16 Ways to Create the Perfect Industrial Style Bedroom

Many people might think of an industrial-style bedroom as a surprising aesthetic choice, but it’s often because it conjures up images of an overtly modern, extra sleek, and heavily masculine space. And it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular industrial bedroom design ideas to show how you can incorporate the style in small ways that are comfy and cozy. (Also check out our tips for adding industrial style with comfort.) You’ll also find ideas for mixing industrial bedroom furniture and accents to bring the look home to your own space. Keep reading to get our simple and stylish tips!

Designing a bedroom and need help with finding the right pieces We’ve got you covered with our checklist for essential bedroom furniture!

A Quick Refresher On Industrial Style

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting some of the key style differences when it comes to modern versus industrial design—especially since the latter often includes elements of the former. Industrial style is often anchored in a warehouse look with a nod to the rugged and vintage elements. The industrial look is also often associated with specific architectural elements—loft spaces and converted warehouses with exposed brick walls, ductwork, and factory windows—as well as lots of raw material details, such as exposed brick, unfinished concrete, and steel and metal beams. Industrial furniture and decor follow suit in this manner, featuring weathered woods, antique metals, and distressed leather and worn materials. It all adds up to the industrial style aesthetic, which isn’t immediately the look or vibe one expects for bedrooms.

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Keep Furniture Styles Minimal

An industrial style bedroom doesn’t always mean big, bulky furniture. In fact, your bedroom pieces can be rather slim and minimal.

One of our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas is anchoring a space with a platform bed that’s low to the floor. This version in natural wood is a prime example of how a large industrial piece can also feel streamlined and minimal. Round it out with white sheets and other neutral hued furniture and accents to keep up a light, airy vibe.

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Work In Vintage Decor

Vintage art and decor are usually consistent elements found in all industrial style bedroom design ideas. These can range from vintage posters to hanging tapestries that bring a worn, old-world look to antique textiles with a distressed feel.

Try to incorporate at least several vintage pieces in your industrial bedroom decor to give your space a warm, lived-in look and feel. The beauty of vintage art and decor is that they instantly play up a cozy, curated look, and you can often find pieces in thrift stores and second-hand home stores at affordable prices.

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Don’t Shy Away From Bold Patterns

While most industrial style bedroom design ideas tend to eschew bright hues and bold prints, there are no hard and fast rules around color and pattern.

In fact, a bold pattern like a Moroccan rug or a neutral textured wallcovering are actually popular decor picks for industrial bedrooms. Not only do they add graphic appeal, they also bring a softness that often offsets the sleek look of contemporary furniture. For a statement touch, try adding a wallpaper with a high-contrast design to your industrial bedroom, like a grayscale image or an abstract black-and-white pattern.

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Embrace Earth Tones

You can definitely add different colors and brighter hues beyond neutrals in an industrial bedroom. But earth tones are a excellent choice for a palette that’s comfy, cozy, and alluring.

What makes earth tones perfect for an industrial style bedroom is that it spans a range of rich neutral, rustic, and organic shades that exude tons of warmth. Think chocolate brown, taupe, clay, sand, and other grounding hues. Plus, they’re easy to mix with neutrals (there’s literally no getting it wrong) and add just the soft pop of color without overwhelming your bedroom.

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Mix Leather In Various Ways

Leather has the perfect combination of sleekness, edginess, and warmth, which naturally makes it a staple material for any industrial style bedroom.

There are endless ways to incorporate leather in a bedroom. But our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas make the most of leather in a combination of big and small ways, as in this bedroom. Here, leather spans from the floor ottoman to the armchair to the mirror frame, to the camel-leather pillow on the bed. The result is a look that feels balanced and warm throughout.

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Make It Monochrome

A monochrome scheme of black, white, and gray is probably what comes to mind for most of us when we think of an industrial style bedroom look. And this luxurious take on a loft bedroom look shows that the palette can be chic, cozy, and anything but cold—even with an exposed brick backdrop.

