Tackling Design Paralysis: Sparing Ourselves Time and Stress With Designer Guidance

When Laura and her fiancé moved into a new house together, they were ready to create a cozy space they could call home. They were even looking forward to the often challenging task of combining their styles. But with so many design options out there, they felt too overwhelmed to tackle their home design alone. Fortunately, Laura had a secret design tool that helped the couple create a home they love. Read on to learn what Laura’s secret was and how they created their sweet abode. 

The customer:
Laura and her fiancé
Their project: Designing a cozy bedroom
The budget: $6k

The designer:
Her goal: Bringing their vision to life
The outcome: A space they love

Laura’s Design Dilemma

Before Modsy

“Last fall, we bought our first home and got engaged. We needed to furnish our mostly empty house and wanted a space that felt homey, looked beautiful, and reflected our taste together. We needed so many things, and it was difficult to approach buying large items (like furniture) online without a vision and plan of what the final room would look like. We just didn’t know where to start.

Fortunately, I had used Modsy for one room in my old place, so it was a no-brainer to use it again for the new house. I purchased a multi-room package for three rooms (2 bedrooms and a family room) to help us furnish the spaces quickly and in a thoughtful and polished way.”

Designer Insight: 

“Laura and her fiancé’s biggest struggle was imagining a cohesive and cozy design style that felt understated without being boring. I knew seeing a selection of items tailored to their particular taste in Modsy 3D would be really helpful for them!”

How Modsy Delivered

Modsy 3D design

“Fortunately, my fiancé and I have very compatible tastes. So it was fun to take the style quiz together and discuss what we wanted each room to look like with our designer. We loved everything in our first design! Although, it was helpful to work with our designer and select alternatives at different price points.”

Designer Insight: 

“I was so pleased they enjoyed their first designs so much but more than happy to help them with design revisions, tailoring their budget where it was needed. For example, they wanted to save a little on wall art, so I swapped out a large piece of art above their bed in the first design and replaced it with three smaller, more affordable art prints. The visual impact remained the same, but they were able to save money with the change.”

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The Final Results

After Modsy

“I really like interior design, but I’m not an expert. I could have spent countless hours researching different looks and items without knowing how they’d all look together in person. Instead, our designer helped us develop cohesive designs we’d never thought of alone. We even added bold accent walls in each bedroom!

Having Modsy create a vision and plan was incredibly helpful and allowed us to quickly furnish several of our rooms. It made us so happy. For example, I remember when we completed our guest bedroom IRL, we couldn’t help but pause at the door whenever we walked by it and say out loud, “Hello, sexy guest room!” It just looked so pretty!”

Designer Insight: 

“Working with these two on their design was such fun. It was neat to show them some simple ways to up-level their design. For instance, they could easily create depth and visual interest in the space with the accent wall.

I always love helping people work on their bedroom design because having a place to relax and recharge has such a positive impact on our lives. And creating a space where people feel welcomed and well cared for is always a joy for me.”

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From Design to Reality: Designing and Building My House At the Same Time

Larry B. had a dream of creating the perfect get-away rental for vacationers to enjoy. He imagined a sleek modern oasis and even knew the perfect spot for it—a bit of land nestled near the coast of Lake Norman in North Carolina. Soon building would be underway, and Larry would be fast approaching the completion of his dream project. But before that could happen, he needed help with one not-so-small detail—furnishing the entire space from scratch. 

Now that the vacation home is finished, it’s clear that Larry has a lot of vision. But back when the project was just floor plans, it was hard for him to imagine the right furniture and layout for the entire space. So with that in mind, he turned to Modsy and designer Mackenize R. to help complete the project and make the Shoreline at Stonemaker everything he knew it could be.  

The customer:
Larry C. 
His project: Creating designs for an entire vacation house before it was built.
The budget: $80k to furnish his entire space

The designer:
Mackenzie R.
Her goal: Finish the design and ordering process by his move-in date.
The outcome: A finished space he loves

Larry’s Design Dilemma

The dining space at the Shoreline on Stonemarker before Modsy’s designs.

