Wit & Delight X Modsy: Making Kate’s Living Room Dreams a Reality

wit and delightLifestyle blogger Kate Arends is no stranger to interior design. But she struggled to find a layout for her tricky living room. Learn how Modsy helped her explore the layout possibilities and create a room that lived up to her style standards.

Homeowner: Kate of Wit & Delight

Location: Minnesota

Room: Living Room

Her Style: Chic Collector

The Backstory

Lifestyle blogger and influencer, Kate Arends’ blog, Wit & Delight, boasts more than 33 million (!!) followers. It serves as a hub for all things lifestyle, including content on self-care, personal development, crafting, and home decor ideas. So, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about interior design.

In fact, Kate often helps her followers with interior design problems. She’s published blogs on everything from selecting the perfect bathroom tile to finding cute storage solutions. But, there was one design challenge she just couldn’t figure out on her own—her living room!

The Design Dilemma

Kate’s living room is long and narrow and has a large fireplace making it a tricky space to design. This awkward floor plan left her feeling like her design dreams would never come true.

“I’ve rearranged and redesigned this 120 square ft space numerous times…it has still managed to stump me.”

“I’m no stranger to the art of making a room feel like home… For years, I’ve been moving, reworking, and exploring the layout of the room to create an inviting and efficient space…I just couldn’t keep tackling the design of the living room on my own anymore. No matter how “finished” I was with this room, I was never really done. “

“For years, I’ve been moving, reworking, and exploring the layout of the room to create an inviting and efficient space…I just couldn’t keep tackling the design of the living room on my own anymore.”

The Modsy Moment

“I’ve been curious about Modsy for years. Both from a consumer standpoint and as a professional. Plus, I needed help solving my design woes.”

We got Kate set up with a designer who helped her address the layout issues she’d been struggling with. Kate was finally able to try many different layouts with ease to really figure out what she needed for her space. After that, her room started falling into place.

“My experience with Modsy was incredible. I’m able to rearrange furniture without breaking a sweat. With Modsy’s 3D Editor, I can visualize the room with the sofa in the corner or with a chair removed; it’s easy to make slight modifications [with] the click of a mouse.”

 “My experience with Modsy was incredible. I’m able to rearrange furniture without breaking a sweat.”

The Real Results

Kate was able to discover tons of alternative layout and furniture options for her living room, and now she finally feels like she has a design she loves.

“Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or a new home, or wanting to refresh a space in your existing home, I highly recommend Modsy… for those of you who are just starting out, this is a great alternative!”

High praise coming from someone with such amazing style. Thanks, Kate, we’re blushing!

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Living In Yellow X Modsy: Office Reveal and Tour

Living In YellowHomeowner: Erin of Living in Yellow

Location: Indiana

Room: LIY Headquarters (A staff lounge, Erin’s office, and conference room)

Her Style: Rustic Minimalist

Living In YellowThe Backstory

Since Erin’s blog, Living in Yellow, launched years ago, she’d been working on it out of her home. As the blog grew and her team expanded to six employees over the past two years, they continued working out of her home. But, as the team grew, she felt like they weren’t operating as efficiently as they could be from her in-home office space, and the tight quarters were creating a lot of distractions. Plus, she didn’t want the team to feel like they were intruding on her home life every time they worked from the office.

The Design Dilemma

Erin and her husband have a barn on their property, so they decided to turn it into the official Living in Yellow headquarters. But turning a huge, empty barn into a warm, inviting office space is no small feat.

“Insert Modsy—also known as the unicorn of online-interior-design-made-easy. I was blown away by this service.”

“While I had some ideas of the vibe and space I wanted to create, I didn’t even know where to start and understand how I could make it a reality,” says Erin. “Insert Modsy—also known as the unicorn of online-interior-design-made-easy. I was blown away by this service.”

Living In YellowThe Modsy Moment

Erin took our style quiz and submitted photos of the space to our designers, and we delivered 3D renderings for each of the distinct spaces within her barn—the lounge area, conference room, and Erin’s personal office.

We helped Erin and her team maximize their barn-turned-office and give them all the spaces they needed for their team to thrive and be more efficient and productive.

The Real Results: Tour the New LIY HQ

Erin and the team loved their designs—and loved how they came to life even more. “I can’t say enough thank-you’s to Modsy for truly designing the office of my dreams,” Erin says. Want to see the in-real-life space? Keep reading for the details of each room.

