Tackling Design Paralysis: Sparing Ourselves Time and Stress With Designer Guidance

When Laura and her fiancé moved into a new house together, they were ready to create a cozy space they could call home. They were even looking forward to the often challenging task of combining their styles. But with so many design options out there, they felt too overwhelmed to tackle their home design alone. Fortunately, Laura had a secret design tool that helped the couple create a home they love. Read on to learn what Laura’s secret was and how they created their sweet abode. 

The customer:
Laura and her fiancé
Their project: Designing a cozy bedroom
The budget: $6k

The designer:
Her goal: Bringing their vision to life
The outcome: A space they love

Laura’s Design Dilemma

Before Modsy

“Last fall, we bought our first home and got engaged. We needed to furnish our mostly empty house and wanted a space that felt homey, looked beautiful, and reflected our taste together. We needed so many things, and it was difficult to approach buying large items (like furniture) online without a vision and plan of what the final room would look like. We just didn’t know where to start.

Fortunately, I had used Modsy for one room in my old place, so it was a no-brainer to use it again for the new house. I purchased a multi-room package for three rooms (2 bedrooms and a family room) to help us furnish the spaces quickly and in a thoughtful and polished way.”

Designer Insight: 

“Laura and her fiancé’s biggest struggle was imagining a cohesive and cozy design style that felt understated without being boring. I knew seeing a selection of items tailored to their particular taste in Modsy 3D would be really helpful for them!”

How Modsy Delivered

Modsy 3D design

“Fortunately, my fiancé and I have very compatible tastes. So it was fun to take the style quiz together and discuss what we wanted each room to look like with our designer. We loved everything in our first design! Although, it was helpful to work with our designer and select alternatives at different price points.”

Designer Insight: 

“I was so pleased they enjoyed their first designs so much but more than happy to help them with design revisions, tailoring their budget where it was needed. For example, they wanted to save a little on wall art, so I swapped out a large piece of art above their bed in the first design and replaced it with three smaller, more affordable art prints. The visual impact remained the same, but they were able to save money with the change.”


The Final Results

After Modsy

“I really like interior design, but I’m not an expert. I could have spent countless hours researching different looks and items without knowing how they’d all look together in person. Instead, our designer helped us develop cohesive designs we’d never thought of alone. We even added bold accent walls in each bedroom!

Having Modsy create a vision and plan was incredibly helpful and allowed us to quickly furnish several of our rooms. It made us so happy. For example, I remember when we completed our guest bedroom IRL, we couldn’t help but pause at the door whenever we walked by it and say out loud, “Hello, sexy guest room!” It just looked so pretty!”

Designer Insight: 

“Working with these two on their design was such fun. It was neat to show them some simple ways to up-level their design. For instance, they could easily create depth and visual interest in the space with the accent wall.

I always love helping people work on their bedroom design because having a place to relax and recharge has such a positive impact on our lives. And creating a space where people feel welcomed and well cared for is always a joy for me.”

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My Modsy Story: How Design Changed me from a Nomad to Domestic Diva 

After working internationally for years, Gina decided it was time to lay down roots. She just didn’t know how to bring her worldly style and her new home together.


Homeowner: Gina W.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Room: Living Room

Her Style: Rustic Warmth

Customer Story

The Backstory

After working abroad for many years, I got a job back home in the states. I’d always loved traveling and considered myself a bit of a nomad. But at a certain point, the globe-trotting made me feel up-rooted.

I was ready to set down roots and create a home that really reflected my tastes and interests.

Though the cities I was living in felt exciting, every apartment felt the same. They all had the same nondescript corporate apartment feel. I was ready to set down roots and create a home that really reflected my tastes and interests. The only problem was I’d been living in pre-furnished places for so long I didn’t know what my style was anymore, let alone how to bring it to life in the cute new house I’d bought.

The Design Dilemma

Since I’d been living in pre-furnished places, I didn’t have any furniture of my own. Plus, my new house was bigger than the places I’d been living in for the past few years, so there was a lot of space to fill. I really didn’t know where to start or what would work with my new space.