The dining space at the Shoreline on Stonemarker with Modsy’s designs.

The finished dining room design.

“I was building a vacation rental from the ground up and wanted the entire space furnished by closing, so I could start having guests ASAP. But I’m not great when it comes to imagining what things will look like in advance. I also really needed help sourcing all the furniture and was hoping to save where I could.”

Designer Insight: 

“Larry came to Modsy needing help designing and furnishing his entire vacation home. I have lots of experience working on large projects like his and understand that they can feel overwhelming for the customer. Because the space wasn’t built yet, I knew that seeing it furnished and in Modsy’s 3D would relieve any stress he might have. I also knew that we could bring his vision to life by working together closely on his designs!”

How Modsy Delivered

One of the bedrooms at the Shoreline on Stonemarker before Modsy designs.

One of the bedrooms at the Shoreline on Stonemarker after Modsy designs.

The finished space.

“It was a huge benefit to see the entire space in 3D before it was built. Mackenzie showed me different furniture, paint colors, and layout options, ensuring my vision would come together just as I wanted.

Designing with Modsy during the building period was a great idea because longer lead times on furniture meant I could order pieces while the space was getting finished. As a result, I had everything ready for move-in when the build was complete.”

Designer Insight: 

“Larry had a specific modern resort design style in mind and had particular criteria for the furniture and decor. For starters, he wanted everything to look high-end and comfortable. At the same time, he wanted things to be budget-friendly and durable. Finally, he wanted designs complete and furniture shipped in time for move-in. On the surface, these requests might seem like a contradiction in terms. But because Modsy has such a large assortment, I could source everything he wanted and get the project complete when he needed it to be.

I chose pieces from great brands like CB2, Tanjore, and Kerala Design that offer exceptional quality items in styles Larry liked without breaking the bank. It was fun showing him different options to create a look he loved!”

The Final Results

Take a virtual walk-through of Larry’s beautiful vacation home, the Shoreline on Stonemarker!

“Initially, I was contemplating using a local designer but saved almost 90% on the design fee with Modsy! This saving gave me the flexibility to spend more furnishing my space. Working with Mackenzie was fantastic too. I am so happy with the final results and know that choosing Modsy was the right choice.”

Designer Insight: 

“Working together with Larry was such fun. I loved bringing his style to life and appreciated the challenge of working within his timeline and budgetary needs. It’s always rewarding to work on multiple rooms in a customer’s home. Carrying Larry’s vision through each room, ensuring his guest will enjoy the fun resort-inspired design style was a joy!”

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My Modsy Story: Building an Easy Design Roadmap for My Home Renovation

Jenelle and her husband, Eric, had a vision of creating a detached home office in their backyard. They envisioned a multi-functional space for work, entertaining, exercising, and recharging while their kids played outside. But they needed help selecting finishes, visualizing built-ins, and deciding where fixtures should go. They also needed help furnishing the space. To accomplish all of this, they used Modsy’s new Renovation Design service, which includes renovation planning and interior design services in one easy offering. 



Homeowner: Jenelle C.

Spaces: Brand New Multi-Functional Office

The Design Dilemma

Jenelle and her husband, Eric, were building a detached cabin on their property, primarily as a separate office space where Eric could work during and after the pandemic. However, they had aspirations for it to function as far more than just a home office.

“We had lots of other ideas for how we wanted to use the cabin,” says Jenelle. “We wanted a place for overnight guests, so it needed to be equipped with a full (mini) bathroom, kitchenette, and sleeping space. We also wanted it to be a place to watch TV if the kids were monopolizing the family room in the main house. Plus, we wanted open floor space for home workouts.”

That’s where things got a bit complicated when it came to concepting the design for the space. “With only 209 square feet, the design challenge was creating the space to serve all of these purposes without it being clobbered together and cluttered,” says Jenelle.