With strong monochrome hues, the key to warming up the palette is to mix in lots of different materials and textures. That is especially key in an industrial bedroom. Think faux fur pillows and throws in black and charcoal tones, smoky antiqued glass mirror elements, a zebra hide rug, a gray tufted headboard, a tonal shagreen bedside cabinet.

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Opt For Industrial Lights

Whether it’s a pendant with exposed cords or a table lamp with classic edison bulbs, urban-style lighting is an iconic staple in our portfolio of industrial bedroom design ideas.

When it comes to lighting for industrial bedrooms, a mix of sleek and sculptural styles at different heights is key. Take a cue from this loft bedroom with exposed brick walls, which combines an overhead fixture with hanging pendants and a floor lamp with uncovered glass bulbs—and both have black metal finishes as well as utilitarian forms.

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Bring In Natural Materials

To balance out industrial furnishings that can often have a hard, edgy, robust aesthetic, natural materials with warm textures and tones are crucial. And even more so in an industrial bedroom.

Look to decor made from rough-hewn woods and woven natural fibers. Whether it’s a hand-carved bench, a woven basket, a linen bedcover or a macramé wall hanging, accent pieces and decor that have a natural, textural beauty will lend richness and cozy warmth to your industrial style bedroom. They’ll also help soften the hard lines and linear visual appeal of any industrial bedroom furniture pieces.

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Liven Things Up With Greenery

Similar to natural materials, plants and greenery are a stylish way to bring life and color to an industrial bedroom.

In addition to their endless benefits—such as purifying the air, adding an organic element, brightening up your space—large plants and greenery can provide a touch of levity and ease in a bedroom. Our designers suggest bringing in a tall succulent or a leafy tree like a ficus, which not only provides a rugged yet vibrant look but also adds height to your room. You can file that one under foolproof industrial style bedroom design ideas from us!

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Layer In Sculptural Details

Form follows function may be a principle of modern design, but it applies equally to any industrial space. Which means an industrial style bedroom should always be anchored in furnishings that are as practical as they are sculptural in design. It’s a consistent theme that runs through all industrial bedroom design ideas, whether it’s a monochrome loft space or a clean-lined modern room.

In this bedroom, the curved bed frame, criss-crossing eiffel chair base, geometric sphere table lamp, and rectilinear pendant light all provide function as well as sculptural detail to the space. They become the artful industrial elements that add depth, dimension, and intrigue to the overall space. Look to always integrate pieces that emphasize these shapes and details.

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Curate A High-Contrast Gallery Wall

This is a perfect example of a modern industrial style bedroom, with its overarching black-and-white palette, which extends to the captivating gallery wall.

Black-and-white photographs and prints always provide a chic and timeless look, so they’re always safe bets in industrial bedrooms. Along with the campaign-style nightstand, Moroccan rug, and graphic pillows, it all makes for a sophisticated decor look that you can easily draw from and build on to create your own modern industrial bedroom look.

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Lean Into Exposed Architecture

Industrial spaces are typically in lofts or very utilitarian spaces, so exposed brick walls are common and very in line with the style. Make it a point to embrace them as an architectural detail and play them up in an industrial bedroom.

In this industrial style bedroom, the white brick wall is contrasted with a black accent wall and offset by sculptural metal sconces and Americana art—all of which bring focus to the subtle stacked pattern and texture. It’s a perfectly intriguing backdrop to the weathered wood bed.

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Choose A Unique Upholstered Bed

Among the more unexpected industrial style bedroom design ideas, an upholstered bed that’s both comfortable and edgy ranks high on the list.

In an industrial bedroom space where most of the elements have a more rugged edge, an upholstered bed offers stylish juxtaposition as well as comfort—even though it’s not usually the first choice for an industrial bedroom. Try to find a bed with a tall headboard, which will help to further soften the look and feel in the bedroom while also providing comfy support for leaning.


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Accent With Metallic Touches

You can easily give industrial bedrooms a glam spin by simply adding some metallic touches, like brass, silver, and gold finishes.

