April Edit: Best Living Room Designs of the Month

Living rooms… they’re one of the most important spaces in your home, but can also be tricky to design. Living room updates are a great way to revamp your home styling when you’re in need of a change of scenery. Maybe you’ve had the same living room furniture and style for ages and want to totally refresh your living space with the help of a designer. Or maybe you just have a couple of new home decor ideas for living room upgrades, like a cool modern coffee table, new floor plan, or other design tweaks. If you’re looking for living room inspiration, we create hundreds of living room designs every month! We rounded up some of our April favorites to show off living room ideas of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Read on and get inspired by April’s best living room design ideas for your home!

living room designsWest Coast Casual

This living room design blends California Bobo with a casual-cool coastal living room look to create a laid-back and welcoming setting. It has a casual feel with lounge chairs, a deep sofa, and a wicker coffee table. The rug anchors the space and, paired with the complimentary patterns on the pillows, ties the whole color scheme together into a vintage feel. This is a great example of using minimal living room decor ideas in a way that’s still impactful.

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Modern Minimalism

Living room designs that blend minimalist and mid-century modern style are all about creating a clean and crisp look. This space has a casual layout with furniture that makes a statement! The large pouf and modern daybed give it a lounge feel and stay in line with the low coffee table and neutral color palette. Pops of blue throughout the room pair well with the beautiful distressed rub and shibori patterned swivel chair. And the balance of modern and organic shapes feels ultra serene and stylish.

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living room designsEclectic Energy

We are really digging this eclectic living room with a vibrant, multi-color palette! The blue wall sets the stage and pops of reds and yellows from the rug are mimicked in the wall art and pillows. The floor plan is open and airy, one of the best living room ideas for creating an inviting space. All in all, it’s a casual but curated look that will make your guests feel right at home.

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Rustic Ranch

This living room style blends eclectic furniture and art with a rustic color scheme and decor. The design definitely has a global flair with Moroccan-style carved tables and a woven basket wall. Warm color tones on the neutral furniture create balance. The large billowy sectional alongside the cozy floor pouf create a casual living room lounge feel.

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living room designsBoho Eclectic

Another example of a great eclectic design, this living room uses a warm neutral color palette and a variety of textures to create an inviting, laid-back living space. Rattan chairs and coffee table give it a bohemian design vibe and furniture is arranged in a conversational setting in front of the fireplace. The contrast comes in from all the patterns and varying textures—and we love the funky art!

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Rustic Mod

This living room makes a bold statement with the dark green walls and fantastic mid-century living room furniture! The sofa and chairs are very much mid-century forms and the side tables and coffee table add organic balance with a rustic touch. The color palette stays somewhat monochromatic even with the bold blues, greens, and soft pink neutrals. And the layout design feels formal with L-shaped seating that’s still great for conversation.

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Modern Industrial

For a funky living room design that ups the ante on style, check out this modern industrial look. It has an open and inviting layout with formal symmetry, but the low furniture keeps it casual and cool. A black and white color palette keeps it interesting with varying patterns and sculptural tables. And the large wall artwork adds a definitive focal point!

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living room designsRustic Contemporary

We love the calm and balance of this rustic contemporary living room design. An earth-toned color palette keeps it extra sophisticated and the vintage rug adds a little bit of a boho touch. The rug also anchors the seating area and creates an intimate, welcoming conversation setting. Double coffee tables give the space a very stylish vibe while also adding a formal touch.

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living room designsContemporary Calm

This living room style is contemporary, rustic, and minimal all at once! A neutral color palette grounded in warm tones keeps the look clean and fresh with an inviting brightness. The woven rug and patterned coffee table create an intimate area in front of the fireplace, the focal point of the room. And the styling is minimal with decor that is simple and impactful with a welcoming circle for conversation.

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living room designsRetro Relaxation

This blend of retro and mid-century modern styles creates a super stylish aesthetic we love. The playful color palette features iconic mid-century colors like blue and deep mustard yellow to spice things up. And the iconic retro furniture shapes like the slingback chair and Noguchi coffee table add visual interest to the room. And we love how simple decor pieces like the artwork, cactus, and layered mirror still makes a strong mid-century statement.