Since they were starting from scratch, they needed more than just a functional layout; Jenelle and Eric wanted help selecting finishes and cabinetry, figuring out where the kitchenette should go, and finding the right furniture and decor for the space. They also had visions of a custom desk for Eric, which they wanted help visualizing. Because the space was so small, they wanted to see how all these pieces could fit together before spending any of their construction and design budget. They knew they needed to get it right on the first pass.

The Modsy Moment

With Modsy’s new Renovation design package, Jenelle and Eric found the exact support and expertise they needed to take their project from concept to reality, giving them the confidence they could make their space work for all of their needs and wants.

“I was completely overwhelmed in the beginning. I didn’t even know where to start,” says Jenelle. “But then we found Modsy. Our designer, Sarah, was great to work with. My first reaction when I saw my initial designs was, ‘Yesssssss! I couldn’t have put this together on my own.’”

With their 3D designs, Jenelle and Eric were able to do a virtual walk-through of their designed space to make sure that everything fit and worked for their needs.

Jenelle and Sarah took a collaborative approach to fine-tune the renovation project, ensuring that Jenelle was comfortable with decisions every step of the way. “We communicated frequently and bounced ideas off of each other in a way that improved the final outcome,” says Jenelle. “The end result feels like ‘us,’ but we couldn’t have done it without Sarah and Modsy.”

The Real Results

Once their designs were finalized, Jenelle and Eric worked with a contractor to bring the cabin to life.

“We have the perfect office now,” says Jenelle. “The custom-built corner desk is solid walnut and matches the floating shelves above the kitchenette. The wood is a beautiful contrast to the stainless steel kitchenette, which our designer helped us visualize before we committed to building materials.”

And, while they have the beginnings of their guest suite with a kitchenette and pull-out sofa bed, they’re waiting a bit to fully finish the project to work within their schedule and budget. Next up? The bathroom. (That’s right: Modsy’s new Renovation Design Service includes kitchen and bathroom designs!)

“Over time, we are going to phase-in other aspects of the design,” says Jenelle. “Currently, the bathroom nook is being used as a closet where we tuck away the free-weights and mats. Next year, we will install the bathroom fixtures, as well as cabinetry around the television so that we’ll have the full guest suite as originally planned.”

By designing their space with Modsy, rather than a traditional design-build firm, Jenelle and Eric have the freedom to design at their own pace over time. And with Modsy’s flat rate, they knew up front exactly what they were paying for their design plans rather than paying per hour with traditional designers. This road map gives them everything they need to complete their project—layout, finishes, cabinetry placement, and more—which they can hand off to a contractor of their choosing or do themselves. But owning their designs means that they call the shots.

“It’s just remarkable how versatile and lovely the little space is,” says Jenelle. “I know we are getting the most out of our investment in the cabin! It’s the perfect office and living room. Once the bathroom is done, it will be the perfect place for overnight guests as well. It’s been great having a plan that works for the space and has delivered all that we envisioned!”

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My Modsy Story: How I Solved Multiple Design Projects in My Home

Mary had three rooms in her home she needed to design and each presented a unique design challenge that she struggled to solve on her own. Read on to learn how she collaborated on designs for each space that she loves.

Modsy customer headshot


Homeowner: Mary C.

Spaces: Multiple Spaces

My Style: Rustic Warmth

Modsy customer before photo

Modsy customer before photo

The Backstory

Mary, a busy dietician, was wanting a design refresh for three rooms in her house. But she didn’t have the time or design expertise to create the right look for each individual space and, to top things off, she needed a different kind of help for each room she wanted to be designed.

Her office needed better lighting and storage so it would look organized for Zoom calls with her clients. She felt her bedroom had good bones but she needed help finding decor that would tie her foundational furniture into the space and making it feel complete. Finally, the biggest design challenge Mary wanted to tackle was finding a layout that worked for an awkward “pass-through” living area where she kept a baby grand piano.

