16 Ways to Create the Perfect Industrial Style Bedroom

Many people might think of an industrial-style bedroom as a surprising aesthetic choice, but it’s often because it conjures up images of an overtly modern, extra sleek, and heavily masculine space. And it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular industrial bedroom design ideas to show how you can incorporate the style in small ways that are comfy and cozy. (Also check out our tips for adding industrial style with comfort.) You’ll also find ideas for mixing industrial bedroom furniture and accents to bring the look home to your own space. Keep reading to get our simple and stylish tips!

Designing a bedroom and need help with finding the right pieces We’ve got you covered with our checklist for essential bedroom furniture!

A Quick Refresher On Industrial Style

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting some of the key style differences when it comes to modern versus industrial design—especially since the latter often includes elements of the former. Industrial style is often anchored in a warehouse look with a nod to the rugged and vintage elements. The industrial look is also often associated with specific architectural elements—loft spaces and converted warehouses with exposed brick walls, ductwork, and factory windows—as well as lots of raw material details, such as exposed brick, unfinished concrete, and steel and metal beams. Industrial furniture and decor follow suit in this manner, featuring weathered woods, antique metals, and distressed leather and worn materials. It all adds up to the industrial style aesthetic, which isn’t immediately the look or vibe one expects for bedrooms.

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Keep Furniture Styles Minimal

An industrial style bedroom doesn’t always mean big, bulky furniture. In fact, your bedroom pieces can be rather slim and minimal.

One of our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas is anchoring a space with a platform bed that’s low to the floor. This version in natural wood is a prime example of how a large industrial piece can also feel streamlined and minimal. Round it out with white sheets and other neutral hued furniture and accents to keep up a light, airy vibe.

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Work In Vintage Decor

Vintage art and decor are usually consistent elements found in all industrial style bedroom design ideas. These can range from vintage posters to hanging tapestries that bring a worn, old-world look to antique textiles with a distressed feel.

Try to incorporate at least several vintage pieces in your industrial bedroom decor to give your space a warm, lived-in look and feel. The beauty of vintage art and decor is that they instantly play up a cozy, curated look, and you can often find pieces in thrift stores and second-hand home stores at affordable prices.

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Don’t Shy Away From Bold Patterns

While most industrial style bedroom design ideas tend to eschew bright hues and bold prints, there are no hard and fast rules around color and pattern.

In fact, a bold pattern like a Moroccan rug or a neutral textured wallcovering are actually popular decor picks for industrial bedrooms. Not only do they add graphic appeal, they also bring a softness that often offsets the sleek look of contemporary furniture. For a statement touch, try adding a wallpaper with a high-contrast design to your industrial bedroom, like a grayscale image or an abstract black-and-white pattern.

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Embrace Earth Tones

You can definitely add different colors and brighter hues beyond neutrals in an industrial bedroom. But earth tones are a excellent choice for a palette that’s comfy, cozy, and alluring.

What makes earth tones perfect for an industrial style bedroom is that it spans a range of rich neutral, rustic, and organic shades that exude tons of warmth. Think chocolate brown, taupe, clay, sand, and other grounding hues. Plus, they’re easy to mix with neutrals (there’s literally no getting it wrong) and add just the soft pop of color without overwhelming your bedroom.

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Mix Leather In Various Ways

Leather has the perfect combination of sleekness, edginess, and warmth, which naturally makes it a staple material for any industrial style bedroom.

There are endless ways to incorporate leather in a bedroom. But our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas make the most of leather in a combination of big and small ways, as in this bedroom. Here, leather spans from the floor ottoman to the armchair to the mirror frame, to the camel-leather pillow on the bed. The result is a look that feels balanced and warm throughout.

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Make It Monochrome

A monochrome scheme of black, white, and gray is probably what comes to mind for most of us when we think of an industrial style bedroom look. And this luxurious take on a loft bedroom look shows that the palette can be chic, cozy, and anything but cold—even with an exposed brick backdrop.

With strong monochrome hues, the key to warming up the palette is to mix in lots of different materials and textures. That is especially key in an industrial bedroom. Think faux fur pillows and throws in black and charcoal tones, smoky antiqued glass mirror elements, a zebra hide rug, a gray tufted headboard, a tonal shagreen bedside cabinet.

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Opt For Industrial Lights

Whether it’s a pendant with exposed cords or a table lamp with classic edison bulbs, urban-style lighting is an iconic staple in our portfolio of industrial bedroom design ideas.

