Modsy Designers On: Our Favorite Coffee Table Books and How to Style Them

Styling your coffee table is one of those finishing touches that helps pull together the style of your living room. But actually styling your coffee table can prove to be quite the challenge. Where to begin? What objects and home decor to include?

One of our favorite items for coffee table styling is using coffee table books. A small stack of these, paired with a decorative object, candle, or tray can pull your whole look together in no time.

To help you out, we polled our Modsy designers on how they style coffee table books and rounded up some of their best coffee table styling ideas! Bonus: They’re also sharing their favorite and best coffee table books! (Coffee table books make a perfect holiday gift for the design-lover in your life!) Keep reading for all of their best surface styling tips.

coffee table books

Step 1: Choosing Your Books

When styling your coffee table with coffee table books, you’ll want to start by carefully selecting which books you want on display. Are you going for a purely aesthetic look? Look for books that have visually stunning covers. (And don’t be afraid to remove the paper book cover if what’s underneath works better with your color scheme!) And if you’ll have a small stack of books rather than a single book, make sure the colors of the covers work well together.

However, you could also choose books based on your personal interests—whether that’s home decor, gardening, travel, or anything else that piques your interest! This will definitely make you more apt to actually sit down and read your coffee table books rather than simply using them for display.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with the same stack of books all year round. You can switch them out seasonally (or whenever you get a great new book!), with topics or color schemes that suit the mood or decor of your space!

Here’s how some of our designers are bringing these tips to life…coffee table books

Removing Your Book Covers

“I always remove the paper sleeves of the books to reveal the hardcovers, which are normally textured and solid, in turn creating a cleaner look. Organizing them in a tray is also great for achieving a tidy look!” –Valentina.

Valentina’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I love anything that has to do with travel! I feel most inspired to create unique home designs after immersing myself in another culture’s design habits. One of my favorites is New York Times’ 36 Hours: World.”

Opting for Books With Solid-Colored Covers

“My coffee table books are always solid colors, so they pair well with accessories. I currently have Homebody by Joanna Gaines on my table, which underneath the paper cover (which I always throw away) is a gorgeous faded blue linen. On top, I place a mini globe and I angle the book slightly diagonally, lining the remote upside down with the diagonal line of the book.” –Sam K.

Sam’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I love the History of Interior Design by John Pile and Judith Gura, and the Interior Design Master Class. Under the paper covers, they both have beautiful sagey green/blue solid-colored covers. And I love that they’re not just beautiful but also very informative!”

Rotating Books Throughout the Year

“You don’t have to have the same books out on your coffee table year-round. Rotate them throughout the seasons, and remember to crack them open occasionally!” –Natalie B.

Natalie’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I’ve recently loved displaying pretty cookbooks like Cherry Bombe!”

coffee table books

Step 2: Styling With Other Objects

Once you have your coffee table books selected, you’ll want to start thinking about how to arrange them. You can certainly just style your coffee table with one or two stacks of books—but it’s always nice to add some other objects and decor for visual interest.

Two things that go perfectly with books, every time? Plants and candles. You can’t go wrong by layering one or both of these objects on top of or alongside your coffee table books. We also love integrating personal objects, for a more custom look.

When styling, you want to think about visual balance. We recommend choosing objects with varying heights—or using your stack of books as a foundation to add height to one object, while another sits directly on the coffee table. When layering in different books and decor, think about contrast—both in color and texture. This will add visual interest to your vignette. Another good rule of thumb when styling your coffee table? Work in pairs if you want a more symmetrical look, and work in trios of objects if you want a more organic look.

But don’t layer in too many objects. Ultimately, your coffee table is about function, so a simple arrangement is better.

Here’s how some of our designers are bringing these tips to life…

coffee table books

Creating Some Visual Drama

“I love the look of beads or a chain draped over a thick stack of books. It gives the whole arrangement a dramatic flair. A small decorative box placed on or beside some coffee table books is a sleek way to tidy up your table.” –Gracie H.

Gracie’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

Neutra: Complete Works has an amazing collection of his work and a very cool wood cover. I also love Old and New—it has some amazing reuse projects!”

Incorporating a Variety of Heights, Textures, and Colors

“I recommend keeping the coffee table styling simple by using stacked books with either a decorative object or a small plant on top. They should be functional by incorporating a decorative box to hide TV remotes as well. There is also the opportunity to use a variety of heights, textures, and color.” –Brookes M.

