9 Bunk Bed Ideas to Maximize Your Kids’ Space

Bunk beds are a great choice for a kids’ bedroom—especially for shared kids bedrooms. They help you maximize square footage by stacking two beds, and they are one of the most popular types of bed frames for small kids’ rooms. Plus, what kid hasn’t dreamed of a bunk bed at some point? It’s like summer camp every day of the year.

But choosing the right bunk bed for your child’s needs (and the needs of the space itself) can prove challenging. Not only that, but you’ll also want to consider style and longevity when investing in a bunk bed.

To give you some ideas for kids room designs, plus layout and style inspiration, we’ve put together the 9 best bunk bed ideas for a cool and functional kids’ room. (Bonus: these are also great ideas for those with vacation rentals who are looking to maximize sleeping space!)

Space saving bunk beds in rustic black and white bedroom

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Choose a Space-Saving Style

If you want to keep a two-bed area compact without sacrificing style, choose a bunk bed set up with a space-saving design. Exhibit A: this mid-century bunk bed with a sleek built-in ladder. The wood tones can lean either modern or rustic, which make the style extra versatile. We love it with the dark green walls pictured above. And, as part of West Elm’s mid-century collection, there are a lot of bedroom furniture options you can choose from to coordinate with this bed.

bunkbed with built-ni storage in transitional style kids rooms

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Incorporate Some Built-In Storage

We love the design of these stylish blue bunk beds—and we love the built-in storage even more! If bunk beds themselves help maximize space in a bedroom, a bunk bed with built-in storage takes it to the next level. This is a great option for a small bedroom, as the pull-out drawers under the bottom bunk offer extra storage. Plus, they’re at a height that allows kids to easily access their own clothes or toys. By eliminating the need for additional storage furniture, you get more open space in the room in front of the bunkbeds—offering lots of space for playing and setting up a bean bag or pour for reading.

Subtle natural wood finish bunkbed makes room for bolder color and accest items in this ecelctic kids bedroom

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Add Some Style

A bunk bed may be the largest piece of kids room furniture in their space—but that doesn’t mean it has to be the loudest, visually. By looking at more “neutral” bunk bed ideas and designs, you can use it as a backdrop to bring in a ton of personality to a bedroom. Adding fun pillows to the bunk bed, along with colorful paint, playful art, and decor, makes this space feel extra vibrant and youthful.

bunkbed with steps in coastal style kids bedroom

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Skip the Ladder

Kids not quite ready to climb a ladder into bed? Try a bunk bed design with a set of stairs instead. This bunk bed features a twin-sized bed over a full bed, with a stair walk-up at the end of the bed. But wait, there’s more! This bunk bed also has pull-out drawers under the bottom bunk for extra built-in storage. So, while the bunk bed itself doesn’t have the smallest footprint, the storage still makes it a good design for a small bedroom—as you can see here. This space is small but sweet, with a rug anchoring the open floor space and a sconce adding light without taking up floor space or requiring a nightstand.

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Opt for a Versatile Design

Consider transitional and modern bunk bed ideas if you’re looking to design a space that will stylistically last beyond early childhood. We particularly love the simple design of the bunk bed pictured above, which offers a lot of stylistic versatility and can grow up with your kids. It’s the type of style that colors and decor can change around it, but it will always look modern and relevant. The space above is animal-themed and designed for a younger child. But swap out the animal art for your child’s next interest and you have a new bedroom without requiring new furniture!

Another great way to maximize versatility is choosing a bunk bed design where the bunks can split apart and become two single beds in the future—if your kids move into their own rooms or get tired of bunk beds.

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Consider a Loft-Style Bunk

If your child or teen doesn’t need a second mattress but you still want to maximize floor space, consider loft-style bunk bed ideas. A loft bed raises the mattress and allows for the space under the bed to be utilized—meaning you get double floor space with this bunk bed set up. And this option isn’t just for kids. College students and even adults in a loft or studio space can enjoy this style of bed. You can add a living room setup underneath for studying, movies, and hangout space to make the most of a small dorm or apartment.

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Up Your Sleeping Capacity

A bunk bed design with a twin bed on top and a full bed on the bottom bunk is a great option for those looking for some added versatility. By having a full bunk bed, you create space for kids who want to have sleepovers, for older kids who need more space, or even as a good additional guest room option. For those with vacation rentals, this is a perfect way to up your sleeping capacity by one more person without taking up a ton of extra space!

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Make Room for Play

Since part of the purpose of a bunk bed is to maximize floor space while still sleeping two kids, we appreciate a bunk bed design with a built-in ladder that doesn’t edge out into the room. But there are other design hacks you can utilize to further save on floor space. Instead of a nightstand and bedside lamp, install some wall sconces above each bunk as a reading light. Then, utilize a toy chest and baskets to keep the floor in front of the bed clear of books and toys.

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Shoot for Longevity

Want some teen bedroom design ideas—particularly more “grown-up” bunk bed ideas? Check out the design above. The sleek modern lines and colors of this bunk bed design would be perfect for a teen space and wouldn’t feel too childish as they age. Since the design of this bunk bed is simple, it also offers the perfect backdrop to add personality in other parts of the bedroom. In this room design, a unique trunk doubles as storage and a nightstand next to the bed, and the rug and artwork add pops of color.

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Kids Room Checklist: Everything You Need For A Kid’s Room

Looking to redesign your child’s room? Or perhaps you just moved and are starting over from scratch. You may even be graduating your kid from a nursery to a “big kid” room. Whatever the case, we’re here to help you figure out what to include. We’ve already outlined bedroom essentials in our interior design buying guides—but there are some subtle differences between what’s essential in a kids bedroom vs adult bedrooms.

Check out our complete bedroom checklist post for more basic info on designing a bedroom.

So, today, we want to walk you through a kids room buying guide—complete with the core pieces of kids room furniture you need, as well as accents and decor that will take the space to the next level. Plus, you’ll get all sorts of kids’ room design ideas. Read on for all the essentials!

Kids room furniture

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Core Kids Bedroom Pieces

There are certain pieces that we’d deem absolutely essential in a kids bedroom. (Or any bedroom, for that matter.) Because is it even a bedroom if you don’t have a place to sleep and store your clothes? You can establish the function of your child’s room with these core pieces—while also starting to set the tone for the style of the room.