When it comes to lighting for industrial bedrooms, a mix of sleek and sculptural styles at different heights is key. Take a cue from this loft bedroom with exposed brick walls, which combines an overhead fixture with hanging pendants and a floor lamp with uncovered glass bulbs—and both have black metal finishes as well as utilitarian forms.

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Bring In Natural Materials

To balance out industrial furnishings that can often have a hard, edgy, robust aesthetic, natural materials with warm textures and tones are crucial. And even more so in an industrial bedroom.

Look to decor made from rough-hewn woods and woven natural fibers. Whether it’s a hand-carved bench, a woven basket, a linen bedcover or a macramé wall hanging, accent pieces and decor that have a natural, textural beauty will lend richness and cozy warmth to your industrial style bedroom. They’ll also help soften the hard lines and linear visual appeal of any industrial bedroom furniture pieces.

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Liven Things Up With Greenery

Similar to natural materials, plants and greenery are a stylish way to bring life and color to an industrial bedroom.

In addition to their endless benefits—such as purifying the air, adding an organic element, brightening up your space—large plants and greenery can provide a touch of levity and ease in a bedroom. Our designers suggest bringing in a tall succulent or a leafy tree like a ficus, which not only provides a rugged yet vibrant look but also adds height to your room. You can file that one under foolproof industrial style bedroom design ideas from us!

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Layer In Sculptural Details

Form follows function may be a principle of modern design, but it applies equally to any industrial space. Which means an industrial style bedroom should always be anchored in furnishings that are as practical as they are sculptural in design. It’s a consistent theme that runs through all industrial bedroom design ideas, whether it’s a monochrome loft space or a clean-lined modern room.

In this bedroom, the curved bed frame, criss-crossing eiffel chair base, geometric sphere table lamp, and rectilinear pendant light all provide function as well as sculptural detail to the space. They become the artful industrial elements that add depth, dimension, and intrigue to the overall space. Look to always integrate pieces that emphasize these shapes and details.

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Curate A High-Contrast Gallery Wall

This is a perfect example of a modern industrial style bedroom, with its overarching black-and-white palette, which extends to the captivating gallery wall.

Black-and-white photographs and prints always provide a chic and timeless look, so they’re always safe bets in industrial bedrooms. Along with the campaign-style nightstand, Moroccan rug, and graphic pillows, it all makes for a sophisticated decor look that you can easily draw from and build on to create your own modern industrial bedroom look.

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Lean Into Exposed Architecture

Industrial spaces are typically in lofts or very utilitarian spaces, so exposed brick walls are common and very in line with the style. Make it a point to embrace them as an architectural detail and play them up in an industrial bedroom.

In this industrial style bedroom, the white brick wall is contrasted with a black accent wall and offset by sculptural metal sconces and Americana art—all of which bring focus to the subtle stacked pattern and texture. It’s a perfectly intriguing backdrop to the weathered wood bed.

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Choose A Unique Upholstered Bed

Among the more unexpected industrial style bedroom design ideas, an upholstered bed that’s both comfortable and edgy ranks high on the list.

In an industrial bedroom space where most of the elements have a more rugged edge, an upholstered bed offers stylish juxtaposition as well as comfort—even though it’s not usually the first choice for an industrial bedroom. Try to find a bed with a tall headboard, which will help to further soften the look and feel in the bedroom while also providing comfy support for leaning.


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Accent With Metallic Touches

You can easily give industrial bedrooms a glam spin by simply adding some metallic touches, like brass, silver, and gold finishes.

In this bedroom, which is among our favorite industrial bedroom design ideas, metallic elements are used in refined ways throughout, from the floor and table lamp to the canopy bed hardware to the decorative hand object and art frame. They add up to details that add impact in a subtle, sophisticated way that complements, rather than overshadows, the industrial look.

Love this look? Check out our tips for designing with industrial glam style.

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Try A Natural Wood Bed

Natural wood is rugged and raw, so a bed made in the material is always ideal in an industrial style bedroom.

It’s also a classic foundation piece when it comes to industrial bedroom design ideas that always deliver. Not only is it robust, but it’s also a versatile piece you can easily pair with any style furnishings and accessories. If you’re not sure where to start with industrial style and furniture, a natural wood bed is a great investment piece that you can play up to be more or less industrial as needed with different complimentary decor and accent pieces.

