My Modsy Story: Designing a Cohesive Multifunctional Room

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Homeowners: Jeffrey & Geoffrey

Space: Open Living-Dining Room

My Style: Reclaimed Visionary

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The Design Dilemma

When couple Jeffrey and Geoffrey (we know—matching names—adorable) moved into their new house together, they were excited for the opportunity to decorate. But they weren’t totally sure how they’d design their home from scratch. The couple was particularly worried about creating a cohesive and functional design for their multifunctional living space, which would include a breakfast bar, conversation area, dining area, and workspace. The couple was also concerned about the cost of hiring an interior designer and whether they’d get everything they needed using an online interior design service.

“While we enjoy decorating, we knew for this space that we’d benefit from professional help. We assumed that a traditional interior designer would be too expensive. But we were also a little skeptical that an app could give us the quality of design we wanted.”

Knowing they’d need help selecting and laying out furniture for the tricky multifunctional room, the couple decided to put their doubts aside and signed up for a design package with Modsy.

Real customer design with Modsy


The Modsy Moment

As soon as Jeffrey and Geoffrey saw their 3D designs, their anxiety over using an app to decorate their home went away. They were not only impressed with the quality of designs from their designer, but they also really enjoyed stepping into the designer’s seat and trying out their own design ideas with the Modsy 3D Editor.

“The 3D renderings of our space were invaluable. Our Modsy designer gave us a great starting point for our layout and decor, and it was easy to make changes and see how each item would fit in our space!”

Modsy customer multi-use space

The Real Results

Now that their design is complete, Jeffrey and Geoffrey are getting the most out of their multifunctional room.

“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our design project. Modsy came up with ideas for our space that we would never have thought of alone. We have a professionally designed space for the first time, which we get constant compliments about! Having such a nice design for this room has been life-changing, especially during a time when we’re both home so much between work and starting to see friends and family again. Having a functional space that serves many purposes has been so important!”

Real customer multipurpose space

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7 Ways to Create a Multipurpose Guest Room

Many people don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated guest room in their home—especially those living in apartments. Rather, “guest rooms” tend to have many other uses when company isn’t present. This is even more common if you’re working from home or homeschooling.

But how can you make sure your home is ready to host guests when needed? By creating a multifunctional space that can serve as a guest room when needed but has a different purpose the rest of the time!

If you’re one of the many households that has a multipurpose guest room, we’re here to help you get the most out of it. So, we rounded up our best multifunctional guest room ideas! They’ll help you combine a guest room with another type of room to help you get maximum functionality out of your space!

P.S. If you want to make sure you have everything on-hand for guests when they visit, check out our guest room checklist!

coastal guest room design with a day bed and home office set-up

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Room Type: Guest Room + Home Office

A multipurpose guest room that also serves as a home office is probably the most common combination of the moment. When thinking through home office design ideas, you’ll want to make sure the space is highly functional for your day-to-day life. But you’ll also want to design it in a way that won’t require a total transformation of the space when guests arrive!

The Challenge

If you’re working from home full time, you want this space to work, primarily, as an office. But you still want to strike a balance so that the room feels cozy and comfortable when hosting guests. Essentially, the space needs to serve both functions without it feeling cluttered or leaning too much toward a bedroom or office.

Designer Tips For Acing This Combo

Investing in multipurpose furniture (like a daybed and a lower profile desk) is key—in fact, it’s one of our favorite office / guest room hacks. This will help you create a space that’s comfortable for guests so they don’t feel like they’re sleeping in a home office—but it also helps it function for you as a home office.

To achieve this, we recommend a writing desk and comfortable chair, with a daybed and side table that can be used as a nightstand for guests. Having a desk is great for guests who need to work while they visit you, and also double as a vanity for getting ready. Opting for a daybed rather than a traditional bed helps the look feel more natural for the day-to-day—and since daybeds are kind of like sofas, you or your kids can use that as a lounge space. Alternatively, you could also try out a murphy bed, which you can fold up and out of sight when it’s not in use!

contemporary bedroom with home office at end of the bed

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Room Type: Guest Room + Home Office

Here’s a different take on the guest room/home office combo. This is the perfect approach for those who don’t work at home full-time, or who want this multipurpose space to function as a guest room before anything else. It features a queen bed and dresser for a practical guest bedroom—but still has plenty of space for a desk and office chair for when you do need a quiet office space. You could also use the desk as a craft zone!

The Challenge

The intention of this space is for it to serve as a guest room first and a home office second. So, the challenge is dedicating enough space for sleeping and storage without the space feeling cluttered.

Designer Tips For Acing This Combo

Keep all the furniture cohesive so it looks like the room was designed on purpose. You don’t want it to look like it’s just a bed and desk thrown together in a spare room as an afterthought. Include a dresser in the room’s design for additional storage space for guests, and opt for a queen size bed. To ensure this space is calming for guests, buy a desk with hidden storage. This allows you to stash away work supplies when you have guests, leaving them with a relaxing space that’s all their own.