I knew I wanted to fill up my walls with art and photos from my travels, but I had absolutely no how to arrange my wall art!

I knew I wanted to fill up my walls with art and photos from my travels, but I had absolutely no how to arrange my wall art! I needed another pair of eyes to figure out what furniture would go in my home and where my wall art should live!

The Modsy Moment

I think I heard about Modsy through Instagram. I remember being really excited about seeing my space in 3D and “trying on” different designs for my living room. I knew that seeing my space in 3D would be especially helpful for figuring out how I should hang the art in my room.

seeing my space in 3D would be especially helpful for figuring out how I should hang the art in my room.

How Modsy Helped Gina

There were so many ideas that I loved—I wish I could try everything and have a different living room look for each day of the week. But seeing the different design versions was the next best thing!

It was so amazing seeing my designs when they arrived in my inbox.

My Modsy designer was so great, and she found art from the Modsy catalog that looks similar to what I have for my space. I can’t tell you how helpful this was, not only did she select the right furniture for my home she also showed me great ways to hang the art in my place. Being able to see exactly how to arrange my wall art was a total lifesaver.

The Real Results

I’m just so happy that Modsy was able to help me select furniture that goes with my art. The pieces they picked draw out the colors perfectly and really let each piece shine. It’s like they built a bridge between my exciting former life as a traveler and my new life as someone who’s putting down roots and building a home! I’m so glad to have arrived at this final destination.



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2017’s Greatest Hits: 13 of Your Favorite Modsy Designs of the Year

This year, our Modsy stylists helped tackle some major design dilemmas for homeowners all across the country. From families moving into new homes to couples getting ready to welcome newborns, we’ve encountered lots of home design lovers with inspiring stories about their homes.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Modsy designs and most successful solves of the year. Ready to solve your home design challenge? Read on and get ready to be inspired!

Modsy designsStephanie’s Living Room

Looking for an affordable approach to decorate her living room, Stephanie turned to Modsy for a little guidance on finding the perfect layout. Our stylists kept her Modern Rustic style in mind and presented her with a layout that’s simple yet sumptuous and also within her budget.

“I’m absolutely loving how everything is coming together!” — Stephanie L.


Modsy DesignsKevin’s Living Space/Den

If there’s one Modsy story that we can all relate to, it was Kevin’s struggle with “decorating paralysis.” Overwhelmed by what furniture and layouts made sense for his tiny pass-through living room, Kevin finally resorted to googling “interior design help oh god please help me I have no taste.” After stumbling across Modsy via this unconventional search phrase, Kevin was finally able to move forward knowing exactly what he needed to do for his space.

Read about Kevin’s full Modsy experience here →

“Being able to visually see finished layouts like that completely broke through our ‘designer’s block’.” — Kevin G.


Modsy designsSheri’s Office

Modsy designs

With a large home office with an expansive view, Sheri had hundreds of ideas for the space but couldn’t decide which one to bring to life. A self-proclaimed e-design skeptic, she finally took the leap with Modsy. The results? Sheri was inspired to try out some mid-century style furniture and re-arranged her space with a new layout that lets her take full advantage of her view.

Read about Sheri’s full Modsy experience here →

“Seeing the designs made it super easy to visualize how the furniture would look in my office.” — Sheri B.


Modsy designsAngie’s Living Room

Finding the right pieces was essential for Angie, who needed some help switching up the furniture in her open living space. Seeing her space designed with actual products that she could then purchase helped Angie easily visualize how her space could look.   

“Modsy helped me think outside the box when it came to redesigning my space and made it so much easier.” — Angie W.


Modsy designsLori’s Spare Room

Modsy designs

With both her kids off to college, empty nesters Lori and her husband found themselves with a big house and several rooms that were in need of redecorating. She tapped our Modsy stylists to rethink her oddly sized living room and son’s bedroom into spaces that were stylish and relaxing. The result? Lori discovered a range of design options and ideas that she had never even considered in 19 years of living in her home.

