12 Modern Home Office Design Ideas

Raise your hand if you’ve been unexpectedly working from home for weeks! While some people were probably prepared with beautiful home offices, many of us don’t have offices at home and are in need of some impromptu home office design ideas.

But just because we’re pulling together home office designs on the fly doesn’t mean they have to look makeshift or thrown together! With a little thought, you can make your home office both beautiful and functional. And, with all the time at home, it’s extra important to make your home office as functional as possible so life runs more smoothly. To help, we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite modern home office design ideas of the month to get you inspired.

modern home office designA Workspace For Two

We love this refined mid-century modern home office design, with its natural light, neutral color palette, and pops of black. This is a great home office design for when you and a partner or roommate have to share a workspace. This interior has two desks, but since they’re across the room from each other, there’s plenty of separation for individual focus.

The open layout adds airiness and calm to this office, while the daybed and c-table offer a corner to lounge and rest when you need a break—or just give you a change of pace if you want to work away from your desk for a bit! (The daybed also lets this office space double as a guest bedroom, one of our favorite design ideas!) Adding a bookcase to office designs also offers storage space for work files and whatever else you need to keep close at hand. And adding a few plants to your office can help create a sense of calm in the midst of busy workdays!

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modern home office designMoody + Modern Office Design

Traditional and industrial elements combine in this moody modern home office. The dark color palette is a bold move—but perhaps it’s just the intensity you need to get a lot of work done! We love the look of monochromatic greys with metallic touches.

This modern office features different zones, which we really love for getting the most function out of the square footage. There’s the formal study area, with a large desk and modern office chair for when you need to focus or log onto a video call. But there’s also the sofa for when you’re casually working and want to put your feet up. And the bench in front of the window creates a nice makeshift seat for reading or taking calls. The bookcases help frame the window zone, and add storage to display decorative objects.

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modern home office designA Working Office Nook

Sometimes, you have to work with what you’ve got. And in the case of this small home office design, we turned a nook into a modern home office space. But just because your home office is small doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style, as this mid-century modern nook is proof of. This compact workspace looks nice in an open living space while also giving your office supplies a dedicated space. All in all, it’s one of our favorite living room home office ideas!

We love that this compact but functional desk adds storage above your workspace, making use of vertical space. And though visually it feels like a big piece, when it’s tucked in the corner it really doesn’t take up much square footage. Pairing the desk with a bench adds extra seating for children who want to be nearby or if you need to get away from your screen for a few minutes. It also adds a flexible, moveable seating option for whatever room this workspace is tucked in!

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modern home office designModern Home Office Blues

Many people, when they think of mid-century modern interior design, think neutrals. But we love the idea of a modern pop of light blue to add a breezy, fun feeling to an otherwise neutral office design. Plus, with the use of blue, the white elements shine even more.

We love that this modern desk has loads of built-in storage to keep clutter at bay and help you stay organized. Pairing your desk with a wall-mounted bookcase adds additional storage for your office supplies. Stash a few baskets on your shelves to keep cords and other electronics organized! But you don’t have to stop at practicality. Layering in a rug anchors the office space and adds an element of softness—plus a fun pattern that ties in with the wall color. And the mirror, while unexpected in an office, helps open up the space by reflecting light and creates intentionality in what might otherwise be an unused corner of your modern home office design.

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Bold Home Office Focus

This modern and minimal home office design makes a huge visual impact despite its small size. The statement artworks behind the desk create a focal point in the room and really sets the tone for the design. And, since they’re so large, you don’t have to add more decor to the space.

The modern glass, L-shaped desk is streamlined and helps make this small office feel larger. And floating it away from the wall gives an executive air to the design. Meanwhile, the poufs add a soft touch to the hard edges in this room. They also create a casual and versatile seating option for when you have people pop into your home office!

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Mid-Century Avocado Office

The pops of green add a lively and retro touch to the mid-century modern design of this home office. The minimal and modern desk is both sleek and practical, and the wall-mounted bookcase gives you some extra storage and display space.

Meanwhile, the iconic egg-style chair gives you a space to read and rest within your home office and makes perfect use of the corner of this room. For an added artistic element, consider propping art on your desk and leaning it against the wall—one of our favorite unexpected interior design ideas!

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modern home office designModern And Muted Home Office

This eclectic and modern home office has some seriously chill vibes. The monochromatic color scheme in olive green feels natural but adds a serene effect—perfect for keeping you on task.

