My Modsy Story: How I Used Modsy to Bring My Family Closer Together

When Anastasia moved in with her boyfriend, she wanted an inviting design to bring both families together in a new space.

Customer Story

Homeowner: Dr. Anastasia M., Endodontist

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Room:  Living Room and Sunroom

Her Style: Industrial Visionary

The Backstory

My boyfriend and I had been seeing each other for a while when we decided to move in together. It was a big deal because not only did it mean combining both our styles, but we were also combining our families… You see, I have two kids (Lucas, who’s 10 and Michael, who’s 16) from my previous marriage. Meanwhile, Paul (that’s my BF) had been living on his own for quite some time.

My boyfriend and I had been seeing each other for a while when we decided to move in together… which was a big deal because we were also combining our families.

The Design Dilemma

As I mentioned, Paul and I have two distinct styles—I enjoy a slightly eclectic mid-century vibe, and he is a total minimalist. So when it came to interior design, I knew it would be hard to please both of us.

But my design dilemma was more than wanting a beautiful space. I felt it was important to make the transition into our shared house as seamless as possible because I wanted our home to show my sons how well we worked together as a new family.  I wanted our home to be a safe haven where we could grow together as a family, and I knew that we’d need a cohesive design to do that.

my design dilemma was more than wanting a beautiful space.  I wanted our home to be a safe haven where we could grow together as a family

And then to top everything off, both Paul and I are busy professionals who work long hours. Neither of us had the time to scour through a million websites in search of items we’d both like. What we really needed was someone else to do all the searching for us and show us a design we could react to. But how?

The Modsy Moment

I’d heard about Modsy from a friend who used it to design her space and loved it. At first, I was excited but also, I’ll admit, a little dubious. I just had a hard time envisioning how someone could virtually design a space without setting foot in it. It sounded too good to be true. But I also knew a little professional design help would go a long way, and I really wanted my family to feel comfortable in our new house, so I gave it a try.

I knew a little professional design help would go a long way, and I really wanted my family to feel comfortable in our new house, so I gave it a try.

How Modsy Helped Anastasia

Not only was the Modsy experience fun and easy from start to finish, but we were also floored by how great the designs were. Each design our Modsy designer sent us was as thoughtful as it was beautiful—they really brought our styles together in just the way I wanted. I could tell they really cared about making a livable space for my family. It’s beautiful and really does reflect how well our styles (and us!) go together.

The Real Results

We both are so happy! My entire family uses the living room regularly. Paul and I will often listen to music together in the evenings or enjoying a drink together in the space. The kids use it for homework and hanging out too! It’s so nice to have this space that we all enjoy.

I am so glad we used Modsy for our family home is has truly become our serene sanctuary for all of us.

I am so glad we used Modsy for our family home, especially during social isolation. Our home has truly become our serene sanctuary for all of us. I’d encourage all my friends to use Modsy, especially if they need to make their place feel homey.

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My Modsy Story: Taking the Guesswork Out of Buying Furniture

buyer's remorse

Like any of us, Sara just wanted to buy the right furniture for her first home—without the worry of making a mistake.


Homeowner: Sara B, first-time homeowner
Location: South Carolina
Room: Small Awkward Pass-through Room
Her Style: Mod Collector

The Backstory

Buying that perfect first home—along with all its charms and quirks

My husband and I finally took the leap and recently bought our first home. The house was built in the 1970s and had all the charms you’d expect: beautiful hardwood floors, gorgeous molding and fixtures. But with that, came a few small and awkwardly-shaped rooms.

The Design Dilemma

Making a room out of an awkward space

Our biggest conundrum was the dining room. My husband and I had visions of hosting lively dinner parties in our first home together, so we turned the formal living room (that we knew we weren’t going to use) into our dining room.

But that left the original dining room empty and without a purpose. We had no clue what to do with it! It just became this awkward, small square pass-through room in between the kitchen and the new dining room. It didn’t fit with the rest of of the rooms around it, and it didn’t make sense for it be an office since we already had one. The wasted space drove us crazy…

The Modsy Moment

Getting the right design help—when all else failed

Naturally I had been all over Houzz and Pinterest looking for home décor ideas. Finally I was on Pinterest overload and still couldn’t make any decisions around colors, spacing, style, functionality, and just decorating that one room in general. Plus, I have terrible buyer’s remorse and always end up thinking I’ve bought the wrong thing or should have kept looking before settling, which made it all even harder.

Then I discovered Modsy!

I might have first seen Modsy on Facebook, and when I realized what Modsy was, my interest was sparked. I honestly had no idea what to expect but I do remember thinking, “Well, I’ve wasted $99 before on nothing so I guess I’ll give this a try!”—knowing then that it was either going to be amazing and I would do my entire house or it would be terrible and I’d learn my lesson.

It was extremely easy getting started. I had no issues signing up or uploading pictures. I got to include some notes, which the Modsy team incorporated into the room rendering as best they could, and the final rendering was done in 7 or 8 days. It allowed me the opportunity to visualize all the furniture in place so I didn’t have to go through all that doubt and buyer’s regret.

Breakfast Nook: Design 1
Breakfast Nook: Design 2
Breakfast Nook: Design 3
Breakfast Nook: Design 4
Breakfast Nook: Design 5

What Modsy’s Renderings Did for Sara

Seeing new furniture (and arrangement) possibilities

This small space was the second room I did on Modsy. The first batch of renderings looked nice but they were not what I had envisioned or hoped for the space. I told the Modsy Style Team that I didn’t know what to do, and I asked them to try again…

And then, I got a rendering for this beautiful breakfast nook/sitting area that flowed so nicely between the kitchen and dining room. I was in awe when I got the renderings back for the room. I was shocked and so happy and immediately thought “You’ve got to be kidding! This freaking awesome!” It was great for a quick bite in the morning, for coffee, or for drinks before dinner! It was perfect!

From there, I really wanted to incorporate a banquette in the breakfast nook to make it more casual feeling—they’re surprisingly hard to find! Modsy found a perfect one from West Elm without even trying—it was slender and not too formal, and I was in heaven when I saw that design for the first time. Unfortunately that corner piece was out of stock, so they found a couple more options for me. I ended up settling on a bright-blue velvet one from Anthropologie (Honestly, I think I asked for 9 different renderings for the space!).

buyer's remorse

As I said, I did another room on Modsy before. In the formal dining room I knew I wanted a buffet but had always imagined it along one of the big blank walls. When I got my Modsy rendering back, the idea was to have it on the opposite wall, between the two windows. I know it sounds anticlimactic but this simple change completely transformed my space! It totally opened up the room and I ended up purchasing that exact buffet and putting it right where the rendering had it. Not to mention, I had looked at West Elm’s buffets up and down and was just going to get a plain simple one. The one Modsy found for me was more eclectic and had some texture and color, and I never would’ve chosen it without them. I have it now and it’s great!

I’m more or less sticking with all the original rendering ideas from Modsy. I’m leaving out some stuff so it doesn’t get too cluttered but other than that I plan on setting up my spaces as designed. And so far, I’ve bought two of the pieces in my Modsy renderings—more to come, though!

Formal Dining Room: Design 1
Formal Dining Room: Design 1


Need a little design help? Try a Modsy rendering for yourself!