“I can’t say enough thank-you’s to Modsy for truly designing the office of my dreams.”

The Lounge

For the lounge, Erin wanted a relaxing place where the team could gather for casual meetings. She wanted it to double as a space where team members could work (from the comfort of a couch) if they needed a change of environment.

We did this by designing a seating area with two sofas and two side chairs, to give plenty of seating options for when the whole team gathers in that space. A black-and-white color palette keeps the space feeling cohesive, while the variety of patterns on the rug, throw pillows, and artwork adds some fun visual interest.

“Modsy captured this concept perfectly by bringing in enough seating for the seven of us in a modern and clean way,” Erin says. “I was so excited about some of the unique finds they incorporated into this space, the coffee tables being my favorite of all.”

The Office

Erin uses her office for heads-down computer work, one-on-one meetings—and plenty of mirror selfies! Most importantly, it’s a dedicated space where she comes to work, and then leaves it behind when she goes home.

“It feels incredible to have an office of my own that I can enter, know it’s time to work, and then exit, leaving knowing my work is done for the day,” says Erin. “This isn’t something I’ve had before in my 9 years of blogging!”

The only problem when it came to bringing Modsy’s designs to life? Erin says that all of our designs blew her away, so it was hard to land on just one! But she finally narrowed it down and loves the result.

“My office is equal parts warm and inviting while still business-like and professional,” she says. “I loved bringing in some artwork and photos to personalize the space a bit. The layered rugs added such a trendy concept that I am loving and this desk—it’s everything my cement-loving heart could take.”

The Conference Room

The Living in Yellow team uses the conference room to gather for team meetings, share updates, and discuss what’s going on, create dreams and vision for the future—and, of course, make lunch plans.

“I love that Modsy chose conversation-starter pieces to weave throughout our entire office.”

“There were elements we loved from both of the designs that Modsy presented so we decided to take pieces from each to create the space we wanted,” Erin says. “The tables that Modsy picked are SO fun and have the most eye-catching wood detail. I love that Modsy chose conversation-starter pieces to weave throughout our entire office.”

Fun side note: The conference room table is actually just two dining room tables pushed together to create one long table!

Since the conference room is right off of the lounge area, we continued with a black-and-white color scheme in this space but also incorporated a lot of natural wood elements to make it warm and inviting.

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How 5 Of Our Favorite Bloggers Used Online Interior Design In Their Homes

online interior designWe all have that one room in our homes that we have no idea what to do with. A space where you struggle to find a vision, that has a doozy of a layout, or that always gets pushed to the back burner when life happens.

But the good news is we’re not alone! Would you believe that even some of our favorite design bloggers have this same struggle?? As much as we all admire the homes of our favorite bloggers, behind the scenes those gorgeous spaces on their Instagram feeds can still be a total struggle pulling together. Sometimes even the pros need a little design help (they’re just like us!).

And that’s where online interior design comes in. Keep reading to get the scoop on five of our favorite design bloggers and how we partnered with them to help bring the rooms of their dreams to life!

1. Solving a Tricky Home Office Layout with Chris Loves JuliaChris Loves Julia Modsy

The Blog: Chris Loves Julia

The Room: Home Office

The Style: Industrial eclectic with a touch of Mid-Century Modern

The Challenge: Finding the right layout for an L-shaped home office

Chris and Julia Marcum are well-known for their stunning DIY home renovations. When they were looking for a new home earlier this year, the office space was a major selling point.

online interior design modsy

The design duo wanted space for their growing team and a place where they could host clients and sponsors. But, several months in, they weren’t really sure what to do with the room. For starters, it lacked storage solutions — which meant it was just filled with unsightly boxes. It also has a difficult L-shaped layout, which complicated the vision. But they knew what they did want it to include: A workspace, seating area, conference table, and plenty of storage solutions. So we partnered with them to make their vision a reality and give them creative solutions for the areas they felt stuck.

“I can’t believe how many times I said, ‘I never thought of that!’ The layouts were well-designed and full of solutions for the most oddly shaped room in our house. The furniture and accessories included really helped us to start envisioning The Dream Office like we hadn’t before.”

Swipe to see their Modsy design and how the space is coming together now. Don’t miss the full story, which you can peek on their blog.