Brookes’ Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“Some of my favorite coffee table books include Christian Dior: History and Modernity, 1947 – 1957; The Big Book of Chic; Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life; and Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color.”

Adding a Personal Touch

“Coffee tables should be a representation of comfort and a reflection of a family’s needs and how they use the space. And I ALWAYS add a personal touch to coffee table designs!” –Karen G.

Karen’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I love looking at architectural books from around the world to inspire me to think outside the box.”

Varying the Heights of Decorative Objects

“I like making piles with my books and adding other accessories on top of them to create an arrangement with varying heights across the table.” –Karen D.

Karen’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I’m a big fan of all the Kelly Wearstler books!”

Considering Scale and Proportion

“I like books paired with similar-sized items—like a basket for remotes, a decorative game board, or a tray for smaller items—or flanked by two smaller items.” –Erin K.

Erin’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I find Architects’ Houses really inspiring.”

Creating a Lived-In Look

I love to pair books with candles and magazines to give it the lived-in look. Having a small decorative bowl on the table also helps to store things like remotes on the coffee table while not detracting from the decor.” –Rachel S.

Rachel’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

She: Muses, Visionaries and Madcap Heroines by Kate Spade New York is such a cute one. I also enjoy The Finer Things from Pottery Barn.”

coffee table books

Including Some Snacks

“Plants and snacks are my go-to coffee table decor to pair with books. I like to keep something to munch on in a beautiful bowl or glass next to my stack of books!” –Ayah O.

Ayah’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I love Vogue collections and any country-specific landscape books.”

Using Books to Create Height

“When you group items together, it makes a bigger statement. I love to use coffee table books to add height to a small object!” –Morgan W.

Morgan’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I love A Tree in the House: Flowers for Your Home, Special Occasions and Every Day; Live Beautiful; and Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating.”

coffee table books

Creating a Collection

“I love a collection of things on a coffee table—like a few books or magazines with candles and potted plants. A good way to hide a remote is to have a small bowl or tray where you can set remotes—adding beauty to the arrangement without taking away the functionality.” –Katelin S.

Katelin’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I love home magazines and catalogs—anything from Taste of Home to Pottery Barn. Just something that has a warm and cozy feel to it.”

Working in Layers

“Like my design style, I like blending old and new, as well as colorful with subdued, and blending in different interests, like gardening and cooking. I like to layer the tallest stacks in the back or middle, and shorter stacks in the front, placing some decorative boxes, candles, photos, plants, or bowls on top of some of the books, but not all. Decorative boxes make a great place to stash remotes or a book or matches.” –Brielle M.

Brielle’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I love anything Tricia Guild for her gorgeous patterns and anything Bobby McAlpine for his amazing architectural style. I also love vintage books on patterns, furniture, and architecture. And when I’m looking for some classic inspiration, I turn to Mark Hampton and Mario Buatta.”coffee table books

Step 3: Incorporating Storage + Organization

As we just mentioned, a coffee table is ultimately about function. It’s the surface you use for beverages, snacks, laptops, phones, and whatever else you have nearby when on your sofa. So, you don’t want too cluttered of a surface. And it also helps to incorporate some storage and organization.

This can start with a storage coffee table if you want larger amounts of hidden storage. But you can also integrate good-looking (albeit smaller) storage options right within your styled surface. That’s where trays, boxes, and bowls come in. Trays are an excellent way to corral all of the styled objects on your coffee table and give the arrangement an added look of intentionality. (They also make it easy to clear off your coffee table for a game night or movie night dinner!)

Bowls make great catchalls for a match collection or anything you want to keep handy. But if you prefer hidden storage, a decorative storage box is going to be your best friend! They offer the perfect place to stash remotes when they’re not in use, or to tuck a pad of paper and pen for when you’re struck with a brilliant idea!

Ultimately, it’s all about incorporating storage and organization in a way that works for your needs.

Here’s how some of our designers are bringing these tips to life…coffee table books

Embracing the Catch-All

“I love having some sort of catch-all for remotes and game controllers on my coffee table that is functional but still looks great! Right now, I’m using a gorgeous bamboo and lacquer bowl but I’ve used decorative boxes, small baskets, and trays for this, too!” –Mackenzie R.