Read about Lori’s full Modsy experience here →

“My jaw literally dropped when I saw the renderings. It is MY home on the screen only with really cool interesting furnishings and decor.” — Lori B.


Modsy designsAshlesh’s Living Space

Starting with a blank slate, Ashlesh wanted to find the best way to furnish his uniquely shaped living room. Finding the right furniture that visually worked and flowed with the space was a challenge, and Ashlesh was not a fan of all white walls everywhere… With Modsy he was able to try several shades of green paint and find a layout that worked, before committing to anything.

“Seamless, intuitive and the future of interior design! We have started buying furniture and painting the walls as per the Modsy design and the rooms look exactly like how your team designed the room.” — Ashlesh S.


Modsy designsAvesh’s Nursery

Avesh was no stranger to 3D technology and knew there had to be a way it could make designing his son’s first bedroom easy and fun. When Modsy “read his mind” he found a way to bring his ideas to life and he got something even better than what he was looking for.

Read about Avesh’s full Modsy experience here →

“My wife and I had started gathering ideas for our son’s bedroom on Houzz and Pinterest, but when we saw the stunning Modsy renders we knew this would be the perfect time to try the service!” — Avesh J.


Modsy DesignsShelley’s Living Room

While not entirely sure what she wanted for her living room, Shelley knew she needed a game plan that worked with her budget and her schedule. Handing the reins over to her Modsy stylist, Shelly found several designs and furniture options that checked all of her boxes without compromising on her Mod Visionary style.

“My design looks AMAZING in spite of how little direction I gave. The whole process was so fast and easy, it took less than an hour of my time!

I love that I now have a design plan so I can purchase pieces on my own time frame as my budget permits. Total win.” — Shelley M.


Modsy DesignsNataly’s Bedroom

Having tried her hand at other design services, Nataly came to Modsy looking for an affordable way to redo her bedroom. Ready to invest in key pieces, she wanted to know for certain she was making the right purchases. What finally put her mind at ease was seeing her space redesigned with furniture that suited her space, style, and budget. With Modsy, Nataly was able to test drive furniture in her bedroom, before she committed to purchasing a single thing.

“For a person that is very visual it really provides the needed perspective for size, scale and design before investing in major purchases.” — Nataly O.


Modsy DesignsMarybeth’s Living Room

Moving from a city apartment into a Tudor house in the suburbs, Marybeth had outgrown her IKEA furniture and needed help filling her family’s new 3,000 square-foot home. Hundreds of Pinterest boards and one interior designer later, she finally turned to Modsy for help with figuring out the best furniture for her home. Needless to say, her Modsy stylists was ready to do the job, and the rest is history.

Read about Marybeth’s full Modsy experience here →

“I didn’t want to settle with a set of matching furniture but I was ready for the house just to be done.” — Marybeth B.


Modsy DesignsAmber’s Living Room

Amber was simply in the market for a new sofa, but she wanted to know how the one she was eyeing would look in her living room. She headed to her Modsy studio and placed the sofa in her 3D living room to see how it looked and fit. That was all she needed to gain the confidence to buy it.

“It’s just the coolest service. And that’s an understatement. Naturally, I’ve already shared Modsy with so many of my friends.” — Amber G.


Modsy DesignsAlexandra’s Nursery

After moving into a new home, Alexandra had a vision for a nursery. The only challenge? Her husband wasn’t convinced. Knowing she needed something visual to show him her ideas would look great, Alexandra worked with her Modsy stylists to come up with a design plan that would get them on the same page. Needless to say, she was successful.

Read about Alexandra’s full Modsy experience here →

“Once he saw how the furniture and decor looked fit in the room, my husband was absolutely on board with everything.” — Alexandra N.


Modsy DesignsIva’s Living Room

Moving into a new home often means starting from scratch with your style. Iva wanted her new living space to reflect her Elegant Connoisseur style with a mix of polished and preppy furnishings. With Modsy’s help, she pulled together a design for her new space that felt like her style and her home.

“Simply put: Modsy helped us tremendously in decorating our new home.” – Iva K.