Peek Inside 3 Modsy Designers’ Imaginary Dream Rooms

This summer, we asked a handful of Modsy designers to create their dream rooms in Modsy 3D. We were obsessed with Hope, Shelly and Angela’s designs. Below, each designer shares a bit more about the look she created!

Get the Scoop on Hope Colling’s Design

Modsy designer, Hope created a dream room full of edgy glamour, inspired by rock and roll and high fashion—and a chair she first used in a client design project. Learn more about Hope’s inspiration for this design, below!

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How would you describe the style of this dream room?

Hope: “I would call it Modern Eclectic, with a splash of Art Deco. There are definitely some elements of glamour, but it’s also got a bit of an edge. It’s fashion-forward in style but laid-back in comfort.”

What inspired you to create this look?

Hope: “I’ve always loved the idea of a formal living room that doesn’t feel too stuffy or pretentious, so I wanted to create a space that’s stylish and chic but also cozy and comfortable. I recently used these chairs for a client (they swivel!) and I loved the drama and elegance they brought to the space, so I knew I wanted to incorporate them into the design. They were actually the first pieces I sourced, and I built everything else in the design around them.

“I’m really into the aesthetic of the 70s. Specifically, the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles, which was famous for the musicians who lived there. At the time, the homes there had floor-to-ceiling windows, low-slung furniture, and everything was comfortable and sexy; nothing was fussy. They were decorated with lush textures, unique curiosities and accents, and unconventional color stories. So that’s what inspired this space; I wanted to create a modern interpretation of that style. It’s high-fashion meets rock and roll. It’s not my personal style; that’s not how I would design my own home—but it’s a style that I love and find so inspiring.”

What are your 3 favorite design elements in this space?

Hope: “The statement chairs are a definite favorite. They add so much texture and drama without stealing the spotlight from the rest of the room.

“The coffee table is another favorite because it helps to keep the space from feeling too elegant. I love the variation in the wood tones and the unique lines. It adds so much visual interest and is a great conversation piece.

“In larger rooms, I often layer a small rug on top of a larger one in order to frame out the furniture,  and the smaller rug in this design is one of my favorites! It’s neutral but kicked up a notch—a creamy taupe that adds some wonderful warmth and really catches the light. And I just love the whimsy of a rug with fringe; it lets you know right off the bat that the room doesn’t take itself too seriously. It says ‘fun things happen in here!’”

Read Hope's Full Q&A


Get the Scoop on Shelly Sutton’s Design

Shelly’s dream room was all about creating a space for friends and family to gather and hang out—something we’ve all been missing the past year and a half. With plenty of seating options and a very cozy, lounge-like vibe, we wouldn’t mind pulling up a chair ourselves! Hear what Shelly has to say about this space, below!

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How would you describe the style of this dream room?

Shelly: “I would say it’s ‘bohemian chic goes glam.’ It has some understated drama alongside a relaxed-but-chic beachy vibe.”

What inspired you to create this look?

Shelly: :Stylistically, this space was inspired by my travels to Tulum, Mexico. I love Tulum, and that’s definitely where the boho side of this style came from. And the glam part was inspired by the space itself. The room was so large—it reminded me of a lounge. So I tried to create a space that felt really comfortable and welcoming. I envisioned a bunch of friends hanging out together and enjoying some cocktails—just enjoying life and being in a nice environment!”

What are your 3 favorite design elements in this space?

Shelly: “One of my favorite parts of the room is the art above the fireplace. It’s a focal point and really sets the tone for the space. Plus it inspired a lot of the colors in the space! It’s created by an artist who reuses found materials—like vintage paper, reclaimed wood, and salvaged metal—which I thought was pretty cool. Each one of his pieces is unique. There’s a lot of emotion in the piece that really draws you in.”

“I also like the play between layers and textures in this space. The layered rugs, the wood elements—it all helps create a relaxed feel. Those elements are juxtaposed with the lucite and gold glamor, which adds some drama to the room. And the wallpaper in the arched wall niches on either side of the fireplace—it’s not necessarily a focal point, but it complements other things in the room and is just one more layered, dramatic element in the space.