“I felt like nothing in my space really went together and I struggled to make the individual rooms feel whole. In particular, the living area felt neglected—we rarely used the space outside of our Christmas decorating and celebrations and I wanted to make the room a place my family and I could enjoy throughout the year.” –Mary

Modsy customer living room with mid-century accent chairs

The Design Dilemma

Mary had tried to find the right layout for her living area but could never find the right approach; she wanted to find a way to see different layout options for the space without having to push heavy furniture around the room. Meanwhile, in her office and bedroom, she wanted to select items that would make each individual space feel complete. However, she had trouble imagining what accents and lighting would do the job.

“I had tried many configurations for my living area and could not find anything that looked right. I just had no vision for any of the rooms!” –Mary

Modsy customer glamorous bedroom design

Modsy customer bedroom vingette

Modsy customer glamorous bedroom design

The Modsy Moment

When Mary saw her 3D designs for the first time, she was not only blown away by how realistic they looked but also impressed with her designer’s attentiveness and attention to detail.

“I absolutely loved the visuals and how real the designs looked. I also really enjoyed working with my Modsy designer, who showed me layout options for my living area I would have never thought of alone. She really helped me hone in on a vision for each room so I could bring my home to life.” –Mary

Modsy customer home office design

Modsy customer living room with blue sofa and grand piano

The Real Results

Once Mary had a design plan for her rooms, she finally had the power to start putting her home together in real life and on her own time.

“I loved that I could complete my project on my own time, putting each space together when it worked for me. Though I do have to say, I was excited to start purchasing furniture in my living area! It’s nice to know that this space that frustrated me for so long is finally one that I can enjoy.” –Mary

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My Modsy Story: Proof That Pet-friendly Designs Don’t Have to Sacrifice on Style

When Marsha and Dan became empty-nesters they decided it was finally time to finish designing their beach house. They soon discovered it was hard to find stylish, pet-friendly decor that went with their space.


Modsy customer beach house


Homeowner: Marsha, Dan, and dog Gunner

Space: Living Room

Our Style: Refined Rustic

Modsy customer beach house

Modsy customer beach house

The Backstory

Six years ago, my husband Dan and I purchased a beautiful house located in a tiny town on the Washington coast. It’s our dream home and we hope to move there permanently someday—but for now, it’s our second home where we spend most weekends and any time off we can get.

gif template

The Design Dilemma

Recently Dan and I became empty-nesters, so when the kids aren’t visiting it’s just us and our dog, Gunner. When the kids moved out we knew it was finally time to make our beach house the cozy home we wanted it to be.

“We were struggling to select furniture that was elevated enough to work for the architecture of our space, pet-friendly enough to handle our pooch, and affordable enough to buy on our budget.”

The space is very large and formal but we have a more casual style. We were struggling to select furniture that was elevated enough to work for the architecture of our space, pet-friendly enough to handle our pooch, and affordable enough to buy on our budget. I was also overwhelmed by the tall ceilings and finding decor that went with our color scheme.

modsy living room with green walls

The Modsy Moment

We had heard wonderful things about Modsy, and we loved seeing all the before and after pictures on the Modsy blog and Instagram—so you can imagine how pleased we were when we saw our initial designs. They completely exceeded our expectations. Our favorite part of the design process was seeing how our designer took our requests for durable furnishings and a casual beach look and seamlessly married them with the formal architecture.

“Our favorite part of the design process was seeing how our designer took our requests for durable furnishings and a casual beach look and seamlessly married them with the formal architecture.”

Another thing we really appreciated about Modsy was seeing our designs in the 360-view. This tool was so neat, adding an extra air of realism to our design experience and helping us see what our design could be in real life. It was so easy to swap furniture items from the 3D catalog too. It really helped us find the right pieces for us and the dog!

modsy living room with green walls

The Real Results

Before using Modsy, this room never felt complete and none of the pieces we had went with our house. Now we have a beautiful design that’s cozy but lives up to the grandeur of the room (and the baby grand piano that Dan inherited from his mom). Each piece was carefully chosen so it not only looks beautiful but can handle Gunner and his puppy pals when our kids bring their pets for a visit.