Kids room furniture

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Kids Bed

First things first: a bed. When your child has graduated from a crib or toddler bed, it’s time to invest in a bed that will carry them through the rest of their childhood, and potentially even into adulthood. Twin and full-size beds are the most popular sizes for kids bedrooms, as both offer enough space while transitioning well into later years. (Want to skip toddler beds altogether? Go straight for a twin-sized bed.) Stylistically, we also recommend choosing bed frame types that will transition well with their style and easily grow up with them.

Other things to consider with beds? Sleepovers and shared spaces. If your child loves to host sleepover parties, consider investing in a full-size bed they can share, or get a twin trundle bed for an extra bed that you can simply pull out when it’s needed. For shared kids bedrooms, you can go for two single beds, or opt for a bunk bed. Though, bunk beds can also be fun for kids who don’t share a room. Some styles have the option of removing the lower bunk, so it sits more like a loft bed and the space below can be converted into a homework or hangout space.

Kids room furniture

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Kids Nightstand

A nightstand gives your child a surface to keep a glass of water, a flashlight to check for closet monsters and a stack of bedtime storybooks. Choosing a nightstand with at least one drawer also gives your kid a place to stash any special treasures (or hide their retainer when their friends come over.) Even if your child has a full-size bed, one nightstand is generally all they’ll need (as opposed to one on each side of the bed). And in a small bedroom, you could even opt for a chest of drawers or a small dresser as a nightstand alternative, to give you a 2-in-1 piece of furniture.

Kids room furniture

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Kids Dresser

Dressers are one of the most necessary pieces of furniture to include in a kids bedroom (or any bedroom, really!). Even if they have a good-sized closet, you’ll be grateful for all the extra storage space you can get. And they don’t just have to be for clothing! You could also stash toys or art supplies in kids dresser drawers! Rather than choosing a dresser with a very youthful design, opt for one that flows with the style of the space both for now and years to come—or one in a style that can be repurposed in another room in the future.

Kids room furniture

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A fun, plush rug is a great way to add a pop of style, color, and pattern to a kid’s room. Choose a material that’s right for your needs—wool is great for lasting quality, but can be pricey; natural fiber rugs are a great option for high-traffic rooms, but be sure to choose one that’s easy to clean; finally, indoor-outdoor rugs are also a great option if you need something that’s super durable and easy to clean and are ok sacrificing that soft, plush texture. Darker color rugs will require less maintenance over time and show less wear—so that’s worth considering as well. But, above all, you want it to be plush and comfortable, so your child can stretch out and comfortably play or read on the rug!

Not sure what size to pick? Read our guide to choosing the right rug size for your room!

Kids room furniture

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Kids Bedroom Accent Pieces

Once you have the core pieces in place, you can decide what else you have space for and what you and your child would like to prioritize in their room. Are they big into reading? Make sure to include a bookcase and reading area. Distance learning? Perhaps it’s worth getting a desk. What you include from this list of accent pieces depends on how your child wants to use their space.

Kids room furniture

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Additional Kids Storage

Top of the list for kids bedroom furniture accent pieces is additional storage. This will save you sanity as a parent, as your kid will have a dedicated place to put things away when cleaning up. So, it’s worth including some sort of book and toy storage—whether that’s shelving, baskets, closet organizers, a closed cabinet, or a bookcase. (Get some ideas with our round-up of the best storage furniture options.) Just make sure it’s super accessible for your child, as it’s important to make it easy to clean up. And having a dedicated place for everything will help inspire them to put their things away! For easy grab-and-go storage, add simple baskets to a corner or a floating shelf above a dresser to keep things tucked away and easy to grab.

Kids room furniture

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Reading Area

For kids who love to read, consider creating a cozy reading nook area in their bedroom. If you have the space, you can include a full-sized accent chair—otherwise, in a kids bedroom, a beanbag chair, stool and plush rug, or even a tent filled with plush pillows is all they need!

Kids room furniture

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A bookcase will go a long way in a kid’s room. Not only does it provide a space to store all of their books—but you can also place a few baskets on the lower shelves for easy toy storage! If you’ve included a reading nook in the bedroom, it’s nice to arrange the layout of the space so that your kids bookshelf and reading nook can be near each other!

Kids room furniture

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Kids Desk

Whether your kid is distance learning or just needs a dedicated homework space, it can be nice to include a desk in their bedroom—especially for teens. Consider desks for kids as an investment—it’s a piece that can be used throughout their childhood and teenage years. And, if it’s a quality piece, it can even move with them into a first apartment, or simply to a home office space elsewhere in your home later on. Looking to save on space but still get maximum storage? Try a wall-mounted bookcase desk. Writing desks can also easily double as nightstands, helping you maximize the square footage of the room.

Kids room furniture

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Kids Bedroom Decor

Once furniture is in place, you can start bringing in decor to add additional style and personality to your kid’s bedroom. Keep reading for some of the key pieces of decor to consider.

Kids room furniture

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Kids Wall Art

Add some fun personality to the space by sprinkling in a few pieces of wall art. This is a great way to bring in your kid’s favorite colors and personal interests—from animals to space travel and outdoor adventures. These pieces of wall art can be fun creations from your kids or a few favorite framed works.

Kids room furniture

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Good lighting will give your kids the illumination they need throughout the day and evening—but kids lighting shouldn’t be too fussy and should be super easy to use. Opt for an overhead light (like a pendant or flush mount) and one or two additional floor or table lamps. That way they can use the overhead light during the day but have more soothing, softer light at night. When choosing lamps, avoid styles with too much extra glass or glitz, which can break more easily around kids!

Kids room furniture

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Window coverings

For maximum privacy and to help promote a good night of sleep, it’s important to consider window coverings. Blinds are one of the easiest ways to secure privacy in a kids space—and with blinds, cordless is always the way to go. Cords tend to break over time and can get hopelessly tangled and present a strangling hazard. So, an easy pull-down shade will do the trick! Skip the expensive curtains in this room for now until kids are older and know how to be gentle around the fabric of curtains. Though, if you can’t stand the idea of blinds, invest in blackout curtains to help keep their rooms dark until it’s time to wake up.

Kids room furniture

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Poufs, pillows, blankets, bean bags—these plush items are fun additions to help bring bits of extra joy and comfort to the space. Accessories like these provide an easy way to style a cute reading nook or play corner. All you need is a comfy rug and a few poufs and pillows. And having some spare blankets on hand is perfect when they get the itch to make a fort!

