Setting The Tone: Organic Modernism In Color

Last fall, we introduced you to our take on the Organic Modernism design trend. And, since it was one of our all-time most-loved home tours, we wanted to revisit this style—but this time in color! Our first home tour was all about the neutrals. And, while it created some beautiful and serene rooms, we wanted to give another take of this style for those who want some color in their interior. After all, color is one of the most powerful tools in your interior design toolkit!

modern interior designWhat is organic modern interior design?

But before we dive in, let’s do a quick refresher. Organic modernism is a combination of mid-century modern design alongside organic elements (hence the name). The organic bit shows up in both the forms and materials; this style has a heavy emphasis on bringing the natural world inside and uses soft and organic materials. With that, it’s an interior design style that emphasizes livability, as it organically integrates into your lifestyle.

Some of the key elements of this modern design style include a limited color palette, the use of natural textures, and lots of organic shapes—from geometric to curved and abstract forms. Furniture and decor are no-frills and have very little ornamentation. Organic modernism also takes a minimal approach to styling. In other words, embrace the negative space!

How do I use color in organic modern interior design?

Organic modernism really is a great style to play with color. For our organic modernism in color home tour, we’re playing with two takes on color—warm neutrals and cool blues. The strength of the style is that you can flex it up or down depending on what you like! And you can use color to make a style statement. Just think about it: a room’s color can completely change the vibe of a space. How different would a room feel if it had white walls vs. red? Or blue furniture vs. terracotta pieces? Color is the perfect way to set the tone you want for your space.

Ready to see how color can be applied to organic modern design? Keep reading to explore two different ways to get the look—in color—in rooms throughout your home.

The Entryway

This simple, uncluttered entryway interior design creates the perfect first impression for any organic modern home. The simple layout and clean lines make use of negative space while creating some serious visual impact.

The Warm Neutral Version

The Palette: The terracotta wall sets the color tone of this design. Shades of earthy reds and clays are the perfect saturated, warm neutrals for an organic modern entryway. And a mix of natural materials—from the console to the decor items on the shelves—add to the warm, organic color scheme.

The Vibe: The combination of the wall color, the chair, and the console, create some serious desert southwest vibes in this entryway design. The result? A space that feels warm and inviting—the perfect vibe to set the tone as you welcome people into your home! There’s a casual air to this set-up, which creates a sense of effortless ease.

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Cool Blue Version

The Palette: The palette for this entryway is all about those cool, saturated blues. The blue wall really makes the mirror frame and chair pop. And the combination of light, natural wood against blues is always a good idea for creating a beautiful contrast in a modern style design.

The Vibe: The color palette gives this design a more curated, polished vibe. While it’s less relaxing and inviting than the warm neutral entryway, it has a more elevated vibe for those who want to add a little sophistication to their organic modern interior.

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The Living Room

This living room has all the soft lines and natural materials you would expect from organic modernism. We love the mix of shapes and forms in this modern space—from the clean-lined sofa and bar cabinet to the curved chair and overstuffed pouf. With these modern furniture pieces and their emphasis on geometry and forms, you’ll also notice a very casual approach to layout. This living room chooses comfort and livability over symmetry and formality. A mix of light wood tones and texture throughout help drive home this modern interior design style.

The Warm Neutral Version

The Palette: This take on the living room design features earthy neutrals and warm tones. You might not think to make your sofa the singular pop of color in an organic modern home, but the combo of the sofa and the saturated wall color give this space a bold look that’s also not overly colorful.

The Vibe: The warm and saturated neutrals in this living room give it a very relaxed and serene vibe. It’s a design style that’s very grounded and mature. The warm undertones make this space feel very cozy—creating an inviting, comfortable space.

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Cool Blue Version

The Palette: This living room take is all about the saturated blues. You’ll notice we used a spectrum of blue tones layered throughout—from light sky blues to shades of dark navy.

The Vibe: This living room look is bold, yet—as blues tend to do—it still feels calm. In fact, the combination of the blues with the natural textures and wood tones in the modern furniture give a slight coastal vibe to this space. Between the two living room color schemes, this one definitely has the cooler vibe.

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modern interior designThe Dining Room

Organic modernism is all about varied textures and a mix of materials. So, in these dining room designs, we used a mix of wood, jute, metal, and ceramic textures in the various furniture and decor pieces. We also kept the design very minimal—just a table, chairs, a shelf, and a stunning pendant light—while leaning into the curved, organic forms that this modern interior design style loves.

modern interior design

The Warm Neutral Version

The Palette: This dining room design is all about the earthy neutrals with warm undertones. We warmed this space up with a coat of olive green paint, that almost has “dirty” undertones. But don’t be scared by a little dirt—this gives the green a dose of warmth that cozies up with modern interior. We combined the green walls with warm woods and natural materials, like this jute rug.

The Vibe: If you’re looking for a relaxed, casual dining room design, this is it. If you dig into color psychology, you’ll find that the color green is proven to have a calming psychological effect. And this dining room certainly delivers with its serene and calming vibes. It feels steeped in nature, with the wood tones and this particular shade of green giving an organic warmth to modern design. The black metal accents are also warmed up by this color palette and provide an interesting contrast to the earthier interior design elements.

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Cool Blue Version

The Palette: This dining room embodies the color palette you’d find outside on a foggy day at the beach, which we love. The white fireplace and light fixture pop against the varying shades of cool, saturated blues—leaving you with a cool, moody dining room.