“Before using Modsy, this room never felt complete and none of the pieces we had went with our house. Now we have a beautiful design that’s cozy but lives up to the grandeur of the room. Each piece was carefully chosen so it not only looks beautiful but can handle Gunner and his puppy pals when our kids bring their pets for a visit.”

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My Modsy Story: The Quick and Easy Way I Designed My New Home

easy way to design

When they moved to a new place, Kristen and her partner didn’t have time to shop for furniture. Here’s how they found a quick and easy way to design a home they both loved.

Homeowner: Kristen P, Sales Management

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Room: Living Room and Guest-Turned-Master Bedroom

Her Style: Mod Visionary

The Backstory

Looking for a quick way to get their new home ready for a family visit

My partner and I recently bought a new home and wanted a quick way to design it before our families came to see it. Our previous space (a townhouse on the other side of the city) took us forever to decorate, and I knew we needed a quicker way to get it done this time around.

The Design Dilemma

When finding the time was their greatest design challenge

Unlike some couples, we typically can agree on one design style for our home. The problem for us is actually finding the time to get together and go shopping. We’re busy people, and this made decorating our first dwelling together painstakingly slow. This time around, I knew we needed a faster solution.

“We’re busy people, and this made decorating our first home painstakingly slow.”

To top it off, our new home was built in 1947 and has some odd nooks and crannies. Finding the right layout was a struggle and there were some dark areas we wanted to brighten up, but didn’t know how. All that to say, I was totally overwhelmed and had no clue where to start.

easy way to design my homeThe Modsy Moment

Taking a chance on a low-risk, high-reward solution

I’d never worked with a designer before because I figured it would be too expensive and would take a long time. So when I saw an ad for Modsy on Instagram, I immediately decided to try it.

I work in technology, so I felt very comfortable embracing the online design concept. I also loved the idea that with Modsy it would only take a few weeks to do a mock up of our place and that I could incorporate pieces I already owned and loved.

Not to mention, the cost compared to hiring a designer was so low that I figured I didn’t have much to lose.

How Modsy’s Designs Helped Kristen

It was really just that easy

When I got my designs back, my first thought was “Love, Love, Love!” They nailed my style and the color palette was exactly what I wanted.

My favorite part was the artwork! My designer picked modern and sleek pieces that worked perfectly in the design. They also suggested the best sofa that I have ever owned (of course, I bought it), and even incorporated our love of vinyl records into the design!

I also loved that Modsy utilized the entryway as a place to put a bench. It gives us an awesome area to take our shoes off and hang up our coats and hats as well, and we wouldn’t have thought of it on our own.

The Real Results

Coming back for more

Modsy helped us find the perfect layout for our space, discover awesome furniture that matched our style, and helped us feel confident in making big purchases.

easy way to design

I’ve since purchased most of the items for our rooms! As a repeat customer, it was awesome to see how much the ordering process had improved since my first room. I’m excited to see where it goes from here!

My overall experience was truly a 10 out of 10 – I was blown away by my designs and will definitely be doing another room in the future.

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My Modsy Story: Creating the Perfect Home Office in a Brand New “Forever Home”

home office modsy

When she started working from home, Sarah was ready for a home office that she loved. See how she brought the space of her dreams to life.

Homeowner: Sarah O, Accountant

Location: Canandaigua, NY

Room: Home Office

Her Style: Refined Rustic

The Backstory

My husband and I were moving from a 2 bedroom condo in Boston, MA to a 4 bedroom home in Canandaigua NY. We brought a few pieces from our old space to the new one, but overall the house was a blank canvas and we had lots of empty space to fill.

