Designer Picks: The Best Coastal Mirrors for Beachy Rooms

We love the easy, breezy nature of coastal design. If you want to add a touch of that classic coastal charm to your home—whether you’re designing an actual beach house or just want to infuse your space with some seaside vibes—hanging a coastal mirror is an easy way to do this. Coastal mirrors are the perfect accents to crown a beachy room or add some laid-back charm to a space that’s otherwise not overly coastal.

Today, we’re sharing some of our designers’ favorite coastal mirrors, all of which are timeless pieces that will give any room some of that coastal charm! (And hopefully you’ll get some excellent coastal design ideas along the way!)

What makes a mirror look coastal?

If you’re looking for a coastal mirror, remember: it’s all about the materials. Natural materials, to be specific. Rattan, white-washed wood, teak, and cane are all popular materials used to create coastal mirrors. Want to get even more beachy? For beach mirrors, try a material that’s specifically associated with nautical life—like rope, shell, and driftwood.

Coastal mirrors also often use specific shapes. You’ll find a lot of round mirrors here! Why? Probably because they’re reminiscent of portholes on ships, which is nautical at its finest. You’ll also see some coastal mirrors with wavy frames, reminiscent of ocean waves.

Where to Shop for Coastal Mirrors

Many brands carry beautiful mirrors that have a coastal look and feel. There are several brands in the Modsy catalog that we love turning to, since they specialize in coastal-style decor—including Ludlow Living, Ashby Home, Aidyn Decor, Serena & Lily, The Phillips Collection, and Pottery Barn, to name a few!

Designer Picks: The Best Coastal Mirrors

Want to add a coastal mirror to your home’s decor? No need to scour the internet for the perfect coastal mirror! We polled our designers to get their take on the best of the best. (Because sometimes it really is better to have fewer, better options.) Here are their 11 favorite coastal mirror designs!

Modren and cheery coastal office with Sea Coral Coastal Mirror from Uttermost

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Sea Coral Coastal Mirror, Uttermost

This shapely mirror is good for more eclectic coastal spaces. The shape is irregular and is meant to mimic the organic shape and texture of coral reefs. (It also gives us some ocean wave vibes, if you’re looking for beach mirrors!) And the white finish is great for almost all color schemes—but looks particularly great with that classic blue-and-white coastal palette.

Blue coastal kitchen featuring Bartholomew Live Edge 3d Mirror from Ludlow Living

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Bartholamew Live Edge 3D Mirror, Ludlow Living

This live-edge circular mirror is a celebration of natural materials and is good for giving a coastal space some global flair. The wavy frame has a 3D quality that adds more visual interest and depth to your walls than the average wall mirror. Since it’s smaller in size it can fit in tight spaces, and the teak finish adds texture and natural color to your walls.

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Coastal Round Wall Mirror, Aidyn Decor

This is a classic coastal mirror if we’ve ever seen one! With a round shape and natural rope frame, it embodies a quintessential coastal style. This is a larger mirror, which makes it a great choice if you want to make a statement and add a bold impact on a wall. And we love that the neutral, natural color of the rope goes well with casual coastal decor.

Pretty pink bedroom in coastal style featuring Seia Wall Mirror from Precitia Home

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Seia Wall Mirror, Precita Home

The carved wood detail of this mirror’s frame, which overlaps onto the reflective glass, adds a lot of visual interest and is perfect for a charming coastal style, or a home that mixes rustic and coastal designs. The classic rectangular shape makes this mirror versatile—while the detailing on the inside of the frame creates a dainty and unique look.

Palani Mirror from Aidyn Decor featured in coastal style white living room

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Palani Mirror Natural Rattan, Aidyn Decor

This fun and eye-catching round rattan mirror adds drama for a modern coastal space. Rattan, coiled in a large cone shape, makes a bold impact in any space and has a fun 3D effect, giving your modern coastal decor some dimension.