In this bedroom, which is among our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas, metallic elements are used in refined ways throughout, from the floor and table lamp to the canopy bed hardware to the decorative hand object and art frame. They add up to details that add impact in a subtle, sophisticated way that complements, rather than overshadows, the industrial look.

Love this look? Check out our tips for designing with industrial glam style.

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Try A Natural Wood Bed

Natural wood is rugged and raw, so a bed made in the material is always ideal in an industrial style bedroom.

It’s also a classic foundation piece when it comes to industrial bedroom design ideas that always deliver. Not only is it robust, but it’s also a versatile piece you can easily pair with any style furnishings and accessories. If you’re not sure where to start with industrial style and furniture, a natural wood bed is a great investment piece that you can play up to be more or less industrial as needed with different complimentary decor and accent pieces.

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Array Antique Designs

Antique forms and elements, like wrought-iron beds, steamer trunks, and campaign chests, are popular anchoring furniture pieces in an industrial style bedroom. They add an ornate touch to spaces, bring in a timeworn elegance, and also have a way of warming up an industrial bedroom. Try mixing at least one or two antique pieces in your space for a varied look.

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Style Spotlight: What is Rustic Industrial Interior Design?

We love combining interior design styles. It’s a great way to merge tastes with a partner or simply create a unique look that’s true to your aesthetic. But it can be a challenge to know how to blend styles in a way that feels intentional and not just a hodgepodge mix of furnishings.

A good rule of thumb is to work with two styles that naturally complement each other. For instance, two common styles that are often combined together are rustic and industrial. The result is the rustic industrial interior design style. It’s a combo that works out nicely because the warmth of rustic furnishings balance out the sleekness of modern industrial designs, making them more livable in spaces. Meanwhile, all the industrial interior design elements give an edge to more neutral rustic pieces. It all adds up to the rustic industrial style look, which is equal parts cozy and cool.

Still, it can be hard to know how to combine these two styles without knowing what to start with. For some inspiration and to help you understand the rustic industrial decorating approach, we’re breaking down each style and showing you how to merge them in a room. Find out more below!

What Is Rustic Interior Design?

You’re likely already familiar with rustic interior design style and its cozy farmhouse-inspired spaces. It’s one of our most popular Modsy styles and it’s easy to see why.

Rustic rooms are far from one note, spanning from pared-down, minimalist white cabin homes to charming vintage-style cottages that bring to mind wine-country villas. The spaces can be modern yet warm or classic and earthy. Rustic style can also be merged with a wide range of decor and furniture, and it always highlights a mix of natural materials, warm neutral colors, and layers of textures. Simply put, rustic interior design is the definition of elegance with ease.

Elements Of The Rustic Look

At the heart of rustic interior design are rooms that are warm, comfy, and casually elegant. You’ll always find a selection of classic furnishings and handmade accessories, from jute rugs and weathered woods to corrugated metal tables and basket wall art. And there’s no shortage of plush upholstery, be it a slipcovered beige sofa or a deep white armchair.

Rustic spaces are often anchored in soft hues, like cream, taupe, light gray, brown, and natural wood tones. The neutral palette often adds to the homey and welcoming feel of rustic interiors, giving them an old-meets-new, perfectly imperfect vibe.

If you’re looking for inspiration to bring this cool, calm, and collected look to your spaces, start with our essential rustic design tips.

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rustic industrial interior designWhat Is Industrial Interior Design?

For most people, the industrial interior design look is associated with converted warehouse homes and streamlined loft spaces. While there’s often an emphasis on the architecture of industrial spaces, like concrete floors, factory windows, exposed brick, and steel beams, it isn’t all there is to the look.

Industrial style, at its core, celebrates rugged materials, utilitarian furniture, and industrial decor with an edge. With industrial spaces, you can expect to find a mix of contemporary furnishings and vintage-inspired designs along with a focus on raw materials, such as marble, stone, metal, concrete, and leather. Think of it as the ultimate form meets function design style.

rustic industrial interior designElements Of The Industrial Look

There are always a few statement pieces in an industrial room, be it a hefty wooden trunk, a metal-and-black-leather armchair or a tufted leather Chesterfield sofa. These are often balanced out with equally eye-catching industrial decoration pieces, such as black-and-white art or an exposed Edison bulb light fixture. The idea here is to match bold designs with equally captivating accessories.