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Refined Rustic

This living room design is rustic in style with sophisticated touches like the classic blue and white lamp and carved side table. The blue color scheme features neutral shades and gets lots of warmth from the leather ottoman. This living room design is super casual with lots of room on the sectional and the ottoman taking the place of a coffee table. And lots of windows and open archways give the room a spacious and airy feel.

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Subtle Sophistication

Contemporary and mid-century modern always make a great pair! This living room features the two styles in a formal layout with lots of decorative accents in ceramic for a little drama. Cooler tones in the neutral color scheme are warmed up by the hide rug and wooden sideboard. And the conversational seating features solid furniture with a contemporary feel.

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Cozy Contemporary

This living room pairs elements of contemporary and coastal styles to create a bright and cheery space. Pops of yellow provide an accent against the neutral base and the inviting layout makes the room even cozier. The jute rug, jute pouf, and sea-themed decor create cool, coastal vibes and the extra layers of pillows add extra comfort to the sofa.

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My Modsy Story: Hitting the “Easy Button” to Design My New Home

Real Story

Toby struggled to turn his “post-divorce apartment” into a home for his three kids. See how Modsy helped him transform their uninviting rental into a welcoming home the whole family loves.


Homeowner: Toby, R, Healthcare Executive

Location: Chicago, IL

Room: Living Room

His Style:  Atomic Industrial

Real Story

The Backstory

I recently moved from a single-family home into a townhouse with my three kids. I wanted my 13-year-old to stay connected with his friends at school, so I knew I needed to stay in the same neighborhood. But, to make that happen, I had to settle on moving us into an uninviting town-house. I knew right away that I’d need to convert this impersonal space into the comfortable home my kids deserved.

The Design Dilemma

But when it came to designing our plain, uninviting rental into a homey space for my kids, I quickly learned I needed help. I struggled to put different items together in a cohesive way and I ended up with a bunch of random stuff that didn’t work. Plus, I was dealing with a typical city rental, which meant I couldn’t paint, add window treatments, or change the trim. I had no idea how to make the house a place my kids could enjoy.

“I struggled to put different items together in a cohesive way and I ended up with a bunch of random stuff that didn’t work.”

The Modsy Moment

I have a friend who used Modsy to design his first post-divorce apartment and he told me their service was excellent for guys like us who have no design ability. I signed up for a package right away.

How Modsy Helped Toby

I’d worked with an interior designer previously, but found it to be just an okay experience that wasn’t particularly fun or easy. Modsy was a different story as it was both fun and super user-friendly. My designer came up with ideas that I would never have thought of on my own and loved the pieces they selected for our living room. It blew me away!

The best part was being able to see two completely different design ideas for my exact room simultaneously. Each design was truly great, and I loved seeing the different options before committing. I honestly loved them both, so I asked my kids what they thought. Their favorite was the more colorful design, so that’s the one we ended up choosing!

“My designer came up with ideas that I would never have thought of on my own and loved the pieces they selected for our living room. It blew me away!”

The Real Results

I loved everything the designer selected and ended up buying most of the pieces. Ordering through Modsy was great and I joke with friends that I just hit the “Modsy easy button.”

My kids love the colorful mid-century modern look of the place, and I do too. I’m so happy that it feels like a home to them and they’re actually excited to have friends over (it’s also great that they no longer call it the “dumpy place we moved into”). The experience was so fun I gave a Modsy design as a gift to my parents for their lake house.

“As someone who’s been in healthcare for 25 years…I feel very fortunate that I’m able to spend so much time with my family in such a warm and inviting house during these stressful times.”

Recently I’ve been thinking about how great it is to have this homey space during social distancing. As someone who’s been in healthcare for 25 years, I have spent a lot of time working to address the whole-person health of our members and our employees. I’ve never tied this to home decor, but after three weeks of the shelter-in-place ordinance, I feel very fortunate that I’m able to spend so much time with my family in such a warm and inviting house during these stressful times.

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