And we love this rustic modern desk, with its unexpected combination of live-edge wood top and ultra-modern angular legs. Pairing it with the plush green velvet office chair adds to the eclectic and monochrome looks in a way that’s still refined. But the arched bookshelf, in a similar finish to the desk, adds an element of cohesiveness. Overall, this is a good office layout idea for inspiring productivity.

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Bright And Compact Home Office

Even if you don’t have room for a full-on home office, you can still create a chic space to designate for work. This minimal and mid-century modern style workspace is a perfect example. The neutral color scheme, with pops of brass and black for contrast, keep this space feeling clean and modern.

For small home office designs, we love opting for a bar-height desk, so you can stash a filing cabinet or other storage beneath the desk. Adding some shelves above the desk gives you a little extra room to personalize the design. And going for a floor lamp rather than a desk lamp allows you to have task lighting while keeping the desk surface free of clutter—a must-have for small home offices!

Need more home office storage ideas? Add a few baskets on the floor to give you even more stashable storage! Overall, this set-up feels casual and youthful, but still very chic. It’s great for small apartments or homes without an extra room to dedicate as an office. And, with its small footprint, it could even be tucked in or near an entryway, like it is in this space!

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modern home office designA Modern Greyscale Home Office

Strong geometric lines and a monochromatic color scheme create a dramatic minimal modern home office. We love how the rich ebony wall color allows the white and chrome desk to pop, creating beautiful contrast. And, since this approach is pretty stark, we highly recommend adding in greenery for some texture and pops of green.

Stylistically, the furniture is very streamlined, with bold angles and clean lines—giving this home office a very minimal aesthetic. But the mix of storage and decorative objects warms it up and gives the space a more personal touch.

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modern home office designGlammed-Up Mid-Century Modern Home Office

This mid-century modern home office has a touch of eclectic glam—and we absolutely love it. Glam and modern styles make a perfect pair with this desk—note the wood top and golden sawhorse legs. A sheepskin rug and gallery wall lend a hint of eclectic to this office idea, plus a little pattern and character.

Meanwhile, the layout of this home workspace gives the place a more formal air—with the floating desk and multi-functional cabinet. And, while white walls can feel stark, the warm wood tones of the furniture warm up the office design with ease. This is the perfect set-up for a pass-through space in your home!

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modern home office designModern Home Office Collaboration

Need room for two? This mid-century modern home office has you covered. This communal desk acts as a table, and putting a chair on either side allows for creative collaboration or just two workspaces for the price of one! But it’s also not so large that it would seem absurd to use it as a solo desk when needed.

A trio of wall-mounted bookcases adds lots of storage to this office. While you can utilize all of the shelves for books and decor, we like the idea of lining the bottom shelves with baskets for stashable storage that helps hide clutter! This is the perfect approach for a shared home office space when you only have room for one desk. It’s also one of our favorite office ideas for a place to work on homework with kids!

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Small Space, Big Style

Just because you don’t have a ton of room for a home office doesn’t mean you have to skimp on desk space. This mid-century inspired office has some lovely modern touches—but it’s the oversized desk that we really love. It offers so much space to work, perfect for those who need to spread out. And it also makes for a great after-hours craft table!

This is a good set-up for home office designs with slanted ceilings. Using wall-mounted shelves makes use of the one wall that is taller, giving you space to store books and decorative objects. Leaning art on your desk is perfect for when walls are too short for art while adding a pop of color and personality to your space. And tucking a petite file cabinet beneath the desk makes use of the huge under-desk space while helping keep you organized!

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13 Ideas for When Your Home Office is also Your Guest Room

What do you do when you need a home office and a guest bedroom but don’t have room for both? This is a common quandary when it comes to home design—especially with more people than ever working from home! It’s rare to have enough space to have a dedicated guest room AND a home office. But if you have one spare room in your house, you can try to make it work for both!

However, multi-purpose spaces are always tricky. Whether you are making a guest bedroom double as an office or trying to fit an office into your actual bedroom, you want enough space to make it feel comfortable for both sleeping and working. The good news is that with some clever design tricks, you can have a functional and stylish room that works as both. Here are 11 home office guest room ideas to inspire your own multipurpose guest room!