We also knew we wanted to make this our “forever home,” so we were ready to invest in the design and wanted to get it just right. To top it off, I was starting a new role that meant I’d be working remotely and I wanted to make sure I had a home office setup that I loved.

Sarah’s space before

The Design Dilemma

Knowing that I’d be working from home a majority of the time, I wanted an office where I could stay focused and relaxed. I’ve never had my own office before and I was totally overwhelmed with no clue how or where to start!

I knew I wanted it to be something feminine but also not over the top. Since I was without a clear idea, I wanted to envision some different possibilities for the space before investing in furniture and getting it set up. But I’m such a visual person, all I could see was empty space and I couldn’t visualize any ideas for the room.

home office modsyThe Modsy Moment

I saw an ad for Modsy online and it sounded like the perfect solution to my problem! I read a few reviews and looked at pictures of how the process worked so I was very excited to get started.

It seemed like Modsy offered the ideal solution where I could see how everything would come together in a design without spending a fortune and having to deal with returns while I made up my mind.

home office modsyHow Modsy’s Designs Helped Sarah

I LOVED my first set of designs. They gave me totally new ideas for my office that I never would have thought of before. I really struggled with what would fit in the room, where to put things, and which elements would make the best use of the space.

I never would have thought of an open bookcase, but our designer, Rebecca, suggested it and it is the perfect solution. She answered my countless questions and was so attentive in listening to my feedback in order to create my dream room! She was also super helpful in finding pieces that worked for my budget and that I absolutely love.

I ended up keeping the exact layout and I purchased most of the items she suggested. My office looks pretty much exactly like my final Modsy design! The process of ordering furniture through Modsy was very seamless and the products arrived really quickly. It was so convenient to be able to do it all online – and the prices were affordable too.home office modsy

home office modsyThe Real Results

My office feels amazing. It’s exactly what I wanted and I absolutely love going into my own work space every morning. It is so tranquil and organized, I have tons of storage to keep everything in its place so it doesn’t get cluttered.

Rebecca also helped me pick out the new paint color. With that and all the other pieces in the room the space has the perfect feminine touch I was looking for. Overall, Modsy helped me tap into my design style and feel confident that I was buying all the right things for my home office. Thanks Modsy!

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My Modsy Story: So Many Rooms, Not Enough Furniture

After moving from the city to the suburbs, Michelle realized that none of her old furniture worked in her new house. She was overwhelmed and needed a design fix, stat.

Homeowner: Michelle L, Business Operations & Strategy Consultant

Location: Fairhope, AL

Room: Multiple Rooms

Her Style: Refined Rustic

The Backstory

My family and I had just moved from the city-center in Atlanta to Fairhope, a small town by the water.

I love playing around with interior design, but with so many new rooms and not enough furniture, I had no idea where to start! The rooms in our new space had completely different layouts and nothing from our previous house worked with the new space. We were starting from square one and it felt like an enormous job.

Michelle’s spaces before

The Design Dilemma

Finding the right layout for each room and coordinating the color schemes was really important to me. I knew I needed the guidance of a designer to feel confident that I was investing in the right items.

“We were starting from square one and it felt like an enormous job.”

To top it off, I was having a really hard time visualizing how everything would come together. I had to think about the master bedroom, dining room, breakfast nook, playroom, AND guest bedroom! I just couldn’t imagine how to fill all of these spaces and get the house to start looking like a home.

The Modsy Moment

I had worked with a few designers before and they were all very different experiences. One provided a book of ideas but then I was left to source the actual items myself, which was really time-consuming. Another designer came to our home but I found them hard to work with and was uncomfortable brainstorming ideas together.

