My Modsy Story: How Modsy Helped Me Design a Refuge for Recovery

When Jeff opened a transitional living house, he knew how to help his residents heal—but he needed help designing a safe space where their healing could happen.

Real Customer Story


Homeowner: Jeff M., Recovery Specialist

Location: Plano, TX

Rooms: Living Room, TV Room, Breakfast Area, Dining Area, Sunroom

Their Style: Rustic Warmth

The Backstory

I run Fireside Recovery, a transitional living house for men transitioning from inpatient substance treatment. Our house gives them a place to live; build community; and have the accountability, support, and resources they need on their recovery journey before going back into independent living.

The Design Dilemma

As someone who’s been through the recovery process myself, I know first-hand the important role an environment plays in recovery. Because of that, great interior design was key to this healing space.

This home was a new build, filled with empty rooms, which gave us a blank slate. We wanted to create a space that would make our residents feel comfortable and at home. We had five main community rooms in this home that we wanted to be relaxing for our residents and we also wanted to make all the rooms coordinate and flow together.

I had a hard time visualizing how to fill a whole house with furniture, art, and accessories, and make it look beautiful and cohesive.

To say I was overwhelmed at the thought of tackling this on my own is an understatement. I had a hard time visualizing how to fill a whole house with furniture, art, and accessories, and make it look beautiful and cohesive. Plus, I was so busy getting the business side of Fireside Recovery up and running that I had no time to think about interior design.

The Modsy Moment

I’ve worked with a traditional design service in the past and knew we needed something faster as residents were moving in soon. It was also important that the space was well designed, which I knew I couldn’t do on my own. I had heard about Modsy on Instagram and learned that they could deliver great designs with less turnaround time—so I decided to give them a try.

How Modsy Helped Jeff

Honestly, I could not have done this on my own. In my past experiences of working with interior designers, a lot of time was taken up by shopping together and going to various stores, and it was difficult to work within a budget while getting everything we needed.

I love how Modsy streamlined the interior design process. It saved me so much time and energy. I was able to decorate the whole house without ever leaving my home!

I felt comfortable from the very beginning with Modsy, and I love how Modsy streamlined the interior design process. My designer sent me design ideas in a virtual version of our exact room, and I was able to ask for tweaks and changes until each room was just the way I wanted. Then, I was able to easily shop each of the room designs to get the furniture and decor that I needed. It saved me so much time and energy. I was able to decorate the whole house without ever leaving my home! With Modsy’s help, I was able to focus my energy on Fireside Recovery’s mission and programming, ensuring we’d be ready for guests when we opened.

Real Customer Story

Real Customer Story

The Real Results

Modsy’s designers were so patient and accommodating and helped create the recovery home of our dreams. Each space flows into the next and is designed in a way that I never could have imagined on my own. We now have a residential recovery home where our residents can really feel at home. I feel so happy knowing the space is comfortable and welcoming, making it easier for residents to focus on healing and growth.

I feel so happy knowing the space is comfortable and welcoming, making it easier for residents to focus on healing and growth.

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My Modsy Story: Making Our Traditional House Work With Our Modern Style

After moving from a trendy loft to a Craftsman house, Mike and Carrie struggled to make their modern aesthetic work in their new home. See how Modsy helped them merge their style with their space.

Real Customer

Homeowner:  Mike and Carrie, Software Engineer; Non-Profit Executive

Location: Oakland, CA

Room: Living Room

Their Style: Mod Collector

Real Customer

Real Customer

The Backstory

After our daughter was born, we decided it was time to move from our trendy modern loft space in San Francisco to a house in Oakland. Our new place was a Craftsman home built in the 1910s, and we were so excited to have such a beautiful place to put down roots as a family.

we were both too overwhelmed to handle the daunting task of making our new-old house into the cozy modern home we wanted for our family.


The Design Dilemma

While we loved our new house, we didn’t know how to make the traditional space work with our more modern design style. On top of that, like a lot of families, we both have demanding jobs and share parenting responsibilities, which meant we didn’t have a lot of time to think about interior design. Long story short, we were both too overwhelmed to handle the daunting task of making our new-old house into the cozy modern home we wanted for our family.