P.S. Want to make sure you have everything you need to keep guests comfortable? Check out our guest room checklist to make sure you have all the essentials on hand. And check out our home office furniture buying guide to make sure you have everything you need for a productive home office!

guest bedroom design with dark wood furniture and a large writing desk

1. Choose a Cohesive Set of Furniture

This home office and guest room design features a full bedroom setup: a queen bed with two nightstands for full functionality. The arrangement also leaves room for a full-size desk. It’s a great setup for a work-from-home situation where you need an office space in your guest bedroom, or even your own bedroom. It’s also a great option for hosting guests who need to work while they stay over.

 Even though there is a lot of furniture in this small room, since the desk is the same wood tone as other pieces, it creates a cohesive look which helps the space from feeling over-crowded.

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office and guest room design with rattan daybed and classic decor

2. Style a Working-Meets-Lounge Space

We love how this room feels like a lounge or makeshift living room! The daybed acts as a sofa and doubles as a guest bed with a casual feel. Adding a reading chair in the corner aids in this look and also adds function—you can work from there as well as the desk, and it also gives guests a space to kick back and relax.

This look works great with a writing desk like this that’s smaller but stylish. A home office and guest room design like this is great for a small apartment where you need a multifunctional space. The desk doesn’t take up much space or overpower the room. It still feels casual and open, and there are multiple areas to relax or work from without overcrowding the space!

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bedroom design with a small wood desk and green office chair instead of a nightstand

3. Replace Your Nightstand With a Desk

A great idea for a smaller guest bedroom is to skip the nightstand and have a desk do double-duty. We chose a desk that is small but stylish so it works as both a nightstand and workspace. (Feeling creative? Here are 8 more nightstand alternatives).

The color palette really pulls this room together. The blonde wood desk sports a mid-century modern form and doesn’t add visual weight to the green, white, and neutral color palette. This look works in a variety of spaces, especially if you don’t need a huge desk.

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image of a guest bedroom decorated for summer weather

4. Design a Do-It-All Space

This multipurpose guest room gives your guests just about everything they could need during an overnight, or even extended, stay. But it also offers you the space you need for an occasional home office. In this space, we prioritized the guest space with a queen bed, plus a nightstand cabinet on one side of the bed. However, a writing desk on the other side offers guests (and yourself) a space to work.

The desk acts as a second nightstand, but with the added benefit of offering a full workspace. It had a drawer, a small table lamp, and a stool that can be pushed fully underneath the desk when not in use. And with a mirror hung above the desk, this workspace can double as a vanity. An accent chair on the other side of the bed gives guests a place to relax. But when you’re not hosting guests, it’s a great space for reading—for work or pleasure. This approach is great for guest bedrooms that need to serve a lot of purposes. Ultimately, it offers all of the amenities of a nice hotel room, but with a more personal touch.

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large guest bedroom with a small bistro table work station

5. Create a Luxurious Guest Suite

This is a great approach if you have a large room to work with—or even a “mother-in-law” suite or separate guest house on your property. Incorporating a large bed, along with a seating area/work station at the end of the bed gives this space a luxurious feel. The seating area optimizes the guest suite, adding comfort and practicality.

Two wingback accent chairs offer a comfortable seating option—and paired with a round bistro table, you or guests can also use this as a place to set up a computer, take calls, and even collaborate with another person. But it’s also an area that can be used to relax, eat breakfast, and read the morning newspaper.

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bedroom with mint green walls and a home office design across from the bed

6. Dedicate a Full Wall to Your Work Area

This setup is ideal for larger guest bedrooms. The work area has lots of space for a desk with storage and a filing cabinet, so you can use it as your main home office. Dedicating a whole wall in your guest bedroom to an office area gives you the space you need for day-to-day working from home, without completely overtaking the room.

We added a chair in the window nook to provide extra office seating for conversation or working in an alternate location in the room. The layout works because this space is so big it allows for a larger work area. Plus, having the work area situated across from the bed makes it feel separate.

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guest bedroom with gray blue walls and a contemporary desk and office chair

7. Know You Can Have It All

Nothing is lacking in this space! It features a full bed setup with nightstands, a large working desk, a floor mirror, and even a dresser for extra storage. Translation? It has everything you need to ensure your guests feel comfortable. But with the addition of a desk, you add even more function to this space with a small home office. This is an awesome setup for long-term guests or work-from-home situations—there’s lots of space so you don’t have to worry about competing functions.

The room still offers space to walk around the bed so you don’t have to feel boxed into a cramped space or layout. And smart lighting options like the sconces and desk lamp, as well as modern furniture, help keep the space feeling open.