These experiences left me feeling exasperated! So when I saw an ad for Modsy on Instagram I decided to give it a try. I’ll admit I was a little wary of paying for designs without any guarantees. What if I hated them? After the previous unsatisfying experiences with designers I definitely had my guard up but was willing to take a chance on something new.

personal designerHow Modsy’s Designs Helped Michelle

Overall, I was super impressed with Modsy’s service. My first two master bedroom designs were awesome and got me excited for what else they’d come up with. After collaborating so well on that project, I had my personal designer, Isabela, tackle our dining room with her own choices. I was blown away by my first design! With that, Modsy put all my worries to rest.

Working with Isabela was wonderful – she was so helpful and never got frustrated with me. It was the perfect blend of me being hands-on and making suggestions while also getting the professional advice of an expert designer.

“It was the perfect blend of me being hands-on and making suggestions while also getting the professional advice of an expert designer.”

Isabela shared ideas I would never have thought of on my own. For example, the gallery wall and use of black in my master bedroom came from her, and I think this turned out wonderfully. And when I found a different bed frame, she still helped me pick out the perfect fabric color that would work with the overall design.

Modsy personal designerThe Real Results

My dining room looks exactly like the design Isabela created. I’m still working on acquiring unique decor items to finalize the room, but all of the big pieces are there!

I’m also proud of how my master bedroom turned out. It was truly a collaborative effort between Isabela and myself. Her initial design ideas inspired me and got my creativity flowing. From there I was able to play around with my own ideas for the space.

Modsy personal designer

Once pieces were chosen, I loved how easy and seamless the purchasing experience was with Modsy. It was so convenient to do everything online, and I found that they offered great prices and discounts.

“The value Modsy adds through the collaboration with a personal designer far surpasses the cost. Well worth it!”

In the end, working with Modsy helped me feel confident in my decisions – which for me is a major issue when decorating my own home! Isabela was open to any question and always patient. The value Modsy adds through the collaboration with a personal designer far surpasses the cost. Well worth it!

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My Modsy Story: The Easy Way I Designed My Daughter a Room That Will Grow Up With Her

daughter's room designKathryn wanted a way to combine her ideas with an expert’s guidance to design her daughter’s room. Here’s the magic formula she used to make it happen.

Homeowner: Kathryn A, City Government

Location: Seattle, WA

Room: Daughter’s Bedroom

Her Style: Playfully Serene

The Backstory

My family and I moved to a new home in Seattle and we wanted to give our 4-year-old daughter a “big girl” room. We planned to stay in this house for a while, so it was important to us that our daughter had a room that she could grow into over the years.

The Design Dilemma

Coming from our old house, we really just had a hodgepodge of furniture and decor items we’d accumulated over the years. We tried situating the old furniture in our new place, but between figuring out how to best utilize wall space and accommodate sleepovers, we weren’t having any luck. In addition to not having the right pieces, we were just too busy to devote enough time to it. I wanted to outsource the whole project to make sure we did the job right.

daughter's roomThe Modsy Moment

When I realized we really needed help, I contacted a local designer but was taken aback by the high price and frustrated by the length of time it took to schedule a visit. I wanted something simpler that would allow me to provide a rough budget, offer some high-level direction, and then let the experts take care of the rest.

“I wanted [a solution] that would allow me to provide a rough budget, offer some high-level direction, and then let the experts take care of the rest.”

So when I saw an ad on Facebook for Modsy, I was intrigued right away! It sounded like a low-cost way to get the customized design support we needed. We decided to give Modsy a try with our living room first. To our delight, we loved the layout and items our designer selected and we decided to use them again for our daughter’s room.

daughter's roomHow Modsy’s Designs Helped Kathryn

When I got the designs back, I was in love. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure that someone would be able to take my suggestions and create a room that met our needs and aligned with our design aesthetics. But I was so pleasantly surprised!

I love the patterned rug and fun wall hangings our designer chose for the space – we never would have thought of those ourselves. We were also initially convinced that bunk beds or twin trundle beds would be best in her room. It wasn’t until we saw our designs that we realized a queen-sized bed was actually the best choice.

