How to Create a Delightfully Eclectic Boho Patio Design

It’s just as important to think about your design style when designing an outdoor patio, porch, or deck as it is when designing an indoor space. After all, as an extension of your home, you want it to reflect your personal style.

But outdoor spaces also allow you to be a bit more adventurous in your design choices than in other parts of your home, since these tend to be totally separate spaces. One particular design style that’s quite popular for outdoor spaces is boho design.

What is Boho design?

Boho design is an eclectic, global-inspired style that consists of colorful patterns and layered materials. You’ll find an artful, eclectic mix of textiles and furniture styles, with an emphasis on natural materials. Overall, this is a casual style that prioritizes comfort and personal expression. This casual approachability lends itself well to outdoor spaces—which is why we love this style for boho patio designs.

If you want to design a boho patio, read on! We’ve rounded up some of our designers’ favorite boho patio furniture and decor, along with tips on what to look for when designing a boho patio space.

The Essentials: Boho Patio Furniture

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When designing a boho patio, you’ll want to consider how you want to use the space. Are you looking for a conversation area? An outdoor dining space? Or perhaps a mix of the two? The purpose of the space will help guide your furniture choices.

In general, for a conversation area, you’ll want an outdoor sofa, chairs or benches, a coffee table for the center of your space, as well as some side tables for people to set their drinks. For a dining area, you’ll want a dining table large enough for the groups you’d like to host, along with comfortable chairs.

But what styles and materials are best for boho patio furniture? Since boho design leans into natural materials and textures, that’s a big focus on boho patio furniture. Rattan and natural wood are the most popular choices for materials, along with other woven natural materials. But we also love the addition of concrete pieces for a modern industrial spin on boho design.

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Rattan Furniture

Rattan is about as boho as you can get when it comes to furniture. This natural material is a great choice for boho patio furniture like seating (both sofas and chairs), as well as accent furniture like side tables. However, it’s worth considering how exposed to the elements your furniture will be, since this material can fade in the sunlight and isn’t highly moisture-resistant.

If you love the look of rattan, specifically wicker rattan, but want something more durable, opt for wicker furniture made out of a synthetic resin, which will be more weather-friendly.

Natural Wood Furniture

Wood is a great addition to boho patio furniture. It has a natural feel that beautifully compliments rattan and other natural materials. Opt for wood furniture that has a global-inspired or eclectic vibe.

Woven Textile Furniture

Boho patio chair

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Layer in even more textures with additional woven furniture. Hammocks and hanging chairs have a casual air which helps drive home a boho vibe on your patio or porch.

Concrete Furniture

Concrete is a great material for coffee and accent tables or fire pits. Concrete beautifully compliments and accents the abundant natural materials in a boho patio design, while offering a modern industrial spin.

The Nice-to-Haves: Boho Patio Textures and Textiles

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Since a key tenet of boho design is layers of textures, patterns, and colors, then plenty of textiles is an absolute must. This will also make your boho patio design feel much more cozy, comfortable, and inviting.

Pillows and Throws

Throw pillows, oversized floor pillows, and blankets are excellent ways to add pops of color and textural layering to your boho patio. Look for textiles with global-inspired patterns and decorative accents like tassels and pom-poms, which have a very boho vibe.

Outdoor Rugs

Want to make your boho patio a bit more comfortable and welcoming? Layer an indoor-outdoor rug under your outdoor seating or dining area. Natural-fiber rugs made of jute, seagrass, and sisal rugs are great options for a boho vibe. But you could also opt for something with more color and pattern, like a Moroccan-inspired design or something with fringed edges!


Poufs are a great small furniture piece that’s great for extra seating or use as a footrest! They’re easy to move around and also very kid and pet friendly. Opt for materials like jute, seagrass, cotton, or leather for a chis boho patio style. Simple styles with textural weaves are a great choice, but we also love global-inspired designs like shibori.

The Finishing Touches: Boho Patio Decor

Boho patio with accessories

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Once you have your furniture and textiles in place, you can add some finishing touches with extra decor! By adding plants and flowers, baskets, trays, and screens, you can add additional texture, color, and organization to your outdoor space!

Baskets and Trays

For any room, indoor or outdoor, baskets and trays are a great way to add stylish organization to your space. And for a boho patio in particular, this is a great way to drive home the boho style of your outdoor space. Incorporating baskets, bowls, and trays made of natural materials give you a place to corral blankets, magazines, drinks, and more!

Plants and Flowers

Is any patio complete without some greenery? For a boho patio, incorporate large, leafy tropical plants and flowers, as well as some tabletop accent plants. Succulents are a great choice for a boho patio. Worried about your plants getting too much sunlight—or not enough? You can always opt for faux plants for all the look without any maintenance!

Artistic Woven Textiles

Boho patio with screen

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Incorporating some woven textiles into your boho patio’s decor is a great way to add a bit more texture and boho style to your porch. We like to do this with macrame hangings and plant holders, outdoor curtains (which offer privacy and a romantic vibe), and even woven pendants if you have a set-up for an overhead light.

Folding Screens

The use of folding screens on your boho patio or porch is a great way to add texture and an element of privacy to your space. Opt for screens made of carved wood, rattan, or caning to help drive home a boho vibe.


You can’t have a good patio space without some lighting to help set the mood after the sun goes down! A mix of lanterns, string lights, and candles is the perfect way to add some cozy boho ambiance to your outdoor space.