Kids room furniture

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A full-length mirror is a great addition to a kids bedroom—giving them a place to get ready and helping reflect light. This is especially helpful in a small bedroom! Just make sure it’s bolted to the wall to prevent tipping and in a secure location where there’s not a ton of foot traffic. A leaning mirror, rather than a wall-mounted option, is ideal for tween/teen rooms but isn’t as safe for kids’ rooms. A mirror above a dresser or storage piece is also a great way to include a mirror without it taking up floor space!

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Girls Bedroom Ideas: 9 Designs to Inspire Your Little One’s Bedroom

As your little girl grows older, her bedroom should grow up with her. And with all this extra time at home, now might be the perfect opportunity to tackle a bedroom design project! But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, designing your daughter’s room can be quite fun! It’s even a project you can do together. Because how much more special will her room be if you tag-team it??

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up nine rooms full of fun decorating ideas to help you design a kids room for girls. And guess what? It’s not all pink and butterflies! (Though we love those.) We created rooms and decorating ideas to speak to a wide variety of interests and preferences. Keep reading for some of our best kids bedroom ideas and tips!

kids room for girlsIt’s a girl’s world!

Want design ideas for a girls bedroom that’s fun, classy and subtly sporty? We’ve got you covered.

The Key Elements:

The mix of patterns is energizing—but keeping everything in the same color family makes this girl bedroom feel cohesive. The bed, nightstand, desk and light fixture have very mid-century modern vibes, which will beautifully age as your girl does. The desk gives your daughter a place to do homework, read, and work on art projects, and the open space with the pouf is a great place to hang out with friends.

The Color Palette:

The pastel color palette with pops of bold blue and brass drive home the mid-century modern design vibe in this girl’s room, but the neutrals allow the decor to shine. Having decor front and center allows it to easily change over time, as the color palette can be customized to what your girl wants as she grows older.

Why We Love This Look:

This is one of our favorite bedroom ideas for an active and sporty girl who’s a little older (it has more of a mature, preteen vibe). It gives her enough space to work and play—with soft colors to promote relaxation and sporty decor to energize and inspire her.

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kids room for girlsEclectic Kid Rules

If your daughter is bold, imaginative, and full of personality, this modern eclectic room idea is just the thing—and with bunk beds, it’s perfect for when you have two girls sharing a room!

The Key Elements:

This room design is both stylish and functional. Modern wood bunk beds are perfect for a shared space with two kids if you don’t have two rooms, and the dresser and hamper add extra storage. Layered rugs add a fun and cozy element, while the colorful palette with loads of texture—seen in the hide rug, the leather pouf, and the gallery wall—adds to the eclectic look.

The Color Palette:

The bold green bedroom wall adds drama to the space and kicks the style up a notch. Mixing those jewel tones with pastel elements helps balance things out, as does the neutral white and wood furniture. The fun brass pendant adds a sculptural element to the space and builds on the modern eclectic look. Overall, the colors in this bedroom are youthful and bright and help create a happy space your girls will love!

Why We Love This Look:

It’s dramatic and bold, perfect for creative kids and a great shared room with space to explore and play. Plus, the bunk beds can turn into two twin beds, which we love for maximum versatility. It’s an ideal design for kids over the age of 5.

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kids room for girlsClassic Whimsy

If you’re looking for quintessential, classic girls bedroom ideas, this is it. It’s sweet, simple, and girly without being frilly.

The Key Elements:

This bedroom has a soft appearance, embodied by the lightly distressed rug, the ornate rose-carved mirror, and the brass lighting. Classic white furniture adds elegance and classiness to the design. The open space on the rug offers a place for your girl to play that’s free of extra clutter, with the bookcase offering stylish organization. Natural elements like jute baskets add the right amount of texture and nuance to the bedroom.

The Color Palette:

The color palette of this bedroom is neutral, soft, and serene with a majority of the color being whites and creams. But little pops of brass and blue make it soothing, not sterile.

Why We Love This Look:

It’s soft and sweet, a classic girl’s room. We love that it’s simple and not cluttered—everything has a place. The space feels sophisticated while still being young and fresh, great for kids ages 6+.

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Flower Power

A little bit traditional and a little bright and bold creates a room that’s fit for your flower power princesses!

The Key Elements:

The traditional furniture and layout of this bedroom gives it a classic foundation—but the look is updated with bright colors and patterns. The twin beds are parallel to each other, which is great for shared rooms with two kids. It adds an element of symmetry and order to a room that could start feeling full with two kids and their stuff! The sconces provide good reading light—and opting for those rather than table lamps frees the shared nightstand/chest of drawers from extra clutter. The layered rugs cozy up the room and add color and depth to the space.

The Color Palette:

White shiplap walls and bedding give a nod to traditional and rustic style. The beds and chest also have that traditional vibe, and the darker tones help ground this look. Meanwhile, the bright multicolor bouquet rug brings bold color into the space, and the art plays up the colorful flower theme found in this space.

Why We Love This Look:

It’s dramatic and bold but has a traditional foundation—which creates a very dynamic mix. The colors make this space feel fun and lively, great for girls 5+ who love flowers, the outdoors, and vibrant colors.

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Serene Sage

This bedroom is soft and serene—featuring colors and furniture with dainty features for a very demure daughter’s room.

The Key Elements:

We love the touches of innocence and girly personality in the animal art, the crystal pendant, and other soft touches throughout this bedroom. The white furniture with caning and beveled detailing has a classic feel, one of our favorite room ideas.

The Color Palette:

This girls bedroom features a soft, sweet color palette of sage green and pink pastels. It has a very springy feel but won’t be out of place year-round. The fresh colors are lovely for a little girl’s room, creating a space that feels happy and light.

Why We Love This Look:

It’s classic in style, yet still feels youthful. It features furniture that can grow with your child but doesn’t feel too mature for a young kiddo. It has a very sweet aesthetic and is perfect for girls ages 5+.

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A Double Rainbow

This is a youthful and playful room, with bright, colorful decor and art that makes it a very fun space.

The Key Elements:

The symmetrical arrangement of two twin beds is perfect for a two-kid space where your girls either want the same of everything or want everything to feel fair and equal. The chest between the beds acts as a nightstand while also offering hidden storage. And there’s a lot of open floor space in this girls bedroom—perfect for crafts and playing together.