Dark colors and high-contrast shades, like charcoal, grey, black, white, and deep blues are staples when it comes to the industrial interior design look. These often add up to a graphic palette that balances out the bold furniture forms and materials in a room, instilling an atmosphere that feels cozy and livable rather than dark and austere.

Need inspiration for working industrial interior design into your home, start with our essential tips for comfy industrial spaces.

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Meet Rustic Industrial Interior Design

If you love both the rustic and industrial looks but can’t decide between the two, Rustic Industrial might be the inspiration you’re looking for. It’s a hybrid style that marries the best of both worlds. Think comfort meets bold forms and materials.

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rustic industrial interior designElements of the Rustic Industrial Look

With Rustic Industrial interior design, it’s all about blending livable furnishings with cutting-edge designs. You can also expect a mixed palette of cozy hues, ranging from tan browns and charcoal leather to black, white, and natural wood tones. These modern industrial interiors are perfect if you love a room that has a warm and inviting vibe as well as cool designs that catch the eye, like a polished leather sofa or tripod floor lamp.

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rustic industrial interior designThe Rustic Industrial Palette

High-contrast tones and earthy hues underscore the Rustic Industrial style palette. Think dark brown, caramel, and tan leathers, lots of black and white notes, and a few pops of creams, blues, and neutrals. You’ll want to use your neutrals as accent colors when going for a Rustic Industrial interior design look. This is to make sure to set a bold foundation that you can easily layer furnishings and other modern industrial decor on top.

Additionally, for a less graphic and more colorful Rustic Industrial interior design approach, play with tonal contrasts. Mix together varying shades of one color in your accents and furnishings to create a cohesive look that also feels warm and welcoming.

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The Rustic Industrial Design Mix

Rustic Industrial interior design is all about balancing style with substance, which means you can always expect to find a few heavy-duty furniture pieces as anchors in a room. It might be a wooden trunk, a metal bed or a Chesterfield sofa. These industrial decor pieces are paired with warm wood tones and rustic elements, like an ornate metal chandelier that help soften the edge. The result is a modern industrial space that blends graphic elements with rustic comfort. And if everything is feeling a little heavy with your Rustic Industrial space, layer in plenty of greenery to bring an airy look and open up the space.

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rustic industrial interior designHow To Customize Your Rustic Industrial Look

If you’re not sure where to start with your space, pick a sculptural industrial decor piece to anchor your space, like a rug, a work table with hairpin legs, or a handmade bench. Then curate the rest of your designs from there. Light fixtures and art are areas where you can go bold and colorful with something that suits your style. The idea is to layer in any bold, personality-filled designs at different heights so that it draws the eye all around the room.

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Industrial Interior Design: 11 Ways to Bring This Cool, Edgy Style to Life

 industrial interior designIndustrial interior design is a super trendy warehouse look that’s naturally suited to big, unfinished living rooms and celebrates everything rugged, vintage, and raw about design. Often seen in loft spaces and converted warehouses, the architecture itself is central to industrial style. Industrial interior design inspiration features like unfinished concrete, exposed brick, steel/metal architectural supports, exposed ductwork, and factory windows.

Elements of Industrial Interior Design

Outside of architectural elements, the industrial design style is characterized by vintage decorative objects (think: old fans, steel stools, drafting desks) and new objects inspired by the vintage industry. Industrial style and interior design elements generally showcase raw/untreated wood and metal or materials that show signs of aging. Wood and metal furniture with a distressed feel to it is also popular. You can find industrial design pieces made from metal, brick, reclaimed wood, concrete or pipe. Gray, wood, block, brick and brown are the staple colors in industrial interior design.

 industrial interior designIndustrial style is great for:

  • Urban dwellers (think anyone who lives in loft spaces, restored buildings, etc)
  • Anyone who appreciates the history of their living space and raw, gritty furnishings
  • Anyone who’s into the unrefined look and wood and metal, rugged style

Industrial design is all the rage these days—but it’s rare to find design ideas that are 100% industrial interior elements. The industrial style is so stark and cold it can feel kind of uninviting on its own. That’s why the metal and wood of industrial interior design is usually paired with elements of other styles to create a cool melange of style.

