Simply Marble-ous: How Modsy Designer, Karina L, Decorates Her Home With Marble

In the past couple of years, it’s been all the rage to decorate your home with natural materials. They add so much organic texture, which is the design antidote to all the straight lines and manufactured materials that are often prevalent in modern homes. And this past year, especially, biophilic design—an approach that’s all about bringing both direct and indirect experiences of nature into your home—has risen in popularity.

Most people, when they think of natural materials and nature-inspired decorating ideas, probably think of woven pieces like seagrass baskets, jute rugs, or rattan furniture. But many people forget that stone is considered a natural material as well. From marble and granite to soapstone and travertine, incorporating stone into your home adds an elevated elegance to your space.

One of our forever-favorite stone materials to decorate with is marble. It’s versatile, beautiful, and each marble piece is unique with its veining and coloring. So, today, let’s explore marble decor and the many ways you can incorporate marble into your home!

Meet Karina, Our Resident Marble Expert

As Modsy’s Senior Visual Stylist, Karina is a lover of all things marble. (She’s the visionary behind our Instagram account and designs many of our blog and social media images!) She has a beautifully styled home that we’re absolutely obsessed with. And she’s an avid collector of marble decor—her ever-growing collection of marble decorative objects is elegantly scattered throughout her home with impeccable style.

We chatted with her to get the scoop on why she loves decorating with marble and how she brings this material to life in her own home. Read on for all of her tips and insights—then shop some of her favorite marble home decor!

How would you describe your personal style?

“In my home, I try to create a space that feels pulled together but livable and laid back. In Modsy terms, my style would be “Discerning Collector”—a mix of minimalist and eclectic styles. That’s because I love collected and unique pieces, but I’m definitely a minimalist in terms of color. In general, I keep my color palette neutral and I prefer using texture instead of color to add depth to my space. I also love natural materials and use them as the ornamentation in my space—where the texture or finish of a material itself adds the visual intrigue and nuance to a room.”

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Why do you like decorating with marble?

“On a basic level, I just love the look of marble. But, more specifically, I appreciate the visual contrast it brings into a space, the uniqueness of each marble piece, and the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating a piece of marble decor.

“For example, I have a glass bar cart, and I always have a marble bowl or tray on one of the shelves to add more visual depth and contrast to the styling. And I use that same principle throughout my home, layering marble trays on my countertops and wooden surfaces for extra visual contrast.

“With real marble, the veining means that no two marble pieces are the same. The variegated veining gives each marble piece a unique look, which I love. That’s where the “material as ornament” comes into play.

“And, as a designer, I really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making pieces out of marble. Marble is a really tough material to work with; it requires a lot of attention and skill to make decor and furniture out of marble (which is generally why it’s a more expensive material). I have so much respect for how these pieces are made—and I love bringing that craftsmanship into my home.”


In what ways do you incorporate marble accents in your own home?

“As an apartment-dweller, I can’t have any big moments of marble, like marble countertops or backsplashes. So, adding pieces of marble decor helps me have moments of marble today, where I’d like to have larger pieces of this material in my home in the future. So, instead of marble countertops, I have a marble tray next to the stove that houses utensils and cooking oils. I also have a marble coffee table in my living room, which is a nice way to have a larger marble surface in my home, in a more renter-friendly way.

“I also love dispersing marble trays and catchalls throughout different areas of my home. On my desk, which is burl wood, I have a marble tray as a surface for a candle and my glass of water. Since burl wood is more sensitive than other wood, I use the tray not only for visual interest but also to protect the wood. I have a marble dish for jewelry on my nightstand, and marble pieces on my bar cart, as I already mentioned. I also tend to set candles on top of marble dishes throughout my home to create more visual depth in my surface styling.”

What other materials (natural or manufactured) go well with marble?

“Marble goes well with so many different materials. It’s going to look good with most wood pieces and finishes. Just pay attention to the tones in the marble; say the marble you have has bluish undertones; if that’s the case, consider pairing it with a warmer wood to offset those tones! However, my favorite wood tones and finishes to pair with marble are lighter woods or burl wood. Both marble and burl wood bring to life that concept of “material as ornament,” so I love mixing them together!

“I also love pairing marble decor with vintage crystal—like layering a little dish of cut crystal on a marble tray. The crystal adds shine to the porousness of marble, but it’s see-through so you can still see the beauty of the stone, just a bit abstracted.

“A trendier approach would be to mix marble with metallic accents like copper or brass. But, personally, I prefer solid marble pieces, which feel more timeless. For me, simple is best. I think solid marble is so beautiful and a work of art on its own, without any additional embellishments.

“One thing I’d avoid mixing marble with in your decor is other stones, like granite. They’re too alike and will visually clash.”

Are there specific design styles that marble accents go particularly well with?

“Marble goes with every style. It’s so versatile! But I especially like it with styles that have vintage elements or those that feel layered and eclectic.”

Any tips for incorporating marble accents into your home’s decor?

“Start by looking at the areas of your home that you need the most decor. If it’s your surfaces, like coffee and side tables or consoles and dressers, add pieces like a marble tray layered with coasters, candles, and a small decorative object. You could also layer marble sculptures on shelves with other decor to add depth and dimension.

“If you want to add a bit of decor to your kitchen, there are some great marble kitchen decor pieces out there, like utensil crocks or a marble mortar and pestle. And with its beauty, marble is perfect for displaying things. So, marble cake stands, trays, and serving dishes are another way to incorporate this material into your decor. You can use them for serving, but they also make beautiful display pieces when not in use! And stores like West Elm and CB2 have marble bathroom decor collections if you want some marble in that space!

“Personally, I think a marble tray is one of the most timeless ways to bring small moments of marble into your decor. It’s a transitional piece that can be moved around and the way you style it can change as your personal style evolves.

“When looking for marble home decor, I just recommend reading the reviews on specific products! This will help you know if they’re made well or fall apart easily, how heavy they are, and help you make a more informed decision!”

Anything to avoid or be aware of when decorating with marble?

“Marble is a very sensitive material, so you  just want to be careful when placing things on top of it. Since it’s rather porous, marble easily absorbs liquids and can get stained. However, today most marble surfaces, like what you’d find on a coffee table or bistro table, are manufactured with a protective layer so you don’t have to worry about it as much. Just be sure to wipe up any spills right away!

“But also, part of the beauty of marble is that it ages and develops a patina over time, in the same way that leather does. So, a little wear and tear won’t ruin marble—it will just give it more depth over time.”

What are your thoughts on black vs white marble decor?

“Marble comes in all different colors—from white and black to pink and green. White marble is my personal favorite, but black marble is also really beautiful. It’s all about your personal preference and where you’re placing it. Different colors of marble simply add different character to your space. Dark marble adds more drama and is a bit more glamorous. So, if that’s your vibe, go for black marble! You can also find white marble with a lot of dark veining, which gives you the best of both black and white marble decor.”

How to Style with Marble Decor

Want to shop some of Karina’s favorite marble decorative objects and furniture—plus get some inspiration on how you can incorporate marble into your home? Read on for top picks! (Including some more affordable decorative options using marble!)

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Marble Shelves

Marble shelves add instant glam to any wall space (especially when paired with brass brackets). Hang this marble wall decor above a workspace or over a piece of furniture to add some stylish surface space to display decorative objects. (Bonus: marble shelves are also super durable!)

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Marble Coffee Tables

A marble coffee table is a great way to add a larger marble statement to a living area. Solid marble coffee tables will make quite a statement—and are super sturdy—whereas a marble-top coffee table with wooden or metal legs will look nice but blend in with your overall room design a bit more. And remember—the amount of marble on the table (if it’s just the top or if the table is solid marble), will help determine the price point and how much of an investment piece it will be.

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Marble Bowls

Marble bowls are both stylish and practical. You can place them on almost any surface to corral objects like keys, jewelry, and candles. But they can also sit empty, since they’re a decorative object all on their own. And marble bowls aren’t style-specific—they can go with a wide range of interior design styles!

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Marble Desks

A marble-top desk is an absolutely timeless piece of furniture. And because of this material’s versatility, marble-top desks can be made in so many different styles. A marble desktop can be paired with a base or legs made of stone, metal or wood, each of which will give the desk a different look. But whatever the style, this type of piece offers a crisp, bright, and clean surface to work on!

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Marble Kitchen Decor

Love the look of marble countertops but live in a rental? Bring in marble kitchen accessories instead—from marble utensil holders to marble cookbook holders, cake stands, or a mortar and pestle.

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Marble Bar Carts

The clean, smooth surface of marble makes it a beautiful material for a bar cart. It instantly elevates your drink-mixing station, creating a timeless look that pairs well with any style of decor and bottles you put on it.

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Marble Bookends

Add instant style and sophistication to your bookcase with marble bookends! Marble is actually a perfect, practical material for a bookend, since they’re so heavy. We love a good mix of practicality and style!

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Marble Side Tables

Solid marble side tables can add a bold, dramatic touch to your living room. An accent piece like this is a great way to introduce marble into your space. And, since marble comes in so many different colors and tones, you can choose a colorway that suits the rest of your room!

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Marble Trays

Marble trays come in many styles and sizes and are one of the easiest, most timeless ways to incorporate a pop of marble into your space! They’re perfect for corralling small items on a tabletop while also protecting table surfaces. We love layering them with a candle, vase, book, or small decorative object—or a mix of all four!

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Marble Console Tables or Credenzas

Marble-top consoles and credenzas are very stylish and add a sleek look anywhere they’re placed. We love them in dining rooms, entryways, and as media stands in living or family rooms. It’s a subtle way to add a bit more polish to any room. Most marble-top consoles and credenzas have wooden bodies—but you’ll also find them made of lacquer or another sleek material that complements the marble.

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Marble Lamps

Marble accents on a lamp adds a classic touch to even the most modern lamp style. But you can find lamps with marble elements in all styles of lamps. Most often, the marble part of the lamp is the base, which makes for a very sturdy light. But you can also find lamps with a marble body or even shade!

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Marble End Tables

Marble end tables are a chic way to add marble to a seating area. Most marble accent tables are just marble-topped, which will always be classic. But it’s the base that can give the table its style direction—a brass base is more glam while a wood base leans more contemporary.

