Brand Spotlight: Meet Serena & Lily

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Serena & Lily

Meet The Brand: Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily offers a wide range of furnishings and accessories that work with any aesthetic. But they’re especially great if you love the breezy California look, boho-style interiors, and coastal design ideas for the home.

Serena & Lily

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What They’re Known For

Serena & Lily furniture and bedding have a reputation in the design world for high-quality, timeless staples. Their designs have classic coastal good looks but are updated with modern lines for today’s home. Their pieces are also easy to mix-and-match with different styles and any home decor.

Serena & Lily

Why We Love Them

There’s a reason why everyone loves Serena & Lily! The brand has some of the best investment bedding, furniture, and rugs that are handmade and unique. You can always count on them to add major comfort without sacrificing style.

Serena & Lily work with lots of natural materials for their pieces, and they use them in a sophisticated and polished way that gives all their designs a fresh, relaxed, and classic look. Their commitment to quality natural material is both thoughtful and captures their attention to detail and craft. It’s what makes their pieces incredibly comfortable and long-lasting.

Serena & Lily’s designs also have an airy aesthetic that adds a cool, livable vibe to rooms—you’ll feel like you’re always at a beautiful, welcoming beach house!

Serena & Lily

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Our Designers’ Picks From Serena & Lily

You already know why we love this brand, now explore some of our designers’ favorite pieces from Serena & Lily’s collection!

Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table

Add a warm organic feel to any living room with this bent-rattan coffee table in a natural finish. The tightly woven top provides an interesting play of tone and texture, while the hand-bent base keeps it from feeling bulky. Mix in bright pops of color in the decor on top to punch it up with a coastal-eclectic look.

Malibu Chandelier

This chandelier is like a ceiling gem. The strands of gorgeous beads with subtle gold veining and the frame wrapped with natural hemp and tassels give the whole piece an elegant rustic appeal. It brings earthy glamour to any space, but we can see it adding major charm in a nursery or kids’ room.

Serena & Lily

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Seas Bar Cart

This casual and earthy bar cart design has mid-century influences and the handwoven rattan adds a beautiful textural look. Set it up in a corner in the living room or dining area for an instant sophisticated accent piece. Top it with cocktail glasses and barware, then balance it out with vibrant decor, like greenery, coffee table books, and candles!

Serena & Lily

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Caledonia Woven Console

Elevate any entry or living space with this coastal seagrass and wood console cabinet. The woven doors offer rich texture while the leather pulls make for sophisticated finishing details. It’s the perfect piece to anchor an empty wall and it pairs beautifully with other woven accents, such as a rattan chair, basket planter, or any number of Serena & Lily rugs.

Serena & Lily

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Cabot Square Coffee Table

If you’re after classic elegance, this practical tiered coffee table has storage and style to spare. The painted mahogany, raffia-wrapped shelves, and Deco-inspired brass details make this table a simple, timeless piece. Use the storage shelf for books and TV remotes, then add glass vases and metallic accents on top to play up the brass details of the table.

Serena & Lily

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Avalon Daybed

This daybed is gorgeous with its lattice rattan pattern and makes for a great statement piece to anchor a guest room or bedroom. It was inspired by a French sofa from the 1940s and has an airy, natural beauty to it that can work seamlessly in any coastal, eclectic, or boho interior. Layer this daybed with lots of Serena & Lily bedding, such as textured throws and pillows, for the perfect afternoon nap spot or guest bed.

Serena & Lily

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Harbour Cane Bed

Made with sustainable rattan by hand, artisans meticulously wove together the cane pattern for this unique, breezy bed. It has rustic-coastal appeal but is a versatile piece that can work in any space, from classic to modern. You can easily top it off with Serena & Lily bedding in soft colors, keeping the styling light to match the airy aesthetic of the bed frame.

Serena & Lily

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Islesboro Chair

This chic hand-woven seat is made of water hyacinth, which is a surprisingly durable material. There are also black rattan strips layered in that add sophistication and depth. It’s a substantial chair that will look as beautiful in a living room as it does around a dining table. Keep the decor around this chair minimal so that they take center stage and shine on their own!