If you need some design inspiration, check out these 11 industrial interior design ideas that offer a more livable take on the style.

industrial interior designPure Industrial Style

We thought we’d start this list of industrial interior design ideas off with an example of an undistilled industrial style that still feels like home—not an easy feat with industrial design! The neutral color palette leans toward warmer earth tones in the leather and the hide rug instead of cold metal grays and blacks. Layering with decor like the pillows, hide rug, and jute pouf adds cozy texture to offset the rugged, industrial nature of the concrete coffee table and bookcase.

The raw beams and ceiling are some of our favorite industrial interior design ideas, as is the funky accordion lamp on the side table. The sectional sofa sits low to the ground and is substantial and dark in order to ground the space. Everything in this industrial interior design is all function, no-frill—even the clock is functional art. The space is stark and bold but this industrial design uses the right mix of elements to create a cozy layout.

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Industrial + Eclectic Style

This industrial interior design plays off the gorgeous exposed brick wall to amplify the industrial interior aesthetic. To bring in an eclectic feel, we used a variety of patterns and furniture styles and kept everything in a neutral palette that leans into warmer colors. The cognac leather sofa and earth-toned pattern rug add a livable twist to offset the warehouse design.

Mixing materials like leather, jute, wood, and metal gives living rooms like this a layered look that’s key to making the industrial design feel cozy and plush. One of our favorite industrial design ideas, it has a casual layout with asymmetrical furniture and the soft, rounded form of the sofa! And don’t forget to include some plants in the industrial style mix—organic touches like this immediately take the edge off of industrial interior design.

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industrial interior designAtomic Industrial Style

One of our favorite ways to warm up industrial style is with the retro flair of mid-century modern furniture! A high-contrast color palette, strong lines and raw metal and wood are cornerstones of this totally ‘grammable look known as “Atomic Industrial.” This space is super functional and even has a modern desk to polish off the multipurpose industrial look.

The layout maximizes space in small living rooms, which is great if you need to work from home, are a student, or just need to make the most of small city apartment designs. Many industrial interior design ideas begin with neutral in color but this one has an added pop with the unexpected teal rug. No one said you can’t add color to industrial interior design! We love the bold modern art that’s simple in form but still serious and plants come to the rescue to add a little extra life. And a great rule of thumb in warming up industrial interior design is to go big on cushions and poufs for extra comfort.

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 industrial interior designMinimal Industrial Style

For a softer, more modern take on industrial style, pair it with minimal elements for a sleek and sophisticated space. The simple, pared-down styling is more versatile than pure industrial and great for someone who likes industrial accents but wants to steer clear of unfinished industrial looks. One trick with industrial style is to float furniture away from the wall to give a space a more airy feeling.

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 industrial interior designIndustrial + Mid-Century Modern Style

Another combo of mid-century modern and industrial style, this room takes on a super bold and moody interior design that makes an immediate statement. The saturated colors and oversized elements add impact and contrast with the light rug and stark white ceiling for a sharp and stylish look.

A cozy and modern sectional sofa adds practicality to this lounge-style living room—it’s also one of our fave kid-friendly industrial interior design ideas with lots of open floor space and room to kick back. The subtle use of earth tones like rust, gold, and sand add a mid-century feel and sculptural light fixtures like this have that awesome atomic edge. This modern industrial interior design is perfect for anyone undaunted by vibrant color and bold spaces.

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industrial interior designIndustrial Chic Style

For a fabulously modern take on industrial interior design, get your glam on! This is one of our favorite design ideas for folks who love a little flair. The industrial interior design itself is unmistakable but the layout has a formal feel with bunching ottomans and dainty decor.