Blue entryway in contemporary coastal style with blue and white mirror Bar Harbor from Serena & Lily

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Bar Harbor Bone Inlay Mirror, Serena & Lily

What a beauty! This blue and white striped rectangular mirror embodies classic coastal style. We love this piece for a more formal Nantucket style home. A classic blue-and-white color scheme is elevated by a bone inlay design—which adds visual impact, texture, and unique pattern to any coastal space. If you’re looking for nautical mirrors with an elegant twist for your seaside cottage, this is just the thing.

Pale green office nook including Round Venster Mirror from Cyan Design

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Round Venster Mirror, Cyan Design

Looking for just a touch of coastal flair? This small, round mirror, hung by a leather strap, adds some nautical vibes to coastal, modern, and traditional spaces alike. This small nautical mirror offers thoughtful detail without overwhelming the wall space. Because of its size, it fits great in a gallery wall, but it can also stand alone as a small-but-impactful coastal detail in your space.

Halifax Wall Mirror from Ashby Home in sage green coastal style entryway

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Halifax Wall Mirror, Ashby Home

This octagon-shaped mirror is large and makes a big impact on your wall. But it’s the weathered driftwood frame in a gray-washed patina that gives it subtle coastal vibes. (In fact, the shape is inspired by seaside cottage windows!) You can play up the coastal look with additional coastal or nautical decor—or let it bring just a touch of coastal style to a modern rustic space.

Love this look? Check out our blog post on coastal interior design tips for the full scoop on this design!

Melville Coastal Mirror by Uttermost in bright traditional coastal living

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Melville Coastal Round Mirror, Uttermost

This is a fun, modern mirror with unique iron and rope detailing. A fresh take on a classic coastal design, this nautical mirror is perfect as a focal point over a console or fireplace because it’s large and makes a bold statement.

white entryway in coastal style featuring Syden Round Wall Mirror from Ludlow Living

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Syden Round Wall Mirror, Ludlow Living

With its mango wood frame, inset with rattan caning, this mirror adds a sophisticated touch to a coastal space—perfect for those who want to create a modern and fresh coastal design. Small but mighty, this mirror is great for small spaces. But those caning details add a ton of visual impact, along with some neutral organic texture.

Rustic and coastal entryway with Ramos Mirror from Ludlow Living

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Ramos Mirror, Ludlow Living

This round mirror with a starburst-style frame adds an eclectic and boho flair in a coastal space. Made from teak branches placed around a circular wooden frame, this mirror makes quite a statement. Not only that, but it adds natural texture and color that pops against a white wall.

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Tour This Modern Coastal Dream Home Decked in Subtle Beachy Style

Warm summer days have us dreaming of packing up the car and heading to a beach house for a week away from technology and news! For those of us who can’t make that dream a reality, we’ve put together a dream home tour of a beautiful modern coastal home, full of subtle beachy decorations. It’ll bring all of your beach house interior design dreams to life!

beach house interior designModern coastal takes all the laid back seaside aesthetic of a traditional coastal home, but with a more mid-century modern vibe. When it comes to coastal interior design ideas, there’s a difference between east coast versus west coast decor. They definitely have different vibes! Modern coastal has some similarities to the popular west coast style, California Casual, but with a bit more of a streamlined finish and a more neutral palette. It’s a popular style in cities like Los Angeles and San Diego!

Modern beach house interior design embraces organic forms, and mixes them with more angular, clean lines. And natural textures have a big place in modern coastal spaces as well. However, there is definitely a less-is-more approach to modern beach house decor—a top value of mid-century spaces. But the decor that is present is sculptural for a bold impact.

This home has an easy, relaxing color palette—full of neutral earth tones like tan, brown, and sand, along with pops of blue throughout. Basically, modern coastal’s palette pulls color inspiration from the beach, while maintaining some trendiness. This shows up in the brass and black accents, which add contrast and contribute to a more modern feel in this home.

Ready to check out the full tour of this dream beach house? Keep reading!

Modern Beach House Living Room

For a modern coastal living room, create an intentional mix of mid-century modern and coastal design elements, for a casual, approachable living space. In this room, you can see mid-century influences through the organic forms of the armchairs, the woven side tables, the tripod lamp, and the leather sofa with tapered legs. The coastal touches come through in the weathered wood accents and the natural textures—seen in the bamboo shades, the base rug, the jute floor cushions, and the rattan pendant lights. The sculptural driftwood on the coffee table is a piece of simple coastal decor—but its organic form very much plays into mid-century style as well.