“I also love the conversational seating. It’s kind of over-the-top—there are so many poufs and plenty of seating, which makes this the perfect spot to entertain or hang out. I think having extra poufs is a clever way to add a lot of seating. You can tuck them away in the corner day-to-day and pull them out when you need them. They’re a life-saver if you run out of seats! They’re the perfect extra seat in any room.”

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Get the Scoop on Angela Lee’s Design

In Angela’s dream room, she made traditional and classic design new again. The furniture in this space has classic forms, but they’re remixed with modern finishes and clean lines. See what Angela has to say about her dream room, below!

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How would you describe the style of this dream room?

Angela: “I’m inspired by so many different styles, and I can never seem to pinpoint one specific one that resonates with me wholeheartedly. I love minimalism and Scandinavian design, but with a splash of boho and French provincial. With that combination of interests, I like to think of this space as a French apartment, with touches of everything I am drawn to—from the lucite pieces and the black-and-white art to the post-modern-style mirror. I like to overdress, then pare down to reveal the best options for each moment in a space.”

What inspired you to create this look?

Angela: “I’m always designing for my current state of mind or vibe—and I love a room that feels collected. I used to love that maximalist, super colorful look like Justina Blakeney. But in recent years, I’ve been leaning more toward a more traditional-inspired look, combining more detailed or ornate pieces with simplified silhouettes. This is the dream living room I’d like to have at the moment.”

What are your 3 favorite design elements in this space?

Angela:  “My favorite element is the vignette created near the bar cart, in the corner by the bay window. I love the combination of the oblong mirror and black-and-white photo of Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, paired with the turned brass side table and woven shade floor lamp. I also love the bit of lucite from the bar cart peeking out.

“The second moment I love would have to be the green chaise with the hand carved cabinet behind it. There is a wonderful juxtaposition of form happening here; the straight lines of the chaise are the perfect complement to the carving and the finish of the cabinet, which has many elements encompassed in one piece. I created balance by pairing it with a simplified shape.

“My third favorite design element in this space is the moment at the fireplace with the black chair and cane webbing seat-back. The cane webbing feels like a nice tie-in with the woven lamp shade across the room and there is a subtle black line that is carried throughout the room. The marble side table with the modernist face sculpture all aim to create this curated and found feel that I love.”

Read Angela's Full Q&A

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Meet Design Messenger: An Exciting Feature Coming Soon

Communicating with your Modsy designer just got easier. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest feature—Design Messenger! Design Messenger is the new communication portal that lets you easily communicate with your designer directly from your designs.

What does this mean? For starters, no more missed emails, no more digging through your inbox to find your design notes, and no more clicking back and forth between your designs and your email. Now all of your communications with your designer will be saved in one easy-to-find place.

Design Messenger will be available in March, so keep an eye out for a notification from us letting you know it’s live in your project. You’ll be able to access this new feature on your computer, on a mobile device, and in the Modsy iOS app. To get started messaging, simply navigate to your Project or Design page, click or tap on your designer’s photo, and strike up the conversation!

Modsy design messenger

What Makes Design Messenger So Great?

We might be biased—but we think there’s a lot to love about this new tool. Here are the top four reasons we think you’ll love Design Messenger!

1. Develop a More Personal Relationship With Your Designer

One of our biggest hopes with Design Messenger is that it gives you and your designer the opportunity to develop a more personal relationship. Through the messaging portal—a more casual form of communication than email—you can get to know each other better and make bringing your dream room to life even easier. Working on your project will start to feel a lot more like texting a friend and less like emailing feedback to a coworker!

2. Easily Communicate and Share Feedback

We want to simplify the way you communicate with your Modsy designer. That’s why we’ve set up Design Messenger as a one-stop-shop for communication between you and your designer. With this messaging portal, you can send inspiration photos and files, chat about your specific project goals and needs, ask questions about your designs, request revisions, and coordinate with your designer to schedule and join video calls! And you can easily scroll back to see your full chat history. When you message your designer, you can typically expect a response within 1-2 days—and often sooner.