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Marble Bistro Tables

A marble-top bistro table is a great way to add marble to an eating area without spending too much money. Bistro tables, especially those with marble tops and iron bases, have that lovely Parisian cafe vibe—giving your dining space or porch a classic, timeless vibe.

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Marble Canisters

Marble canisters can be both functional and decorative—and they’re also sturdy and will last a long time if well taken care of. When placed on a console or credenza, they can conceal matches, remotes, or even dog treats! Whatever you want out of sight but within reach.

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Marble C-Tables

C-tables are practical and multifunctional. Opting for a marble-topped style adds a classic touch, while offering a sturdy surface for drinks, books, or a laptop.

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Marble Nightstands

A nightstand with a marble top is a classic way to add marble to the bedroom without it feeling too cold. The polished tops brighten up a bedroom, but, like other marble-topped tables, the base of the material will have a big impact on the style—with a metal base leaning more glam or modern while a wooden base will lean more traditional or rustic. Regardless, marble-top nightstand offer a beautiful surface to layer lamps and meaningful decor, as well as phones, books, and water glasses.

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Marble Dining Tables

Looking to make a big statement with marble? Go for a solid marble dining table. A piece like this adds a very modern and elegant look and is typically the boldest piece in the room. After all, marble is a material that demands attention! We love that marble tables can go well with any color scheme. But just remember—solid marble tables are a major investment!

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Marble Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island can offer extra prep space, as well as adding seating and a place to gather in a kitchen. Marble-top islands give you the perfect way to inject some marble into your kitchen without going for marble on all your countertops! (The perfect way to get the look for a little less money!)

Want help incorporating marble decor into your home?

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An A-to-Z Guide of the Different Types of Tables

When decorating your home, important pieces of furniture to consider throughout your home are tables. Smaller tables offer you a surface to set drinks and eat, stack books, and place accent lighting. Larger tables are made for gathering with friends and family. You might be surprised at just how many tables you need throughout your home though. There are so many different types of tables out there!

But what are they and where should they be used in your home? Let us be your guide. We’ve put together this shopping guide on the different types of tables to help you identify what tables you may need throughout your home. (Along with plenty of bedroom and living room design ideas along the way!)

side table with vase

Accent Table (AKA Side Table)

An accent table or side table sits next to a piece of furniture a person would sit on—like a chair, sofa, or even a bed. These tables offer some practical convenience, meant to keep items like lamps, books, and beverages within easy reach while you’re seated. Accent tables come in many styles, shapes, and sizes to satisfy all design and practical needs.

Things to Consider When Buying an Accent Table

  • How much function do you need to get out of it? Buy one big enough for what you use it for. Like enough surface space for books, beverages, accent lighting, and a bit of decor? Go for a larger accent table. Just want a surface to set your drink? Stick with a side table that has a smaller footprint. And don’t forget to consider drawers and doors if you want a little extra storage space.
  • How tall is the seat it’ll be placed next to? Make sure the height is right and you’re able to reach items on the tabletop when sitting. A good rule of thumb is that the table should be level with the seat or the arm of the sofa/chair it’s next to!
  • Do you want to go bold or straightforward with the design? Accent tables are less expensive than most other furniture and can easily be moved to different rooms as your style changes—so they’re a great way to add some flair to your interior. As such, don’t be afraid to go bold or try something unexpected!

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Bar cart woven stools

Bar Cart

A bar card is—surprise!—a cart used to make and serve drinks from, as well as store bottles and glassware. Typically, bar carts have two or three shelves, with the top shelf being a mixing station when actively in use. The lower shelves house liquor or wine bottles, mixers, glasses, decanters, bar tools, and anything else you might need to mix a drink!

Often, bar carts will have wheels, which allow them to be easily moved around for entertaining purposes. However, most of the time they stay in one place. They’re most commonly housed in a living or dining room for ease of use. Bar carts can be small and round or large and rectangular; what you choose depends on how you want to use it, how much storage space you need, and what style you prefer.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bar Cart

  • Where will you keep it? Depending on if you want it to be used inside, or outside on a porch or deck, you may want to choose different materials.
  • What will you be using it for? If you’re using a bar cart as a truly functional drink-mixing station, you’ll want to make sure it has plenty of surface space and bottle storage. But if it’s more of a decorative table within your space, you can choose a more style-forward piece.
  • Do you need wheels or can it be stationary? This simply dictates what style you look for. If it can be stationary, this opens up more options to explore!

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bedroom with green walls and nightstand

Bedside Table (Or Nightstand)

Bedside tables are tables that sit beside your bed that house things you need from bed—like books, glasses, a water cup, lighting, and perhaps a few decorative items. If you live alone, you may only have one nightstand, but many people opt for one on each side of the bed. Since this is a piece of furniture that’s about function first, they typically offer some sort of storage (whether a drawer or shelf) to optimize functionality.

Need some help finding the perfect nightstand? Check out our bedside table buying guide.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bedside Table

  • How tall is your bed? This will dictate how tall of a bedside table you should choose. Typically, a nightstand should sit just a bit lower than the top of your mattress so that tabletop items and lamps are comfortable and easy to reach.
  • How much storage do you need? Are you someone who likes to have lots of items close-at-hand when you’re in bed? Or are you more of a minimalist? This will dictate how large of a bedside table you choose, if it has open or closed storage, and how large of a tabletop it has.
  • Do you want matching nightstands? While a matching set is probably the most common design choice out there, you can also opt for mismatched nightstands for a more eclectic look or to bring in some variance to your bedroom’s design.

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tulip table and wingback chair

Bistro Table

A bistro table is a small table that’s typically 30 inches tall, with a tabletop that’s 24 inches or less in diameter. These tables are used for the purpose of dining, cafe-style, with a small meal or just a beverage. Bistro tables are great for small spaces—like balconies, eat-in kitchens, as a dining table in a studio apartment, or in a large living room to create a coffee nook!

Things to Consider When Buying a Bistro Table

  • Do you want a full set? Many bistro tables come with matching chairs (or have matching chairs available to purchase separately). But you can also mix and match table and chair styles as you please to create a look that’s all your own!
  • Where will it be used? Where you place it will impact the style of bistro table you choose. They can go in any of the spaces we mentioned above—and bistro tables are also a great design hack to fill out a bay window or awkward, unused corner!

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c-table over velvet sofa

C Side Table

This side table is named for its shape: inspired by the letter C! C tables have a base that can slide under a sofa or chair, while the top acts like a tray. This is a great table style for small spaces, since you can tuck it snugly into your seat—meaning it essentially takes up no floor space. But C tables are also great if you’re just looking for some versatility! They’re like grown-up snack tables or a mini desk which can move around your living room as needed. We love that they don’t take up a lot of space but provide surface space for eating, drinking, and working from a seat.

Things to Consider When Buying a C Table

  • What are the seat heights of your sofa and chairs? Find a C side table where the tabletop height is comfortable for use when you are sitting. This is especially important when using it for working, since you’ll want to tuck your legs underneath when using it as a computer table!
  • Do you want it to serve as a stationary table? Though one of the benefits of a C table is how easily it can move around your room, these side tables can also be used as stationary tables. However, they tend to have less surface space than your average side table—so they’re typically a bit too small for holding lamps. If you’re looking to put heavy objects on a C table, just make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold them.

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living room with mustard velvet chairs and white sofa

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a low table that is designed to sit in the center of a seating area in a living room. Specifically, coffee tables tend to be centered on your sofa—placed with enough room for walking between the two pieces of furniture, but close enough that you can easily reach anything on the table. One of the top essentials on our living room checklist, coffee tables offer the convenience of a place to add decor and books, set your drinks, and even gather around to play games.

Coffee tables come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. You can explore our guide to coffee table shapes and the many different coffee table materials. Plus, check out our dos and don’ts when picking a coffee table.

Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table

  • How large are the other pieces of furniture in your seating area? When choosing a coffee table, you want to make sure it’s in proportion to the sofa and chairs it will be surrounded by. You also want to make sure it’s sized in a way where there’s room to walk around it without bumping into other furniture and that it’s the right height in comparison with your sofa. (The top of the coffee table should be level with cushions or slightly lower.)
  • What functions do you need from your coffee table? Consider what you need from your coffee table: Storage? Style? Kid-friendly? Extra seating? Coffee tables are hero pieces of the living room that see a lot of action—so consider all the variables before committing to your table. (If you’re looking for extra functionality, consider some coffee table alternatives as well.)
  • What’s your budget? Coffee tables can be expensive! But they also tend to be pretty durable. So, think of this as an investment piece that will set the tone for your living room. Bonus: they do tend to retain their value, so you have the flexibility to sell it second-hand in the future.

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Console table with bowls and circular mirror

Console Table

Console tables are both decorative and functional. Since they’re narrow and unobstructive, they work perfectly along the wall in entryways and hallways—offering a surface for trays, lamps, and decor without becoming a tripping hazard by impeding the walkway. They’re also a great piece to use behind a floating sofa and can be used in place of a larger credenza or media cabinet in small spaces.

Many console tables have drawers and a lower shelf, for a bit of extra storage space and surface area—but some only offer the tabletop.

Things to Consider When Buying a Console Table

  • What are your needs for the space? If all you need is a surface space for lighting, you can be pretty flexible in your choice. But if you need drawers for storage or need one that’s narrow enough if it’s for a small hallway, you’ll want to consider those limitations and needs when shopping for a console table.

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tall kitchen table with stools

Counter-Height Table

A counter-height table is a mix between a traditional dining table and a bar table. The surface is as high as a kitchen counter (about 36 inches) and they’re paired with counter stools for seating. This is a great dining table option in a small apartment. The height keeps a small space feeling open—and the tabletop can double as extra prep space since it’s counter-height!

Things to Consider When Buying a Counter-Height Table

  • How many people need to sit around it? Counter-height tables tend to have smaller surface areas—seating anywhere from two to six people max, depending on the size and shape. (Though you can find some that are larger.) You’ll also need to get counter-height stools to go with (regular dining chairs will be too short), so need to factor that in as well.
  • Do you like formal dining? Counter-height tables have a more casual vibe, so consider if that’s right for you! Because of their casual nature, these pieces actually work best as kitchen tables or in open living/dining rooms.

