fun resort-inspired design style was a joy!”

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My Modsy Story: Building an Easy Design Roadmap for My Home Renovation

Jenelle and her husband, Eric, had a vision of creating a detached home office in their backyard. They envisioned a multi-functional space for work, entertaining, exercising, and recharging while their kids played outside. But they needed help selecting finishes, visualizing built-ins, and deciding where fixtures should go. They also needed help furnishing the space. To accomplish all of this, they used Modsy’s new Renovation Design service, which includes renovation planning and interior design services in one easy offering. 



Homeowner: Jenelle C.

Spaces: Brand New Multi-Functional Office

The Design Dilemma

Jenelle and her husband, Eric, were building a detached cabin on their property, primarily as a separate office space where Eric could work during and after the pandemic. However, they had aspirations for it to function as far more than just a home office.

“We had lots of other ideas for how we wanted to use the cabin,” says Jenelle. “We wanted a place for overnight guests, so it needed to be equipped with a full (mini) bathroom, kitchenette, and sleeping space. We also wanted it to be a place to watch TV if the kids were monopolizing the family room in the main house. Plus, we wanted open floor space for home workouts.”

That’s where things got a bit complicated when it came to concepting the design for the space. “With only 209 square feet, the design challenge was creating the space to serve all of these purposes without it being clobbered together and cluttered,” says Jenelle.

Since they were starting from scratch, they needed more than just a functional layout; Jenelle and Eric wanted help selecting finishes and cabinetry, figuring out where the kitchenette should go, and finding the right furniture and decor for the space. They also had visions of a custom desk for Eric, which they wanted help visualizing. Because the space was so small, they wanted to see how all these pieces could fit together before spending any of their construction and design budget. They knew they needed to get it right on the first pass.

The Modsy Moment

With Modsy’s new Renovation design package, Jenelle and Eric found the exact support and expertise they needed to take their project from concept to reality, giving them the confidence they could make their space work for all of their needs and wants.

“I was completely overwhelmed in the beginning. I didn’t even know where to start,” says Jenelle. “But then we found Modsy. Our designer, Sarah, was great to work with. My first reaction when I saw my initial designs was, ‘Yesssssss! I couldn’t have put this together on my own.’”

With their 3D designs, Jenelle and Eric were able to do a virtual walk-through of their designed space to make sure that everything fit and worked for their needs.

Jenelle and Sarah took a collaborative approach to fine-tune the renovation project, ensuring that Jenelle was comfortable with decisions every step of the way. “We communicated frequently and bounced ideas off of each other in a way that improved the final outcome,” says Jenelle. “The end result feels like ‘us,’ but we couldn’t have done it without Sarah and Modsy.”


The Real Results

Once their designs were finalized, Jenelle and Eric worked with a contractor to bring the cabin to life.

“We have the perfect office now,” says Jenelle. “The custom-built corner desk is solid walnut and matches the floating shelves above the kitchenette. The wood is a beautiful contrast to the stainless steel kitchenette, which our designer helped us visualize before we committed to building materials.”

And, while they have the beginnings of their guest suite with a kitchenette and pull-out sofa bed, they’re waiting a bit to fully finish the project to work within their schedule and budget. Next up? The bathroom. (That’s right: Modsy’s new Renovation Design Service includes kitchen and bathroom designs!)

“Over time, we are going to phase-in other aspects of the design,” says Jenelle. “Currently, the bathroom nook is being used as a closet where we tuck away the free-weights and mats. Next year, we will install the bathroom fixtures, as well as cabinetry around the television so that we’ll have the full guest suite as originally planned.”

By designing their space with Modsy, rather than a traditional design-build firm, Jenelle and Eric have the freedom to design at their own pace over time. And with Modsy’s flat rate, they knew up front exactly what they were paying for their design plans rather than paying per hour with traditional designers. This road map gives them everything they need to complete their project—layout, finishes, cabinetry placement, and more—which they can hand off to a contractor of their choosing or do themselves. But owning their designs means that they call the shots.

