A Peek Behind the Curtain: Here’s What a Modsy Design Project Really Looks Like

Maybe you’ve heard about online interior design services but you haven’t made the jump to check it out because you don’t really understand what’s involved. We get it! If you’ve never worked with an interior designer or used an online design service, this might seem like a foreign concept. But choosing online design services to help with space planning or home design can help you take your home to the next level.

Today, we want to pull back the curtain and show you what a Modsy design project looks like and why it might be the best thing you’ve ever done for your home! (See how Modsy stacks up against traditional interior designers if you’re still not convinced!) To help you visualize the process and benefits, we’re showing off a sample design project and walking you through what the Modsy design experience is really like.

Modsy designs

How Modsy Works

But before we dive in, you might be wondering how Modsy works. You start by choosing a design package and taking a style quiz to help us determine your interior design style. You’ll also give us the scoop on your budget and needs for your space and send us some photos and measurements of the space you want to design (eight photos and three measurements, to be exact). And we take it from there! (Meanwhile, you can kick back and explore some home design ideas or catch up on our podcast, The Render!)

We use some pretty cool technology to take the photos and measurements of your space to create an exact, 3D version of your room that’s built to scale. We sometimes call these “3D renderings” but all we mean by that is that we’ve designed a 3D version of your room so that you can better visualize what can go inside of it. We call it the Modsy 3D difference.

Once we have the model of your room built, your designer will get to work on your first two designs. They’ll show you two different layouts, color palette options, and real furniture and decor ideas all based on your preferences. This will help you see how different pieces will fit in your space and how the whole look can come together.

Of course, these are just the initial designs—your designer will continue to collaborate with you until you’re 100% happy with your design! And, along the way, all your designs will be in one place so you can see them all side by side and figure out what elements you like best.

Modsy designs

Peek a Modsy Design Project

Ready to see what Modsy room designs actually look like? Peek inside some real Modsy design projects and discover 4 reasons why it’s the best way to design your home.

Modsy behind the scenes shopping experience

1. View your space from every angle (including a view from the top)

Recognize this space? We helped Monica and Chandler from Friends design their iconic living room—and we can do the same for you. Each design in your Modsy studio features a catalog spread of lifelike images showing your newly designed room from each angle—including a bird’s eye and 360-degree view of each design. This lets you see your room’s design from every angle, helping you really understand how every piece of furniture and decor will work together in your space. The top-down view is great for layout planning, and the “on-the-ground” views help you feel like you’re standing in the space.

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Modsy designs

2. You can see real furniture and decor in your exact room

You can buy furniture and decor in-store or online—but sometimes when you get a piece of furniture home you realize the size or style of the piece doesn’t work in your space. That’s because understanding furniture and decor within the overall context of your home is so key.

Your Modsy designs are created with real furniture that’s sourced from hundreds of different brands. This includes more well-known brands like West Elm or Crate & Barrel, as well as a ton of brands that only interior designers can access. This lets you see how real furniture and decor will work together and fit into your space—AKA a total interior design game-changer.

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Modsy designs

3. Swap in new furniture on your own

Skip the hassle (and 300-pound effort) of trying on sofas in real life. Once you have your initial Modsy designs, with a few clicks you can swap any item in your design for something new. And it takes less than a minute! It’s a fun way to sit in the designer’s seat and try out different items from the Modsy catalog. But don’t worry—your Modsy designer is still here to help and can lend a hand with additional design revisions if you want to see changes.

Learn More About Live Swap

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4. Shop your whole look in one cart

We know you have better things to do than run around to furniture stores all day. Since all of the items we use to design your room are real, the whole look is completely shoppable and lets you shop hundreds of brands with one cart. So, Modsy can also be your one-stop-shop—taking your designs from the screen to your actual room. To make it even better, we also honor all retailer sales and you can even apply Modsy-exclusive savings on top of those! Convenience and the best price around? What’s not to love!

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Introducing Live Swap – Our Latest Feature That Lets You Try On Furniture With a Few Clicks

live swap

Designing and shopping for your home just got way more fun with our latest (and greatest) feature – Live Swap! We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and are excited to bring swapping within your Modsy designs to life. Now, with only a few clicks you can easily swap any product in your 3D room for another.