Mirabelle Rug

Serena & Lily rugs include a selection of batik-inspired styles that are made entirely by hand, which means that no two are alike. This unique batik-style rug has an amazing border and traditional pattern that instantly brightens up a living or dining room. We love it in indigo for the deeply saturated color tones that go great with neutral furniture and decor.

Serena & Lily

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Shore Bench

Made of natural rattan, this low-back bench is the perfect perch for an entry, hallway, or even sun porch or covered deck. It has a breezy look and a very organic feel, so it has a light and airy appearance while also adding instant beach-house vibes! Top it with soft-colored and patterned pillows for a dose of relaxed texture and comfort.

Serena & Lily

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Balboa Counter Stool

We’re big fans of these Serena & Lily bar stools because they’re perfectly proportioned for any kitchen/bar space. Not to mention, they’re made for comfort, so you can lean back and lounge in them for hours! They’re made with wood wrapped in rattan that has a gorgeous texture and subtle variations in tone, and they come with a plush cushion seat that adds the perfect pop of color and comes in many fabric options!

Dip-Dyed Stools

These fun little handcrafted stools with glossy-white dip-dyed legs are stylish and versatile pieces that can go anywhere in the home. They’re hand-shaped from raw teak wood and make for perfect corner accents in any style room, from rustic to industrial to coastal. Top them off with a small plant to drive home the organic, hand-made feel of the stool.

Serena & Lily

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Blake Drawer Nightstand

The lacquered navy raffia on this beachy and modern nightstand is an instant focal point in any bedroom. The Parsons-inspired design is classic yet bold, and the brass drawer pull adds a touch of polish and sophistication to the relaxed raffia. Pair it with a neutral bed and style it up with other small brass accents to make it a bedside statement!

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Going Natural: 12 Ways to Decorate With Natural Materials

If you want to give your home more contrast and visual depth, we recommend layering in some natural materials. They’re the secret ingredient every room needs to create a dynamic space that doesn’t fall flat. (Literally and figuratively.)

Natural materials add beautiful texture to your space. But that’s not the only reason to love natural elements. They’re also super versatile, going just as well with modern and glam spaces as with mid-century and coastal interior design. It’s a trend that’s at home in homes of all styles! In fact, the natural materials trend was one of our favorite trends of 2019—and has continued to be well into 2020! But natural home decor, while having a trendy moment, are actually quite timeless. So, even when natural materials are no longer a top trend, they’ll still give your home a timeless and relevant look. We love pieces with staying power!

But decorating with natural materials doesn’t just mean rattan furniture and baskets with a woven texture. Natural home decor is just as varied as it is versatile, which you’ll see later on in this post!

Wondering how to incorporate natural elements and materials into your home decor? Keep reading for a few of our favorite ways!

natural home decorJute Rug

Made of dried plant fibers, jute is a very durable and virtually maintenance-free natural material—making it the perfect choice for a low-maintenance and affordable rug! Most jute or other natural fiber rugs feature a woven texture in neutral colors—some in a more solid-color weave, others woven with stripes and other patterns.

Jute rugs are quite versatile. They’re a perfect style of rug for coastal, boho, rustic, and eclectic spaces. And they’re also great for layering! They create a durable and neutral base, on top of which you can layer a smaller colorful, decorative rug!

And don’t be afraid to use multiple natural elements in a room. The bedroom above not only has a woven jute rug, but also a lounge chair made of braided water hyacinth, a rope-wrapped bench, and hand-carved nightstands!

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Jute Woven Pendant Light

This pendant light, made from woven jute, has a lightweight and airy vibe. It doesn’t feel visually heavy—rather, it’s quite sculptural and texturized. This is a perfect style for bedrooms, as pictured above, as well as dining spaces and entryways. And we love that it’s easy to shake out (no dust build-up here!) and creates a nice glow from within.

Another versatile piece of natural home decor, this style of pendant light is great for eclectic, minimal, coastal, and boho styles. It looks beautiful with neutral colors and decor—but would also pop against a green wall in a tropical boho space.

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Ceramic Pottery Lamps

Here’s an under-the-radar way to add natural elements to your room: through textured ceramics. In the case of this room, ceramic lamps. They’re made from clay and glazed in an earth tone, and feature a beautiful textured patterning. We love the idea of investing in an everyday object that’s a little more out-of-the-ordinary.