“It’s just remarkable how versatile and lovely the little space is,” says Jenelle. “I know we are getting the most out of our investment in the cabin! It’s the perfect office and living room. Once the bathroom is done, it will be the perfect place for overnight guests as well. It’s been great having a plan that works for the space and has delivered all that we envisioned!”

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My Modsy Story: Designing a Modern Gender-Neutral Nursery for My First Baby

Real Modsy customer

Homeowner: Katie M.

Spaces: Baby Nursery

My Style: Rustic Warmth

customer nursery

The Design Dilemma

When Katie and her husband found out they were expecting their first baby, they were excited to transform their guest bedroom into a nursery. But the room needed an entirely new design—and that left Katie feeling a bit stuck.

“I’m not a creative person and am not good at seeing the potential of a space,” she says. “I wasn’t sure which pieces would look good together.”

On top of that, Katie says she doesn’t enjoy in-store shopping, so the thought of going from store-to-store looking for furniture and decor was not appealing.

“I needed help identifying the style I wanted to pursue so I could start shopping online for furniture, but also needed help identifying a cohesive look,” she says. “When you’re not buying a nursery set from a typical baby store it can be hard to know what will look good together!”

The Modsy Moment

With her preference for online shopping, and her need for a helping hand in the design and furniture-selection process, Katie turned to Modsy for help.

“I knew I wanted a gender-neutral nursery and that I didn’t want it to look very ‘baby-ish’. I wanted a more sleek and mature look, but I had no idea where to start and which style I wanted to pursue!” says Kaite. “When I started working with my designer, the only criteria I had in mind beyond that was a specific wall color that I wanted to start with.” So, when it came to specific design ideas beyond the paint color, she was open to input.

“My designer asked all the right questions to draw out my design style and what I might like or not like,” she adds. “After that conversation, I was able to start forming an idea in my head of where I thought I would like the design to go.”

After their initial conversation, Katie’s designer got to work—and it wasn’t long before she delivered the first round of designs. “When I saw my Modsy design for the first time it was EXACTLY what I was imagining!” Kaite says. “We barely had to make any adjustments to the design. I absolutely loved it!”

Katie says the whole process—from reaching out to Modsy to putting the room together after furniture and decor were delivered—took only 5 months. “The nursery looks exactly how my designer designed it,” says Katie.


The Real Results

Now that the design is complete and implemented in their home, Katie and her husband are ready for their baby to arrive. “We’re so excited knowing we have a beautiful nursery all set so we’re ready to welcome our baby home,” Katie says. “This is the first room in my house where I feel like the entire room is one cohesive design, rather than being pieced together. It looks like it could be in a magazine! I’m obsessed with it.”

Katie is also excited to use Modsy again in the future. “I’ve always wanted the rooms in my house to look a certain way,” she says. “But I felt like creating spaces that I really loved by hiring a designer seemed like something was unaffordable and unachievable considering our budget.”

But working with her Modsy designer showed Katie that professional interior design can be both affordable and easy. “Now that I’ve had a great experience with Modsy, I want to use them for every room in the house!”

customer nusery

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Our Modsy Story: Using Design to Make Our Short-Term Space Feel Like Home

Modsy. customers

Homeowners: Carmen and Kika

Space: Living Room

Their Style: Rustic Traveler

Apartment before Modsy

Apartment before Modsy

The Design Dilemma

Carmen and Kika live together in a small apartment in Bayside, New York. They love their neighborhood and community, but when Kika first moved in—doubling the couple’s belongings—the small space felt overcrowded and left them wanting more room.

“Our first instinct was to move to a larger space,” Carmen says. “But we’d miss the neighborhood, and we didn’t want to spend more money on a larger apartment when we could put savings toward buying a home—which we planned to do in a year or so.”

“We wanted to reconfigure our apartment so that it would give us the style that we wanted and the space that we needed,” Carmen explains. But the couple had no idea how to make that happen.

Customer apartment in Modsy 3D

The Modsy Moment

“One day, while surfing the web, we found Modsy. At first, we were a little hesitant,” Carmen explains. But the couple was fed up with their cramped apartment and decided to purchase a design package.

