Bedroom Layout Ideas for Rooms of All Shapes and Sizes

Let’s talk about bedroom layout ideas! This is a room where both comfort and functionality should be top priorities. But, depending on the size of your bedroom, the way you bring that to life can vary significantly.

Over the years, we’ve put together a collection of layout guides with some of the most popular bedroom sizes to give you inspiration and guidance on how to optimize your bedroom. And today, we’re rounding them all up in one place! You’ll find tons of bedroom design ideas to help you think through layouts, furniture choices, storage, and so much more. Whether you have a small bedroom, a large bedroom, or something in between, we have plenty of bedroom layout ideas to inspire you.

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platform bed in corner of small bedroom with c-table and wall sconce

8×8 Bedroom Layout

An 8×8 bedroom is quite small. On top of that, we had a balcony door to contend with. But we managed to squeeze in as much function as possible into this tiny bedroom—coming up with three layout ideas for this 8×8 bedroom.

The key to making this small bedroom work was choosing a primary focus. Do you want to include a workspace in your bedroom? Extra clothing storage? Or do you want the design to be as simple and minimal as possible to make the room feel larger? The three layouts we created were based on these three priorities, which helped us make the most of the square footage. And in each one we also included some small bedroom design tips to maximize the space, no matter the layout.

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teal headboard in mid-century style with light wood dresser and nightstand

8×17 Bedroom with a Curved Wall

Renters often find themselves dealing with very awkwardly shaped rooms and architectural features. And when you don’t own a space there’s nothing to do about it; you simply have to work with what you have, awkwardness and all. Case in point: this strange, tiny bedroom with a curved wall! These design elements made fitting essential furniture—without the space feeling completely cramped—a definite challenge.

We created two different layouts for this awkward small bedroom. The first relied on visual tricks—like an angled area rug, a floor mirror, and an artfully placed plant—to help visually detract from the strange architectural features. With this design, we squeezed in a larger bed, making the space feel a bit more luxurious and like a retreat. The second bedroom design featured a twin bed, which allowed us to pack in a lot more function. Placing a desk in front of the curved wall makes the most of that corner of the room, while a wall-mounted bookcase offers additional storage.

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Bedroom with white walls and ornate head broad

Boxy, 150-square-foot Bedroom Layout

A small and boxy square bedroom can be difficult to arrange without it feeling like a dorm room—especially when you want to include a desk in the space like we wanted to here. Add in a tiny alcove in one corner, and you have even more of a challenge on your hands. But we managed to create two layouts that make the most of this small bedroom.

In both layouts, we put the bulk of the furniture on two adjacent walls. By doing this, rather than spreading the furniture throughout the whole space, we created the look of a slightly larger room. We placed smaller dressers in the alcove of both layouts, saving space in the main footprint of the room while still getting plenty of storage space. Each layout offered just a little extra space after the bed, dresser, and desk—so in one layout we added a tall bookcase, and in the other we included an accent chair in the corner between the closet and the French doors.

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monochromatic white bedroom with pops of blue in artwork and pillows

Small, Rectangular Bedroom Layout

This small, rectangular bedroom had a lot of doors and windows to contend with. The windows were on two walls, which added an extra challenge. The result was more limited wall areas against which to place furniture. Despite these challenges, we were able to create two different layouts that both made the most of the space.

The objective of the first layout was to create a serene and peaceful environment. We achieved this through the bed placement (so the sleeper can see out the windows when they wake up) and a soft, neutral color palette. The second layout was all about making the most of the limited square footage by maximizing floor space and functionality. A low-profile bed with built-in nightstand shelves made the bed’s footprint smaller than average. And placing it against the narrower wall opened up floor space in the rest of the bedroom.

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modern bedroom with black accent wall and modern brass lamps

12×14 Bedroom Layout

In this 12×14 bedroom layout, we worked around two large windows and a double-doored walk-in closet. While these are great features for a bedroom, they bring with them limitations in terms of layout and design. We wanted this bedroom to be functional, stylish, and feel spacious. Part of adding style meant thinking beyond the basics and adding bonus pieces (that also happen to add more functionality to the space).