Mackenzie’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“To me, the best coffee table books are conversation starters! I like to display books that feature my favorite artists. (I currently have quite a few Frida Kahlo and Banksy books!) It’s so fun when people come over and start to flip through the pages. They always land on a piece that speaks to them and it usually sparks some fun conversations about their favorite artists!”

Utilizing Hidden Storage

“I love a good coffee table with hidden storage—that way you can keep the less pretty items hidden and make the surface of your table beautiful without losing the important function of the room. (Because let’s face it, we’re all bingeing everything these days, and we need those remotes!) Pairing a book or two with a candle, small succulent, or leafy plant and a funky vase is perfect for a simple yet intriguing vignette.” –Becky S.

Becky’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“Vintage interior design books are amazing! It’s so fun to look back on what was trendy (and sometimes still trendy!), and they make much more interesting talking pieces than any old design book you can find on Amazon.”coffee table books

Corralling Objects With a Tray

“Using a beautiful tray on your coffee table helps hide your remotes. All you see at a glance are the books and greenery.” –Kelly W.

Kelly’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“The Fall season is all about Halloween for me, so I love bringing in my London’s Strangest Tales, Scottish Myths & Legends, and Scottish Folk Tales books.”

Creating Your Own Hiding Spot

“The oldest trick in the book (pun intended) is hiding remotes inside a coffee table book with a secret cut-out.” –Arlene H.

Arlene’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I’m currently loving Homebody by Joanna Gaines and Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs.”coffee table books

Including Useful Objects

“I love layering a small tray over a book and adding useful objects like a candle, coasters and a ceramic vessel for holding remotes in a stylish way.” –Lauren H.

Lauren’s Coffee Table Book Recommendations

“I really enjoy The Travel Book, The Outsiders, Humans of New York, Made to Order by Campion Platt, and Allure by Diana Vreeland.”

Need some other living room design ideas? We’ve got you covered with an endless feed of inspiration! And if you need help with other furniture and surfaces in your living room, check out our coffee table buying guide and our bookshelf styling ideas!

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Buying Guide: 7 Tips for Choosing A Kid Friendly Coffee Table

Your home’s living room is usually one of the biggest and most stylish rooms in the house. It’s where you can display some of your most beloved decor and furniture items and also the area you spend the most time in—especially if you have little ones! Designing a home is already difficult, and designing with kids in the picture adds even more to the mix! If your living room design needs to accommodate kids or babies, it’s important to have kid-friendly coffee tables to avoid the danger of sharp corners in the home.

The good news is that kid friendly living rooms don’t have to skimp on style! Read on for some of our best tips for finding a kid and baby safe coffee table for your living room.

baby safe coffee table1. Choose Safe Shapes

Coffee tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main thing to look for in kid-friendly coffee tables is sharp edges, which keep your kids safe from painful bumps and bruises. Round shapes skip these sharp corners and pose less of a threat to little ones. This wooden coffee table and soft, rattan poufs also have rounded edges so kids can navigate the room without any trouble. We also love the texture and patterns they create in the room!

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baby safe coffee table2. Opt for Soft and Stylish

In addition to steering away from sharp corners, it’s also helpful to stick to plush options when choosing a kid-friendly coffee table. Choosing an ottoman or poof made from soft materials is an easy alternative to traditional coffee tables and can also be used as extra seating. Many options also have hidden interior storage—a double whammy!

Pro Tip: Put a tray on top of a plush coffee table to get the function of a solid top on your coffee table. This also makes it easy to pick up all your items and move the table for more play space on the floor.

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3. Look for Smudge-Free Style

Glass coffee tables are a popular choice for living rooms because they can make a room appear bigger and blend in with many styles. But if you need a baby safe coffee table, steer clear of certain coffee table materials like glass—it can present a definite safety hazard. Glass can also be hard to clean up and we all know sticky fingers smudge easily. Try to look for materials that clean up easily, like this stylish leather table or a leather ottoman. These pieces fit perfectly into rustic style living rooms.

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4. Go Natural

If you like more organic looks, there are plenty of kid-friendly coffee tables made from natural materials with a softer feel. Again, skip high-maintenance tables that require frequent cleaning and heavy, hard tables like stone in favor of natural materials. This woven seagrass table is soft with rounded edges for extra safety, which is extra great if your living room doubles as a playroom, like this one.

