natural fiber rugs

Rug Guide: Your Cheat Sheet to Natural Fiber Rugs

natural fiber rugsIf you’ve ever tried to shop for an area rug, you know it can be a struggle. You want something that looks good but can also stand up to any pets, kids, and general foot traffic (because, let’s face it, not everyone is getting on board with your no-shoes household idea).

The answer? Natural fiber rugs.

There’s a reason natural-fiber rugs are popular in homes all over. These babies have long been designer favorites as they are the triple-threat of durable, affordable, and versatile. Additionally, they come in a range of styles, are a great way to add natural texture to your home, and they work in practically any type of room.

Read on to learn why natural fiber rugs might be the stylish and functional answer to your area rug struggles.

natural fiber rugs4 Reasons to Love Natural Fiber Rugs

1. Durability

Natural fiber rugs go the distance with extra durability and some types are even stain-repellant. Your high-traffic rooms have met their match.

2. Affordability

No need to compromise on quality or size when shopping for natural fiber rugs. Unlike other rugs, you can find affordable, well-made options in even the largest of sizes.

natural fiber rugs

natural fiber rugs

3. Versatility

Natural fiber rugs make great neutral bases that can work with any style furniture. It’s perfect if you like bold furniture and decor or bright colors and patterns. And if you like to switch up your decor seasonally (or frequently!) then natural fiber rugs can be the ideal foundation for you to swap in new pillows and art, layer a cowhide on top, or add a punchy accent chair.

4. Kid- and Pet-Friendly

If you have younger children or pets at home, natural-fiber rugs are great choices. Especially because styles like seagrass are super durable and can stand up to lots of foot traffic and wear. Further, a lot of other rug options at lower price-points are treated with chemical dyes and contain VOCs that can be potentially toxic. If your little one is an avid crawler, natural fiber rugs are a great way to go!

Different Varieties of Natural Fiber Rugs

Jute natural fiber rugJute Rugs

If you want something that’s big on texture, softness and has a nice earthy look, jute rugs, like the one above,  are a great option.

Jute Rug Pros:

  • Chunky texture that gives them a substantial look and feel
  • Super soft (a lot like wool)
  • It’s made from the same fiber as burlap so it has a natural brown color. You can also find them dyed in other colors

Jute Rug Cons:

  • They’re the softest out of all natural-fiber rugs, which also means they’re the least durable
    • Jute rugs tend to shed a bit more when they’re brand new. Stylist Tip: Skip the rolling brush when vacuuming your jute rug to help prevent shedding!

Jute rugs are best for: Medium- or low-traffic areas, like the bedroom, formal dining or living room, home office, or guest room

natural fiber rugsSisal Rugs

Need a rug that’s tough to ruin? Sisal rugs are your best bet here. As a material, sisal is often what’s used for rope and twine, so you know it can stand up to some serious wear and tear.

Sisal Rug Pros:

  • Super durable, making it a great option for high-traffic areas
  • Can be dyed, like jute, and comes in some stylish earth tones

Sisal Rug Cons:

  • Its coarse fibers result in a tightly woven but rough texture that’s not as soft for your feet
  • Sisal is an absorbent material, so tough stains can be hard to get out

Sisal rugs are best for: High-traffic spaces, like the entry, hallway,  and family room (but beware of spills—and spaghetti sauce!)

Seagrass natural fiber rugSeagrass Rugs

For something super durable, look no further than seagrass rugs. They’re have strength and are water-resistant, making them practically magic workers in any space.

Seagrass Rug Pros:

  • The fibers of seagrass are non-porous and naturally repel water, so these rugs are incredibly durable and stain-resistant
  • Softer than sisal, seagrass is a popular natural-fiber rug choice

Seagrass Rug Cons:

  • Since they’re non-absorbent, dyes don’t work well with seagrass so there are limited color options
  • You’ll often find them with a latex backing, which means they’re not reversible

Seagrass rugs are best for: Anywhere! But they’re great choices for kitchens and bathrooms in particular

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Your Cheat Sheet To Natural Fiber Rugs