Sweat It Out: How to Design Your Own At-Home Gym

For many of us, our gyms have been closed for months due to shelter in place ordinances. While some areas of the country are opening back up again, others will remain closed for quite some time. But we can’t just sit around waiting for the gym to open again to break a sweat!

We’re huge proponents of getting outside and going on walks or runs where it’s safe to do so. But sometimes the weather doesn’t allow it, or you just want to do a different type of activity. That’s where a home gym comes in. With just a little bit of space—or a lot if you have the square footage available—you can create an at-home workout zone with a few of our home gym ideas and tips.

It’s time to get moving, break a sweat, and work out some of that angst. Keep reading for a couple of our favorite home gym ideas, from creating a workout space, integrating exercise equipment into your home, and different ways to approach layout for gyms at home!

If you have a whole room to dedicate to your home gym…

First off, lucky you. If you have a separate room that you can work out and store all of your equipment in, take a little time to make this space feel really special. We like the idea of making this room as close to the real gym as possible.

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Start by breaking up the room by activity—a cardio machine, a space to roll out your mat and stretch or practice yoga, a zone for weightlifting. In this room, we have two cardio machines and extra floor space—but you can tailor your space to your preferred workouts and needs! Perhaps you want to install a wall-mounted ballet barre instead, or dedicate a part of the room to weight machines!

But it’s not just about the equipment. If you have a whole room to work with, a few small upgrades will make it feel much more like a real gym! Consider hanging up some mirrors to help spot check your form while you’re working out! In this room, we mounted three infinity mirrors on the wall to give the effect of the gym’s wall-to-wall mirrors. Then, make sure you have the proper ventilation. You don’t want this room to get stinky! We recommend installing a ceiling fan in addition to having a plug-in floor fan going throughout your workout. You could even mount a flatscreen TV in the corner for watching a show while you’re on the treadmill or for streaming online workout classes!

It’s also essential to have storage and organization for your workout gear—from resistance bands and foam rollers to dumbbells and jump ropes! In this space, we used baskets for simple, stashable storage and easy access. But we also love the idea of rolling storage pieces, which are easy to move around if you need to rearrange for a specific workout. You could also add wall hooks for towels or jump ropes and resistance bands if you prefer that to baskets.

Want to add a moment of indulgence? Place a mini fridge in the corner, where you can keep bottled water chilled—and perhaps even some cool, rolled towels dabbed with essential oils for use after an intense workout! A refreshment station isn’t totally necessary since you’re already at home and your kitchen is probably nearby—but we love the idea of treating yourself to that small indulgence and making your gym at home feel like more of a destination!

If you’re rearranging your space to make room for working out…

You may not have a whole room to dedicate toward working out—most of us don’t—but that doesn’t mean you can’t create space to break a sweat within your home! In fact, there are some creative ways to create a workout space that doesn’t take over your whole room.

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Obviously, every home has a different layout, but in general, we recommend letting your practice help you reimagine how you’re going to move things around. So, look at the furniture and objects in your space, and make layout changes based on what you preferred workout is. You want to make sure you have enough space to comfortably work out and engage in your practice!

You don’t necessarily need to get rid of any furniture. Simply get creative in how you’re using your space! And if you do need to rearrange, start by moving around pieces that are easiest to move—like chairs, versus your sofa, or shifting side tables and plants.

Below are a couple of specific home gym ideas for ways you can rearrange your living room layout to accommodate space for a workout zone. We designed these home gym ideas within a living room, but the same principles apply if you’re integrating a gym in your bedroom or another space.

Integrate your gear into your existing layout.

If your preferred at-home workout involves a cardio machine—whether it’s a bike, treadmill, or elliptical—you can potentially get by without making any layout changes! In this living room, we simply placed the machine behind the sofa. It’s out of the walkway, so it doesn’t interfere with the space when it’s not in use. And having it in your living area, rather than tucked in the dark basement, will hopefully remind you to hop on and break a sweat more often!

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We strategically placed the machine near the built-in storage in this living room. Using the bottom shelf or two gives you the perfect place to store towels, a phone charger, or whatever other workout gear you may need.

We love that this approach fits seamlessly into the rest of the space. You’re relying on pieces and elements of your existing layout (like the built-in shelves) to help incorporate the new needs of your now-multi use space. So, lean into the existing elements of your space to make this layout work!


Do a little rearranging.