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white desk in gray office


Desks are pieces of furniture used in home offices as a workspace. And they come in many shapes, sizes, and styles! From crafting, writing, or working on computers, there are desks for all working needs. Some writing desks are minimal in design and are simply a tabletop on legs with no storage. Other desk styles have tons of built-in storage for office supplies, paperwork, and files.

Need some help finding a desk for your home office? Here are six tips for choosing your perfect desk.

Things to Consider When Buying a Desk

  • How will you use the desk? Do you need storage space? How much surface area do you need? Thinking through what you need out of a desk will help you narrow down your options!

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natural wood dining table with woven leather dining chairs

Dining Table

No surprise here: a dining table is used for dining. But there is quite a bit of variety when it comes to dining tables. Dining tables can be round or square, oval or rectangular. They can  be small and seat only 2-4, or they can be extra long and seat up to 20! Most are somewhere in between, and some dining tables even come with leaves to extend the size and seat more people when entertaining. And, of course, you can find dining tables in just about any design style, made from a variety of materials.

Dining tables are a big investment, and a major piece of furniture in your home. If you need a little extra help thinking through your options, check out our guide to dining table shapes, sizes, and materials. And, to make sure your table’s style coordinates with the rest of your home, read our post on dining table styles. And, since you need dining chairs to go with your dining table, feel free to check out our guide to different types of dining chairs.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dining Table

  • How many people need to sit around it? It’s great to be able to comfortably seat your family, along with a few extra guests. So, think through your typical dining group size, and choose a table size based on those numbers.
  • Do you entertain often? Look for tables with extra leaves so you can size your table to your group size every time.
  • How durable does it need to be? If you have kids, you’ll want to go for a more sturdy and durable material—and one that’s easy to clean!

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home office with antique style drafting desk and black wall sconce

Drafting Table

A drafting table is a type of desk that’s similar to a work table (more on that later in the post)—but rather than a stationary top, drafting tables have tops that can be adjusted to different angles. Also known as drawing boards, drafting tables are traditionally used by architects and engineers. But they’re also perfect for a home office or workroom for someone who simply enjoys sketching, painting, crafting, or wants an adjustable surface!

Things to Consider When Buying a Drafting Table

  • How much space do you have? Drafting tables can take up quite a bit of space. Not only do they tend to have large table tops—but they need a bit of extra space to allow for adjusting the angle of the desktop.

side table next to chaise

Drink Table (AKA Martini Table)

A drink table—or martini table—is a small, round accent table that is placed next to seating, like a sofa or chair. As the name suggests, its primary purpose is to hold drinks. Quite a bit smaller than your average pedestal table, drink tables can typically hold just one or two drinks. These tables are great for small spaces where you don’t have room for a full-sized accent table, or next to a chair in any room where you want a surface to set a drink!

Things to Consider When Buying a Drink Table

  • Will it offer enough surface space? Drink tables are quite stylish and functional—but they’re not meant for more than one person. So, when choosing one, make sure it will have enough surface space for your needs. (These tables definitely don’t have enough room for a table lamp—so keep that in mind!)
  • Do you have kids? Though drink tables are typically weighted at the bottom so they don’t topple over, they’re not a good option for homes with small kids, since they do topple more easily than the average accent table.
  • What’s your budget? Because they are smaller in size, drink tables are often less expensive than full-sized accent tables. Just be sure to consider the trade-off in surface space when buying one of these. We’d hate for you to expect a full-size table and wind up with something that can only hold your martini!

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rustic side table with glass lamp

End Table

An end table is a small table used in a living room that visually serves as an “end cap” to a larger piece of furniture in this space. Most often, end tables come in pairs and are meant to be used on either side of the sofa.

The main thing that differentiates end tables from accent tables is that end tables typically have a distinct front and back (whereas accent tables can be used from any side). They’re also usually placed against a wall rather than paired with a floating sofa.

Things to Consider When Buying an End Table

  • How tall is your sofa? End tables should be the same height as the arm of your sofa—so make sure the height is right for the sofa it is next to.
  • How much surface space do you need? If you want to max out on surface space, end tables are a good option, since they’re often larger than accent tables. They offer plenty of surface space for lighting, drinks, books, and more!
  • Do you need storage? Many end tables have drawers, which are great for stashing remotes, extra coasters, and candles. However, not all end tables have drawers, so consider your living room storage needs before shopping!

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small kitchen-table

Folding Table

Many types of tables can be folding tables, but the most common is a folding dining table like the one pictured here. (We’re not talking about folding card tables, like the ones your grandma always kept in the basement—though those are technically folding tables as well!) What we’re talking about here is a dining table (often round in shape) that has sides that fold down. (Sometimes these are called drop-leaf tables.) Folding down one or both sides of the table saves space, allowing it to be pushed against a wall or even stashed in a large closet when not in use. Folding tables are great for dining in small spaces, for use as a kitchen table, or for occasional entertaining needs.

Things to Consider When Buying a Folding Table

  • How often will you need to fold and unfold it? If you’ll rarely fold down the leaves, it might be worth getting a fixed table instead. However, if you live alone or with one other person, you can save space day-to-day by having the sides folded down, while having the option of expanding it to its full size when having guests over.
  • How heavy is it? This is something to consider if you’ll be moving it from room-to-room for entertaining purposes!

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Office with drafting desk

Game Table (or Card Table)

As the name implies, game tables are meant as a surface for playing games. Some game tables have built-in elements for specific card or board games. (The one pictured above has chip slots for poker, plus cup holders!) Others have a plain vinyl gaming surface, gaming table covers, or reversible tops where one side is for gaming and the other is a solid surface to be used as a dining table. (This third option makes for the most versatile table!)

Game tables will typically need to be large enough where you can fit all the players of your preferred games comfortable around the table. We also recommend pairing game tables with comfortable upholstered chairs that are on casters!

Things to Consider When Buying a Game Table

  • What games will you play? If you enjoy a wide variety of games, go for something a bit more versatile, without specific game built-ins. But if you have one specific game you play with friends, look for a table that’s made more specifically for that game.
  • What’s your budget? Game tables can be quite expensive—so this is probably a piece of furniture that you won’t casually incorporate into your home. It’s an investment piece and worth finding one that will suit your needs for years to come.

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club chairs by fireplace with side table

Tray Table

A tray table is a small, collapsible or foldable table. Typically used for serving and eating food in a living room (think: 1950s TV dinner trays!), tray tables are easy to use for different functions. But we especially love them as a snack table for movie nights or between two accent chairs for a cozy coffee nook!

Tray tables come in a variety of styles—ranging from super simple, like a typical TV tray, to more elaborate and decorative, like the one pictured above.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tray Table

  • How will you mainly use it? If you’ll be using the tray top to carry food and drinks between the kitchen and living room, you’ll want to look for one with a fully removable top that’s easy to reattach vs a folding tray table where the top is attached to the base.
  • Will it be an occasional or permanent fixture in your space? If you only plan on pulling out your tray table for a movie night, you can go more simple and functional in design. But if you plan on leaving it out, go for a more stylish design that complements the style of your room.

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desk used as vainty


A vanity is a dressing table that’s used as a place to do hair and makeup and put on jewelry. These tables often look like small desks and typically have small drawers for storing dressing items. Vanities are accompanied by a mirror and a stool that slides underneath, so you can sit down in front of the mirror while getting ready. Some come with a mirror attached, and some even come with a stool—but others have each piece sold separately.

Vanity tables are usually placed in a bedroom—though if you have a separate dressing room, a large walk-in closet, or even a large bathroom a vanity could also go in any of these areas.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vanity Table

  • How much storage do you need? If you want to keep makeup and hair tools nearby, opt for a style with drawers so you can tuck things away once you’re ready for the day.
  • Do you want one with an attached mirror? Many vanities have built-in triptych mirrors to make it super easy to get ready. But some require you to purchase a mirror separately. This, however, gives you the flexibility to choose whatever style of mirror you prefer!
  • Does it need to serve a secondary function? Not everyone has the luxury of having enough space for a dedicated vanity. If you need this piece to serve double-duty, you can combine this piece with a desk if you also need a home office space but don’t have room for both.

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home office with dark grey wall and natural wood working desk

Work Table

A work table is used for working on large-scale projects or for spreading out to collaborate. Offering a larger surface area than a typical desk, these tables are great for when you’re working from home with multiple monitors or if you have a child who loves to “work” alongside you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Work Table

  • Will you be using it just for work or will it need to dual function? Since these tables offer so much surface area, sometimes you can sneak in a secondary function with a large work table. They work great as dining tables and would also make a great table for working on a puzzle!

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Designer Picks: The Best Benches for The End of Your Bed

Whether you’re designing your bedroom from scratch or refreshing it with a new look, a bench at the end of the bed is one of our top bedroom essentials. Stylistically, an end of bed bench is a luxurious finishing accent. It adds a polished look to your bed and bedroom, and it also provides a seat for putting on and taking off shoes as well as a surface for holding any extra pillows and blankets at night.

However, with so many bedroom bench options available, it can get overwhelming when shopping for one that meets your style and needs. Do you go with an upholstered bench or one of the more practical storage benches? Or should you pick a pair of stools or ottomans instead? What are bench sizes that work with queen beds?

Bench dimensions in relation to your bed size is key. (For the record, a queen bed should be paired with a bench that’s about 45” wide, and 60-65” wide for a king. And there should be 6”-8” of bed on both ends of the bench.) Additionally, your bench should be the same height as, or lower (not higher) than, your bed.

To help you find the right size bench for your bed, we’ve devised this handy bench to bed frame size guide, along with a roundup of our designers’ favorite benches below.

The Best End of Bed Bench Size for Each Mattress Size

  • Full Size Beds = 46” max
  • Queen Size Beds = 48” max
  • King Size Beds = 64” max
  • California King Beds = 60” max

Keep reading to see our designers’ top picks for end of bed benches in every style.

Best Wood Benches

Wood benches go with any style space or furniture. They’re a reliable option for an end of bed bench that’s long-lasting, easy to clean, and simple to style up with pillows, throws, and accents.