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beach house interior designThe Key Elements:

Give it a casual feel. Coastal living rooms have a distinctly casual feel. Embrace this through a laid-back conversational layout in front of the fireplace. Floor poufs also give this living room a “beachy hangout” feel.

Layer various textures. Both mid-century and coastal styles celebrate mixing textures. Play this up through layered rugs, a mix of natural materials in lighting and upholstery, and adding pops of additional natural textures throughout.

Incorporate pops of blue. Blue is a color often found in coastal spaces. But it can also add a modern feel. Go for a natural color palette, punctuated with blue, for a nod to that mod coastal vibe.

beach house interior designModern Beach House Entryway

This modern beach house entryway has a cool and trendy feel. The brass-legged credenza in a natural, light wood finish sets the tone for the space, with its polished but beachy vibe. But layering in other beachy decor gives that casual coastal vibe that’s perfect for beach house interior design.

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beach house interior designThe Key Elements:

Add sculptural elements. The sculptural task light pendant is definitely mid-century in style. But it ties into the brass and black found in the decor throughout the rest of the entryway—from the legs of the credenza to the mirror and table lamp on top of it. The mirror and table lamp also add some incredible sculptural elements.

Include a beachy element. The patterned blue rug pulls the blue color scheme into the entryway, and ties in with the modern coastal decor, like the ocean art leaned atop the credenza.

beach house interior designModern Beach House Dining Room

Add some definite modern touches to your modern beach house dining room, for a space that feels casual and approachable. The furniture in this coastal dining space has very modern forms—but the light wood of the dining table and the caning inset on the credenza, along with the bamboo shades, help ground this space in a coastal look.

Shop This Lookbeach house interior designThe Key Elements:

Add some contrast. The wishbone-style chairs in black and espresso wood tie in with the black touches throughout the space. The result? A more mod take on coastal style, which we absolutely love.

Layer in some nature-inspired elements. Incorporating large pops of greenery gives a sense of pulling the outdoors in—an absolute must when it comes to beach house decor ideas. And the large piece of water-inspired artwork also harkens to the outdoors, giving one a sense of being connected to nature.

Create some visual interest with bold patterns. The blue kilim woven rug adds a bold pattern to the space—as well as bringing in the blue color scheme seen throughout the rest of this home. It has a very boho, beach house vibe, which fits perfectly with this space.

beach house interior designModern Beach House Bedroom

This bedroom is cozy and approachable, but it still has that modern, pulled-together look—the perfect embodiment of modern beach house interior design. The neutral color scheme and modern lines of the furniture create a lightness to the space, making it feel so inviting. Layered bedding and a boho mix of pillows adds comfort and a casual pop of color to the bed. The bold abstract art brings in coastal colors without being too literal—and ties in with the colors of the pillows, rug, and wall.

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beach house interior designThe Key Elements:

Get cozy. The blue-grey accent wall adds a cozy touch to this bedroom and helps ground the space. Cozy layers of bedding make this a relaxing space in which you’ll love spending time.

Incorporate lots of natural textures. From the woven baskets to the patterned jute rug and pouf, these natural textures help ground this look in casual coastal. But the fringe of the rug also harkens to mid-century modern style, which helps modernize this space. (As do the clean lines of the furniture.)

Go mid-century with your light fixtures. To keep this bedroom feeling more modern, we opted for mid-century lighting, with the atomic pendant and the brass table lamps.

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Destination Style: 6 Ways to Get Nantucket’s Classic Coastal Look

To celebrate summer, we’re taking inspiration from the all-American tradition of a cross-country road trip. We’ll be making our way across the USA and exploring some of our favorite cities and their signature design styles along the way. Buckle up and get ready for some major destination design inspo. Final stop: Nantucket, Massachusetts!