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5. Seek Out Low-Maintenance Looks

Choosing low-maintenance materials means that you don’t have to worry about a little wear and tear on furniture. Look for materials that don’t require constant maintenance or that can stand up to kid’s play. Weathered woods with a patina are a great choice and won’t show scratches/scuffs. If you go upholstered, stick with performance fabrics that are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Slip-covered options that are machine washable are also a great choice.

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6. Sneak in Savvy Storage

Most kid-friendly homes tend to have lots of toys floating about! This can easily lead to a crowded, messy look and nobody wants that in their daily living space. Furniture items with plenty of interior storage make for an easy place to stash kid clutter. It helps you to clean up quickly by tucking toys, games, and books into interior storage in between playtimes.

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baby safe coffee table7. Skip It Altogether

There is no rule that says you 100% need a coffee table in your living room! If it’s not important to you or your overall design, it’s totally okay to skip it altogether! A big, woven living room rug like one also helps open up space for more play at home. You can also try a coffee table alternative, like these wooden building blocks or a funky leather ottoman. Check out these stylish coffee table alternatives for more ideas!

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Design Basics: The Essential Guide to Coffee Table Materials

A sofa (or a sectional) is probably the most important piece of furniture in your living room—but a coffee table is a close second. Not only do they add a layer of practicality to your living room, but often this piece of furniture is a way to drive home the style of your space. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table for your living room, start with figuring out the best shape and size for your sofa and overall room. (Check out our guide to coffee table shapes and sizes for everything you need to know about that!)

Once you have a coffee table shape picked out, you’ll want to think about materials. In general, the material you choose is tied pretty heavily to your interior design style. (Not sure of your style? Take our free style quiz!) If you find yourself drawn to a certain interior design style, there are some materials that will fall into your style and others that won’t. Keep reading for a break-down on the predominant materials for coffee tables and what styles go with them!

Coffee table materialsWood Coffee Tables

Wood is the most common material for coffee tables (along with stone). As such, it fits into most styles—though different finishes will cause it to lean in different style directions, making it the material with the most diversity in it.

Wondering what finishes go best with what styles? Lighter finishes will have a more Scandinavian and modern vibe, with a lighter and airier feel. Teak or acorn finishes are very mid-century. Meanwhile, dark wood finishes will have a more classic, rustic, or industrial vibe. Weathered woods will also fit well in a rustic, coastal, or industrial space. A red-tinted finish will be in the American traditional camp, along with some classic looks. And then there are the ornamental woods, like a burl wood, will have a contemporary or glam vibe, with their nature-sculpted quality. These pieces are statements in and of themselves, a great example of material being used as ornamentation.

Different shapes will also help drive home the style of a particular wooden coffee table. A round drum coffee table will have a different style and vibe than a rectangular coffee table with tapered legs, even if they have the same finish. But, regardless of the finish and shape, a wood coffee table adds a natural and organic element to the space. Just remember to use coasters! And know that some woods require special polishes and cleaners—so be mindful of that when cleaning and maintaining your coffee table.

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Coffee table materialsGlass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables are perfect styles for those with a glam, minimal, or transitional and contemporary aesthetic. Often, glass tables will have metal frames and legs—and the color and finish of the metal will help drive home the overall style.

We love how easy a glass coffee table is to clean and maintain. However, you will still want to use coasters, and you won’t want to burn a candle straight on the glass. In fact, if you’re worried about scuffs, scratches, or other damage, you may want to layer a cloth or mat down to protect the glass. This isn’t a good material for a high-traffic space, and it’s definitely not kid-friendly.

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Coffee table materialsAcrylic + Lucite Coffee Tables

Looking for the best modern coffee tables out there? Go for an acrylic or lucite coffee table. They’re also perfect for glam and minimalist spaces. Many acrylic or lucite coffee tables come in an arc shape, which adds a bit of a statement in your living room, even though it’s a translucent material; this makes the shape itself the decoration. And, if they’re not entirely acrylic or lucite, they’re often paired with some sort of metal, like brass or gold legs—which really plays into a glam aesthetic.

This is a very low-maintenance and easy-to-clean material. This is a great material for small spaces; since they’re translucent, they don’t add visual weight or clutter to your space.