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Array Antique Designs

Antique forms and elements, like wrought-iron beds, steamer trunks, and campaign chests, are popular anchoring furniture pieces in an industrial style bedroom. They add an ornate touch to spaces, bring in a timeworn elegance, and also have a way of warming up an industrial bedroom. Try mixing at least one or two antique pieces in your space for a varied look.

Explore more industrial bedroom design ideas!

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The Loft Look: 14 Ways to Design an Industrial Living Room

Creating stylish living room designs that are suitable for lounging around with family and entertaining friends is a wonderful way to make sure your house feels like a home. Whether you are updating your living space with a new style, upgrading to a leather sofa or cool concrete coffee table or undergoing a complete interior design makeover, there are plenty of living room design ideas to choose from! This week we are honing in on one of the lesser known styles for living room designs—industrial interior design.

industrial living roomWhat is industrial interior design?

Industrial interior design is all about celebrating a vintage and rugged past. The industrial style is synonymous with the warehouse look—both make use of cool raw and unfinished decor and wide open spaces. Industrial living room designs use materials like Edison bulbs, exposed ductwork, pipes, unfinished woods, concrete, metals, leather and utilitarian objects.  the overall feel is like an old-timey factory setting. The design even extends to the architecture—think of big, airy spaces with concrete or brick walls and floor-to-ceiling windows.

There are so many ways to bring industrial interior design ideas to life in your living room! We love combining this style with other living room designs for a unique look—adding elements from different styles can make a living room more comfortable than just pure concrete. We put together this list of 14 industrial living rooms to show you how versatile industrial style can be! Take a look and get inspired for your own industrial living room.

Pure Industrial

This super chic industrial living room design sticks purely to industrial elements. Natural materials like wood, leather and wicker create a neutral palette and the orange leather sofa, rug and red brick add warmth. The cool coffee table on wheels is a very industrial touch and feels old factory-like with raw metals, spotlight lamp, and an urban gallery wall. The wool rug adds a pop of texture and pattern and ties in with the pillows and decor.

Design Tip: Keep the color palette simple for pure industrial design.

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Modern + Industrial

Combining modern and industrial interior design is a great way to make an industrial living room design welcoming and warm. This living room uses a black and white color palette against blue walls for a striking contrast. The wood industrial style furniture and leather sofa help warm it up. Industrial materials take a refined form, like the sculptural lighting, concrete and glass coffee table, leather and metal armchair and more.

Design Tip: Add extra comfort by balancing the edgy furniture with soft touches like the round sofa and pillows.

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Industrial + Transitional

Industrial living room designs tend to look great with a neutral color palette. This one steps it up with a contrast of navy and black. It has mix and match seating for a casual look and the variety of colors and patterns add depth and visual interest. Leather, wood and brass add extra warmth to this cozy space and the natural light makes it feel super bright and welcoming.

Design Tip: Transitional pieces are a great choice for beginners dabbling in industrial living room style because they are so versatile and easy to mix and match!

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industrial living roomMinimal + Industrial

We are super into this industrial living room design with a minimal edge. The neutral color palette uses black and white for contrasting pops, giving the living space a dramatic edge. The living room benefits from low profile furniture and minimal clutter to keep it serene and calm. Items like this puffy leather sofa add comfort and a lounge-like feel to industrial living room designs—and plenty of seating for family and friends!

Get more tips on how to design a comfortable industrial home here!

Design Tip: Use industrial materials like raw wood and metal, but opt for streamlined pieces to stay in line with the minimal look.

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industrial living roomIndustrial + Mid-Century Modern

If you’re into mid-century modern style, you might just love this swanky living room design! It uses a grey-scale color palette warmed up by the camel leather chair and pops of brass—both signature mid-century elements. It’s an edgy space with lots of metal and sculptural furniture set against a cool brick wall. Mid-century modern and industrial living room designs together create a masculine and urban vibe that is both sophisticated and sleek.

Design Tip: You can keep the industrial space monochromatic with a grayscale color palette but add warmth with metal tones and leather.

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Atomic Industrial

This wide open living room design is a perfect example of industrial style living room design. The room features an earthy color palette with green, cream, rusts and browns to make it feel cozy and inviting. The big, airy space lends itself to a loft/industrial feel and the raw wood and metal furniture is very industrial. The Eames lounge chair adds an iconic mid-century touch but it uses industrial materials that fit right into the design. Saturated walls add warmth and color so the lofty space doesn’t feel so cold.