Here are some of the most exciting things you can do with the new Live Swap feature.

Swap Anything

It’s like having 100s of sofas in your pocket. With Live Swap, our entire 3D catalog is at your fingertips. Once you get your initial Modsy designs, you’ll be able to easily swap in different pieces until you find a look you love.

Swap Anytime

Skip the hassle and expense of trying on furniture in real life. With Live Swap it only takes a minute to see something new in your exact room!

Don’t like that sofa? Swap in another! Want to see how that rug would look in a larger size? Swap it in! Keep swapping until you find the perfect pieces, then shop your exact look on the spot. It’s that easy.

Swap Anywhere

Live Swap feature works on desktop computers, mobile phones, and even tablets!

live swap

How does Live Swap work?

  1. Simply head to your Modsy designs (or start a design project if you don’t have one).
  2. Select an item you want to swap and choose an alternative from our 3D catalog to try instead.
  3. Click swap! Give us 30 seconds or so to work our magic, and watch as your new item swaps into your design.
  4. Love it? You can shop your new look directly from your design or keep swapping until you find the perfect piece for you.

But wait, there’s more! Live Swap works alongside Modsy’s 3D Style Editor. This is a unique tool that we created to give anyone, regardless of their experience with interior design, the ability to edit designs inside their 3D room model.

If you want to change the layout of your room, move products around or delete an item altogether, you can open up the 3D Style Editor and continue designing and discovering products. Save your changes and continue Live Swapping until you are ready to shop.

If you already have a Modsy design, you can start swapping and visualizing different pieces of furniture today. New to Modsy? No worries, you too can Swap till’ you shop, just as soon as you start your project.

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Exciting Updates to the Modsy 3D Style Editor

Modsy 3D Style EditorHere at Modsy, we are always working to improve the way people design and shop for their homes. We use photorealistic 3D images to help you see how a new sofa will look in your living room. All without the heavy lifting or any MacGyvering of your Pinterest boards.

But maybe you’ve always wondered how your living room would look with a sectional instead of a sofa. Or could be that you’re just curious if your new bed will fit on the other side of your room. Perhaps, shopping for furniture just brings out some commitment issues that you didn’t even know you had.

If this sounds like you, go ahead and roll your sleeves back down because we’re giving you the power to make all these amazing changes to your home with a few clicks.

Modsy 3D Style Editor

The Modsy 3D Style Editor

If you haven’t already been introduced, it’s time to say “hello” to our 3D Style Editor! Although it’s currently still in beta, this unique drag-and-drop tool gives anyone the ability to edit designs inside their Modsy Studio.

You can not only swap products, but move, rearrange, and re-visualize them in the context of your own space. Don’t like that sofa? Let’s try this one! Not sure about that rug? Swap in a few more.

Since we are always striving to make our customers’ experience even better, we made some pretty big and exciting improvements. Read on to learn what’s new the with Modsy 3D Style Editor!

Modsy 3D Style EditorSee Your Space from All Angles

Get a bird’s eye view of your room with our top down camera view. This is the best way to make changes to your layout as you can see your whole room and all the pieces in it.

Want to look around the room like you’re standing in it? We made that happen. There are multiple “cameras” stationed around your room that allow you to get a good look at your space from all angles. Tap the big orange arrows to move through the space or simply click and grab the walls to look around the room.

Get stuck in a weird spot? Don’t panic! We’ve added a handy-dandy ‘Reset Camera’ button that will bring you back where you started.

Modsy 3D Style EditorMove Products With Ease

Want to move products around your room? Yes, yes you do!

We’ve added special buttons to make this even easier. Drag pieces around the room with the freehand tool, move items up and down with the vertical button, or switch over to ‘rotate’ mode to spin them around!

Live Chat, Human to Human

As much as we’ve aimed to make this tool as user-friendly as possible, we know it can still be difficult to get the hang of. To help, we’ve added a live chat feature so you can speak with a real person.

If you ever need a hand making your design changes, need some style advice, or just want to talk (we’ve all been there) we are here to chat. You can find us in the bottom left corner of your browser.

Ready to give the 3D Style Editor a try?