As soon as they had their design consultation, they “immediately felt comfortable,” says Carmen.  “Our designer understood what we wanted and beautifully reimagined our space.”

Carmen says that she and Kika “didn’t know how to create a stylish design for a small apartment.” Their designer helped them understand how the different colors and patterns intertwined within the space, helping it appear larger.

The couple loved the designs, and Carmen says, “We could not have done that by ourselves.”


The Real Results

Now that their living room design journey is complete, the couple has embarked on another project. “We really enjoy our living room now, and our designer inspired us to redo the dining room area, too,” says Carmen.

She says these updates assure them that they’ll continue to love their current residence until they’re ready to move into their own house.

“Knowing that this design was specifically created for our home makes us feel like we have settled into the space,” she adds. “And that has given us peace of mind.”

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Our Modsy Story: Using Online Design to Find the Perfect Layout in Our Home


Homeowners: Isaac and Steph

Spaces: Living Room and Guest Room/Office

Our Style: Rustic Warmth

The Design Dilemma

When Isaac and Steph moved into their house together, they were excited to enter into a new phase of life and a home where they could build new memories together. But they quickly discovered that their recently combined furniture and decor didn’t add up to a cohesive design that reflected the harmony they felt as a couple.  In particular, they struggled on deciding what furniture should go in which room.

“Our living room and guest room were just tragic,” says Isaac. “We knew we wanted one room to have a work area but couldn’t decide which of the two rooms should have our desk in it.”

“We tried putting it in the living room, but our desire to make the space multifunctional had forced items into the room without a plan for integrating them into the rest of the space,” Isaac explained. “Both rooms felt ill-conceived and jumbled with a random hodgepodge of furniture and decor and no overarching vision.”


The Modsy Moment

Feeling frustrated by not knowing how to design their two rooms, the couple turned to Modsy for some expert guidance. Working with an interior designer helped them determine the right layout for each space, and seeing each room in 3D helped them finally decide which room would be the best spot for their at-home work area.

“The combination of working with a designer and seeing a 3D version of our room was great,” says Isaac. “We could discuss our ideas with our designer, get her expert opinion, and then see each concept professionally executed in our design. Knowing that she was there guiding us through our design decision reassured us both that we wouldn’t make any big mistakes. It was a total game-changer for us!”

The Real Results

Now that the designs for both rooms are complete, the couple is blown away by how easily each space came together once they decided to try online design.

“We thought we had such a difficult-to-design living room and guest room—until we saw each room in Modsy 3D!” Isaac says. Using online design changed their perspective on their space and future interior design projects. “Instead of seeing obstacles when it comes to design, we now know we have access to a design expert. We love that our designers’ great ideas, combined with the amazing 3D technology, can show us exactly how those ideas can be executed in our home!”

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My Modsy Story: Designing a Cohesive Multifunctional Room

Real modsy customers

Homeowners: Jeffrey & Geoffrey

Space: Open Living-Dining Room

My Style: Reclaimed Visionary

Customer space before using modsy


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The Design Dilemma

When couple Jeffrey and Geoffrey (we know—matching names—adorable) moved into their new house together, they were excited for the opportunity to decorate. But they weren’t totally sure how they’d design their home from scratch. The couple was particularly worried about creating a cohesive and functional design for their multifunctional living space, which would include a breakfast bar, conversation area, dining area, and workspace. The couple was also concerned about the cost of hiring an interior designer and whether they’d get everything they needed using an online interior design service.

“While we enjoy decorating, we knew for this space that we’d benefit from professional help. We assumed that a traditional interior designer would be too expensive. But we were also a little skeptical that an app could give us the quality of design we wanted.”

Knowing they’d need help selecting and laying out furniture for the tricky multifunctional room, the couple decided to put their doubts aside and signed up for a design package with Modsy.