The Color Palette:

This space features a bright, multicolor palette that features lots of pinks, purples, and soft blues. But the neutral bed frames and bedding help balance out the bright colors in the rest of the space.

Why We Love This Look:

It’s like a rainbow! But that’s not the only thing we love. It’s a good use of space for two kids and features furniture that can grow up with them. Lots of layers make for a fun kids room that feels eclectic but cohesive. It’s a great design for kids ages 5+.

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kids room for girlsMermaids Hangout Zone

A little coastal and a little boho create a space full of style and personality for your preteen daughter’s room.

The Key Elements:

While this is a smaller room, by floating the bed away from the wall you keep the space feeling more open. A large nightstand offers added storage, while the gallery wall adds personality. And the chair and pouf combo creates a cool hangout zone—perfect for hanging with friends or curling up with a good book.

The Color Palette:

Neutral, wooden furniture aids in creating a beachy/coastal feel in this space, as do the woven rattan and jute accents throughout the space. Pastels and bright colors are mixed in throughout the space, mostly pink and blue, to drive home that beachy vibe. The upholstery in this space features stripes and bohemian patterns, embodying that carefree feeling.

Why We Love This Look:

It’s the sweetest mix of beachy and boho. This girls bedroom has a light-hearted feel and a  coastal design aesthetic that creates a fresh and “cool” space for your preteen to hang out on their own or with friends. This decor has lots of personality and can be personalized by your daughter!

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kids room for girlsBohemian Princess

Want a room idea for your bohemian princess? This room is cozy and packed with personality. It has a Jungalow feel with plants, macrame, woven texture—but in a slightly more muted color palette.

The Key Elements:

The slatted bed and hanging chair have similar elements and both bring in natural materials—creating a sense of cohesion. This bedroom is very laid back, and we love that it has two “zones”: a hangout area on the left side and a sleeping zone on the right.

The Color Palette:

Natural materials like jute, rattan, and wood create a neutral base for this bedroom and help establish the boho vibe. The soft pinks and greens—found in both the patterned upholstery and the plants—give personality to the space and complement the natural materials. And don’t forget a few pops of brass throughout!

Why We Love This Look:

It’s unique and very free-spirited—just like your girl. It has a relaxed vibe, creating a cool hangout zone for girls ages 10+.

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Space Of Your Own

This bedroom design offers the perfect approach when you need to maximize both space and functionality, for the girl who needs a little extra space of her own.

The Key Elements:

By arranging the pillows along the length of the bed, the bed doubles as a lounge space during the day (great for reading, spreading out, or having friends over) and a regular bed at night. And the hidden storage under the bed—kept tidy with a handful of baskets—helps you utilize every square inch of this room! The desk/bookcase combo is also multifunctional, useful for homework, computer time, and some extra storage. And a modern and cool space gallery wall gives some personality to the bedroom.

The Color Palette:

The dark green wall lays the color foundation for this space. It adds drama and a modern feeling to the space. But that’s balanced out with yellow, pink, and green pastels throughout the space to soften the look.

Why We Love This Look:

It’s modern and cool, with the perfect blend of sleep space and working area. Plus, everything in this bedroom serves a double function without taking up much space. This bedroom feels a bit more mature—perfect for a preteen or teenage girl.

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Layout Guide: 2 Fun & Functional Kids Room Layout Ideas

kids room layout

In our Layout Guides series, you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. This week we take on the challenge of designing a kids’ room with an L-shaped layout so that it’s fun, functional, and for the long haul. 

The Space: An L-shaped kids’ bedroom with an alcove

The Style: Modern Eclectic (with a youthful twist!)

The Challenge: Maximizing an L-shaped floor plan in a kids’ room so that it’s fun and functional!

For a family home with children or teens, one of the most exciting spaces to design is your kids room. Why? Because it’s a space that lets you explore fun ideas with your kids and bring in furniture that’s colorful and even maybe a little unexpected.

Before you get to the decorating, though, having clear ideas about your kid’s bedroom layout is essential. You want to make sure you’ve thought through the major questions like ‘Where will the bed go?’ and ‘Do we need more storage outside of the closet?’ or ‘Should we get a desk for them now?’

To provide a little guidance on that front, we came up with an L-shaped kids’ bedroom design and devised two layouts that make the most of the space. Take peek below at our stylish and practical bedroom layouts and pick up our tips for designing your own kids’ bedroom at home.

kids room layoutLayout Idea #1: The Playful Hangout Pad

With this kids’ room layout, the primary focus was to create a bright space that’s upbeat and all about relaxing. Keeping those ideas in mind, we divided up the L-shaped floor plan into two distinct areas, with the bed and reading nook on one side and storage on the other.

To make clear that the bed and reading corner should be viewed as one zone, we connected those spaces using a palette of rainbow hues, from the textured rugs to the multi-colored hanging garlands.

While we didn’t hold back on the bright and whimsical use of color, we made sure to keep the furnishings clean-lined and minimalist, from the spacious dresser that’s seamlessly tucked away to the bed and nightstands that are both child and teen-friendly.

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kids room layoutWhy This Bedroom Layout Works

Functional Spacing. The smart division of the L-shaped layout into two separate spaces for sleep and storage make this kids’ room perfect for a child and teenager alike. The position of the bed facing the reading nook and the colorful rugs used in those areas emphasizes this delineation of spaces in a way that still looks and feels visually cohesive, open, and airy.

Practical Mixed With Poppy Pieces. Like any other room in the home, the kids’ bedroom needs a balanced mix of fun and hardworking furniture. Instead of focusing on only kids’ furnishings, this space brings together a clean-lined bed, chairs, tables and storage pieces that will grow with your child or teenager. Always start with those foundational pieces and the layer in the color.

Clever Use Of Bright Colors. The vibrant rugs under the bed and seating area are great examples of a versatile approach to bright colors in a kids’ bedroom design. The primary colors in the rugs are a great jumping-off point for the colorful pillows, the art, and the colorful garlands that were brought into the room. But what’s key is that all of these colorful accessories, rugs included, can be easily swapped out as needed, or when you or your kid get tired of it.

kids room layoutWill This Layout Work In Your Space? Yes If You…

  • Want a light, bright kids’ bedroom design that’s fun and colorful but not overly kids’ themed
  • Like the idea of a kids room layout that can easily be restyled over the years to easily incorporate everything from new colors to more grown-up accents
  • Have a small child or preteen and you want to set up their space and invest early on in furniture that’s going to last for years, like a bed that they can grow into
  • Are keen on giving your kid a space of their own where they can read, play, and kick back with friends as they get older

kids room layoutLayout Idea #2: The Streamlined Sleep-Work Space

For this kids room layout, we optimized the floor plan by creating three different functional areas for sleep, work, and play. The main ideas we had for this layout were to create a mini live-work studio-style bedroom space that’s perfect for a preteen or teen.