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12x12 Living Room with a sectional sleeper sofa and neutral decor

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Room Type: Guest Room + Living Space

If you live in a small space, your guest bedroom may also be your living room and home office. Hosting guests in a living space may feel extra challenging, but it’s not impossible. And it’s not a conundrum only for those who live in tiny apartments. This may also be a reality for those who have finished basements, where a basement family room is also where guests sleep.

The Challenge

You want to create a space that is functional for everyday use as a living space, but you’ll want to make sure there’s room to clean up and convert the space for guests. Considering guest privacy is also a challenge.

Designer Tips For Acing This Combo

Invest in a sofa bed that can easily convert into a comfortable space to sleep when you’re hosting guests. This space may not have doors to close for total privacy, but position the sofa bed so the guests have some level of privacy in the space when they sleep. Use lightweight accent furniture (like your coffee table and ottomans) so you can easily move them to pull the sofa bed out, and have side tables guests can use as nightstands.

TV room design with a futon sofa that can be used as a guest room

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Room Type: Guest Room + TV Room

For those who don’t host guests very often, you probably don’t want to dedicate a whole room as a guest bedroom. But it is nice to have a space that can convert into one. For this, we love creating a room that can function as a TV lounge or den, but use a futon or daybed as the main piece of furniture so it can be used as a guest bedroom when the need arises.

The Challenge

For this space to serve as a nice guest room, you need to incorporate some essentials—like the ability for privacy, making sure the futon is actually comfortable, and having a side table that can be moved over and used as a nightstand.

Designer Tips For Acing This Combo

Get a futon or daybed that’s big enough to comfortably fit a guest or two. Add curtains or blinds to the space (which you’d probably want for a TV room anyway), and make sure there’s adequate lighting in the room. And make sure guests have somewhere to set their stuff, even if it’s just a shelf or empty side table!

traditional kids bedroom with two wooden twin beds

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Room Type: Guest Room + Kids Bedroom

If you don’t have a spare room, you may want to explore some kids’ bedroom design ideas that give you the capability of using it as a guest bedroom. When you have guests over, you can set your kids up with a sleepover in the living room and use their bedroom as a guest space.

The Challenge

It might feel like a challenge to make sure the space is comfortable for guests and feels like a space they can relax in, rather than it feeling like they’re sleeping in a kid’s room.

Designer Tips For Acing This Combo

Opt for storage furniture so you can clear away kids items before your guests arrive so the space feels more adult. You could also leave a few empty drawers open to show your guests which ones they can use. If you’re hosting a couple but you only have a pair of twin beds, they may feel strange sleeping in separate twin beds—so go above and beyond to make sure the space feels comfortable! To make it feel less like a kids room, switch out your kids’ bedding for something more simple and neutral.

nursery design with a crib and day bed that can function as a multipurpose guest room

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Room Type: Guest Room + Nursery

If you have a baby or toddler who’s in a crib, but they’re flexible in where they can sleep, you could also put a daybed in their nursery and use that for guests. When guests arrive, you can set up a pack-and-play in another room and let your guests have the nursery for themselves!

The Challenge

Nurseries tend to be small, so fitting a bed in them in a way that feels natural day-to-day can be challenging. You want the room to work as a functional nursery while still having room for guests.

Need more small nursery design tips? We’ve got you covered.

Designer Tips For Acing This Combo

A multi-use piece like a daybed gives you maximum flexibility for this combo. Daybeds tend to have a smaller footprint, and often offer options for under-bed storage or a trundle bed for extra sleeping space. Plus, when you don’t have guests, a daybed serves as a perfect place to curl up with your baby and read books. And it could even transition into their toddler bed when they graduate from a crib!

guest bedroom design with a day bed and combo home gym set-upShop This Room

Room Type: Guest Room + Home Gym

Here’s an unexpected way to create a multipurpose guest room: using it as a home gym when you’re not hosting guests. It may seem odd—but sometimes strange combinations are the only way to fit everything you want in your home! And hey, your guests might enjoy the option of hopping on your exercise bike during their stay!

The Challenge

A home gym and a guest room almost seem at odds together in one space. You want to have enough space to work out on the daily—but you also don’t want your guests to feel cramped or like they’re being shoved into a corner.

Designer Tips For Acing This Combo

Rather than fully integrating the two purposes of this space, you can almost divide the room in half. For the home gym, hang a couple of full-length mirrors so you can keep your form in-check. Place any exercise equipment and mats on that side of the room. For the guest room part of this space, opt for a daybed with trundle so you can comfortably host two people. Lay down a rug and add a pouf to the area for some extra plush comfort. The addition of a tall, narrow dresser or a bookcase with baskets and drawers will give a bit of storage space for your guests’ clothing, books, and bedside necessities. Have all of the guest room pieces open to the rest of the room so the space they have to use feels larger.

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This post was updated July 26, 2021