Tips for Creating a Sleek, Chic Modern Patio Design

If your home interior has a modern design style, you’ll probably enjoy a modern patio design to match. But you might be curious about how to start creating your modern patio space. Well, we have some good news for you! With the right furniture shapes and materials, along with a couple of decorative elements and features, you’ll have a modern urban outdoor patio design in no time!

Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to create a stunning, sleek modern patio design. Plus, you’ll find plenty of modern patio design ideas along the way!

Modern Patio Furniture

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When it comes to patio furniture for a modern outdoor space, look for pieces with clean lines and sleek modular designs that prioritize functionality. So skip the ornate details and instead opt for clean, minimalist designs.

We’ll touch more on materials later, but here’s a high-level look: modern patio furniture like outdoor sofas, patio chairs, and dining tables tend to have either metal or wood bases (and if it’s wood, it’s probably teak or mahogany). Comfort will be added with boxy upholstered cushions. Accent furniture is often crafted from concrete or stone in modern patio designs.

In addition to furniture, you may also want to consider an indoor-outdoor rug to zone a seating or dining area and make the space a bit more welcoming. Simple natural-fiber rugs complement the clean lines of modern patio furniture and have an understated appeal. But, if you’d like something a bit bolder, you could also go with a graphic black and white print in a synthetic material!

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Modern Patio Color Palettes

Modren patio lighting

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Color palettes for modern patio designs tend to be either high-contrast or monochromatic. But either way, you’re going to see a lot of neutrals. Think: black, white, gray, beige, and navy, with occasional pops of earth tones.

A high-contrast neutral look is great for furniture, which you can see in the designs and products we’ve selected above. Pieces with dark bases and light upholstery create an eye-catching modern look. If this color palette feels too cold, you can warm things up with natural wood tones in your furniture bases or decorative accents.

Modern Patio Materials

Hot tub on a modern patio

When designing a modern patio, choosing furniture and decor in materials that will drive home that modern vibe is important. Look for sleek materials like concrete, stone, and metal. But don’t be afraid to warm things up a bit with wood or natural materials.

Metal and wood are great choices for the bases of your furniture—whether that’s an outdoor sofa, accent chairs, or a dining table. (If you choose metal, just make sure you have cushions for comfort!) Then, incorporate concrete, cement, and stone in your tabletops, outdoor planters, side tables, and tabletop accessories.

Lean into the metal and concrete if you want your modern patio design to have a more industrial look. And if you prefer an organic-modern style, lean into wood elements to warm up your space and try on some organic shapes to break up all the hard lines. You can also incorporate furniture made of natural materials if you want to lean a little into boho style for a modern boho patio.

Extra Features for Modern Patio Designs

Modern patio open concept seating

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The right furniture will make your patio functional. But it’s the extra features and decor that will take it to the next level!

For a modern patio, consider adding either a water or fire feature. Look for rectangular stone fire pits with a gas range. Gas outdoor fire pits are more modern than a rustic, wood-burning fire pit and have a simple on-off feature too! Alternatively, you could opt for a water feature—whether that’s a zen and tranquil fountain or a sleek, relaxing hot tub.

Next, add some lighting for evening hangouts. Tabletop lanterns with candles are a great choice, and you can never go wrong with a string of cafe lights. But depending on your space, you could also add ground lighting, tiki lanterns, or spotlights for extra lighting or ambiance with a modern flair.

And, of course, an essential feature for any patio is greenery! Plants add life and natural color to your patio design, making your space feel more inviting. So incorporate a variety of well-maintained foliage—from small potted plants to potted trees. And make sure they’re potted in sleek, modern planters!

Modern Patio Layouts

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Opt for a more open layout for a modern patio design that invites people in. If your space is large enough to have multiple zones, keep each area open and flowing into the next. Consider a casual vibe with seating that faces each other (with a coffee table or fire pit in the middle). Or try a seating arrangement that creates a U-shape and is open to your backyard or a nice view. Whatever approach you choose, keep the design of your modern patio space minimalistic and uncluttered. A simple layout is best for a modern patio design!

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7 Tips for Designing a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Even if you’re not obsessed with mid-century modern interior design, chances are you know what it is. A style popularized in the 1940s and 60s, the Mid-Century Modern design movement was born out of the romantic idea that “good design could change lives.” It was a style that was all about functionality, accessibility, and modern simplicity.

Still an incredibly popular style today, the mid-century modern look is great for anyone living in a smaller space; who likes a clean, modern aesthetic; or if you just want to embrace that Mad Men look in your home. And while this is a style that you can bring to life in any room, today we’re offering up some tips for designing a mid-century modern bedroom.

If you’re looking for bedroom design ideas, look no further than these mid-century modern bedroom ideas!

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

1. Look for Tapered Legs

Not sure how to spot mid-century modern furniture in a lineup? Check out the legs.

Round and slender, the tapered leg is a signature of mid-century modern furniture. Distinctive and sleek, these legs give the sense that your furniture is floating. This is great for small spaces, as it won’t clutter up the visual plane, and helps your room look more open and airy.

If you’re looking for mid-century modern bedroom design tips, shopping for pieces atop tapered legs is the perfect place to start.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

2. Add Natural Woods

The 60s, in particular, were all about going natural, and the furniture of this period reflected that philosophy. Natural and unstained woods are a huge part of mid-century modern design, so look for pieces that aren’t painted and unafraid to show off their grain.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

3. Opt for Organic Forms

Curved lines, rounded shapes, and asymmetry, were another defining trait of mid-century modern design. Designers embraced curved, clean, and sculptural forms that evoked the natural world and even the human body.

One of our favorite mid-century modern bedroom ideas, bring organic forms to your space through lamps, chairs, and artwork that are sleek and free of frilly ornamentation.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

4. Go for Graphic Patterns

Hand-in-hand with organic forms, geometric shapes and patterns were just as important to the designers of the Mid-Century Modern era. Nothing spelled groovy more than graphic patterns – imagine wild curves, boomerangs, kidneys, and spiky starbursts.

For your bedroom, don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern. Invite geometry into your space through your art, pillows, or even wallpaper.

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Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

5. Mix Your Materials

The mid-century was all about shattering norms. No one wanted their mother’s matching bedroom set anymore. Designers were embracing new materials like plywood, metal, glass, and even molded plastics. These materials were often mixed together and juxtaposed in the same room or even same piece of furniture.

Mixing materials and even different kinds of furniture are great mid-century modern bedroom ideas. Incorporate pieces made of wood, metal, leather and even fabrics that appeal to you. Don’t be afraid to use pieces in creative ways, like a chair as a nightstand, or a bench as an accent table.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

6. Incorporate Earth Tones

When bringing mid-century modern bedroom ideas to life, be sure to play with color. If you want a more authentic take on a mid-century bedroom, skip the pastels or jewel tones. Instead, embrace the colors of choice of the Mid-Century era.

Mid-century designers loved earth tones like brown, rust, and green combined with the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. Play with these hues in your accents (like pillows and art) or even invite them in bolder ways (like wall color or a statement rug).

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

7. Add Retro-Inspired Accents

Create your special mid-century modern signature by infusing retro-inspired accents into your space. It isn’t difficult to find contemporary pieces with a retro edge, items like a Sputnik chandelier or an Eames-style side chair are sure to do the trick.


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