To start, we positioned the bed horizontally in the L-shaped layout, which helped turn the main area in the room into a space in and of itself. We then transformed the nook into a small study area and made the last recess area a storage and art display space.

We leaned into the mid-century modern look when it came to the furniture and made sure to also bring in streamlined white office furniture, which was key to setting apart the work area from the rest of the bedroom.

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Why This Bedroom Layout Works

Well-Designed Zones. The sleep, work, and play zones are a smart use of the L-shaped layout and they make this kids’ room the perfect multipurpose space for any child or teenager. The gray accent wall-backed bed area feels cozy and almost separate from the more streamlined office nook. Meanwhile, the dressing area with the storage piece doubles as a hangout spot as needed. These all add up to spaces that are comfy and practical on their own as well as all together.

A Curated Contemporary-Boho Mix. The furniture mix is anything but juvenile and more and more we’re seeing that trickle into kids’ bedroom designs. At the end of the day, your kid’s bedroom will also be their personal hideout and home for a handful of years, so choose pieces that inspire and sit well with them. The mix of mid-century wood pieces, like the bed and dresser, the sleek white desk and bookcase, and the neutral-hued rugs and accents all give it an eclectic look and a thoughtfully curated boho vibe.

Strong Neutrals That Last. If you’re not one for kiddy themes and lots of colors, go with tried-and-true neutrals. Lean into warm woods, gray textures, and white tones, all of which will instantly make any kid’s room feel elevated but still fun. The key is to go with classic furnishings with hues that will give you a versatile and long-lasting foundation to build from and on top of over many years. If you’re drawing a blank with ideas for color, this is always a foolproof approach. You can always layer in bits of color, like a geometric rug, cool art, or funky pillows.

Will This Layout Work In Your Space? Yes If You…

  • Want a kids’ bedroom design that looks and feels sophisticated and has grown-up furniture that’s stylish and functional, like the rest of your home
  • Like the idea of giving your child a live-work space that they can call their own and treat as their personal haven
  • Prefer a kids’ room where the bed isn’t the dominating piece of furniture in the entire space
  • Enjoy the rustic, boho, modern mix and want to bring that aesthetic to your kids’ space without it feeling overdone

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Kids Room Design: 9 Ways to Design a Space for the Little One in Your Life

bohemian inspired kids bedroomIf you’ve got kiddos in the family, you know how much they love having a cool space to call their own! Depending on your kids’ ages and personal tastes, kids room design can involve a number of factors to come up with ideas. Whether it’s a girl’s room, boy’s room, baby’s room or pre-teen’s room, kid’s room designs will each have their own set of unique design challenges.

For example, a big consideration is designing a space they love now that will also last over the years. You also have to consider your personal budget, the style of the child’s room, and of course, all of the bedroom essentials: bed, storage, a sturdy rug, and other items that reflect their personality and interests.

All that to say, no matter if you’re looking for girls or boys bedroom ideas, there is a lot to factor in when planning a great kids room design—but you don’t need to hire a dedicated interior designer to make it all come together. If you’re embarking on a new bedroom design for the kids in your house, check out these 9 kids room design ideas to help inspire you!

1. Kids Room with an Under the Sea Theme

This is one of our favorite kids bedroom ideas for boys or girls who love animals! Start with a blue color scheme to set the stage for a cozy sleeping space. Tie in the wall color with a blue rug, pillows, and trunk. The patterned blue decor adds extra texture and makes a child’s room more dynamic. Rustic style furniture is the perfect choice for a warm, inviting bedroom and the natural wood textures fit right in.

There’s plenty of storage with the trunk at the end of the bed, nightstands with drawers and a dresser. Bonus: the trunk can double as extra seating for other family members! This kids room design features a symmetrical layout with the bed centered in the room—great for kiddo who wants a more sophisticated bedroom style. This is one of our favorite ideas if you have a storage or kids trundle bed, so the drawers/extra sleeping spot can be easily rolled into room.

2. Bright, Colorful, and Fun Bedroom Design

This fun, playful design is perfect for a kid who isn’t afraid to have fun. The key elements are the colorful bed, the cheery rug and all the pops of color and texture throughout the room design. We love the spindle bed in cheery orange-pink because it offers a playful update on a traditional design style. And the gallery wall above the bed is one of our favorite ideas because it lets kids show off their unique personality with pictures, artwork, etc.!

The matching set of nightstand, dresser and bookcase are perfect for your young son or daughter’s room. It offers a more coordinated vibe so the furniture doesn’t look too hodge-podge. This makes it easy if you don’t want to think about coordinating a bunch of different pieces—and you can swap in new, fun pieces over time. Plus, purchasing furniture as a set can often be a lot cheaper on the family budget.

3. Bedroom Design for the Rustic Animal Lover

Who says brown walls have to be boring? This rustic, brown kids room design is perfect for the adventurous animal lover in your home. The brown walls give a girl’s or boy’s room a cool, cozy vibe and the neutral base is soothing—a great choice for a peaceful sleeping space.

This style incorporates pops of pattern with the rug, throw pillows, and other decor. The quirky, hanging swing will be a hit among kids and friends and offers a cool alternative to a reading nook. And the fun animal art is kid-friendly but won’t feel too much like a children’s room in a few years! There’s also a ton of extra storage in the end of bed trunk and the tiger basket so you don’t have to worry about excess clutter in this kid’s bedroom.

4. A Kids Bedroom in Classic Blue

Blue is a great color for children’s rooms. It’s gender-neutral and works for a boy’s room or girl’s room. Blue is a soothing color that can grow with them over the years. Not to mention it goes with almost any furniture/decor! Layered rugs are great for adding extra plush to the room to make it even cozier. The layered look makes a colorful pop and still offers extra floor coverage. Putting a jute rug underneath is a great option because you can get larger sizes at affordable prices. They’re also good for high-traffic areas, like kids’ rooms!