The Modsy Moment

Initially, we’d worked with a local designer who had an excellent style. Still, the design experience wasn’t great because we struggled to visualize what the end result would be. We knew we needed to be able to see what the design looked like in our space before we could settle on the right look for our home. Luckily we have a friend in the interior design business who recommended Modsy. That’s when we decided to give it a try.

How Modsy Helped Mike and Carrie

Working with Modsy was great because we were able to see designs come to life in our exact room! After they sent us our first two designs we played around with Modsy’s Live Swap tool to explore a few ideas on our own. This was great because, instead of communicating through a long email, we could show our designer exactly what we were thinking. From there, she refined our ideas into a beautiful design for our new home.

Working with Modsy was great because we were able to see designs come to life in our exact room!

This process really helped us figure out what colors and pieces would bring our modern style together with our more traditional space. We love the way the warm wood tones in the end table and chair legs complement our flooring while pops of blue add a modern edge to our space.

The Real Results

Another thing we really loved was our designer’s attention to detail. She was able to take our sometimes confusing notes and turn them into a cohesive vision. She even chose a sofa from Design Within Reach that came in a childproof upholstery—it was perfect for us. It turns out Modsy is what we needed to make our home and style come together, we love it!

Our daughter Zoe, is particularly pleased with our sofa which she loves converting into a pillow fort every night!

Because of social distancing we, like many families, are spending double the time at home. This means we are getting twice the normal use out of our living room design. That’s why we are so thankful for our Modsy design which has provided us with a comforting space to get through these tough times. Our daughter Zoe, is particularly pleased with our sofa which she loves converting into a pillow fort every night!

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Modsy Designs

2017’s Greatest Hits: 13 of Your Favorite Modsy Designs of the Year

This year, our Modsy stylists helped tackle some major design dilemmas for homeowners all across the country. From families moving into new homes to couples getting ready to welcome newborns, we’ve encountered lots of home design lovers with inspiring stories about their homes.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Modsy designs and most successful solves of the year. Ready to solve your home design challenge? Read on and get ready to be inspired!

Modsy designsStephanie’s Living Room

Looking for an affordable approach to decorate her living room, Stephanie turned to Modsy for a little guidance on finding the perfect layout. Our stylists kept her Modern Rustic style in mind and presented her with a layout that’s simple yet sumptuous and also within her budget.

“I’m absolutely loving how everything is coming together!” — Stephanie L.


Modsy DesignsKevin’s Living Space/Den

If there’s one Modsy story that we can all relate to, it was Kevin’s struggle with “decorating paralysis.” Overwhelmed by what furniture and layouts made sense for his tiny pass-through living room, Kevin finally resorted to googling “interior design help oh god please help me I have no taste.” After stumbling across Modsy via this unconventional search phrase, Kevin was finally able to move forward knowing exactly what he needed to do for his space.

Read about Kevin’s full Modsy experience here →

“Being able to visually see finished layouts like that completely broke through our ‘designer’s block’.” — Kevin G.


Modsy designsSheri’s Office

Modsy designs

With a large home office with an expansive view, Sheri had hundreds of ideas for the space but couldn’t decide which one to bring to life. A self-proclaimed e-design skeptic, she finally took the leap with Modsy. The results? Sheri was inspired to try out some mid-century style furniture and re-arranged her space with a new layout that lets her take full advantage of her view.

Read about Sheri’s full Modsy experience here →

“Seeing the designs made it super easy to visualize how the furniture would look in my office.” — Sheri B.


Modsy designsAngie’s Living Room

Finding the right pieces was essential for Angie, who needed some help switching up the furniture in her open living space. Seeing her space designed with actual products that she could then purchase helped Angie easily visualize how her space could look.   

“Modsy helped me think outside the box when it came to redesigning my space and made it so much easier.” — Angie W.


Modsy designsLori’s Spare Room

Modsy designs

With both her kids off to college, empty nesters Lori and her husband found themselves with a big house and several rooms that were in need of redecorating. She tapped our Modsy stylists to rethink her oddly sized living room and son’s bedroom into spaces that were stylish and relaxing. The result? Lori discovered a range of design options and ideas that she had never even considered in 19 years of living in her home.

