Brand Spotlight: Meet All Across Africa

We’re always adding new Modsy brands to our digital catalog to bring you pieces in your style and budget. From your favorite retailers to emerging designers and even hard-to-find brands, keep an eye out for our Modsy Brand Spotlights, where we’ll help you get to know some of the stylish brands you’ll find in your 3D designs.

Today, we’re featuring a fan favorite: All Across Africa.

All across africa

Meet the Brand: All Across Africa

All Across Africa is a certified B-Corp focused on creating sustainable employment opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa. They employ artisans to make ethically crafted, fair trade goods—from woven baskets and boxes to beautiful wall hangings. The All Across Africa team helps scale the production of these high-end goods, connecting artisans with competitive markets worldwide.

All Across Africa was founded on the principles of dignity in work, creating grassroots movements, and accessibility. They live out these principles by seeking to:

  • Holistically empower and improve and the lives of those they partner with and employ
  • Reach far into rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa where jobs are scarce—developing local leaders to lead positive change in their communities
  • Make work approachable for all people through flexibility and job development in remote areas

Ultimately, their mission is to create jobs and markets to alleviate poverty across the African continent. As of 2020, All Across Africa employs 4,575 artisans across Ghana, Uganda, and Rwanda; 98% of these artisans are women. On average, each of these artisans supports more than five dependants—which means that, through employment with All Across Africa, 24,700 dependants have more reliable access to food, education, safe housing, clean water, and financial security. Learn more about their impact here.

All across africa

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What They’re Known For

All Across Africa is known for the beautiful handmade, natural fiber decor their artisans make. This includes woven basket decor, bowls, vases, basket wall art, trinket boxes, and other pieces of unique wall decor. These high-quality pieces, made of locally sourced materials, are a stunning way to decorate with natural materials, adding texture and color to your home.

Want to see more ways to incorporate natural textures into your home? Get inspired by more woven texture design ideas.

All across africa

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Why We Love Them

We’re big fans of the way that All Across Africa has sustainability in mind in the way they source their materials and employ their artisans. They aren’t out to make a quick buck but have established their company in a way that encourages ethical practices, supply-chain transparency, and long-term change in the quality of life for those they employ.

So, their beautiful, one-of-a-kind woven products don’t just add beauty and make a statement in your home—these pieces are providing sustainable, ethical employment for thousands of people across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Stylists’ Picks From All Across Africa

vases All Across Africa


The vases in All Across Africa’s collection make beautifully textured accent pieces. They’re beautiful on their own or in a small grouping. And we love how they look when filled with dried plants or fresh greenery! They come in various shapes, sizes, and patterns—adding an organic element to any tabletop. And, unlike ceramic or glass vases, these woven pieces are very durable, making them great for homes with kids!

Color Blocked Vase Gray

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Konda Vase Black

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Silver Blue Kati Vase

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Black Daria Floor Urn

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Woven Bowls

The bowls in the All Across Africa collection function great as accent pieces and practical items. They add texture to whatever surface they sit on while being both functional and stylish. We love how, depending on what other decor they’re paired with, they can feel casual to very sophisticated. Bonus: The shallower bowls can also double as wall hangings!

Natural Pedestal Bowl II

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Jumbo Vivid Bowl Viola

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Tiny Black + Neon Catch All

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Amber Msanii Small Bowl Orange

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All across africa

Baskets & Catch-Alls

Looking for ways to organize with baskets? All Across Africa’s baskets and catch-alls are perfect for just about any room or surface in your home—from your entryway console or living room coffee table to desks, dressers, and shelves. They’re a great place to store small items and keep your home organized. With the patterns, colors, and textures that All Across Africa decor provides, they’re also a fun way to add a visual pop to any surface or space! And, since they’re made of soft, woven materials, these babies are durable and great for homes with kids.

Wheel Oval Basket Peach

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Color Blocked Oval Basket Opal Gray

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Medium Lidded Lace Grass Box Tan

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Sunset Penelope Pom Pom Box Yellow

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woven wall baskets

Wall Baskets

We LOVE All Across Africa’s basket wall art. These pieces add a lot of texture to your wall and are perfect to group together or as a unique piece in an eclectic gallery wall. The wall baskets in All Across Africa’s collection range in sizes from small to extra-large, and they also range from neutral tones to super bold and colorful. So, among their product selection, you can create a look that perfectly suits your style, wall space, and color palette.

27″ Extra Large Forest Green + Burgundy Tabia Woven Wall Art Plate

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Raffia Plate I Sanaa

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Nea Plate II Opal Gray

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21″ Large Black Half Bullseye Fringed Wall Disc

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Want to see All Across Africa’s collection in your home?

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Introducing Live Swap – Our Latest Feature That Lets You Try On Furniture With a Few Clicks

live swap

Designing and shopping for your home just got way more fun with our latest (and greatest) feature – Live Swap! We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and are excited to bring swapping within your Modsy designs to life. Now, with only a few clicks you can easily swap any product in your 3D room for another.

Here are some of the most exciting things you can do with the new Live Swap feature.

Swap Anything

It’s like having 100s of sofas in your pocket. With Live Swap, our entire 3D catalog is at your fingertips. Once you get your initial Modsy designs, you’ll be able to easily swap in different pieces until you find a look you love.

Swap Anytime

Skip the hassle and expense of trying on furniture in real life. With Live Swap it only takes a minute to see something new in your exact room!