The wall-mounted shelves don’t take up any extra floor space and also add a lot of extra storage—always needed in a kid’s room. You can keep books tucked away but still in easy reach for bedtime stories. And the stars and moon decor will be a hit for the outer space enthusiast! The moon is actually a lamp and makes a wonderful nightlight and a charming addition to the space.

5. Pre-Teen’s Bedroom in Sunny Boho Style

This fun room is one of our favorite kid’s bedroom ideas for a pre-teen who’s ready for a room refresh. The vibrant and eclectic look helps to show off style and personality—your kiddo will be the life of the slumber party! The gold bed frame is a super chic look and goes with so many decor styles. Furniture pieces like this are great because they have major staying power—in a kids’ room that’s important because you won’t have to replace it in a few years.

The desk in the corner offers the perfect study spot and also doubles as a nightstand on the other side of the bed. Rattan accents like the desk chair and nightstand add a fun 80s pop. Plus they are stylish AND affordable—just right for a kids room. The fuzzy stools at the end of the bed are stylish and functional and help soften the overall look of the room.

6. A Bedroom for Two!

This cozy bunk beds room is ideal for siblings who share a room. It also works for a little one who loves to host sleepovers! The room is colorful and extra comfy and the pastel jewel palette creates a fresh, youthful look. Pops of pattern in the rug, art and pillows tie all the colors together and make the room look grownup and whimsical all at once!

The oversized blue basket is a perfect storage solution for a kids’ room. It makes it easy to stash toys, clothes and other stray clutter, keeping it out of sight and easy to maintain. Little decorative touches like the star decor, plush horse, and the layered gray rug add magic and personality to the space.

7. It’s Game Time

This is a bold bedroom for the small sports enthusiast in your family. The dark wall color is strong and soothing and creates a cozy vibe for this sleeping space. It’s balanced out by light-colored furniture so it’s not too heavy. Pops of various patterns throughout the room add a playful touch that softens the dark wall color. The twin bed with headboard against the wall leaves room for a desk by the window. It’s a great setup if your kiddo needs space for homework or creative projects.

The trunk at the end of the bed is perfect for stashing sports equipment, extra clothes, blankets, or even games! The basis of this style is simple and sleek foundational furniture—always a great way to go in a kids room. These pieces work with a variety of styles so you won’t have to replace items when they grow out of them. You can also repurpose pieces like the trunk, dresser, nightstand, desk, etc. in other rooms (or for younger family members) in a few years’ time.

8. Serene Sleeping Space for Two

This kids room idea also features a bunk beds setup. It’s a smart solve for a small bedroom like this because the second bed doesn’t take up any floor space. This is great if you’re tight on space or live in a city apartment and have to make a small room work for two twin beds. And if/when your kids don’t need to share a space anymore, you can remove the lower bunk bed and convert the space into a hangout/lounge or a mini study spot with a desk.

To make your kiddos feel like they each have their own space, personalize each “level” with art and decor of their choosing! We think a wallpaper accent wall is a great way to let your kids show off their personalities. You can even try removable wallpaper—it’s easy to hang and remove if/when they outgrow the flowers and butterflies.

Stylist tip: Try dual laundry hampers or baskets in shared spaces! Each kid has their own section to be responsible for so it helps avoid squabbles over cleaning the space.

9. Kids Bedroom Design in Pink Perfection

This kids room design is perfect for the kid who loves pink! Hot pink can be overwhelming in a bedroom (AKA you’ll likely need to repaint in a few years time). But a blush or dusty rose has more staying power. We like to balance out this look with lots of natural textures, like woods, tassels, plush, sheepskin, etc. It helps add a sophisticated touch and keeps the space from feeling too fairy-tale cheesy.

We love the pendant cow portraits—they’re great for the animal lover and are as charming as they are stunning. The mobile, decorative pillows, and white accents serve to balance out the child’s room and create a cohesive look that’s smart and spectacular!


Ready to create your kids’ room design?

Inspired by these kids room interior design ideas but not sure where to start? Consider calling in the online interior design pros. (That’s us.) Learn more about what it means to work with a designer on our Interior Design 101 page.

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Layout Guide: Two Sleepover-Ready Kid’s Room Ideas

kid's room layoutsIn our “Layout Guides” series you’ll find layout solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Often the trickiest part of designing a space, finding the right layout for your room can be a challenge. This week we’re working with a small kid’s room with an awkward nook.

The Space: A 15×12 kid’s room with limited floor space and a quirky layout.

Style: Fun and playful

The Challenge: Maximizing the small space to create a fun kid’s room that can handle sleepovers and makes the best use of an awkward nook.

kid's room layout ideasIdea #1: Full Bed Styled for an Animal Enthusiast

Our first kid’s room layout incorporates a full bed to make use of open floor space. While it might seem like too much space for a younger tot, if your kiddo is right on the cusp, a full bed can be a great investment that your little one can continue to use as they get older.

This design features bright walls and vibrant splashes of color throughout the room to make the space more youthful and playful. Not to mention, this layout idea offers plenty of extra storage by way of the dresser and bookcase so you don’t have to worry about a cluttered room. So whether your kids are sleeping, studying, or just kicking back and reading, this setup has room for it all.

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Why this Kid’s Room Layout Works

The full bed makes great use of open floor space without disrupting the flow of the room. A full bed is a great size for your small sleeper to grow into over the years and plenty of room on the floor for when he or she has sleepovers. This setup also leaves space for a nightstand on one side of the bed and a desk below the window – the perfect study spot for a young scholar!

With a few special touches, the corner nook becomes a fun, cushy space to tuck away for lounging and reading. And the tall bookcase provides more clever storage space for books, toys and other items when they’re not in use.

awkward nook ideasThis Is Great If You…

  • Need plenty of room for sleepovers.
  • Want a bed that your child can use over the years.
  • Hate clutter – there’s tons of extra storage.
  • Love having a distinct space for different activities such as reading, studying, sleeping, etc.

kid's room layout ideasIdea #2 – A Twin Bed with Room to Stargaze

Design idea #2 is all about making a warm and cozy room with lots of sleeping options for when friends stay over. The rich colors and layered rugs create a fun and welcoming enclave for a child. Kids will have plenty of space to play, stargaze and let their imaginations roam free in this open layout.