But it would be easy for this medium-sized bedroom to start feeling crowded. That’s why the layout is so important. While there is enough space to include more furniture than just a bed, nightstands, and dresser, you have to be thoughtful about placement so that the layout feels intentional, not overstuffed. We accomplished this goal, creating two different layouts—one that offered a bookcase for decor and a small dressing area, and a second that featured a lounging nook.

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bedroom with white walls and cain bed and

12×15 Bedroom Layout

A bit larger than the previous bedroom, our goal with this 12×15 bedroom layout was all about bringing in the bedroom essentials without making the space feel cramped, since the closet cut into the main bedroom space. This architectural feature meant that the “entryway” of the bedroom was lost space that couldn’t be significantly utilized in the room’s layout. There were also three large windows that took up a full wall of the room to design around.

We created two different layout options for this bedroom—one with a queen-sized bed and one with a king bed. The two bed sizes called for different placement in the room. The layout that included a queen bed worked in such a way that we were also able to include a small seating area in the bedroom. Aside from that, we kept the bed areas fairly symmetrical in both designs to add a sense of simplicity to the design. Symmetry can not only be soothing, but it helps create a sense that you’re not trying to pack too much into the space.

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bedroom with gray walls and chalk board

15×12 Kids Bedroom Layout

This cute 15×12 kids bedroom is on the smaller side, but we wanted to maximize the space so it can handle hangouts and sleepovers. It also has a small alcove on one side of the room—which could either be an annoying feature in the space or one that’s celebrated. We went with the latter.

In the first layout, we went with a full-sized bed (sleepover ready!) and also included a small desk for a homework zone. And then we used the little nook as a lounging and reading space—complete with a comfy bean bag chair and a bookcase! In the second layout, we created a different take on a reading nook—with a cart instead of a bookcase for extra storage, plus a hanging chair. A very fun addition to a kids room! In this design, we opted for a single bed to maximize floor space, but it actually has a trundle which can be pulled out for sleepovers! Both layouts also leave plenty of space to spread out and play in the center of the room.

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Bedroom with blue walls and circular mirror and chandelier

Awkward 11×18 Bedroom Layout

Here’s another super awkward bedroom. This 11×18 space is full of weird angles, as well as plenty of doors and windows. At a glance it actually might seem impossible to make use of a space like this—but we came up with two different layouts that make the most of this awkward space.

The key in both layouts of this awkward 11×18 bedroom was to make the most of the one long, straight wall—placing the bed and nightstands (or, in the case of the first layout, a small dresser and desk as nightstand alternatives) along this solid stretch. In both designs, we used mirrors and shelving or hooks to capitalize on vertical space within the room and visually open it up as much as possible. And the combination of both rectangular and organic-shaped rugs helped soften the hard angles in the room. Finally, tucking a place to sit—a bench in one layout and an armchair in the other—in the smallest angle of the room helped make the most of that corner.

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bedroom with white walls woven light fixture and series of six framed pictures

20×15 Bedroom Layout

In a 20×15 bedroom, there’s a lot more space to work with. You can not only sneak in extra furniture and function—you can also enjoy open space and some breathing room within your room design. But the reality is that sometimes a large bedroom can be just as difficult to design as a small one! Sure, you have tons of space—but the challenge is thoughtfully filling it so that it doesn’t feel cavernous or overstuffed. This delicate balance requires some creativity.

We created two different layouts for this 20×15 bedroom design. Both layouts feature different takes on a seating area—one has a pair of chairs at the end of the bed, the other has an upholstered bench between the two bedroom windows. Since this is a long and narrower bedroom, we also tried out two different bed placement options, which impacted where the sitting areas and clothing storage ended up. We were also able to use large beds, even bringing a canopy bed into one of the designs to help fill out the space. In both spaces, we also used plants to help visually fill out the space.