Don’t like that sofa? Swap in another! Want to see how that rug would look in a larger size? Swap it in! Keep swapping until you find the perfect pieces, then shop your exact look on the spot. It’s that easy.

Swap Anywhere

Live Swap feature works on desktop computers, mobile phones, and even tablets!

live swap

How does Live Swap work?

  1. Simply head to your Modsy designs (or start a design project if you don’t have one).
  2. Select an item you want to swap and choose an alternative from our 3D catalog to try instead.
  3. Click swap! Give us 30 seconds or so to work our magic, and watch as your new item swaps into your design.
  4. Love it? You can shop your new look directly from your design or keep swapping until you find the perfect piece for you.

But wait, there’s more! Live Swap works alongside Modsy’s 3D Style Editor. This is a unique tool that we created to give anyone, regardless of their experience with interior design, the ability to edit designs inside their 3D room model.

If you want to change the layout of your room, move products around or delete an item altogether, you can open up the 3D Style Editor and continue designing and discovering products. Save your changes and continue Live Swapping until you are ready to shop.

If you already have a Modsy design, you can start swapping and visualizing different pieces of furniture today. New to Modsy? No worries, you too can Swap till’ you shop, just as soon as you start your project.

Ready to try Live Swap?

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August Edition: 5 New Furniture Retailers You Can Try on in Modsy 3D

Imagine this: you’ve spent hours scouring Pinterest for living room inspiration and you finally find the perfect photo of your dream space, complete with a sofa or coffee table that you just can’t live without. But trying to actually find that sofa or coffee table in real life? Impossible.

We know there’s nothing quite as frustrating as finding the perfect piece but having no clue where to buy it. That’s why Modsy designs use only 100% real furniture that you can buy on the spot.

Curious what brands you might find inside the Modsy 3D catalog? Let us introduce you to 5 retailers whose amazing furniture and decor you can try on and shop in Modsy 3D.


Unison creates modern designs that are timeless in nature. Their home decor is full of bold patterns and colors that can easily transform a room from dull to delightful. Based in Chicago, Illinois, they often work with local and handmade sources, and have a particular focus on textiles.

Why We Love Them

Their beautiful furniture combines modern shapes with streamlined silhouettes. The high-quality, timeless designs are curated from many sources. They put a lot of care and attention into their domestically and European produced products.

What to Look For

Some of the standout pieces from Unison include their pillows and upholstered benches, which are the perfect touch for tying a room together. They also offer several excellent baskets and waste cans, which are as beautiful as they are practical.


Have you ever tried to move a sofa? If so, you’ve most likely experienced the struggle that is trying to angle a sofa around corners and up or down flights of stairs. The founders of Burrow know all about the pain of moving sofas, and they wanted to do something about it. Enter the Burrow modular sofa that ships in a box and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Why We Love Them

You can go from armchair to king sofas with Burrow’s modular system. Just like adding leaves to a dining table, as your living space grows you can expand your Burrow sofa to fit your lifestyle and the room. With excellent modular sofas, Burrow’s products are great for small spaces, renters, or those who move frequently.

What to Look For

The distinct mid-century modern style shows through in every piece. Get the foundation pieces for your eventual dream sofa to start with, and move on up as your lifestyle allows. Burrow’s affordable price point makes their sofas even more attractive for those with a tighter budget!


Joybird offers a furniture experience that never requires you to settle for something that doesn’t match your style. Their handcrafted pieces are personalized works of art, and they always strive to achieve the best possible quality.

Why We Love Them

Their mid-century modern designs can’t be beat. These highly customizable, quality pieces are sure to be the centerpiece of any room. You can go with classic colors that are period appropriate or modern, fresh options.

What to Look For

It’s hard to pick just one collection out of the many that Joybird has available. They have enough mid-century modern styles to appeal to a wide range of tastes. You can mix and match between collections or get a look that seamlessly goes together. When you find the pieces you like, you can customize the fabric and color to your liking.

Modsy 3dHigh Fashion Home

High Fashion Home is a Houston-based home furnishing company that calls a 125,000 square-foot building its home. They want to help you live the modern and eclectic lifestyle you’ve drooled over on Instagram and Pinterest.

Why We Love Them

They have a great range of styles and trendy collections. You’ve probably seen a few of their pieces on social media and in home and design magazines. So, when you want to get a picture perfect home, who better to turn to that the folks who designed your source of inspiration?

What to Look For

You could spend all day searching through all the options that High Fashion Home has available. Since they have such a broad product selection, you’re sure to find something that fits your tastes.

Dash & Albert

Dash & Albert is the place to go to for an endless variety of rugs. This Annie Selke company prides itself on approachable elegance and utmost quality. The inspiration for these rugs comes from Annie’s many travels and flea market hunting.

Why We Love Them

Rugs do a lot of work in interior designs. They pull the room together, add color, patterns and textures, and even define spaces in open concept layouts. Dash & Albert gives you a lot of interior decorating flexibility with their selection. These affordable high-quality rugs come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They also offer kid and pet-friendly options so they can fit into your lifestyle.

What to Look For

This home decor retailer has rugs for every room. The pet-friendly rugs made out of P.E.T. are a beautiful and practical addition to your indoor or outdoor living spaces. Their cotton rug line has a wide range of colors and patterns, perfect for any room of your house.

Ready to see how 100s of products look in your 3D home?