Start with a neutral color base leaning toward greyscale and add a few pops of blush to create a cohesive interior design. Cowhide rugs, a trademark industrial look, are layered on top of one another to add texture and warmth and the pink scallop chair turns up the frill! Industrial elements like refined metal with brass and antique materials and the simple wall decor give the space a cool edge and make sure this industrial style is equal parts factory and fairy tale.

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 industrial interior designContemporary Industrial Style

We can’t get enough of the effortlessly cool interior design vibe that is the result of industrial and contemporary decor paired together! This industrial design is set against the earth tone red wall—a signature mid-century modern color with a vintage appeal. The layout prioritizes function and comfort, creating an intimate lounge setting that works well as a TV/reading room or casual hangout area.

The overstuffed furniture with wood base adds comfort and style to balance out the stone surface of the weighty coffee table. Every element in the room sticks to a dark greyscale color palette, creating a perfect contrast with the vibrant wall. We got a little quirky with the decor to make the industrial design more personalized. Overall, this interior design has welcoming energy by balancing raw materials with soft and comfy textures.

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 industrial interior designRustic Industrial Style

Rustic is another style that marries well with industrial interior design. The look centers less on cold and severe and more on earth tones and refined woods—aka more farmhouse, less factory. The space features a practical layout with a supersize sectional in cozy cognac leather + a faux hide throw pillows to add an industrial touch. Wood tones like shades of honey contrast with the simple on the furniture legs.

The rug creates an extra dimension and pulls the color palette together in a cohesive interior design. The colors, details, and variety of wall art and decor are stylish yet simple and seamlessly blend rustic and industrial aesthetics. And organic forms like the lamps, ceramics and wood sculpture add bring in the simplicity and beauty of the outside world.

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 industrial interior designInviting Industrial Style

We love this greyscale interior design with pops of warmth from the raw wood and gentle touches throughout. The layered texture and patterns on the bed look clean and cozy and the cozy sitting nook near the fireplace adds functionality and dimension. Plus, we’re super into the Edison bulb/exposed pipe floor lamp.

Raw wood adds an organic touch and signature mid-century modern style and the art above the fireplace brings warm mid-century modern tones into the mix as well. But, let’s be honest, the real show-stealer is the statement mid-century modern pendant light—a perfect choice for industrial interior design.

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 industrial interior designCollected Industrial Style

This funky industrial interior design starts with a neutral color palette and varying wood tones for extra warmth. The design has a light and airy feel even with the industrial style furniture selections. It’s a perfect look for those who love industrial spaces but want an extra dose of personality.

The large, vintage patterning on the rug adds a gentle touch to this industrial design and looks great with the monochromatic wall art and plants. A funky leather armchair in the back adds warmth and comfort and eclectic interior design touches like the chandelier add character to the funky industrial style.

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 industrial interior designTraditional Industrial Style

We really dig this moody and sophisticated bedroom design and the creative ways it warms up industrial style. The sleek metal bed frame balances the bulkiness of nightstands and the bed itself is layered in a subtle patterning for a more plush industrial style.

Sculptural lamps add interest and the symmetrical mirrors open up the space. And the room is drenched in natural light—an instant way to warm up industrial style. The rug mimics coloring/pattern on the pillows to add cohesion and the sculptural metal art adds interest over the bed.

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How to design an industrial space that you actually want to live in

eclectic industrial styleWe love the industrial loft look. But, let’s be honest, no one really wants to live in a cold concrete box, no matter how trendy it might look. A chilly, grey warehouse featuring exposed brick and steel might sound great for a showroom or auto repair shop – but who wants that kind of chilly aesthetic in their home? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to incorporate your favorite design elements of industrial style into a living space that feels warm and cozy too!

What is Industrial Style?

First things first, let’s talk about what really makes the industrial look tick. Industrial style is a distinctive blend of ultra-modern sleekness and old-world charm. Picture big, open spaces with stripped back architectural details, neutral colors, and raw materials to the max!

