Mandy Moore's new home

Get the Look of Mandy Moore’s New Midcentury Chic Home

Mandy Moore's new homeImages source: Architectural Digest

Terrazzo fireplace? Check. A pantry you could easily mistake for an art installation? Check. Brass finishes everywhere? Check. If you haven’t guessed, these are just a few of the swoon-worthy elements inside Mandy Moore’s new home, the cover feature of the Architectural Digest July-August issue.

Mandy purchased the home, which was originally built in 1950 by architect Harold Zook, with her fiancé Taylor Goldsmith in January of 2017. And after over a year of renovations (peek the house pre-Mandy here) the couple is finally moving in to the new space.

Mandy Moore's new homeTo transform the space, Mandy teamed up with designer Sarah Sherman Samuel and architect Emily Farnham. Together they stripped the pad of several awkward 90s architectural additions but kept the original quirky elements, like that copper fireplace hood. The style? Let’s call it mid-century chic with a California twist.

Are you drooling yet? Because Mandy Moore’s new home is basically the mid-century mansion of our dreams, we teamed up with our friends at Clever to reimagine the space with furniture you can buy online and get the look in your own space.

Get the look of Mandy Moore’s new home in your space

Mandy Moore's new homeLiving Room 1

What are we crushing on the most in Mandy’s eclectic, mid-century living room? The mashup of all kinds of materials that turn the space into a textural wonderland.

From the blue velvet chairs, to the woven leather bench, and even the exposed brick partition… The design teases at the home’s mid-century roots without feeling too steeped in any one decade.

Want to take Mandy Moore’s new living room look home?

Shop the pieces below or sign up for a Modsy design package to try them (virtually) in your space first.


Mandy Moore's new homeLiving Room Part 2

In case Mandy’s first living room didn’t strike your fancy, you can get the look of her second living space. (Although if it were up to us, we’d take both)

Living room number two features a more traditional layout. The tall and tapered mid-century legs on the sofa and chairs strike the perfect balance against the more visually dense base of the drum coffee table.

Style your space like Mandy’s!

We swapped in a few more budget-friendly alternatives into our version of Mandy’s second living space, which you can shop below or try on in your 3D room with Modsy.


Mandy Moore's new home

Mandy Moore's new home

Guest Bedroom

Sometimes the key to a great bedroom is as simple as a knockout bed frame. One of three guest rooms in Mandy Moore’s new home, the leather and wood number in this space is a real show stopper.

And while she’s not short on square footage, Mandy isn’t afraid to utilize a small space hack. For example, the wall-mounted brass sconce provides the perfect nighttime reading light but takes up zero space on the nightstand. Stars – they’re just like us!

See your bedroom outfitted in Mandy’s look or shop the pieces below!


PS – Mandy, if you’re looking for guests who can appreciate an out-of-this world bedroom, we’d be happy to help!


Ready to see Mandy Moore’s new home styled in your space?

A Marriage of Styles: Creating a ‘His & Hers’ Bedroom

Designing a home for you and your partner can be a challenge, especially if you have different tastes. What happens when one person’s love of Mid-century modern furnishings clashes with the other’s preference for eclectic glam?

Luckily, this is one of the most common Modsy design requests. Our style quiz uses an algorithm that sorts through the nuances of your personal tastes and blends them into one cohesive look. It’s a couple’s home design dream come true.

Here we break down the steps to combining different styles into one bedroom for a look that he and she can both agree on.


His Idea for the Bedroom

The Style: Mid-century and Minimal

On one end of the design spectrum, he harbors a love for simple design with a modern edge.

Mid-century style pieces combined with a simple black-and-white color scheme create a livable room with a modern finish. He’s a fan of a stark palette, which keeps the look minimal, so the vibe is crisp and collected; but there’s also room to bring in a little bold graphic punch, as seen in the hanging quilt, geometric pillows, and chevron rug. It all adds up to a space that’s cool, easy on the eyes, and decidedly modern.

His idea for the room also incorporates simple shapes and materials, like a leather bench and wooden nightstands with tapered legs – which reiterate the clean lines and overall minimalist vibe.


His Room’s Defining Design Details:

  • Modern designs with slender silhouettes
  • Black-and-white art and accents that ground that room
  • Natural tones, like wood, tan leather, and woven fibers, that add to the streamlined look
  • Graphic elements (but not too many) for just the right bold impact


Her Idea for the Bedroom

The Style: Glam and Minimal

Her ideal design for the bedroom involves a dash more color along with richer textures and finishes.  

A mix of plush upholstery, bright colors, and metallic accents result in a room that’s equally eclectic and glamorous. Here, the drama lies in the details, from tight tufting and bold art to gleaming finishes that captivate the eye, such as the turquoise bench, the polished dresser, and the floor mirror and lampshades.

Her dream room also incorporates graphic elements, such as the black-and-white art and the notes of yellow found in the pillows and window-side chair. The result is a space that’s simple and composed but still modern.


Her Room’s Defining Design Details:

  • Polished designs with curvy silhouettes and glamorous appeal
  • Accents in solid bright colors that punch up the drama
  • Reflective finishes and metallic touches that give the space some extra sparkle
  • Sharp details, such as geometric patterns, tufting, and sculptural lamps and vases, that add graphic appeal


The Modsy Take: A Bedroom That Marries Both Styles

The Combined Style: Mid-century Chic

The final look combines both the rooms’ modern aesthetics, touches of black and white, and mix of Mid-century design and posh furnishings. It’s the perfect union of retro pieces with a bit of old-school Hollywood glamour and sparkle.

The Bedside

Look to pieces that combine design details you both love to inform your decisions.

The nightstands have a Mid-century look with the warm wood and tapered legs, but rendered in a polished metal adds a pop of glam to the space.  A simple table lamp keeps with his aesthetic, while its sculptural form satisfies her love of  luxe details.


The Reading Corner

When it comes to choosing seating, let shape and materials lead the conversation.

This chair features the simple, straightforward lines of mid-century furnishings, but gets a glamorous facelift with the black velvet upholstery and brass detailing. The bench at the foot of the bed also strikes the perfect balance between simple and sumptuous. Clean lines and tapered legs capped in gold – something for him and something for her.

These pieces come together to create a window nook that harmoniously blends minimalist style and glamorous touches.


The Dresser and Vanity

This is a part of your space that needs to be highly functional, so balance finding a piece that looks good with a piece that is practical for everyday needs.

Keeping the essential design preferences of each person in mind, this dresser combines a simple silhouette and tapered legs with an unusual wood finish that adds a bit of personality. It also has plenty of storage so there’s room for her and him to stash their belongings. That’s something we can all agree on.



The takeaway? You both have great style.
Now let Modsy help merge your tastes into a look you both can love.