Contemporary bedroom with wood bench and woven storage baskets

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Saige Mid-Century Bench, Greenville

Why We Love It: Simple, polished, and airy, this modern bench adds practical seating without being bulky. The rich walnut wood tone adds instant warmth and pairs nicely with many different palettes, while the open base provides lots of extra storage room for baskets and boxes underneath.

Perfect for… Modern and contemporary bedrooms with a neutral palette.

Rustic modren bedroom with wood bench

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Sango Bench, Noir

Why We Love It: The unique design of this bench makes it a sculptural statement in any bedroom. Substantial in size, this bench provides both bold form and practical function with its three separate seats. The honey-tone munggur wood also adds a touch of natural beauty and warmth.

Perfect for… Neo-traditional style bedrooms with a mix of classic-trad and modern elements.

dark bedroom with platform bed and natural wood bed

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Dakota Bench, Crate & Barrel

Why We Love It: This clean-lined bench has a perfectly minimalist look. It adds practical function without taking up room both physically and visually. The neutral ashy wood tone also works well with other neutrals, making it easy to mix with any style furniture or space.

Perfect for… Minimalists and contemporary bedrooms with lots of organic and neutral designs.

Eclectic bedroom with woven bench

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Callie Woven Bench, Hyde Park

Why We Love It: With its woven seat, this bench brings a bold eclectic look to the bedroom. The two-tone hues and woven texture add visual interest, and they make the bench stand out alongside natural-wood pieces. Mix it with other colorful textural accents, like a sheepskin rug or kilim pouf.

Perfect for… Rustic, eclectic, and boho style rooms with a mix of chic, colorful, and organic designs.


Best Upholstered Benches for Bedrooms

Plush upholstered benches offer the greatest range of style options, from solid colors to patterned designs. They’re luxe end of bed benches that add major warmth, texture, and color.

Neutral MCM bedroom with tapered leg bench

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Cavett Leather Bench, Crate & Barrel

Why We Love It: A classic Mid-century style bench with a neutral color palette, it’s a polished and plush addition to the foot of any bed. The upholstered leather top adds a cool industrial vibe and is also easy-to-clean. It’s a great investment piece since leather is durable and ages nicely over time.

Perfect for… Any modern bedrooms with a Mid-Century style furniture mix.

Industrial bedroom with organic accents and velvet bench

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Channel Velvet Bench, Crate & Barrel

Why We Love It: Topped with a bold-green velvet seat, this clean-lined bench adds a modern and glamorous look to a queen bed. The soft velvet makes it a great end of bed bench that can do double-duty as a reading seat or a catchall for clothes and pillows. It also pairs nicely with other green accents for a lush and calming look.

Perfect for… Glamorous and nature-inspired bedrooms with lots of botanical and green elements.

natural wood headboard in a blue coastal bedroom

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Sweden Bench, Noir

Why We Love It: With its natural wood, cream fabric upholstery, and nailheads, this bench has a timeless antiqued look that easily works with a wide range of color palettes. The open rectangular design is classic and elegant, and it’s substantial in size so it’s best suited for a large bedroom.

Perfect for… Rustic and transitional style spaces with lots of natural wood bedroom furniture.

Pink monochromatic bedroom with matching bench

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Terrace Bench, Vivid Arts

Why We Love It: The turned brass legs give this bench a majorly glam form. Paired with a pink patterned seat top, this bench is at once chic, colorful, and compact so you can easily pull it into a large or small bedroom. It’s the perfect fun companion to any size bed.

Perfect for… Glam, Mid-Century, or even eclectic style rooms that have lots of warm pops of color.

Mcm bedroom with upholstered bench

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Dechlan Bench, Scout Home

Why We Love It: Light and airy, this x-framed bench from Scout Home is a stylish addition to any traditional or rustic bedroom. The neutral upholstered seat, silver nailheads, and warm-wood frame make it versatile and easy to work into any color scheme. Try mixing it with other traditional wood and metal accents.

Perfect for… Traditional and rustic interiors with sleek lighting, luxe accents, and rich woods.

Modern bedroom with white leather bench

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Lucas Long Leather Bench, Global Views

Why We Love It: A Mid-century style bench with a balanced shape. You get the best of all worlds with the angular carved wood frame and sumptuous white-leather upholstered seat. It adds a sculptural look at the end of a bed or it’s equally stylish and bold set against a wall along the bed.

Perfect for… Minimalists who love the Scandinavinan-inspired Mid-Century look.

MCM meets glam bedroom with velvet and acrylic bench

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Acrylic & Velvet Bench, CB2

Why We Love It: It doesn’t get more glam and chic than an acrylic bench topped with a plush velvet seat. The acrylic base gives the bench a visually minimal look that makes it practical in smaller rooms, and the clear frame also makes it a piece that can be easily paired with any size or style bed.

Perfect for…  Mid-Century lovers who also love a glam, modern touch in their decor.

MCM and rustic bedroom with ribbed goat leather bench in cognac

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Goat Leather Bench, Precita Home

Why We Love It: A stylish combination of rustic ribbed leather with tapered modern wood legs, this compact bench packs a bold look at the end of a bed. The warm wood tone and tan-leather is a great way to add a pop of color and texture to a neutral bed and white bedding.

Perfect for… Modern rustic bedrooms anchored in earth tones, organic wood, and light fabrics.

Rustic and industrial bedroom with collapsable leather bench in cognac

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Leather Director’s Bench, CB2

Why We Love It: The smooth leather seat with an old-school collapsing X-frame bench makes this a compact and convenient seat at the foot of any bed. The leather-and-metal combination and the hand-assembled and sewn aspect of the bench also gives it a cool industrial vibe.

Perfect for… Rustic and industrial style rooms with a mix of simple designs and natural materials.

Contemporary bedroom with upholster bench

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Pax Bench, Crate & Barrel

Why We Love It: A stylish classic bench with a clean-lined frame that’s made extra-bold with a striped upholstered seat. The striped fabric adds visual interest to a bedroom without coming off as too colorful, while the mango-wood frame offers a touch of warmth.

Perfect for… Neutral palette rooms and modern bedrooms with clean-lined furniture and decor.

Contemporary bedroom with tufted bench

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Arlo Bench, Nuevo

Why We Love It: A chic bench featuring walnut wood and charcoal tufted upholstery, this is classic Mid-Century style at its finest. Anchor the foot of a bed with this bench to add bold texture and a sumptuous place to sit, lay down a tray, or to hold extra clothes and pillows.

Perfect for… Modern or traditional bedroom with lots of neutral upholstery and textile accents.

Tropical inspired bedroom with woven bench

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Aliser Double Bench, Ludlow Living

Why We Love It: This durable woven rattan bench brings a tropical-inspired look to the bedroom. At the foot of the bed, it’s a bedroom seating area all on its own, with its plush removable cushion and settee-like arms. It’s a sumptuous bench that’s not heavy looking thanks to the open woven rattan.

Perfect for… Eclectic, boho, and coastal style bedrooms and spaces with kids and pets.


Mid-century modern bedroom with wing bench

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Mid-Century Wing Bench, Nyla Home

Why We Love It: With tapered legs, a tufted seat cushion, and winged sides, this curvy Mid-Century style bench brings an elevated look to any bedroom. It’s a great bench to balance out a more classic wood bed and it will instantly brighten a room with a crisp, design-forward look and feel.

Perfect for… Mid-century style and minimalist rooms with simple wood pieces and graphic accents.

Best End of the Bed Storage Benches

These seats have hidden storage compartments and provide the best bedroom storage. As an end of bed bench, you can stow blankets and linens out of sight but always within easy reach.

Contemporary bedroom with upholstered bench

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Sydney Trunk, Scout Home

Why We Love It: This leather bench has the sleek look of an industrial Mid-Century seat but comes with added hidden storage that makes it a stylish storage essential for the bedroom. It’s low-maintenance given the leather upholstery and the blue hue makes it easy to mix into any space.

Perfect for… Spacious modern rooms that can fit larger bedroom benches and clean-lined pieces.

pink boho bedroom with velvet trunk

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Clutch Bench, CB2

Why We Love It: Plush and substantial in size, this chic storage bench in blush upholstery is sure to be a showstopper at the foot of any bed. The top lifts off to reveal a deep cavity that’s perfect for storing bedding, pillows, purses, shoes, and other clothing. The blush also blends beautifully with other color palettes—it isn’t too bold or too subdued and works perfectly as a neutral.

Perfect for… A large bedroom of any style, from minimalist to eclectic and Mid-Century.

rustic bedroom with tufted headboard and bench

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Lorraine Storage Bench, Pottery Barn

Why We Love It: This is as classic as storage benches get. It comes with a tufted cushion top, clean-lined design, traditional wood feet, and a deep hidden compartment inside. The cream upholstery is the perfect neutral for mixing with any color scheme and the substantial size of the bench makes it super practical as a seat and storage piece.

Perfect for… Traditional and rustic rooms with a king size bed, which works best with this bench.

Best End of the Bed Stools

The most versatile end of bed bench option, stools are great if you want pieces that are small-space friendly. They’re easy to move around and usually work best in pairs.

Traditional bedroom with rustic elements and twin woven stools

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Malibu Accent Stool, Pottery Barn

Why We Love It: These rustic stools come with natural wood frames and woven jute seats that give them an organic warmth. At the end of a bed, these bedroom benches add an earthy vibe and make for convenient surfaces for clothes and books. Try two placed side-by-side for a balanced look.

Perfect for… Boho and modern eclectic bedrooms outfitted with lots of natural textures and accents.

Electic bedroom with leather stools

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Leather Stool, Baylin

Why We Love It: The industrial X-frame in dark metal and warm-leather sling seats make these chic stools for in and out of the bedroom. At the foot of the bed, a pair instantly adds a sleek modern look. Lightweight and easy to fold away, they’re also ideal bench options for small bedrooms.

Perfect for… Modern, industrial, and rustic style rooms where bold materials are the spotlight.

Best Ottomans for the End of the Bed

For something more substantial than stools and benches, ottomans are the way to go. Spacious, kid-friendly, and made for lounging, ottomans can make for a great end of bed bench that’s chic, durable, and long-lasting for years to come.