3. Do It All Directly From Your Designs

No more bouncing between tabs and windows when you have questions about your designs. With Design Messenger, you can communicate with your designer while actually looking at your designs! That means you can explore your designs and send feedback all in the same place and at the same time.

4. Keep Everything Organized

Never rummage through your inbox again to find old email communication with your designer or notes on your project. Design Messenger was designed to replace cumbersome email communications with your designer. All your new messages will be saved in one easy-to-access place, which you can reference and add to at any time! And you don’t have to worry about missing a message! When your designer sends you a message, you’ll receive an email notification. From that email, you’ll be able to easily navigate to the Design Messenger portal to view and reply to the message.

Have more questions about this new feature? Head over to our full Design Messenger FAQ page.



August Edition: 5 New Furniture Retailers You Can Try on in Modsy 3D

Imagine this: you’ve spent hours scouring Pinterest for living room inspiration and you finally find the perfect photo of your dream space, complete with a sofa or coffee table that you just can’t live without. But trying to actually find that sofa or coffee table in real life? Impossible.

We know there’s nothing quite as frustrating as finding the perfect piece but having no clue where to buy it. That’s why Modsy designs use only 100% real furniture that you can buy on the spot.

Curious what brands you might find inside the Modsy 3D catalog? Let us introduce you to 5 retailers whose amazing furniture and decor you can try on and shop in Modsy 3D.


Unison creates modern designs that are timeless in nature. Their home decor is full of bold patterns and colors that can easily transform a room from dull to delightful. Based in Chicago, Illinois, they often work with local and handmade sources, and have a particular focus on textiles.

Why We Love Them

Their beautiful furniture combines modern shapes with streamlined silhouettes. The high-quality, timeless designs are curated from many sources. They put a lot of care and attention into their domestically and European produced products.

What to Look For

Some of the standout pieces from Unison include their pillows and upholstered benches, which are the perfect touch for tying a room together. They also offer several excellent baskets and waste cans, which are as beautiful as they are practical.


Have you ever tried to move a sofa? If so, you’ve most likely experienced the struggle that is trying to angle a sofa around corners and up or down flights of stairs. The founders of Burrow know all about the pain of moving sofas, and they wanted to do something about it. Enter the Burrow modular sofa that ships in a box and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Why We Love Them

You can go from armchair to king sofas with Burrow’s modular system. Just like adding leaves to a dining table, as your living space grows you can expand your Burrow sofa to fit your lifestyle and the room. With excellent modular sofas, Burrow’s products are great for small spaces, renters, or those who move frequently.

What to Look For

The distinct mid-century modern style shows through in every piece. Get the foundation pieces for your eventual dream sofa to start with, and move on up as your lifestyle allows. Burrow’s affordable price point makes their sofas even more attractive for those with a tighter budget!


Joybird offers a furniture experience that never requires you to settle for something that doesn’t match your style. Their handcrafted pieces are personalized works of art, and they always strive to achieve the best possible quality.

Why We Love Them

Their mid-century modern designs can’t be beat. These highly customizable, quality pieces are sure to be the centerpiece of any room. You can go with classic colors that are period appropriate or modern, fresh options.

What to Look For

It’s hard to pick just one collection out of the many that Joybird has available. They have enough mid-century modern styles to appeal to a wide range of tastes. You can mix and match between collections or get a look that seamlessly goes together. When you find the pieces you like, you can customize the fabric and color to your liking.

Modsy 3dHigh Fashion Home

High Fashion Home is a Houston-based home furnishing company that calls a 125,000 square-foot building its home. They want to help you live the modern and eclectic lifestyle you’ve drooled over on Instagram and Pinterest.

Why We Love Them

They have a great range of styles and trendy collections. You’ve probably seen a few of their pieces on social media and in home and design magazines. So, when you want to get a picture perfect home, who better to turn to that the folks who designed your source of inspiration?

What to Look For

You could spend all day searching through all the options that High Fashion Home has available. Since they have such a broad product selection, you’re sure to find something that fits your tastes.