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Why this Kid’s Room Layout Works

This setup is great for maximizing floor space in the room. Having the twin bed tucked into corner leaves lots of room to play and lots of open space for sleeping bags. The trundle bed is a convenient and comfortable spot for sleepovers, too.

Turn the awkward nook into a cozy corner with a hanging chair and a bar cart for mobile storage. The round jute rug is also a great solve for the nook – it helps define and fill space. Plus, the layered rugs adds cozy warmth. The dark wall color doesn’t feel dark and gloomy because it is offset by the bright furniture, keeping the overall feel super warm and cozy.

awkward nook ideasThis Is Great If You…

  • Need a clutter-free, neat and tidy look.
  • Love dark and moody colors that feel super warm and inviting.
  • Want your child to have a cozy place to read, lounge and stargaze.
  • Love the warmth that textures and layers provide.
  • Need plenty of open space for play and sleepovers.

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My Modsy Story: The Easy Way I Designed My Daughter a Room That Will Grow Up With Her

daughter's room designKathryn wanted a way to combine her ideas with an expert’s guidance to design her daughter’s room. Here’s the magic formula she used to make it happen.

Homeowner: Kathryn A, City Government

Location: Seattle, WA

Room: Daughter’s Bedroom

Her Style: Playfully Serene

The Backstory

My family and I moved to a new home in Seattle and we wanted to give our 4-year-old daughter a “big girl” room. We planned to stay in this house for a while, so it was important to us that our daughter had a room that she could grow into over the years.

The Design Dilemma

Coming from our old house, we really just had a hodgepodge of furniture and decor items we’d accumulated over the years. We tried situating the old furniture in our new place, but between figuring out how to best utilize wall space and accommodate sleepovers, we weren’t having any luck. In addition to not having the right pieces, we were just too busy to devote enough time to it. I wanted to outsource the whole project to make sure we did the job right.

daughter's roomThe Modsy Moment

When I realized we really needed help, I contacted a local designer but was taken aback by the high price and frustrated by the length of time it took to schedule a visit. I wanted something simpler that would allow me to provide a rough budget, offer some high-level direction, and then let the experts take care of the rest.

“I wanted [a solution] that would allow me to provide a rough budget, offer some high-level direction, and then let the experts take care of the rest.”

So when I saw an ad on Facebook for Modsy, I was intrigued right away! It sounded like a low-cost way to get the customized design support we needed. We decided to give Modsy a try with our living room first. To our delight, we loved the layout and items our designer selected and we decided to use them again for our daughter’s room.

daughter's roomHow Modsy’s Designs Helped Kathryn

When I got the designs back, I was in love. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure that someone would be able to take my suggestions and create a room that met our needs and aligned with our design aesthetics. But I was so pleasantly surprised!

I love the patterned rug and fun wall hangings our designer chose for the space – we never would have thought of those ourselves. We were also initially convinced that bunk beds or twin trundle beds would be best in her room. It wasn’t until we saw our designs that we realized a queen-sized bed was actually the best choice.

It was really helpful to be able to communicate with our designer, request changes, and make the design a collaborative effort of our personal tastes and a professional designer’s guidance.

daughter's room designThe Real Results

The room is just adorable and my daughter is so happy with it. Prior to Modsy, we’d been having such a hard time with the layout, but our designer knew just what to do. She was so thoughtful in responding to our requests for revisions, and she really did a great job!

Our daughter’s space is now bright, playful yet serene, and is perfect for a 4-year-old. The best part is we were able to purchase pieces that we can either easily update or will be able to keep in the space and let them grow with her over time.

We’ve now used Modsy for three rooms in our house and each one was a success. They each pretty much exactly mirror our original 3D designs! We bought basically everything and it was so easy to purchase all of the furniture through Modsy. Overall, we saved tons of time and money and are so happy with the outcome. Thanks, Modsy!

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8 Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas From Modsy Customer Spaces

Designing a bedroom for your little one is not an easy task. There’s a long checklist of things to consider: Is there enough storage? What’s the right size bed? Do I invest in quality now or wait to replace everything once they get older?

So it’s no surprise that many homeowners come to Modsy for help with designing their kids rooms. Here, we’ve rounded up a few of our coolest kids bedroom ideas, which were designed by our Modsy stylists to help out a few homeowners with their real-life kids room challenges. Read on for more and get inspired!

For a Room That Will Grow Up With Them

“Dear Modsy: We just moved into our first home and have an empty room that we want to turn into our son’s first bedroom. Right now it’s empty and we have no idea where to start.”

—Son’s bedroom from scratch

What the space needs: A bed that can last and smart storage solutions. All while feeling kid-friendly and colorful.

Design Solution #1: Furnishing For Function First

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideasModsy Room to Grow Up With Design #1

Looking for furniture that can last? Rather than replacing pieces every few years as your child grows up, a few basics will do the job now and later. One of our favorite kids bedroom ideas is to invest in quality pieces with a simple shape yet sturdy construction.

Items like the bed, dresser, and storage bench are all kid-friendly options that can work in a teen’s room as well. Dress them up with easy-to-change accent pieces. Fun and colorful decor pieces are an easy, budget-friendly way to make the space feel more personal and kid-friendly.

See Design #1 in 360!

Design Solution #2: Going With a Good Bed

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideasModsy Room to Grow Up With Design #2

Another design where quality foundation pieces mingle with colorful accents. If you can only invest in one or two quality pieces, we say make the bed count. It’s the one piece most families end up replacing as the kids grow up. Storage pieces and rugs are also great places to invest for the long-run.

See Design #2 in 360!


For a Girl’s Bedroom

“Hello Modsy: This is a bedroom redesign for my 8-year-old daughter. We would like this design to take her into her preteen years, so nothing too immature.”

—Getaway for my girl

What the space needs: A modern and clean base with pops of blues, greens, and purples. Plenty of storage to maximize the small space and a desk/reading nook set up.

Design Solution #1: Making It Her Hangout Spotkids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideas

Modsy Girl’s Bedroom Design #1

In this design, we opted for a twin bed to maximize the open floor space around the room. This let us fit in a two-in-one desk/bookshelf, a big dresser, and a cool reading chair in a corner. We added her favorite colors in small art and accents for some pops of color. This ultimately gives her a space that feels like her own private hideaway.


See Design #1 in 360!