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How to Choose the Right Style and Material for Your Patio Chairs

When designing an outdoor space be it a large or small patio, good seating is an absolute must. This is true whether you have a small patio or a large one, one that’s focused on lounging and conversation or used as an outdoor dining space. No matter the size or purpose, you’ll always need good seating.

But with so many options out there, how do you know where to begin when shopping for new patio chairs? When designing a patio, you want to consider the style of the space the same way you would with rooms inside your home. This can help you narrow in on specific patio chair styles and materials. You can then focus on finding patio chairs that reflect your design style while suiting the needs of your specific patio and finding chairs that can withstand the weather where you live.

Want to see what your options are when shopping for patio chairs? We’ve rounded up the most popular patio chair styles and materials to help you find the perfect furniture for your outdoor space!

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Patio Chair Materials

Will your patio furniture be exposed to a lot of direct sunlight or heavy rain? Are you looking for chairs that will last a decade or just suit your space for a year or two? And what comfort level are you looking for? Considering these questions will help you land on which patio chair material is right for your style and needs.

Wooden Patio Chairs

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A classic outdoor chair choice, wooden patio chairs are highly durable.  With the variety of wood types, stains, and shapes, wooden patio chairs can suit a variety of styles, from rustic and traditional to contemporary and modern. Teak is one of the most popular wood choices for outdoor furniture since it has all-weather capabilities and can withstand harsh weather while continuing to look beautiful. Acacia, eucalyptus, cedar, and cypress are other popular wood choices. Some wooden patio chairs are designed to be comfortable on their own, but many come with back and seat cushions for optimal comfort.

Metal Patio Chairs

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Metal patio chairs are a durable and sturdy choice. They’re typically made of aluminum and are powder-coated for durability. Aluminum is rust-resistant, which makes it a great choice if you live near saltwater, since that can corrode and oxidize other metals. This type of metal is also a fairly lightweight material, making metal patio chairs easy to move around. Steel is heavier and more resilient to high winds, but it does rust easily, so it’s important to choose stainless or galvanized steel for outdoor furniture. Overall, metal patio chairs are cost-effective, an ideal choice for someone looking for a modern or industrial vibe on a budget.

Rattan Patio Chairs

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Rattan furniture is made of durable natural rattan fiber strips that are woven together, often in a wicker style. This material can fade in the sunlight and isn’t highly moisture-resistant, so this material works best on a covered patio. Otherwise, you can simply cover them or bring them inside when not in use outside. Rattan patio chairs are classic in appearance and versatile so can suit a wide range of styles—from classic and contemporary to boho and modern. However, some people find it uncomfortable to sit on woven materials, especially if it’s a looser weave. Because of that, rattan patio chairs are often accompanied by a cushion for comfort.

Wicker Patio Chairs vs Rattan Patio Chairs: What’s the difference?

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Confused by the difference between wicker patio chairs and rattan patio chairs? We don’t blame you. Some people erroneously believe that these are different materials, while others think of them as two names for the same thing. But the truth is actually a bit more nuanced. While rattan is a natural material, wicker is actually a weaving method. Because of this, wicker furniture can be made out of rattan but it could also be made of synthetic materials. (Like plastic resin, which we mention below.) Plus, not all rattan furniture is woven in the wicker method. However, when rattan furniture is woven in a wicker method, pieces are often referred to as wicker rattan.

Plastic Patio Chairs

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Plastic chairs (which include recycled plastic, resin, and polymer) are durable and affordable, and they come in just about every shape and color. This makes plastic patio chairs a popular choice for many households—especially those with kids. Plastic resin is often made to resemble natural materials like wicker rattan and wood. While plastic sourcing and quality differ, many plastic patio chairs on the market today are made of recycled materials and are highly durable, resisting fading in the sun. Recycled plastics and resins are resistant to moisture, stains, mildew, and insects—plus, they won’t peel, crack, or fade. Talk about a low-maintenance material!

Patio Chair Styles

Having a design style in mind when designing your outdoor patio can help you figure out which chair shape and style you want to use on your patio. Below are four trendy patio chair styles.

Patio Egg Chair

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Egg chairs are an iconic piece of mid-century design. And in recent years, patio egg chairs, made of woven materials, have gained popularity. They’re comfortable and great for relaxing and reading. Plus, with the curved shape, you get both some privacy and sun protection! Some patio egg chairs are on legs, like the one above, while others are hanging designs.

Lounge Chairs

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One of the most popular types of outdoor chairs, lounge chairs are very comfortable and are a great choice for sitting back and conversing, lounging and reading, napping, or sunbathing. Most lounge chair styles have an adjustable back to allow for both sitting upright, lounging back, or laying down flat. This makes them popular chairs for pool decks! This is one of the patio chairs with the widest price range, going from affordable to high-end and luxurious.

Rocking Chairs

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Indoors or outdoors, rocking chairs are a true classic. A rocking chair is a great choice for comfortable and casual seating on a patio or porch. It’s a great chair choice if you enjoy sitting outside while you read!

Adirondack Chairs

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Adirondack chairs have been a popular choice for outdoor spaces for decades. Whether they’re made of wood, plastic, or metal, the style of this chair is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. This is a popular patio chair style due to its comfort and stylistic versatility. It’s an excellent choice for sitting around a fire, enjoying drinks on the deck, or relaxing poolside.

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