The Vibe: As opposed to the warmth created by the green walls in the previous design, the mix of blues cools down this take on the space. The combination of the metal elements and blues together compound the cool, curated feel of this modern interior. The color palette definitely makes this design feel less cozy—but the tradeoff is that it’s a very stylish and more refined take on this design.

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The Bedroom

Geometric and curved forms set the tone in this organic modern bedroom—as seen in the clean lines and curves of the headboard and the soft, sloping arms of the chair. And a mix of materials—from wood and leather to velvet, wool, metal, and ceramics—keep this bedroom design feeling dynamic and textural despite its minimal modern style.

modern interior designThe Warm Neutral Version

The Palette: This modern bedroom takes on more of a fall color palette, with autumnal shades of warm earth tones. While we kept the palette of the furniture to oranges and browns, it would be easy to turn up the dial by introducing more autumnal hues, like brick reds and deep yellows.

The Vibe: The color palette of this bedroom inspires calm but still feels energized. It also creates a bit of a laid back 70s vibe, which makes for a warm and inviting space. And the pops of vibrant orange add a cheery vibe to the room.

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Cool Blue Version

The Palette: This bedroom offers a different take on a cool blue palette. Instead of a saturated blue wall, we went with a cool shade of grey but punctuated the space with pops of cool blues in the rug, pillows, and decor. This makes the warmth of the furniture and natural materials—like the wood dresser and leather bed frame—become the focal point of this interior design.

The Vibe: This bedroom interior has a more sophisticated and subtle approach. The blues and greys create a serene, modern design with some seriously calming vibes. This soothing color combo, along with the patterns and textures throughout the space, makes this bedroom feel very zen.

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The Home Office

In an organic modern home office, you can keep the design very simple. But just remember: simple doesn’t mean boring. In fact, this office is anything but, with its arched bookcase and the ultra-modern legs of that desk! These furniture elements add up to some unexpected geometry, which we love. This room is a perfect example of keeping your interior design minimal by using materials as ornamentation.

The Warm Neutral Version

The Palette: Earthy green walls paired with a mossy velvet desk chair create a color palette of warm neutrals. The key to mixing two shades of green? Choosing shades that have the same warm, brown undertones. But the warmth isn’t just coming from the greens—it’s also found in the natural textures and materials throughout the space, as well as the pops of brass accenting the furniture.

The Vibe: The organic combination of greens and wood tones creates a soothing and cozy vibe—almost giving you the sense of being cocooned by nature! The result is an inviting and warm office that’s a perfect space to get in the zone.

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modern interior design

Cool Blue Version

The Palette: Choosing a blue with grey undertones adds a cooling effect to this chic home office. But pops of warmth from the wood elements and brass accents add contrast and keep this modern design from feeling cold.

The Vibe: No need to search for the perfect backdrop for your next video call when you have an office like this. With this sleek, polished office as a backdrop, you’ll be ready to tackle even the most daunting of meetings. And, while it’s certainly sophisticated, it still has a soothing atmosphere for days when things get stressful.

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Try Organic Modern Interior Design in Your Home

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Style Spotlight: Mod Visionary

Style Spotlight: Mod Visionary


Do you dig a retro look almost as much as you crave a clean space? Do sleek forms and modern styling set your heart aflutter? If so, then chances are your style is what Modsy calls “Mod Visionary.”

The Mod Visionary look combines Mid-Century Modern forms with minimalist styling and colors. Our most popular style, browse through some of our favorite customer spaces to see if Mod Visionary is the look for you!

Big Space / Small Space:

No matter how many square feet you have to work with, our Mod Visionary collection is poised to work anywhere. Ripe with open-base pieces, this collection is full of furniture perched atop tapered legs to ensure an open and airy feeling in any room.


This small living room looks full and functional without feeling stuffed. The elevated sofa and coffee table create the illusion of weightlessness while also visually balancing the two dense side tables.


This open living room/dining room feels equally full and thought-out. To fill up the larger space, we opted for the sectional version of the mid-century styled sofa, a dynamic piece that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any interior.


This customer’s space also features our Mod Visionary collection, but it takes on a whole new function as a dining room. The open space accommodates a storage piece and an expandable dining table. Pro tip: place your extra dining chairs on either side of the credenza to avoid over-crowding your dining table.


A much smaller space, this dining room lives in close proximity to the living room. To work within such a small footprint, we swapped a glass-top dining table to visually open up the space and create an uncluttered look. No space for a credenza? A petite bar cart provides just the right amount of storage for a small space.

In the Zone:

Two spaces are better than one, and our Mod visionary collection is ready to tackle them all. This customer’s open floor plan was in need of some zoning to create two distinct areas. Turning the sofa away from the dining area helped visually divide the room, while still keeping the visual harmony of the space in tact.

First Impressions:

Have an entryway in need of a spruce? Mod Visionary has you covered. This customer had a lot of wall space to work with, so we ramped up the storage with a dining room credenza. We also love the play between the geometry of the doors and credenza. Yes way, entryway!

Architecturally Accommodating:

What really makes this style such a crowd pleaser, is its ability to work in a variety of environments. You don’t have to own a modern, all-white everything kind of home to enjoy Mod Visionary decor. A style that agrees with all kinds of homes, Mod Visionary works in contemporary estates to Southwestern bungalows, and it even looks right at home amongst high ceilings and Victorian cornices.





Want more Mod Visionary? See how it looks in your own space and get started today!