Real customer design with Modsy


The Modsy Moment

As soon as Jeffrey and Geoffrey saw their 3D designs, their anxiety over using an app to decorate their home went away. They were not only impressed with the quality of designs from their designer, but they also really enjoyed stepping into the designer’s seat and trying out their own design ideas with the Modsy 3D Editor.

“The 3D renderings of our space were invaluable. Our Modsy designer gave us a great starting point for our layout and decor, and it was easy to make changes and see how each item would fit in our space!”

Modsy customer multi-use space

The Real Results

Now that their design is complete, Jeffrey and Geoffrey are getting the most out of their multifunctional room.

“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our design project. Modsy came up with ideas for our space that we would never have thought of alone. We have a professionally designed space for the first time, which we get constant compliments about! Having such a nice design for this room has been life-changing, especially during a time when we’re both home so much between work and starting to see friends and family again. Having a functional space that serves many purposes has been so important!”

Real customer multipurpose space

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My Modsy Story: Using 3D Technology to Confidently Design Our New Home

Homeowner: Andie G.

Spaces: Open Living/Dining Room

My Style: Rustic Warmth


The Design Dilemma

Andie and her husband recently downsized from a 3,000-square-foot house to a much smaller 1,450-square-foot home. While they loved the idea of having less space to manage and upkeep, they quickly realized that the furniture from their previous home was simply too large for their new space.

“Once we put the furniture from our previous home in our new open living/dining room space, we realized it was too big,” Andie said. “Beyond that, we realized we were just ready for a fresh look in our new space.” But that wasn’t all they needed to figure out. In this smaller house, Andie’s home office would now simply be a corner of their living room rather than a separate space, which further complicated their design needs.

Andie and her husband weren’t sure how to tackle all of these design needs on their own. “We all have our gifts, but decorating from scratch is not ours!” said Andie. She knew they would need help designing their new space and finding the right furniture to fit their open living/dining room. “The last thing we wanted to do was spend money on furniture and accessories that wouldn’t look good once we got them in the space.”

living room counter stools

countertop blue wall art

The Modsy Moment

After hearing about the online interior design services offered through Modsy and reading some reviews, Andie purchased a design package. “I signed up and had my consultation with my designer, Erin, before I even told my husband!” Andie said. “Once he saw our initial designs, he was completely on board.”

“Erin really helped us hone in on our style,” said Andie. “We loved both of her designs. My first reaction was, ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner??’ I was so excited—Erin was just spot on in the designs she created for us.”

And Andie said that seeing their space in 3D was a game-changer in the design process. “It assured us the furniture we bought would fit the space, giving us so much confidence in our purchases.”

Their designer helped them land on a new look for their space and find the right pieces to give them all the functionality and style they craved for their new home.

And through the Modsy design process, their new space came together much more quickly than they anticipated. “Seeing the space completely designed helped my husband and I realize we could create a beautiful, cohesive room fairly quickly—as opposed to piecemealing it together over months or years,” Andie said. “We needed help, and Modsy was the answer!”


living room white chairs blue pillow

The Real Results

Today, their space is nearly finished and Andie says it’s been fun to see their 3D designs come together in real life.

“It feels so amazing to now have a design that works in our new home,” said Andie. “I work from home, so I spend a ton of time in this room. Having it be so functional, comfortable, and attractive has done wonders for my productivity and overall emotional well-being.”

But it’s not just Andie that loves the new designs. Her husband said that “Modsy is the best money we’ve spent in a  long time.”

With their new layout and furniture, Andie says that their new house now feels like a home.

gray couch living room white rug

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My Modsy Story: Creating a Home Office Space for the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Homeowner: Danielle S.

Space: Home Office

My Style: Contemporary Collector

bedroom real customer story

mantel plant tv


The Design Dilemma

I’m a busy government consultant in the Washington DC area, and at the beginning of COVID in 2020, my company went fully remote. At that time, I didn’t have a designated home office space and was working out of my dining room.