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Industrial + Boho

We love the look of industrial living room design combined with eclectic elements! This room features a neutral color palette with black and white contrast—it gets added warmth from the tufted leather sofa and wood furniture pieces. Everything in the room is lifted off the ground on legs to give the room a lighter, airier feel than typical industrial, which is much heavier. Patterns in the pillows and the layered art and basket wall are extra eclectic.

Design Tip: Blending eclectic decor into industrial living room design instantly creates a curated look and can rely on pieces you already own!

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Industrial + Rustic

If you love earthy color palettes, this mix of rustic and industrial living room design might be your dream come true! This down-to-earth style relies on lots of natural material that is put to use in a refined way. Rustic touches like the hide pillow, cozy rug and orange leather sofa blend well with the industrial elements. And the art and splotchy colors of the rug tie it all together in a cohesive look that is all around cozy and comforting.

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Transitional + Industrial

This industrial living room uses transitional pieces to create a mod, contemporary look. The design has a neutral palette with black and wood tone and a balanced look with the sconces and distribution of color throughout. The black sofa is super edgy, but it’s warmed up by the wood coffee table and bookcase. And we love the concrete decor on the shelf! Living room designs like this are great for reading, entertaining or just kicking back with the fam.

Design Tip: Look for furniture that mixes metal and wood or concrete for any industrial space.

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Industrial + Traditional

For a classic look, try incorporating some traditional elements into your industrial living room design. This leather chesterfield sofa is both traditional and industrial in style and the room has traditional art that has an urban edge to it. It’s a great way to make use of an open space and a living room and office combo! The plush leather sofa, rug and pouf add tons of coziness to the look. Visually light furniture pieces like the coffee table balance out the heavy sofa to create a more even flow throughout the space.

Design Tip: If you like a more classic look, find traditional pieces to set the stage for your living room and then incorporate industrial decor.

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industrial living roomContemporary + Industrial

Contemporary design makes a great counterpart to industrial style! This living room features neutral colors with bright pops of yellow from the pillows. The overall vibe is very light and bright and black and white patterns add extra personality. The tables are wood and metal but also contemporary and minimal so they don’t clutter up the space. And the highlight of the design is the funky sculptural industrial light fixture!

Design Tip: Great for just a touch of industrial design—not overly committed to the style but enough elements to give you a taste!

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industrial living roomIndustrial + Eclectic

If you love warm, outdoorsy living room designs, try pairing industrial living room furniture and eclectic decor! This gorgeous living room has an earth tone color palette warmed by the deep green walls for a saturated look. The leather and metal/wood chair adds a cool sculptural element and the copper light fixture has a moody, rich texture. Overall it has the vibe of a dark and cozy outdoorsy getaway.

Design Tip: Painting the walls a deep color like moss green can add a great backdrop to neutral furniture.

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industrial living roomIndustrial + Minimal

It doesn’t get much cooler than this ultra-mod industrial living room design! Minimal stylings and clean lines are the perfect accompaniment to the grayscale color palette and high contrast black and white edge. The architecture and materials are industrial but they are minimal in styling for a dramatic effect. The concrete coffee table plays off the comfort of the plush sofa—and the swanky striped rug adds just the right pop of pattern.

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Industrial + Vintage

Another awesome example of the magic of mid-century and industrial living room design, this space is stylish and serene! The black and white living room color palette is warmed up by the gingham rug pattern and leather sofa and the large black and white art adds personality to the space. The variety of patterns add tons of visual interest and are perfectly balanced so they don’t feel overwhelming.

Design Tip: The tufted leather sofa is always a safe bet when mixing industrial and mid-century modern style in living room design!

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Industrial Glam Bedroom

glam bedroomAt Modsy we don’t think that interior design styles, like art, exist in a vacuum. Rather, we believe that they grow and change as they endure through time, changing out bits and pieces that allow them to feel fresh and contemporary.