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studio apartment design with a bedroom and a home office tucked into a wall nook with a wallpaper backdrop

8. Convert a Closet Space

Sometimes you have to get clever with your space to make a home office design work for you! This office in the guest room layout features a cleverly converted closet space for an office. Stylistically, a few decorative touches, like wallpaper and a hanging lamp, help define it so your mini office feels like its own “space within a space.”

This home office guest room design is great for someone who is tight on space and has an awkward nook or unused closet that can be converted into usable space. It’s also great if you like a desk that’s not set out in the wide-open—you can tuck away and hide things a bit. The key to making this layout work is to keep the nook sophisticated in style and cohesive with the rest of the room so it doesn’t end up feeling like a cluttered corner. Want more design inspiration? Check out our cloffice design ideas.

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small bedroom design with a full bed and wall-mounted desk

9. Go Vertical

We really dig this cute little guest-room-meets-mini- space; it’s great for urban dwellers or tiny living. Even though this room is quite small, it accomplishes a lot. It’s actually one of our favorite small office design ideas! We managed to fit a full bed in this room, for a more comfortable guest bed experience. Rather than a traditional nightstand, we opted for a cabinet, which gives guests a bit of storage space. Under-bed baskets can either be used for office storage or left empty for guests to use in lieu of a dresser.

But what really makes small office guest room ideas like this work is a wall-mounted desk. It provides space to work while taking up minimal floor space. This piece of furniture also has shelves above the workspace to provide space for storage, organization, and decor—again, without taking up extra, valuable square footage. Opting for a stool rather than a chair allows the seat to be tucked away when not in use so that it doesn’t take up extra space.

This whole setup would fit in a small room and is super multifunctional. The vertical desk maximizes storage and function in a tall but small space and it’s an ideal solution if you don’t need a ton of surface space to work.

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a home office design with a sleeper sofa that can be used as a guest room

10. Try Out a Sleeper Sofa

Watch out work-from-homers—this space is a triple threat! It combines a home office workspace, day-time living lounge, and sleep area for guests, with plenty of room to spare! The lounge area is big—there’s plenty of room to spread out on the sofa or floor to relax, listen to music, and hang out. And it’s actually a  sleeper sofa, which pulls out to a queen bed so you can easily host overnight guests when needed. Meanwhile, the desk has its own area, which makes it easy to concentrate and be separate from the rest of the room.

This is perfect for those who have an occasional guest and don’t need to use the bed often. It’s also fantastic for those who want different options for where to work within the room. Just be sure you have the space for this—it’s essential to have a larger room to make a sofa bed work.

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a pink and neutral color scheme bedroom with a small desk vanity design

11. Wall-Mount Your Work Space

Looking for small office guest room ideas? This design works well for folks who need an occasional workspace versus an everyday dedicated home office. Instead of a proper desk, this room makes use of a floating shelf to serve as a clever desk hack. Just note: it’s not a huge workspace but is more of a makeshift desk for short bursts of time. You could add a few baskets underneath for storage, but overall it just acts as a stylish (and practical) addition to a small guest bedroom.

When hosting guests, a desk like this could be used as a vanity with a mirror placed above it. You can also simply use it as a shelf to hold decor and guest bedroom essentials, and since it’s floating it doesn’t take up any floor space!

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a coastal style home office with blue walls and a day bed that can be used as a guest room

12. Get Multifunctional with a Daybed

Opting for a daybed is one of those home office guest room ideas that gives you extra functionality day-to-day. Since it’s not a traditional bed you can style it more like a sofa when not hosting guests—giving you an extra lounge space in your home. Choosing a desk that’s  a similar style as the daybed makes it feel like it’s part of the room instead of a sad office corner.

This is a good layout for those who don’t host guests that often, but it’s also great for guests who need to use a desk while they stay over.

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boho bedroom design with colorful deco and a small desk set up next to a window

13. Maximize Wall and Floor Space

This home office and guest room design offers a stylish blend of comfort and functionality. The bed is the focal point of the room, but the desk is also a stylish and practical addition to the space. This look works best with a desk that is long but not deep—maximizing wall space without taking up too much floor space. It offers plenty of space for working from home on the daily. But when the room is being used as guest quarters, the desk isn’t so large that it’s overtaking the room.

Placing a shelf above the desk and baskets on the floor add extra storage and an easy place for decor. This layout would be great for art projects or working from home in a creative and inspiring space!

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This post was updated July 27, 2021