Read about Lori’s full Modsy experience here →

“My jaw literally dropped when I saw the renderings. It is MY home on the screen only with really cool interesting furnishings and decor.” — Lori B.


Modsy designsAshlesh’s Living Space

Starting with a blank slate, Ashlesh wanted to find the best way to furnish his uniquely shaped living room. Finding the right furniture that visually worked and flowed with the space was a challenge, and Ashlesh was not a fan of all white walls everywhere… With Modsy he was able to try several shades of green paint and find a layout that worked, before committing to anything.

“Seamless, intuitive and the future of interior design! We have started buying furniture and painting the walls as per the Modsy design and the rooms look exactly like how your team designed the room.” — Ashlesh S.


Modsy designsAvesh’s Nursery

Avesh was no stranger to 3D technology and knew there had to be a way it could make designing his son’s first bedroom easy and fun. When Modsy “read his mind” he found a way to bring his ideas to life and he got something even better than what he was looking for.

Read about Avesh’s full Modsy experience here →

“My wife and I had started gathering ideas for our son’s bedroom on Houzz and Pinterest, but when we saw the stunning Modsy renders we knew this would be the perfect time to try the service!” — Avesh J.


Modsy DesignsShelley’s Living Room

While not entirely sure what she wanted for her living room, Shelley knew she needed a game plan that worked with her budget and her schedule. Handing the reins over to her Modsy stylist, Shelly found several designs and furniture options that checked all of her boxes without compromising on her Mod Visionary style.

“My design looks AMAZING in spite of how little direction I gave. The whole process was so fast and easy, it took less than an hour of my time!

I love that I now have a design plan so I can purchase pieces on my own time frame as my budget permits. Total win.” — Shelley M.


Modsy DesignsNataly’s Bedroom

Having tried her hand at other design services, Nataly came to Modsy looking for an affordable way to redo her bedroom. Ready to invest in key pieces, she wanted to know for certain she was making the right purchases. What finally put her mind at ease was seeing her space redesigned with furniture that suited her space, style, and budget. With Modsy, Nataly was able to test drive furniture in her bedroom, before she committed to purchasing a single thing.

“For a person that is very visual it really provides the needed perspective for size, scale and design before investing in major purchases.” — Nataly O.


Modsy DesignsMarybeth’s Living Room

Moving from a city apartment into a Tudor house in the suburbs, Marybeth had outgrown her IKEA furniture and needed help filling her family’s new 3,000 square-foot home. Hundreds of Pinterest boards and one interior designer later, she finally turned to Modsy for help with figuring out the best furniture for her home. Needless to say, her Modsy stylists was ready to do the job, and the rest is history.

Read about Marybeth’s full Modsy experience here →

“I didn’t want to settle with a set of matching furniture but I was ready for the house just to be done.” — Marybeth B.


Modsy DesignsAmber’s Living Room

Amber was simply in the market for a new sofa, but she wanted to know how the one she was eyeing would look in her living room. She headed to her Modsy studio and placed the sofa in her 3D living room to see how it looked and fit. That was all she needed to gain the confidence to buy it.

“It’s just the coolest service. And that’s an understatement. Naturally, I’ve already shared Modsy with so many of my friends.” — Amber G.


Modsy DesignsAlexandra’s Nursery

After moving into a new home, Alexandra had a vision for a nursery. The only challenge? Her husband wasn’t convinced. Knowing she needed something visual to show him her ideas would look great, Alexandra worked with her Modsy stylists to come up with a design plan that would get them on the same page. Needless to say, she was successful.

Read about Alexandra’s full Modsy experience here →

“Once he saw how the furniture and decor looked fit in the room, my husband was absolutely on board with everything.” — Alexandra N.


Modsy DesignsIva’s Living Room

Moving into a new home often means starting from scratch with your style. Iva wanted her new living space to reflect her Elegant Connoisseur style with a mix of polished and preppy furnishings. With Modsy’s help, she pulled together a design for her new space that felt like her style and her home.

“Simply put: Modsy helped us tremendously in decorating our new home.” – Iva K.