For this approach, we slightly rearranged the space to make room for spreading out. We shifted the accent chairs to be perpendicular to the sofa rather than directly across from it and pulled all of the furniture back a bit. We also moved the plant from the left side of the fireplace to over by the window.

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Both of these more “permanent” moves allow for an open, multipurpose space within a layout. It’s perfect for those who want to roll out their mat to practice yoga or pilates or do some mid-day stretching. It also gives you space to do more high-intensity workouts like zumba, kick-boxing, or jump-roping! Since the open space is facing the TV, it allows you to stream workouts and easily view the screen. And you can even move the coffee table out of the way if you need more space!

More of a weightlifter than a yogi? Use the open space for a bench—whether a weightlifting bench or just a solid backless bench that you can use for sitting on when not weightlifting! Just make sure any furniture that you’re using to assist in a workout has a solid enough build to handle the weight and strain you’ll be putting on it.

However you end up using your workout zone—whether for yoga, cardio, or weightlifting—the open space gives your kids room to play on the rug and opens up the walkway on the left half of the room, even when you aren’t working out.

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We’re Obsessed With These 8 Cute and Creative Kids Bedroom Designs

Designing a room for a growing kiddo can be challenging. Sometimes it feels like kids’ interests change every day, so how do you choose a theme and design they’ll love for years to come?? Whether your toddler is ready to graduate to a big-boy room or you just want to refresh the design of your child’s space, we have a fun round-up of kids room for boys ideas. And spoiler: there are no sports themes in sight. (No shade to kids and parents who like sports—we just wanted to think a little more outside the box!)

There are so many other fun directions you can take room designs for boys—and girls for that matter! The best part of this round-up of kids room ideas is that they’re designs any child might love, depending on their interests. And many of these designs can grow up with your child as they age and mature, with just a few small changes. Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

 kids room for boysStarry Night

For a subtle, whimsical look, go for a “starry night” design in your child’s room. The subtle celestial theme is brought to life with stars and cloud motifs in the decor and bedding. But it’s done in a way that doesn’t make this room feel overly themed. To achieve this, pick a simple color palette and be intentional with patterns and wall decor.

Overall, this room is practical and not cluttered. Putting the furniture around the perimeter of the room creates an open space for play—perfect for instilling some play/sleep balance in your child’s life! (It’s never too early to work on balance, right?)

This room is perfect for…

A school-aged dreamer in the 5-8-year-old range who needs some room to build stuff on the floor, spread out, and just have fun playing.

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All Around The World

Have a future world-traveler on your hands? Decorate their room with a global theme! To achieve this look, keep furniture simple and minimal, then add color and texture in fabrics, rugs, and lighting. And don’t forget to choose art that is both fun and informative!

We went with modern furnishings that could grow up with them. The bed is a bit bigger, which means you won’t have to upgrade as they get older. And the desk is great for school-aged kids—whether they’re studious or you’re trying to help them become more interested in school!

The map adds a fun, global element that’s both educational and decorative. And the geometric rug adds a pop of color that ties in with the colors of the wall, the pillows, and map. But one of our favorite decorative elements is the illuminated globe lamp. (If you’ve ever watched While You Were Sleeping, you’ll know why we love it so much!) Overall, this global-themed kids bedroom idea is minimal and modern in style, with decorative elements that can inspire your child and spark a love for learning and travel!

This room is perfect for…

A kid who loves learning and traveling. And we love that it can easily transform into an older kid’s space with a few small changes in decor!

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Classically Coastal

If you live in a coastal area—or if your child just loves spending time at the beach—go for a classically coastal look in their room. This boys room idea is very “Hamptons” with its nautical, coastal vibe and just offers a classic, timeless look that your kids won’t grow out of. Lean on foundational design elements to achieve this look—like shiplap walls, classic wood floors, a simple layout, and traditional color palette.

The blue and white color palette helps establish the nautical feeling, as do natural materials like jute and wood in the furniture and decor. The addition of classic design elements, like a spindle bed and a wooden chest of drawers with subtle nautical elements help drive home the coastal feeling. And don’t forget some sort of nautical art for the walls!

This shared bedroom idea is perfect for brothers. Each kid has their own space and can add unique elements to their side of the room. But the symmetrical layout keeps the look classic and shipshape. Since both kids are sharing the same nightstand, we opted for sconces rather than table lamps to provide reading light without cluttering up the nightstand.