Hollywood Glam, sometimes called Hollywood Regency, is a style that has evolved through time, morphing itself in slightly different ways as the decades progress but always keeping its core tenets intact. Growing out of Hollywood’s “Golden Age,” the style was adapted from the luxurious designs of the 1930s celebrity homes and movie sets. Its key elements were bold colors (often pink and green), tufted sofas, furniture made from sumptuous materials, gold and glitz, and animal print. At its core the style alluded to a classical past through familiar forms while also conveying a sense of conspicuous luxury.

glam bedroom

This bedroom is a modern take on that old Hollywood style. Updated with an edge, here we see a more modern rendition of the style which easily agrees with its industrial setting. Set in a converted industrial loft interior, this beautifully bold bedroom will satisfy your cravings for both an edgy and a glitzy look. Lots of metals, lots of lucite, and lots of high contrasting pieces fill the space to the delight of our eye.

The color palette is based on the raw materials in the space. White, black, and metallic finishes are the perfect neutral base for an industrial look. The glam pushes back through the accessories and finishes that fill the room. Gold and brassy metals do the trick as they keep the space feeling warm even as they agree with the industrial undertone. Sharp angles and hard lines offer an industrial edge, but are softened by art featuring organic forms and natural patterns.

glam bedroom

glam bedroom

Industrial interior design might perhaps be described as Hollywood Glam’s exact opposite, which to our eye means nothing short of the perfect pairing. So how could these two polar opposites get along? Well, as it turns out, both styles share a penchant for being dramatic. The result is a sophisticated and edgy take on a dramatic and glamorous style.

If you love a space that is chic but also live by the motto ‘less is more,’ this is the perfect bedroom for you. Modsy’s Elegant Connoisseur and Industrial Chic users will also especially love this look. Not sure what your Modsy style is? Take our Style Quiz to find out.


Industrial Chic Living Space

industrial chic living roomEven on an overcast, wintery day you still have a fabulous view of the city from international intelligence agent, Jane Bond’s penthouse. A luxe array of materials, iconic furniture, and every shade of black and white harmonize inside this industrial chic living room, where we got a chance to sit down and chat with the fierce female, herself.


Modsy: Last time we saw you, you were hopping on a plane to Paris. What’s changed since then?

Jane Bond: Wow time flies! It feels like nothing and everything all at once. My French has improved immensely and I’ve finally finished designing this space.

industrial chic living room

Modsy: Your style has been described as a “feminine” take on a masculine aesthetic. Do you see it that way?

Jane Bond: I love industrial spaces, but I also crave things that sparkle. The industrial look is definitely one that gets attributed to a more “masculine” or rugged style, but I like to think I’m taking ownership and making it into something new that can be both soft and hard, masculine and feminine. Us ladies like concrete and leather, too!


Modsy: Can you give us a little insight into the design and styling of this room, in particular?

Jane Bond: I’ve been chasing this idea of the optimal entertaining environment. I love hosting gatherings, so I wanted to curate a space that catered to that need. The room is large, and I’ve filled it with lots of seating to create gathering spaces and little nooks for more intimate conversations. The overall look is a sort of glamorous take on the industrial aesthetic that you previously mentioned. I love re-articulating those two styles, which most people might see as opposites, and creating a space where they harmonize in this new, unexpected way.

industrial chic living room

industrial chic living room

Modsy: Can you give us an example?

Jane Bond: Animal print. When you think cheetah spots or zebra stripes, they’re not usually associated with concrete or metal. In this space, I strive to combine those two opposites in a way that feels unexpectedly familiar. Take this rug for example or that tessellated zebra artwork. They are both pieces that might easily get labeled as very glamorous or “girly,” but here they add this texture and subtle feminine statement to the space. That’s what I absolutely love, the subdued drama.

*Jane here is referencing her Calm Leopard rug (Horchow) and her Zebraba Tile artwork (Minted).

industrial chic living room

Modsy: How have your many travels played a role in shaping your design aesthetic?

Jane Bond: While I’m not really one to bring home souvenirs (and let’s face it, I don’t often have time for sightseeing), traveling to so many places has given me a crash course in design and iconic pieces of furniture. I love seeing the ways culture and personality are communicated through interiors, and I think that idea is really present in my home.


Modsy: What is your favorite piece you own and why?

Jane Bond: Oh wow… That’s so hard to say, but right now I’m really loving my Animal Study print from Natural Curiosities. It’s just another beautiful example of this idea of taking a familiar form and translating it into something unexpected. And the orange brings just a touch of warmth to this otherwise very cool space.

industrial chic living room

industrial chic living room

Modsy: Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

Jane Bond: Laughs. You know I can’t give any details, but let’s just say I need to renew my passport.