Dash & Albert

Dash & Albert is the place to go to for an endless variety of rugs. This Annie Selke company prides itself on approachable elegance and utmost quality. The inspiration for these rugs comes from Annie’s many travels and flea market hunting.

Why We Love Them

Rugs do a lot of work in interior designs. They pull the room together, add color, patterns and textures, and even define spaces in open concept layouts. Dash & Albert gives you a lot of interior decorating flexibility with their selection. These affordable high-quality rugs come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They also offer kid and pet-friendly options so they can fit into your lifestyle.

What to Look For

This home decor retailer has rugs for every room. The pet-friendly rugs made out of P.E.T. are a beautiful and practical addition to your indoor or outdoor living spaces. Their cotton rug line has a wide range of colors and patterns, perfect for any room of your house.

Ready to see how 100s of products look in your 3D home?


4 Ways to Escape Inspiration Overload With 3D Home Design

3D Home Design

It’s daunting, isn’t it? You see all the beautifully designed rooms in magazines and on TV and Pinterest, but you just can’t seem to get it right when you tackle your own home.

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to visualize a paint color or a piece of furniture in their space, but that shouldn’t keep you from having your very own perfect space to come home to. New mashups between interior decorating and 3D home design are making it easier for anyone to escape inspiration overload and get the room they really want. Design doesn’t have to be daunting; now it can be easy and fun for anyone.

Thinking about designing your space but not sure where to start? Read on to learn 4 ways 3D home design can make designing your space so much easier.

1. See Everything to Scale

It used to be that two-dimensional mood boards were an interior designer’s standard way of showing off their vision. 3D home design

The problem is that, while it all looks great on the mood board, there’s no sense of scale between the pieces in your space and you still don’t really know how they will all look together in real life.

For example, what may look like a nice little side table in your mood board, could turn out to be way too big for the chair next to it. Or the fabric you picked for the new sofa, which looked great as a swatch, might clash with the rug you chose.

3D home design

With 3D home design, you see your exact chair paired with the exact lamp and exact side table, no guessing required.

2. Know How It Looks in Your Space

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could try on sofas like you try on clothes? Unfortunately, instead of just taking a few items into a dressing room, you’d have to rent a moving van, max out all your credit cards to buy all the sofas you’re considering, and then spend all day moving them in and out of your home. Yikes!

With Modsy, a designer can help you try them on in your home in 3D – no heavy lifting required.
3d home design

Kevin used Modsy to see how a leather sofa would look in his living room. Check out Kevin’s full story, and learn how he designed his awkward living room using Modsy’s 3D home design services!

3d home design

Not only do you see the sofa you want (in your chosen color, size, and shape, of course!), but you can see how it will look and fit in your exact room. Does the upholstery color clash a bit with your wall color? You can find out before you spend a penny on paint and hours applying it to your walls.

3. Shop Directly From Your Designs

You know that moment when you fall in love with a rug or credenza on Pinterest and try to buy it, but it’s nowhere to be found? Or you buy what you think is the perfect piece, take it home and realize it just doesn’t work?

3D home design

All that trauma can be avoided when you design and shop your home in 3D with Modsy. No more wondering where that perfect lamp came from, you can buy any piece in your design on the spot!

4. Get Your Room Exactly How You Want It

Probably the most exciting benefit of Modsy’s 3D home design service, is that you don’t have to play it safe because you’re not sure something will look in your space.

3d home design

When you can see furniture in your home, you can feel confident in your choices because you know EXACTLY what they look like before you spend a small fortune. That gives you the freedom to try styles and piece you might not otherwise have thought you’d like. Get crazy with a green velvet sofa, try a new wall color just because, and even see how a totally new layout can transform your space – all without lifting a finger.

Ready to try 3D home design for yourself?

With 3D home design, you can take the time and guesswork out of designing a space you love. With Modsy, you can come back to your designs a month or even a year later. No matter if you’re turning a home office into a nursery or simply want to upgrade your sofa – Modsy’s here to help you see the changes.