This room is perfect for…

The all-American kid who loves the outdoors, lakes, adventure, and boats! We also love that this look can be very fluid among age groups and look just as appropriate for a teenager as for an elementary-aged kid with a few small updates.

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Adventure Awaits In The Great Outdoors

Have a kid who loves all things outdoor adventure? Then this is the room for them. The “Adventure Awaits” look is all about celebrating rustic, outdoor activities like camping, canoeing, and hiking. You can achieve this look by opting for rugged furniture and outdoorsy decor.

Materials and colors play into this style in a big way. The rugged wood furniture is bulky and rustic, and the use of greens drives home the outdoorsy feel—like the mossy green velvet pillow or the dark, forest green of the accent wall.

The art and other wall decor is playful and young and plays up the outdoor theme. (That moose head!) Meanwhile, the rug adds contrast with the black and white arrows. It also creates a perfect play area! We love that there’s so much storage in this room for it being such a small space. These are great furniture choices and a good layout for a small kids bedroom.

This room is perfect for…

An adventurous child who loves being outside. We recommend this room for kids 6 years old or older, who can handle the higher bed and the dresser height and enjoy the bean bag chair!

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Where The Dinosaurs Play!

Imagination and fun are set free in this dinosaur-themed room! We love how casual and playful this boys bedroom idea is. To achieve this look, start with a color palette of blues and greens, then find art and accessories that fit in with the theme.

For the foundational furniture, we went with modern, Scandinavian pieces with playful touches to give a clean and simple base to the space. The dinosaur theme is certainly present in this bedroom, but it’s still tasteful — it doesn’t feel cartoonish or over-the-top.

This is a smaller bedroom, but we wanted to keep the floor space open to leave plenty of space for imagination and play! The soft rug and pouf add a place to sit on the floor, while the basket and mounted bookshelf keeps favorite books and toys nearby. It’s an ideal layout for reading, lounging, playing games, or even spreading out to do homework!

This room is perfect for…

Younger school-aged kids, in the 4-8-year-old range, who love dinosaurs and the outdoors!

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A Modern Safari

This animal theme kids room for boys is youthful and fun. While it’s great for young kids who love animals, it’s also a great “neutral” theme—any kid can enjoy a few animal elements and some bright colors! (How cute are those watercolor animal prints??) To achieve this look, keep the furniture and layout simple, then add a few playful decorative elements.

We went with neutral colors in the walls, furniture, and bedding so that we could add fun, playful pops of color throughout the space. The tiger storage bin adds a big pop of color (and fun!), but the pillows, blanket, artwork, and even the table lamp all help establish this youthful color palette.

The furniture is stylish in design, with modern and transitional influences. A pouf is a fun addition to a kids bedroom, serving as a place to sit while reading or just to climb on and tumble over! And the jute rug adds padding to the floor for that tumbling and adds some texture to the space.

This room is perfect for…

Kids who are crazy about animals and for kids who share a room or love having sleepovers!

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Space To Discover

This is a more obvious space theme than the “Starry Night” theme earlier in this post—but we love that it’s still tasteful and has a more mature vibe. To achieve this look, use modern and streamlined furniture, position the bed so that it functions as a hangout space—like daybed or loft bed. It makes for the ultimate hangout room for a growing kid!

Setting up the bed like a sofa is a good arrangement for lounging, reading, or hanging with friends. The desk and bookcase are modern and perfect for studying, playing video games, and working on art projects. And the color palette is vivid and more mature, with neon green, dark blue, and sleek white furniture. To drive home the space theme, we created a small gallery wall with a variety of lunar art prints. Overall, this room feels modern and “cool” for the kid who’s getting too old for a baby room.

This room is perfect for…

A preteen who needs more space for themselves and who likes hosting friend hang-outs.

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Up, Up & Away!

If your home requires your kids to share a room, a bunk bed is a perfect fix. It saves space and has the added bonus of being fun—what kid doesn’t love a bunk bed?? It’s like summer camp all year round. But we love that this bunk bed doesn’t feel too childish—and it also converts into two twin beds, making it extra versatile! To achieve this look, opt for simple, transitional furniture, and customize the room’s theme by wallpapering an accent wall! (We went with an outer space pattern, but letting your child choose the wallpaper pattern they love the most will make them feel extra-special!)