Minimalist bedroom with storage bench

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Lounge Deep Storage Ottoman, Crate & Barrel

Why We Love It: A classic and simple ottoman with a deep storage compartment inside, this substantial piece adds a clean-lined and crisp look to the foot of any bed. The neutral upholstery works in any space, and hidden casters let you move it as needed.

Perfect for… Spacious modern minimalist rooms large enough to fit a king sized bed, which works best proportionally with this ottoman.

modern rustic bedroom with iron bed

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Pacey Leather Ottoman, Jofran

Why We Love It: With a clean-lined metal base and a tufted leather top, this industrial-style ottoman adds instant statement style and warmth to a bed. The dark hues of the bench work with a range of color palettes and schemes, and the open base offers extra storage for boxes, bins, and baskets.

Perfect for… Modern rustic spaces with a mix of industrial and contemporary furnishings.

Best End of Bed Trunks

Trunks have been used in bedrooms for centuries. They offer more storage than benches and a trunk or chest generally has a versatile design that’s easy to mix with furnishings in various styles. As an end of bed bench, they’re durable, timeless, and unexpected.

Rustic style bedroom with trunk

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Maynard Trunk, C2C Home

Why We Love It: Equal parts classic and rustic, this natural wood trunk with metal details brings a vintage-inspired look to the bedroom. It can work with a range of color palettes, from light and airy to rich and warm, and it offers tons of interior storage that makes it a timeless and practical piece.

Perfect for… Traditional and modern bedrooms with lots of natural textures and vintage accents.

iron bed in modern rustic bedroom

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Acacia Trunk, CB2

Why We Love It: For a sleek modern trunk, this clean-lined trunk made with richly hued acacia wood is a chic update of classic old chests. It adds warmth to a bedroom without feeling too bold, and it blends seamlessly with other wood and modern furnishings as well as high-contrast accents.

Perfect for… Modern, minimalist, and rustic rooms that have a good mix of contemporary designs.

Best End of Bed Poufs

Soft, versatile, and easy to maneuver, poufs are perfect benches for small spaces. A pair is the easiest (and most affordable) way to create an end of bed bench that adds color, pattern, and texture. There are also endless pouf options, so you’re sure to find ones that match your style.

Coastal bedroom with twin ottomans

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Nautical Pouf, Precita Home

Why We Love It: You can’t go wrong with poufs in classic blue-and-white stripes. A pair of these nautical-style poufs will bring a relaxed and airy look to the foot of your bed and the simple cube shape makes it easy to move around and decorate with other laid-back furnishings.

Perfect for… Rustic, coastal, and traditional bedrooms with a mix of white-washed and relaxed furnishings.

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Furniture Shopping Guide: When’s The Best Time to Buy Furniture?

If 2020 caused you to take stock of what’s working in your home and what it’s lacking, 2021 may be the right time to pull the trigger on some new furniture to help your home be more stylish and functional. But it’s no secret that good furniture can be quite the investment. However, it’s not impossible to find furniture that suits both your style and your budget!

If budget is a factor when shopping for new furniture, it’s worth strategically planning your purchases throughout the year. Because different types of furniture and decor tend to go on sale at different times of the year, so there are better times to purchase certain items.

Shopping for a specific piece of furniture? Be sure to check out our interior design buying guides for the full scoop on sofas to side chairs!

In general, the furniture industry operates on a spring and fall schedule, with their biggest collections launching biannually. So, if you want to save some money, shop right before new styles hit retailers—in January/February and August/September. These are the months that retailers tend to discount their stock to make room for new collections. President’s Day and Labor Day sales tend to coincide with these seasonal patterns, which means these are some of the best across-the-board sales of the year.

If budget is less of a concern, you may want to consider shopping in March and September, when new collections launch, so that you can choose from the broadest (and newest) assortment of furniture and decor.

Today, we’ll walk you through the best time of the year to buy furniture—from being mindful of annual sales to knowing when new collections typically launch. Keep reading for our month-by-month breakdown!

Best time of year to buy furniture


After the rush of the holidays, when many households buy new furniture for hosting guests, January tends to be a slower month for furniture sales. Because of this, retailers often put furniture on sale in January. This is also a time of year when they’re clearing out inventory before their spring collections launch.

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Notable Sales

Keep an eye out for New Year’s sales at the very beginning of the month. Many brands also run big sales around MLK Day.

It’s a great time to buy…

Bedding: Bedroom furniture, as well as sheets, linens, and other bedding tend to be a focus in January and February.

Office Items: Some retailers also put office items on sale in January to coincide with New Year’s Resolutions involving organization and productivity. So, you’ll see a lot of organizational and storage items on sale this time of year.

Holiday Decor: In early January, you’ll see holiday-themed decor go on major sales. Retailers are looking to clear out their holiday inventory. So, plan ahead for next year and stock up on lights and decor at your favorite big-box retailer or department store so you’re ready with a fresh look next holiday season! And if you’re in the market for some post-holiday winter decor ideas, we can help you there as well!

Best time of year to buy furniture


February is the month that many furniture retailers are clearing out inventory before spring collections launch. So, you’ll see plenty of furniture sales, especially around President’s Day. Sometimes retailers will even start to preview their spring collections or pre-launch certain items. So, if you want to jump on a new collection, keep your eyes peeled in February.

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Notable Sales

You won’t want to forget about President’s Day sales, which tend to be fairly robust!

It’s a great time to buy…

Textiles: Retailers often focus on bedding and other home textiles in the month of February, with smaller sales accompanying this focus.

neutral color scheme modern dining room with sleek stone dining table and black dining chairs


March is when new spring collections launch—so you’ll see a lot of fresh furniture and decor hitting stores this month. If you’re not as concerned about shopping sales, this is a great time to get in on fresh, new merchandise.

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It’s a great time to buy…

Seasonal decor: Whether you simply want to refresh your home with some new spring decor or are in need of some kitchen items for hosting Easter or Passover meals, March is a good time to make these purchases.

Best time of year to buy furniture


Outdoor furniture collections often launch around April, making it a great time to get your outdoor spaces ready for the summer. It’s also a great time of year to do some spring cleaning and give your home a little refresh with some new greenery, window treatments, and lightweight fabrics!

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It’s a great time to buy…

Lightweight textiles: Strip away those heavy winter wools and knits and make space for linens and other lightweight and gauzy materials. April is the perfect time to switch out winter blankets, drapes, and bedding for fabrics that are light and airy, and more suited to the warmer months.

Best time of year to buy furniture


May is a big sale month, with most mainstream retailers hosting robust sales around Memorial Day. This is a time of year when many people pull the trigger on new sofas and other large furniture items. With the school year ending around this time, this is also when “moving season” is in full-swing. So, it’s also a great time shop secondhand.

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Notable Sales

Memorial Day sales start in late May—and they tend to offer huge discounts.

It’s a great time to buy…

Big-ticket items: With Memorial Day sales, it’s a good time to buy big pieces of furniture like sofas, beds, and furniture sets. Memorial Day sales generally include all types of furniture!

Second-hand furniture: Since this is a time of year when many people move, many people donate or sell old furniture around this time of year. So, if you’re looking for budget-friendly second-hand items, this is a great time to snag some great used items.

Best time of year to buy furniture


June means that school’s out for the summer! So, it’s a great time of year to dive into summer decor and take advantage of sales on outdoor furniture and rugs.

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Notable Sales

Some retailers will start big Fourth of July pre-sales in late June, so keep your eyes peeled.

It’s a great time to buy…

Summer decor: Not everyone switches out their decor seasonally—but if you do, June is the time to bring in the summer decor. While furniture retailers generally have larger spring and fall collections, they’ll often release smaller collections of summer decor in May or June.

Best time of year to buy furniture


The Fourth of July is—of course—only four days into the month, but that’s when the biggest sales of the month occur. And, although July is when summer is at its peak, it tends to be the time when early Fall decor and back-to-school items start hitting stores. So, it’s a good time to start assessing your home office needs for the fall.

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Notable Sales

Retailers generally host sales the days leading up to the Fourth of July, as well as the weekend (or weekends) surrounding the holiday.

It’s a great time to buy…

Outdoor furniture: With retailers wanting to clear out their outdoor furniture inventory by the end of the summer, the Fourth of July tends to be when they start putting outdoor items on sale. The 4th of July through Labor Day is the best time to get good deals on outdoor furniture. (And sometimes some indoor furniture as well!)

Best time of year to buy furniture


By August, back to school “season” is in full swing. This means figuring out what office furniture and organizational pieces you may need for the new school year. It’s also when new fall decor collections officially launch, so you can get inspired by seasonal trends.

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Notable Sales

Many retailers have smaller End-of-Summer sales, a time when they really clearance outdoor furniture. Depending on when Labor Day falls, you may also start seeing pre-Labor Day sales start in late August.

It’s a great time to buy…

Office furniture: With the new school year looming, you may realize your child needs a desk for a dedicated homework space, or that you’re in need of additional organization in your home office. Some retailers have office-specific sales in their end-of-season sales, otherwise you can generally find good discounts on office furniture during Labor Day sales, so August is a good time to assess your needs.

Fall decor: Want to refresh your decor for fall? Start shopping in August so that fall decor isn’t picked over or sold out by the time you actually want to decorate for fall!

Outdoor furniture: If you didn’t pull the trigger in July, but still want to purchase some outdoor furniture, make sure to shop for it in August, before inventory is cleared out. This is when you’ll find the best discounts on outdoor items, making it one of the best times to buy these pieces.

Best time of year to buy furniture


September is when everyone is getting back into their school-year routines—and realizing what furniture pieces they need for a productive work-from-home or homework space. Some retailers start releasing holiday products as early as September. And speaking of the holidays—this is a good time to look ahead and assess your needs and holiday and hosting season looms closer.

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Notable Sales

Labor Day sales—like Memorial Day sales—tend to feature big discounts on almost all furniture categories.

It’s a great time to buy…

Large furniture: Anticipating hosting for the holidays? With production and shipping lead times, the discounts you’ll find during Labor Day sales makes this one of the best times of the year to purchase any big furniture items you’ll need in time for the holidays. This could be anything from storage furniture or a new guest bed to a dining table and extra seating.