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Bedroom with blue accent wal and bench

Attic Bedroom Layout

When a bedroom is in an attic, you often have shorter walls and angled ceilings that complicate some of your design choices. But these two attic bedroom layouts prove that you don’t have to sacrifice function or style just because of the weird angles and nooks. In fact, it makes for quite a cozy bedroom suite!

Because of the architectural limitations of this space, there’s only one place where you can put a bed. But the bed placement is where the similarities between these two layout options end. In the first layout, we placed a desk in the alcove by the half wall above the staircase, creating an en-suite home office. A dog bed, storage bench, and sizeable dresser help fill out the rest of the space. In the other attic bedroom layout, a comfortable accent chair goes where the desk was before, creating a cozy reading nook as a nice add-on to this cozy attic bedroom. Other than a dresser, the rest of the space is kept pretty open to combat the low ceilings.

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teen bedroom with white walls and pom poms above bed

L-Shaped Kids Bedroom Layout

Want to make the most of your child’s bedroom? With this L-shaped kids bedroom, we show you two different ways to bring a kids room to life—with functionality, colors, and fun to boot! How your child wants to use their space will help determine how to configure the layout.

Do they love having friends over or diving into a good book? Setting them up with a hangout zone, like our first layout, might be just the thing. In this layout, the colorful hangout area opposite the bed creates the perfect place to read or hang. A plush rug helps zone the area, giving your kid a place to spread out solo or with friends. One design note? We balanced out the rainbow of colors with modern, clean-lined furnishings that help ground the look.

In the second design, our focus was more on creating a space for homework and computer time. We placed a small desk in the window nook, which makes it feel like a separate workspace. The result is a bedroom that has plenty of space for rest, work, and play.

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Bedroom with white walls, cain headboard and blue curtains

Bedroom With Lots of Doors and Windows

A bedroom with tons of natural light and closet space? Now that’s a major score. On the other hand—as you can see with this room, that also means there are either doors or windows on every wall. This makes landing on a layout pretty tricky! But it’s not impossible. In fact, we were able to come up with three different, but beautiful, layouts for this challenging space.

There’s one wall in this bedroom that has the largest set of windows. This creates a lovely focal point in the room, which we used differently for each layout. In one, we placed a bench in front of the windows, creating a place to sit and read, enjoy coffee, or put on your shoes, In another, we placed the dresser in front of the window and opposite the bed—and we even had enough room to add a pair of armchairs on each side. The third layout saw the bed placed in front of the windows. This may seem unconventional with the height of these particular windows—but you can choose from a variety of bed frame styles that don’t totally block the windows but let some light peek through—like a spindle bed or a headboard with caning, like the one we chose. All this proves that with a little creativity, you can make your space work—even with architectural limitations.

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bedrom with white walls, plaid curtains and abstract landscpae

Large, Rectangular Master Bedroom Layout

When you have a bedroom that’s this large, you can get some extra uses out of it other than simply sleeping and getting dressed. With this super large, rectangular bedroom layout, we created two designs that celebrate all the space in this bedroom—doing so by creating distinct zones within the room.

In the first layout, we created a relaxing seating area for two. It’s the perfect place to chat and unwind with your partner at the end of the day. Layered rugs underneath help visually separate this seating area from the rest of the room. We also included ample storage within this large bedroom—with two full-sized dressers and a wardrobe, so you not only have space for clothing but also extra linens and anything else you want to tuck away!

In the second layout, we created a home office within the bedroom—but we placed the desk as far away from the bed as possible to help separate work and rest. Opting for a desk with built-in shelving helped maximize storage for the workspace. We also used rugs to help visually zone the different areas in this layout. Other than the large bed, we included two dressers and a bench to help round out this bedroom layout.

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modern rustic bedroom with tall slatted bed headboard

Bedroom Essentials for Small, Medium, and Large Bedrooms

Are you more concerned about what, exactly, you should include in your bedroom more than you’re worried about the exact layout? In this main bedroom layout guide, we walk you through three different bedroom sizes, with tips on what furniture, decor, and bed size to choose, depending on the square footage of your bedroom!