The earth tone color scheme makes the ceramic feel more natural in the style—and it could go on an entryway console or in a living room just as well as in a bedroom. These lamps are great pieces for rustic, transitional, minimalist, eclectic, and boho styles.

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Wood + Iron Table

We like mixing wood and metals—a mix of natural and manmade materials—which look great together while still maintaining that natural look.

A natural wood slab table has very rustic vibes. But putting it atop a forged iron base adds an industrial edge to this table. Natural wood is durable and great for a dining table—and it’s a very kid-friendly style.

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Hide Rug

A hide rug adds softness and an amorphous shape to your space—not only adding natural texture but a lot of visual interest. You can go for a real cowhide or a vegan alternative of faux hide, but you’ll still get the same organic look.

This is a great style of rug for spaces with awkward shapes, where a traditional rug just wouldn’t work, but you still want something soft underfoot. It can also be layered with larger, rectangular rugs. This is a great piece for eclectic, mid-century modern, rustic, and boho styles.

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Nature-Themed Art

Natural materials are typically found in nature. But you can also layer in visual nature-inspired materials through nature-themed art. Complement your other natural home decor with an art print or painting of a nature scene, botanicals, or animals, which adds a stylistic and earthy touch to your space.

These pieces, like the painting featured above, look good when paired with rustic and bohemian styles with earthy color palettes.

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Rattan Chair

Looking for some boho interior design ideas? Rattan is a natural material made of dried palm, which is woven together to create a structured piece of furniture. You really can’t get more raw and natural than a rattan chair in a natural color and material!

We love how lightweight rattan furniture is and how it adds texture to a room with such ease. We also highly recommend pairing a rattan chair with some pillows or cushions—which is a great way to add in some color and patterns as well. As mentioned, rattan furniture is great for boho spaces and can be used as indoor or outdoor furniture.

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Woven Baskets

A classic way to add natural elements into your home decor is through baskets. Many decorative baskets are made from a woven material like sisal, seagrass, water hyacinth, and sometimes even rattan.

These baskets are lightweight and have that raw, natural look about them. And woven baskets tend to be very strong and durable. It’s a perfect example of style meeting practicality! Woven baskets go with almost any style—making them a great addition to any space that needs additional storage.

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Add living natural materials to your home by using plants as home decoration. Whether real or faux, plants make a great room filler and add beautiful organic shapes and colors to your space. If you’re going to use more than one plant in a room, consider varying the shapes, types, and sizes of the plants you choose for some additional texture and visual interest.

Plants are the most versatile of all natural materials and are a lovely addition to any and all spaces and styles. And, bonus: if you go for real plants, they also help purify your air and boost your mood!

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Leather Sofa

A leather upholstered sofa is a timeless piece of furniture—a perfect way to add another layer of natural materials to your space. It’s a great investment, as leather is very durable and develops a beautiful patina over time. And if you get one in a warm color, like the one pictured above, it will work with almost all styles of decor. It also plays quite nicely with other natural materials, like rattan chairs, sheepskin rugs, and woven coffee tables.

Like a hide rug, you can find some beautiful vegan, faux leather options. And leather comes in many different shades and finishes, so you can customize it to your color palette and style!

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Stone Table

A table with a wood frame and stone slab top is a visually interesting way to add natural materials into your home decor. The end table pictured here has a blue stone slate top, which is durable and natural-looking but also very polished. It adds a cool touch to any space. And the reclaimed pine base makes for a very stable piece of furniture.

We love the contrast of wood and stone (which also looks beautiful with natural greenery). It’s a great add for any rustic or traditional space.

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Natural Wood Coffee Table

We love furniture that features wood that’s kept in a very raw form, where you can see the knots, natural weathering, and imperfection of the material.

A coffee table made from natural wood adds warmth and earthiness to any living room. The one featured above is super durable and a great investment piece. And since wood is timeless and versatile, it’s a great piece for all styles!

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Rug Guide: Your Cheat Sheet to Natural Fiber Rugs

If you’ve ever tried to shop for an area rug, you know it can be a struggle. You want something that looks good but can also stand up to any pets, kids, and general foot-traffic (because let’s face it, not everyone is getting on board with your no-shoes household idea). One of our favorite interior design solutions? Natural fiber rugs.