You’re probably familiar with our love of California coastal style by now. But right now we’re equally smitten by the crisp and breezy look of Nantucket’s charming cottages. The island has long been a quiet escape for East Coasters during late summer and a peek inside its homes shows us why it makes for the perfect getaway. Rooms exude a sense of serenity and ease with their laid-back white upholstered pieces, natural-fiber rugs and artisanal accents, and classic stripes and nautical nods. All of which are set amid a coastal blue-and-white palette. For us, these elements add up to a feeling of pure barefoot bliss.

Nantucket itself is also known for its artisanal spirit. It’s home to textile makers and weavers who still work on traditional looms, ceramists putting out hand-thrown pottery, and painters and artists capturing the island’s gorgeous landscape and quiet beauty. All to say, Nantucket, with its distinct blend of island and coastal charm, has a design aesthetic that we find simply irresistible and endlessly inviting.

To provide you with some quick inspiration, we dreamed up our idea of the perfect Nantucket home with a few stylish tips to help you translate the look into your space. Read on to find out the simple elements that make up Nantucket’s classic coastal style.

Explore more coastal interior design ideas!

coastal living room

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1. Start With a Cozy Layout

Nantucket homes are first and foremost guided by comfort and warmth, and their furniture arrangements often play that up with a sense of coziness. The easiest way to capture this vibe in your space is by opting for furnishings and accents in pairs. Yes, you heard that right: Twos of pretty much everything. The idea is to establish a symmetrical layout that instantly creates a cohesive look that also instills charm and coziness.

Begin with your biggest pieces. Place sofas to face each other and then do the same with your other side furnishings, such as armchairs, side tables, and lamps. All of this will transform your space into an intimate conversation spot that appears layered but also elegant.

The only exceptions? You’ll want to choose a blue-and-white area rug that functions as a neutral anchor to the space, and the same applies for an airy looking coffee table as well as a light fixture that will draw the eye up. They’ll also serve as focus pieces that will help to balance out the one-to-one symmetrical look.

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Nantucket decor

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2. Keep To Classic, Clean Lines

The trick is to keep your furnishings simple and classic. That means nothing too modern or sleek. But look for sofas and armchairs that have clean-lined appeal, such as a standard boxy framed piece and high-back armchairs. Nantucket style leans more traditional but it’s not overly formal or fussy, so you’ll want to match these pieces with pristine white upholstery and slipcovers to give larger furnishings an airy, relaxed look.

3. Bring In The Perfect Coastal Palette

Like any other coastal home, there’s no going wrong with a blue and white color scheme. What gives the palette an East Coast feel, however, is the different shades of blues that are used. Think specifically navy, cerulean, and ocean blues, all layered on to a consistent bright white – meaning skip the off-whites and beiges. The effect is an elevated blue-and-white coastal look that looks polished but feels none too precious.

Nantucket coastal style

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4. Stripe Out

And speaking of what really sets the Nantucket palette apart, try to incorporate a wide range of blue-and-white stripes in impactful ways. Pile on pillows featuring stripes in different sizes and styles (wide, narrow, multi) and make sure to work the motif into some of your upholstery as well. Nothing says Nantucket nautical like a mix of pillows in navy and sky-blue stripes!

5. Add a Consistent Pop of Color

While we love the crisp look and unifying effect of blue and white, we believe that every space needs a bright burst of color that provides a playful punch. With blue and white, one of our favorite contrast colors is yellow. Whereas a touch of pink can give the palette a boho vibe and a dose of red offers a lakehouse feel, mixing in a sunny yellow hue is in keeping with Nantucket’s charming aesthetic. Reason being yellow maintains the sea and sky theme, and it also lends a decorator-like element of fun to the sophisticated approach to blue and white here.

Nantucket Decor

6. Nod to Nautical

Last but not least, Nantucket’s coastal style brings the outdoors and its ocean surroundings in through various nautical motifs. We’re talking about everything from starfish and shell patterned pillows to jute doormats and seagrass rugs, to rope lamps and glass floats as accents. These are the finishing touches that will bring together the whole Nantucket look, which combines elegance and whimsy. With nautical accents, don’t be afraid to go big – the more nautical the motif and accents, the more cozy and charming your space will end up feeling.

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