Modsy Style Mod Visionary

Style Spotlight: 7 Easy Ways to Get the 2018 Mod Visionary Look

Modsy Style Mod Visionary

Are you a fan of modern spaces with minimal styling? Do you dig any room with a retro look that reminds you of Mad Men? Is your bookmarks page filled with mid-century furniture you have your eye on? If so, there’s a good chance your Modsy style is Mod Visionary.

Our most popular style, Mod Visionary mixes mid-century forms with clean styling. This Modsy style is great for small space living, making it popular among city dwellers. (As opposes to our suburban homeowners, who tend to prefer a more rustic and cozy look).

Want more Mod Visionary? Keep scrolling to see how we shook up the look for 2018 and learn 7 ways to work the style into your home. If you’re curious what your Modsy style is, take our Modsy Style Quiz to find out.

Modsy Style Mod Visionary

1. Start With Sleek & Clean Lines

Our 2018 take on Mod Visionary is all about keeping to clean lines. You want to start with simple base of furniture and then layer a few sculptural accents on top.

We anchored this living room with a mid-century inspired sofa and armchair. Then we added the geometric rug, slim bookcase, and pile of pillows too give the space a mid-century pop!

Modsy Style Mod Visionary

2. Bring in Mid-Century Forms

Once you establish a clean foundation, your next step is to mix in some mid-century modern forms. Think tapered legs, geometric prints, and organic shapes.

Combine a modern sectional with pieces that sport some serious mid-century lines. This combo creates a room that’s balanced and modern, but doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

Modsy Style Mod Visionary3. Get Comfortable

Modern spaces often get a bad rap as cold and uncomfortable. But mid-century modern designers were actually obsessed with making furniture that was affordable and functional.

Too keep our Modsy style true to these values, the Mod Visionary look is all about comfort. Swap a side chair for comfy upholstered armchair. Add function and style with a mid-century credenza. And add a woven pouf and a soft graphic rug to make the space warm and homey.

Modsy Style Mod Visionary

4. Make It Family Friendly

Our Modsy designs are more than pretty, they’re meant for real life. That’s why we curate special collections for our kid and pet friendly households.

An alternative to poufs, try a wouf for a stylish alternative that pets can enjoy. Replace the coffee table with a large round surface. And add a leather sofa that can stand up to some wear in high-traffic rooms.

Modsy Style Mod Visionary

5. Mix in Mod Accents

Small graphic elements are essential for rounding out modern spaces. The more visually impactful the better!

Layer in high-contrast art and an organic shaped lamp on top of a mid-century credenza. These pieces play up the modern look while keeping a minimalist edge.

Modsy Style Mod Visionary

3. Add in Organic Shapes

You can’t go wrong with organic designs that add visual interest to your modern space.

Consider hanging a sculptural pendant or pulling in an organic shaped chair. Throw in some abstract pillows or a chunky jute rug to give your modern space a touch of texture and pattern.

Modsy Style Mod Visionary

7. Keep It Neutral

Mid-century modern design favored organic and earth-toned colors. If you’re looking to stay true to the style’s origins, opt for a neutral palette of greens, browns, yellows, and neutrals. These colors pair well with warm and natural woods. Another favorite material among mid-century modern design.


Not sure if Mod Visionary is the style for you? Take our Modsy Style Quiz to find out your decor style!


Want to try the Mod Visionary look in your home?

My Modsy Story: Finding a Solution for My Small, Awkward Living Room

We can all relate to Kevin Grieco’s “decorating paralysis” with his tiny living room. See how Modsy helped him move forward—and complete the space.


Homeowner: Kevin Grieco, systems engineer and IT whiz

Location: Medford, MA

Room: Tiny pass-through living room

His Style: Atomic Industrial

The Backstory

Turning 1300 Square Feet into a Home

My wife Toni (pictured above) and I live with our Corgi, Moose (also pictured above), in a small, single family house that we bought four years ago and never really ‘made a home’ due to decorating paralysis. It was gutted and refinished top to bottom so it looks fresh for a 100-year-old Colonial in Massachusetts, but at around 1300 square feet with six rooms spread across two floors, it’s a challenge to use the space efficiently. And our living room, in particular, was badly in need of some direction.

The Design Dilemma

Feeling overwhelmed (and paralyzed) by everything

Our big problem with the living room was a lack of vision. Despite the fact that we are both creative people in our own right, neither of us have ever had an eye for interior design. There is just something so challenging about conceptualizing what will be both beautiful and functional, especially in a small home where efficiency is at a premium. This “tetris” problem of figuring out the right furniture arrangement combined with our tendency to not look at decor holistically had left us feeling paralyzed and apathetic. So, our primary living space languished for years after we moved in. This was what we wanted to solve.