After about a year of working at the dining room table, I grew tired of a couple of things. First off, my dog Pippi is always with me at home, and she barks out the dining room window whenever I receive a package or the mailman comes, which is very distracting. Secondly, since I was working in the same space I spent my evenings, I lacked a sense of closure at the end of the workday. I needed a separate office so that when working hours were done, I could get up, leave the room, close the office door, and feel like there was a transition between my work life and home life.

When I got the news that my work-from-home situation was going to continue indefinitely, I decided it was time to transform my guest room into the home office I really needed. The room is very small and a daybed took up the majority of the space in the room. I rarely used it for guests, so I knew I could get rid of the bed. But that meant starting from scratch. I knew I’d need help selecting the right furniture and layout for the space. Plus, I wanted to get everything done in a hurry because I wasn’t sure how much longer I could endure working at the dining room table with Pippi barking all the time.

home office white chair desk storage

The Modsy Moment

My favorite part of working with Modsy was getting to see what the designer created for me in the 3D version of my room. I also really enjoyed being able to make my own edits to the design using Modsy’s 3D Editor tool. It was nice to make small changes and ensure I was getting every aspect of the room arranged in a way that I liked. At the end of the day, I went with a version of the design my designer had created for me. But seeing my own revisions and knowing what my options were made the choice very easy.

mantel white chair decor

The Real Results

Once I landed on the right design for my home office, I began purchasing furniture through Modsy. It was so fun receiving new items for the space! Every time another package came, it rekindled my excitement for the office. Seeing the whole space come together in real life has been so great!

My favorite part of my new office is sitting at my new desk, surrounded by my new bookshelves—filled with my favorite books—and looking out the window at my beautiful view. I’ve never had a desk right by a window before, and it makes me so happy to have the sunlight beaming on me as I work and Pippi dozes in the reading chair behind me. I never would have thought of this layout on my own, but I absolutely love it.

The whole Modsy experience was so seamless and fun. I’ve already recommended it to a few people because I just love my office so much—it actually makes me excited to go to work every day!

home office desk sotrage

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My Modsy Story: Turning Our First House into a Home Where Our Daughter Can Grow Up

Homeowners: Roshni and Arun T.

Spaces: Living and Dining Room

Our Style: Contemporary Collector

real customer story before

open living kitchen before modsy

midcentury modern living room white couch blue rug

The Design Dilemma

Last November, Roshni and her husband Arun bought their first home together. As a busy young couple, they were so excited to have a long-term home where their 2-year-old daughter could grow up and make memories.

“I wanted to make the space very special and make it a home for my 2-year-old daughter to grow up in,” said Roshni.

But the townhouse they bought was a blank slate, and the idea of designing the space was very overwhelming. Roshni wanted to find the right furniture and decor in the right size and color that also all looked good together. And she wanted to make sure they picked pieces that were kid-friendly and durable.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task to find all the right pieces that fit the space well and look good,” she said. “So I decided to leave this job for the professionals.”

open dining room wooden table

The Modsy Moment

Roshni turned to Modsy to help design the main living spaces—their living and dining rooms. With Modsy’s 3D technology, Roshni and Arun were able to see life-like images of their home, designed with real furniture and decor.

“When we first saw our designs, our jaws dropped,” said Roshni. “I never would have come up with these designs on my own—but with my designer’s help, I discovered my personal style and found pieces to match it.”

Seeing real pieces in a 3D model of their space gave them the confidence to move forward, knowing that the pieces they bought looked good together and would fit in their space, and that they had landed on layouts that would work in both rooms.

“I loved how easy it was to see everything in my space and I was able to order all items with just a few clicks,” she said


living room white couch wooden coffee table blue rug

The Real Results

Roshni and Arun love their new living and dining rooms. With the help of their Modsy designer, Roshni and Arun were able to combine their preferred design styles and create rooms that made their new townhouse feel like home.

“I strongly believe that I would have never been able to make my living and dining rooms look this great if I tried to find all the furniture and decor on my own,” said Roshni. “Help from a professional designer was exactly what I needed. It feels so fantastic to have a design that works for our home and lifestyle needs. We now have a beautiful home where we can raise our daughter. We’re so excited for all the memories we will make here.”

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