Chris Loves Julia Modsy

2. Making the Most of an Open-Concept Living Room with The DIY PlaybookDIY Playbook Modsy

The Blog: The DIY Playbook

The Room: Living Room

The Style: Comfy, cozy, and effortlessly trendy

The Challenge: Finding the perfect layout and the right pieces to bring their vision to life

online interior design modsy

When Casey Finn and her husband moved, they knew the living room would be the heart of their new home. It’s a space where they spent a lot of time relaxing, entertaining, and spending time together.

But with such an important gathering space, they felt daunted with how to decorate it, especially with the open concept once they knocked out a few walls. They weren’t sure how to arrange the room or where to put the furniture — not to mention how to make it feel like their style and also feel livable and functional. So, with those prerequisites in mind, Casey turned to Modsy and online interior design for help seeing the vision.

DIY Playbook Modsy

“I really can’t even explain how much I love our living room makeover. It’s the one room I’ve primarily focused on since we moved in last August and it really feels like ‘us.’ Cozy, layered, neutral (but with a bit of color), and lots and lots of texture.”

Swipe through to see Casey’s before, Modsy 3D design, and the after results! Check out the post on her blog for the full story.

3. Designing a Neutral Nursery with Jess Ann KirbyJess Ann Kirby Modsy

The Blog: Jess Ann Kirby

The Room: Nursery

The Style: Gender-neutral, Scandinavian chic

The Challenge: Designing an entire nursery and planning for baby

Online interior design modsy

Jess Ann Kirby wanted to take time to get to know her baby before filling her new nursery with toys, artwork, and decor. So, when she was faced with the task of designing the space, she wanted more of a blank (but still beautiful) canvas than a perfectly finished room.

But even with that vision, she wasn’t really sure where to start. There was so much to consider, from the color scheme and style to the specific elements in the room… Not to mention the additional planning that comes with having a baby! So, to help lighten the load, we helped Jess hone-in on her style and create a beautifully designed nursery that can she can continue to personalize over time.

 “Through some revisions and feedback with our designer, we landed on our final design, and I couldn’t possibly love it anymore. It was also pretty awesome how I was able to communicate that I wanted to focus on (where possible) sustainable/non-toxic/eco-friendly decor options, and the designer really took note of that.”

Swipe for a tour of Jess’s designs and final new nursery look. Read her full design story about her online interior design experience on her blog.

4. Collaborating on a Shared Space with Patticake WagnerModsy online interior design

The Blog: Patticake Wagner

The Room: Living Room

The Style: Rustic Industrial with an eclectic Flair

The Challenge: Finding a look Patti and her husband, Brian, could both agree on

Patti and her husband, Brian, had been wanting to re-do their living room for a long time. But between time constraints and disagreements on a design style, the project seemed to always get stuck on the back burner.

They needed help with the best layout for the long, rectangular living room, as well as guidance on what furniture to use. With the help of Modsy, they were able to collaborate and land on a shared vision for the space.

online interior design

“After just a few revisions, we landed on something that Brian and I both loved! This version has the right amount of contrast and furniture style that we had in mind. This layout and the furniture selections made our living room feel more spacious! It looks bright and cozy. Just gazing at these renderings make me happy.”

Take a look at Patti’s 3D designs and get the full scoop on her Modsy experience on her blog.

Modsy online interior design
online interior design

5. From Blank Slate to Relaxing Oasis with In Honor of DesignIn honor of Design Modsy

The Blog: In Honor of Design

The Room: Guest Bedroom

The Style: California casual with a hint of eclectic charm

The Challenge: Finishing her guest room design while taking time off to have a baby

online interior design

Anna and Gabe Liesemeyer have been slowly renovating their home, and finally decided to tackle the guest bedroom. But it just so happened that Anna was nine months pregnant by the time they were ready to get started — so they enlisted Modsy to help bring this space to life.

The one thing they knew they wanted in this space was the paint color (a gorgeous hue called Oil Cloth from Benjamin Moore). Beyond that, they just wanted a relaxing space for guests to unwind. With that in mind, our designers got to work.

In Honor of Design Modsy

“I am so happy with the outcome and would use Modsy again in a heartbeat. I really love the contrast of dark and muted tones in this room, and how calm the overall look and feel is. My hope is that it will be a relaxing environment for whatever guests (or kiddos) take temporary rest here.”

Swipe to see the before, Modsy design, and gorgeous after of this guest room. Don’t forget to peek the full post on her blog.

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