There’s a reason natural-fiber rugs are popular in homes all over. These babies have long been designer favorites as they are the triple-threat of durable, affordable, and versatile. Additionally, they come in a range of styles, are a great way to add natural texture to your home, and they work in practically any type of room.

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Read on to learn why natural fiber rugs might be the stylish and functional answer to your area rug struggles.

natural fiber rugs

4 Reasons to Love Natural Fiber Rugs

1. Natural Fiber Rugs Are Durable

Like indoor-outdoor rugs, natural fiber rugs go the distance with extra durability and some types are even stain-repellant. Your high-traffic rooms have met their match.

2. Natural Fiber Rugs Can be more Affordable

If you’ve ever wondered why are rugs so expensive, you’ll be happy to learn that natural fiber rugs are some of the most affordable options on the market. No need to compromise on quality or size when shopping for natural fiber rugs. Unlike other rugs, you can find affordable, well-made options in even the largest of sizes.

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3. Natural Fiber Rugs are Highly Versatile

Natural fiber rugs make great neutral bases that can work with any style furniture. It’s perfect if you like bold furniture and decor or bright colors and patterns. And if you like to switch up your decor seasonally (or frequently!) then natural fiber rugs can be the ideal foundation for you to swap in new pillows and art, layer another rug on top, or add a punchy accent chair.

4. Natural Fiber Rugs are Great Kid- and Pet-Friendly Options

If you have younger children or pets at home, natural-fiber rugs are great choices. Especially because styles like seagrass are super durable and can stand up to lots of foot traffic and wear. Further, a lot of other rug options at lower price-points are treated with chemical dyes and contain VOCs that can be potentially toxic. If your little one is an avid crawler, natural fiber rugs are a great way to go!

Different Types of Natural Fiber Rugs

You might be wondering which type of natural fiber rug is the softest? Do natural fiber rugs shed a lot? Which are better for high-traffic rooms? Read on for our breakdown of the most common types of natural fiber rugs and learn which is right for you and your home!

modern bohemian living room

Jute Rugs

If you want something that’s big on texture, softness and has a nice earthy look, jute rugs are a great option. Explore all our favorite jute rug design ideas!

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Jute Rug Pros

They have a lovely chunky texture that gives them a more substantial look and feel in your home. Jute is also super soft (a lot like wool), so these rugs are relatively soft underfoot! Made from the same fiber as burlap, jute has a natural brown color, but you can can also find options dyed in other colors.

Jute Rug Cons

They’re the softest out of all natural-fiber rugs, which also means they’re the least durable. Jute rugs also tend to shed when they’re brand new. Pro tip – skip the rolling brush when vacuuming your jute rug to help prevent excess shedding!

Jute Rugs are Best for… Medium- or low-traffic areas, like the bedroom, formal dining or living room, home office, or guest room.

sisal natural fiber rugs

Sisal Rugs

Need a rug that’s tough to ruin? Sisal rugs are your best bet here. As a material, sisal is often what’s used for rope and twine, so you know it can stand up to some serious wear and tear.

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Sisal Rug Pros

They are super durable, making them great options for high-traffic areas. And, like jute, you can find sisal rugs in some stylish colors, like earth tones.

Sisal Rug Cons

The coarse fibers result in a tightly woven but rough texture that’s not as soft for your feet. Sisal is also an absorbent material, so be wary of stains, which can be hard to remove.

Sisal Rugs are Best for… High-traffic spaces, like the entry, hallway,  and family room (but beware of spills—and spaghetti sauce!).

seagrass natural fiber rugs

Seagrass Rugs

For something super durable, look no further than seagrass rugs. They’re have strength and are water-resistant, making them practically magic workers in any space.

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Seagrass Rug Pros

The fibers of seagrass are non-porous and naturally repel water, so these rugs are incredibly durable and stain-resistant. They are also particularly popular because of their soft fibers (which are kinder on your feet than those of sisal).

Seagrass Rug Cons

Since they’re non-absorbent, dyes don’t work well with seagrass so you’ll find limited color options. You’ll also often find options with a latex backing, which means seagrass rugs won’t be reversible.

Seagrass Rugs are Best for… Anywhere! But they’re great choices for kitchens and bathrooms in particular.

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This post was updated on February 16, 2021