Best time of year to buy furniture


October is when retailers tend to launch their holiday decor collections—and it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about your holiday hosting needs. Whether you need new furniture or want to refresh your decor before guests arrive, plan ahead so you’re not left scrambling at the last minute.

It’s a great time to buy…

Tabletop decor: With the holidays approaching, it’s a great time to purchase anything you may need for holiday hosting. From new dinnerware and serving dishes to candle holders and centerpieces, now’s the time to prep for holiday hosting!

Dining furniture: Didn’t order furniture during Labor Day sales? If you still need a dining table or chairs for holiday hosting, don’t wait past October. Order this month to make sure your items arrive before your guests.

Holiday decor: If you want new holiday decor this year and don’t mind paying full-price, now is the time to buy, before holiday collections are picked over and start to sell out.

Best time of year to buy furniture


For many retailers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just two days of big sales—they’re sales that now start before Thanksgiving and often bleed into December. These sales can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So, spend early November doing some planning ahead so that you know exactly what you’re looking for when the sales begin!

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Notable Sales

When it comes to November sales, it’s all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s a great time to buy…

Large furniture: Not concerned about getting new furniture in time for the holidays? Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a great time to make larger furniture purchases.

Fall and Halloween decor: After Halloween, retailers dive head-first into the holidays. So, if you want a good deal on Fall or Halloween decor for next year, hit up your favorite stores in the first week of November, when retailers will be clearing out their Fall and Halloween inventory.

Holiday decor: Take advantage of Black Friday sales to get some good deals on new holiday decor!

Best time of year to buy furniture


In December, many retailers have sales going on throughout the month. With a focus on gifting, these sales are often on smaller items like decor and art. But, after the holidays, the focus tends to shift toward organization and storage furniture as people make resolutions for the new year.

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Notable Sales

While there are often sales going on throughout the month, many retailers have large end-of-season sales post-Christmas.

It’s a great time to buy…

Holiday decor: After Christmas, retailers put holiday decor on clearance—so it’s a great time to scoop things up for next year.

A Quick Recap

If you’re looking for indoor furniture, shop President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day sales. Specifically, February and August tend to be when retailers are discounting inventory to make space for their new spring and fall collections. Specifically, living room and dining room furniture tend to be on their best sales in the winter months, and office furniture is often discounted at the end of the summer for back-to-school sales.

For outdoor furniture, it’s all about that time between the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Of course, if you can’t wait for a big sale, many retailers have smaller sales going on each month so you can get at least a bit of a discount! Pro tip: If you start a Modsy design project, you’ll have access to a diverse array of brands, and we guarantee that you’ll find the best price if you shop through us! Affordable interior design and access to great sales year-round? Now that’s a win-win.

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Lighting Checklist: How to Choose a Lamp for Any Room

Lighting is a crucial part of every room in your home. But it can be challenging to know exactly what lights you actually need in each space. Table lamps or floor lamps? A pendant or track lighting? Directional or ambient? Since every room differs in its function, what it requires in terms of lighting varies as well. On top of that, every home and person is unique—so what works in a living room in one person’s home might be totally different than what works in another.

However, there are some general rules you can follow to help you move in the right direction. And we’re here to lay them out for you! Read on for our ultimate lighting checklist, with a room-by-room guide to what lighting you need in each space. (And check out our Lighting buying guide for a full run-down on the many different types of light fixtures you can use throughout your home and how to budget for what you need!)

How to choose a lamp

Essential Entryway Lighting

Entryways are the first thing a person sees when they walk into your home. So, you definitely want to make an effort to make it feel warm and inviting! Good lighting is key to making this happen. For an entryway that’s at least somewhat—if not completely—separated from your living space, you’ll want to incorporate some overhead and ambient lighting. But if your “entryway” is simply three square feet in the corner of your living room, simply incorporate it into the rest of the living space, in terms of how you use lighting.

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Pendants or Chandeliers

Overhead ambient lighting, in the form of a pendant or chandelier, can hang from the ceiling in the center of your entryway space. This will effectively light up the entire area, so you can see while putting on or taking off shoes and coats.

Table Lamps

If you have a console table in your entryway, we love including a table lamp in the room design—in fact, it’s an essential element in our entryway checklist. This adds a touch of accent lighting, and offers a softer light that you can leave on when you leave your house. It also gives you a bit of light when you come home, before you turn on the overhead light! In addition to offering accent lighting, a table lamp can also be a stylish, sculptural element within your entryway.


A wall sconce is a great option for smaller entryways, where you don’t have space for a console table and table lamp. It offers all the benefits of a table lamp, but since it’s attached to the wall, it takes up less space.

How to choose a lamp

Essential Living Room Lighting

Living rooms are the heart of a home and the space where so much action takes place. From watching TV and reading to game nights, conversations, playtime, and homework, these spaces are major workhorses in the home. So, when it comes to living room design ideas, good lighting from a multitude of light sources is key, so that you have the right amount of light throughout the day. This is a space where you want it all—ambient, accent, decorative, you name it. This will give you maximum flexibility in creating the right mood for your space all day long.

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Pendants or Chandeliers

Not every home has a pendant or chandelier in their living room—but if your space is wired for this, it’s a great way to add overhead ambient lighting for use throughout daylight hours. Overhead lights are especially great in the morning to help complement natural lighting and brighten up your space a bit more.

Track Lighting

Some living rooms have track lighting rather than a pendant or chandelier. With track lighting, you can have each light face the direction you’d like—highlighting artwork, bookcases, or offering directional lighting to specific areas of your room. Track lighting is also fairly easy to install if it’s not already built-in to your space.

Floor Lamps

If you want warmer, moodier lighting in your living room as the day wears on, floor lamps are a great lighting option. Floor lamps project light throughout space, and depending on the shade and shape of the lamp they can offer focused task lighting or act as ambient lighting in your space.

Table Lamps

In a living room, table lamps can sit on a side table and offer lighting to a reading corner or as additional lighting when you’re lounging on the sofa. Or these living room lamps can be placed on a credenza or console and used as accent lighting to simply better layer the lighting in your space.


In a smaller living room, sconces can be used instead of floor or table lamps to offer layered or directional lighting. However, sconces are also great in larger living spaces as simply another layer of lighting. We love using them to highlight paintings or flanking a fireplace for a more formal look.

How to choose a lamp

Essential Dining Room Lighting

Dining rooms are centered around gatherings with family and friends. They’re spaces where meals are shared and memories are made. In a dining room, you most definitely want the ability to light up your whole space, so that every meal-time is well-lit. But the ability to create moodier lighting in the evening allows you to change up the vibe and make the space feel a little more special.

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Pendants or Chandeliers

Wondering what key pieces make a dining room really sing? Check out our dining room buying guide. But we’ll give you a teaser: ambient overhead lighting can really make or break this space. A pendant or chandelier in your dining room not only acts as your main light source—but it’s also a great way to make a stylish statement in the space. And, while overhead lights light up mealtime, they also offer the ambient lighting needed for homework sessions and crafts. However, we love when overhead dining room lights have a dimmer switch so we can turn down the intensity of the light in the evening.

Table Lamps

If you have a buffet or credenza in your dining room, we recommend placing a table lamp on top. This accent light offers more nuanced lighting in the space in the evening. You can also use it to highlight decorative objects on the same surface.


Candles can happily be used in any room of your house. But in a dining room, we view taper candles as a necessary light source. Lighting candles for dinner creates a moodier—sometimes even romantic—vibe for the evening meal. You can opt to only have them out for special occasions, or you can light candles for dinner every night for year-round hygge!

How to choose a lamp

Essential Bedroom Lighting

Bedrooms transition from bright morning getting-ready spaces to cozy dens of relaxation at night. So, when considering bedroom lights and lamps for bedrooms, layered lighting is so important. You’ll want to make sure you have several bedroom lights throughout your space to transition the lighting throughout the day.

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Bedside Lamps

At the top of the list of essential bedroom lighting? Bedside lamps. At the end of the night, when you’re tucked in bed, you don’t want to have to get out of bed to turn off the lights (and risk stubbing your toes on the journey back to bed!). Having bedside lamps within arms-reach will save you hassle and stubbed toes!

Task Lamps

If you like reading in bed, you might want to consider a task lamp rather than a traditional bedside table lamp to serve as your reading light. This gives you the ability to change the angle and direction of the light so your book page is perfectly illuminated! If you have a small home office space within your bedroom, a task lamp on your desk is also essential.

Floor Lamps

Other bedroom lamps to consider? Floor lamps. Using these in your bedroom is a perfect choice if you have a seating area within your room. Placing a table lamp next to an accent chair not only creates the look of an intentional arrangement, but it offers additional lighting for when you’re reading or scrolling on your iPad—morning or evening!


In a bedroom, we love sconces for a bit of extra light above a dresser, as well as another alternative to traditional bedside lamps! At your bedside, opting for a sconce saves surface space on your nightstand and can make a stylish statement. Above your dresser, it can illuminate any products atop your dresser as you get ready in the morning and add a nice glow to your bedroom in the evening.

How to choose a lamp

Essential Home Office Lighting

Home offices are all about productivity and creating a space where you can get in the zone. And the lighting you have in this space has a big impact on your focus and energy levels. Ideally, you’ll have some natural lighting—but the light fixtures in your home office should be geared toward illuminating your space in a way that helps you effectively get work done.

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Desk Lamps

In a home office, we recommend opting for a task light for your desk lamp rather than a more traditional table lamp. In fact, task lighting is one of our home office “must-haves” in our home office buying guide. Why? This type of lamp allows you to have more control over the angle and direction of the light, so you can put a spotlight on whatever you’re working on. If you have a lot of video calls, work the angle of your task desk lamp and make the most of the natural light in your space for optimal video call lighting!

Flush-Mount Lights

While you may not need a big statement chandelier in your home office, it is nice to have an overhead light in your workspace to keep things bright and cheery. In a home office, we’d do a simple flush mount light to give ambient light to your whole space, with your task light as a supporting lightsource.