The great thing about this room is that it’s not overly themed—so you don’t have to feel the need to update the design every time your child has a new interest or hobby. We went with a dual rustic and modern vibe with the combination of natural wood furniture in modern forms. The black and white color palette is versatile and is warmed up with accents of honey-toned wood, leather, and pops of oranges and yellows. The buffalo check pattern in the curtains also adds warmth and style. (And since they’re blackout curtains, they’ll hopefully help your kids sleep a little more soundly!)

Since bunk beds don’t easily allow for nightstands, we added mounted reading lamps—a great add to encourage kids to unwind before bed (and one of our favorite small space hacks). And we love that the toy chest can double as a window seat.

This room is perfect for…

A shared room for siblings who like to play together. (Just make sure they’re old enough to safely sleep in bunk beds. We recommend them for ages 6 and older!)

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Kids Room Design: 9 Ways to Design a Space for the Little One in Your Life

bohemian inspired kids bedroomIf you’ve got kiddos in the family, you know how much they love having a cool space to call their own! Depending on your kids’ ages and personal tastes, kids room design can involve a number of factors to come up with ideas. Whether it’s a girl’s room, boy’s room, baby’s room or pre-teen’s room, kid’s room designs will each have their own set of unique design challenges.

For example, a big consideration is designing a space they love now that will also last over the years. You also have to consider your personal budget, the style of the child’s room, and of course, all of the bedroom essentials: bed, storage, a sturdy rug, and other items that reflect their personality and interests.

All that to say, no matter if you’re looking for girls or boys bedroom ideas, there is a lot to factor in when planning a great kids room design—but you don’t need to hire a dedicated interior designer to make it all come together. If you’re embarking on a new bedroom design for the kids in your house, check out these 9 kids room design ideas to help inspire you!

1. Kids Room with an Under the Sea Theme

This is one of our favorite kids bedroom ideas for boys or girls who love animals! Start with a blue color scheme to set the stage for a cozy sleeping space. Tie in the wall color with a blue rug, pillows, and trunk. The patterned blue decor adds extra texture and makes a child’s room more dynamic. Rustic style furniture is the perfect choice for a warm, inviting bedroom and the natural wood textures fit right in.

There’s plenty of storage with the trunk at the end of the bed, nightstands with drawers and a dresser. Bonus: the trunk can double as extra seating for other family members! This kids room design features a symmetrical layout with the bed centered in the room—great for kiddo who wants a more sophisticated bedroom style. This is one of our favorite ideas if you have a storage or kids trundle bed, so the drawers/extra sleeping spot can be easily rolled into room.

2. Bright, Colorful, and Fun Bedroom Design

This fun, playful design is perfect for a kid who isn’t afraid to have fun. The key elements are the colorful bed, the cheery rug and all the pops of color and texture throughout the room design. We love the spindle bed in cheery orange-pink because it offers a playful update on a traditional design style. And the gallery wall above the bed is one of our favorite ideas because it lets kids show off their unique personality with pictures, artwork, etc.!

The matching set of nightstand, dresser and bookcase are perfect for your young son or daughter’s room. It offers a more coordinated vibe so the furniture doesn’t look too hodge-podge. This makes it easy if you don’t want to think about coordinating a bunch of different pieces—and you can swap in new, fun pieces over time. Plus, purchasing furniture as a set can often be a lot cheaper on the family budget.

3. Bedroom Design for the Rustic Animal Lover

Who says brown walls have to be boring? This rustic, brown kids room design is perfect for the adventurous animal lover in your home. The brown walls give a girl’s or boy’s room a cool, cozy vibe and the neutral base is soothing—a great choice for a peaceful sleeping space.

This style incorporates pops of pattern with the rug, throw pillows, and other decor. The quirky, hanging swing will be a hit among kids and friends and offers a cool alternative to a reading nook. And the fun animal art is kid-friendly but won’t feel too much like a children’s room in a few years! There’s also a ton of extra storage in the end of bed trunk and the tiger basket so you don’t have to worry about excess clutter in this kid’s bedroom.


4. A Kids Bedroom in Classic Blue

Blue is a great color for children’s rooms. It’s gender-neutral and works for a boy’s room or girl’s room. Blue is a soothing color that can grow with them over the years. Not to mention it goes with almost any furniture/decor! Layered rugs are great for adding extra plush to the room to make it even cozier. The layered look makes a colorful pop and still offers extra floor coverage. Putting a jute rug underneath is a great option because you can get larger sizes at affordable prices. They’re also good for high-traffic areas, like kids’ rooms!