Want to see more of Modsy in the wild? Check out these celebrity spaces

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City

Monica’s apartment from Friends

Sonja Morgan’s townhouse from the Real Housewives of New York


4 Modern Furniture Retailers You Can Try on in 3D

Here at Modsy we work closely with some of today’s top retailers to bring you the newest designs in the market that you can try on in your 3D home. And when it comes to modern furniture and decor, more than a few have become our favorite go-to sources.

If you’re looking for a little home decor upgrade but aren’t quite sure where to start, take a peek at these 4 of our favorite retailers for modern furniture. Like what you see? They are all available in our 3D catalog for you to try on in your 3D home!

modern furniture

Schoolhouse Electric

With stores in New York and Portland, Oregon, this retailer is our go-to for impeccable period and modern designs with an artisanal touch and lots of retro charm.

Why We Love Them:

You’ll find an endless selection of high-quality, mid-century-inspired pieces at reasonable prices, which is probably also why it’s a favorite source for designers across the country. Every piece is crafted with care by a team of craftsmen at their factory in Portland.

What to Look For:

Schoolhouse Electric has long been known for sleek lighting and hardware, which range from polished brass floor lamps and cluster pendants to vintage-style copper towel bars for your bathroom. And if you’re looking for mid-century-style furniture with a bit of quirk (gingham ottomans) and heft (industrial bar stools) or great bedding (charming ticking quilts), they’ve got you covered.


Modern Furniture

Blu Dot

Founded by two architects and a sculptor, the Minneapolis-based company has been designing and producing modern furniture for more than 20 years. Their philosophy is simple and relatable: “To bring good design to as many people as possible.”

Why We Love Them:

All of the pieces are sustainably designed with form and function in mind – which means you’ll find modern pieces that are cool and comfortable but also family-friendly. Their affordable price points and quick-ship offers also mean you’ll get your furniture fast and for a fraction of what other modern retailers might charge. Keep an eye on their outlet section for the best deals as well as their new design collaborations with cutting-edge companies.

What to Look For:

They beat out lots of cool, modern places for clean-lined, architectural tables and simple, gorgeous wood storage pieces. If you’re looking for a table, dresser, or credenza with a slim open base, you’ll find a wide selection here. Their ultra-modern armchairs are equally sculptural—perfect if you’re looking for a standout seat for your living room.



modern furniture


While not a furniture retailer per se, we couldn’t make a list of our favorite modern retailers without including Minted. There’s probably no other place that offers as comprehensive a list of independent artists and distinct limited-edition works spanning a variety of mediums as Minted. Consider it your one-stop shop for art from all around the world—and at very affordable prices.

Why We Love Them:

Not only does Minted serve up a huge range of artist works from across the globe, everything is highly customizable and you can easily find pieces within your budget. Minted also provides tips and ideas for hanging your art at home, or they offer a service to do it for you if you’re drawing a blank with your space.

What to Look For:

That depends on what you like, and Minted makes it easy for you to find art that meets any aesthetic. You can shop fine art prints with matte and border specifications or go the bespoke route and pick out new limited-edition paintings and black-and-white photos from individual artists. You can also venture out and commission an original piece, which means you’ll have an artwork that’s specially made for you and your home.


modern furniture


Headquartered in Texas, this longstanding home furnishings company has been a beloved online mecca for designs in a wide range of styles, from rustic boho pieces to mid-century-style finds.

Why We Love Them:

Few online spots will provide you with such a huge selection of furnishings in every style you can imagine. While Wisteria has been traditionally known for their furniture with a more classic bent, they now also offer some of the best mid-century-inspired designs on the market. Plus, your order always arrives in 5-7 days—even faster if expedited!

What to Look For:

Look to their latest modern furniture pieces, which include a folding cowhide stool, a bold bridal rug sofa, and some amazing hanging textiles and pillows. Beyond that, consider their leather and leather-woven pieces that span magazine racks and headboards and armchairs in classic mid-century shapes.



Try on these pieces – and 100s more – in your 3D home!

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