Floor Lamps

Having a floor lamp in your home office simply offers an additional light source to your space. If you have a seating area within your home office, incorporate the floor lamp into that area for use as a reading light. Otherwise, floor lamps can sit next to a bookshelf or file cabinet to offer additional light where you might need it.

Looking for expert help finding the perfect pieces for your home beyond lighting? Explore all of our interior design buying guides for advice on sofas, beds, dining tables, and so much more!

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Types of Dining Chairs: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Dining Chairs for You

Even though we aren’t entertaining much these days, we still need to have a proper dining table and dining room chairs so that you can enjoy a proper meal! In fact, dining rooms are more important than ever because we are spending so much time at home! Along with a dining table, dining room chairs are an essential part of any dining space—peep this Guide to dining table styles if you need help picking out a table to start with.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to dining chair styles—you can find wood chair styles, side chairs with upholstered seats, Art Deco dining chairs, traditional dining chairs, rustic style side chairs….you get the picture. Dining room decor comes in all kinds of options and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how many types of dining chairs are out there.

If you’re finding it hard to know which types of dining chairs will work for your dining space, we’ve got you covered! This dining chairs guide breaks down all the major shapes, sizes and types of dining chairs to help you find a solution that works.

And if you need a little extra interior design help in bringing your dining room to life, Modsy is here for you! Even though the holidays might look a little different this year, a well-designed dining room can help make the time at home feel special.


One of our favorite dining room chair types is the classic armchair.  Often used as a side chair, their larger size adds depth and character to dining room tables. They make a super elegant option and definitely complement a more formal look—but they fit well with more casual styles, too. Dining chairs like this usually have upholstered seats, which makes them more comfortable than hard materials. We love dining chairs that bring both comfort and class to your dining space!

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Side Chair

The classic side chair is one of the most traditional types of dining chairs. Known as a “dinnertime staple,” they take their name from the fact that they sit along the “side” of the table. These types of dining chairs can be more casual in style or super formal, depending on the type of dining room table you have. (Check out our guide to dining table sizes, shapes, and materials if you’re in the market for a dining room table, too!) These types of dining chairs come in all kinds of looks, so you can be sure to find one to match any style you like.

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Parsons Chair

The Parsons dining chair is another dining room classic. It gets its name from Paris’ Parsons School of Design and the dining chair features lean, simple lines and an upholstered seat. This type of dining chair comes in every fabric you can think of so there is an excellent variety to choose from. We love these dining room chairs because they can work for many styles—rustic, transitional, contemporary, modern, traditional mid-century modern—you name it! Dining chairs like this are also comfy to sit on and can fit in smaller dining rooms because they don’t have bulky arms to take up space.

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Wingback Chair

If you want a cozy, but sophisticated look for your dining chairs, the wingback chair might be just right! This dining chair has “wings” along the side of the chair to create a distinctive silhouette—they are often used just at the heads of the table. They are usually upholstered and stuffed with nailheads for a more traditional and sophisticated look. These dining chairs aren’t ideal for kids who make a mess—they are fully upholstered so they do require a lot of cleaning.

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types of dining chairsLadder Back Chair

The ladder back dining chair features horizontal slats spaced along the back of the chair, which is usually made of wood. They are great casual dining chairs and the slats create a light and open look. They work best in more rustic and traditional styles and make a great option for a kitchen table.

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types of dining chairsSlat back chair

Slat back dining chairs feature evenly spaced vertical slats, for a laid-back, quaint appeal. This look works for a variety of styles—traditional, rustic, mission, etc. and the dining chairs can be dressed up for formal settings or toned down for a casual look. They are practical and come in both solid or upholstered seating—a great choice for casual dining and households with kids!

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types of dining chairsWindsor chair

The Windsor Dining chair takes inspiration from early English designs. These types of dining chairs feature a half-circle back supported by vertical slats or rods, along with spindle legs. These dining chairs look great with rustic, traditional, and vintage styles!

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types of dining chairsCross back (X) chair

The Cross Back Chair has an X-shape on the back side of the chair that adds a light and airy look. These dining chairs range in styles from cafe chairs to rustic to contemporary. It’s a perfect choice for a casual dining room with a more stylistic approach. And these dining chairs are usually all wood, so they are kid-friendly and easy to clean!

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types of dining chairsSlope Dining Chair

The Slope dining chair is cool and sleek with a simple silhouette. This type of dining chair features a comfortable upholstered seat, usually in leather or faux leather. They can have a swanky, factory-style feel, making them great for modern rustic to industrial style. Bonus: the faux leather can be wiped down easily, making them super kid-friendly and pet friendly.

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Barrel Back Chair

Barrel back dining chairs have a bowl-like backrest that you can sink into when you sit down. These dining chairs are super versatile—some can swivel back and forth and make great desk chairs too. The upholstered seats are super comfortable for longer sitting, and they are style-forward but not stuffy. We love these dining chairs for mid-century modern, minimal, contemporary, and industrial looks.

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types of dining chairsSplat back chair

“Splat back” refers to the centrally placed, vertical column on the back of these dining chairs. These are usually found in metal, but historically they had a more gothic and English design. The metal chairs tend to be lightweight, making them versatile for indoor/outdoor dining. If you want dining chairs with a cool, industrial-chic look, these are perfect—plus they are super low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning.

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Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone Dining Chair is an iconic Danish design that’s usually made with a wood base and woven or upholstered seating. The elegant, curved frame forms a wishbone shape on the back and they are both comfortable and decorative pieces. This style of dining chair works well in eclectic, mid-century modern, rustic, minimalist, and boho styles.

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types of dining chairs

Cantilever Chair

The Cantilever Dining chair is one of the most unique looking options for dining rooms.  It gained popularity in the 70s and design enthusiasts still love it today! These dining chairs have a flexible form that makes them a little bit “bendy.” They can be upholstered or solid—caning is popular material, too. They work great with many styles, from industrial to mid-century modern

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types of dining chairsSlipcovered

For a more formal look, consider the slipcovered chair—it can add instant sophistication to a space. Slipcovered chairs can be bought as is or you enhance dining chairs like the Parsons chair by adding a slipcover over the frame. They make cleanup easy because the cover is easily removed and washed. This helps these dining chairs last over time—which is great because they tend to be a bit more expensive! They fit perfectly into classic and traditional styles.

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Plastic molded

For a trendy and funky look, try these plastic molded side chairs inspired by the Eames chair! These chairs for dining rooms are lightweight and airy looking—classic Scandinavian style. You can easily wipe the chair clean, so they are perfect for households with kids. And the dining chairs usually come in a solid color with metal or wood legs, making them super versatile and great with minimalist and modern styles!

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How to Pick a Coffee Table Shape to Go With Your Sofa

After landing on a sofa (or a sectional), a coffee table is one of the next most important pieces of furniture in your living room. It helps tie together your seating area, and offers the practicality of a surface for placing a drink, kicking up your feet, and displaying your favorite coffee table books.

But with so many different coffee table sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from, it can be overwhelming to land on the right coffee table for your living room. So, today we’re going to help you out with a coffee table buying guide! We’ll walk you through the different coffee table shapes, show you how they work with different sofa shapes (think sectional or sofa chaise), and ultimately help you find the right coffee table for your space!

coffee table buying guide

The Basics of Choosing a Coffee Table

But before all that, you’ll want to consider a few general rules of thumb when it comes to choosing the right coffee table.

Coffee Table Height

First up: coffee table height. You want your coffee table to be no more than 2-3 inches above or below your sofa’s seat height. (Though, the closer to the same height, the better.) If it’s too tall or too short, it won’t be as practical to use and frankly just won’t look as good.

Coffee Table Length

And, in terms of length, consider the space you need to walk and navigate around your coffee table within the rest of the room. A good rule of thumb is leaving about 17 inches from each end of your coffee table to the edge of your sofa for walkability. With that, in general you’ll want your coffee table to sit on the center of your area rug, no matter what sofa style you have or what shape of coffee table you choose.

Explore more coffee table do’s and don’ts here! Ready to dig in? Read on for our ultimate guide to choosing a coffee table to go with your sofa.

coffee table buying guideBest Coffee Table Shapes for Standard Sofas

If you have a standard sofa, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to picking a coffee table. You can safely go with just about any shape, and it’s just easier to know where to place it. (Simply center the coffee table on your sofa, and make sure it’s about two-thirds the length of your sofa.) So, really, it just comes down to preference. Below, you’ll see how different coffee table shapes work with a standard sofa.

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coffee table buying guide

coffee table buying guide

Rectangular Coffee Tables

A rectangular coffee table fits well with a traditional, standard-size sofa. It offers a lot of surface area—providing a surface not only for people sitting on the sofa but also on the side chair. And, the coffee table pictured is a perfect example of the right height in comparison to your sofa. We’d say that, for a standard sofa, a rectangular coffee table is your best all-around choice. This is a no-brainer shape that you really can’t go wrong with.

coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideSquare Coffee Tables

When it comes to a square coffee table with a traditional sofa, our stylists recommend doing two squares side-by-side rather than just one. A single square coffee table would feel small and awkward on it’s own with a long rectangular sofa—leaving your seating area feeling unbalanced. So, doubling up on the squares gives your living room a more balanced, cohesive look. Plus, with two squares, you get double the surface area! It gives you the concept of a rectangular coffee table, but with more visual intrigue.

coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideRound Coffee Tables

If you want to add visual interest to your living room, along with creating a bit of a statement in your space, go for a round coffee table. Just make sure it has a large enough circumference to balance out the length of your sofa! You don’t get as much surface space in comparison to a rectangular coffee table, so we recommend supplementing your seating area with some side tables for extra surface area. You could also consider doing two round tables, and either replacing them side-by-side like the squares, or staggering them, with one closer to the sofa and one further away. Staggering a set creates varied walking space around your tables and sofa and more visual interest to your set-up.