The wall-mounted shelves don’t take up any extra floor space and also add a lot of extra storage—always needed in a kid’s room. You can keep books tucked away but still in easy reach for bedtime stories. And the stars and moon decor will be a hit for the outer space enthusiast! The moon is actually a lamp and makes a wonderful nightlight and a charming addition to the space.

5. Pre-Teen’s Bedroom in Sunny Boho Style

This fun room is one of our favorite kid’s bedroom ideas for a pre-teen who’s ready for a room refresh. The vibrant and eclectic look helps to show off style and personality—your kiddo will be the life of the slumber party! The gold bed frame is a super chic look and goes with so many decor styles. Furniture pieces like this are great because they have major staying power—in a kids’ room that’s important because you won’t have to replace it in a few years.

The desk in the corner offers the perfect study spot and also doubles as a nightstand on the other side of the bed. Rattan accents like the desk chair and nightstand add a fun 80s pop. Plus they are stylish AND affordable—just right for a kids room. The fuzzy stools at the end of the bed are stylish and functional and help soften the overall look of the room.

6. A Bedroom for Two!

This cozy bunk beds room is ideal for siblings who share a room. It also works for a little one who loves to host sleepovers! The room is colorful and extra comfy and the pastel jewel palette creates a fresh, youthful look. Pops of pattern in the rug, art and pillows tie all the colors together and make the room look grownup and whimsical all at once!

The oversized blue basket is a perfect storage solution for a kids’ room. It makes it easy to stash toys, clothes and other stray clutter, keeping it out of sight and easy to maintain. Little decorative touches like the star decor, plush horse, and the layered gray rug add magic and personality to the space.

7. It’s Game Time

This is a bold bedroom for the small sports enthusiast in your family. The dark wall color is strong and soothing and creates a cozy vibe for this sleeping space. It’s balanced out by light-colored furniture so it’s not too heavy. Pops of various patterns throughout the room add a playful touch that softens the dark wall color. The twin bed with headboard against the wall leaves room for a desk by the window. It’s a great setup if your kiddo needs space for homework or creative projects.

The trunk at the end of the bed is perfect for stashing sports equipment, extra clothes, blankets, or even games! The basis of this style is simple and sleek foundational furniture—always a great way to go in a kids room. These pieces work with a variety of styles so you won’t have to replace items when they grow out of them. You can also repurpose pieces like the trunk, dresser, nightstand, desk, etc. in other rooms (or for younger family members) in a few years’ time.

8. Serene Sleeping Space for Two

This kids room idea also features a bunk beds setup. It’s a smart solve for a small bedroom like this because the second bed doesn’t take up any floor space. This is great if you’re tight on space or live in a city apartment and have to make a small room work for two twin beds. And if/when your kids don’t need to share a space anymore, you can remove the lower bunk bed and convert the space into a hangout/lounge or a mini study spot with a desk.

To make your kiddos feel like they each have their own space, personalize each “level” with art and decor of their choosing! We think a wallpaper accent wall is a great way to let your kids show off their personalities. You can even try removable wallpaper—it’s easy to hang and remove if/when they outgrow the flowers and butterflies.

Stylist tip: Try dual laundry hampers or baskets in shared spaces! Each kid has their own section to be responsible for so it helps avoid squabbles over cleaning the space.

9. Kids Bedroom Design in Pink Perfection

This kids room design is perfect for the kid who loves pink! Hot pink can be overwhelming in a bedroom (AKA you’ll likely need to repaint in a few years time). But a blush or dusty rose has more staying power. We like to balance out this look with lots of natural textures, like woods, tassels, plush, sheepskin, etc. It helps add a sophisticated touch and keeps the space from feeling too fairy-tale cheesy.

We love the pendant cow portraits—they’re great for the animal lover and are as charming as they are stunning. The mobile, decorative pillows, and white accents serve to balance out the child’s room and create a cohesive look that’s smart and spectacular!


Ready to create your kids’ room design?

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5 Tips for Designing a Kid Friendly Living Room

As a parent, designing a beautiful home can feel like a real struggle. You want a space that is safe and welcoming for kids, but you also don’t want to feel like you live in PeeWee’s Playhouse (no offense to PeeWee). The struggle is especially real for high-traffic rooms, like your living space or family room, which see a lot of daily use by both adults and kids alike.