The Modsy Moment

When he finally had to google “interior design help oh god please help me i have no taste”

I first found out about Modsy through what I can only describe as digital flailings of desperation. I forget exactly what I googled to stumble upon Modsy, but it was something to the effect of “interior design help oh god please help me i have no taste.” Being an IT nerd and a visual person, the concept of a 3D rendering-based service immediately excited me and it was easy to convince my wife to give it a shot considering the low cost of entry compared to hiring a real-life designer.

How Modsy’s Renderings Helped Kevin

Finding and seeing the exact furniture he needed to buy, once and for all

When I first got the Modsy renderings my response contained expletives that I won’t include here. But suffice it to say that I was extremely impressed. I took screenshots of a few angles of the renderings and sent them to all my friends who had been in my living room, and they were equally dazzled.

I couldn’t believe how accurate it was and the various arrangements immediately gave us so many ideas about how we could break up our space. Being able to visually see finished layouts like that completely broke through our ‘designer’s block.’

We bought a few big, structure-defining pieces straight from the suggested products pages that the Modsy team sent us, and then added a few of our own antique and furniture store finds—something that we were able to do with relative confidence now that we had such a secure ‘grounding’ thanks to the Modsy Style team.

I must have sent 20 pages worth of wordy emails to my Modsy Style Advisor over the course of my experience, and she was so receptive and supportive of all my input every time, being both professional and personal in perfect balance. She provided me with at least three additional renderings and a dozen different decor options. I genuinely don’t think I have had a better customer service experience in my entire life.

I would recommend Modsy to anyone looking for a premium-feeling, highly personalized interior design experience for a fraction of hiring a traditional professional.

From render to reality. Kevin's living room is coming together based off his favorite Modsy designs.
From render to reality. Kevin's living room is coming together based off his favorite Modsy designs.
From render to reality. Kevin's living room is coming together based off his favorite Modsy designs.
From render to reality. Kevin's living room is coming together based off his favorite Modsy designs.

Need a little design help? Try a Modsy rendering for yourself!

Style Spotlight: Mod Visionary

Style Spotlight: Mod Visionary


Do you dig a retro look almost as much as you crave a clean space? Do sleek forms and modern styling set your heart aflutter? If so, then chances are your style is what Modsy calls “Mod Visionary.”

The Mod Visionary look combines Mid-Century Modern forms with minimalist styling and colors. Our most popular style, browse through some of our favorite customer spaces to see if Mod Visionary is the look for you!

Big Space / Small Space:

No matter how many square feet you have to work with, our Mod Visionary collection is poised to work anywhere. Ripe with open-base pieces, this collection is full of furniture perched atop tapered legs to ensure an open and airy feeling in any room.


This small living room looks full and functional without feeling stuffed. The elevated sofa and coffee table create the illusion of weightlessness while also visually balancing the two dense side tables.


This open living room/dining room feels equally full and thought-out. To fill up the larger space, we opted for the sectional version of the mid-century styled sofa, a dynamic piece that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any interior.


This customer’s space also features our Mod Visionary collection, but it takes on a whole new function as a dining room. The open space accommodates a storage piece and an expandable dining table. Pro tip: place your extra dining chairs on either side of the credenza to avoid over-crowding your dining table.


A much smaller space, this dining room lives in close proximity to the living room. To work within such a small footprint, we swapped a glass-top dining table to visually open up the space and create an uncluttered look. No space for a credenza? A petite bar cart provides just the right amount of storage for a small space.

In the Zone:

Two spaces are better than one, and our Mod visionary collection is ready to tackle them all. This customer’s open floor plan was in need of some zoning to create two distinct areas. Turning the sofa away from the dining area helped visually divide the room, while still keeping the visual harmony of the space in tact.

First Impressions:

Have an entryway in need of a spruce? Mod Visionary has you covered. This customer had a lot of wall space to work with, so we ramped up the storage with a dining room credenza. We also love the play between the geometry of the doors and credenza. Yes way, entryway!

Architecturally Accommodating:

What really makes this style such a crowd pleaser, is its ability to work in a variety of environments. You don’t have to own a modern, all-white everything kind of home to enjoy Mod Visionary decor. A style that agrees with all kinds of homes, Mod Visionary works in contemporary estates to Southwestern bungalows, and it even looks right at home amongst high ceilings and Victorian cornices.





Want more Mod Visionary? See how it looks in your own space and get started today!