Design Solution #2: Making It Her Live/Work Space

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideasModsy Girl’s Bedroom Design #2

The focus here was on a bigger, comfier bed and no reading corner for a more grown-up look and feel. This setup turns the room into a kind of mini studio, where an office area is clearly defined from the storage area and the bed. The upside of this is that even with a large bed, this layout has more floor space and functional storage.

See Design #2 in 360!


For a Boy’s Bedroom

“Hi Modsy: Our son just turned 3 and we want to make the transition from a nursery to a big boy room.”

—Ready to graduate my son’s bedroom

What the space needs: Plenty of storage and a teepee play area. The wall decals are keepers as well.

Design Solution #1: A Cool Bedroom For Any Age

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideas

Modsy Boy’s Bedroom Design #1

From the distinctive bed frame to the campaign-style dresser to the farmhouse sconce, this room is all about cool design that’s built to last. The classic blue, white, and gray color scheme makes for a palette that’s easy on the eyes and easy to grow into for any kid.

Also, there’s plenty of storage in this layout, including floating shelves on the walls. And there’s even room for a teepee—take a peek below!


See Design #1 in 360!

Design Solution #2: A Very Versatile Bedroom

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideas

Modsy Boy’s Bedroom Design #2

This design sports a clean-lined, mid-century look that lends the bedroom an feeling of openness. There’s plenty of storage, but the white tones add to the light and airy vibe of the room. The simple palette of black, white, and red also makes it easy to mix in new art, accents, and even furniture eventually.

See Design #2 in 360!


For a Kid’s Bedroom and Playroom

“Hi there: We are a couple with two kids and we’re looking to redesign our four-year-old’s room.”

—Couple on a mini-makeover mission

What the space needs: A queen-sized bed and space for reading and playing.

Design Solution #1: Dedicating Space for Play

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideas

Modsy Kid’s Bedroom and Playroom Design #1

This bedroom is all about making space to play. One of our favorite kids bedroom ideas is to carve out a corner that’s entirely devoted to playtime activities. Here we have a mini desk and tent set up for reading, crafting, and playing. Besides the queen-sized bed, the rest of the room is filled with substantial storage pieces that make this space super functional but still bright and fun.


See Design #1 in 360!

Design Solution #2: Working In Space for Play

kids bedroom ideas

kids bedroom ideas

Modsy Kid’s Bedroom and Playroom Design #2

This layout focuses more on the space being a practical kids bedroom. The larger bed is a great option that your youngster can grow into. Another one of our favorite kids bedroom ideas is to sprinkle baskets and hampers all around to keep toy clutter at bay. While there’s not a dedicated kids table, we brought in a beanbag chair to create a cozy reading corner and an easel for some crafting fun (see the full room below!)

See Design #2 in 360!

Need help bringing you kids bedroom ideas to life?

8 Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas


My Modsy Story: How this tech-savvy dad transformed his son’s nursery into the ultimate “big kid” room

Avesh was no stranger to 3D technology and knew there had to be a way it could make designing his son’s first big kid room easy and fun.

Homeowner: Avesh, software developer and tech-savvy dad of two

Location: Princeton, NJ

Room: 3 year-old’s bedroom

His Style: Mod Visionary

The Backstory

Transforming a nursery into a big kid room

This year, our 3 year-old son was ready move into a room of his own. My wife and I were eager to use this opportunity to redo his space. Our plan was to ditch the old nursery furniture we’d used for our two kids, and start fresh!

We knew we wanted the space to be bright, modern, and fun. We envisioned splashes of color and a stylish chair for reading bedtime stories.

My son is really into cars right now. So, while we also wanted to incorporate that into the space, we wanted to do it in a creative and subtle way. Something he wouldn’t grow out of in a few years.

Avesh’s Room Before

The Design Dilemma

Visualizing the results without wasting time

As a software developer, I’ve worked with 3D tools before, so I know how they can make designing a space from scratch easier.

I’ve previously tried creating some 3D renderings of my own for a previous home improvement project. I ended up spending all my nights gathering ideas,working on the designs, or searching for products.

The process was so time-consuming and things always just seemed to look “off…”

For my son’s room we decided to try an interior designer. Unfortunately, the designers in our area were more experienced with a traditional style, and none could create the type of visualizations I was looking for. I remember wishing there was an online service with experienced professionals that could help.

“None of the interior designers in our area could create the type of visualizations I was looking for… I remember wishing there was an online service that could help.”

Avesh’s Modsy design #1

The Modsy Moment

Letting technology do the heavy lifting

When I learned about Modsy through TechCrunch, I immediately thought they read my mind. My wife and I had started gathering ideas for our son’s bedroom on Houzz and Pinterest, but when we saw the stunning Modsy renders we knew this would be the perfect time to try the service!

big kid roomAvesh’s Modsy design #1

At first, I wasn’t sure if our renderings would look as great as the marketing material… it seemed too good to be true, especially at the price! I was also not sure if they would have kid-friendly furniture options available. We were pleasantly surprised!

When we got our renderings back I was blown away by the quality. The lighting, textures, materials, and layout looked fantastic. There were also many ideas in the designs that hadn’t occurred to us before.

360 spin through Avesh’s Modsy design #1

big kid roomAvesh’s Modsy design #2

What Modsy’s Renderings Showed Avesh

The Modsy renderings helped us completely visualize what the room would look like with a twin compared to a full size bed. This was one of the decisions we were going back and forth on, and seeing the two options made the decision easy.

Our first Modsy design showed us how the space would look with a twin bed. We loved this layout, which we hadn’t originally thought of, because it would give the boys room to play and be silly before going to bed.

big kid room
Bird’s eye view of Avesh’s Modsy designs

Modsy suggested a dresser with shelves above for books and other items. The kids don’t need a dresser with a mirror right now, so this was a nice use of that space, which again we hadn’t thought of before. We also liked the idea of the pouf next to the reading chair, because we could use it both for seating and as a place to set books for storytime.

We plan to buy a few of the pieces Modsy showed us, but we’ll most importantly use the layout they suggested. Turns out we already own the little red car they included for us in our design!

360 spin through Avesh’s Modsy design #2

We just wanted a modern space that would delight our son, express his personality, and that we could enjoy at night when putting him to bed, without spending night after night designing it ourselves.

The fact that these renderings are so photo-realistic made it much easier to make purchase decisions and give us the confidence that we’re all going to be happy with the selections.

Need a little design help? Try a Modsy rendering for yourself!

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