The style is modeled after industrial structures, which have a clean, but very moody and harsh aesthetic. It’s a no-frills look that emphasizes exposing the inner workings of things like hardwood floors, exposed brick and concrete, raw metal elements, and a blend of salvaged and reclaimed materials.

When done right, industrial style creates just the right blend of factory-chic and turn-of-the-century warmth. Here are 10 of our best design tips for bringing an Industrial style home in a cozy and livable way.

comfy industrial style1. Start with Comfy Foundations

When you think of industrial interiors, you probably don’t imagine soft beds, plush sofas, or fluffy blankets. But that doesn’t have to be the case! To design a space that is both industrial and comfortable, start your room off with foundational furniture that prioritizes comfort. A plush sofa with sleek lines adds comfort but still feels on-brand with the industrial vibe.

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eclectic industrial style2. Mix Materials and Textures

Industrial style means only using stone, steel, and concrete, right? Absolutely not! You don’t have to use all harsh metals and hardworking materials all of the time. Industrial style loves a variety of raw and distressed elements, so feel free to experiment. For example, a mix of distressed leather furniture and jute accessories adds visual warmth and depth to help make your space feel more liveable (think more “my house” and less “warehouse”). Just stick to a limited color palette so your look doesn’t feel too busy.

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organic industrial style3. Soften the Look with Organic Shapes

While we love it, there’s no denying that industrial style can get a little carried away with the hard lines and sharp edges. One way to soften it up? Add in some organic and/or abstract art and accessories to help break up the austerity. Artwork featuring soft, organic designS or abstract shapes works great as a centerpiece above a sofa or mantle.

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plush rug ideas4. Cozy Up with a Plush Rug

You might not equate soft, plush items with industrial style, but it’s important to add cozy touches to rooms that feel chilly and severe. A soft, fluffy wool rug underfoot instantly cozies up even the most serious of spaces. This option (one of our designers’ favorites) has a minimal, geometric pattern and neutral color to maintain the industrial look while adding warmth.

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industrial chic style5. Be Brazen with Brass and Gold Accents

Metal is a huge player in the industrial look. This can quickly start to make a space look pretty foreboding, but an easy swap is to look for warm metals like brass and gold. As opposed to harsh steels and silvers, these elements add warmth without detracting from the industrial look.

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vintage industrial6. Warm it up with Leather

Most people don’t associate industrial with warm, cozy spaces. But remember, this style works best if you take inspiration from factory design as opposed to designing an actual factory! A handsome leather sofa adds texture and softer tones for visual warmth. And antique leather with a patina, helps to tone down the chilliness while keeping the vintage, industrial feel alive and well.

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7. Play with Pattern

Industrial design is all about straightforward, minimalist style – that means sticking with solid combinations of neutral colors. But avoiding patterns altogether can make a space end up looking flat and dreary!  Don’t be afraid to add a touch of organic playfulness with patterned accents, like rugs and pillows. If you make sure to keep your patterns in a soft, neutral color palette, they’ll look perfect in your stylish industrial enclave.

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inviting industrial style8. Accent with Geometry

While industrial design is heavily reliant on sharp lines and right angles, there are ways to bring in these elements without going overboard on the factory look. Bringing in pops of geometry can add industrial flavor without going full steam on the steampunk vibes. The geometric forms in the table lamp and the patterns in the coffee table surface also add industrial flavor without going over the top.

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9. Layer on the Textiles

Another way to soften up an industrial look and make it suitable for comfy living, is to layer on the textiles. Layers add more texture and depth, and this makes the look feel more welcoming and less foreboding. Here we paired a cowhide and jute rug along with plenty of pillows to soften the minimal industrial vibe. Chunky knits, like the throw blanket and woven wall hanging, are also easy adds that will warm up your look.

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industrial style10. Add Color with Plants

While industrial design is often associated with the absence of color, all that grey can start to feel frigid in an open space. An easy way to infuse color into industrial spaces is by adding plants! Plants will bring both greenery and a sense of life to your space but won’t overtake the room with color – it’s the best of both worlds. This is a great way to liven up an industrial space while still keeping the integrity of the style intact.

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