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Layout Guide: A Square Living Room Gets 2 Multi-Purpose Makeovers

In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout ideas and solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. This week we take on the challenge of designing a square living room to work for hanging at home and having friends over.

If you’re like us, you probably love hanging out in your living room. It’s often the number one space in the house for entertaining and it’s usually the go-to spot for kicking back and relaxing after work. Living rooms come in a variety of spaces, but square living rooms are definitely one of the most common shapes! Just because they are common doesn’t mean they’re simple, however! A square living room has lots of possibilities when it comes to interior design.

square living room ideasHow do I set up a square living room layout?

The easiest way to come up with living room ideas (square or not) is to decide what you want to do with it. Do you use your living room just for lounging and watching TV with the fam? Maybe you love having a formal space to entertain guests? Or are you interested in a combo live-work space? You can do any of these things and more—the sky’s the limit with square living room layout ideas! All you have to do is pick one that works for you.

To offer a little design inspiration and a few decor ideas for the living room, we designed a square living room with two layouts that make the most of the space. Read on to see our fabulous and functional square living room layout ideas with tips for designing your own!

square living room ideasLayout Idea #1: The Central Seating Square Living Room

This square living room layout is all about creating a welcoming space with multi-purpose central seating. We wanted the floor plan to work as a TV room design, entertaining, watching the kids play while you’re kicking back, etc. Living room layout ideas like this are all about flexibility—which is ideal for busy households because the space is easy to navigate. Living rooms should be a stylish spot where everyone can hang out at once without getting crowded.

The main goal of this square living room layout is creating a comfortable space to kick back and relax, whether you’re entertaining, watching a movie or just reading, napping and hanging with your family. We wanted to create a central and cozy seating area with a walking zone around groups of furniture pieces. With this floor plan, the living room can serve different functions—use it as is for conversation and leisure time or swivel the chairs around to face the TV for movie night! Plus, there’s a kids play area on the floor in the corner.

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square living room ideasThe Key Elements:

Long + low profile sofa: We love the gorgeous brown leather sofa in this square living room design. It is long enough to add ample seating for relaxation and you can still see over it to view out the windows and keep an eye on the kids. It’s subtle but still properly divides the floor plan and creates a border around the seating area.

Swivel chairs: Swivel chairs are a brilliant choice when it comes to small living room ideas. These chairs add stylish accent seating as part of the conversation circle—and they can easily flip around to face the TV. They also make for cozy reading spots and are near the bookcase if you need to grab a new novel.

Large area rug: A large area rug is key to creating a distinct conversation zone in a small living room. It pulls all of the seating together and anchors the arrangement around the coffee table. It helps create a smart floor plan even though all of the furniture is floating. A great rug can instantly turn a square living room into a cozy, intimate space to chat—and it also leaves room for a separate play area.

Will This Layout Idea Work for You? Yes If You…

  • Love multi-purpose living rooms where you can read, relax, entertain friends, or watch TV!
  • Need space in your square living room where you can monitor the kids play while you get some leisure time.
  • Like cozy, intimate seating circles that make for great conversation.
  • Have a busy household and need a floor plan with easy traffic flow (i.e. no sharp edges, coffee table to bump into, etc).

Layout Idea #2: The Conversational Living Room

For this living room layout, we wanted to create a live-work space with multiple functional areas. With so many of us working from home these days, it’s nice to have a desk in a comfortable hangout space, so putting an office in the living room was a no-brainer. This square living room checks all the boxes—the sofa provides plenty of seating and the floor plan is great for conversation, relaxing, entertaining friends and getting some work done.

Our goal was to create an open but cozy square living room for relaxing. The huge sectional sofa provides ample seating for you and your guests and there is additional flexible seating as needed. The open living room has multiple uses but there is a cohesive design across the entire space. And we love the contrast of the white sofa and yellow and blue accents against a taupe wall! With a small desk tucked in the corner, you also get to use the space for work without having to feel cooped up in an office.