Inspired by Jane’s home, we’ve created a collection that encapsulates her industrial chic aesthetic. Shop all the products in this collection below, or see it in your space with Modsy



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Industrial Chic Full Collection



Get the London Loft Look: Three Takes on a Conversational Layout

2144_design3_reg_dogAt Modsy we know that living rooms, just like snowflakes and people, come in all shapes and sizes. We know it can be a challenge trying to find a layout that works for your unique space. To help, we rearranged our London loft and created three different takes on a conversational layout.

Today we are taking shelter from the rain inside this enchanting London loft space. The refined shapes and classical forms are the perfect pairing for this industrial living room interior.

For the Casual Conversationalist: A Layout that Flows

For this version of our living space, we created a layout that is all about the flow. We floated the sofa in front of the windows where it faces two chairs, angled inward. In the middle, we opted for a rectangular coffee table on wheels. The larger surface area puts everyone within reach of the coffee table, and the wheels allow you to move it easily, either within the seating arrangement or out of the way completely. This layout is conversational and encourages easy movement through the space. Great for both entertaining and every-day living, it is a layout that quite literally lets you talk the talk and walk the walk.


For the Dinner Party Host: A Fiercely Formal Layout

If you find yourself craving a traditional look, we created a second layout for you that colors inside the lines for a fabulous result. Symmetrical and balanced, this space offers more seating with two sofas facing inward and capped by two armchairs at the end. We selected a trunk coffee table, which unlike our more portable glass table, conveys solidity and underscores the formal symmetry of the space. This option offers you a living room that is structured and facilitates conversation, even as it creates a space that feels formal and intentionally designed.

For the Multi-Tasker: A Flexible Layout

Less formally designed, our flexible layout is a great way to open up your living space and use it in different ways. One of our favorite interior design tricks is creating the sense of rooms within rooms. Here we placed the sofa in the middle and used it as a divider to create two distinct spaces within our living room. The seating area is now smaller, and feels more intimate and personal. We chose a round coffee table because the organic shape easily snuggles into the asymmetrical conversation nook. Behind the sofa we created an open storage area, but you can also use the space for a home office, dining area, or yoga studio. A great way to make your space feel more open, this layout is for the dweller of small spaces who wants to use their space in a creative way.


Industrial Visionary Bedroom

A style that is simultaneously unfinished and refined, organic and designed; we love to admire industrial loft spaces, but it can be hard to imagine actually living in them.

An increasingly popular style, the name conjures up images of exposed ceiling beams, raw and unfinished materials, and a celebration of objects and their industrial pasts.

To make this desirable style attainable for all of us who don’t live in cool city lofts, look for products that embody the tenets of industrial design.

Industrial Visionary Bedroom

Originating as cost-saving measures, over time, the defining characteristics of industrial design became sought-after elements of the style. In the late 20th century, abandoned Victorian factories and warehouses began to be converted into residential living spaces.

At first taking the form of studio spaces for struggling artists, industrial lofts experienced a surge in popularity and eventually became aspirational, rather than attainable, dwellings.

Industrial Visionary Bedroom

While we can’t all have steel beams and floor-to-ceiling windows in our homes, we can achieve an industrial look in whatever space we have. Here are some of the basics on how to achieve an Industrial look in any space:

  • Start with a neutral color palette. The high contrast of whites, grays, and blacks layered over neutral tones helps recreate the drama of Industrial interiors.
  • Let the materials do the talking. Reclaimed wood, metal, leather, linen, and acrylic are all staples of Industrial interiors. Opt for pieces that show their age or feel “unfinished” – a nice patina on a leather armchair or a slab of live-edge wood, help create the illusion of an industrial past.
  • Modern forms and clean lines are your friends. Industrial interior design is a no-frills style, so picking furniture that is minimal and modern will do wonders in helping you achieve this look. We’ve picked out some of our favorite pieces below to get you started.

Industrial minimal bedroom

Mod Visionaries, Industrial Visionaries, and even Urban Collectors will get heart-eyes for this collection! Not sure what your Modsy style is? Take our Style Quiz to find out.

Stylist tip: Warm up an industrial space with brass and gold metals. This will help add some color and make the room feel more inviting. We love the Brass Studio Floor mirror from Pottery Barn and the Gold-Dipped Task Lamp from Anthropologie.

Need help designing your industrial bedroom?