It was really helpful to be able to communicate with our designer, request changes, and make the design a collaborative effort of our personal tastes and a professional designer’s guidance.

daughter's room designThe Real Results

The room is just adorable and my daughter is so happy with it. Prior to Modsy, we’d been having such a hard time with the layout, but our designer knew just what to do. She was so thoughtful in responding to our requests for revisions, and she really did a great job!

Our daughter’s space is now bright, playful yet serene, and is perfect for a 4-year-old. The best part is we were able to purchase pieces that we can either easily update or will be able to keep in the space and let them grow with her over time.

We’ve now used Modsy for three rooms in our house and each one was a success. They each pretty much exactly mirror our original 3D designs! We bought basically everything and it was so easy to purchase all of the furniture through Modsy. Overall, we saved tons of time and money and are so happy with the outcome. Thanks, Modsy!

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My Modsy Story – A New Home Design for Newlyweds

Newlyweds Liz and Jonathan were excited to decorate their new apartment, but they wanted to feel confident in their new home design before investing.

Homeowner: Liz L, Art Director

Location: San Diego, CA

Room: Living/Dining Room

Her Style: Mid-Century Chic

The Backstory

My husband, Jonathan, and I got married this past April. Right after the wedding we moved into our new apartment together. We were so excited to set up our space and make it feel like a home!

We couldn’t wait to furnish our apartment with new, adult furniture and create a design that reflected this new phase of our lives.

The Design Dilemma

We live in San Diego, which means that square footage is limited so I knew we needed a design that would make the most of every inch! This was especially true for our open living area, which we wanted to be a beautiful, multi-functional space.

But when it came to actually designing the space, I was totally overwhelmed and had no clue how or where to start. Even as an Art Director, I’ve always hesitated to buy new furniture even if I think it looks great. Buying new items for your home is an investment, and I couldn’t imagine how those investments would actually look in our new space! Basically, I needed more confidence in the choices I was making.

“Buying new items for your home is an investment… I needed more confidence in the choices I was making.”

I quickly realized I needed some help choosing new pieces that would make the space multi-functional and look great. Unfortunately, there was no way we could afford to hire an interior designer, and browsing on Pinterest was about as far as I’d gotten on my own.

new home designThe Modsy Moment

So when I came across an ad for Modsy on Instagram, I thought it sounded like a good compromise between hiring a professional and trying to design it myself. I’ll say at first, I wasn’t sure how realistic the renderings would be and if the designs would match my style and tastes. But after I saw the before and afters from other customers and read that there were unlimited revisions, I was all in!

How Modsy’s Designs Helped Liz

We were so excited when we got our room back! Our first set of designs really helped us visualize and pick out exactly what we did and didn’t like in a risk-free way. We ended up with three designs total and were super happy with the final look.

I mentioned that we often liked to host dinner parties, and my designer sent me a new design with a larger dinner table for 6 and a bar cart!”

And while we liked the initial designs a lot, it was so helpful to see additional revisions and play around with swapping new products into the design ourselves. We even used the 3D Style Editor tool to switch out certain pieces and the end result was exactly what we were looking for.

The Real Results

Now we are so in love with our new home design, and it looks almost exactly like our final Modsy render.

Our designer was super helpful and created an awesome and functional living space based on our suggestions. We’re obsessed with the mid-century styles she used and the accent wall color she suggested fits perfectly with the entire design. And overall, her help configuring our layout was exactly what we needed.

“Modsy took the anxiety out of the process. We now love our space and find every excuse to invite friends over and relax at home.”

The personalization and attention to detail also made my experience so memorable. For example, I mentioned that we often liked to host dinner parties, and my designer sent me a new design with a larger dinner table for 6 and a bar cart! Now, not only does our space look great, but it’s perfect for when we entertain.

Overall, we had so much fun working with Modsy to create our living/dining room. Our experience was excellent and it took the anxiety out of the process. We now love our space and find every excuse to invite friends over and relax at home.

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