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Coffee table materialsMetal Coffee Tables

Many metal coffee tables sit within the industrial or transitional camp, especially if the metal is silver or pewter. Though, if it’s a gold or brass finish, it probably falls more in the modern or glam world. It’s rare that you’ll see an all-metal coffee table though—usually metal is paired with wood or glass elements, which will also influence what interior design style it most closely aligns with.

Metal is a strong material that’s fairly easy to clean. However, with its proclivity toward rusting, you’ll definitely want to make sure you use coasters! And you’ll want to make sure to dust often, as metals will show even the finest elements of dust. (In fact, the same goes for glass and acrylic coffee tables.)

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Coffee table materialsStone Coffee Tables

There are many different stone materials that can be used in a coffee table—though marble is by far the most common. Marble is really beautiful and can pair with almost all interior design styles, though you’ll most commonly see it in a glam, minimal, or modern space. We love how, with any style, it adds an organic modern touch to your living room. Some marbles are very subtle, with minimal veining, while others are actually more dominantly black with white veining (perfect for a maximalist space). Marble is similar to burl wood in that the material is the ornamentation and statement, in and of itself.

Marble is a very fussy and high-maintenance material though. While many marble coffee tables have finishes that protect the stone from water, scratches, and stains, not all do. (Make sure you read the product description so that you clean and treat the surface appropriately.) On the bright side, many stains fade over time with marble—they’ll sink deeper into the stone over time, and eventually fade or disappear completely. However, you definitely want to avoid a marble coffee table coming in contact with citrus or acid, as these will eat away at the marble or the finish.

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Coffee table materialsNatural Material Coffee Tables

And, of course, there are natural materials, like rattan and seagrass, which add a nice pop of texture to your living room. Depending on the shape and finish, coffee tables in natural materials can go in a boho, eclectic, or coastal space—or even some rustic contemporary or modern homes! They’re great kid-friendly coffee tables, since they typically don’t have hard edges and natural materials are pretty forgiving around kids!

Maintenance is pretty simple with a natural material coffee table—just wipe any spills down with a damp cloth, and use coasters and even trays to help keep it looking its best! With woven materials, dust could easily collect in nooks and crannies, so be sure to dust frequently!

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Start Styling!

Once you’ve landed on the right shape, style, and material for your living room design, you get the joy of styling your coffee table, which adds additional personality to your space. Some people prefer a very minimal and clean tabletop, while others love a highly styled look. Check out our coffee table styling ideas for some inspiration!

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13 Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room, so invest in one that suits your style and space. Keeping in mind some common coffee table dos and don’ts, you also want to make sure it’s functional for your daily lifestyle. If you have little kids, a storage table that corrals clutter can be a lifesaver, or if you love to entertain, a tiered table with an extra shelf can be a great choice.

Beyond function, though, a stylishly arranged coffee table can help set the tone in your space. It can be as simple as a few stacks of books topped with objects or one that’s organized with trays of objects. No matter your coffee table styling approach, it should feel personal and be visually appealing to you.

To inspire you, here’s a roundup of coffee table ideas with our best tips for styling it into an eye-catching visual display.

Coffee table ideasPretty & Practical

A simple arrangement of elegant everyday items can go a long way as decorative finishing touches on your coffee table. Curate accents and objects that tie back to the color scheme of your room. This grouping of coffee table books, a feather tray, and a lantern candle holder make for a minimalist display that reiterates the room’s calming, neutral vibe.

Styling Tip: Your room’s palette is a great jumping-off point if you’re not sure where to start with your coffee table decor. This approach guarantees your final display will blend seamlessly with the other pieces in your space.

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Coffee table ideasEclectic Mix

A good mantra for coffee table styling is to stick to the rule of three—three different kinds of objects in varying heights and shapes. Here, a decorative wood box is mixed with a tall planter that adds texture, color, and height along with a stack of vintage-style books. There’s not shortage of intrigue and balance here.

Styling Tip: An eclectic coffee table works best with an eclectic mix of objects. The wooden trunk table here offers both storage space and an unexpected look. If your style leans more quirky, consider coffee table alternatives that have the same edgy look as the items you plan to put on top of it.

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Coffee table ideasSimple & Understated

When it comes to cool and functional living room design ideas, you can’t go wrong with a pair of matching coffee tables—or bunching tables pushed together! With a pair of coffee tables, you already have a visually bold setup, so keep the surfaces simple. A book and a small cactus does the trick here, adding a pop of color and texture.