If you’re looking to design a kid-friendly living room that balances style and function, you’ve come to the right place. We’re big believers in the idea that beautiful design and a home full of children are not mutually exclusive. We’re here to arm you with a few practical and stylish design tips that will help you make your living room the ultimate kid-friendly (and adult approved) hangout space.

Keep scrolling for 5 of our favorite kid-friendly living room design tips!

kids living room design1. Find a Forgiving Rug

First things first: When designing a kid-friendly living room (or any room, for that matter) a forgiving rug is a must.

Keep your family and your home happy by choosing a rug that’s durable, easy to clean, and free of toxic chemicals. Skip silk and synthetic fibers, which stain easily and can be expensive to clean, and opt for a wool or natural fiber rug instead.

We love natural fiber rugs because they come in large sizes at affordable prices, but if you’re not a fan, consider an indoor/outdoor rug instead. Available in a range of colors, patterns, and sizes, these rugs are made to withstand heavy wear. A great option for family homes or households with furry friends too!

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kid friendly living room2. Choose Fabrics That Do More

When it comes to a kid-friendly living room, your sofa, chairs, and pillows will all be subject to climbing, jumping, spills, and even become the canvases for various arts and crafts projects. Give your furniture a leg up on the competition by picking fabric options that balance comfort and practicality.

What to look for:

  • Durable Fabrics: For upholstered furniture (like sofas or chairs) look for fabrics with tight weaves and high rub counts. These are sure signs of durability and mean these pieces can take more wear and tear than your average furniture.
  • Leather: If you’re willing to spend a bit more, leather is a great option because you can easily wipe away spills. No need to worry about scratches, as these marks and scuffs will blend right in as your leather sofa develops a patina over time.
  • Patterns: Pieces with busy patterns or multi-tonal fabrics will also help to disguise blemishes. So, don’t be afraid to choose a chair, rug, or even pillows sporting a bold or graphic print!
  • Slipcovers are another great choice for your family’s home. When spills happen, simply pull off the cover and toss it into the wash.

Fun fact! It’s a common maxim that white sofas are an automatic no-no in homes with young kids. But, after designing many kid-friendly living rooms, we’ve found many parents actually advocate for white sofas. Why? Because unlike any other color, you can bleach a white slipcover and it’ll come out good as new. How’s that for low-maintenance!

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kid-friendly living room3. Cut the Corners

Create an “owie-free” zone by avoiding any furniture or decor with sharp corners and edges.

This is especially important if your kids are just learning to walk. Consider nixing pieces with sharp corners or anything made of glass.

Instead of a coffee table, try swapping in a large ottoman—or even two poufs—to keep your seating area totally void of sharp edges. Some options also offer interior storage and double as a comfy footrest.

If you don’t want to forgo a coffee table completely, consider a round option. This is a great way to eliminate sharp corners and still enjoy the function of a coffee table. If you go this route, opt for wood surfaces, which hold up to scuffs and scratches and are less sharp than glass, metal, or stone tops. Or, get the best of both worlds, and choose a plush ottoman with interior storage (which is great for easily stashing away games and kids’ toys).

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kid storage ideas4. Get Strategic With Your Storage

There’s no denying that kids have a lot of stuff. From toys to art supplies, to books and backpacks, a kid-friendly space should always incorporate plenty of low-maintenance, kid-approved storage.

We say, opt for enclosed or stashable storage which easily conceals clutter and helps keep your space looking neat with minimal effort. AKA you’ll spend less time cleaning/organizing and have more time to play with your family.

A credenza is great for storing toys and small knickknacks and can do double-duty as a TV stand. An ottoman, coffee table, or bench with interior storage is another great option. A few pretty baskets lined up against the wall are also great for stashing toys and clutter in a pinch (and look much cuter than plastic bins).

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Stylist Tip: While open shelving and storage options are lovely, they do require constant upkeep to keep them looking great. If you don’t want to commit to high-maintenance storage a great alternative is to opt for closed storage pieces.

living room design for kids5. Make Room for Play

All practicality aside, spaces designed for kids should feel welcoming for your entire family. Mix in some fun, colorful artwork on your walls to give your space a less serious note that your kids will appreciate.

Consider incorporating a play corner into your living space. This way, adults can supervise from a distance while kids have fun nearby.

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Stylist Tip: Choose a few nice frames and put up artwork by your kids next to your decorative pieces. Sometimes it’s these small personal touches that make gathering spaces feel perfectly relaxed for everyone in the family.


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