Tips for Creating a Sleek, Chic Modern Patio Design

If your home interior has a modern design style, you’ll probably enjoy a modern patio design to match. But you might be curious about how to start creating your modern patio space. Well, we have some good news for you! With the right furniture shapes and materials, along with a couple of decorative elements and features, you’ll have a modern urban outdoor patio design in no time!

Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to create a stunning, sleek modern patio design. Plus, you’ll find plenty of modern patio design ideas along the way!

Modern Patio Furniture

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When it comes to patio furniture for a modern outdoor space, look for pieces with clean lines and sleek modular designs that prioritize functionality. So skip the ornate details and instead opt for clean, minimalist designs.

We’ll touch more on materials later, but here’s a high-level look: modern patio furniture like outdoor sofas, patio chairs, and dining tables tend to have either metal or wood bases (and if it’s wood, it’s probably teak or mahogany). Comfort will be added with boxy upholstered cushions. Accent furniture is often crafted from concrete or stone in modern patio designs.

In addition to furniture, you may also want to consider an indoor-outdoor rug to zone a seating or dining area and make the space a bit more welcoming. Simple natural-fiber rugs complement the clean lines of modern patio furniture and have an understated appeal. But, if you’d like something a bit bolder, you could also go with a graphic black and white print in a synthetic material!


Modern Patio Color Palettes

Modren patio lighting

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Color palettes for modern patio designs tend to be either high-contrast or monochromatic. But either way, you’re going to see a lot of neutrals. Think: black, white, gray, beige, and navy, with occasional pops of earth tones.

A high-contrast neutral look is great for furniture, which you can see in the designs and products we’ve selected above. Pieces with dark bases and light upholstery create an eye-catching modern look. If this color palette feels too cold, you can warm things up with natural wood tones in your furniture bases or decorative accents.

Modern Patio Materials

Hot tub on a modern patio

When designing a modern patio, choosing furniture and decor in materials that will drive home that modern vibe is important. Look for sleek materials like concrete, stone, and metal. But don’t be afraid to warm things up a bit with wood or natural materials.

Metal and wood are great choices for the bases of your furniture—whether that’s an outdoor sofa, accent chairs, or a dining table. (If you choose metal, just make sure you have cushions for comfort!) Then, incorporate concrete, cement, and stone in your tabletops, outdoor planters, side tables, and tabletop accessories.

Lean into the metal and concrete if you want your modern patio design to have a more industrial look. And if you prefer an organic-modern style, lean into wood elements to warm up your space and try on some organic shapes to break up all the hard lines. You can also incorporate furniture made of natural materials if you want to lean a little into boho style for a modern boho patio.

Extra Features for Modern Patio Designs

Modern patio open concept seating

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The right furniture will make your patio functional. But it’s the extra features and decor that will take it to the next level!

For a modern patio, consider adding either a water or fire feature. Look for rectangular stone fire pits with a gas range. Gas outdoor fire pits are more modern than a rustic, wood-burning fire pit and have a simple on-off feature too! Alternatively, you could opt for a water feature—whether that’s a zen and tranquil fountain or a sleek, relaxing hot tub.

Next, add some lighting for evening hangouts. Tabletop lanterns with candles are a great choice, and you can never go wrong with a string of cafe lights. But depending on your space, you could also add ground lighting, tiki lanterns, or spotlights for extra lighting or ambiance with a modern flair.

And, of course, an essential feature for any patio is greenery! Plants add life and natural color to your patio design, making your space feel more inviting. So incorporate a variety of well-maintained foliage—from small potted plants to potted trees. And make sure they’re potted in sleek, modern planters!


Modern Patio Layouts

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Opt for a more open layout for a modern patio design that invites people in. If your space is large enough to have multiple zones, keep each area open and flowing into the next. Consider a casual vibe with seating that faces each other (with a coffee table or fire pit in the middle). Or try a seating arrangement that creates a U-shape and is open to your backyard or a nice view. Whatever approach you choose, keep the design of your modern patio space minimalistic and uncluttered. A simple layout is best for a modern patio design!

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8 Ways to Bring a Mid-Century Modern Look to Your Living Room

modern living room ideasThe Mid-Century Modern interior design style may have begun in the 1950s but this timeless look is more popular today than ever! Defined by simple forms, organic influences, and minimal ornamentation, the look is so versatile that it can blend in with a variety of different interior design styles. It’s the perfect choice if you’re merging tastes with a partner/roommate or if you want to showcase multiple styles in one design! And if you’re looking for modern living room ideas, this post will walk you through 8 rooms that show just how many ways you can bring a mid-century modern living room to life!

modern living room ideasThe Pure Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Up first is a room that showcases pure, undiluted Mid-Century Modern style at its best. Think of this style as the look popularized by shows like “Mad Men” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” It’s all about the classic, retro look.