Styling Tip: If you go with a pair of tables or one that has a bold sculptural design, they’re already ornamental in and of themselves, so keep the surface minimally decorated. Think a small tray, a tiny plant or a scaled-down vase.

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Coffee table ideasTransitional Minimalist

Speaking of minimal styling in the living room, a simple wood coffee table design is the best surface for styling up or down as you like. You can layer statement decor on top or keep it tightly curated with just a few accents, like one or two gorgeous vases to compliment your room decor, like the blue-and-white combo here.

Styling Tip: Sometimes it’s all about aesthetics with your coffee table display. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it ties back to the overall look of the rest of your room. This is perfect for those of you who don’t use your coffee table every day.

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Coffee table ideasFamily-Friendly & Functional

Coffee tables with built-in functionalities, like a hidden drawer or a tray top, are perfect multitaskers for family homes in our book. They’re made for corralling objects and styled up displays that bring focus to smaller decorative items, such as plants, candles, small trays, books, and even decorative boxes. Don’t dismiss these tables!

Styling Tip: Round tables are perfect for homes with little kids since they don’t have sharp corners. They’re also perfect for books and other more angular objects, which provide visual contrast to the table’s rounded form. It’s always a good idea to contrast shapes in this way!

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Coffee table ideasReading Surface

If your living room is more focused on quiet reading time than TV watching, choose a practical wood coffee table that gives you a clean surface to pile books, magazines, and other reading materials on top of. You can also stack coffee table books for a more polished look, but the idea is that this is a working surface that has everything you’re currently reading or flipping through.

Styling Tip: This is perfect for those who enjoy reading on their living room sofa. Just make sure your coffee table has a spacious surface for you to spread your reading out. One with a tiered design can give you extra storage for more books and magazines.

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Coffee table ideasLevels Of Use

A two-tiered coffee table is always a great choice for a living room that has furnishings in a range of styles. A tiered design also makes for fun coffee table styling since it gives you double the surface to showcase objects and accents. Or you can even turn one shelf into a full storage space for books, baskets, and even blankets.

Styling Tip: With double the surface area, it helps to designate what goes on top and what goes on the bottom. A tray on top is great for cups, plates, remotes and other loose everyday items, while the bottom shelf is always a good place for things you might need in a pinch, like a candle, a throw or even a board game.

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Coffee table ideasStreamlined Styling

For those after a clean-lined contemporary living room, your coffee table doesn’t have to stay bare to keep that aesthetic alive. Make sure to first choose a streamlined table that goes with your style and top it with similarly pared-down items, like a stack of magazines or a small modern votive, box, or vase.

Styling Tip: Think playful but polished when it comes to coffee table accents. And less is definitely more here, so go for the sleek and unique tray or small modern sculpture piece to give your coffee table display just the right amount of oomph.

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Coffee table ideasMovable Display

You’ve seen us mention trays a few times. That’s because it’s one of the easiest and most stylish coffee table ideas to work into any space. Plus, they’re endlessly functional since they’re easy to move around and can be used to hold anything from flowers and candles to tea sets.

Styling Tip: Consider styling a tray with a teapot, candle, and plant so that it’s always ready for entertaining guests and family. Our favorite is turning a coffee table tray into a breakfast tray for serving a delicious morning meal in the living room. Once you’re done, just carry the tray to the kitchen and unload everything. It’s simple and it’s stylish!

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Coffee table ideasWhite Hot

If your coffee table has elements of white or a marble top, consider layering it with other white accents and objects for a look that packs a punch. Whether it’s a book or a candle holder or a vase, a white on white on white look is always chic.

Styling Tip: With this coffee table styling approach, it’s less about color and all about shapes and textures. You want to group together white objects that have varying textures and details, like perforations and weathered wood or a smooth white book cover. It’s all in the contrasts.

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Coffee table ideasOrganization First

Two smaller trays paired together on a large wood coffee table gives you double the function and endless styling possibilities. This allows for plenty of open space still on the table surface while giving you areas to corral and curate objects.

Styling Tip: Don’t be afraid to go all out with a style or theme! Here, the trays are filled with nautical decor and accents that reflect the room’s overall coastal aesthetic. When in doubt, always look to the rest of your room’s decor for styling inspiration.