A round coffee table—whether you go for one larger table or a pair of smaller ones—is the most versatile shape and our pick for best all-around coffee table shape for any sofa style. Whether you have a standard sofa, a sectional, or a sofa with a chaise, a round coffee table will tuck into any shape, as long as the size proportions are correct. Round coffee tables are also the most kid-friendly shape, since there are no hard edges or corners.

coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideOval Coffee Tables

An oval-shaped coffee table is another great shape for a standard sofa. It’s obviously a bit longer than a round coffee table, so it gives you as much surface area as possible while still offering a softer, more organic shape. And choosing an oval style with a more unique base, like this one, adds some visual interest. Like a round coffee table, and oval is also great if you have kids, because of the round edges—no sharp corners here!

coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideAbstract/Organic Coffee Tables

An abstract or organic-shaped coffee table is great for inspiring movement in your living room, adding a functional statement to your space. There’s a sense of fluidity when you opt for a more organic shape—though, depending on the specific style you choose, it can give a totally different vibe to the space. Here, we have both a table that’s a soft triangle shape with three legs, and a more heavy, organic style, which each create completely different looks to the seating arrangement. With the second one, you’ll want to make sure you figure out the balance—since it’s such a heavy, solid piece, you wouldn’t want to pair it with a delicate or small sofa. With all coffee tables, consider the size and scale of your sofa and pair a coffee table accordingly.

Regardless, abstract and organic shapes in coffee tables work well with a regular-sized sofa, offering a more dynamic look. We love that, whatever vantage point you have in the room, you’re going to see it differently. This gives your coffee table the feeling of being an evolving object within your space that adds dimension and a sculptural quality.

coffee table buying guideBest Coffee Table Shapes for Sectionals

While all of the same shapes are available to you when you have a sofa with a chaise or a sectional, different shapes and sizes work differently within this context. While we’re just showing you how these shapes work with a sofa with a chaise, the same principles apply to a sectional with a full L-shape.

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coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideRectangle Coffee Tables

If you opt for a rectangular coffee table with a sectional or chaise, you’ll just want to make sure the length of the coffee table fits with a safe amount of space between the edge of the sofa and the chaise, without the end of the coffee table going past the other end of the sofa! A rectangular coffee table gives you more space relative to the rest of your seating arrangement though (in this case, in the foreground of the image) since the shape means it’s not protruding into the side of the seating area that’s opposite your sofa.

coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideSquare Coffee Tables

A single square coffee table works really well for a sofa with a chaise or a sectional. It tucks perfectly into the angle of the chaise while still giving you enough breathing room. It’s also great for those who love a more traditional take on a seating arrangement, since the lines of the coffee table align with the lines of the sofa, with edges meeting edges and the square shape echoing the angle of the sofa. This is our pick for a no-brainer coffee table shape that you really can’t go wrong with when you have a chaise or sectional.

Like the look of a square but want softer edges? An ottomoan is a great coffee table alternative, which also provides a comfortable, makeshift seat or footrest!

coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideRound Coffee Tables

A round coffee table with this sofa shape has a grounding element and is easier to navigate around than other shapes. It offers more room to play around with the chair placement within your living room, and overall is easier to design around since you don’t have hard lines or edges. As with a traditional sofa, you can also opt for two smaller round tables versus one larger round coffee table. This creates a more playful look that’s very flexible and forgiving. You can stagger them and even swing one around to be a side table when you want to. It breaks up the angle of the L-shape on the sofa and adds an organic element that brings some breathing room to your layout.

coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideOval Coffee Tables

An oval coffee table works really nicely to balance out the edge of the sofa. The table pictured is a smaller model; we’d recommend sizing up if you’re going to do an oval with this type of sofa. But just make sure you have enough room for walking on all sides of the table.

coffee table buying guidecoffee table buying guideAbstract/Organic Coffee Tables

An abstract or organic coffee table would also give you that ability to break up the angle of the L-shape of the sofa. The soft triangle table fits really nicely in this setting and adds a bit of a statement to the center of the room. This is a bigger table, but it doesn’t feel too large for the space. That’s because, since its legs lift it off the floor, there’s a sense of airiness to this look. (One of our favorite tricks to help a space feel larger.)

The more solid, geometric coffee table also works in this set-up, but it’s definitely a heavier approach. It anchors the center of the room and visually balances out the weight of the chaise versus the chair that’s diagonal from the chaise. However, since it’s a solid, heavy table, it’s not very moveable.

Explore Coffee Table Styles

Choosing the best coffee table to go with your sofa also means finding one with the right style. As evidenced by the variety of coffee tables featured in this post, there are so many styles to consider! If you’re uncertain about what style or shape of coffee table to choose, take our style quiz, or work with one of our designers to find the best furniture pieces and layout for your whole living room!

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Stylist Picks: 10 Stylish Floor Lamps That Are Also Works of Art

Proper lighting is one necessity in every room in the house. Even your brightly lit spaces need lights to flip on once the sun goes down. When it comes to lighting choices, we love stylish floor lamps! They are great if you need to save surface space in your living room, bedroom or other areas of the house. Whether you opt for a tripod floor lamp, a floor lamp that arcs over the room, a small reading floor lamp or a big statement piece, your lighting is an element that can instantly upgrade the look and feel of any room design. Layered lighting like desk lamps and floor lamps are essential in a small space—but they also work well in any size home.

Floor lamps are a big hit right now because we are spending so much time at home these days and need our spaces well-lit morning, noon, and night! If you need help coming up with floor lamp ideas for your home, check out some of our stylist’s favorite picks!

stylish floor lampsThe Namura Edison Globe Floor Lamp, Uttermost

We adore this Namura Edison Globe Floor Lamp! It is totally unique and the bright gold color lends itself to a lot of different styles. It’s a definite statement piece and will make a splash in any room. But it’s also a super functional floor lamp, adding tons of bright light to a space. This is one of the best floor lamps for glam, eclectic, and contemporary styles.

“I love the Namura lamp from Uttermost because even though it feels so distinctive and even a bit out-of-the-box in shape and form, it’s still the perfect addition to so many aesthetics—traditional, eclectic, bohemian, and even contemporary.” – Lauren M.

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stylish floor lampsThe Riano Floor Lamp, Uttermost

Classic floor lamps work well in a variety of rooms. This one features a mix of traditional elements like bronze and brass with cream lampshades, but putting it all together into a fun new structure. It only takes up a minimal amount of space in the corner and also provides double the light! This is one of the best floor lamps for a living room or office space. The neutral colors are pleasing to the eye and go with a lot of styles and decor palettes. We love the look of this lamp as extra reading and working light for a desk—especially since so many of us are working from home these days!

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stylish floor lampsBeton Floor Lamp White, Nuevo

This light arched floor lamp comes in both black and white so you can use it as a dramatic accent in a variety of designs. It’s sleek and simple, but very cool with its slight lean and narrow structure. It doesn’t take up much room so it works well as a floor lamp in smaller spaces as well as minimalist, contemporary and modern style spaces.

“This lamp is such a statement piece and can give you light in rooms where there isn’t a ceiling light” – Modsy Stylist Autumn H.

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stylish floor lampsThe Big Dipper Arc Lamp, CB2

This tall lamp is another beautiful statement piece that makes a splash in any living area. It comes in brass and silver so you can choose the right color floor lamps for your decor scheme. It’s super versatile in style and works well with modern, mid-century modern, minimal, and eclectic styles. It’s also great for spaces with no ceiling light as the lamp arcs over the center of the room.

“I love the Big Dipper Arc Lamp from CB2 in small spaces that don’t have overhead lighting—it arcs perfectly towards the center of any room.” – Modsy Stylist Mackenzie R.

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stylish floor lampsAtlas Wood Floor Lamp, CB2

This wood floor lamp by Mermelada Estudio calls to mind French-Moroccan style in illuminating fashion. Inspired by the curvy shapes of Moroccan lamps with a touch of refined French taste, it’s one of the best floor lamps with a sophisticated silhouette. The gorgeous design is topped off with a white cotton shade to add extra brightness and style to any room. Wooden floor lamps like this work well in boho, eclectic, rustic and transitional spaces—it’s a unique look with warm and neutral colors.

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stylish floor lampsDome Floor Lamp, Global Views

This handsome brass floor lamp has a glamorous, sculptural appeal with a mushroom cap top. It casts a warm glow with a brass lined interior so you can have brightness and warmth in any space. This is one of the best floor lamps for glam and modern spaces—it feels classic and iconic while also remaining simple and elegant. Plus, the base is so tiny that it barely takes up any floor space—perfect for a reading nook or work area.

“Any lamp from Global Views has my heart! Excellent quality and craftsmanship!” – Modsy Stylist Tais K.

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stylish floor lampsCayden Nickel Brushed Floor Lamp, Tanjore

We adore this Cayden Nickel Brushed Floor Lamp with a functional edge. The modern form goes with any decor space. The floor lamp can be easily moved up or down with the handy lever, so it’s great for nooks or smaller spaces that need a reading lamp. Use it with traditional or rustic decor—it makes a great addition to both styles! Plus, the small size makes it unobtrusive so it doesn’t take attention away from artwork and other decor in the room.

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stylish floor lampsMid-Century Modern Floor Lamp, Jamie Young

For those of you who love a mid-century look, this two-toned, sleek floor lamp might be just the right thing. It feels a bit industrial with the exposed bulb, but also has a modern edge with sleek brass and black elements. It’s a great floor lamp for small spaces because of the narrow structure. The light is focused downward, so it’s ideal for reading in bed or on the sofa or as a desk lamp.

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stylish floor lampsAllora Floor Lamp, Ciro Modern

This is one of the hippest floor lamps we’ve seen, with its modern triangular top and round base. Materials like matte black metal, shiny brass and marble even feel a bit art deco! It’s truly a statement piece and almost looks like it’s own sculpture. It’s a great addition to Mid-Century Modern, minimalist, and strictly modern styles—and it could even work well in industrial-chic spaces!

“The Allora floor lamp black form Ciro Modern—I love the modern shape/finishes of it, it’s adjustable and the price point is really great!” – Shannon M.

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stylish floor lampsLongshan Floor Lamp White, Jamie Young

Last but not least is one of the most gorgeous, classic looking floor lamps on the market. It has a sculptural look, and the bright, white color makes it look striking against a dark interior. This floor lamp is also very versatile because of the neutrality and shape. It’s one of the best floor lamps for any space, including the living room, dining room, bedroom, and more. It can also be a great look for a nursery or kids’ room design! 

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