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The Key Elements:

Sectional sofa: This look starts with a supremely comfortable sectional sofa. We went with a sizable option that makes the room feel warm and welcoming and offers plenty of seats to relax and gather people around. It also sections off the back part of the room, creating a kind of buried den so the desk feels more private.

square living room ideas

Conversation nook: The armchairs create their own conversational area. This layout works great for multiple conversational groupings in one open space—you can also pull the chairs in closer to sectional. Plus, you get to utilize the corner of this large space, which might otherwise go empty.

Ladder desk: This ladder desk is one of our fave decor ideas for a square living room because it creates a subtle working space. It’s mounted on a wall so the “office space” doesn’t take over any of the living room. Plus, the bookcase adds open book storage, which you can use for display items.

square living room ideasWill This Layout Idea Work for You? Yes If You…

  • Invite friends over often and need a spacious floor plan for casual hangs.
  • Need a home desk / workspace and prefer working in a shared space.
  • Love to curl up in a cozy reading chair with a good book!

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Layout Solutions: Clever Design Ideas for Awkward Spaces

awkward spaces

Every home comes with a few quirks, be it architectural or spatial. You’ve seen them before—the strange nook off to one side of a room, a random recessed area that just serves no purpose, or a weirdly angled corner where nothing will fit. Naturally, these tricky spaces can be a challenge to figure out in a home.

It’s no wonder then that many homeowners come to Modsy asking for help designing an awkward space in their home. Read on to see how we helped a few Modsy customers come up with clever ways to put an awkward space to use.

A Small Bedroom Nook

When it comes to odd nooks, the design possibilities are actually endless. This window area in a couple’s bedroom had a pretty view but they were stumped when it came to furnishing it. So, our stylists came up with a few ideas that gave them a new perspective on the awkward space.

awkward spaces

awkward spaces

Idea #1: Office With a View

To make the most out of a small nook, look to maximize the space, vertically. Compact furnishings that don’t take up too much floor space are key; a wall-mounted fold-out desk with a slender chair easily turned this empty spot into a petite yet practical workspace.

Idea #2: Cozy Resting Spot

You can turn any nook into a quiet retreat from the rest of a room by simply adding an ottoman and a side table. Add a small rug, like this fluffy sheepskin, to help define the space as a resting spot where you can take a break with a book on the ottoman or leaning back on the floor.


A Tiny Living Room Recess

Awkward built-in architectural elements might be unavoidable in some homes, but with a little ingenious rethinking, you can put these areas to practical and stylish use! For a homeowner who inherited a living space with a tiny recess area, our stylists thought up a few ways to cozy it up.

Idea #1: Tucked-Away Bar

Bar carts and tray tables come in a range of sizes and can be just the pieces you need to transform an awkwardly tight spot. Consider these spaces an extension of your living area and an opportunity to add a function that’s missing in your room – such as this bar station or a mini library with wall shelving for extra books.

Idea #2: Comfy Cubby Seat

Similarly, recessed nooks in a room can make for comfy spots for lounging if you simply pile on some pillows and deck out the walls with display shelves. Think of it as a window seat for one, where you can snuggle up with a cup of tea wrapped in a throw on lazy weekend mornings.


Mini Alcoves and Corners

Most homes come with a few challenging corner spots that don’t allow for much decorating. But these actually make perfect spots for getting creative with interesting design pieces. For homeowners who were at a loss with strange corners in their homes, our stylists offered up some pretty and practical ideas.

awkward spaces

awkward spaces

Idea #1: A Quiet Reading Corner

Odd corners, especially ones with sloped ceilings, seem attractive in theory but can pose a huge design challenge. Rather than trying to find the perfect art to fill your slanted wall space, try keeping it bare for once.

Instead, turn a slanted space into a reading corner with designs that make a statement. This is your chance to get bold with a bright wing chair, a cool floor lamp, or an unusual side table, which will bring focus to the corner without it feeling empty.

Idea #2: A Versatile Workspace

There seems to always be that one, awkward narrow strip of wall that either goes unused or is too small to hang a painting or a mirror. Consider more modern and modular designs like wall-mounted shelving, which not only provides lots of vertical storage space but also provides a makeshift work surface if you simply pull up a chair.


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