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Coffee table ideasSleek & Spare

For city dwellers living in sleek condos with modern furniture, coffee table styling is all about paring things down. If this is your style, consider a concrete-and-glass coffee table that comes off as a sculptural piece in and of itself, allowing you to keep it bare or style it up with a few clean-lined accents.

Styling Tip: With modern industrial coffee tables, like this one, they don’t need much styling. But if you do decide to layer on accents, keep to simple low-profile objects that don’t steal away from the table’s bold form. Think tiny vases, white-cover books, and a paper-thin tray.

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Coffee table ideasSculpture Show

One of our favorite coffee table decorating tricks is to curate an array of sculptural decor in varying shapes, sizes, and styles. That can range from anything like a decorative coral piece to a seashell to a porcelain bust or a super curvy vessel. Be sure to pick pieces with varying heights, which will make the display more captivating.

Styling Tip: When grouping together pieces that have varying sculptural shapes, be sure to pick pieces with different heights, which will make the display more captivating. You want to style it in a way that invites people to move in and examine each object more closely.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Picking a Coffee Table for your Living Room

Picking a coffee table dos

Coffee tables – just like snowflakes and people – come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. It’s great having so many to choose from. But all those options can also make picking a coffee table feel totally overwhelming.

But don’t stress over your coffee table conundrum just yetWe tried on 8 coffee tables in Modsy 3D to show you the dos and don’ts of pairing this living room duo.

Want to try on coffee tables in your living room? With a Modsy design package you can see how all kinds of furniture will look and fit in your exact space. Picking a coffee table has never been so easy!

The Coffee Table Don’ts

Picking a coffee table dos1. Don’t go too large

What makes sectional sofas extra tricky is finding a coffee table that fits nicely into that little nook of space in front.

This coffee table, as lovely as it is, is way out of proportion with our sofa, and we lose our ability to easily move around the space. Next please!

Picking a coffee table dos2. Don’t go too small

The opposite end of the spectrum, a coffee table that’s too small leaves much to be desired.

While the Delfia Coffee Table fits nicely into the space in front, it still feels out of proportion to our sofa and misses an opportunity to make the most out of that precious real estate. Where will everyone put their drinks?

Picking a coffee table dos3. Don’t go too tall

The height of your coffee table is also super important to consider. Too short and you’ll be stooping low to grab the remote. Too tall and you might find yourself constantly banging your knees!

A good – and simple – rule is look for coffee tables about 1 to 2 inches lower than the height of your sofa seat. A quick glance at this pairing, and we can easily see the Clairemont Coffee Table is too tall for our sofa. Next option!

Picking a coffee table dos4. Don’t go too wide

Another sectional-specific problem is finding a coffee table with the right length.

Ideally, you don’t want your coffee table to be wider than your sofa, so look for options with a width less than the distance between the chaise and armrest of your sofa. While we love the Go-Cart coffee table, it juts out past the arm of our sofa and feels awkward in the space.


The Coffee Table Dos

Picking a coffee table dos1. Do break up the angles

Round or rectangular aren’t your only options when it comes to coffee tables. Think outside the box and try grouping a few side tables together in front of your sofa.

This is a great way to break up all the straight lines of a sectional sofa.Have company over? Easily move the tables around when and where you need them. 

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Picking a coffee table dos2. Do sneak in hidden storage

This coffee table has a secret. What could it be? Hidden storage!

A great pick for households with kiddos, coffee tables with hidden storage make for great hiding spaces to stash clutter in a pinch. Also a friend to small spaces, the wooden top on this coffee table is actually a lid that pops off to reveal gloriously inconspicuous storage.

Picking a coffee table dos3. Do open up small spaces

If you’re in a pinch for living room real estate, it’s a good idea to try an eliminate any extra visual clutter.

How do you do this? Choose pieces with elevated and open bases (like the Avery Coffee Table from West Elm). Mirrored or glass surfaces are another great hack, as they reflect light around your room and will help it feel more airy.

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Picking a coffee table dos4. Do incorporate extra seating

Ok, this one is not really a coffee table per se, but there’s no rule that says you can’t use an ottoman, like this leather option, in place of your coffee table.

A great option for low sofas, simply plop a tray on top to hold remotes or books, and you’ve got yourself a coffee table. You can even use it as extra seating when you have guests over. 

Bonus: Ottomans as coffee tables are also great for homes with young kids or babies. No sharp corners mean no owies!

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