The key mid-century elements in this space are the use of primary and secondary colors and the perfect blend of organic shapes and abstract patterns that really polish off that Mod, 1950s look. Also don’t miss all the tapered legs, which are another notable staple of iconic Mid-Century Modern style.

minimal modern living roomThe Minimal Mid-Century Living Room

If you like mid-century style but don’t want to go overboard with it, take a cue from this minimalist-inspired look. This living room mixes mid-century with minimal design elements for a space that feels crisp and clean.

The muted, neutral palette is minimal but the use of natural woods adds just the right amount of warmth to the space. Sculptural forms, like the light fixtures and coffee table, help keep the design clean and refined and there is no additional ornament on any of the furniture items. While mid-century styles love patterns, if you’re going for this look try only incorporating them into your decor. This will help preserve a minimal vibe in your modern living room design.

The Transitional Mid-Century Modern Living Room

For a more approachable take on modern living room ideas, try mixing mid-century with transitional design. The key elements of the Mid-Century Modern style are at the core of this look, but we mixed them in with more contemporary vibes for a fresh look where comfort is on par with style.

Need an example? Look to the gold/marble coffee table, wall art, lamps, patterned pillows, and sofa to see what we’re talking about. This style is a great choice if you like to dabble in trends but don’t want to go all-out with any mid-century modern living room ideas.

modern living room ideasThe Eclectic Mid-Century Modern Living Room

If you want to amp up the already bright personality of mid-century style, add in a little eclectic flair. This is a look that shows off your individual taste with a unique approach to art, layouts, and decor. You can see all the essential mid-century forms and design principles topped off with a twist. Think bold colors, pops of pattern, and tons of texture for a more vibrant and eclectic look.

The Industrial Modern Living Room

Elevate modern living room ideas with the edgy, raw elements of industrial design. This room, for example, features industrial materials, like metal, raw woods, and leather which give it a more rugged appeal. This is a perfect complement to the clean, modern sophistication of mid-century style and a great way to merge two seemingly distinct looks together.

modern living room ideasThe Bohemian Mid-Century Living Room

For those who want a fun, trendy modern living room design, try this bohemian approach. Sometimes called “modern rustic,” this look is a mix of eclectic, rustic, and mid-century styles all combined into one cohesive design.

Check out the bold colors, patterns, natural materials, and textures galore. All of these pieces combine to make the room feel cozy, approachable, and very on-trend.

This Chic Mid-Century Living Room

This modern living room idea offers a chic, upscale take on the mid-century aesthetic. Glamorous touches are woven throughout the room—from streamlined silhouettes to playful geometry on the pillows and art. The room has a super refined and serene feel thanks to the neutral decor. Don’t miss the pops of pink and blue which bring it to life in color.

The Organic Modern Living Room

This is one of our favorite modern living room ideas because it incorporates the natural, organic trend we’re loving so much right now. The look mixes up industrial elements with an eclectic arrangement of different styles and shapes. Create this bold look with a blend of organic and curved shapes and a neutral color scheme with lots of contrast. Earthy materials and textures are also a perfect complement to the mid-century shapes and design elements!


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Modsy Collections: The Mod Collector

Introducing Collections!

We are excited to introduce our new Collection Series! In this series we will be presenting a variety of styled collections carefully curated for you to discover new products, makers, and styles you’ll love. Look out for the new collections here on the blog or sign up to have design inspiration delivered directly to your inbox.

If you find an item you love (or are taken by the entire collection) but aren’t quite sure how it could work in your home, Modsy is here for you! When you purchase a Modsy design package you can see exactly how any of our featured collections would translate into your own space. Just imagine the possibilities!

Our first featured collection is based on one of our most popular style guide categories, the Mod Collector. The Mod Collector blends together a mix of classic mid-century modern pieces with accessories that showcase unique personality and taste.

This collection presents the Mod Collector sensibility, but with a Minimalist styling. Inspired by a modern Scandinavian feel, the pieces are characterized by a pared down palette of neutral blacks, whites, and creams with accents of natural wood and leather to add a bit of warmth and depth to the space. There is a lovely simplicity and brightness to the collection, managing to strike that tricky balance between a living space that is both sophisticated and inviting.

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